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tv   Cuomo Prime Time  CNN  June 22, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and catch you. that's not what he meant. here is the good news, i think we are better than this. when you see the kids, your mind goes to your own baby. i see the center of someone's wor world. i see common traits. my three and some detained mothers three kids and i look at them and see similar ages. i see a similar bond with one another. i don't know what i would do if i were in that mother's situation. and even if you don't have kids, you remember being one, right? imagine how would feel where they are locked away from the only normal you know. right there, you know all you need to know about what is right and wrong in this situation. so no matter how might tell you that these kids are less than
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our own. we know that is empty and someone is selling something that no one should buy. why? because we are all interconnected and interdependent and in this crazy world together and that's the fact. some day these kids could be in my house with my kids, they may be my boss. a secure border doesn't have to wall off decency and i know this has been and always will be a melting pot nation. diversity will always be our strength. my friends, listen to your heart. and it will drown out all of the ugly noise. that's our closing argument. all right. the man don lemon is off and he will be back on monday, he promises. so you get an extra hour of
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cuomo prime time. two days after the president ordered an end of accept rags at the border. thousands of parents scrambling to find their kids. imagine that situation? no word on when they will see them again. the administration has no situation in place to resolve this. we're going to talk to a man who is trying to help hundreds of parents track down their own kids. does the law allow for the president to do what they did at the border? or does the law demand he fix what he did? cuomo's court in session and we have new tariff threats from president trump and his trop trade adviser here on a friday night. let's get after it some more.
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discouoesn't matter what yo hearing. mothers and fathers are suffering when they are separated. you get it here and it is not over. the trump administration saying they unified 500 families separated at the border. those they get in the moment. what about the thousands more unclear. ed lavandera in mcallen, texas. what do you know? >> you know, chris, so much about this story we haven't seen. access to the detention shelters is limited and access to the undoenlted immigrants who are detained are more limited and a few hours ago i got a phone call from an immigrant inside of a detention center here in texas. >> the phone call came inside of
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the detention center and on the line an undocumented immigrant who asked not to identify her by name. she is from honduras and separated from her 9-year-old son after crossing illegally. >> i ask her how she is feeling? >> not good at all she said, it is a trauma we will never forget. all of the mothers are here and we never imagined this would happen. >> i asked her how she was separated. they betrayed us. told us they were not going to separate us and we never imagined it was going to be for so long. denied that immigrants have been mislead. >> there are things you can do to help with the children. from inside her texas law office, jody trying to find 22 children and represents 25
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undocuments immigrants who were separated two weeks. >> most don't know where the kids are? >> none of them know. i don't know. >> good win says the clients tried calling the numbers provided to track them, but it hasn't worked. only three of the clients spoken to the children. >> it is not a system where you punch in a parent's name and the child pops up, it doesn't exist. >> it is highly frustrating for them. >> very. each time i see them, they ask, any news, do you have any news? >> there have been a number of emotional reunions, there are many families struggling to connect over the phone. the department of homeland security saying there is not a publicly accessible database to track the shelters. the the adult detention centers
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have phones where the parents can call their children. she is in a wing with 70 other mother who is are trying to communicate with their children. i ask her what message she would like the world to hear? she says president trump for one second put yourself in our place, the only thing we want is for you to give the children back. >> the one of the reasons the database of children is not readily accessible is for their own security trafficking and abuse. there are hundreds and thousands of parents in detention centers trying to figure out how to connect with their children. he says his biggest concern is trying to figure out where his 12-year-old daughter is and
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wondering how she is feeling and the anxiety, insecurity and confusion on what this separation has done to her and that's what he is thinking about. >> can you imagine if you were in their situation. thank you for bringing those stories, i appreciate it. ed lavandera. >> a man and his work trying to connect them. he is with the texas civil rights project and in in texas. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me tonight. >> give me nuts and bolts here, is it true if reunification is allowed in the case the onus and responsibility is on the detained parent to track their kid down within the system? >> yes. very much so and one of the things we know is that this is a difficult process.
