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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 19, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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hour two, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. i just want to start the hour by sharing with you the wails of children, scarred, confused and alone separated from their parents at the southern border. [ children crying ]
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. >> the president remains defiant in a twitter tirade, he insists this isn't his policy, putting the blame squarely on the democrats saying this. >> those are the only two options, totally open borders or
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criminal prosecution for law breaking. we want to solve this problem. we want to solve family separation. i don't want children taken away from parents. and when you prosecute the parents for coming in illegally, which should happen, you have to take the children away. >> in just two months more than 2,300 children have been separated from their parents and their gardens. -- guardians. while children could be separated prior to april, they were rare. there is no question this was a deliberate policy shift by the trump administration. to repeat, the trump administration implemented the current separation policy. don't take my word for it. here are all the times the president's own team said so. >> i have put in place a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry on our southwest border. if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you and
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that child may be separated from you as required by law. >> we cannot detain children with their parents, so we must either release both the parents and the children. this is the historic get out of jail free practice of the pevious administration or the adult and the minor will be separated as a result of prosecuting the adult. those are the only two options. >> it's the law of the land. the situation at the border is a crisis. >> separating children from their parents is not a policy we want to pursue. at the same time letting them come across the border unbounded at the border illegally is acceptable either. >> are department of homeland security personnel going to separate the children from their moms and dads? >> we have tremendous experience in dealing with unaccompanied
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minors. we turn them over to hhs and they do a very good job of putting them in foster care or linking them up with parents or family members in the united states. >> president trump will soon be heading to capitol hill to talk immigration options with house republicans, many of whom agree with democrats that this policy has to end. earlier today democratic congressman eliza cummings got motion as he pleaded with his colleagues to convince the president to change his mind. >> even if you believe immigration should be halted entirely, we all should be able to agree that in the united states of america we will not intentionally separate children from their parents. we will not do that! we are better than that! we are so much better. we should be able to agree that we will not keep kids in child internment camps indefinitely
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and hidden away from public view. what country is that! in conclusion, mr. chairman, we need you, those children need you. i'm talking directly to my republican colleagues. we need to you stand up to president trump. we need you to join us in telling him that we reject this mean policy. >> let's go to capitol hill now, our chief political correspondent dana bash is there. so as we said, the president will be up on the hill. tell me about this meeting later this afternoon. >> reporter: well, there are a few things going on as we speak, brooke. first and foremost in the senate, which is down behind me, the senate republicans came out of their weekly lunch that they had saying -- starting with the
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leader, the majority leader mitch mcconnell, saying they had this robust discussion about dealing legislatively with ending the practice of separating children who come across the border with their families. so that was an announcement, they had this consensus, it's a big question about how they will procedurally come up with legislation that is narrow enough to actually get democrats on board with that or even narrow enough to fully pass the senate. they're working on it. it might happen as soon as this week. meanwhile, let's talk about the house of representatives. as you said, the president is going to come up here in about two and a half hours, have a meeting with house republicans and the original intent of that meeting was to talk about more broad house republicans lgislation, a pair of bills dealing with immigration, illegal immigration in general. one that is supported by and crafted by the leadership of the house that has a bunch of provisions in it, including
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funding for the president's wall and other issues dealing with illegal immigration. what we just got a short while ago is that in that piece of legislation, brooke, they are now going to add a legislative fix to this child separation issue, that they are going to explicitly say legislatively that the department of homeland security cannot separate children from their families, that that is a policy that needs to change. so that is something that they're going to be discussing. it's a big -- even though they're adding that, i just want to say this caveat, it is a big, open question, brooke, whether or not, number one, that bill will even get enough votes to pass the house, never mind the senate because it has all these other provisions dealing with illegal immigration in it that many democrats oppose. but the fact that that is at least going to be addressed is certainly noteworthy and new. and then the question you asked about what we expect to hear from the president, it's
