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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 20, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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he is turning his finger pointing and fams claims into promises to pay at the border of mexico. he will sign something soon to help keep families together. this is what he said. >> we are very strong at the border, strong on security. we want security for our company, the republicans insist on security for your country. we will have that at the same time we have compassion. we want to keep families together. it's very important. i will be signing something that will do that him people are working on various pieces of legislation to get it done. i'll be doing something that is somewhat preemptive. ultimately will be matched by legislation, i'm sure. we are having problems with democrats. they don't want to vote for anything. they don't want to care about lack of security. they would like to have open
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borders where anybody can flow in from the middle east, from anybody, anywhere. that i can flow into our country. tremendous problems with that, tremendous climb caused by that, we're just not going to do it. >> let's back et up here. why now? why not yesterday in why not last month? why not thousands of children ago. the president and his administration incysted his hands were tied inaccurately, blaming democrats and saying it was up to congress to end the crisis. >> i can't do it through an executive order. >> until these loopholes are closed by congress, it is fought possible as a matter of law to detain and remove whole family units who arrive illegally in the united states. congress and the courts created this problem and congress alone can fix it. >> it's congress' job to change the law. we're calling on them to do exactly that. >> so that was all a lie. because we now know that the president is, in fact, go him to act alone, can act alone, sign
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this executive order without congress. jake tapper is here host of "the lead" and cnn's washington correspondent. this shift with the administration, he will sign it some time today, what happens? >> well the pressure was mounting. yesterday afternoon and evening and reached an unsupportable kaevenlg you had senate republicans coming out saying unanimously they opposed this. obviously, republicans are facing head winds going into the head winds anyway. this isn't helping, two-thirds of the american people opposed this policy. you had according to our reporting melania trump lobbying against it. the first lady. according to president you had ivanka trump raising objections to it. so i think it was unsustainable not to mention, of course as you've noted and wenoting.
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they said it existed. they said it was democrat's fault. not true. then they said they were trying to defend it by leaning on skruptture. there were so many falsehoods about it. now there is an issue here in terms of how long you can keep these undocumented children detained, according to this consent decree by a judge you cannot keep them detained for more than three weeks. right. so if you are going to detain families together which is what the president says this executive order will do, the question is how long can you detain them? according to postal workers you can't detain them longer than three weeks, because have you children there. >> did you read what the former president barack obama posted on facebook? world refugee day he talked about people coming over this country, crossing the pacific, the atlantic the rio grand. what are your thoughts?
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>> are we a nation that accepts the cruelty of ripping children from their parents' arms, or are we a nation that values families, and works to keep them together? that was one thing on world refugee day i think it was difficult for the democratic party right now. they don't have a leader and there is has obviously been a decision made by congressional democratic leaders to get out of the way and let republicans do all their work for them. so there are a lot of people urging president obama. we need your voice. we need your voice. he is very reluctant to do that. she basically making the argument. you know how he would answer that arguments we are the latter group. we are not the former group one note, think what laura bush did is more outspoken that barack obama did. laura bush directly addressed. >> it was president obama's wife re-upped and agreed with laura
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bush. now have you this statement from president obama. >> his is still in theoretical terms. >> which is president obama. >> jay, thank you. a reminder. his "new york times" best selling novel is out. i have it in my ochls i just finished him we cannot see. i'm moving on to your book. >> the main character in the book is a world war ei veteran. >> thank you very much. jake tapper. okay. while we wait for the president to sign this executive order on the border the crisis is worsening. new reports of hundreds of young children taken from their children, that i are calling them tender age, hundreds of children, toddlers under if age of 13, certainly tender is a tough word to use in the context
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of small children crying for their parents. listen to how a democrat described one of these tender age shelters. >> there are 80 children at this facility. it's a former hospital. these children are well taken care of. it's not an ideal situation because nay are not with their parents, in this children are children under the age of 10 with the exception 108 mothers who are teenagers who have borne children. in one room there are four infants under the age of one, two with their teenaged parents. two who are alone. one who is separated from their sister. the mother had died at some point in the process, the other we were told was separated from her mother. >> while some are being held else in she wasers like that, other are turned of to foster care groups and the ceo of that group, joins me now. chris, thank you so much for being on.
