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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  June 15, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. a major breaking news day beginning with this. paul manafort is going to jail. just moments ago a federal judge revoking the bail of paul manafort. remember, he's the former trump campaign chairman. that move comes after the special counsel filed new charges against manafort detailing them in court saying while free awaiting trial, he has been deliberately witness tampering. cnn's evan perez outside the courthouse with this dramatic
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move. evan, take us inside the courtroom. why did the judge agree with the prosecutors? >> reporter: john, the judge said she struggled with this decision, but she said really what paul manafort was doing represented harm to the integrity of the system of justice, the system of justice where he is about to face trial in september here in washington. so she decided that there was nothing she could do but revoke his bail. he's been out on bond for $10 million bond and he's been wearing ankle bracelets on each leg for charges here in washington as well as charges that he's facing over in alexandria, virginia. he's facing trial over there in july. so for now, paul manafort is going to be in jail. he was led out of the courtroom by the u.s. martials. they came back into the courtroom and gave his wife his wallet, his personal possessions, and now he's going to be sitting in jail, at least until he goes on trial here in washington. the government made the case, john, that -- they said, quote,
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manafort is a danger to the community. they said that he was carrying out a sustained campaign over five weeks to try to coach witnesses, to try to mold witnesses, telling them certain things that he was charged with were essentially not true. the defense attorneys argued strongly. they said that revoking bail was a very harsh penalty. they said that manafort was really reaching out to people that he had no idea were going to be witnesses. they argued that the solution was for the judge and for the government to say exactly who are witnesses and who manafort was not supposed to be in touch with. it turns out that one of the witnesses that paul manafort was talking to in the last few months, he came forward to the government, to the fbi, and said that what he felt was being done was to encourage perjury and to encourage lying to the government, and that's why the judge took the action that she did today, john. >> a remarkable step.
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evan perez outside the courtroom. let's get more from shimon prokupecz. this is a hard action from the judge, putting manafort in jail while awaiting trial. what else do we know? >> reporter: it is a dramatic move, certainly. we've been talking about this for months, about whether or not the continued pressure on paul manafort by these new charges, other charges, new indictments. how many times have we stood here and talked about new indictments and new charges? in the end, everything we've been told is that there is a lot of pressure on paul manafort to cooperate with investigators. certainly sources we've talked to all seem to indicate that there is something the government needs from paul manafort and wants him to cooperate. it will be interesting to see, you know, if this is finally the breaking point for paul manafort. because really, this trial that's supposed to begin in september could take a really long time, john. we're talking months, perhaps.
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this is not an easy case. it's pretty complicated. it's a white collar crime. there is all sorts of financial investigations that went on here, all sorts of different witnesses that will need to come before the court. it's a really strong case for the government, but it will take some time. so it could be months before paul manafort even vz has any opportunity to be freed, ultimately if he's found not guilty in his trials, that he would be freed. but this will be key here now, is does this now break paul manafort? >> excellent reporting. come back with me in the next hour to share with they their insights. phil mattingly, jeff zeleny, shan wu. how easy is it for the judge to say we need to put this defendant in jail awaiting
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trial, because he was using text messages and other evidence to essentially tamper with witnesses? >> it's very unusual, particularly in a white collar case of this nature. i think the judge struggled a great deal with that decision. i've been in front of that judge, of course, when i represented rick gates, and i think it was a hard decision for her, but i think it was because of the indictment that really tipped the scales. >> there's 24 counts now against paul manafort. conspiracy against the united states, conspiracy to launder money, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, bank fraud. you see all the charges there. to be clear, not one of those charges has anything to do with the 2016 trump campaign. but he was the chairman of the trump campaign. in the latest indictment, they bring in people of business with ties. to stay in the legal environment, what is bob mueller saying, a, by bringing in the
