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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  June 21, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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country. i said it for a long time and effectively not have a country. okay, thank you very much. thank you very much, everybody. thank you very much. >> clearly, the president not answering reporters' questions. but, once again, insisting that the united states needs to take drastic steps to have what he calls a strong border. he's also reiterating, has reiterated his position that there should be a zero tolerance policy. we'll have much more on all of this. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room" for our international viewers. all right, wolf, thank you so much. hi, everyone, i'm brooke baldwin one day after they reversed the policy of separating families at
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the border even though it's still not clear how or when or even if these children will be reunited with their parents, his wife, the first lady, melania trump, just made this surprise visit to the border. she was there for a little while and didn't stay too terribly long. touring this texas housing center housing children between the age of 12 and 17. >> thank you so much for having me here today. i'm xwlad iglad i'm here and fi all let me begin to recognize each of you and thanking you for all that you do. for your heroic work that you do every day and what you do for those children. we all know they're having, they're here without their families and i want to thank you for your hard work, your compassion and your kindness you're giving them in these
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difficult times. i'm here to learn about your facility which i know you house children on a long-term basis. and i also like to ask you how i can help to these children. so, thank you, again, for all that you do. and thank you, as well, thank you, all, for what you do. thank you very much. >> so, let's talk about this visit with our white house reporter sarah westwood who is there. i have a couple questions for you. first, do we know how this whole idea came together? this visit to the border. was it melania's idea. >> kate bennett is reporting that this is not an ask for permission type of situation. melania trump informed that she was going to the border and see the facility where these migrant
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children were being held and the president was supportive of her decision. she visited three different classrooms and spoke with the childr who a being held there. asked a lot of questions of the workers who are staffing the facility, including how she could help the reunification process, children and their families. this coming as the white house is still not being clear on how exactly they plan to reunite the roughly 2,300 children who have already been separated from their families at the border. >> in listening to what we heard, she was talking to the people at this facility. obviously, this is a carefully choreographed visit, everything is fine. the children are smiling, nuthing nut nothing to see here. but the perspective as we watch her walk through this facility, this is a crisis of the administration's own making. >> that's absolutely correct. president trump continuing to deflect blame for this crisis today as he pointed fingers at
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democrats, once again, for refusing to back his immigration priorities. we should note the glimpse inside this facility is quite rare as the administration has been very strongly restricting journalists' access to these facilities. so, the glimpse inside. it was highly choreographed and very tightly controlled. it was unlikely that we were going to get candid shots but melania trump going inside this facility afforded us a rare glimpse inside one of these facilities where these children are being held without their families. >> just a small perag of the 58 children who had actually been separated from their parents, which is what so much of this week and this coverage and this outrage has been about. do you know, sarah, why didn't she, in addition to this facility, why didn't she go to one of those centers, one of those detention centers, as well? >> well, we're told that melania trump did have an additional stop on her schedule. but because of the weather conditions in mcallen, texas,
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there is a flash flooding happening there right now. they had to cut the trip short. as you mentioned, only a handful of the children at this facility were separated from their families. the rest crossed the border as unaccompanied minors and how they arrived at the border is being mixed. so, she did visit the facility, but not necessarily touching on what is at the heart of this crisis, which is the families being separated and, more importantly, the likelihood that some of them may never see their parents, again, brooke. >> on that final note, sarah westwood, thanks so much. after repeated claims that an executive order could not end family and end family separations. in just this past week, the white house made so many u-turns on this policy, we have to call him out. when the heartbreaking images of children first began to emerge the secretary and kirstjen
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nielson denied a policy in the first place. >> did not create a policy of separating families at the border. >> i hate the children being taken away. the democrats have to change their law. that's their law. >> now, hang on, that very same week steven miller, the chief immigration strategist told "new york times" and i'm quoting hi a simple decision by the administration to have a zero tolerance policy for illegal entry. period. and when asked if enforcing the zero tolerance policy was meant to deter migrants from crossing the border, attorney general jeff sessions on monday said this. >> hopefully people will get the message and come to the border at the port of entry and not break across the border unlawfully. >> get the message. okay, got it. back in may, chief white house, white house chief of staff told npr, quote, a big name of the game is deterrence. but secretary nielson, she didn't like that word.
