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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  June 15, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. 11:00 on the east coast live with all the new developments this hour. michael cohen, president trump's personal attorney indicating to family and friends he's willing to cooperate with federal investigators. that's what a source is telling cnn, that it would relieve some of the pressure on himself and his family and he's growing angry with the treatment he's getting from president trump. what could this mean for the president? we're going to take a look at it in the hour ahead. michael cohen lost a round today
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in the stormy daniels lawsuit. it involves her attorney, michael avenatti and he is here to talk about it. i thought i wouldn't be able to talk to you again. here's what happened, the judge today denied michael cohen's request for an immediate restraining order gebs you. the final decision will come this month, next month? but you're here talking to me so what's going on? >> it's pretty obvious. they can't beat us on the truth and facts and so they want a judge to basically muzzle me and prevent me from speaking to the american people and prevent me from providing evidence and facts and documents to the public. and we're going to fight it to the end, and we're going to continue to insist that i and my client be permitted to speak about the case and the facts and the evidence. >> so they responded, the lawyer
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sent this to me today. similar to the defendant's exparte application there is now a briefing scheduled in mr. cohen's motion for a restraining order. mr. avenatti either needs to respect the code of professional conduct or remove himself. what do you say to that? >> this is what's ironic, don, you've extended multiple invitations to michael cohen and to his lawyers. they are nowhere to be found. they'd rather issue some written statement as opposed to take this seat and answer any questions, forget about the tough questions. >> even the president did that today. standing out on the lawn. at least he had the opportunity to respond. >> correct. so if you're out there, go down to the studio, make yourself available and answer some questions. come on television if we don't know what's going on.
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they made a critical error. they filed this baseless motion. they sought this emergency order and the judge blew them out in about 18 hours. many of those hours were overnight. this took no time at all. we're confident that the motion's ultimately going to be denied. >> finally you're going to win. >> i think we're going to win, and i think it's transparent what they're trying to do. and last time i checked there's something called the first amendment in this country, and that applies to you and me and everyone else. we're going to continue to exercise our right to tell the truth. >> you know what they about you, right? >> they say a lot of things about me, but let me tell you what they don't say. they don't say i'm not effective, we're not doing a good job, and we should shut up because we're terrible. >> i think they think you're doing a good job in the court of public opinion. but they think you're a publicity hound, and they say that michael cohen can't get a
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fair trial because i guess you're tainting the jury pool or tainting how people can judge him, if they can judge him fairly. >> two things. it's rather ironic they'll claim in our case we're tainting the jury pool. because remember it's their position there's never going to be a jury in this case because the whole thing is going to go to arbitration. second of all, i'm not a publicly hound, don. it's not a publicity tour. it's a truth tour. and let me tell you something, they are very nervous and very upset how effective wave been over the last 90 days. and i will tell you this, every time i go on television whether it be this network or any other network, it always results in additional leads, additional information, and in some cases additional critical evidence being brought to light in this case. and they should be nervous about it.
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>> and you think that's why they want to shut you up because you get leads every time you're on tv. i do have to say, if michael cohen, if stormy daniels, if michael cohen's attorney we'd have him on as often as possible to talk about the developments in this case. >> i know they've been invited on your show, anderson's show and countless shows to come on and answer any questions, let alone tough questions. and they keep dodging the invite, and then they want to complain when i go on the shows and answer questions. >> i have to say again, and people said the same thing about donald -- candidate trump and the other candidates during the election. he said yes, and you said no. and if you want to compete with him, right, you come on as well. so clinton didn't do that, the other candidates didn't do that. his attorney says no. so i think you're absolutely right. if you want to defend yourself,
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you should probably in the best light, the best way you can, you should probably view it in realtime instead of through statements. >> 100%. but you don't see me trying to shut up rudy giuliani, do you? i think it's fabulous. every time rudy goes on television our case gets better. in fact, as opposed to trying to shut him up, i'd like to drive him to his appearances if need be. >> speaking of that, this is not my reporting because i have my reporting on michael cohen. i do know it's tough on him fursinally, expensive. i don't think it's as expensive you're saying, at least that's not the indication i'm getting from sources, but it is expensive. i don't think the white house is -- they're paying his legal fees right now. >> not with this cheap president. >> but there is reporting out there he's cooperating with that
