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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 22, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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thanks for joining us. i'm ron burgundy. >> well done. michelle, it's great to have you here. i'm dave briggs. what is the message within the message on the jacket of melania. is it just a jacket? have a great weekend. see you next week. >> thanks, guys. okay. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day". it is friday, june 22nd, 6:00 here in new york. we have so much to talk about. and there's so much confusion this morning particularly for the parents of these kids. >> confusion upon confusion. >> and heartbreak. can you imagine not knowing at this hour where your child is, what state, what condition that child is in. it's two days since president trump signed the order but children are not reunited with
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their parents. the confusion continues. the trump administration insists it is keeping its zero tolerance policy. but e-mails obtained by cnn reveal that policy appears to be on hold. so officials are also confused. the pentagon is making preparations to house up to 20,000 housing children on u.s. military bases, and the justice department is asking a federal judge allow them to detain the kids for longer than the 20 days. >> the conflicting messages have conflicting messages in and of themselves. the first lady melania trump, to see the consequences of the choices her husband's administration has made. she made sharp comments. she said it is difficult on the adults. which adults in she left
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washington in 81-degree weather and wore a jacket that said i really don't care. do you? what should the kids in detention take from it? republican leaders delayed a vote on an immigration plan. they don't have the numbers to pass it. we begin with abby phillip live at the white house. good morning, abby. >> reporter: good morning, john. it has been two days suns president trump signed the executive order. there is still a lot of questions about how exactly the administration plans to reunite some 2,300 children with their families and uncertainty raising today over how the trump administration plans to reunite families and detain families going forward. chaos and confusion at the border, as federal agencies struggle with how to implement president trump's executive order and how to reunite the thousands office children separated from their families.
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president trump standing firm that his zero tolerance policy must be maintained at the border. >> we have to have a very tough policy. otherwise, you have millions and millions of people pouring into our country. we can't have that. we have no choice. >> reporter: but e-mails from customs and border protection september yesterday obtained by cnn shows zero policy has been curtailed for now after the agency told field offices to us is to suspend. and president trump contradicting his own order, saying some family separations may still occur. >> i signed a very good executive order yesterday, but that he wants only limited. no matter how you come, it leads to separation ultimately. >> the justice department asking a federal judge to phouf a court order that limits the ability of u.s. officials to detain children more than 20 days.
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jeff sessions changing his tune about family separations despite touting them a month ago. >> it hasn't been good. and the american people don't like the idea that we are separating families. we never really intended to do that. >> if you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you. and that child may be separated from you as required by law. >> reporter: homeland security secretary kirjsten nielsen stating the administration has plans to reunite the separated families but offering no details or timeline. >> secretary, is there any plan for reuniting the chiropractor who already have been separated from their parents? >> we have a plan to do that. >> reporter: while heating and human services decides what to do about reunification, separated children continue to be september to facilities and
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government or homes across the country, leaving states scramble to go track how many are in their care. >> i tried to get hhs, health and human services, to tell us how many children were in the state today, so i can provide help. they won't even tell me. i don't know that they even now. >> and they are now requesting that they prepare to house 20,000 up documented children on military bases. the first lady making a surprise trip to the border to tour a detention facility housing immigrant children. but her visit overshadowed by this jacket with graffiti tile writing that read, i really don't care. do you? the first lady's spokesperson downplaying the wardrobe choice saying there was no hidden message. and president trump weighed in
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on this pseudo controversy of sorts saying in a little bit of a revisionist history that it was actually a message to the press. meanwhile, he will have his own address later today on immigration. but tpwhrea little bit differen. he will meet with angel famil s families, families who lost loved ones perpetrated by illegal immigrants. >> these parents don't know where their kids are today. if you're a toddler who speaks only spanish, how are you to tell who your mother is or where you lost saw your mother? should we have any confidence in the federal officials in homeland security that they have a system here where they will be restoring these 2 thourbg 300 kids to their parents?