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actually kind of remarkable in talking to republican sources up here. they have no idea what to expect from the president. the hope was that he would come in and he would kind of blast o -- bless one of these bills. perhaps he would bless the leadership bill because it has the funding for his wall and other things. they don't know exactly what he's going to say. they have learned that the hard way, that they're going to buckle up and see what happens, whether he's going to make members happy or angry or a combination of all of that. we're just going to have to talk to people after the meeting. >> and to find out what exactly is said behind closed doors. while i have you, dana bash, let me ask you the comments from trump's reelection cam papaign manager, he's tweeting sessions should be fired. you have new reporting on the strategy behind that tweet. >> reporter: if you can just take a step back, in any other world it would be remarkable for a president's campaign manager
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to call on the president to fire his own attorney general. it is remarkable. and the obvious question is why now? well, the republicans who are focused on november, who are focused on sort of the political implication of all of this coverage of the separating children from their families at the border, they understand that that is overshadowing some news that they think is beneficial to them, like believe it or not, either russia because they think that actually helps them politically and the i.g. report. and so this was an attempt basically to try to change the subject away from the -- what's happening at the border and, two, what has happened in the president's own justice department. but it is kind of remarkable that changing the subject in trump's world means calling on his own attorney general to be fired by his campaign manager. that just kind of shows you how
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unbelievably mixed up the politics are and the loyalties are right now. >> thank you for the background, the scoop and keep your ear to the ground. i'm sure we'll be talking to you all night as far as what happens from this meeting with the president on the hill. dana, thank you. i want to get back now just to these voices that we can't hear enough of from this crisis on the border, these young children who have been taken from their parents. audio comes from the nonprofit news outlet propublicka. it also captured the words of border agents caring for them. [ children crying ]
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>> with me now from mcallen, texas, the spokesman for the border patrol council. chris, thank you so much for being with me. >> thank you for having me. >> listen, i know you're a father. i know you're a father of four. i know this is hard for you, too. but when you hear that audio where one of these agents refers to the cries of children he says "we have an orchestra," what did you think? >> you know, this is the first i'm hearing. i mean, i try and distance myself a lot, from a lot of this. i think the real issue we need to get at here is we need to solve this problem. >> but hang on, hang on, i can't let you off the hook. that is the audio, even if you're hearing it for the first time and you hear this border
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patrol hearing saying, about the cries of children saying we have an orchestra and the next one says all we need is a conductor, i need to have you respond to that. >> well, it's probably -- like i said, i wasn't there. i don't know. you know, they're probably just making light of a bad situation. it is what it is, you know. >> hang on, hang on, hang on. >> but making light of a bad situation, why should you ever make light of these children being ripped from their parents period? >> well, you know, look at it this way. i understand where you're coming from. i don't think everyone understands what's going on down here. you have a lot of these kids coming down here and put through terrible situations by their parents. they're brought over in extremely conditions and dangerous terrain. all of this would be avoided if they'd just go through the port
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there would be no crime committed by them and they wouldn't get separated. this problem is very easily solved at least on a short-term basis by going through the port of entry. if they choose to come through the river, they're subject to arrest. we all know if you get arrested, you don't get to stay with your family. >> there's so much being thrown at people who don't know as much about immigration certainly as you do as a border patrol agent, but there a a couple of ways to come into this country if you're an undocumented immigrant and you come out on the rio grand river, that's illegal. >> even if you're a u.s. citizen it's illegal. if you're coming off the bridge across that bridge and you're seeking asylum, you have to be inspected and the process needs
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to happen to be appropriate but the problem is even in some of those cases, those families, i talked to an npr reporter yesterday, some of those families are being turned away and it not just a day delay, it's an indefinite delay. >> and therein lies the problem. we've had this situation going on for four years now. i don't think you can necessarily blame it on one administration or another. it started under one and is continuing under another. it hasn't been fixed and it needs to be fixed. right now we have this beacon of we'll leave the light on for you and let you come illegally into the country. if you've soon some of the stuff we've seen, you'd understand how important it is to have a tough stance to divert people from coming here. when you see a 12-year-old girl with a plan b pill or her parents put her on birth control because they know getting violated is part of the journey,