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because he's angry at the treatment especially the president, especially rudy giuliani has given him, sort of down-playing him. saying i knew him, i liked him, but he didn't do that much. is that prizing to you am. >> not surprising at all. this is what happens when you put a guy on an island. they've put michael cohen on an island. he feels alone. desperation is beginning to set in. i understand he's a family man, this is obviously tough on his wife and kids. and they have my sympathy. i feel bad for them. and look, the weight of the world is on michael cohen, and it's only going to get worse before it gets better. and i think with each passing day and week he waits to go to the southern district of new york and provide whatever evidence he has, he is putting himself more and more at risk for serving substantial time. >> so the last time i reported on him and i spoke to him about this and i reported on the air that he believed that in the end
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everything will be proven to be lawful, that he did for this president. and so, therefore, the idea of flipping or cooperating it doesn't matter because he doesn't believe there was anything that was not lawful. i would imagine he doesn't believe he's in as much trouble everyone is saying or thinks he is. >> i agree with you he doesn't believe he's in that much trouble, because all you have to do is look back a few weeks when he was on out the stoop smoking cigars while we are all in federal court on connection in this matter. which is one of the dumbest things i've seen any potential defendant do in a case in a long time. sooner or later, don, reality is going to set in for this guy. if he continues to sit on the side lines he's going to run the risk of wasting substantial time. >> the southern district is really in control of his future or his freedom if they do decide
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to charge him with anything. but the question is you talk about michael cohen a lot, but what does that have to do with your case? because ultimately it's the president who's the target of your investigation? >> well, michael cohen and donald trump are both defends in our case, and we believe they were coconspirators related to the payment of the $130,000 and the cover-up that resulted in the way that the money flowed. to quote mr. giuliani, the way the money fleed through, quote-unquote which was one of the most remarkable admissions i've seen any attorney make especially on television. >> i think it's an important conversation, 16 pages reconstructed from shredding of documents from the fbi. they got encrypted messaging apps like whatsapp and signal.
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do you think it's related to your case? >> i think it's related to our case. he's not using signal to communicate with his grandmother about christmas or hanukkah plans. >> he could be overseas and just wants the free texting. >> on signal, i doubt it. >> by the way michael cohen wants to come on, his representatives. >> brent, if you're out there, come on. >> i meant me. michael cohen now signaling an openness to cooperate with federal investigators, plus the president's response when asked about their friendship. is well-. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly.
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overall #1 rated, weathers it all. find our most advanced formula exclusively at the home depot. so tonight a source telling cnn that michael cohen, president trump's personal attorney, may be open to cooperating with federal investigators. i want to talk about this now with patrick hilo, and areva martin, the author of "make it rain." areva, hello to you and patrick. >> hello, don. >> were you listening to michael avenatti? anything you want to comment about that before we move on? >> no, i think he's dead on. i don't understand this motion by michael cohen to, you know, try to restrain and prevent michael avenatti from talking about the facts of this case. that's an unusual motion and i agree with michael's theory that
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he's somehow tainting the jury pool, there's not supposed to be a jury. this is supposed to a case that's decided in arbitration. so i think michael cohen and his lawyers are going to have a lot of explaining to do to a judge if they expect to win this motion. >> i've got a quick question and then i'll move onto patrick. this a guy with a diminished income and job prospects, isolation from his main client, increasing legal costs, his business is under investigation, federal investigation. i mean how could he not be considering something to help the situation? >> yeah, i don't think -- it's feasible for anyone in his position to consider whatever they can do including talking to federal prosecutors, and that's assuming federal prosecutors are at the point they believe they would even be willing to strike a deal with him. but the pressure on michael cohen is unbelievable. it's hard to even put into words. we talked about the cost. we've been talking a lot about the cost of his defense.
8:16 pm
some say 15 lawyers were working around the clock reviewing those voluminous documents that were seized from his office. some say charging up to $1,000 maybe $1,200 an hour. but this easily can be a multi-million dollar defense. and let's face it, anybody who comes into donald trump's orbit, their life pretty much gets destroyed and donald trump demands loyalty from people. but it's not a two way street. it's not reciprocal. he does not give the same loyalty he respects and demands. and it wasn't long michael cohen was talking about taking a bullet and doing whatever he could to protect this president. and the president isn't doing anything to suggest he is loyal to michael cohen in the way michael was at one point loyal to him. >> i forget someone wrote that and we had -- >> there's a long list. some of them are in jail now. >> michael cohen is out and about facing cameras every day.
