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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 19, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> my husband was so excited about serbia. he was excited. he's from there. poor guy, he was holding both kids at once watching the game. >> as it should be. >> thank you everyone. i'm poppy harlow. kate bolduan is next. when you see the images of crying confused children, the policy and politics at the border don't really matter. they do because that's what brought us here. getting a straight answer on why children are separated from their families is about as elusive as trying to comfort a child being taken from their mother. let's give it a go. the president's word on this it's not policy, it's the law. it's the democrats fault. >> i hate the children being taken away.
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the democrats have to change the law. it's their law. that's the democrats law. >> so it's not a white house policy. then what is this? >> i have put in place a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry on our southwest border. if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you. that child may be separated from you as required by law. >> that sure sounds like a policy announcement. okay. then what is this? >> yes, i am considering an order to deter more movement along this terribly dangerous network. i'm considering exactly that. they will be well cared for as we deal with their parent. >> that sure sounds like talk of a policy announcement too. that was march of 2017 when the white house was considering a
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new policy and one that was intended to be a deter rent. >> are you intending for it to play out as it is? are you intending for parents to be separated from their children? are you intending to send a message? >> i find that offensive. why would i create a policy that does that? >> arizon as a deterrent. >> then there was this. >> the fact that no one was being prosecuted for this is a factor in a five fold increase in this kind of illegal immigration. hopefully people will get the message. >> if it's not a deterrent they're misusing the term. is it child abuse?
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the american academy of pediatrics thinks so. >> it is child abuse. this children have been t terrorized by their trip up the border, then we take away the one thing that's a constant. >> then this. >> how is this not child abuse? >> be more specific. >> the images we've seen and the sounds we've heard. how is this not specifically child abuse for these innocent children who are being separated from their parents? >> ten thousand of those currently in custody were sent by their parents with strangers to undertake a dangerous and deadly travel alone. we now care for them. we have high standards. we give them meals, education, medical care. >> it's policy, but it's not
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policy. it's a deterrent but do not call it that. it's child abuse, but it's not because they have televisions. then it's nothing? it is something. it's a problem, a crisis. the president is the person in charge of it. let's get the latest on it. abby is at the white house. what are they telling you? >> good morning, kate. the contradictions continue to pile up. officials on this call seemed to say the opposite of everything you just showed. d.h.s. secretary kirstjen nielsen said an hhs official described this as a new policy and said they're working out some kinks in the process of reuniting parents and children who have been separated at the border. that's a complete contradiction from the line of some administration officials who
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insisted it's not a policy at all and the white house is only enforcing the laws as they currently exist. the newest numbers we have are over 2200 children separated from family members in six weeks. in that time these children are being housed in facilities that are being managed by hhs officials. they're saying they're trying to reunite parents and children throughout this journey. at the same time an official also added they believe this process of separating them should act as a deterrent. that's a direct contradiction to what other white house officials are saying that they're not using this as a tool in their tool box to deter migrants from coming up from mexico to the united states. the president meanwhile has been tweeting this morning a little about this. he's been using really strong language insisting that democrats are responsible for the problems at the border and
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describing the influx of immigrants into the united states as an infestation of immigrants. describing them as if it were a pest problem in someone's home. all this seems to imply the white house is not backing down from this issue. at the same time republicans on the hill are trying to find a way out. they're looking at bills that would potentially rectify situation. president trump is going to meet with house republicans later today. we'll find out more then about whether or not he's willing to get on board with some of these proposals. >> day who knows what now and they're still not clear whether it's policy or not. it's amazing. thank you abby. despite the backlash from the left right and center there's this side. would you consider these detention centers summer camp. >> since more illegal immigrants are rushing the border more kids are being separated from their
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parents and temporarily housed in what are essentially summer camps. >> let's hear from people living through this now. nick, you're there. i'm very short this is far short of summer camp. what are people telling you? >> they're called shelters. these kinds aren't allowed to leave. they're effectively detention centers. this here is the largest center for children in the country. we're hearing excruciating video from the border. it's claimed this audio was taken last week somewhere along the u.s./mexico border. it's heart breaking to hear the cries and screams of children. families who have come from nothing only to be separated at the border because of this zero