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>> are you intending for this to play out as it is playing out? are you intending for parents to be separated from their children? are you intending to send a message? >> i find that offensive. no. why would i ever create a policy that purposely does that? >> perhaps as a deterrence. >> no. >> no. and if you are keeping score, flip-flop number three.blamed shortage of judges for immigration hearings. here is trump's adviser mark short. >> congress has not given additional resources to adjudicate these cases more rapidly. >> but, the very next day, the president rejected the call for more judges. >> ultimately, we have to have a real border, not judges. thousands and thousands of judges they want to hire. who are these people?
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>> as for what the president wants from congress, he ignited a flurry of confusio when he saidhis about two immigration bills that are up for a vote today. >> looking at both of them -- >> what does the bill have? >> i need a bill that gives this country tremendous border security. >> the white house then said the president misspoke and stated that the president does fully support the moderate bill. and finally here this ultimate reversal which brings us where we are today. i'll let the president speak for himself. >> that's the democrats law. we can change it tonight. we can change it right now. i will leave here -- no, no. you need their votes. you need their votes. >> can't do it through an executive order. >> we are signing an executive order in a little while. we'll keep families together. >> by the way, today i signed an executive order. we're going to keep families together.
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>> mr. president, listen to those reporters' questions. just because you say the same thing over and over, it doesn't make it true. you signed this order ending your own policy. i mention those two immigration bills as the vote is under way on one of them. moments ago, the president solely blamed democrats. >> the democrats are causing tremendous damage and construction and lives by not doing something about this. they know . they know that better than anybody up there with a pen. >> the first of the two bills up for a vote today is the more conservative good bill which offers no citizenship to dreamers. the other bill is the compromise proposal and considered one of the most robust pieces of legislation immigration to come to the house floor in more than a decade. it would give $25 billion towards a border wall and would grant a path to citizenship to dreamers. those undocumented immigrants.
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capitol hill and phil mattingly. phil, what's happening right now? >> you know, brooke, that lead in and all the sound you played in the week that was is a really good primer that explains what's happening right now with house republicans. you know house republicans have been willing to take up for almost a decade or more. the reason why, this is such a divisive and confusing issue inside the party, in terms of where the elements break down. you mix that with where the president has been or not been on various positions throughout the week. you get to where you are throughout the moment. the conservative bill is being voted on as we speak. that will will fail. it does not have the votes to move forward. what leadership has been working with house republicans to try to pass is that second proposal. here's what's going on with that. that vote has now been delayed, sources tell me. there was just a meeting inside paul ryan's office between leadership and key members.
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they have come to the conclusion that members don't know enough about the bill. an all-member briefing about that bill later tonight. the vote will be moved to tomorrow. here's the interesting element of all of this. they are very short on the votes for that bill, too. and aides that i have been talking to said there are no expectations that moving the vote to tomorrow will change that vote count dynamic. what this has become is republicans taking on an issue that they haven't found the majority of votes for to this point and recognizing they still can't find the majority of votes and then, apparently, pushing it out for another 24 hours. the end game is going to remain the same. i think why that all matters here, brooke, you note, the president wants a broader proposal. wants something that funds the border wall and wants something that doesn't make a targeted fix to the family separation issue that we have been talking about for the last couple days. the house will not be able to deliver that. the senate is not able to consider that. when it comes to legislation, all this week has proven is no matter what the president does,
11:12 am
congress hasn't been able to find any way out either. >> phil, thank you. phil mattingly up on the hill. next, the most important question is this, what happens to all these thousands of children. we'll speak with a former i.c.e. director who says they will never be reunite would their parents. protests erupt after police shot and kill a black teenager running from a traffic stop. the officer had been sworn in hours earlier that same day.