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new charges and by being aggressive saying paul manafort is going to jail. what is he saying about the broader case? >> what he is saying about the broad er case is we are leaving no stone unturned. he's taking a very hard line approach. this has been an aggressive investigation, and he's continuing to tow that line. >> this is the president of the united states this morning, speaking in a different context. but remember, the president spoke today. we have to consider the moment. we'll go through this throughout the hour. this is on the question of bob mueller the day after the inspector general released the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. it has nothing to do with the substance of the mueller investigation. their conduct has been questioned. nothing to do with the substance, though, in the ig report, and yet the president says this about the special counsel. >> reporter: are you thinking about firing bob mueller? >> no, but look, the problem with the mueller investigation
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is everybody has many conflicts. weissman was at hillary clintonclinto clinton clinton's. i think the mueller investigation has been totally discredited? >> to the president's point there, i think the mueller investigation has been totally discredited. the president has shaped public opinion, especially among republicans, about bob mueller. but every time bob mueller's investigation has faced the test in court where people have questioned his decisions, today when paul manafort goes to jail, today bob mueller is winning. >> bob mueller has not earned any of the bad press that has fall on a lot of different people that are either involved in the fbi or other areas of the probe that he's looking at. what a lot of people in the gop have been trying to do since
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yesterday is draw this line. the ig report condemned a lot of individuals. it didn't condemn anything about the investigation as being politically biased. they say if you have bad seeds, the whole garden is ruined, basically. that's what the president is picking up on. now democrats are pushing back saying mueller knew about people like lisa struck and peter page. he got rid of them if they didn't stay on his team. he's been made aware of these people that are not acting the way they should have been acting professionally, but you shouldn't knock him. within the gop there is a struggle about, do you track this stuff all the way up to try and take shots at mueller, which some people definitely are, or do you try to separate out mueller's integrity from the integrity of the many other dozens of people that have been involved in touching this probe, and that's the conflict right now. it's clear what side of the line the president is on. >> and craig, back to the moment, the president spent hours yesterday meeting with his legal team. they have to make a decision,
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and i'm told mueller wants an answer relatively soon about, are you going to come in voluntarily? do i have to subpoena you if you won't? so as the president launches these attacks, number one, he has the ig report, number two, he spent time with his attorneys, and now he has the hardball effect of his special counsel which just sent the chairman back to jail. >> i had like to see the president talk about paul manafort again. he has disavowed him so much, as he did this morning. not involved in my campaign, barely involved in my campaign. we have to acknowledge that without paul manafort he most likely would not have become the nominee, or would have been more difficult, as we remember at the time, because he was in charge of the delegates. i thought this morning was perhaps trying to hijack the news cycle. he knew paul manafort was going to be in the courtroom. there is many other things going on here. so i think that going forward, the president does have a decision to make, and we still
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don't know what he's going to do. he is trying to discredit this entire matter, but he still wants to sit down and talk. he's talked more in the last week at that long news conference in singapore. this morning it seems like he has a lot he wants to say. we'll see if he says anything to bob mueller. >> shimon, if you're a trump supporter, you're going to say none of these charges have anything to do with 2016, none of these charges have anything to do with collusion, with obstruction of justice. others say if you know bob mueller and how he builds a case, that this is a methodical building and the arc is turning back to that. >> reporter: i think that's exactly right, john. we don't know what the special counsel and robert mueller are up to. we don't have a complete picture. but we have indications that there is something, as i said earlier, that paul manafort, there is some piece of information, certainly by people we've talked to, that indicates to them, to us, that they want
