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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  June 17, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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no joke. it takes some kahunas. it'sot for wooseys. thank you for starting your morning with us. we hope you make good memories today. >> "inside politics" starts right now. former trump campaign chief paul manafort behind bars. the president's response? paul who? >> you worked for me like 49 days or something, a very short period of time. in crisis at the border, children being separated from their parents. >> this is not normal. in fact, it is barbaric. >> we need to tell the world please don't come unlawfully. >> the gop pledges allegiance to
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the party as republicans cast out a trump critic. "inside politics" the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters now. welcome to "inside politics". to our viewers nationwide and across the world thanks so much for being with us thisun an haps day to all the dads out there. president trump has made his opinions about the russia investigation very, very clear calling it a witch hunt, a hoax, a plot by disgruntled democrats and claiming that there was no collusion. this is the same russia probe that has put trump's former campaign chairman in jail. manafort behind bars for the rest of his life? a judge revoked paul manafort's bail ending his house arrest
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after new accusations of witness tampering. the president he says he barely knows the man who worked on his campaign for five months. >> manafort has nothing to do with our campaign. i feel a little badly about it. they went back 12 years to get things that he did 12 years ago. paul manafort worked for me for a very short period of time. >> to him this is the big story. >> i think that the report yesterday maybe more importantly than anything totally exonerates me. i did nothing wrong. there was no collusion, no obstruction. the i.g. report went a long way to show that. >> trump is talking about the justice department's watch dog investigation into how it handled the probe into hillary clinton's e-mail server. the report does call out comey saying he was insubordinate during the investigation and finds the fbi's -- the page
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report doesn't address possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia and doesn't address potential obstruction of justice either. despite that sources tell cnn that trump's legal team feels emboldened by the report saying it gives them ammunition against comey and some trump allies actually agree. >> the idea that you will have an obstruction of justice investigation because trump fired the fbi director who the i.g. acknowledges had no business being an fbi director is a farce. >> here with me to share the reporting and their insights we have the washington post's josh dossy. a lot to discuss this morning. thanks for being here. josh, i will start with you on
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this. it is always trump's reaction to the i.g. report it was delayed. bo he talk about it for 40 or 50 minutes on the north lawn there. how do you see trump, his allies, h lawyers using this i.g. report in the mueller probe? >> the president had a lot to say on friday. his argument that there was no collusion and shows he did nothing wrong is not quite right because the report wasn't about him at all. they found that a lot of mistakes were made in the clinton investigation but the report did not focus on trump. how his allies cast it is a focus on peter struck, an agent involved in the investigation before he was removed in the probe and he said he would stop trump for being president.
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that said, what the report found was that there was not political bias that influence the investigation on a holistic level but there were bad actors. you have seen time and time again when things have come out that have been critical of the fbi or comey his lawyers try to make the most of it. i'm not sure how much traction they will get on this. >> they are certainly trying to get traction on this. rudy giuliani was out recently and he basically said that, he said i don't think it exonerates him. in some respects it supports his position that the people who conducted the hillary probe were extreme partisan for hillary and against trump. that is what rudy giuliani had to say. >> for once here i think rudy is absolutely right. trump was wrong on the details when he came out and said this exonerates me but he is right on the general point i think that
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this report was really bad for the fbi. i think the irony of the report is that comey has claimed all along that he had to take these exaordinary actions in order to protect the fbi's reputation for impartiality. he said that loretta lynch was compromised and he needed to distance the fbi fraom the doj. he and the small group of agents working on the clinton investigation who are the same group of agents who were working on the trump russia investigation before it was handed off to mueller. these agents were found to be saying they would stop trump from becoming president in text messages. though the i.g. didn't find that political bias directly impacted their decisions. i wouldn't be comfortable having my future in their hands as investigators when they were talking this way and so
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blatantly disclosing their political bias and talking about it in a way that they were bring tg to the table in terms of their work. >> but clearly mueller making some progress here. even as you have obviously doubts being cast by trump, by his lawyers and increasingly some republicans saying maybe it is time to wrap this thing up, mueller scoring points with paul manafort in jail at this point. >> he is definitely going to put the pressure to manafort and see if he flips. i think i agree in terms of the d.o.j. report i think this whole revelation of text messages where an fbi agent said we would do something about it you can't overstate the significance of that on capitol hill when it comes to republicans taking this revelation and trying to say the mueller probe has no legitimacy.
