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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  June 19, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> reporter: well, the ultimate decision that was -- ultimate finding from the inspector general was that the -- there was no political bias that affected the outcome of the investigation. while people may have had their own political biases, the inspector general did not say that this was -- the end result of the investigation had anything to do with anyone's own personal feelings, so the president may be going out on a limb there. >> appreciate the reporting on the hill, thank you so much. it is 10:00 a.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. let's get to it. so this morning, outrage is building, the white house scrambling to contain the fallout over the administration's practice of separating families at the border. the president remaining defiant, pointing his finger at democrats writing, democrats are the problem, they don't care about crime, they want illegal immigrants. this despite mounting pressure from both parties to end his own
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administration's zero tolerance practice. here's republican senator lindsey graham just moments ago. >> it is not all the democrats' fault. this is a problem a long time, 2014 we had the same problem. the problem is that neither party has been able to come together to fix it. i've tried a bunch. now as president trump's chance. he's president. not obama. i think there is a deal to be had. i think melania got it right. my advice to the president, listen to melania. >> the president is heading to capitol hill in hours. he'll meet with congressional republicans on this issue, on two proposed bills. many of those leaders have spoken out against this the separation of children from their parents at the border. let's go to the white house ahead of that meeting, abby phillip is there. the white house, the president defiant as he just showed us on twitter, dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen is the message heading
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the hill today? >> reporter: the president and many white house officials are saying publicly that they still blame democrats, but they're not owning up to the underlying problem, which is that this practice is happening, and some white house officials acknowledge that it is part of an effort to deter immigrants from coming over the border illegal illegally. listen to whether this is part of a plan put in place by the white house to get immigrants to stop crossing the border. >> are you intending to send a message? >> i find that offensive. no. because why would i ever create a policy that purposefully does that? >> as deterrence. >> no. >> is this a deterrent? >> i see that the fact that no one was being prosecuted for this as a factor in a five-fold increase in four years in this kind of illegal immigration, so,
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yes, hopefully people will get the message and come through the border at the port of entry. >> reporter: so today could be a pivotal day for this issue. the president is meeting with house republicans later this afternoon to talk about the issue of immigration and the white house said that they believe that the issue of family separations will come up. there are several bills being proposed by republicans to deal with family separations separately from other immigration issues at the white house has pushed congress to deal with. will the president back those bills? it remains to be seen. how much fire is going to get from his own party this afternoon will also be a big question here, poppy. >> what will those congressional republicans who publicly oppose this actually say to the president when sitting in the room with him. abby phillip, thank you very much. this is an issue dividing the country, dividing political leaders on how to address it on an emotional level, it is searing to hear what it is like for these children separated from their parents. nick valencia is live for us in brownsville, texas, with more.
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we're hearing, we're hearing from these kids at one of these detention centers. what can you show us? >> reporter: it is absolutely excruciating and heart breaking to hear the sounds of these children, poppy. send central american children, some as young as 4 years old, fleeing violence, their families faced with a choice between life and death, running away from gangs like ms-13, which i should remind our viewers were founded on the streets of america. we don't know a lot about this audio here that was released from the nonprofit pro publica. it is gut wrenching to hear. we should warn our viewers, some of you may find this disturbing. >> mommy.