8:17 pm
even earlier today. watch this. >> michael, are you concerned at all? >> i wonder what the best he can hope for, and if i mean seeing paul manafort -- >> that's a chilling scene. that really brings it home. but the thing to remember about michael cohen he's an incredibly self-confident man who saw himself very much the right-hand of donald trump for years. worked in power circles, moved in power circles with a confident fixer to donald trump to solve this guy's problems for years. so seeing him out and about he's not the kind of guy who would sort of stay home and cry into his kleenex. that's not who he is. but the reality is there's so
8:18 pm
much that's hanging over him now. and the pressure that he's under, you've got to wonder when donald trump and rudy giuliani start playing like the "wheel of fortune" about pardons. like you never know if pardons are going to come around to you, you wonder what that does to a perp's thinking. >> patrick, i don't know we feels the pressure that everyone else thinks he should be feeling. >> when you've got 15 lawyers and you know the notes that you've taken down on someone like donald trump who's poked so many versions about so many stories, look he knows what's in there. >> let's just say for the sake of this argument, what if there's no there there? >> there might be something there on -- >> what if there's something there for him? >> possibly. it's going to wipe him out
8:19 pm
financely. >> obviously he is innocent until proven guilty. just the prospect of facing federal prosecution and having to defend yourself in what could be years of litigation, that's going to destroy his practice. who's going to hire him as a lawyer, as a business consultant? i mean he is toxic. >> if he gets out of this someone may say, well, he can get out of that. >> that may be five years from now. his career has already been blown up. >> because we talk about this weighing on him, and the last time i spoke to him and i reported it here on cnn, he does not believe he did anything wrong. he doesn't believe there's anything -- >> this is guy who is used to moving in power circles at 30,000 feet, one of the major figures in new york city, you know, in terms of donald trump
8:20 pm
power circles. and now he's, you know, he's laying low and being dogged by paparazzi. >> i want to get this in because the president was asked about him this morning. watch this. >> are you worried michael cohen might flip? >> i did nothing wrong. you have to understand this stuff would have come out a long time ago. i did nothing wrong. >> is he still your friend? >> i haven't spoken to michael in a long time. >> is he still your lawyer? >> no, he's not my lawyer but i've always liked michael and he's a good person. >> are you worried he's going to cooperate. >> i did nothing wrong. >> clearly there's distancing that's happening right there, i think. because their relationship goes back decades. >> right, and this guy -- when you use the word fixer that sometimes gets thrown around a lot, but he was donald trump's fixer. whatever sort of problems came out michael cohen was not just a lawyer but he was a defender. he would get on the phone and he
8:21 pm
would try to talk you down into a corner. >> and areva, whenever there was something sticky people in the organization they reported, they would say let's call michael cohen. what do you think of what the president said? >> it shows michael cohen has already suffered devastating consequences from his relationship with donald trump. he's an outsider. this is a guy who prided himself on being in the inner circle with donald trump. he's someone that donald trump says he hasn't spoken to a very long time. so he's isolated, on an island, and that can't be a comfortable feeling facing what could possibly be prosecution and jail time. i don't think he is comfortable as you suggest that he's done nothing wrong. of course he's going to say he did nothing wrong. he would make an admission like that. he's done nothing wrong until it's proven he's done nothing wrong. >> i see a guy bouncing along,
8:22 pm
walking along with shades. when we come back cnn's own ed lavandera seeing border patrol agents detaining a group of undocumented immigrants at the border, including four children, one 11 years old, alone and trying to get to his mother. we'll have this story next. dear future us,
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nearly 300 children have been placed at the government's temporary shelter in texas in just the last two days. that's what a texas state lawmaker is saying tonight. it comes as cnn witnessed first-hand a group from honduras being taken into custody at the u.s. border tonight. cnn's ed lavandera is on the scene. >> reporter: it's hard to see people moving through the thick south texas vegetation. the rio grande rolls by just beyond the tree line. and then just like that they appear out of the brush, a small group of undocumented immigrants walking into a public park. we just came across this group of undocumented immigrants here in the town of mission, texas. two adults, four children just
8:27 pm
finished crossing the rio grande here and now they're in the custody of border patrol. this group is actually made of three different groups. they say they met along the journey in honduras and decided to enter the united states together. border patrol agents give them water and they sit in the shade as they wait for a vehicle to take them to a border patrol station. there's jonathan, 11 years old he says he left honduras with cousins but they abandoned him along the way. he says his mother lives in virginia and told him not to make this journey alone, but now he's here. i told her i wanted to come, he says. but she said it's very dangerous. are you scared? a little, he says. it's a brief conversation that leaves you with many more questions about how a young boy can get to this point. as an unaccompanied minor he will likely end up for a time being in a children's shelter like this one as federal