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welcome back, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. first this hardline immigration bill that the house just voted
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on has failed as expected. meantime, the so-called compromise bill, phil is expecting will get a vote tomorrow. we know the president has signed this executive order stopping his own policy of separating families at the border but a catastrophic question is this. what now happens to the more than 2,300 children who were taken from their children and currently being held in shelters without mom and dad. nothing we read in that executive order and nothing we read from the administration since explains howhi takes care of that problem. polo sandoval in the small bordertown of mcallen. the order doesn't say where the families would be detained and it doesn't say whether children will continue to be while the locations are built. what happens now? >> adding to all of that uncertainty, brooke, is the question of whether or not we'll
11:18 am
continue to see the actual prosecutions happen. let me explain what happened today. the surprising development that went down here in mcallen, texas, earlier today. mcallen's federal courthouse. they were coming to be charged with illegal entry into the united states, just the same way that we have seen many mothers and fathers be charged since zero tolerance policy. that never happened. before the judge set foot in the courtroom. the u.s. attorney decided to drop those charges against the 17 mothers and ers. many people here including the attorney you're about to hear from who specializes in civil rights suspects it's about this climate of uncertainty that we're living right now because of the president's impleme implementation ofppolicy. >> they're changing things on the fly. >> let me tell you about these
11:19 am
17 people. transferred from the federal courthouse to a detention center. these are people detained by immigration authorities earlier this week. this is part of their preliminary hearing which, again, we've seen so many times policy where they get charged, they enter a plea and then may potentially be reunite would the with their kids. what will happen to these 17 mothers and fathers? when will they see their children? i am told by an attorney and several sources that the children were already taken away. they were not with relatives and in foster care. in foster care and somewhere in the united states at one of these centers. what we're trying to find out is, ar, why did they not implement zero tolerance policy and what are we going to see in mcallen, texas, and across the country. >> i know you know that area so
11:20 am
well. now we want to bring in someone who anticipated this very thing. john is the former acting director of immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. and former acting general council for homeland security. john, welcome back to you. and, you know, again, it's -- you have this group of children. 2,300 children already separated from their parents. so, how do you reunify them when many of these kids don't even know how to contact mom and dad? >> brooke, this is the fundamental failure of the trump administration on this. setting aside whether you think this policy is good or bad. i don't think it's defensible in any way, shape or form. if you implement a policy like this, you have to engage in detailed planning and identifying how those kids are going to be reunited with their families, what shelters, what are the capacity? this is painstaking work that needs to be done when you roll out a significant policy. i think what we're seeing with
11:21 am
all this chaos no planning was done and suddenly just as quickly reverse course on the policy and no plan to reunite the kids with their parents. >> this executive order that the president signed yesterday. this is all about stopping the separation and having the parents and the kids together, but how does the executive order address the issue of the separation? >> when i reviewed the executive order it's, obviously, silent on that point and reunite the majority of these kids with their parents very quickly. releasing the parents from custody. that doesn't mean they get a free pass, however. they continue to wait for deportation hearings and put on an ankle bracelet where 96% of them historically do appear in court. >> but will they do that? >> i don't know. it remains to be seen. brooke, i don't think the administration understands once kids are placed in foster care, laws and regulations come into play. a guardian is appointed. temporary custody over the child. now you have to go to a state
11:22 am
court and pull this kid out of a licensed foster facility and reunite them in a detention center with their parent. also, the court oftentimes wants to see the parent and make sure the parent is not, you know, not a bad parent or otherwise going to put the child in ha. the parent can't do that when they're in custody. this is a very complex area with lots of different agencies and lots of different laws in play and i'm not sure anyone fully understood this when the law was implemented. >> you think about the kids and the zigzag and the journey to cross the border and the parents go another way and guardian or foster care and brought back and it's a lot. it's a lot for a lot of these young people. so, john f, if they keep the ze tolerance policy and they keep it and continue to prosecute everyone who crosses the border legally, where then will they put all of these people? how will they have all the de n
11:23 am
detention centers ready to roll? >> i.c.e. has 2,500 detention beds available to them now. those are very expensive beds. $350 million annually for 2,000 beds. so, just looking at the numbers of families coming across the border and he wants to detain them all. >> we already have 2,300 kids. we already have 2,300 kids. >> you're settlement, the lawsuit on how children can be detained. not only detained for 21 days but detained in a child care facility. >> isn't the administration trying to overturn that? >> the court is not going to overturn that. this is the same judge -- the obama administration tried to make some modifications, albeit on a smaller scale and the judge rejected those efforts. i don't see the court approving any of those efforts now.