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tolerance immigration policy. we have questions about this video. we're trying to verify it. some of you may find this disturbing. [ speaking spanish ] >> it was yesterday at a white house briefing that the department of homeland security secretary doubled down on this policy. last week we heard the president blame this issue on democrats for not being tougher on border security. the democrats here in texas that i've spoken to say that's disingenuous and the president's policy is unamerican. this as we're seeing new pool
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numbers with the majority of americans disapproving of this policy. two third of americans saying they don't like what they're seeing. we've seen laura bush come out with an op-ed and we've heard melania trump on this issue. kate. >> thank you, nick. joining me now dana and chris. first it was the images of the children. now as nick is playing for us it's the sounds of children being separated from their parents. then add to that the reports from the "new york times" and "washington post" that donald trump and folks around him see -- always see immigration as an issue working for them. one quote from the post was if we're having an argument on immigration we always win because that's our ground. no matter what the nuances of
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the argument are. what are you hearing? >> look, the raw politics of this, they're right. when you -- cryou played some o what fox news has been reporting. when their supporters hear in the chamber of radio and fox news that this is summer camp or a diversion to talk about ms 13 and other legitimately dangerous illegal activity, of course they're going to support being tough. that doesn't make what the administration is doing right. the fact that despite, kate, the pool that came out on cnn yesterday showing nearly six out of ten republicans saying they think this policy of separating children is right, despite that, you have republican after republican, even the most conservative of republicans like
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ted cruz saying this cannot happen. this is a policy that cannot happen. so i think really for the first time despite the fact that it is clearly politically beneficial as horrible as that is to say, it is the reality. it is also something that even the most politically -- people seeking the most political advantage on capitol hill and elsewhere are saying we don't care. this can't stand. >> it comes from voices we know well. chris, the head of the house republican campaign steve stivers he spoke out asking the administration to stop separating children from their parents. he does not issue a statement like that without thinking about it. >> no. look, dana is right and that
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trump official is right in that immigration does work for the trump base. the argument that, well, it's the rule of law and if we don't have law, we don't have a country, that's how longly over simplifying what's going on. the reason that steve stivers put out that statement, he does it with a clear purpose which is to say mr. president this is going to be a problem, not with our base, but in suburban districts, like chicago, orange county, suburban philadelphia, that's where the majority will be deciding the house in november. it's not in a district that donald trump won by 60 points. it's the middle. the base is going to be for donald trump. they're going to like this policy. the issue is independence. people are loosely affiliating and may have voted for trump,
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but they're not sure about him now, the images coming out of the border is hugely problematic for people like that. that's why stivers said something. he wants to send a signal saying this is a big problem. we need to find a solution quickly. >> what do you think this meeting will be like when trump meets with house republicans? i feel we're seeing more republicans speaking out against the president on this issue than we've seen in quite sometime. there are plenty of issues where they say i disagree. >> it's interesting. this whole issue erupted about separating children at the border has become kind of conflated with the already very, very difficult tasks that house republicans were trying to get through with dealing with a
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broader question of immigration, trying to please all the different factions within the house republican caucus all of who are up for re-election. what you're talking about legislatively are ways to address the border, ways to pay for the president's wall, the visa lottery, things that are very, very important to a lot of these republicans on the moderate side that chris was talking about. dealing with the dreamers on the conservative side. dealing with giving more money and changing the policy. that's what the president was going to talk about initially. there are two pieces of legislation moving through the house we think. neither of those bills has enough votes to pass. so they're waiting with baited breath to see if the president
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endorses either of those. that has become muddied by this very well debate about what to do about these children. they're trying to change the leadership legislation, the one that has the backing of the house republican leaders to deal with this. it's unclear if this whole issue of child separation is potentially going to sink those broader illegal immigration bills they wanted to badly to help their republicans at the polls. >> sink them or an opportunity to get something done. who knows? thanks guys. breaking news stocks are getting pummelled as the president puts out a new threat to china with more tariffs on china. china shows no signs of backing down. we'll go live to the stock exchange. plus the president said he
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was going to call kim jong-un over the weekend. now we know they didn't talk. now kim jong-un is in china. what's going on here? we'll be right back.