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this agent was one of the first people to work on the russia investigation. republicans are already holding that up to say we have a problem here. one example, tray goudy who is top republican on the house oversight committee republicans were bashing him because he sd the spy gate theory that the fbi was spying on him was false. now he is saying i have serious questions about this fbi agent. we need bring him to the hill and subpoena him and it will cause a problem i think for the mueller investigation. >> it's the perfect -- it is easy to look at the messages and say that this is clear disdain for president trump and this is out of bounds and i think a lot of the president's allies will focus on that and point it out. the democrats are saying comey's insubordination and the fact that he talked about violating protocol and the investigation into hillary clinton in july and
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talked about reopening the investigation 11 days before the election cost her the election and made donald trump the president. we are operating out of context that the fbi did talk about an investigation that clearly hurt one candidate and didn't talk about the other one that helped him. >> rudy giuliani told me on friday our strategy will be investigate the investigators and try to do everything we can to show people. i think one reason that the president has liked rudy giuliani so much even though he has contradicted himself is in the president's mind is rudy is constantly taking the brick back to the investigators. he is saying the president was spied on. >> he is out there all the time. >> he is making nonstop accusations and you see polls turning. >> it is very effective.
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>> people are skeptical of the probe. >> speaking of rudy giuliani, here he was talking about trump's ability to pardoning and what that might mean for the mueller investigation. >> my advice for the president of the united states as his lawyer, not as a gover lawyer, is no pardons. it would completely change the momentum that we have right now. let me make it clear right now, he is not going to pardon anybody in this investigation but he is not going to give up his right to pardon. >> they clearly want to talk about pardons. >> rudy giuliani's role is the p.r. aspect of this. the president wants to delegitimize this. he wants voters to doubt the legitimacy of the investigation. the argument that rudy giuliani is making is that impeachment is the only viable punishment for any charges brought against a sitting president. he is also saying if there are
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charges the pardoning power is there. he is saying no matter what happens the president has a way to get out of this and it is %-p >> that will be a dangerous test for hill republicans. we will have to start potentially talking about impeachment. they have said these sorts of things before on policy issues and the president does whatever he wants and they sort of turn a blind eye. i wouldn't be surprised if he did. it would be curious. >> the person perhaps looking at a potential pardon or thinking about a potential pardon, michael cohen, ksomeone who we found out was a bit nervous and possibly thinking about cooperating with investigators. >> i think that's exactly right. we found out this week that investigators now have like
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750,000 pages. michael cohen's texts and private message app, messages. the issue of pardons i think is how they would play on the hill. the house may slip from republican to democrat this november in which case the issue of impeachment is a live option for president trump and it is no longer are republicans going to hold to new account. so when you hear rudy saying my advice to the president is not to pardon, it's not because he doesn't have the right to do it it's because i believe he thinks the president would be impeach if the american people perceived that he was abusing the pardon power. >> we will see what rudy has to say later on this morning. children being taken from their parents at the u.s. mexico border. the white house for its part says it is just following the law. "inside politics" brought to
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mexico border. stories like these are dominating the headlines about find their kids including the story of one honduran man who killed himself inside a detention center. about 1,500 boys are at this wal-mart in texas. the house speaker paul ryan says he opposes a practice of dividing families and democrats say it is up to donald trump and the republicans to finish it. >> they never want to take responsibility. and they know this is shameful so they are passing it on to others. they control the white house, the house and the senate. they could accomplish anything they set out to do if they cared, but they don't care. >> attorney general and sunday school teacher jeff sessions
5:18 am
cited a bible verse in defense of the practice saying it is not complicated. >> if we have laws and we do have laws then they need to be enforced. there is nothing wrong about that. we need to tell the world please don't come unlawfully. make your application, wait your turn. >> you have sessions there basically saying the law is being enforced, citing the bible. trump, here is what he has to say about the policy shift. >> i hate it. i hate the children being taken away. the democrats have to change their law. >> president trump could stop this policy with a phone call. >> he doesn't seem to acknowledge that. >> if he don't like families being separated you can tell dhs to stop doing it. >> who is right about this? the president is certainly spinning here when he says this is the democrats fault. republicans are in the white house. republicans control congress. this is a policy that his
5:19 am
administration has basically started in order to sort of i guess they think that perhaps this will get democrats to the negotiating table because they will be concerned about the migrant families and perhaps give the president his wall he has been longing for. republicans on the hill are in this awkward spot. republicans are not willing to blame the president. they are blaming it on an old court case when that is not true at all. they have a provision in a bill coming to the floor this week that would keep families together. even that is problematic because it basically allows kids to be detained and jailed with their parents. it is unlikely that the bill would pass. regardle regardless, that will not fix the problem. >> rachel talked about this is a negotiating tactic and that is something that is coming out of the white house. you had a story on this. this is what from your story
5:20 am
from the "washington post" the president has told folks he wants to use the enforcement mechanisms that we have. a white house official said the thinking in the building is to force people to the table. is that sort of cya spin at this point or is that what is going on? >> i think it is multi facetted. the president is fixated on border crossing numbers being over 50,000 and rising. he wants anything to be done possible to bring these numbers down. the numbers always go up in the summer. the president wants the numbers down in the border. the republicans also want at least the president does to have negotiations on immigration. you have steven miller and john kelly and others pushing this policy to say this will bring down -- having zero tolerance will deter others from coming across the border. the president falsely blaming
5:21 am
this on democrats saying if i throw enough attacks on you. jeff sessions is proudly saying this is our policy. the president saying this is not my fault. i don't want to be associated with separating children at the border. others in the administration say this tough crack down is what we need. the president agrees with it privately, at least he must, because the policy continues. a lot of folks are shaking their heads. what are democrats doing to separate kids at the border right now? >> publically it is hard to find many republicans out here who is actually backing this process. you have had a moderate basically saying this shouldn't happen. you had franklin graham saying this is disgraceful. here was another gop congressman. >> it is heart wrenching.