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that's a terrible way to live. when you see a 4-year-old girl traveling alone with just her parents phone number written across her shirt. we had a 9-year-old boy have heat stroke in front of us and die with no family around. that's because we're allowing people to take advantage of this system. if we want this law changed, that's on nobody else but congress. they need to come in there, get to work and change this law. until then, us as border parole agents, we have a duty to enforce these laws and we'll continue to do our job until they change this law and hopefully they will. >> seeing a 9-year-old boy suffering heat stroke, seeing young girls come to you with plan b or birth control pills because their parents provide them for them because they know the journey will involve them being raped, this is what you are seeing. and i can't even begin to see, chris, to put myself in your
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shoes. but keeping the focus on the kids, america is outraged by what is happening and i want you as a border patrol agent, can you assure everyone watching that you and your border patrol colleagues are treating these children humanely sp. >> i can tell you with absolute certainty they're being treated humanely. most of our agents are parents. i've seen guys and i've done it myself, you give your last bottle of water to a kid, you'll take a toy out of your car to give to one of these kids because you know the situation they're in. agents are very sympathetic. we're human, we're fathers, we have families. we do a lot for the communities here, whether or not a camera is involved. our agents are very involved. and nobody saves more lives along the southwestern border than the u.s. border patrol. i can tell you for a fact one of the worst things that you would ever have to do is have to pull the body of a young kid out of
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the river because they were crossing and they just didn't make it. so something needs to change so we can avoid some of these tragedies that happen. granted having these kids in detention centers, obviously it's not idea but it's far better than the alternative, a lot of these kids not making it. >> yes. and i know you say ultimately -- you're doing your job and i know you say it's up to congress. actually it is up to president trump. they don't have to separate these children from their parents. that is different from under the obama administration till now. do you think the president should right now end this policy of separating families? >> you know, i think you're wrong there. it is a law and the law needs to be enforced. >> what is the law? >> as far as if you come across that river illegally, you're subject to arrest and
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prosecution and you will get arrested and you will get prosecuted. >> but this is the difference. >> if you don't like that option, go through the port of entry. >> i hear you and i respect that law but there is no law on the books that says if a family comes over illegally that the parents and the children need to be separated. it's a zero tolerance policy that the trump administration put into place this spring. that's the difference between now and a couple of years ago. >> and the thing is that not every family is getting separated. some are, some aren't. it depends on the circumstances. if you have a criminal history. for instance, just a couple days ago we caught a guy coming across with his 5-year-old daughter. we had to separate that family. reason being, he had a criminal conviction and he was subject to prosecution. he had a criminal conviction for rape here in the united states. so obviously we wouldn't want that guy walking free but we had to separate that family.
12:19 pm
>> sure, if you're a criminal. what happens to the little girl? >> she gets placed in a center until they can find some family that they can place her with whether it's here in the united states or back in her home country. and you know, another thing that we look at is we get all the time daily that people are claiming to be family units and they're not. and that's very dangerous for these kids. if we don't find those, what can come of those kids once the adult doesn't have the need for this child anymore. >> sure. and some children are used at mules, are they not? some children, chris, are used as mules? some of this is nefarious, it's not all just of family. can you still hear me? >> yeah. it is -- some of these children are used like that and it's a shame. and i think the other thing that needs to be looked at here is we do have a lot of unaccompanied children coming over and the
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fact remains is the parents are already here in the united states and they're sending for these kids and these kids are traveling solo across two or three countries and had they get here they're reunited with the families and to me that's mind blowing because you can't do that as a united states citizen, you can't send your 5-year-old kid to ride on top of a train for three straits and when they come back, they're coming back to you. you'd get prosecuted. when it comes to illegal families, we put on the kid gloves to them and look out for the best interests of these child. that's another thing that needs to be changed. >> i appreciate you coming on live national tv to explain what your job is like in enforcing it and what you see in being a father. i appreciate you and i appreciate your voice. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> just in to us here at cnn, a big, big development involving this outcry.