11:24 am
look, we're months away and billions of dollars away from these detention facilities inside of department of defense facilities. you know, it just as pourly executed the executive order as the initial decision. >> i'm still back on your $3 billion figure and i'm wondering where that money comes from. >> well, you saw that -- i think already some of the folks around the president are on to this issue. you see the executive order say subject to appropriations and you heard the president today already trying to blame congress saying they won't give me the money to do this. brooke, let me tell you something, i'm for border security. there are smart ways to do it and efficient ways to do this. the president was laughing and criticizing but hiring immigration judges really is the answer. the other answer working with our partners in mexico who have historically been great partners. working with our partners to encourage them to do more on the southern border and then working in central america to attack some of the factors, the gang violence and the poverty that
11:25 am
are driving the people north. that is how you address this problem. you know, unfortunately, we're going the exact opposite way and looking for a quick fix without planning it out. >> you see how the president has been with our neighbors to the north and south when it comes to trade, i don't know how that will go with immigration. we'll leave it there. former i.c.e. director and great voice to have on the show. thank you so much. >> thank you. the president going off script and, once again, attacking senator john mccain. who is fighting brain cancer. hear what one woman in the crowd actually yelled back. and the interesting moment when he questioned why, in his mind, he's not considered one of the elites. plus, outrage boiling over in pittsburgh after an officer just hours on the job shoots and kills a black teenager. the family's attorney will join me live.
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. there is outrage in east pittsburgh today. a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager just hours after the officer joined the force and was sworn in. investigors say was shot three times from behind. he had just jumped out of a car that police pulled over in connection with another shooting investigation and video of this whole thing was rolled on and posted by witness on facebook. play part of it for you, abut just a warning, it is disturbing to watch. >> our cnn national correspondent is following this story for us and, brynn, tell me
11:31 am
more. were officers wearing body cameras? do we know? >> they weren't. that is part of this investigation. there was no dash cam video. it is important to know, brooke, the department this officer worked for is comprised of eight officers. the officer who hasn't been named is placed on administrative leave while allegheny county pd investigates. here's what they say happened tuesday night in the pittsburgh suburb. 911 dispatchers received calls about a shooting. they described a silver, circumstance v invol suv involved. they say he commanded the driver and occupants to get out, get on the ground. that's when 17-year-old
11:32 am
allegheny county pd said two weapons were found in the car but the community really up in arms asking questions like why would you fire shots at someone from running from a scene or why was a driver not charged i there was a gun in the car. the statement from rose's family said he was very little threat. as you can see from that video, brooke, protests have broken out in that area. this 17-year-old antwon rose was described as a good kid, volunteered at a community center and we expect a news conference to answer some of those questions that right now really don't add up. >> thank you.
11:33 am
you mentioned that attorney. attorney for the rose family said the video of the shooting is a major factor in this case and that there is no justification for the shooting. he is with me now and i'm so sorry for the rose family loss. but i want tastart with this video. you hear a woman say all they did was run and they're shooting at them. your impression. >> i think what i find most striking about this video is what you actually don't hear. if you listen to the video, you hear the screeching of brakes and chatter from the street below and you see the two men take off and hear three gunshots. what would have been audible, according to everything else in this video is a command to say stop. don't run or anything that would have mitigated the use of deadly force. >> now, based on witness statements, police believe officers gave him verbal commands. you're telling me from the video
11:34 am
and also from other people you're talking to, are you hearing otherwise? >> yeah, and the family has asked me to do an independent investigation. i heard police make statements that a verbal command was given. but for whatever reason, they don't have a body camera video. they don't have a dash cam video that was standard in every police car and we have a video that where it would have captured a command, if it were audible because i heard the officer speaking into his -- >> radio. >> thank you. i heard him speak into his radio but never heard him give a command. for whatever reason they're saying that audio is mysteriously missing, i don't know at what point that occurred. >> let me ask you about this because police do say antwon was unarmed and they found the two firearms in the car and the allegheny police superintendent said he was, quote, very confident, that the car carrying
11:35 am
antwon was the one involved in the shooting. pointing to ballistic damage to the rear window. lee, was the car the same one involved in the shooting? >> we have yet to determine that. we know that there were significant circumstantial evidence to point that this was a car that may have been involved in something. but, again, very telling is the fact that they released the driver. if the driver could be an occupant, not only an occupant and we can't imputeiminalit to antwon or anyone else. >> has antwon -- i misspoke. the officer who shot him, though, he had been sworn in, right, a couple hours before this happened and we know that he had been an officer at other local departments for seven years. what are your comments on this officer? >> well, i don't know enough about this officer and i'm demanding on behalf of the family the release of his name
11:36 am
so he can be properly vetted and investigated. we know when officers move from department to department as seen the pattern here, that i pattern, that typically is a pretty good indication of a troubled officer. are there problems behind the ranks or problems on the streets? i can't say that is the case here, but that is what happens when you shroud an officer in the cloud of mystery. >> sure. of course, i didn't mean antwon and my sincerest apologies. i just meant eyewitnesses, anyone who would know anything about that shooting. i appreciate you and working with your family and let's stay on this in pittsburgh. >> will do, thank you. we have more on our breaking news here on the first lady, melania trump, making a surprise visit to the border after the president reverses his policy of separating these families. you'll see what happened on her visit down there. also, the "time" cover. have you seen this today? this has everyone talking. we'll talk to the editor behind this ahead.