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his cooperation. you're right, i mean, people close to the president, the president himself, have argued. they've gone 12 years back and to bring these charges and things he didn't do while he was part of the campaign, this has nothing to do with the campaign, that's absolutely right. however, we know that the department of justice rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who is overseeing the russia investigation told the special counsel, gave them permission to go ahead and investigate these alleged crimes. so something is going on here. we just don't know fully what's going on, what the full picture is. but, you know, the one good point that has been made is that this is sort of building up to something. what that is, you know, is yet to be determined. >> and we should always note, as i do like a broken record, the president knows more than we do. so when you try to put this into context, yes, these charges are about things that happened well before the campaign. but when the president hired paul manafort just doing an internet search, it was no
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secret that he did business for pro-kremlin in ukraine. he was at that infamous meeting with donald trump jr. and the russians who promised hillary clinton dirt. there was certainly communication between people in the campaign, including paul manafort in elections throughout the election year. dozens of such contacts. yet this is the president this morning saying, paul who? >> manafort has nothing to do with our campaign, but i feel a little badly about it. they went back 12 years to get things that he did 12 years ago? paul manafort worked for me for a very short period of time. >> a very short period of time. perhaps you could argue that, but a very critical period of time, at a time when people thought there would be a contested convention. at a time right after that trying to build momentum after that, brought mr. gates into the campaign, your former client. he was a much bigger player than the president wants you to believe. >> look, as somebody who is
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covering the campaign, i feel like i'm taking crazy pills given how much i had to interact with paul manafort in the 40 to 50-day period, how much he was on television, how long he protected the president. when you remember what was happening when paul manafort was brought on, people somehow forget going into the convention that there were very real questions about whether the president would get the delegates. paul manafort helped orchestrate what turned out to be a very, very impressive, methodical and effective operation to ensure that any threat the president had on the delegate side of things just fell by the wayside. again, we talked to him constantly. he was the face of the campaign for a legitimate period of time, however long it may have been. so this idea he wasn't involved in any way, shape or form or was coffee boyish, to talk about another individual who has been wrapped up in this, it's just wrong. and they know that.
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>> it's beyond wrong. it's ludicrous and in some cases laughable. paul manafort on his way to jail now, accused of witness tampering. when we come back, more on the president's morning at the white house. calling it freestiyling. parts of it also fact free. we'll be right back. i'm ray and i quit smoking with chantix. in the movies, a lot of times, i tend to play the tough guy. but i wasn't tough enough to quit on my own. not until i tried chantix. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking.
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there's a new place with daily laundry service. a place with a day spa. a place where seniors get the care they need in the comfort of home. home instead senior care. . welcome back. it was a beyond remarkable morning at the white house. the president freestyling, confident, contentious as he held court with reporters. the topic? the russian investigation to china trade and to separating children from their illegal parents at the border. on the morning that he talked a lot was this. >> i did nothing wrong. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. the ig report yesterday went a long way to show that. if you read the ig report, i've
9:19 am
been totally exonerated. take a look at the investigation. take a look at how it started. take a look at the horrible statements that peter stzrok said, and take a look at what he did with hillary clinton. >> i've been totally exonerated. that's not only not true, it's laughable. they expect a general review of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. it sdrdoes, as we talked earlie have some harsh findings about people in the fbi, but it addresses none of the substantive issues of the russian meddling probe. abby was part of that this morning. abby, a remarkable moment. take us inside. >> reporter: really an amazing moment, john. one that most of the reporters, if not all of them, had literally not seen before, the president walking out of the residence, really coming up from the back way of the white house to come up the driveway to come over here a few feet from where
9:20 am