5:22 am
it really is terrible. i would rather keep the families unified and detain them and a adjud kate them. >> should the president do that? >> that would be a good idea. >> this is not a policy that previous administrations have done. obama administration, bush administration did not separate people they were prosecuting crossing the border. they put them in family detention center. this is a deliberate decision by the trump administration to use it as a deterrent to get people to stop coming here either to seek asylum or crossing the border illegally. steven miller in a "new york times" piece says this is a decision to have a zero tolerance policy. the president is at odds with his own advisers on the nature of this policy. on capitol hill there is
5:23 am
legislation that would stop this issue. it would allow to put the itkid in the same detention facilities as the parents as they prosecute. it is not going anywhere in the senate. >> there are many bills. we'll see what happens. >> 43 senate democrats that would end this administration policy. >> what do we expect to hear in the meeting this week? >> i think we will hear more dissembly about the policy. to contextualize it the trump administration is not the first administration to grapple with this issue. the bush and obama administration have grappled with sure there are some people coming across the border with their children but children are also used strategically in order to gain access to the country. that was something we heard both
5:24 am
president bush and president obama talking about. it is something the government wants to deter because these are dangerous journeys and children are sometimes given to traffickers and used improperly in this. so the trump administration has made a policy decision. i don't think we are hearing a coherent defense of it. defenders would say we want to deter the use of kids. the problem is the parents who are determined to have brought their children here could not be held with their kids for more than 20 days. he has not said that. there are fair criticisms of that policy that i think you would hear previous administrations who tried this for very brief periods were criticize. i don't think we heard a response to those criticisms. >> we will see if we get that on tuesday what the president has to say during and after that
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president trump returns from the singapore summit with a message to the american people and the world, i ended the north korean nuclear menace. >> he gave us a lot. you haven't had a missile test in seven months. you haven't had a firing or nuclear test in 8 1/2 months. you haven't had missiles flying over japan. he gave us the remains of our great heroes. now we are well on our way to get de-nuclearization and the agreement says there will be total de-nuclearization. nobody wants to report that. >> the truth, as always, is much more complicated in the
5:30 am
statement where kim jong-un reaffirmed his commitment to de-nuclearization on the korean peninsula but offered no specifics. president trump, meanwhile, did offer a promise to suspend military exercises. many are saying the u.s. gave much more than it got prompting this cover story in the economist magazine. 71% of americans say they think it was a good idea to hold this summit. but a new washington post abc poll out today says that only 41% think it is likely that the north koreans will give up their nuclear weapons. the president says he plans to give kim a follow up call probably sometime today spending father's day talking to kim jong-un. and he is spending some time this morning, donald trump, tweeting about this. here is what he had to say. chuck schumer said the summit
5:31 am
was what the texans call all cattle and no hat. thank you, chuck. are you sure you got that right? the actual phrase is all hat and no cow. trump continues to say no more nuclear testing, rockets flying all over the place, blew up launch sites. yo were there in singapore covering this summit. did trump get as much as he is claiming to have gotten? >> i don't think -- he clearly didn't get as much as he is claiming to have gotten in that he claimed that the nuclear menace is no longer wit us and everybody should sleep well at night. i think trump got what he wanted out of the summit in that i think that these world events are sort of an end in themselves for trump. he is talking about a summit with vladimir putin. i think that the spectacles are really what trump wants and then he will leave details to others.