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i was reading a bit about what your group was doing. i want to start with you. tell me about the children who come to you. how old are they? >> sure. so we've seen kids come to us from 8-month-old up until their later teens. i mean, the situation has been going on some time from 2014 historically, the ages were 12, 13, 14. right now the average age we have in care is 7-years-old. >> so since 2014, have you noticed an increase in numbers in the last little while? >> oh, in the past six weeks. we've seen the number increase. it's outstretched demand. so what we believe, first of all, that family should always stay towing. we want families to be able to stay together. if families are taken apart with we believe those kids should be in a loving family. >> sure. if that's not the case. >> if that's not the case? right. out of the goodness of your own
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heart, your organization have been matching some of these kids you know with foster families until they hopefully are reunited with their parents. how do you match them? how far away from home are they going? >> so, obviously, people have crossed from the mexican border, typically. we do have homes in the state of michigan and in maryland and we have 99 beds. so it's not like we have 99,000. we have 99 beds, families that say we want odo foster care with the most vulnerable. we believe those are the most vulnerable. people are stepping up to take care of them. >> be honest, how tough sit for these kids to be plopped into homes, programs they don't speak the language or how traumatic is this for some of the little ones? >> so, to say it's very traumatic is an understatement.
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remember where people are coming from. it's like honduras, they were coming from a terrible six. there are a lot of gangs that rule in honduras. people are coming from places where they had to pay extortion money or kids were taken into gangs. so they were fleeing for their life in many cases. they went across latin america, to mexico, where they had to pay some of the people to smug him them across the country. we heard stories about girls being raped. so there the a second stage of trauma. they reached if u.s. border. they were split from their families. so you got these kids split from their families, not understanding what is going obviously they were put into a family. we believe it's much better than a sheller. we believe they should not be put into these camps. we found loving families we have trained, helped with skoik-social care for owe
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psychosocial care for the kids. i have a hard time with milan and honduras where gangs rule the land. it's coming from a similar session. they are all facing trauma. the kids that are stepping up to take care of these kids are saints in my mind. >> what do you think of the news of the president, he is saying, okay, let's detain, i'll no longer sign this executive order, not separating the kids and their parents, detaining them altogether? your thoughts on that? >> so, we would love to see families stay together. we want to see families stay together. i'd love to see what the president will sign. i think we are trying to figure out what that will look like. but it's not okay for families that are seeking asylum to, first of all, be separated. but if they're allowed to stay towing there is a more humane process than sticking people in catches. so what we hope to see is there is a more humane process.
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we have managed programs with people seek asylum, not in catches, people went through the process. they showed up. they didn't quote disappear. they actually showed up. they went through this process. so it's a much more humane way of dealing with it. we hope whatever the president's finding, we will take that approach. >> that's the word i keep hearing from you. chris, thank you. >> thank you. how long can the president's discourse go in the president's former campaign manager mocks the story of a girl separated from her parents. now corey lewandowski is defending it. plus, president trump's former personal attorney says he may be willing to give up information about the mr. president. this as michael cohen faces potential criminal charges in new york. we'll discuss his legal strategy. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin.