11:37 am
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more breaking news now. the trump administration just asked a judge for permission to detain children with parents past that 20-day mark. this is all part of the president's order to keep families together. laura, explain what the administration is asking for. >> what they're asking for here, brooke, is a limited modification of the flores settlement agreement. a court case which essentially tried to limit the accompanied minor situation and make sure that the federal government couldn't hold you beyond a certain amount of days. that got amended over the years and various court rulings, even up until last year said you cannot hold children beyond the 20-day mark. well, of course, that presents a
11:42 am
problem if they're being held wotheir parenw with their parents. so, the trump administration, obviously, wants to prosecute the parents and so the question is, well, what do you do with the children? they're now asking to modify that court order. it's interesting, brooke, they're still putting the pressure on congressional lawmakers here and in a statement from the justice department today, they say irrespeirr irrespective it's incumbent for congress to act to keep families together and create the foundation for an immigration system that serves the national interest. the headline still here is a major switch from the trump administration and now try to modify this court order. but the big question is whether the court will go for it because under the obama administration, the justice department tried this before and they did not win. >> talk to a former i.c.e. director at the top of the show and he said there is no way they would be successful in this attempt to oversee. we'll see. thank you so very much. coming up next, the mayor of atlanta says no more to this
11:43 am
policy of holding i.c.e. detainees in tir city's jail. signing an executive order just a short while ago. why do this? why do this now? with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your destination and dates... and see all the hotels for your stay! tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites... to show you the lowest prices... so you can get the best deal on the right hotel for you. dates, deals, done! tripadvisor. visit
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11:47 am
the mayor of atlanta is pushing back against president trump's zero tolerance policy. keisha lance bottoms just signed an executive order halting i.c.e. detainees from being held at the city jail. ms. mayor, pleasure to have you on. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> first just on what you have
11:48 am
done. these 200 i.c.e. detainees currently in the city jail, but you turned away nine new detainees last night. tell me what this is about. >> we did. i signed an executive order on yesterday afternoon saying we no longer accept new detainees and we have 200 in our facility. but what i was most concerned about, brooke, we would somehow unknowingly become complicit in this policy to separate families. it is inhumane and as a mother of four, i wanted to really be able to look my children in the eyes and be able to say that we in the city of atlanta did what we could to bring attention to this issue and also to take meaningful action. >> so, you're taking action in atlanta. you're not the only one. we were talking earlier this week. the republican governor of maryland is calling the national guardsmen and north carolina, virginia, others are doing similar things.