i'm standing right at this moment to talk to fox news, a televised interview on the fly. a lot of white house aides here this morning were telling us, don't hold your breath, he's really not going to come out. minutes after they told us that, the president walked out of the white house. and he did it in a very relaxed fashion, for the most part. he seemed very eager to take questions. aides were waiting for him to wrap up after the fox interview, but he stayed and talked for another half an hour about a series of issues. and one of the biggest topics of contention during this time was the issue of north korea and why the president uses the language that he does about kim jong-un now, specifically failing to criticize him for his human rights violations. at some point i and other reporters were questioning him repeatedly about this. he says he doesn't know anything about that, he can't speak to the issue of human rights violations. at one point he grew so frustrated by a persistent reporter asking him about that issue that he called her
9:21 am
obnoxious, told her to stop talking. this was really chaotic for a few moments there, but an extraordinary moment where the president really had a lot to get off his chest, and he certainly did, john. >> abby phillip at the white house. i appreciate your insights on that one. i covered the building for ten years, never saw the president do that one. let's play a little bit more to chaos. you saw pictures of the president walking out there. he was scheduled to do an interview -- they said it was impromptu, uh-huh -- he was scheduled to do an interview with fox news, and watch this. >> things are going fast here in washington, just saying. >> you're having a lot of fun, right? suppose hillary had gotten elected rather than trump, would it be so exciting? >> he's certainly having fun there, but i want to get back to what we were talking about earlier. he met with his attorneys
9:22 am
yesterday, started a trade war with china today. what we might know is about more staff turmoil in the white house. is this the president being staff manager, spokesman, chief of staff all at once? >> that's exactly right. the president really hasn't had any major public events since getting back from singapore, so i think this is what he saw as his moment to come out and air all of his frustrations, really try to manage what people have seen as a very chaotic time period with the russia investigation, with north korea. there's so much going on that he wanted to get out there and get his message out directly. >> amen. it's great to be able to talk to the president, to hear the president, to ask questions of the president. it would be nice, though, that when the president answered, he stuck to the facts or at least reasonable political interpretations of the facts. here he is talking about -- this is in the fox interview -- talking about what the ig report yesterday, his view of the ig report and it does cast, without a doubt, a lot of harsh
9:23 am
judgments about james comey, the former fbi director, a lot of harsh judgments. it does not do this. >> reporter: should james comey be locked up? >> look, i would never want to get involved in that. certainly they just seem like very criminal acts to me. what he did was criminal. should he be locked up? let somebody make a determination. comey was the ringleader of this whole den of thieves. it was a den of thieves. >> the president of the united states saying the fbi is a den of thieves. perhaps the most respected law enforcement agency in the world is a den of thieves. comey is guilty of criminal acts, he says repeatedly. if you read the ig report done by a very respected attorney general, it says james comey made some very bad judgments. it also says there was no political bias in making those judgments, that he just made bad calls. it's not what the president said. >> i think the president's comments are yet another window into the mindset of the way he views these things.
9:24 am
comey was knocked in that ig report for being insubordinate, for going by the beat of his own drum, for basically, as you said, exhibiting extraordinarily bad judgment, and the others in the fbi were displaying bias against president trump. so those are like the two most evil things that you can do in the president's role. he is used to people giving him loyalty, and he doesn't like it when people are not in his corner. in his world that's emotionally criminal, perhaps, even though clearly he's prone to hyperbole. this may also be an example of why his lawyers are worried about him talking to bob mueller. he cannot stick to the facts of what is blatantly clear in black and white to the rest of the world now because they published that report, and less than 24 hours later, he goes and spins like this. what about people who can't talk so easily about what he might do. >> the president could have said, look how harsh that report
9:25 am
was on james comey. if i was bob mueller, i wouldn't trust him. you could say that. criminal acts, den of thieves instead. where the president wanders far from the truth, the administration is facing some heat even from fellow conservatives, saying, why are we separating children from their parents even though those parents are breaking the law when they cross the border? the question is why do you separate the children from their parents while they're being held? the attorney general made his decision. his justice department is enforcing this policy. here's how the president describes it. >> he's following laws, very simply, that were given to us and forced upon us by the democrats. >> there is no law that says you can separate them at the border. there is another way to go about this. >> i want the laws to be beautiful, humane but strong. i don't want bad people coming in, i don't want drugs coming in, and we can solve that problem in one meeting. tell the democrats, your friends, to call me.