5:32 am
he was talking about at the press conference telling secretary of state mike pompeo to get to work. it is clear it is up to mike pompeo to hammer out the details. >> congress will have something to say as these negotiations -- >> he wants an agreement in contrast to the iran deal which wasn't passed through congress that this administration wants a deal that is passed through congress so that it can't be undone by future administrations. that is to give kim confidence that whatever is passed -- >> he will face likely a very skeptical congress both from democrats and republicans. here is what chuck schumer had to say as well as marco rubio. >> what planet is the president on? saying it doesn't make it so. north korea still has nuclear weapons. it still has icbms. it still has the united states
5:33 am
in danger. >> this is a country that has made promises before and has broken them. we have to trust and verify. the trust part is important but the verify part is more important. >> what do we expect to hear going forward from congress on this? >> i think from the president's allies there is cautious optimism that this is the start of something big. a number of things are true at once. the president is getting points from the american public for attempting diplomacy. but it is true that there has been zero tangible concessions from north korea on this. the joint statement there was a reaffirmation of desire. they have lied about this in the 1990s and 2000s about denuclearizing. i think one thing that has people scratching their heads is why president is praising kim in such glowing terms. he is one in ten thousand.
5:34 am
why is that necessary to the process of diplomacy? >> here he is speaking of this we will go to the sound of president lavishing praise. >> he is a funny guy, a very smart guy, a great negotiator. he loves his people, not that i'm surprised by that. >> i can only speak to the fact that we signed an incredible agreement. it is great. >> he has done some really bad things. >> yeah, but so have a lot of people done very bad things. >> what does this tell us about donald trump's approach to foreign policy? >> that perhaps he thinks flattery will get kim to do things otherwise he would not have done. if obama had said half the things the president said about kim republicans would be totally up in arms right now. it is interesting we are talking about the treaty basically the white house saying we will submit this to be ratified or
5:35 am
not. that is not just for kim's sake. he wants to make sure whatever agreement they come up with lasts beyond the trump administration. senate republicans and senate democrats very skeptical about this. one thing to watch in particular is this whole thing about withdrawing troops from the peninsula. there is a lot of concern. >> that will be part of the negotiation. >> and they are just upset that the president even floated the idea because if there is a power vacuum china steps in and that under cuts the u.s. >> and speaking of power vacuums, one thing we also see is donald trump cozying up to putin. and americans if you look at who they think the president is besties with, you have vladimir putin, 27% say trump has the best relationship with putin. teresa may comes in at 26%.
5:36 am
this tells us something about the president's strategy and perhaps looking forward to meetings with putin. >> the president has done things that other presidents haven't done in his rhetoric towards strong man dictators. his allies say it is what the world is. we have to deal with these people no matter if they are murderous dictators. critics say as an american president you have to have a moral imperative to the world. the audio was pretty telling. they ask the president what do you say about it and they say i can't speak to that. >> multiple times pressing him on that. >> why can't you speak to that? he also said people stand up for attention and said i want my people to stand up for attention. he starves them and kills them in north korea. one of the more interesting
5:37 am
parts of this president is how he has kind of sed alliances. he goes after canada and france on trade. as far as north korea he praises on kim jong-un and continues to want to meet with vladimir putin. it is all situational. when he is looking to make a deal with someone he flatters them. one thing the president says repeatedly our allies don't care about us. i'm president of america and they are president of their countries and we have to look out for ourselves. you can see that strategy played out on the world stage. up next, trump's latest trade move and why it puts the gop in a tough position. plus future politicians say the darnedest things coming from kim kardashian west talking to van jones about whether she sees herself running for office one day. >> would you ever run for office? >> i don't think that's even on
5:38 am
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trade war? china warning as president trump announces reciprocal round of tariffs trump is moving forward with import tax. that decision comes after hitting u.s. allies with tariffs in mexico, canada and the eu. for trump this is just another example of america first before the gop. it is more proof that it is his party now. politico put it this way. this is the new republican party saying in very colorful language put a blond comb-over on the elephant. take down the pictures of a s o abraham lincoln. there is a real good reason they haven't blocked him. trump has an 87% approval rating among republicans. the only president to score
5:44 am
higher was george w. bush a few months after the 9/11 attacks. i will go to you with this first on tariffs. this has been a long time pillar of the gop. this is president trump basically making good on what he said on the campaign trail. this is probably a problem for republicans in terms of how they deal with this. >> it was a very revealing moment when bob corker tried to propose an amendment that would say congress has a say in the president's decision to impose tariffs. most would have supported it. he was furious when senate republican leadership blocked it. in his view they didn't want to poke the bear and upset trump. that was one of four things that happened. conservative congressman only crime was criticizing trump at times. only time he voted no were things on the right.