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order. i consider it to be a very important executive order. it's about keeping families together, while at the same time being sure we have a very powerful very strong border and border security will be equal, if not greater than previously. so we're going to have strong, very strong borders, but we're going to keep the families together. i didn't like the sight or the feeling of families being separated. it's a problem that's gone on for many years, as you know, through many administrations. we're working very hoard on immigratii -- hard on immigration it's been left out in the cold. people haven't dealt with it. step by step, like we dealt with north korea, we dealt with iran, we dealt with an economy heading in the wrong direction. we dealt with a lot of different problems. this is one that has been gone on more many decades. so we're keeping families
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together and this will solve that problem at the same we are keeping a very powerful border and it continues to be a zero tolerance. we have zero tolerance for people that enter our countries illegally. with that, i'd ask mike pence, our president, if he'd leak to say anything. >> thank you, mr. president. i think what the president has made clear is we believe it's a false choice between whether we are a country of law and order or with borders and a country that demonstrates a compassion and the heart of the american people with respect for families. by taking this action, the president will make it possible for us to continue to engage and enforcing the law against individuals, who violate our law, come into our country illegally. now we will be able to in that prosecution in the immediate days forward to keep families together as that goes forward. but we are calling on congress to change the laws in this regard and in a broad range of
12:18 pm
careers that will secure our borders and give us strength and confidence that we are, once again, going to take the steps necessary to end the crisis of illegal immigration in america. >> i think the word compassion comes into it. but it's still equally as tough, if not tougher. secretary nielsen. >> i do thank you for your leadership, sir. we look forward and expect the house to act this week. we ask them to do their job. the laws need to be changed. this is a problem that president after president has dealt with for decades. this one is willing to stands up and fix it. we ask congress to do their part. thank you, sir, for your leadership. >> thank you, great job. okay. you will have a lot of happy peopl
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people. >> this has been going on for 60 years. 60 years, nobody's taken care of it. nobody's had the political courage to take care of it. but we're going to take care of it. it's been going on for a long time. >> inaudible question ] >> no, i know the border is tough. we do want to keep the families together. if is a problem. if you look at those horrible scenes from a few years ago, to me they were horrible scenes. they were just terrible. that was during the obama administration. other administration versus had the same thing. we're keeping the family towing soond this is is also there may be litigation. we will be going through congress. we are working on a much more comprehensive bill. a lot of good things are happening towards immigration and proper immigration. we have to have strong borders and ultimately we want to see it done right. it will be done right.
12:20 pm
but what we have done today is we are keeping families together. the borders talked just as strong. they can come in through ports of entry, if they want. that's a whole different story. that's coming in through a process the process is what we want. we want to thank you very much. >> thank you very much. we'll get the job done. >> inaudible question ] >> no, ivanka feels very strongly. my wife feels very strongly about it. i feel strongly about i. i think anybody with a heart would feel strongly about it. we don't like to see families separated. at the same time we don't want people coming into our company illegally. thank you, everybody. this takes care of the probable. thank you.
12:21 pm
thank you very much. thank you. you are doing a great job. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. so, there you have it, the president sitting in the oval, hef has officially signed this executive order keeping families together. let me be totally transparent and say we didn't get a heads up into what would be in the substance of this executive order. does this affect the zero tolerance policy? what exactly happens to all these families and children? we don't entirely know yet. >> that said, let's work with what we do know. goreia borger is back him being real with everyone. we don't know a ton. kerry, to you, we don't know what's in this. when we were talking watching the tape. you were saying he didn't need to sign an executive order. what do you mean by ha? >> first of all, the president did not need to sign any
12:22 pm
executive order in order to end the crisis that's taking place right now, which is children being separated from their families, young children being separated from their families. he didn't need to do that. the reason that that situation has emerged over the last couple months and came to a crisis situation is because the attorney general directed that 100% of misdemeanor illegal entry cases be prosecuted. the result of that was that because those parents were then put into criminal prosecution realm, the children were separated as a practical matter. i this i this entire thing happened because there was no actual policy for how the border patrol was supposed to hand him the families. for whether or not it was legal to take children from their parents and so now what the president has done, is he's signed an order, we'll see what's in it. it may allow the children to stay with the parents for some
12:23 pm
period of time, but there also are other restrictions on how long families are allowed to be detained. >> there are restrictions. a lot of lawyers know about the settlement decree. there is this when the st-day cutoff. at what point this could be challenged? >> sure. it could be challenged in court, i'm not a lawyer, you are. >> the part of the difficulty of the recent scenario was that because there is in written policy and particularly because the secretary of homeland security said there was no policy and played the se mantic game as if there wasn't some kind of policy, that actually made a legal challenge difficult. because there was no document to challenge. if you take, for example a challenge band, there was a drafted executive order lawyers and advocates can say, here's all the things that are wrong with it. now they can do that with whatever document is drafted in a day. >> let's be clear, that was crisis of their own making.