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>> reporter: reached out to the white house as well as border patrol to verify independently here at cnn, but we have yet to hear back. this morning we're getting new poll numbers at cnn which show that a majority of americans, two-thirds, disapprove of the president's zero tolerance immigration policy. he blamed democrats for creating this issue, not being tougher on border security. democratic lawmakers i spoke to here in texas say that's disingenuous. poppy? >> nick valencia, thank you very much for that reporting. so a bipartisan group of more than 70 former u.s. attorneys have written an open letter to attorney general jeff sessions this morning, condemning this practice of separating parents from children at the southern border. they write in part, quote, your zero tolerance policy produced a tragic and unsustainable result. it goes on to say, until now, no republican or democratic administration nor any prior
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attorney general has endangered children in order to deter illegal entry. also listen to two border state republican lawmakers condemning the practice. >> it is very clear that it is within department of justice, it is within dhs' ability to not separate kids from their parents. and so acting as if this is something that congress is preventing from happening is just incorrect. and it is something that this administration could change right away. >> all of us who are seeing these images of children being pulled away from moms and dads in tears, we're horrified. this has to stop. i am this week introducing legislation to protect kids and parents act that will mandate that kids must stay with their parents and it will also expedite the proceedings. >> with me now, robby mook, cnn political commentator, former campaign manager for hillary
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clinton and scott jennings is here, former special assistant to president george w. bush. glad you're here. scott, i'll begin with you. you worked in the bush white house. and obviously you've seen the reaction to laura bush's opinion piece this week. you call this policy, quote, trying to mow your yard with dynamite. how does this play out with the trump administration? >> it is not going to play well. the politics of it is bad, the images are bad. most americans support the idea of stopping violent criminals from coming into the country. the problem is these images we're seeing from the border are not of violent criminals, they're little children who have been taken away from their parents, this audio is terrible politics. i think this has been a terrible mistake, i think the president could reverse it and what i would like to see happen here is to try to make something out of this crisis. i want to see the president go up to capitol hill tonight, i want him to rally the republicans. i want the republicans in the house to support this legislation that is sitting there that would end the child
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separation and get comprehensive immigration reform, i want to see that move on down the line because out of this crisis, out of this mess, if we can turn it into something, it wouldn't be all for not. >> you have said on this network, look, the president could be in your words the hero here. here is the thing. i asked a republican member of congress last hour on this show, who doesn't support this policy either, should the president order the practice to be stopped immediately and he keeps saying -- he kept saying as a lot of republicans said, if he can, he should. there is no question, right, there is no question about whether president trump can stop the practice of separation right now. >> yeah, i think he should end the practice. i think he's going to regret his administration having engaged in this. we saw this blow up in president obama's face in 2014, doing this never worked for any administration and by the way, i don't really think it is going to be a deterrent. they're fleeing violence, and -- >> it is not. it is actually not a deterrent. we have new publicly available data out that shows that those border crossings have increased
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5%. >> i don't see how they're going to win. they're not going to win the public relations battle over this. it is morally not right either and so there is a way to move forward here and try to make something out of a mess in my opinion. >> the polling, it is interesting because scott brought up the polling at the beginning. the new cnn polling this morning actually shows 58% of republicans support this practice. what do you make of that? >> look, it deserves to be said up front. what is happening is absolutely outrageous and it is wrong and it is immoral. i don't even like talking about this in a political context because it actually reinforces what the president is doing, which is turning these children into pawns in a political game. but i do think that the polling numbers there explain exactly what is going on here. donald trump took a lesson from the campaign -- from the 2016 campaign, he took two lessons. first of all, do outrageous things to get everybody focused on the outrageous things, not the issues at hand and not hold him accountable for whether he's doing a good job.