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>> what we have seen so far is nothing but chaos since the president signed the executive order. he just wanted something signed. he wanted to make the problem go away. this is a problem his administration created. he wanted to be able to say he dealt with it. in the meantime, there was lack of agreement by agencies in the federal government on how this is supposed to be implemented, what it means. to your point, you are going to continue to have children who are unable to be reunited with their parents or after a very long period of time. so far the system is not equipped to deal with this. >> it also sounds like they don't know exactly how to. >> they don't. >> the irony here is that they claim they had no policy to separate the children from the family. they did. now is when they don't have a policy. they have no policy, no set plan to get them back together. it's crystal clear. because different agencies are telling us different things about what they're doing. >> that is haunting to not know
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where your 4-year-old, who is feeding your 4-year-old, what are the companies. this is haunting. >> i don't know whether the in ability to reunite children with their parents predate this administration. i think it is important. because there was a huge issue in 201 in particular with the obama administration t. there were lots of children, many who were coming alone across the border. but there were also separations. i'm not sure if this has been fundamentally broken for some time. i don't know if they can't figure it out or this is a system backup by the chaos by the way they have gone about this. now it is being dup as a deterrent, as we had john kelly say and jeff sessions say, that we clearly had on video, that he
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now says he didn't say. >> we have this mother from el salvador. the daughter who was separated from her mother. this is the audio we remember. >> all right. we all heard that. that sound might have made a difference in the story. rosa flores caught up with that girl's mother overnight. listen.
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>> she's begging for help. she doesn't know where her daughter is. this is like having a missing child. >> it's heartbreaking. it's extremely painful to listen to. you will hear case after case that is like this. again, i think that immigration is incredibly complicated issue. dealing with the system is a complicated issue. this administration dove into a policy in the last six to seven weeks that has created what we are seeing and they have no plan clearly for how to deal with it. it is not going away. they have created hundreds of children who are going to have trauma because of this. you can hear that little girl's
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cries, and it is heartbreakng. >> we have one more we want to share with you. a mother from guatemala who was separated from her daughter a month ago. she sued the administration. they were actually reunited overnight. let's just watch that. >> this is one of the lucky ones, because she has her sons. look at all the trauma out because they were separated and she didn't know if she would find her son. this is just one. there are 2,300 that we know
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about. children are taken from their parents and the parents don't know where they are and don't know how to find them, don't know when they will be returned. don't know what condition they're in. the executive order did not solve any of this. >> no. it's not even clear to most people who are reading it, but it is actually going to end separations. in reality, even if it does end up doing that, if that is how this is interpreted, you're then talking about detaining families indefinitely. so, yes, they are kept together, but they are kept together under detained conditions, which is very -- that is what the zero tolerance piece that the president is pushing forward means. i don't think that the president understands the degree to which people do realize this is his policy no matter how many times he says it isn't. i think he has descended, lied on many issues and this is
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finally one where he couldn't do it and couldn't convince people not to believe their lying eyes. i think you will continue to see images like that because they clearly do not have a fix. you spoke to somebody at the white house yesterday who said it is utter confusion internally. nobody knows how this is going to do. it is clearly utter confusion externally. they are running around trying to accomplish something where there have been total unintended consequences, and in some cases intended consequences. nobody is on the same page how to do this. the president does not seem to realize he bit off more than he can chew here. nobody is mistaking the fact that this is on this white house and they have yet to solve it. >> one of the things jeff sessions claimed is that he never intended to separate children from their parents. >> that's ridiculous. >> all i'm saying is he clearly knew that, he has been talking about it for some time. >> i think is the unintended
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consequence is that this was going to be a national story. >> the most senior figure person, melania trump, went down to get a look. good for her. when children last spoke to their parents. >> i would like to know the answers. but it got muddied by this message, this billboard she was wearing. we'll show a picture of this. she wore a jacket onto the plane. on the back there was a huge billboard that said i don't really care. do you? so it's hard to know what she doesn't care about and if she really cares. so her questions were great. let's play those. her questions were great at the border. but now what. listen to how she interacted. >> when children come here, what kind of state, physical and mental state. >> they are very distraught.
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>> how many times do they speak with their relatives, their families. >> the children are allowed to communicate with their family twice a week. >> how long is the time that is spent here? >> 42 to 45 days. >> most of them come here alone, without parents? >> the majority of are children, yes, ma'am. they are unaccompanied and were detaped by dhs for the majority. and that's a big part of who we are and who we work with. >> because they are between 13 and 17 years old. so they kind of understand and they know. >> yes, ma'am. >> those are the teenagers. that's different than 9-month-olds and toddlers who can't figure out how to call their parents twice a week. she is asking a lot of questions, but i'm not sure where that gets us.