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you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. $50 billion of goods from china. the president is seeking to raise it. allison is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. what are you seeing? >> the dow dropping 308 points. they're at the high of the session. this after the war of words is ramping up. the latest beginning on friday
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when president trump said he would slap china on a 25% tariff on $50 billion of expert. china said they would retaliate and place tariffs are american exports like soy bean, pork, cars and crude oil. the president trump administration saying if china goes ahead and retaliates on those products that we would go ahead and slap another $200 billion worth of tariffs on chinese goods. that sent the market into a tailspin. we saw the dow 400 points lower. what's interesting about the war of words now, it is just words. there have been no tariffs implemented except on steel and aluminum. it's really just the fear of what if, although that $50 billion worth of tariffs
8:22 am
should be taking effect on those chinese exports on july 6th. that's a few weeks away. it could become a reality. kate. >> allison, thank you so much. joining me right now cnn global economic analyst. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> let's talk $200 billion. it's a threat right now. what could the trump administration be looking at next? >> well, look, the math works in the u.s.'s favor if we look at how much the u.s. sends to china and china sends to us. if you're looking at tit for tat, it looks good. china can slow down u.s. products coming into the country. there are complex supply chains that go through china. they can slow those things down
8:23 am
and make those chains more costly. they can excerpt political leverage on things like north korea. the u.s. needs china to play ball to did he nuclear ice north korea. >> do you think it's a coincidence that kim jong-un is in china? >> i don't. what will be interesting is how they enforce their supply chains. manufacturing jobs are still up. the other thing is there's never a good time for a trade war. this is as good a time as any? >> why? >> because growth has been good. lots of things are in the air. timing is everything. it will be interesting to see if
8:24 am
we can go to the midterms without a major problem. >> a war of words is not a trade war. >> that's right. you have to look at what's been implemented. that said you can see the markets reacting. the markets are jittery. they don't like the uncertainty. >> do you think this goes beyond threats? >> yes. china and the u.s. are going in different directions on technology, internet regulations, artificial intelligence, the chips that are going to power everything. i have no doubt the u.s. and china will have separate systems on that. >> rona's advice to sit back. >> hold on to your hats. >> as this trade battle heats up between the u.s. and china, kim jong-un is in china today. what should donald trump be
8:25 am
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8:30 am
were rumors that a plane was flying around from north korea. it was kim jong-un. not a huge surprise. this is the third time they met. you can imagine, top of this list is going to be kim jong-un briefing president ping about the summit with donald trump, what was said behind closed doors, what didn't make it into the declaration. what is north korea's definition of denuclearization? that's what north korea is talking about with the chinese. you can bet the chinese are saying here's what we want out of negotiations moving forward. >> let me play what president trump said about the last time that kim and xi met. >> when kim jong-un had the
8:31 am
meeting with president xi in china, i think there was a little change in attitude from kim jong-un. i don't like that. >> after that, the summit was uh off again and on again. he threatened to cancel the summit. what could happen now after this one? >> yeah. i mean, it's a good question. i think sometimes, you know, people give a little too much or not enough credit to the north korean leader for being able to chart his own path. people say he does whatever china tells him to. i'm not sure that's the case. china is going to these meetings with objectives that doesn't connect with the united states. they don't like the troop presence on the korean peninsula and they want to figure out to ease the sanctions. there's no more military exercises for now.
8:32 am
donald trump brought up the remove of troops. if you're china right now, you're looking at the summit and thinking it went pretty well for us. >> matt, thanks. let's see where kim goes next. the message from the white house is don't cross the border legally, seek asylum and you will be processed. what's happening with that? we'll cut through the noise. that's next. [music playing] (vo) from day one,
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well, there is no consistency from the trump administration on how the policy to separate families at the border came about. there is one consistent theme don't cross the border illegally. go to a port of entry and seek asylum. >> if you're seeking asylum go to a port of entry. you don't need to break the law of the united states to seek asylum. >> people are being turned away from ports of entry. >> that is incorrect. we have limited resources. we have multiple missions at cbp. what we do is based on the high standards we have if we don't
8:36 am
have enough bed space, if we don't have enough medical personnel on staff, if we don't have enough care takers on stuff, we will tell people to come back. >> let's cut through the noise. know what you don't when it comes to seeking asylum. joining me now is holly cooper. the clinic she runs was the first of its kind in 1980. she's worked on this for over 20 year. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you kate. >> how do you get asylum in the united states? >> well, kate, there's several ways. one way is you can present yourself at a port of entry. however, we're seeing the border patrol is letting people in in a slow trickle. it's not a feasible option for most people. another option is to enter the united states and after you enter you ask border patrol to apprehend you and seek asylum while you're detained.