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that's lesson number one. lesson number two, do extreme things that your base likes. that will generate high turnout and that will win you elections. and that 58% number is exactly what is underpinning this. i think you heard corey lewandowski, one of his campaign managers from the 2016 campaign, said as much. that's what's particularly disgusting about what is going on to me is this is not out of their moral desire to stop illegal immigration, this is not coming from a law enforcement standpoint as you just outlined the evidence doesn't back that up, this is a purely political move and these children are being traumatized as part of an effort to increase republican turnout in the election. that is all this is. and it is disgusting. >> robbie, let me ask you about senator marco rubio, republican of florida, who writes this, quote, releasing those who unlawfully enter because they came with children creates a cruel incentive to bring
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children on this dangerous journey. now, some of the data, you know, doesn't bear that out, but that is the counterargument, robbie, that if you just continue with catch and release, as in the previous administration, you endanger these children as well. does he have a point and what should democrats do? what is it incumbent on democrats to do at this point? >> well, democrats are caught in a trap where we're having to spend all of our time talking about something that is totally immoral and outrageous and never should have happened in the first place, rather than focusing on the big issue here, we have an immigration crisis in that we don't have a sensible system. the illegal immigration has slowed, illegal border crossings have slowed. you notice the language used, this type of immigration increased. scott said this, there is a crisis in central america where people are literally being terrorized. they are trying to come to our country because they're children and they're not safe. gangs literally steal their
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money, and shoot them if they don't pay them. so that's what's going -- let's solve that problem and we'll actually stop the flow of immigrants, illegal immigrants. >> we heard some of that fear outlined from a young mother from guatemala. gary tuchman's piece last hour. if i don't get in this time, i'm going to try to come back again. let me ask you, scott, quickly before we go, something the president wrote, maggie has beenerman from the new york times on twitter makes an point about this. he writes, he writes, democrats are the problem, they don't care about crime, and want illegal immigrants, no matter how bad they may be pour into and infest our country like ms-13. they can't win on their terrible policies so they view them as potential voters. the president was up in arms a few weeks ago calling ms-13 animals and then said the media was conflating it. he says illegal immigrants and infesting our country. what is your take? >> i believe the president is
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correct on policy and correct on politics to make ms-13 an issue. i think what the president said was completely blown out of proportion. i knew what he meant at the time. i need to look at this tweet more closely. i would say that people are going to support him on ms-13, but they're not going to support on this family separation issue. you asked earlier if i might what can democrats do? here is what i think the congress can do. if the president can rally republicans to support this bill that takes care of everything the president wants and takes care of the dreamers and takes care of the family separation, what the democrats are going to have to do frankly is deliver ten votes in the senate. that's what they got to do. if both parties recognize this opportunity this week, we're going to look back on this and regret the policy but be happy we got what we all want, comprehensive immigration reform, something vexed both parties for years. >> i don't think -- >> i have to leave it there. you think you could achieve that without children screaming for their mothers and fathers. thank you very much. still to come, a growing list of democrats are calling on
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dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen to step down over outrage of the separation of families at the border. markets take a tumble over a fresh trade war fear, the president threatening new tariffs to the tune of $200 billion against china. and michael horowitz back on the hot seat today on capitol hill, facing questions over the findings in his report about the hillary clinton e-mail probe. you might be missing something.y healthy. your eyes. that's why there's ocuvite. ocuvite helps replenish nutrients your eyes can lose as you age. it has lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3. ocuvite. be good to your eyes. almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. with liberty, we could afford a real babysitter instead of your brother.
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7:19 am
to step down, resign. why? >> i think there is a reason that minnesotans and this whole country are transfixed by what we're seeing and hearing on the southern border of our country. we are using cruelty to children as a public policy and that is so wrong. anybody who has walked into the sanctuary of a church and heard the nativity story knows this is wrong. i called on secretary nielsen to resign because not only is she implementing this policy on the one hand, but on the other hand, she is denying that it is even is a policy. she has got to resign. she's lost all credibility. >> well, senator, to her point, i mean, this is not a new policy. this is a policy that was in place under the obama administration. it is the practice of it that effectively separates children from their parents at the border. her pushback to that, nielsen's pushback to questions like yours yesterday, she said, surely it is the beginning of the unraveling of democracy when the body who makes the laws rather than changing them, meaning
7:20 am
congress, asks the body who enforces laws not to enforce the laws. that cannot be the answer. what is your response to that? >> well, my response to that is that this administration announced a new policy, a zero tolerance policy, which results in separating children from their parents. and if the president doesn't like this policy, he says it is terrible, then he could change it right now by making one phone call. now, i want to be clear, if he refuses to do that, which it seems as if he will, we have a bill in congress that -- the bill that is -- i'm co-sponsoring with senator dianne feinstein, 49 democrats have signed on to that. but we don't need that. all the president needs to do is to change this policy that he announced just recently. >> this is the keep families together act. also you proposed the help children separated act. you say you have 49 democrats on