8:28 pm
authorities try to connect the boy with his mother. the rest of this group is made up of two adult women with their children. 24 years old, and she crossed the border with her little boy. why did you come? she says gang members left a note at her home threatening to kill her, and that's when she decided to flee. are you afraid they're going to separate you from your children? yes, he's my son and i love him, she says. i have carried him throughout my journey. she says she did not know she might be separated from her son once she was taken into custody in the united states. but she says i have nothing in honduras. the families are loaded up and taken away, unsure of what happens next. don, the question now is what happens with these young children. yawnthen, the 11-year-old gave me his mother's cellphone and i was able to speak with her in virginia tonight. she says immigration authorities
8:29 pm
have reached out. the bigger question is what happens to the two adult women and their children. it's not clear if they're going to be prosecuted and separated while in custody. even though the trump administration says this zero-tolerance policy is designed to prosecute 100% of the people who cross the border illeg illegally, the fact of the matter that isn't happening, at least not yet. they wouldn't explain how those decisions are made, so the fate of those children and those mothers at least as far as we know right now are up in the air. >> awful, a complicated story. host of the van jones show and steve cortez as well. good evening, gentlemen. you saw from ed lavandera's story there at least 300 children separated from their
8:30 pm
parents. is this a crisis? >> well, we're in moral crisis. first of all, we shouldn't be calling it a zero-tolerance policy. we should be calling it a swreezero humanity policy, zero common sense policy. this is -- it's terrible. listen, it's not illegal to flee for your life to another country. the united states actually led the world after people were trying to flee germany and were sent back to the ovens, the united states led the world to adopt a standard of human rights that says if you're running for your life you can seek asylum and the government has a right to make a determination. they can send you back if it's fake. but the idea you're going to criminally prosecute every single human being that shows up and as a result of that prosecution take away their children and incarcerate their children, too, there's not another country in this world that's doing this.
8:31 pm
and the obama administration did it in limited context with some people. this is something being done across the board in a whole scale manner that's going to result in thousands, tens of thousands of young people being scarred. and it's not a law, they keep saying it's not a law. it's a practice, not a law. as you mentioned the obama administration, separating families before the so-called zero-tolerance policy was announced. but they separated families in instances where a familiar relationship could not be verified or the child was a concern. >> so the president today was out, good he came out to talk but he falsely blamed the democrats for his administration family separation practice. today he said the democrats forced that law upon our nation.
8:32 pm
that is lie. he is the president and has the power to stop this practice. so why continue this lie instead of just fixing it? >> well, i think he does want to fix comprehensive immigration reform. but i think the important point here, look, it's a tragedy absolutely. here we are father's day weekend, right? it's a tragedy when children are separated from their parents. but the tragedy is because of the action of their parents. take immigration out of it -- >> could you please be courteous enough and respectful enough to answer my question directly. i asked a very simple question. hang on, could you just answer the question? i asked you in the first part of the response to your answer, can you answer my question directly? i asked you why the president continues to lie about this instead of fixing this practice and blaming it on someone else when there's no blame there? >> the president wants to fix
8:33 pm
it, and he offered an incredible -- >> why does he continue to lie and say its the democrats? >> because the democrats would not -- >> he said specifically today, he said i hate the children being taken away, the democrats have to change their law. that's their law. that is lie. please address me directly. why does he continue -- >> it's not a lie. >> yes, it is a lie. it's not a law, steve. >> well, it's permissible by law. it's the practice -- >> it is not a law. >> it's fine. it's a practice. >> there's a republican white house, so why does he continue to lie and say it's a democrat law? it's not. >> look, you can continue to call him a liar or we can talk about -- >> i'm telling you the truth. you won't answer the question directly. and every single person i've
8:34 pm
seen come on television today whether it was on this network or another network someone asks them directly about this lie the president is saying and they will spin and they won't answer the question. i'm asking you a very simple question. all you have to do is say i don't know why he continues to lie or you'll have to ask him why he continues to lie. but you won't do it because -- it has nothing to do with the democrats. the democrats are not in charge. they're not in charge. they're in the minority. >> we don't have 60 votes in the senate. >> the president could stop this right now if he wants to. he interprets -- he would purge more people showing up with their children. >> i want to talk and hear your side, but i think you're being incredibly disrespectful when you come on and i ask you a very simple direct question that's so easy to answer, and you sit here and you spin and you lie to my