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>> i think that's good she went, right? to john's point, i think what has been breathtaking is the number of people from this administration who hasn't. it would have been better if it had been open press, it would have been better if it was not a secret trip. there's no security reason why it that is apparent that it had to be done this way, and that she chose this choice of jacket. i don't know what she was trying to say. it raised questions and nobody should be surprised. i have a hard time she is saying i don't care about these children. but the jacket is just going to raise instant is questions. >> she speaks in fashion statements. sheft a model. she understands that. she speaks in fashion statements. let's take her at her word.
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it is a very overt message. >> i don't know what it's for. >> she doesn't care about something. she wants us to know that. so let's take care at her word. >> okay. >> stick around. look, we have a brand-new cnn poll out. we'll give you the numbers in just is a minute. it has to do with the approval of the mueller investigation. it tells you what the public thinks about where this is going. surprising new numbers, next. nasty nighttime heartburn? try new alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. ♪ oh, what a relief it is! if you have moderate to severe or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques.
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so try febreze one. with no aerosols and no heavy perfumes. so you can spray and stay. febreze one. a new cnn poll shows the russian efforts to influence the election is a big deal and should be investigated. but president trump's attacks appear to be taking a toll. cnn senior political analyst mark preston is here with the new numbers. mark, tell us what you found. >> alisyn, you're absolutely right. we have the new numbers out. look at the numbers here. there is a 20-point differential. 55% believe this investigation is a serious matter. then the train goes off the
3:21 am
rails. let's explain why. look at the approval rating of mr. mueller, who is leading this independent investigation into possible collusion with russia. back in march, he was at 48%. now it has dropped 7 points. the question is, why is that? well, a couple reasons. one, you have this constant berating by president trump on robert mueller and his teams, as well as allies doing the same thing. so where are the folks who agree with this investigation? let's take a look at the issue of impeachment. more than 4 in 10 americans right now believe that president trump should be impeached based upon the information that we know at this point. 51% say no. so what is driving that number? well, it really does come down to party. look at this. less than 10% of republicans believe that donald trump should be impeached. the democratic number, nearly 8 in 10 believe donald trump
3:22 am
should be kicked out of office. and independents equal where we are right now when the 42% number is brought in. for historical context, the last time the number was this high was during richard nixon's presidency in 1974. back to you, alisyn, john. >> yeah. it didn't end well for him either, if you remember. mark preston, thank you very much. two numbers jump out to me. number one, the 42% impeachment number. 30% always say they want to say they want the president impeached. but 42% is significant. but the drop to 41% is because of the president and rudy guiliani. >> he clearly had not learned all the facts in the case. he was just thrown out by the president on the first day or two. they are happy with what he he is doing. he has sown so much confusion, said so many different things.
3:23 am
most of what he has done is punched mueller in the face over and over again. all the president likes to do is be on offense. if you repeat things often enough, people will believe it. you are seeing it in the numbers. where this comes into play, if you believe, as the president's team does, that you will not be indicted, then there will be a report to congress. and then that becomes, in their mind, much more of a p.r. issue, a political issue because you are trying to influence public opinion with voters who will be talking to their own representatives. they will be mindful. this will be a vote in congress if it gets to that. >> the impeachment number is interesting. 42% say they want to impeach. that's high. we always talk about, oh, the president has 30% to 35% no matter what. a 42% impeachment number is
3:24 am
incredibly high on the other side. >> we are talking right now in theory. we are not there yet. look, there is no question that this president has not been able to, a, gal swrapbize support around him. two, there have been a series of lingering scandals around him. scott pruitt issue seems to be one a day. and his own business ties. and this appears to be, if i'm reading correctly, in the middle of this crisis about the border separation. >> sunday was the last day. it wasn't even the worst of it. but incident was happening. >> it was in the middle of it. and i suspect that played a role. this is, again, this is going to -- this is going to be a stain on this president's tenure regardless of whether he can accept that. and that is part of why you are seeing those numbers. >> let's talk about michael cohen, the latest update. >> the president's least favorite sentence in the english
3:25 am
language. >> unless it's being delivered by a judge. >> he calls himself the president's fixer. now he knows some of the things he was tasked with fixing. the "washington post" has new reporting. during the presidential campaign, the "national enquirer" executive september digital calms of the tabloids, articles and cover images related to donald trump and his political opponents to trump's attorney michael cohen in advance of publication. once enquirer editors september a story or cover image sometimes a request for changes came back, according to two of the people with knowledge of the relationship. >> you don't allow people editorial say, which is essentially what that is. but it speaks to the incredibly close relationship that we know the president has had with the "national enquirer". remember there was similar bee owes his during the primaries when he was attacking ted cruz
3:26 am
that sort of seemed to suggest his father had a connection to lee harvey oswald. the president ran with that. so this is programs the least surprising thing we have heard come out of this, but it is yet another component of this symbiosis between him and the pa pay-for-play tabloid. >> michael cohen -- you can talk to a news organization if you want to call it a news organization. >> i guess i don't. >> if he is directing them in the news coverage, then it is a contribution and then they run into fcc problems. >> that is what they are looking at. remember, the search warrant on michael cohecohen's home and ho room and office contained a bunch of questions about ami, which is the media company that owns the nationalen can cho"nat.