7:21 am
board with the keep families together act, do you have any republican support for either of these pieces of legislation? >> so my bill addresses the challenge that we have in our country right now, which are children with parents who are undocumented, those parents might get caught up in immigration raid at their place of work and what happens to the children? they are left either at home or maybe at a baby-sitter with the parent then has no ability to make sure that the parent is safe. excuse me, that the child is safe. my bill has 27 democratic co-sponsors, no republicans, and i think that's a real shame, because this is a problem that is affecting children in our country right now. >> here's what senator marco rubio of florida has said in response to all of this. he said, quote, releasing those who unlawfully enter because they came with children creates a cruel incentive to bring children on the dangerous journey. he's talking about the catch and release practice that was utilized throughout the prior administration. and really up until more
7:22 am
recently. does he have a point that if you just continue that practice, that it incentivizes traffickers to bring children to the border. >> well, our country needs comprehensive immigration reform. there is no doubt about that. but what we have happening -- >> but is he right, senator? is he right that catch and release incentivizes the dangerous practice. >> what we have happening right now is we have parents bringing their children to our country, seeking asylum. they're refugees, escaping violence. and the fact that what we are doing then is cruelly separating these children from their parents, is unconscionable. i believe it is immoral. that is the immediate problem we need to fix now. >> i hear that. i talked about your legislation that would end that. but do you think senator rubio, your republican counterpart, is right that catch and release doesn't work and that it can be dangerous? >> i think that what we need to do is have comprehensive immigration reform in this country. that is absolutely essential. >> listen to what secretary
7:23 am
nielsen said just yesterday when she was asked about the conditions under which these children are being held. >> it is important to note that these minors are very well taken care of. don't believe the press. they are very well taken care of. >> that was her speaking earlier this the day before the white house press briefing to a big group of sheriffs. have you visit eed any of these detention centers. have you seen the conditions under which these children are being held? >> we have all seen the pictures. we have children that are as young as 4 in warehouse type situations in cages with nothing but space blankets, no parents, nobody that they know there, that they can trust. and i don't even understand how parents are going to ever be reunited with these children. that, to me, does not sound like a situation that is good for children. in fact, i believe that it will cause great trauma.
7:24 am
we heard from experts in child development that say that these children could be living with the trauma that they're being -- that our government is causing for years to come. that is so wrong. >> very quickly before you go, as a democrat, in congress, who can help affect change, what are your willing to give on this, what give will you make to end this practice? >> i have supported policies and legislation that would enhance our security while also moving forward with comprehensive immigration reform. but the most important thing right now is that we have a crisis, we have a humanitarian crisis, and we can fix it right now by the president making a phone call. >> you will vote for funding for a border wall? >> i have been clear that i support a strong border. i think a border wall is a -- is a bad idea. but i think that we need to have strong border security. the point, though, here is that we have almost universal agreement that we should not be
7:25 am
separating cruelly these children from their parents and that's what we should be focusing on fixing right now. >> senator tina smith, appreciate you being with us today, thank you. >> thank you very much. stocks falling as president threatens new tariffs on chinese goods, $200 billion worth. china says it will fight back. we're live at the new york stock exchange. benjamin franklin
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7:30 am
this as more questions surround the trade war or trade war dispute if you want to call it. not exactly at war status yet. more a war of words. investors don't know where all that tough talk is going to end. the latest skirmish happening on friday, when president trump vowed to slap a 25% tariff on $50 billion worth of chinese exports. something that he said would take effect on july 6th. china vowing to retaliate, and throw tariffs on some tough american exports like soybeans and pork and crude oil and cars. well, the trump administration coming out last night saying if china retaliates, we're going to up the ante, trump promising a tariff on $200 billion worth of chinese goods. that spooking the market, sending the dow down as i said over 400 points. one thing to keep in mind, poppy, right now, as i said, this is just a war of words. none of these tariffs except those on steel and aluminum have
7:31 am
actually been implemented. so a lot of this is based on what ifs, it is those what ifs that are undercutting confidence in the market and the big worry is if these tariffs take effect, they can really take a big bite of economic growth out of economic growth here in the u.s. poppy? >> alison, thank you very much. one week after his summit with president trump, kim jong-un is in china today meeting with president xi jinping. the chinese leader is praising kim for how he handled the sit-down with mr. trump. matt rivers is in beijing. this is extraordinary in the amount of meetings the two have had. this is the third meeting between xi jinping and kim jong-un in beijing in as many months. >> reporter: yeah. i think, poppy, if you ask most experts on that this topic, six months ago would by june, the middle of june, we have seen these two men meet in china three separate times, i think you would have gotten a resounding no from most experts but here we are.