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you heard it yourself. since may 24th interviewing parents at the courthouse and spoken to 381 of them. we can not confirm that any clients have been reunited with the children. everyday we pass another day that the clients are not going to speak or see their childrefo have and the amount of people we need to get through and connect with legal counsel and make sure they have what they need to go through immigration case and find their children, it's going to be a long drawn out process because the administration made it so from the beginning. >> you ever heard of another process that the onus is on the person to find their children? if somebody is incarcerated, the system keeps track of them and produces them for trials, hearings and court appearances
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and for release. but not here. how do you understand the point behind the policy? >> that is right. what people need to understand is we have two different systems that were meant to speak with each other. the office of refugee was addressed for unaccompanied minors and while immigration detention system is to keep people segregated. what we have is the parent and children separated from the by the government's actions and now we keep them in two different places and no mechanism to make sure that we are going to be able to connect them. you already heard there is no day to base or process and that's what we have right now and we're not getting answers from the federal government about the next steps. >> so you are learning some things. custom and border protection say all children it has in custody
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will be reunited as of today. do you believe that and does that include the immigrants you are working with? >> no. in their custody means something different. the 2,400 separated are no longer in cdp custody, they are in i.c.e. custody. that problem is not addressed. it might be they will reunite them moving forward but not addressing the people who are separated already and the process. >> so that is the new normal. what happens to them, we don't know. once you are separated, you are still stuck. thank you very much. keep us in the loop with your efforts, how many people and how long it is taking and the responses. well get the word out. and why?
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because you care. six out of 10 americans say it is most important for the u.s. to get along with the allies than fight with them and get tariffs. these are the kinds of things we care about, we care about kids and trade. the president made a new tariff threat against europe. we have peter va var row with us, he is going to make the case to you on why the president's policy is better for america. next. i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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it's these new fresh-fx car air fresheners from armor all. each scent can create a different mood in my car. like tranquil skies. armor all, it's easy to smell good. president trump tonight threatening to escalate a trade war with our allies in europe by imposing a 20% tariff on cars in the e.u. based on the tariffs
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and trade barriers placed on the u.s. and the great companies and workers by the european union, if they are not broken down and removed, we will be placing a 20% tariff on all of the cars coming into the u.s. build them here let's get after it with white house trade add riser, peter navarro welcome back to cuomo prime time. we are in a trade war brother and you started it, fair point? >> i think president trump was right when he said the trade war was over when china joined in 2001 with the help of president clinton and congress. we lost over 70,000 factories and manufacturing jobs and the casualties in that trade war were the men and women working with their hands.
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>> wasn't that about innovation? >> it is about china's unfair trade practices. my office released a report. >> i have it, thank you very much for that. >> if you look at the chart in the report, china uses over 50 unfair acts, policies and practices to extract wealth, jobs and factories from the country and chris, the big challenge we face now with china, i don't know what you want to call it, trade whatever. china is targeting the crown jewels of american technology. taking it by thet and force transfer and coming here with bags full of money from unfair trade practices -- >> buying stuff up. >> and you and are going to agree that is unacceptable -- the question is how do you stop it. >> and the push back is that the
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tariffs won't stop it. the consumers are going to get hurt and the labor base is going to get hurt. >> the purpose of the report is to explain that a combination of tariffs and the informs meant restrictions are a way to deal with it. the tariffs are designed as a defense to the predatory practices. china used unfair trade practices to go after steel and aluminum industries and appliances and shoes, toys whatever it is. they dominate those things now because they cheat and the tariffs are a defense mechanism to protect our high-tech companies. what are we talking about? artificial intelligence and robotics. if we lose those three, we lose
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our future. >> the question is, how do we stop it? a weird situation where you have republicans and democrats lining up to oppose the president on this -- >> not on this, chris. not on china. >> how you are dealing with china, the remedy will hurt his voters and you are going after allies at the same time as you are going after china in a way that will spread the power instead of concentrating the power and don't get how tariffs will make it better. >> that's why i'm talking to you. let me reiterate. let's take the solar industry. we used to own the solar industry. we invented it. we had 30 companies in solar. the chinese used a combination of unfair trade practices to put them bankrupt and stole the secrets of others and we have
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tariffs on solar and we are seeing a resurgence of the industry. critics say sanctions. you embolden china and not scare them. >> in the department of commerce, they have a unit that does anti-dumping counter vailing duties and it is designed to raise tariffs againsten countries and company that is dump stuff into the country. we have hundreds and hundreds of tariffs on the ground. all we are doing is protecting the crown jewels and defend ourselves -- there's over 50 of them, i will tell you your hair will curl. >> it is curled. >> more than it ever would.