3:27 am
i suspect there will be intentionally more. >> maggie, thank you very much for all of your reporting and sharing it with us. this morning we have all of these troubling issues cropping up with kids being taken from their parents and parents not being able to find them. add to that the fact that we now know from court filings there are allegations of horrible things happening at some of these detention facilities. cnn has an investigation to share with you. how do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at
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okay. roughly 2,300 children have been separated from their families in the last few weeks. but they this morning? in most cases, the parents do not know the answer to that. add new allegations of abuse at two facilities that include use of restraints, medication, and assault. we have no idea if any of these 2,300 kids are being held at either of these facilities. so drew griffin has more on the story. >> reporter: outlined in court filings and special reports and witness statements, the allegations range from unsanitary conditions to unairconditioned rooms in hot texas summers and dosing children with mood-changing drugs allegedly described as vitamins. legal files, quote immigrant children being held down for
3:33 am
injections, given skaoeubg k ps medications. in one case, a boy was given six psychotropic drugs. he has been diagnosed with psychotic disorder but he didn't have any symptoms. another said i did not want the injection. do staff grabbed me, and the doctor gave it to me despite my objection and left me there on the bed. others had to take pills called vitamins given without their and or parent's consent. another girl said she had to take 10 pills today. she said i would rather go back to honduras and live on the streets. shiloh would not comment.
3:34 am
it was ordered to close but it is still open, and migrant children are still being taken there. >> if we have children in danger in federal custody it is our responsibility to immediately begin investigation. >> reporter: and at shenandoah, one child wrote of physically being restrained and physically abuse said by staffers. they handcuffed me and put a white bag onto my head. they took off all mill clothes and put me into a restraint chair. they left me naked and attached to that chair for two and a half days. this punishment chair was described in at least five other declarations from children. shenandoah would not comment to cnn. but in court documents denied any assault of residents but did acknowledge staffers use an emergency restraint chair as a last step of progressive response to aggressive behavior.
3:35 am
some of the complaints and allegations stem from a long-running lawsuit challenging the legality of locking up any undocumented minors. >> it is shocking. what we have witnessed shocks my conscience. and i have to repeatedly remind myself that this is actually happening in our country. >> reporter: most of the problems cited at shenandoah and other facilities did take place before the trump administration's zero tolerance policy. but activists' attorneys tell us that policy is only putting extra strain on an already flawed system. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. >> so just to reiterate what drew just said there. these charges largely come before the trump administration. but the issue here is there has been no transparency. there have been so few cameras,
3:36 am
reporters, members of congress allowed into these facilities. we don't know the conditions. >> and we don't know where the 2,300 kids are going. there is no transparency about that. who knows? i think the issue is who are we as a country? >> right. >> are we comfortable with minors being chained to a chair and having a white bag over their head? let's debate that and figure out who we are as a country. >> imagine being a parent and knowing one of yoyour child is these facilities. mass confusion about what the administration is doing to reunite some of these 2,000 children separated from their parents. frankly, this morning we just don't know. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs) (vo) you can never have too many faithful companions.