9:26 am
>> it's not true. it's inaccurate, it's a lie, it's whatever you want to call it and it's been repeated at the white house podium as well. i don't understand why they don't communicate with the attorney general who made very clear this was a policy that they were pursuing on their own grounds to disincentivize individuals from coming. his point was if you don't want to be separated from your child, don't cross the border. if you talk to republicans who kind of grasp what the administration is trying to do here, it's a dual-pronged approach, the one the government is trying to lay out and also going across the table for a broader immigration package. what it's not is something they were forced to do. to be blunt, as somebody who has been on the hill and covered the immigration process for the last 14 to 16 months, all this does is move them significantly further away to any possibility of trying to find a resolution on daca. >> like i said, we would love to hear from the president. it would be nice if most of what he said was fact based. up next here, the white house hits china with massive
9:27 am
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itthat's why i lovel the daily fiber wfiber choice,ood alone. with the fiber found in many fruits and vegetables. fiber choice. the number one ge recommended chewable prebiotic fiber. i want to bring you some fascinating detail of just what happened inside the federal courtroom today when judge amy berman jackson decided to send the former trump campaign chairman paul manafort to jail because of accusations of witness tampering. the judge looked at him and told him, quote, the harm in this case is harm to the administration of justice and harm to the integrity of the court system. this is not middle school. i can't take away his cell phone. i thought about this long and hard, mr. manafort. i have no appetite for this. judge jackson also acknowledging the debate about the whole case, saying this hearing is not about politics, is not about the conduct of the office of the special counsel. so that stern warning from the judge as she sent paul manafort
9:32 am
to jail. we'll keep track of that case. president trump today slapping $50 million in n5$50 b trade tariffs. they say they will retaliate. the market down 120 points as we go through the day. the reality now of a trade war. christine romans explains the fine print. >> john, the president this morning on his trade agenda saying the u.s. isn't the one who started a trade war. >> the trade war was started many years ago by them and the united states lost. >> so you're saying we're on the losing end of it. >> there is no trade war, they've taken so much. last year 375 billi$375 billion deficit with china. we had overall $800 billion over a period of years, each year close to $800 billion in losses on trade. not going to happen anymore. it's not going to happen. >> so the china tariffs are back
9:33 am
on. the president says trade with china is unfair, the situation no longer sustainable. he's targeting technology that china has vowed to dominate. xi jinping's made in china 2025 initiative. there will be a 25% tariff on 11 or so product categories, what the u.s. calls technologies. like aerospace equipment, tech industry, manufacturers, medical supplies. they can either absorb the cost or pass it on to consumers. china said the u.s. kept changing its mind and now decide to do launch a trade war. the tariff tiff has been on and off. this first started in march. multiple rounds of a tariff, a cease fire in may, then that agreement with north korea, essentially a win for china, but $15 billion in tariffs, anyway.
9:34 am
the white house vows more tariffs if china targets farmers or hurts american companies in china. the u.s. move is punishment, we're told, for china stealing trade secrets, for forced technology transfers from american companies, for cyber theft. and trump is trying to cut the trade deficit, or at least try. >> it's a remarkable moment. on the one hand this is an issue in which president trump, business trump, private citizen trump has been consistent for 25 years or more. he's insisted the trade is unfair to the united states and he's doing something about it. you say, mr. president, we got four points below unemployment. i want you to listen here. this is gary cohen, the president's former tariff adviser. he says, mr. president, you might regret this. >> if you end up with a tariff
9:35 am
battle, you will end up with price inflation. you could end up with more consumer debt. those are all historic ingredients for an economic slowdown. >> could it wipe out the benefits of the tax bill? >> yes, it could. >> and yet the president, he's been told that, and yet he wants to do it, anyway. he believes in this. why? >> he does believe in this, largely because of the advisers who essentially won the argument, and the adviser is still there. that is a former chief economic adviser. it is one of the essential reasons gary cohen is not there anymore. he's listening to the protectionist viewpoint here. the president is basically saying, i'm friends with president xi. this will work out but we have to do this. it's unclear if he fully understands the potential implications on this in red states, in trump states to trump voters here. the economy is not going to be humming along forever. long term forecasts say that
9:36 am
inflation is coming and this could lead to that. so i think it's very -- it's a moment for him, and we're not sure how this will end, and it's not going to be good. >> it's not just china. we have the aluminum tariffs. call it what you will. this is a soybean farmer in illinois to cnbc. i'm nervous to think about what will happen if it does go into effect. in the last three to five years, with the depressed farming economy the way it is, it can certainly hamper us even further. it kind of scares me, to be honest. >> he said, i'm going to help with that trade issue. people remember it. people in this factory remember it. if we can't do something, whether it's tariffs or something else to help us have a fair playing field and level field with china, i'm not sure people are going to buy into it for four years.