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>> but the point comes down to what the politics are here and whether it makes sense. the basic criticism is he is doing it because it sounds strong but in practice, it is not strong. when you are going after a bad guy in china, a case can be made for that with going after your allies at the same time when they represent such a small part of the steel market and didn't make sense and you wind up putting america in a hole. >> china is trying to steal our technology andorce a transfer when american companies go on their soil. they are trying to buy up silicone valley. tariffs defend our healthy companies and the investment restrictions would prevent the chinese to come and buy. if you want to move over to the question of europe and cars, i'm happy to talk about that. germany, sells us three cars for
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every one we sell them. the tariffs on cars are four times higher and basically discourages the expert of cars. we run a almost 70 billion trade deficit with germany. 6,000 jobs per billion dollars, a half million more jobs in boll vary ya than detroit because germany treats. they are our ally, but they cheat. even as they are extracting wealth from this country, they are not paying their fair share of nato. it is outrageous that germany is one of the lowest per capita gdp of nato of any of the european countries and they are the wealthiest. he is going to take heat but he is doing the right thing for the
10:22 pm
american people. >> the heat is what guys like you have to deal with and the projection of the message. we'll see the net results soon enough. >> i'm trying to give you light on the subject. i do appreciate the time we are taking on this. >> this is an on going conversation like new details with the nafta fix with canada and mexico and come back on the show and explain why it is a great move. >> have a great show. >> trade matters and so does immigration especially with the crisis we have now. we have great debaters standing by ready to go. it is friday night, let's get after it, next. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish.
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atestimonied atemtatem attempted to do so today and stood by angel families. is this about exploiting another group in addition to migrants victim's families. let's debate this with angela rye and john fredericks. appreciate it. angela, what did we see today? did we see him saying let's care about these people or did we see a distraction and more ugly politics. >> more of a distraction and ugly politics. do we have a responsibility to grieve with these families who lost their loved ones at the expense of no matter who committed the crime. absolutely. should we show compassion, absolutely. should we set policy based on these deaths or these incidents
10:28 pm
that have occurred and broad sweeping and impacting families all over the world. absolutely not. i think the president has a responsibility to be careful with his word choice and accurate with data. today he spoke and used data that was debunked several times about from steve king talking the number of undocumented people in this country who commit crimes and that number disproven over and over again and there's data that demonstrates when undocumented people who live in communities, the crime rate doesn't go up at all. he did the same thing when he announced the campaign, to fear monger. we can't continue to that have happen. >> why is the president right? you have to be tough on the border because if not, they will
10:29 pm
try to kill you. >> this will is the other side of the tragedy, when illegals come in and they are undocumented, here are the facts, you are welcome to your own opinion but there is one set of facts the gao, that's the government it doesn't who is in charge. 2011 with undocumented immigrants, illegals, 25,000 murders, and 70,000 sex crimes and 70,000 murders. this is tragedy piic and it has stop. he tried to put in a deterrent to stop people from breaking the law and crossing the border. catch and release is not a policy. it is looking the other way and the 40-year unholy alliance of
10:30 pm
democrats who don't care who came in because they want cheap votes and republican big donors who don't care about u.s. workers and what the wages are, they want cheap labor, so your friends in lower manhattan can make more money. that's the unholy alliance that the president exposed for us to see. >> let's get angela back in. to the unholy alliance is to separate the families and create a crisis on the border that he was not prepared to deal with his own systems and procedures. >> there's an important moment that john just said and i hope people play it over and over again, what it is about to conservatives that are heartless is the fear that there are
10:31 pm
people coming here that will vote for progressive policy and treat them as human beings. democrats are going to use that for cheap votes. the biggest thing you are worried about is figure out other ways to spruppress votes. you did it with a voter id pass and now with the border. it is inhumane, calling people -- it doesn't matter these are not our kids. the reality is, you raised a great point, we are global citizens and human beings first and should be decent first so we need to treat people with the respect they deserve. the immigration policies don't work but republicans should have a backbone when the senate was trying to pass an immigration
10:32 pm
bill that never made it to the house. we would be utilizing a base and foundation for policies that may have work. instead you come up with a faux wall. there was a contract and the wall failed and physical and electron i can wall. it doesn't work. let's stop with the hyper bollic talking points and talk about what we are doing is inhumane. we should not put them in another nightmare. >> how is the president's policymaking things better? >> she is the noted queen of high per baa lee. there was not a single fact in anything you said. >> hold on chris -- >> here is the bottom line.