7:32 am
kim jong-un making a surprising visit here to meet with xi jinping to talk about that summit to brief xi jinping about the summit, to talk about what was said between donald trump and kim jong-un, maybe what didn't make it into the statement, maybe how north korea actually views the definition of denuclearization. what is clear is that china will have a role in these negotiations moving forward. at the same time these two men are meeting, despite president trump last friday saying he planned plan ed to talk to north korea over the weekend, that call never happened. >> we're learning about how americans are feeling overall in the days following the summit between the two leaders, right? >> reporter: yeah, we're getting some new polling out from cnn this morning that asked a couple of different questions. one of them being how do americans think donald trump is handling the north korea situation. 48% say they approve. 40% disapprove. that approval number down five points since may. another question respondents were asked, was the outcome of
7:33 am
the trump meeting with kim jong-un. what is it? how is it viewed? 38% say it is a major achievement. 29% say it is a minor achievement. 27% say no achievement at all. like we were talking about, poppy, it is going to take a long time, i think, to comprehensively understand if this summit is a success because by donald trump's measure, only complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization is the success way down the road and yet that's going to be way down the road. we just don't have an idea yet of exactly how successful this summit can be, just given how difficult this situation is. >> matt rivers, thank you very much. live for us in beijing, appreciate the reporting. ahead for us, they work for fox, but some of hollywood's biggest names are slamming its news decision for the coverage of families separated at the border. brian stelter is with me next on that.
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movie director and producer
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judd apatow had enough of the way fox news defends the white house's separation of families at the border. he's calling on those who work for fox to speak out against the news division's coverage. listen to this. >> this is one of those moments that tells you everything about a ruling class. they care far more about foreigners than about their own people. >> no one likes the idea of separating any child from any parent. but this issue has been in the hands of congress and right now the whole issue can be fixed, every law can be changed, and if they did their job, it would happen. >> so since more illegal immigrants are rurik tshing the border, more kids are being separated from their parents and being housed in what are essentially summer camps. >> a series of scathing tweets slamming fox news, here is what apatow writes. if every fox star and show runner said this policy was evil and protested to the murdoch family, it would make a huge difference in this national debate. our senior media correspondent
7:39 am
brian stelter is here with more. this is significant but will it move the needle or is this seen as another hollywood elite. >> the republican data in cnn's recent poll showing republican support for this policy and a lot of opposition from the rest of the country. i think it is reflected in the comments we're seeing from liberal celebrities, business ceos, et cetera, this is a case where the divisions are really, really vivid and really, really stark. i think fox sound bite is important because that's what president trump is hearing. when he's up at night, watching, tucker carlson or laura ingraham, he's hearing a full throated defense of what his government is doing. even though journalists are speaking up for basic human values and family values, the president is receiving support from fox. some of the hollywood celebrities who actually work for fox, who are speaking out against fox news. there is a division within the house of murdoch between west coast and east coast. >> they're still making money off this. >> for sure. seth mcfarland brought that up,
7:40 am