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fears of an all-out trade war with china rattling wall street today. we'll look at the dow together. it is still down. down about 300 points here. president trump escalating trade tensions with china. he is now threatening to impose tariffs on an additional $200 billion worth of chinese goods. that threat comes after china threatened to evaluate after president trump threatened $50 billion worth of tariffs. and request me is richard quest, first to you, when you see the markets are down with trump doubling down, put it in
12:26 pm
perspective for me. >> at the moment it could be a great deal worse. the markets are holding their own. they don't believe that the worst scenario will come to fruition. what we saw today, we're down 419 at the worst moment was the knee-jerk reaction but substantially the market is saying we ultimately believe this will be settled. they could be in for a very nasty rude shock and find actually this isn't settled because when you look at the tariffs and the tit for tat and the statements particularly coming out of the white house, it's not easy to see a way out of this. and let us not forget it was the president last night that upped the ante with his statement that basically poured gasoline on the flames. he is the one that said if you do this, i will do that. well, they did it and he has. >> it will make life more
12:27 pm
difficult for u.s. companies operating inside china, catherine. do you think the complaints of ceos will outweigh say the concerns of farmers in america who trump often cites? >> i think there are a lot of constituencies who stand to lose out as a result of this trade war, including companies that operate in china, including companies that operate here that export to china since they will be bearing the brunt of those retaliatory tariffs and including american consumers themselves who will face higher prices as a result of the tariffs that we are imposing. as to whether the companies that operate in china, the u.s. companies that operate in china will have a voice at the table, it's hard to say. they actually have the most legitimate complaint here in that china has been behaving badly in stealing american companies' ip and forcing technology transfer if companies want to operate within china. so there is a valid concern here. the problem is that the trump administration has been going
12:28 pm
about fixing or addressing that concern in exactly the wrong way. rather than banding together with our allies, who have faced similar problems, the co-significaco co-signatories to tpp were trying to go it alone, slapping tariffs every way we can. instead of helping american companies, we're finding they're probably going to face further retaliation if they continue to operate within china. >> and guess where, richard quest, president trump's new partner in negotiations is today. kim jong un is in china. remember it was china who provided the 747 for kim to go to singapore, to have the singapore summit. is this kim going to president xi to spill the beans on all things president trump? >> look, it's about time that many people in the united states realized that whilst the u.s. is pulling up the draw bridge and
12:29 pm
whilst you're getting a very good look at what america first actually means in practice, china is going in exactly the opposite direction. may china is building bridges to latin america. china is investing in africa. china has the silk road where it is pouring tens of billions of dollars into impoverished companies helping to build infrastructure. of course it's not doing it out of any goodness of its heart, any fill aphilanthropic wish an. while the u.s. reputation is being dragged through the mud through other parts of the world, difficult for you to hear, that is the reality of the situation at the moment. china, on the other hand, is
12:30 pm
spreading large ss afar with exactly the opposite goal. >> and saying he intends to leave fox because of their coverage of twhat is happening t the border. >> more kids are being separated from their parent and temporarily housed what are essentially summer camps. >> this is one of those moments that tells you everything about our ruling class. they care far more about foreigners than about their own people. >> cnn senior media correspondent brian stelter is with me. what's steve now saying? >> what we're seeing today, brooke, across the country, people's pain is turning into protest. steve levitan is one of many examples of that. we see mark zuckerberg making a
12:31 pm
donation saying this policy has to stop. we're seeing many, many examples of protests and nationwide protest being planned for later in the month. how does that play in hollywood? it means someone like steve levitan saying i don't want to be associated with fox anymore because of the fox news part of the country. here are a couple of his tweets from the past few minutes where he made this announcement. he just sounds like he's fed up. he said the fox studio has been a wonderful home for most of my career, there are so many people who share my concerns but are not able to speak out about it. he says have i no problem with
12:32 pm
fact-based conservatism but 23 hours a day support of the nra, conspiracy theories and trumps lies get harder to swallow every day. he wants to find a new home as a protest against fox news. it's a really interesting example of someone not just speaking out but actually saying they're going to take action. we've seen other hollywood celebrities show creators and others speak out about this policy, announce donations to the aclu and others but levitan is saying he's going to say fox as a result. >> brian stelter, thank you. >> we'll be back to speak to a father who was just reunited with his son. don't miss this. we do whatever it takes to fight cancer.
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just in, president trump's attorney rudy giuliani is telling cnn that he was interviewed earlier this year by the department of justice inspector general, specifically about the leaks regarding the clinton investigation. let's go back to capitol hill to our chief political correspondent dana bash. you just talked to giuliani, dana. what did he tell you? >> reporter: well, he said he was interviewed in february by the inspector general's office about this question about whether he knew something via a leak about the clinton investigation. if you go back in time to the fall of 2016, brooke, you remember that giuliani had said publicly something about another shoe to drop, suggesting that he knew something about the hillary clinton e-mail investigations and that was before james comey reopened the investigation. so the question all along has
12:38 pm
been whether or not somebody leaked that information to rudy giuliani. so the inspector general's office interviewed him asking him that exact question. giuliani told me his answer was no, that he was not leaked any information, that he was saying that publicly because there was speculation internally from fbi agents that he knew, former fbi agents i should say, so not internally but people who were in that world that there was another shoe to drop. but he said he didn't have any advance warning, any real inside warning, any leak about what we know now was anthony weiner's laptop with information from and about hillary clinton's e-mails and that is why james comey reopened the investigation. but he did get an interview and apparently the inspector general was satisfied with the answers that they got. >> we also have some breaking news involving michael cohen. he's now hired a new attorney?