9:37 am
>> taking a risk? >> no question. i think the interesting element, probably underappreciated, is how republican senators some of them up for reelection are freaking out about this scene. they've had multiple lunches about this, they've gone to the white house about this. i think the bigger issue on capitol hill, they want to know what the strategy is. is this part of a broader effort right now? is there some end game here that the white house has mapped out? they have not been told one. they have moments where they think, maybe this is crazy enough to work. but they have more moments where they hear from their constituents. idealogically, theriot posed y to many of these ideas, and at this point they're not able to stop it. when we come back, lots of talk about more senior officials leaving the white house. the president weighs in on one of them. hilarious.
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welcome back. president trump telling house republican moderates today they're wasting their time trying to come up with a new election year immigration push. >> i'm looking at both of them. i certainly wouldn't have signed -- >> what is the bill? >> i need a bill that gives this border tremendous border security. >> does that mean the wall? >> we have to have the wall. if we don't have the wall, there is no bill. >> two competing versions being worked out in the house. not sure either one of them can pass the house, let alone the senate. but the whole issue all along has been why do it at all if the president won't sign it? the president there saying never mind to these moderates. am i wrong? wasn't his own staff working with that bill trying to make it
9:43 am
a little bit more palatable? >> ats republit is a republican and we've seen sarah sanders repeatedly blame the democrats for not having a negotiation, and today he's said he's not going to support it. >> let me put it up so people at home understand what it is. this is the compromised border wall, one of two bills. $24 million support of the wall. cuts to legal immigration, including family-based visas. end to the diversity visa program. path to citizenship for daca recipients, those eligible and other immigrants alike, expansion of immigration enforcement powers. what's to work out? >> the top policy guy at the white house and obviously a very key player on trade was telling republican conservatives a few days ago the president was
9:44 am
feeling good about it, that the president was, quote, excited about this bill. people are continually flustered and perplexed. i've actually had some members say the president didn't know what he was being asked and was confused and thought perhaps he was talking about the discharge petition. that's where we're at right now, that lawmakers were under the impression that the president was going to back this bill. as you noted the speaker made clear if it can't get the president's signature, the house shouldn't consider it. if the president won't sign it, the senate won't take anything up. so if what the president said is about the second bill they're going to consider this week, it's a kill shot. i'm waiting for a tweet that might clarify things, but they don't know. >> 16 months in, the president might not know what he was being asked. if they bring up the word immigration at a sensitive time in negotiations, you're going to say this, no matter what asked, make the point you're going to make. nancy pelosi, a republican bill
9:45 am
comes up, she knows exactly what she wants to say. >> the legislation has been described by our colleagues, and i touched upon, is totally unworthy of america. it's a bad bill to begin with. so when the president says he's not going to sign it, it just goes to show you how low his standards are. >> it's just -- if the president wants to move this, he says something encouraging. if the president wants to kill this, he says what he says. so i get the idea, it's an election year, the conservatives are going to be mad. i read breitbart this morning. they're all saying paul ryan is selling out here to the pro-amnesty crowd. never mind. >> exactly. the president has always been frustrated and mad that the funding for his wall still hasn't happened in this gop-led congress. he's blamed it on everything else, but that's where his frustration is. this is just the authorization for that money. the reality here is this is not the president's focus. he wants to talk about immigration for an election year issue, but he's spent very
9:46 am
little time actually focusing on getting something accomplished on capitol hill on immigration. his words this morning, perhaps he was confused. it doesn't seem to be at the top of his mind. >> if you go out to do an interview and you know this immigration issue is at a key point, you have to know what you're going to say no matter the question. you can't be confused, i'm sorry. >> he just went out for a walk this morning. up next here, the president of the united states also talked about russia this morning. then his defense secretary talked. they work in the same administration. we think.