12:24 pm
this was ad hoccism at its very worst. they did not sort of zero tolerance policy, we're going to be tough, we're going to be strong. we're going to use it to negotiate with congress so we can get our wall and we can get etching we want. >> leverage. >> it backfired on them in a huge public disgraceful way. disgrateful. >> so why is kristen nielsen the secretary saying ask congress to do their jobs? this again, first of all it's a majority in congress, a, b, it's not about congress doing their job, back to your original point the president can end this today. >> she's still playing this semantic game. because they have a legislative agenda. it is an abomination to use children to achieve a legislative agenda. that's what she's doing. she did at this time other day when she stood at the white house podium. she is obviously continuing to take that attack.
12:25 pm
the attorney general, the reason this happened the attorney general issued a memorandum to the u.s. attorney, the ones that prosecute these cases. i was a army e special assistant in dallas many, many years ago. they were not prosecuted because the u.s. attorneys were focused on real criminals. they don't want to prosecute first time illegal entry cases if there is no other criminal aspect of the individual. and so to separate the children and then create this crisis situation, this all happened because the department of homeland security and the justice department did not actually do their work in advance as a policy matter and put in place how they were going to actually implement this. >> there was all about showing muscle. this was all about we're going to be tough and we're going to be so tough, toucher than anybody else has ever been. we're going to use this as a negotiating ploy, as a way to get congress to also be tough.
12:26 pm
but thinking through this policy and to how it would affect these children and how they would house these children. where they would house these children. how they would be separated from their parents. what the public outcry would be. >> they did not anticipate. >> they were looking at what they thought would be alreadiage, it turned out to be the opposite. >> they didn't do the work. >> governing is hard. i worked for administrations of both partiesch impleme. it's usually something that takes months of inner agency work and all the agencies involved. it takes a lot of work. they think they can throw something out there. it will work. it affects people. >> just so i'm clear, to your point, back in the day for you in dallas, it was under bush and obama, where you were a first time legal crosser, right, you were not prosecuted and put in
12:27 pm
these dething centers, that's where we are seeing the numbers we r. when you talk about this, the ag and zero tolerance policy, every single person crossing, is that still in effect? they are going to cross everyone still. it's a matter of putting the parents with the kids? >> that's one of the big questions. trump will say, i have not changed my policy. what he will say is i also didn't want to wait for congress to act. so what i'm doing is, this temporarily until we see congress do the right thing. this way the president in a way believes he can have his cake and eat it too. he doesn't have to say, i reversed myself, i made a mistake, zero to him rance was a problem. >> got it. welcome to washington. >> here i am, this is how they roll. we'll wait for the substance in that executive order. ladies, thank you for going through that with me. coming up next, we will talk about how low the discourse has
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back to our breaking news here, moments ago president trump signed an executive order that will keep undocumented children with their parents when they are detained at the border. it's an action he denied for days. he denied it was possible for him alone to do. >> we're going to have strong, very strong borders, but we're going to keep the families together. i didn't like the sight or the
12:33 pm
feeling of families being separated. it's a problem that's gone on for many years as you know, through many administrations. we're working very hard on imgreg. it's been left out in the cold. people haven't telt with dealt d we are dealing with it. >> let's go straight to capitol hill to democratic senator tammy baldwin of wisconsin. we should point out, the aim is to stop the practice, the keep families together act. we want to make sure we get that out there. senator baldwin, good to have you back. >> thank you, it's good to join you. >> with all this breaking news the president signed this to keep families towing. what are your thoughts? >> so many reacts. first of all the president realized tearing children away from their parents is immoral. he seemed to realize suddenly he could do something about it.