12:39 pm
>> he has. we reported last week he was parting ways with the attorney who he had hired to deal with all of the issues facing him, the legal issues. that attorney was and is in washington. it was mostly intended to get him through interviews that he had here on capitol hill. he's parting ways with him because his legal situation has changed since his office and home were raided by new york fbi agents dealing with the new york investigation. he has hired or is in the process of hiring a lawyer familiar with the southern district of new york, a man by the name of guy patrillo, who again has extensive experience and an understanding of the people who work in the southern district of new york, the u.s. attorney's office there, which is something that should be helpful to michael cohen as he's trying to deal with a potential
12:40 pm
indictment. he's telling friends that could happen, or potentially trying to plea out a case. >> dana bash, thank you very much on those two developments here. i want to get back to these children on the border. we've heard their cries and seen these images where little boys and girls are being separated from their parents. i talked to ohio governor john kasi kasich, republicans, who is begging president trump to have some empathy. >> i couldn't listen to it. i mean, i listened for a short period of time and it's -- it's almost enough to make you cry for these children. you think about the terror that these children go through when they're being snatched from the only thing that supports them and helps them and loves them. >> let's get you back to the border where these family separations are happening.
12:41 pm
polo sandoval is in mcallen. you talked to a dad to actually was reunited with his son. tell me more. >> reporter: it's something very important that we differentiate here. there is long-term separation and short-term separation that is happening. the familiy we spoke to from el salvador, traveled here with his son, crossed the border illegally, was happen heapprehe taken into ice custody and separated for his son for about a day and a half. they were eventually reunited. he told me he does plan on showing up to his court date next week when he makes it to florida and then of course it's up to the u.s. government whether or not he'll be able to stay here. as for the more long-term separati separation, the source of so much anger among critics is what we're seeing lately, the u.s.
12:42 pm
government deciding that there are other mothers and fathers who cross into the united states illegally who should be subjected to these criminal laws criminally charged and the result is they're separated for their children. they are the ones who are very difficult to speak to, the ones still in ice detention and are still away from their children. so the best picture that we can paint for you based on what we've been able to see, some of the tours that we've been able to get of some of these centers are some of those locations where these children are housed and those cries we've been able to hear on that recent recording. in the meantime, there is that other short-term separation that is still happening for those known around these streets as the lucky few. they are released and they think it's because they have likely little to no criminal record. >> thank you. let me bring in dr. julie lynton, a pediatrician and a child advocate. whether it's short term or long term, obviously these kids in
12:43 pm
the moment, they don't know. you're an m.d. this notion of being taken from your parents at a young age, what does that do to a child? >> well, we know that highly stressful experiences, like family separation, can have a devastating impact on developing brains and can cause problems in short and long-term health. there's no science that shows that any period of separation from a parent or detention of a child is safe. >> long-term damage to a brain. like what? >> well, when children are frightened or when you're in a situation of acute stress, the body releases hormones, like cortisol. you're in a flight response. your body's prepared to be in that response for emergencies
12:44 pm
but is not prepared to be in that setting for long periods of time. and that chronic, prolonged, heightened stress response threatens the short and long-term health of children and families. >> there are also now these reports that these kids are being put on planes or buses to relocate them to group hopemes, foster homes. a young child may or may not speak english, maybe they've never been on a plane before. what effect could that have on a little boy or a little girl? >> well, when we see trauma in the short term, children manifest this in very different ways. we may see changes in bodily functions. so they may have changes in eating, they may not be able to sleep, they may have bed wetting or soiling their pants. they may have problems with their behavior, so they may be anxious or detached or numb or
12:45 pm
depressed. or they may have changes in their learning and development, things such as difficulty with organizing their thoughts, difficulty with concentrating or regression of basic milestones, like speech. in the long term, we don't know for these specific children, but we know from studies of highly stressful experiences over a prolonged period of time that this places them at risk for things like depression and diabetes and heart disease. >> so short term and long term. dr. linton, thank you. >> the president meantime also causing some concerns saying democrats want the u.s. to be infested, his word, by undocumented immigrants. we'll talk to a democratic congressman from arizona to respond. stand by.