8:35 pm
face. that is disrespectful. i know people are out there saying why won't you let him talk, because i think when you come on this network you be the opportunity to speak to the american people directly. and if you are not honest in your answers then you are doing a disservice to the people watching. i asked why the president continues to lie and say this is democratic law, when it's not a law. it is not the same practice of other administrations. so please answer. >> no, it's not. >> so answer my question. why does he continue to lie and why won't he fix it? >> look, i don't know why he calls it a democratic law. i don't know why he said that. >> thank you for answering that. >> to the question now, though, is this a new practice? it absolutely is. and the president, by the way, ran on -- this was his signature issue of his 2016 campaign was getting tough on the border, tough on illegal immigration in
8:36 pm
our country and tough on the border. so no one should be shocked or appalled or surprised he's following through on that foundational promise from 2016. so is he being tougher, absolutely he is within the parameters of the law. >> there's no such thing as a democrat law. a law passed by the u.s. congress -- >> i don't know why he said that. >> that's really, really unfortunate he won't take responsibility for his change of practice. in other words, he's nautica rajs enough to say what you just said. what you just said was awful but it's true. this is my attempt to hurt children and thereby send a political message. that was van. >> van, do american children matter? do we get the right to say who's allowed to be invited in our home? >> if you just give me a second i would like to speak to you as
8:37 pm
a conservative and then we'll come back. listen, it's a question of values and character. in pursuit of a noble goal what are you willing to do? are you willing to torture people, are you willing to hurt children? i'll give it to you, having a secure border maybe that's a noble goal. but that's not the question. are you willing to torture, murder, hurt children? then you have a different set of questions and we'll talk about. we'll continue on the other side. we'll be right back. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined.
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ask your hep c specialist about harvoni. so van and steve are back with me. so let's continue this conversation. so steve, van was saying what are you willing to do in pursuit of a policy. these are his words and i think he's right. you can have a secure border but you don't have to scar children. so right go on. >> agreed. by the way, these children contrary to what brian carry said when he grandstanded in the briefing room they're not being thrown into cages. they have good food and sports and all that kind of thing. they're being removed from their parents because of the action of their parents. if you decide on your own you
8:42 pm
can break our immigration laws and just show up in our country without permission you are subject to prosecution. anything, anywhere in the world you get separated from your children -- >> first of all, let me say a couple of things. i assume as a conservative you are pro-life anti-apportion, is that correct? >> yes. >> you are. and so when somebody says, look, i want to have an abortion, you would say, listen, you don't hurt that child in the womb because of the choices of the parent. you weren't careful enough, something happened. you would say you protect children even when their parents make dumb decisions, is that correct? >> yes, but -- >> so why wouldn't you apply that to the border? i'm trying to talk to you as a conservative. why won't you protect -- even if
8:43 pm
their parents made bad decisions why won't you protect the children? >> do we separate criminals from their parents in this country? yes, we do every single day. >> the reason it's not working is other administrations are looking at these same families, all of these families aren't criminals. all of them don't have to be prosecuted as criminals. they made the choice very few were charged criminally and others were detained. this president decided every single person is going to be charged criminally. >> what is your answer? open border? if a family shows up they're in? >> you're a demagogue. >> no, you're demagoguing. our community has suffered the most from tolerating illegal
8:44 pm
immigration -- >> -- to breast-feeding babies. >> that did not happen. >> that happened multiple times. you can't answer the question because you know and i know it is despicable and inhumane to scar children for life for the transgressions of their parents. and it's a choice. we can secure the border without scarring children. we can secure the border without hurting babies, and you know it and i know it. >> can you see this picture of the kid crying there. it's a mom there and she's being taken away from her child by what i assume. and you're saying that breast-feeding thing didn't happen, but there are multiple accounts of stories that are similar. steve, go on. >> look, in this country when someone commits a crime, then
8:45 pm
they're removed from their child. >> all of these people have not -- all these people have not been charged criminally. this is new -- >> i'm not talking about immigration. >> i appreciate you both coming on. i asked you to come on. you should know from any guests i've had on this show, i will invite you back as long as you're honest and answer my question directly. i know your going to spin. that's what pundits do. but just a courtesy for me and the people watching, just answer the question directly and then you can spin your, you know what off. this weekend make sure you watch the van jones show tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. we will be right back. mom and dad got a new car.