10:33 pm
so angela doesn't get -- >> don't take shots at her, answer the question. >> the president doesn't want an open-border system. angela is for open-borders. we can't have a double standard system in the country chris. in your city, in new york in brooklyn f brooklyn, if a single mom goes into a drugstore and steals two boxes of ramen noodles -- i never heard of a roman noodle -- >> steals food for her children and apprehended to feed hr family, she is processed, goes to jail and her children are taken away. >> that's a crime. that is not a low-level misdemeanor for crossing the
10:34 pm
border. >> if they wanted asylum -- >> you have a system of prisons and judges ready to go. you didn't prepare for your own success. >> we expected those who wanted asylum to go to the point of entry and they would not get separated. >> john you're the king of row bosty, you have a lot of miss nomers and fake news in your talking points. here is what i will say, the most important thing from what i know you are a -- you believe that whether she stole roman or ramen noodles, she doesn't deserve to be in skral because she is trying to feed her family. somebody seeking asylum and running for their lives and
10:35 pm
finding another opportunity and safe space for their kids, they might not go through process you want. they may forget to dot an i or cross a t. they may just be running to safety. how do we solve the problem? it is not by calling me the queen of high per bow lee, we tried to separate them so by the time we detain them, they will see it as an acceptable solution. what you have tried wasn't working, let's come together and have a north american convention and figure out what to do to succeed? >> i like the positive suggestion of getting something done. we have the #doyourdamnjob.
10:36 pm
thank you for making the case on friday night. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the separation of families created visceral disgust that some are calling it president trump's katrina moment. it wasn't the only major problem for the president. we will get with chris next. so why am i stomping grapes with aerobics enthusiasts near this b&b? because lets me do me. mmm. foot juice. you do you and get rewarded. a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts
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. all right. objectively, not a good week for the trump administration. we have to agree on that. cnn editor chris cillizza saying he has it for the week. >> i'm going to run through it fast and then the testing. let's start with melania trump. everybody knows about the jacket. clearly, she was sending a message is and then her office went on record saying it wasn't
10:41 pm
and then donald trump went and said it was a message. it is the media. >> obviously, the audio chris, the video and pictures we are getting out of the detention centers donald trump saying he can't make it work or sign an executive order but he did. because it is too much to deal with. and last one, donald trump and the new cnn poll, 42% of people believe he should be impeached. 43% say march, 1974 nixon should have been impeached. trump in a very not good place. those are the three take aways from the week. i'm ready, bring it on. >> first, you lose because you put them in no certain order ser and you are going to have a list, whien wouldn't they be in
10:42 pm
order? how do you defense that? >> terrible by me, i wanted you to categorize them. >> i wanted to talk about the jacket. it didn't make sense, so you had to talk about it and it seemed we wound up in another lying situation, who was lying on this one? the spokesperson or the president? >> it is zero percent chance that she just said i will pick this one. i think the president kind of went onto the story and said it was an anti-media message. i think the initial spin didn't sell and trump, donald made it a bigger story by tweeting it. >> the poll, i take the other side. because i think you would get these numbers on him no matter
10:43 pm
the question. unless you say is the economy better for you right now? i think that we don't have a deeper insight into whether or not people want him to be impeached which is important because it is a political process and going to come down to votes and popularity. >> i'm going to make two points, one which backs you up and one that doesn't. huge partisan divide. 88% believe says he should not and 81 believes he should. democrat cats take the antiand republican this take the pro. here is what doesn't. in the past, a question like this has been asked before, do you think they should be impeached. it ranges between 25% and 29%. that's for george w. bush and barack obama and bill clinton and he was around that same number. already, trump is above that.
10:44 pm
i do think you are right, it is a reflection of partisanship. they believe he should not have won and needs to be out. we are further along the road and it is a largely a partisan experiment. >> it is probably the only poll that he wants to be below 50% on that one. this was a good list, be well. >> happy friday. >> the law of the land. what does it state? migrant children cannot be held from their parents more than 20 days. lets take up legal ramifications in cuomo's court for no good reasons. t of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor,
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itthat's why i lovel the daily fiber wfiber choice,ood alone. with the fiber found in many fruits and vegetables. fiber choice. the number one ge recommended chewable prebiotic fiber. the president was right. the situation -- big questions on what the executive order means, the legal hurdles and cases. let's take it to court.