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12:50 pm
on top of this, we're also learning that a guatemalan woman has sued the administration for being separated from her 7-year-old son last month. and it happened along the arizona border by agents there. she said she was coming across seeking asylum, kept in a cell for two days with her son before being separated and she has spoken with him one time and is demanding to be reunited. this is coming as so many people in the country have been deeply affected by the audio recordings of the children of undocumented immigrants crying out after their parents have been arrested and taken to the holding facilities. [ crying ] >> arizona congressman raul gravahlv.
12:51 pm
welcome, sir. >> thank you very much. thank you for inviting me. >> when you heard -- when you first heard the sounds of the children crying, what were you thinking? >> it is heart-wrenching. i have five grand babies. we're very lucky and from age 11 to 1. and you can't put your sel-- pu your self in the situation of the moms and the children. but to think that -- that tease kids just like my grandkids are going through one of the most traumatic unfair and unnecessary experiences of their lives to me is heart wrenching and makes you angry that we have to tolerate this and it doesn't end. >> and this is how the president putting it on twitter, calling ourut party. democrats rts problem. they don't care about crime and want illegal immigrants no matter how bad they may be to pour in and infest our country
12:52 pm
like ms-13. infest, congressman. term ates infest. bed bugs infest. immigrants? >> diseased insects. and i think that -- this is a rhetoric that trump has used all along on the issue of immigration. that is what prevented any movement to try to deal with dreamers and now the collateral damage in his mind of these children is kind of irrelevant. the only infestation, seriously, going on in this country is from the trump administration. where we're infesting ourselves and losing or moral camp-- more compass and how this could be resolved with one stroke of the pen by president bush in terms of kids being separated from their moms, they could do this and the infestation of liez and the loss of truth and losing our empathy and our moral compass as
12:53 pm
a nation. that is what is at stake. and the biggest threat to our character of people and our character of country comes from the administration and their persistence on using these children as negotiating pawns for a wall or part of a political strategy for the midterms, to keep people riled up around fear mongering and the bigotry that spew from this president time and time again. and we're in serious times. i thought we could go no lower on this issue, but my god, children and moms, the separation and the heart-wrenching affects of that on everybody. not just the children there. but everyone in this country has to be affected by what we're seeing and by understanding that that is not us. that is our behavior. >> there have been a number of critics to the administration who have been drawing these parallels to what is happening now on the border to nazi,
12:54 pm
germany and the concentration camps that separate families and the attorney general jeff sessions was asked about that comparison on fox news. here he was. >> well it is real exaggeration. of course in nazi, germany, they were keeping the jews from leaving the country. but this is a serious matter. we need to think it through, be rational and thoughtful about it. >> your reaction to that, congressman? >> i think -- the ignorance of history and the ignorance of our times. sessions is drk architect of a lot of this. he bears a lot of responsibility, him and miller in the white house and of course the president and kelly. they bear a huge responsibility for the catastrophe of a human crisis on the border. i think that -- i don't want to make any blanket -- this is just like nazi germany was, but the fact remains that this
12:55 pm
separation of children, this isolating of children is not a democratic act in the big -- it is not an act this country values and law protect and it is a harbinger of worse things to come unless the american people and congress showing a spine does something about stopping this. >> and also even though the republican governor of maryland, i don't know if you saw larry hoagon is responding and yanking the small group of maryland narkt guardsmen at the border until this changes and we've seen that from the governor in north carolina and virginia and news out of new york. so we shall see. congressman grijalva. thank you. more on breaking news. we're learning the creator of "modern family" is leaving the fox network after the coverage of these separations. n that is ahead.
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>> i love that. a few family dynasties unfolding. trump jr. has pulled out of a fundraiser for george p. bush
1:00 pm
after his father jeb's latest criticism of president trump tweeting in part, children shouldn't be used as a negotiating tool in this heartless policy. george p. bush and don jr. were friends during the presidential campaign. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. a humanitarian crisis turning into a political one for president trump. "the lead" starts right now. the president now says that undocumented immigrants are, quote, infesting the united states. as republican senators scramble to try to fix a political mess that trump created by enactinga any policy resulting in childrens being taken from parents at the border. they call themselves the lucky ones after the most terrifying couple of days of a young boy's life, cnn has a story of how this boy found his father at the border. and plus it is costing you. stocks and your retirement accounts taking a hit as