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the prosecution of some migrant parents has installed insisting the policy is still in effect. thursday, 17 were removed from the docket for reasons unclear. what's unclear and most important here, the location of their children. joining me now carlos garcia, an immigration attorney, helping the adults reunite with their children. thanks so much for being with us. i just want to have our audience understand the level of confusion here, just dealing with these 17 cases. 9:15 a.m. public defenders announced these cases were dismissed. 1:52, the u. s. attorneys' office denied they were dismissed. 3:02, public defender says 17
3:42 am
were removed from the docket. 3:49, hhs says it's still awaiting guidance. and 5:19, judges office confirms the 17 cases put on docket by mistake. this just seems to illustrate a level of confusion. is that what you're seeing? >> yeah. it is definitely confusing. we do know the 17 people were brought in chains from the mcallen border patrol station. they were originally on the docket. and then the federal public defenders did notify them that the prosecutors would not be moving forward with the charges. but it's definitely confusing. it's equally confusing when they don't know where their children are. >> well, talk to me about that. they don't know where their children are. do they have any sense at all? are they in texas, nearby states or across the country? >> no sense at all. in fact, by the time they come into court and we have the
3:43 am
opportunity to talk to them, because we're trying to gather information to further the reunification process, they're asking us where is my child? and unfortunately i can't get them that answer. i have to tell them that's why we're here, to try to help with that reunification process. they have no idea where their kids are. and they haven't seen them for a couple of days. >> what happens? i can't imagine being told by someone that i don't know where your child is. how do these parents react when you don't have any answers for them? >> i mean, it's so emotional. the tears in their eyes. i look into their eyes and i see desperation. i see shock. i see just terrible sadness. i wish there was awe different word i could use to describe it, but it is extremely sad. we don't offer any good information as to where their kids are. and they vice president spoken to them in a matter of days. >> you're an attorney right in the middle of this, trying to navigate this process.
3:44 am
do you feel like you have any understanding about how this is now supposed to work following the president's executive order? >> no. absolutely not. it's day by day. i wish we could get more transparency or information as to how this process is working. the government manufactured this unaccompanied minor crisis, and they should have a plan in place to deal with it. as we're finding out, there was no plan in place or if there is a plan in place, it is not being executed properly. >> so we are two days since the executive order. have you seen any evidence that families are being reunited. at least a few. >> based on our interactions here, i have not. because most of those children have gone to orr custody. they are already somewhere in a detention center somewhere. that is going to take a while. that is going to be a long process. i do know that we did get one phone call at the office getting
3:45 am
that a family was there. a mother was there with her young daughter, but that's all the information i received. and we haven't received any information that she had been separated from her daughter. so that is what we got yesterday. >> one is something. i'm glad for that family, to be sure. it's the other families now that are thoughts need to be with. have you seen any evidence that the government is continuing to press charges to prosecute these parents coming over the border with their children. that's where some of the confusion is. there are certain agencies saying right now they are not going to prosecute the parents, others say zero tolerance. where do you think things stand? >> well, yesterday we saw the 17 -- we're about to go into court probably an hour and a half from now, so we will find out what's going on here, at least some mcallen. as far as the people who are detained, they are detained with
3:46 am
their familiesment the executive order talks about ending family separation. we don't know if that's going to happen. they want to expand family detention. and who knows where that's going to get us. that's not the answer. >> carlos garcia, thank you for bringing this. we just don't understand what's going on. thanks for being with us, carlos. alisyn? john, you can't understand it because there is no plan for how to restore these thousands of children to their parents. how is that possible that they don't know how to do this? we will talk to a lawmaker about it next. and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to...