10:48 pm
former federal prosecutor laura coates and -- we start with you. do you believe an analysis of the law empowers what the president did or to be fixed? >> it is a circular argument to suggest that he can solve a problem of what he created. the executive order he signed is one that doesn't have much teeth and the reason is because you have the flores agreement. >> 1997. >> and of course solidified in 2014 and 2015 and the 9th circuit and the limitation on detaining and undermining the rights given to people even if they are undocumented. >> so that forced him to
10:49 pm
separate the family, so he was following the law. >> in part. that is justification, you cannot detain for that lengthy period of time and the de facto result is to do so. however, we are talking misdemeanors based on a zero tolerance policy it was influenced by a policy that required a result doesn't mean the law contemplated that. the decision was based in part on the abuse of children in detention facilities, housed with people unrelated to them and routinely stripped search and forced to sleep with men and women. it is not a binary choice -- >> fair point. >> the result was this zero tolerance policy. >> fair point. that's the problem for you. >> get rid of this legal argument which is the idea that the law made us do it. the government brushed aside with the aclu and coming at them
10:50 pm
and looked at the judge and said we're not here to talk about the law, this is a choice of how to execute immigration policy by the government. they were basically admitting this is a choice ofpolicy, not a mandate by law. they admitted this was something they wanted to do, not that they had to do. defend. >> this president got elected on securing our borders. part of securing our borders is a policy that does not include catch and release when people are trying to get into this country unlawfully. >> is that a legal point or a political point? >> that's a political point, but teeing up the legal point. you have to follow the law. obama, time and time again, tried to do everything by executive order. we keep talking about a zero tolerance policy. right now, we have a zero action policy by congress as it relates to this issue.
10:51 pm
in 2014, they applied it to unaccompanied minors, a policy that was -- an issue that was applied in 2007, to unaccompanied minors. and that causes a real problem. there's not an easy solution here. the solution lies with congress. we have underfunded the border patrol. we have underfunded the wall. we need to deal with chain migration. we need to deal with the visa lottery issue. and all of the other issues can be wrapped up in it simply. if you look at the executive order, this is just buying time for congress to acting as it should. >> thought it was to be fixing the problem he caused. putting families back together. >> this is not a problem he caused. >> he absolutely caused it because of a policy choice. >> the issue there, are we going to make a choice saying, we're going to allow people to come
10:52 pm
into this country unlawfully and release them into this country, so we'll never be able to track them and get them back. >> 75% show up at trial now. one of the programs the trump administration canceled at appointments of 90%. i'll come back to you, laura coates, the law is a mess, the congress has done nothing, we cannot have an open border, you must enforce the law. how we enforce it, you may not like. settle it at the polls, not at the courts. >> the key word here is the word lawful. the presumption people have when they're trying to supplement policy with constitutional rights is that many of the people who are crossing the border are doing so in a lawful manner. they are presenting themselves lawfully in an affirmative, and asylum process. it's not necessarily a matter of policy that says because a person comes from a country in
10:53 pm
central america or a country like mexico, that somebody transforms otherwise lawful attempt to cross the border into one that's one more nefarious as my colleague is speaking about. and the constitution, time and time again, has referred to and confirmed that people who are undocumented are persons. and if they're persons -- >> they get protection under the constitution. >> they get protection under the constitution. and they should remain that way and have dignity. the law qualifies that. >> i bounce it back to you, jim schultz. the argument that she is making, that it's not about the head, it's about the heart. you reinforce what america is about. what you are doing on the border is making us look bad. >> it's incumbent upon congress to act here. there's a way to act from the heart. an executive order is not the way to solve the immigration problem in this country. there's no way to stop the
10:54 pm
immigration order by executive order. it's incumbent on congress to come to the table and negotiate a deal. to have a good result for daca, a good result for folks who have problems at the border. >> was this the way to provoke congress to act by creating this kind of crisis. we'll take that up another time. thank you very much. coming up, i'm going to take you inside the country's most dangerous minds. you'll want to see this. grab another glass of what you're drinking because this preview of "inside evil," you're going to need something for it. next. [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it --
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10:59 pm
spend a day in prison. this sunday you're going to learn why. here's a preview. >> this is just a peaceful community. it's a place where everybody feels safe. >> there was no witnesses. there was nobody around. he said do you believe in god. and when i said yes, then he said you're going to forgive me for what i'm about to do to you. >> the depth of the depravity. >> taking the knife and dragging it across the back of nigh neck. >> what did you see in his face? >> evil. and then he started to rape me. i just thought i was going to die. >> the story of what they survived is only the beginning of their fight for justice.
11:00 pm
inside evil, the anatomy of a rape. learn about why these cases don't get made, this sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern only on hln. that's if for us tonight. we're going to get after it this monday right here on cnn. enjoy your weekend. when i was a kid, there were two countries, east germany and west germany. they were divided by a wall. they realized the wall was dumb, they tore it down, and now, they're one. the great wall of china was built to keep out western civilization. how is that working out? walls suck. on this episode of "united states of america" we're talking about the u.s./mexico border. we're going to talk to people who live on this side of the wal,


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