one of the fox stoars, we can pt on the screen a tweet he said. seth mcfarland said he's embarrassed to work for the same company that also has fox news and we're hearing that from others as well. overnight steve levitan, the creator of "modern family," abc show, but produced by fox. i agree with seth mcfarland, i had enough, what fox is doing is wrong. you see this division. >> it is one thing to say something, it is another thing to not work for them and not get paid by them, right? >> and, yes, you're right about that. i'm not sure what they can do in the short-term, given that their shows are under contract and -- >> or say if this doesn't change, i'm not going to sign another contract or take my, you know -- >> take the show elsewhere. that would be a drastic step. but we're hearing all sorts of folks propose all sorts of drastic steps as a result of this policy. hearing about protests being organized and corporate america speak out as well. tim cook, the apple ceo,
7:41 am
weighing in now, saying this is an inhumane policy. this is a case where folks want to feel they're on the right side of history and people take positions for that reason, whether you're a hollywood elite, a business elite, the same time, though, president trump is backed up by this pro trump media, he has this shelter from the storm that is telling him he's doing the right thing. >> we know what -- the president consumes a lot of media, and doesn't just consume fox news. but he watches us every day and sees all of this. do you expect more of an outcry from those big voices in media, not necessarily in the news media, but in media as a whole, like apatow, like mcfarlane. >> this doesn't se seem to be a rejuvenating the resistance, hollywood types, entertainment types who want to do something, want to say something, want to speak out against trump. i would argue some of the energy had evaporated in the past few months or dissipated and it is back now in a very strong way.
7:42 am
and that's been noticeable in the last two or three days as there has been a surge of coverage of this issue. meanwhile, the new york times and washington post say the president doesn't like this coverage, he's suspicious of it, he's not sure these pictures are fair. so skepticism -- >> or real. >> he's saying some of the government issued pictures are painting him in an unfair light, showing the worst of what is going on, not best of what's going on. the answer to that is more sunshine, more access. we need more information about what is going on in detention centers, we need to bring our own cameras in and not just rely on government handout photos, more sunlight right now. >> good point. thank you. >> thanks. >> glad you're here. cnn is learning new information about the death toll in puerto rico after hurricane maria. we'll have a live report from our laila santiago next. what about him? let's do it. ♪
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hurricane maria devastated puerto rico, and the number of people who died as a result still largely a mystery. now with cnn investigation into the death toll on the island is digging up new information, important information, leyla santiago joins me now, live from puerto rico and, i know you just received this data that you guys had to file a lawsuit to be able to get from the puerto rican government. what is it telling you so far? >> reporter: look, we're still reviewing that data. but we are realizing more and more what the experts are saying, which is if you don't know who died, when, where and how, if there is not some sort of accuracy in the death toll that comes after a natural disaster, there is absolutely no way of possibly preventing that in the future.
7:48 am
furthermore, for these families, awe have been rea as we have been reaching out to them, there is a simple desire for acknowledgement. it is the first time he's pulling this box out of the shack behind his home. still wrapped up, just as it was delivered. these are the ashes of his uncle, miguel angel. you think you're holding him now because of maria? >> yeah. >> reporter: giovanni lopez believes his uncle, a u.s. veteran, died because of this accident and maria is to blame. a lack of power after the storm, he says, caused miguel to drive off a wiped out bridge because he couldn't see without the lights at night. >> he just went in the dark. flipped over. >> reporter: he died three weeks later, in the hospital. the government's forensics office asked giovanni if his uncle's death was related to hurricane maria. >> common sense said yes.