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3:50 am
president trump continues to falsely blame democrats. >> they don't care about the children. they don't care about the injury. they don't care about the problems. they don't care about anything. all they do is say obstruct. they have no policies that are
3:51 am
good. all they are good at is obstructing. all they can do is obstruct and stay together and vote against and make it impossible to take care of children and families and to take care of immigration. we should be able to make an immigration bill. >> of course republicans are in charge of both houses of congress and the white house. the trump administration is still unable to explain, though, today how they will get those children back to their parents. so joining us now democratic congressman eric swalwell. do you have any confidence that i.c.e. officials or any federal initials know where all of these 2,300 kids and have a plan or process to restore them to their parents? >> no, i do not. that should be our highest priority as lawmakers. concerned americans the last few weeks were quite loud. they wrote their lawmakers. they posted on social media. they showed up at the detention centers. that moved the president to
3:52 am
correct this very in humane policy. now we must make sure we do what we can to reunite these children who were ripped out of the arms of their loving mothers and fathers. >> congressman, i don't know how you're going to do this. if there is no database, no tracking system, that can't be possible. it can't be possible. but that's what the reports are saying. do you know if there's any sort of federal tracking system that can find these kids? >> i'm not aware of one. but what we are trying to do in our district, alisyn, in the east bay of northern california is to talk to all the shelters, child care centers, social workers to see what they know. and if every member of congress is doing that, i think we have a good chance to find as many of them as possible. and many people just see, you know, children on airplanes in large packs, reporting that is also important. it has helped us have a sense of
3:53 am
where they are. we shouldn't do anything legislatively until we can reconnect these children. that has to be our highest priority. no child should go to sleep away from their parents. that is a moral responsibility we have. that's a human responsibility we have. >> well, they are going to go to sleep without their parents tonight. and i'm worried there is no system. i don't know how a 4-year-old who speaks only spanish can explain to a federal agent where their parent is, what the name is, what the phone number is to call their mother. i find this to be very haunting that there is no system and that you're going to have to go shelter to shelter to talk to the kids individually. >> not just the 4-year-old. a mother who has been turned away or is now going back toward her central american country very likely out of communication, has limited resources in her ability to communicate back to the united states. so, yes, it is a crisis in our country right now.
3:54 am
it's a humanitarian crisis. and so that should be our priority. and continue to put the pressure. because this administration i think has shown it is willing to deceive the american people. and only when we make the phone calls, show up in the streets, put the pressure on can we get the result that is right. >> congressman, why can't you do two things at once? >> we have to do 100 things at once. >> let's talk about the legislation that currently is being delayed but is supposed to be voted next week. this is the so-called compromise bill. this is the bill, as you know, carlos carbelo, mccall, good lat are behind. here are the tenets. it is more moderate. it gives dreamers an eventual path to tizenship. it gives president trump $25 billion for his border wall. and it revises the goodlatte provision to address family
3:55 am
separation. can you get on board with this? >> no, alisyn. it reduces by a third the number of dreamers who are eligible. it gives no pathway to citizenship for the 12 million in our country. and it ends the family reunification program. and punishes the people who have already gone through the program and have been granted a pathway. there was a bipartisan bill that put into motion the republicans wanting to do something on their own. they should have gone forward with what i signed and most democrats and a good chunk of republicans signed. so there is consensus among democrats and republicans on what we should do. if it is going to be partisan, they will have to bring the votes on their own. they haven't been able to do that, and that's why they delayed it. >> we keep being told there is a pathway to citizenship for dreamers in this bill. why do you say there isn't? >> they reduced by a third the number of dreamers who are eligible. >> so what's their number now?
3:56 am
>> they reduced it from 1.8 million to 1.2 million. so they have dropped just under a third of the dreamers eligible. also 3 million people who had already gone through the process, applied to be reunified with their families are now ineligible under the system, which we think is in humane. and border funding 25rbgs billion is an extraordinarily high amount of money. >> but that's something the senate already got on board with, like chris coons. are you quibbling over numbers when there just has to be a fix soon? >> i think we had to fix. that's what put this in motion. why go now to a instructly partisan bill, alisyn. i would go back to the one that had consensus. the president's best day is when he convened republicans and democrats at the white house. he said you work on the bill. you pass it. i'll take the heat and sign it.
3:57 am
lindsay graham, dick durbin brought the bill to him. two days later he said the awful things about immigrants and we have never been able to get back to that point. this will require a bipartisan solution. if democrats are cut out of negotiating, then this is going to continue to be a crisis and children will sleep tonight away from their parents. >> thank you very much for your perspective. john. >> what is happening at the border for these children who have been separated from their parents? the answer is who knows? certainly the administration does not know this morning. one branch of government can't agree with the other. and right now the lives and future of more than 1,000 kids hangs in the balance. we'll be right back. [music playing] (vo) from day one,
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good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day". the white house is right about one thing, they have no policy. it's been two days since the president signed an order halting separations at the border. they insist the zero tolerance policy rephaeupbgs in place. e-mails obtained by cnn reveal it is effectively on hold. we are told the pentagon is making preparations to house 20,000 migrant children on military bases. the first lady went to the border to get a firsthand look.


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