12:34 pm
so we have been calling upon him for weeks to reverse the policy. i don't yet know the exact details of the executive order that he signed. he requiring or reversing the -- he signed requiring or reversing the family reunification. however, i am understanding it does not reverse his zero tolerance policy. so we're still going to have some really critical issues to deal with relating to detention and detention of children, families with young children. so this is not of, but this is at least the president recognized the immorality of what was happening at our southern border. >> so then, senator, what happens now? where does your bill stand in the senate? >> well, the bill is waiting and available for action and 49 members of the senate, all the democrats have signed onto it.
12:35 pm
we need 60 votes to pass it. and, frankly, it would help resolve some of the issues that appear to be left unresolved by this executive order as if what i'm hearing is correct. i think that also they're not going to be separating families, but there is a big question raised about how they reunify the families already torn apart, split apart. we want that process obviously to happen as quickly as possible. we understand that this is traumatizing and some of this trauma has a permanent effect on children. >> as we have been talking, will is a tweet from the president's daughter ivanka. she says, thank you, president trump, for taking critical action, ending family separation at our border. congress must act now. find a lasting solution that is kin with the our shared values the same values that so many may come here seeking as they endeavor to create a better life
12:36 pm
for their families. two points, senator. first and foremost, before we get how she is calling on congress. what do you make of the fact that apparently it was ivanka trump the president said has been talking about this policy. also the first lady we have been told by a senior white house official had been working days behind the scene, encouraging her husband to keep these families together. do you think the president needs to listen more to the women in his life? >> there is absolutely no question. he has to do that. but listen, this was something that i think violated all american valueles. it was an unamerican activity. i think it is helpful when the president listens to those beyond his ecochamber. and i'm glad that they've spoke up. i'm glad now that they're speaking out more publicly. to the question of what congress needs to do now, well, 1st we have to understand exactly what this executive order is to see if it has left some of the immediate and critical issues
12:37 pm
unaddressed. but, in the big picture, i can tell you the first year that i was in the senate of the united states, we passed comprehensive immigration reform with 68 out of 100 votes. we sent it over to the house. of course, it languished there. we can do this. but we should address all of these critical issues. the dreamers. the dreamers need to have certainty. they need to have a path to citizenship and the only country they have ever known as home. but we also need to fix numerous things. that includes smartboarder security. we can do this. it's awfully difficult to do at this time of year. >> but here's a question for democrats. you hear the president now, on a lot of topics, included looking back at previous administrations.
12:38 pm
they should have done more. right? so as so many people are outraged by the cages and the thermal blankets and the facilities housing these kids, they were all there in 20s 14 under president obama. my question is, senator baldwin, did you speak up against them then? >> you notice on this issue that we get into a moment where we are making progress and then when it stalls, we turn around. i think we need to press it through. the american people need confidence that we can solve problems. nobody believes that we have an immigration system that works him it is broken. it needs fixing. we just have the resolve to do that. >> reporter: were you worried about it then? did you raise your voice under the obama administration? >> you know, in numbers of cases, usually, i remember a
12:39 pm
constituent who was in detention at the border arguably very inappropriately. and we, you know, we raised our voice in that instance and many others. but that's, we've got to do this in unison. it's not enough to do it case by case, for a senator or house member by house member. we got resolve to fix this issue. >> senator tammy baldwin, thank you. >> thank you. >> much more news here, president trump signing this executive order to end his policy of family separations. let's discuss how polarized your conversation is, especially on a certain cable news channel. don't miss this.