7:49 am
i said yes. when he asked me that question. >> reporter: what did he say? >> he said, due to the hurricane, okay, he typed in. >> reporter: but still, miguel's name is not part of the government's official death toll of 64. we only learned of his case after suing the government for all of its death records in the months after hurricane maria. a judge ruled in favor of cnn and the center for investigative journalism ordering the release of government records including all causes of death. in it we found 38 deaths in which doctors indicated the person was a victim of a c cataclysmic storm. are some are included on the death toll. we found these six who were not on the government's official list. no one called you from the government to ask questions about the cataclysmic storm listed on the death certificate? >> no, negative. >> reporter: the family of carmen gonzalez told us the same thing. she is also not on the official
7:50 am
list. her doctor listed hurricane irma and maria as a contributing factor in her death because she relied on electrical equipment for her indicating her electric bed may not have been moved enough to prevent blood clots in her body. >> he said he wrote hurricane maria because he was convinced she was collateral damage. >> reporter: perez said the government never followed up to add carmen to the official death toll. so we went to the government. we found numerous cases where doctors said it's related, yet they're not on the official death toll. bh
7:51 am
why? >> they weren't recon sieled. >> the george washington university study was commissioned by puerto rico's government. government officials told us they flagged miguel's case. it's under review. the death toll will be updated only when it's complete. but for giovanni he's tired of waiting for recognition and closure. do you feel like anyone cared? >> they didn't care. they didn't care. >> poppy, i have to tell you that's a sentiment echoed over and over as we reached out to those families. we know there are a lot of people who believe that hurricane maria played a role in the death of a loved one. they have not yet been accounted
7:52 am
for in this official government death toll. we need your help. we established a website. rico. we have a searchable database there. if you find a loved one there, you can tell them how that person died and whether hurricane maria may have have been related to that death. >> maria, before you go, you still think it's going to be weeks until we really see any change if there's going to be one in the official death toll number? >> right. from the government's perspective they're still waiting for that gw study which has had quite a few delays. we were expecting to hear in may. that didn't happen. now they're saying possibly july we're expecting some data from george washington university. the government made it clear to me that until that happens they don't expect to make any changes
7:53 am
to that death toll. >> layla santiago, thank you for staying on top of this. still ahead england stages an epic world cup come back. the bleach report is next. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪
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with best in-class towing 2018 ford f-150. best in-class payload and best in-class torque the f-150 lineup has the capability to get big things to big places --bigtime. and things just got bigger. f-150 is now motor trend's 2018 truck of the year. this is the new 2018 ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar, pal. it is the bar. soccer fans in england are just wild about harry. harry cain after he led his team to world cup come back. we have more on this morning's
7:58 am
bleacher report. >> harry cain is getting world cup treatment. this is a great story. he's a man who just a few years ago said he had doubts if he would make it to the stage. this bleacher report presented by ford. if you want to see how elated english fans are, take a look at this. all right. so these fans inside the stadium losing their minds after harry cain breaks the tie with time about to expire. you can feel the energy. this is the goal that gave england the 2-1 win. it sent fans into pandemonium. look at these scenes on the street celebrating. it's been since 1966 since they've won the world cup, but they're feeling good. their minds were in the right
7:59 am
place as they head to more competition. cain has relied on information from patriots quarterback tom brady. cain has immersed himself in brady history, his motivational tactics. he's a huge fan. he named his dog brady. >> there you go. >> that's brady. the other is wilson after russell wilson. from world cup to the world champions in hockey, the washington capitals hoisted the stanley cup 11 days ago. now they're looking for a new head coach. he stepped down after they couldn't agree to a deal. everyone there still basking in the glow of that win. that includes "washington examiner" reporter kelly glow. watch her reaction after reading the text the coach stepped down. she was as shocked as anyone.
8:00 am
>> my husband was so excited about serbia. he was excited. he's from there. poor guy, he was holding both kids at once watching the game. >> as it should be. >> thank you everyone. i'm poppy harlow. kate bolduan is next. when you see the images of crying confused children, the policy and politics at the border don't really matter. they do because that's what brought us here. getting a straight answer on why children are separated from their families is about as elusive as trying to comfort a child being taken from their mother. let's give it a go. the president's word on this it's not policy, it's the law. it's the democrats fault. >> i hate the children being


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