8:37 am
that's what we're seeing people doing. now we're seeing the ballooning numbers of children detained, trauma at unprecedented levels. we're seeing prosecutions on unprecedented level of refugees. we can no longer call our country a country of refuge. >> if you're able to make the claim successfully, what do you get if you win? >> a child has the independent right to ask for asylum. if you make your claim and you win, then you get a work permit to live in the united states and eventually become a lawful permanent resident and a citizen after about seven years. >> fearing for your life is not grounds enough for a successful asylum claim as i'm trying to read up on this. fleeing gang violence is not good enough. explain that. >> it can be good enough.
8:38 am
you have to have a fear. it has to be a protected ground. just being afraid for your life is not enough. it has to be connected to one of the five grounds. for example, if you are fearing gangs, but you reported illegal gang activity to the police and you served as an informant you may be able to get asylum based on your status as an informant to the police in your country. there are claims for people fearing gangs. we definitely see a lot of those that are successful. >> are asylum claims for central americans treated differently than cases from african or asian countries? >> in theory they're supposed to be treated the same. we have a history in this country of denying asylum to people from central america. in the '80s there was a 99.9%
8:39 am
denial. there was a class action lawsuit south which was successful. they had to adjudicate the kp m claims. there no really legal mechanisms to apply for asylum outside of the united states for those individuals, whereas people from other countries there maybe a refugee process. >> the denial rates are quite high. we had a graphic up of 88% of people denied these asylum claims when they make them. the homeland security secretary said very clearly come to a port of entry, apply for asylum. that's one way of doing it. we're hearing reports of folks doing that. they're being turned away. they're presenting themselves to request asylum and being separated from their children. what are you hearing, holly? >> the statistics are shows, the
8:40 am
oro the entity that detains children had about 7,000 children a few months ago. now they have 10,000. those children have their own independent basis to apply for relief relief. sessions just overturned where women of domestic violence cannot seek asylum on that basis. there are more restrictive requirements after sessions' decision which of course we'll challenge. there are more limited options for people to seek asylum because of the stricter interpretations that sessions has given us. >> seek asylum. that is your remedy although it's harder to win that. holly, thank you very much for coming in. coming up senator ted cruz
8:41 am
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president trump doubling, tripling down on his claim the democrats are to blame for the practice of separating immigrants families when they get to the border. this is not true. he's not making the phone call that lindsey graham said he could make to stop this in its tracks. congress is scrambling to do something. the house is expected to vote on two immigration bills this week and in the senate democratic senator dianne feinstein and ted cruz are working on legislation. >> all these images of moms and dads and the children and their
8:47 am
tear, we're horrified. i'm introducing the protect kids and parents act that mandate kids must stay with their parents and expedite the proceedings. >> joining me now chris van holland. senator, thanks for coming in. >> kate good to be here. >> on what congress is looking to do would you sign on to aye fix keeping families together? >> it depends on the other measures. the main point is if we want to reverse this policy today, we can do it, if the president would just make that decision. as you indicated, they put this policy in place six weeks ago. i saw the evidence right at the border. we went to different detention centers and facilities the number of kids being separated from their parents has sky
8:48 am
rocketed in the last six weeks. this is a deliberate policy by the trump administration. i don't care how many times he denies it. it's there in black and white. you can see it with your own eyes if you go to the border. they need to stop it. we can look for a legislative right, but that takes a long time. he can do it. >> how about the ted cruz bill, keeping families together while they're going through the process, that speaks to doubling the number of immigration judges and increasing the number of temporary structures. >> there's no bill language yet. we need more asylum judges. we need to be able to process the claims right away. during that period we need to keep the families together. the previous administration had what was called a family case management program. families were kept together as their asylum claims were processed. if they were granted asylum the
8:49 am
family stays. if they were denied the family leaves. they were kept together during the process. we don't need legislation to do it. we need trump to reverse his position. i support efforts aimed specifically at that issue. >> then there are measures that maybe you could argue that aren't necessarily specific to this issue. adding border wall funding if you want to get it fixed a legislative way. adding restrictions to legal immigration like the visa l lottery. could you stomach that if you got the fix? >> this is outrageous. what the president is doing is literally holding these kids hostage to a whole larger set of immigration issues he's pushing for including reducing legal immigration to the united states.