12:40 pm
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12:43 pm
>> now, before the president signs this executive order to detain parents with their children along the border, rather than separate them, fox news played a large part in an endeavor to down play the images, down pla i the audio of
12:44 pm
children at these holding facilities. here is conservative commentator anne coulter. >> these child actors wooeping and crying on all the other north carolinas 24/7, do not fall for it, mr. president. >> the president's former campaign manager is widely sized of saying this about a ten-year-old with downs syndrome. >> i read today about a ten-year-old girl with downs syndrome taken by her mother and put in a cable. >> wahwah in did you say wahwah about a 10-year-old girl with downs syndrome. how dare you, sir. >> the coverage of the border crisis is causing a greater divide even within the fox organization. the co-creator and executive producer of "mod infamily" tweeted on tuesday he would cut ties with fox over all this fox news coverage. seth macfarland, "family guy"
12:45 pm
says he's embarrassed to work with fox. he donated $2 million to radio to support his coverage. let's go to is baltimore sun, niece to have you back. on two.5 million dollars do you expect to see more of this ripple effect? more leb ral stars calling out their parent network? >> seriously, god bless those guys, some say they can afford to do it. they cut off a part of their market but this is one of the good things about this horrible story is that people of good conscience and the media and some politicians were able to create so much moral outrage, it backed down, you saw president trump sitting at that table signing. that that was a guy that had not
12:46 pm
an inch of his normal retreat. he couldn't say why that is justifying it. now on the far right, people are going to say, oh, hollywood it's a bunch of liberals. it's a very conservative show. it supports family in the way television has for 50 years. these are not leftists that hate trump. these are moral people who said no i would rather lose money than work with that company. by the way, i will tell you, there are people at fox news, some people i think of as friends, it's time when fox news behaves the way it did. when it become as part of the trump propaganda machine, it's time for these people to step up. don't tell me brett behr is a great journalist. he needs to do like everybody else, when they behave this rep
12:47 pm
pre henceably. >> what do you think is going on over there? do you think it's more extreme than the roger ails area, the trumpification of fox as this product now they're sort of selling on cable tv? what's going on? >> that's a great question, brooke what is going on, i think there was a little panic, what will happen to us. they lost megyn kelly. they lost the first string basically at one point. then the ratings held the ratings were strong, because they were ridele. they said, look, we're the only place, if you like trump, if you don't want people telling you, you made a mistake voting for trump. watch fox. >> come to us. >> they've doubled down, tripled down on that. a year ago i said, look, it's a bad strategy, it looks good now, because they have ratings. i don't think there is any thinking person in this country
12:48 pm
that doesn't believe trump is going to ends in infamy, if you are in bed with him as a media company the way fox news has become, you will live with that, you will 12kr0i your base. right now it looks good in terms of ratings. with this last situation on the border, fox news couldn't. their prime time lineup, it's a propaganda of puppets. it's unbelievable. it's to be on state tv. they couldn't come up with each a semi credible way of defending what trump was doing. so what did they do? the clips you showed, it's child actors a summer camp. tucker karlsson, don't listen to anybody but us, we're the only ones telling you the truth. that was bill o'reilly's sort of
12:49 pm
mantra. don't listen to anybody, i am the only one telling you the truth. they have so polarized thef ca . the conversation. >> i have yet to talk to anyone saying he couldn't believe he was sitting there carrying that. andy lewandowski asked again if he would apologize, he said, no never lacking penalties when it comes to all things media. dave, thank you so much for coming on today and going there. no, i appreciate it. i really do. reaction is pouring in, on our breaking news this afternoon. president trump signing an executive order to ends family separations at the border. republican congressman mark sanford talked to cnn about that and his news his colleagues apparently booed the president when he slammed son ford on a meeting on capitol hill. don't miss that. show me the movies.