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i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
8:49 pm
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whatr whatp what's gowh tthe whatr whatp what's gowh tth separating the kids. ththey sarthey sap tth democrap democrats ademocr house and so on. all thep all these biball g thrown around.phow d>> is still around? ir i'd liti'd likr i'i', he whe wap he was handling >> he gone.p>> this > f amerip ameriamerica it's p. ri dip i did it because alabar alabaalabama gal oftp often often in this c wep week jeff sessions paal aanp and smeand smear alab versversu versp versus vere aanp and smeand smear alab versversu versp versus ve m
8:51 pm
their kids. r we cap we call it th alabap alabama alabama is d r we cap we call it th alabap alabama alabama is jeff sessiojeff sessions claim christichristian bup chris selective christian. therer there's lop ther bible p bible we donbible therer there's lop ther bible p bible we donbibledf them. >> your hometown is mobile, alabama. >> yes. >> you go there with your father. >> yes, he could live anywhere. >> let's watch. >> my crew is doing okay. but my dad is more impression. he's the insurance commissioner for alabama. it was the first to become the president of the national association of insurance commissioners. he's met with many presidents. before that he was a struggling artist in the bay area. that's where i got that from. his life started in a shack in alabama, 100 miles outside of mobile.
8:52 pm
the shack is on land my family still owns, right off, don't get too impressed, bell road. >> he's definitely your father he looks like you without an afro. what's it like going back there. >> i was going there since i was a kids but now i have kids i take my kids a lot more. when i was a kid it was a place i had to go to visit my dad and grandma. i wasn't excited as a kid because it was alabama. as i grow up and get older and have kids i realize how important it is to me to realize how important it is to know where they come from. so it was great to highlight that area. happy father's day. >> tell me about the african-american woman who was proconfederate flag --
8:53 pm
>> bri wilson was not proconfederate flag. she climbed the flagpole to bring it down. >> i was there, i saw it. >> the last segment was hard. she's still a hero, i follow her on twitter bri newsome was amazing. >> bri don't be mad, i'm sorry, it's been a long week. >> it's been a long week. it's been a long america. >> can't wait to watch. thank you. be sure to tune in all new episode of united shades of america sunday night at 10:00. only here on cnn. we will be right back. discover card. hey, i'm curious about your social security alerts. oh! just sign up online and we'll alert you if we find your social security number on any one of thousands of risky sites. that sounds super helpful.
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there are nearly 430,000 children in america's foster care system. this week's cnn hero was one of them and remembers carrying his few belongings around in a trash bag. nearly 30 years later when he and his husband adopted four foster children he couldn't believe it when they arrived with a trash bag in toe. his mission was to provide them with something that tells them they are seen and loved. >> many children in foster care are put in a situation they do feel they do not count, that they have no voice. it's up to us to make sure that we're there to help. >> it's so cute. it's an angel teddy bear. >> and we need to make them feel
8:59 pm
wanted by all of us. >> to see how rob is doing that go to cnn for the full story. and while you're there nominate someone you think should be a hero. cnn is launching an exciting series next week that you don't want to miss. our anchors champion television for join. >> we're joining a mission to make a difference. >> giving time to the causes that are dear to our hearts. >> and giving stories to the champions leading the charge. >> you have to let them see this is not how your life has to be. >> this is an opportunity to pay it forward. >> to do something that is going to be meaningful. >> they are the kinds of students any community would be blessed to have. >> it warms your heart that you can help someone with food.
9:00 pm
>> rock on. ♪ i am the champion >> join the journalists of cnn as we work alongside champions for change. >> all next week presented by charles schwab. >> that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. -- captions by vitac -- >> anthony: chances are you haven't been to this place. chances are this is a place you've never seen, other than maybe blurry cell phone videos, old black-and-white newsreels from world war ii. chances are bad things were happening in the footage you saw.


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