8:50 am
it's just outrageous he's made this decision to take these kids, hold them hostage from their parents saying congress you have to pass my entire immigration legislation in order to let the kids go. >> lindsey graham has been fighting for a broad based>> weh is why when you're asking me about specific legislation targeted at reuniting kids, i'm for it. senator feinstein has a bill. every single democratic senator is on that bill. it would prevent the separation of kids from their parents. ted cruz has a proposal. i haven't seen the details but sounds like it's going in the right direction, i just don't know because we don't have the bill. but my point is, this can take a very long time to get through the legislative process because
8:51 am
everyone is going to glom on other ideas. that's why we have to keep the pressure on the white house. we have republicans both from the congress but also throughout the country telling the president, do the right thing. the evangelical community, catholic conference. this rises above politics and that's what we're hearing from people throughout the country. >> senator, some of your democratic colleagues, kamala harris, senator rono, they have said how the administration has handled it, how they've reacted to it and what they're continuing to say about it, they're now calling on secretary nielsen to resign now. do you think she should resign after this? >> well, if i thought her resignation would solve the problem, i would definitely call upon her to resign. that was a miserable performance at the white house. but let's be clear, they sort of took her out on stage. this is coming from the top.
8:52 am
my concern is that whoever the next secretary of homeland security is going to be, aren't they just going to be another puppet for this white house? after all, we had general kelly there before. he did the president's bidding there. so look, if i come to the point where i actually think her resigning would change the policy, definitely. but right now this is all the president, steve miller obviously has his ear in the white house, and so the focus should be on the president of the united states. he is trying to point the finger at others. he is being called out on that by folks from all political persuasions. let's just focus on him doing the right thing. yes, congress should consider narrow measures to try to quickly address this, but things don't happen quickly in congress. so let's just keep calling on the president to do the right
8:53 am
thing while we try to do something narrow and focused as fast as possible. >> we're waupg tching it all fr the white house to the capitol. senator, thank you for coming in. appreciate it. long-time trump ally roger stone just now remembering his 2016 meeting with russia for $2 mi million dirt on hillary clinton.
8:54 am
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roger stone's memory seems to be working just fine right now. the former trump campaign adviser released a lengthy statement about his meeting with a russian during the 2016 campaign, a meeting that folks previously didn't know about, a meeting he didn't disclose until the special counsel started pushing. but it's not the russian that he's blaming for the encounter. he's now pointing to the fbi. cnn political correspondent sara murray is here with much more on this. sara, what is roger stone getting at? >> kate, funny how this keeps happening. trump administration with a meeting they forgot. roger stone met with a russian man who was going by the name henry greenberg and said he had damaging information on hillary clinton but wanted $2 million of donald trump's money. so now in this lengthy statement, stone explains that he went to this meeting. he declined the offer, but he didn't do anything illegal, he
8:59 am
didn't do anything inappropriate. nothing came of the meeting and he happened to forget about it until his colleague michael caputo's memory was jogged about this. roger stone has not met with robert mueller's team, but michael caputo does, and in preparation for this interview, he recalled this interaction with this russian. this russian claimed to be an fbi informant in court filings. that has roger stone very worked up. he is saying he was illegally surveilled. he is saying this was all a setup by the fbi to entrap another member of trump's team. i'm going to bring you a portion of i multi-statement from roger stone. he said, so the real question is not why i failed to remember an innocent meeting, it's the fbi was using an informant to set me up. >> is the fbi saying anything? >> we have not heard from the fbi on these accusations,
9:00 am
either. >> nice to see you, sara. thanks very much. i really appreciate it. thanks so much for joining me. "inside politics" with the one, the only john king starts right now. thank you, kate. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. the white house is defiant but facing a growing public revolt at its policy of separating families at the border. china up in arms. the president says he's considering another $2 billion in tariffs with china. do you agree that we need to take care of those children? >> we are taking care of those children. your tax dollars -- i appreciate that you're


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