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all this week here on cnn, we're telling the stories of extraordinary people and organizations that are making a difference. and so as part of this whole series called "champions for change," i went to huntsville, alabama, to visit a very special place to me because i went there as a kid. yes, i went to space camp. and i wanted to focus on the young girls, and we need more,
12:55 pm
who are absolutely enthralled with all things science. >> you're about to feel like you're walking on the moon. >> yeah. >> which is possible in your lifetime, by the way. >> yeah. >> you ready? >> yes. >> should we do this? >> yes. >> let's walk on the moon. how is it? >> feels like i'm flying. >> space camp is going to be a life-changing experience for them. the goal here is to get the communications turned on, constructed in the middle of the super structure, and make sure we can communicate from mars back to earth. >> when i see these kids and especially these young girls on the training center floor, i just am so excited for them, because i know that their possibilities have just exploded, and they're going to do great things. >> i was a space camp kid in 1993. i begged and begged and begged my parents to please send me here to huntsville, alabama, and i got to live my dream. i think at the end of the day,
12:56 pm
it's about these kids and belief. like, space camp believes in them. >> here we are. >> what has this place taught you about you? >> i think it's taught me that i can do a lot more than i thought i could. because before i got here, the idea of doing a mission where you, like, essentially simulate landings on the moon or mars or whatever was really scary, because i didn't think that was possible for someone like i'm a 16-year-old girl, how can i possibly do that? >> one of our amazing women's from space camp, dr. andrea hanson, is now at the johnson space center, and what she does is prepare the snauastronauts. >> there is a counter measures specialist that i could apply for. i'm the only one that has this job in the entire universe. >> you're talking to someone who gets really star struck any time they meet anyone from nasa. so i find andrea to be a total rock star. >> i welcome you home to space camp.
12:57 pm
it is home. it achieves the trajectory of my professional career. >> why do you think there are fewer girls still interested in space and astrophysics and science? >> before women were prevented from doing this stuff. nasa didn't accept women. now it's more accepted, but it's still, like, a transition. >> gender norms have contributed to just really less amount of girls in science. >> to actually have conversations with these fifth and sixth graders, talking to me about, you know, gender norms and telling me stories behind the constellations, i'm so encouraged that we have young girls who are interested in science and space. >> being here and working as a camp counselor, giving the brief sessions on the physiological adaptation that the body goes through when living and working in space just changed the way i thought about the world around
12:58 pm
me. >> what do you think that we will see, and not only our lifetimes, but the lifetime of these space camp kids? >> with the proper national backing and the funding, we will land on the surface of the moon. >> we have landed on the red planet. wi wi >> will we get to mars in these kids' lifetimes? i'm going to say yes. i'm going to put my money on yes. >> how does that force you to tackle issues in a new way. >> we are rethinking the way we design our medical system. we are making real trades that would suggest if there's a serious medical emergency, we're not going to turn around and come whack back home. we're going to have to deal with it as we go. >> brooke, welcome back to space camp. ♪
12:59 pm
first lesson of the day, the multiaccess trainer or the m.a.t. we're going to have you practice an anomalous preentry profile where you're tumbling back towards the earth. [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. >> nasa is going back to the moon, so it's time to train how to walk in one-sixth gravity. >> flying through space. for me, it's a bit surreal. flying over this place that i came to when i was 12. what is it like for you? >> it does feel like i'm a kid again, except i get to do it in real life every day. it's a family here. we take care of each other. we put a lot of energy into a tremendous mission, and that is inspiring the next generation of engineers, scientists, teachers and astronauts.
1:00 pm
>> thank you, space camp, for having me back again. we're going to continue to share these inspirational stories all week long, and you can watch "champions for change," it's a one-hour special this saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, brooke. why didn't he do this 2,000 kids ago? "the lead" starts right now. under intense political pressure brought on by the outrage over images and sounds of kids in cages, calling out for their parents, president trump finally signs an order which he says will stop his family separation practice at the border. but it didn't really sound like he wanted to. as republicans are warned that president trump's immigration crisis could sink them, brand new cnn polls we're releasing right now on "the lead" are giving us the newest snapshot of the intense battle coming for corning control.