11:49 am
what are other tangible examples that cities and states can do to send that kind of message to the administration? >> i think it's important that we look at our policies. we have had a long-standing agreement with the u.s. marshal's office to hold i.c.e. detainees in our facilities. certainly as we're looking at how we house these detainees a big concern for me is that as we balance between potentially becoming complicit with the separation of families is that if they are sent to other facilities throughout the state, that they will not receive the legal attention and have access and proximity to their families in the way that they do in metro atlanta. i think that cities and states have to look at their relationship is to this policy and act accordingly. >> but when on the flip side, when president trump then says, all right, you want open borders. you want crime. and uses you as an example on
11:50 am
the campaign trail. what would your response to him be? >> my response would be that that is ridiculous. that there is no link between our crime issue in this country and immigration. those are two separate issues. these are people who are seeking a better life. and as an inclusive city, atlanta has always been the example of what it means to do things that are challenging to make a difference. we made a difference in the world with the civil rights movement and i think as we look at where we are in this moment in time, as local leaders, we have a responsibility to continue to make a difference. >> and, finally, mayor bottoms, just your reaction. we saw first lady melania trump did go down to the border for just a little while this morning. do you give her any credit for going? >> i think anytion that she can bring to this policy that will be helpful in getting it to change, big or small, then certainly i applaud her for doing it. she lives with the president
11:51 am
each and every day. so, perhaps her visit will somehow send a message to him that this matters to families. as a parent, i would think that parenthood and empathy with trump politics. and i hope on the national level, this is just the beginning of a conversation with our local leaders that truly can make a difference. >> atlanta mayor, keisha lance bottoms, thank you. >> thank you. ahead here, what is the story behind this new "time" magazine cover? we'll talk to the editor while he says the president's approach isn't holding america to a higher purpose. ish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at
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all eyes are on russia as two of the biggest stars messi of argentina face group stage games. bleacher report amanda davis has more from moscow. >> brooke, we're set for another chapter in the battleo be the best here on thursday after renaldo headlining grabbing performances with portugal, the challenge has been set for argea arkansa argentin argentina's messi to step up. the pressure is mounting for the five-time world player of the year who has been facing criticism that he has not been doing for his country what he does week in and week out for his club side barcelona. brazil fans holding their
11:57 am
breaths for neymar after limping out of training but he is cleared to play friday's game against costa rica. better news for viewers who were concerned yesterday when the beer was running out i was out and about with fans this afternoon and there seems to be more than enough to go around. >> all right, amanda davis, thank you. this is cnn breaking news. >> all right, you're watching cnn on this thursday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. we begin with the breaking news. a major development in the trump administration's efforts to keep children with their undocumented parents. so, government lawyers now asked a judge for the lawyers to be detained for more than the maximum of 20 days. this is coming just hours after the first lady traveled down to the border, got this first-hand look at the crisis there.
11:58 am
she visited one of the facilities housing migrant children and it comes one day after her husband reversed his policy. his executive order directs that children can now stay with their undocumented parents who are currently detained. but the move certainly did not quell the controversy. since it is not exactly clear how 2,300 children taken from their families will now reunite with them. during the first lady's visit, she asked about the mental well being of the 58 kids at this one facility, ages 12 to 17. here she was. >> we all know they're having, they're here without their families. and i want to thank you for your hard work, your compassion and your kindness in these difficult times and i would also like to ask you how i can help for these children to reunite with their families.
11:59 am
>> with me now, cnn chief political correspondent dana bash and mary jordan, national political correspondent for "washington post." ladies, dana, i will turn to you and ask you, i was watching during your show earlier where she did pop up. visiting this facility, 58 kids. but you pointed out a small percentage of them had been the kids who were taken from their parents. do you give her any credit for going all the way down there or is this just, listen, the crisis of her husband's administration own making. >> both. both of those are true. sure she gets credit for going down there. the president of the united states should have been down there, long ago, to see for himself what is going on there. i talked to people who are close to him who don't disagree with that idea. and it isn't unusual for a first lady to go out. it's been happening since the days of fdr. and i think it was because he was unable to travel.
12:00 pm
but it is appropriate for her to go. having said that, the big controversy is about children who are being ripped from the parents who bring them across the border illegally. the majority of the children in this shelter came unaccompanied. five or six, maybe seven tops were taken from their parents. so, when you're talking about the big controversy that the president reversed himself on to try to at least certainly not fix yesterday, this was basically not that. having said that, it's not a terrible thing for the first lady or anybody in the administration to go down and talk to the people who are running these facilities and the federal state and local level and to meet with some of the children. we don't know if she actually met with any of those handful of children who were separated from their parents after they