9:47 am
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welcome back. today the president saying why not? the president, would you meet with the russian president? >> it's possible we'll meet, yeah. i thought this all started because somebody, one of you, asked should putin be in the g-7? i said, no, he should be in the
9:51 am
g-8. a few years ago putin was in what was called the g-8. i think it's better to have russia in than to have russia out. just like north korea or somebody else, it's much better we get along with them than if we don't. >> that's the president, better in than out, the russian role. here's the press secretary talking about this. >> putin claims to shatter the western democratic model and he pretends to undermine america's authority. he is designed not to challenge our arms at this point but to undercut and compromise our belief in our ideals. >> same administration, right? >> same administration and that certainly is extraordinary. we've heard the president say such friendly things about vladimir putin. and we do understand that there is the potential for a meeting, and the president said it this morning as well.
9:52 am
it could happen as early as the nato summit, which is about a month from now. more likely, i'm told, probably in the fall possibly, but the president is eager to have a meeting. it just adds to the list of friends, foes, old allies. everything seems upside down. >> but is it the defense secretary's objective to just ignore the president? that's what that sounds like. just ignore the president, he's going to say what he's going to say. i'm going to pay no attention to the commander in chief. i'm going to call russia out for what it is. >> that's the objective for the administration on a lot of things pertaining to russia. that's what they said about russian meddling even though the president won't back them. basically you have everyone else and the admiral saying, no, this is bad. russia has done very bad things. the meeting itself is actually not the big problem, i don't think. you have to talk to russia. they're too big a country. obama talked to putin before. that's not that crazy. the crazier stuff is, look, there was a reason you kicked them out of the g-8.
9:53 am
it was the crimea invasion. i was most shocked this week simply by reading trump's thing that he said about crimea, oh, they speak russian there, so of course they're part of russia. that is a kremlin talking point. to protect the rights of russian speakers is why they could go to ukraine, georgia. it's been brought up in many countries, and to hear the president paparodying that is le him parodying the russia administration. >> very different behavior there, crimea, russia. the white house is hiring? they have a plan to fill those jobs.
9:54 am
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9:58 am
jong-un will be the key as they work toward negotiation. the president also noted some things about how people treat the supreme leader and joked he wouldn't mind similar treatment. >> hey, he's the head of a country, and he's the strong head. don't let anyone think anything different. he speaks and his people sit up at attention. i want my people to do the same. >> the white house now looking to do some hiring. the white house is holding a jobs fair on capitol hill today, hoping to recruit republican staffers. one job of speculation, the white house press secretary. the president said sarah sanders will be leaving, just not soon. >> at a certain point, everyone sort of leaves. you have to leave. i'm like a ship, just keep going, bing, bing. but sarah loves this job, and she's announced -- not with me, i read that same report. someone put it out, i think it was cbs, but it's fake news.
9:59 am
i'm sure she'll leave at some point. sarah does a fantastic job. i don't think she's leaving. it didn't take long for the play of the day between the annual charity baseball game between the democrats and the republicans. first hit to first base and look who scooped it up. that's the house majority leader steve scalise making that play and making a huge comeback, one year after being shot and critically wounded on the practice field. >> i still need two crutches to really move around. i started to be able to walk without crutches, but don't quite have the balance to be able to move at a good pace. i could get any ball hit anywhere around me a year ago, and today the mobility is limited, especially laterally, just moving side to side. that i couldn't do two months ago. >> i don't care whether you're a democrat or a republican or an independent, scalise the big
10:00 am
highlight of the 16th annual charity baseball game oversha , overshadowing the republicans loss to the democrats. jim sciutto is in for wolf right now. helhello, i'm jim sciutto i for wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington. thank you for joining us. the former campaign chairman taken out the back door of the courthouse away from the cameras. a federal judge revoking manafort's $10 million bail. that and the fact that manafort attempted to tamper with witnesses. even today, before the judge's


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