5:45 am
corey stewart won the senate nomination. the party is not pleased with that. also on tuesday house republican moderates blocked from putting forward a bill for a vote that president trump opposed because it would simply do the dream act without restrictionest measures. there of these things happened on the same day. >> here is what he had to say in addition to saying he felt like trumpism is a cancerous growth on the gop. here he is with more. >> the politics are easy. pledge allegiance to donald trump, but i think that is a mistake. i have been amazed at the number of different members who have come up to me over the last 24 hours since i have been back here on the hill and have talked about a tribalism component to what is going on in the party and with the trump effect that worries them and that they have never seen before. >> and so that was mark sanford
5:46 am
basically saying that it's a mistake at the soul level to pledge allegiance to donald trump. i think if you look at the mid terms people running particularly in the red states that is what they are going to do. >> you're right. he is not alone in saying this. we heard the same from jeff flake and bob corker. if you define yourself to opposition of trump, you can define policies, you are going to lose. i think we have seen it clearly. you can do it if you are not facing an election. in an election year it is really going to hurt you. the other point i would make is that trump's policies, his aides have tried to hold him back. they tried to hold him back on tariffs and they succeeded for 18 months or so. and they tried to hold him back from attacking bob mueller personally. that also succeeded for 16 or so
5:47 am
months. while it seems like we got the full trump from day one in office. what we are seeing really is trump unleashed. and we are not seeing really any protests or any vocal protests from other republicans. i think that the politico piece was spot on in that regard. >> and the president pays close attention to what other republicans say. tim alberta wrote a great story where he basically was sharply critical of the president. they gave the president the article and saw the president attack mark sanford on twitter. the president -- they keep binders in the white house on what people say about the president. he watches hours of television a day. these republicans who go after him have to face -- you saw the poll numbers. he will go back after. >> you want to jump in?
5:48 am
>> it will be interesting because republicans have to remain loyal to trump and suck up to him in order to protect themselves politically. if there is a blue wave this could come crumbling down on them. >> that is the tight rope that they are walking on. next up our reporters will share a page from their notebooks including why after all of the scandal e.p.a. chief scott pruitt still has a job. t-mobile keeps your family connected with new iphones. which is great, unless your parents thought you were studying. somebody's busted. right now, at t-mobile, buy an iphone 8, get an iphone 8 on us. all on america's best unlimited network. captured lightning in a bottle. over 260 years later
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time for the inside politics forecast where our great reporters fill us in on stories that will be making headlines. >> i am looking at scott pruitt still. there are so many issues that scott pruitt has. all sorts of up to maybe 12
5:53 am
investigations now for scott pruitt. the president seems to stick by with him. doing whateve the president wanted and remains one of his favorite cabinet members. it is a remarkable story that pruitt survives. i'm sure more revelations will be coming with different inspector general reports. scott pruitt hangs on. >> how long can he hang on? >> as president trump continues his diplomatic efforts with north korea i think secretary of state mike pompeo is really the guy to watch. i was over in singapore. president trump singled out pompeo by name several times. it was clear he was the guy leading the effort. as we watch things moving forward and whether the effort by the trump administration succeeds or fails it is clear
5:54 am
the president is putting a lot of capital into it. i will be watching mike pompeo and i think his fate rests on the success of these negotiations. >> that will be fascinating to watch. >> the shadow campaign to replace speaker paul ryan is on even though it has sort of died down a little in the headlines. the top two guys trying to replace him are trying to see who can hug trump more. obviously kevin mccarthy is next in line for the position. we have seen him grow increasingly aggressive against the mueller probe saying he thinks it should stop and if this was a court of law they would have thrown it out. meanwhile steve scalise has basically been saying when the president it sounded like was withdrawing his support from this immigration bill in the house said i'm not going to whip this if the president is not behind it which shows he puts
5:55 am
loyalty to trump way over paul ryan. it is who can hug trump more and it is going on behind the scenes. >> interesting shadow campaign to watch this summer who is going to be the next speaker of the house. >> red state democrats are to president trump as they seek reelection in states he won by double digits. west virginia has a new tv ad out. joe donelly of indiana got a praise and shout out from the president as he signed right to trial legislation. this is survival in the age of trump for the democrats. >> republicans doing the same thing and democrats, as well, in the red states. that's it for "inside politics." you can catch us every week day at noon eastern. next we have "state of the union" with jack tapper and an
5:56 am
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pardon me? with paul manafort in lockup and reports that trump's long term fixer michael cohen might flip is the president prepared to pardon their pals? the president's attorney rudy giuliani will be here live next. mmigration outcry. faith leaders speak out as families are split at the border. >> it is unjust. it is unamerican. >> we will go live


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