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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  June 25, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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department. kate? >> all right, barbara. thanks very much. john king starts right now. thank you, kate, and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. the president ratchets up his anti-immigration rhetoric. does he really plan to show due process to those crossing the border or is he trying to sound tough after an immigration flip-flop. harley-davidson is taking a big financial hit and now says it has no choice but to move some production overseas. and in civility in america. the president loves inciting his critics but is the left going too far in its counterpunch? the florida attornspeaker asked
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leave a restaurant or take in a movie. >> if she wants a protest, that's one thing. but to continue this, they're inciting violence. it's not just yelling at someone or cursing at someone in a public place, they were trying to create a fight. so then we went into the movie, and i said, i'm not going to leave. by then there were marked units everywhere, so after the movie they said, do you want to go out the back door? and i said no way. i'm not going to be bullied by them. we're walking out the door we came in. back to that story, but we begin with long lines at the mexican border and tough talk from the president who wants his base to forget his an anti-immigration about face. the goal, to build a wall. today's tweets follow the petition brash reintroduction of a long-a waited deal.
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due process. quote, we cannot allow all these people to invade our country. when someone comes in, we must immediately, with no judges or kortd cases, bring them back from where they came. our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and law and order. his government now scrambling to reunite families separated by the zero tolerance policy. more than 500 children have been reunited as of this weekend, more than 2,000 still in the custody of the department of health and human services waiting to see their parents again. not sure exactly when that will happen. word today travels fast. many migrants making their way toward the border now know families are no longer to be separated. leyla is live at the border crossing. tell us what you're seeing right there. >> reporter: right behind me, you can see this group of people sort of crowded around. right now officials are taking in about 50 people who plan to
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seek asylum at the port of entry. this right here, what you're seeing, that's the legal way to do this. i talked to quite a few people who tell me they were hesitating. they had reservations about getting back in this line. but once they heard that president trump signed the executive order saying child separation, or family separations, rather, were no longer going to be a thing, they got back in line. mothers who had backed off saying, i can't go back to honduras but i also can't have my family separated. they were dealing with that sort of uncertainty, and now they are moving forward. they have this sort of unofficial list. the migrants made it, they manage it, and on that list right now, john, there are more than a thousand people. a thousand people waiting to get in. they put their name on the list and they come back weeks later. the woman who was next in line, a mother from honduras traveling with her child, she said she's been on the list for 16 days now. she plans to go in there and tell u.s. immigration officials
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her stories, which is she is escaping violence. there was a threat made to herself as well as her child, and she says if she goes back to honduras, she could be killed. that's why she's heading here, out of desperation. we talked to her about the criticism that so many people have asked, what kind of parent would do this? and her response to me was, a desperate parent. john? >> leyla, do they have any sense of what awaits on the other side? meaning the administration is scrambling to provide these new detention centers for families, but those migrants hoping to get asylum, knowing they will be stopped and questioned, do they have any sense of what's going to be on the other side? >> reporter: many of these migrants are keeping up with the news because they're heading right toward that, right toward a place where immigration policy is really being debated right now. so they're keeping up with the news. but i will tell you, john, i spoke to a 16-year-old girl who she said the gangs threatened her, told her she had two
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options, either sell drugs or prostitution. the next day her mother put her on a bus by herself across country of mexico. when i told her, do you know what's going to happen to you, do you know what this process is like? she said no. she had no idea if she would get to her aunt in north carolina. she had no idea if she would be in immigration custody forever. or she said she had no idea if they would return her to honduras where she felt she would face death if she didn't sell drugs or become a prostitu prostitute. >> leyla santiago for us. that's at the border crossing in t tijuana. phil mattingly, torina harting with buzz feed news. come to the border crossing and declare yourself. the president's scorn has been more at those who come across illegally trying to do that. over the weekend the president
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saying to people, let's forget due process. no judges. even republicans have said, let's have more judges. we can handle these cases quicker. people will be in the detention center for a shorter period of time. is the president really hopeful of such a step, or is he just trying to get his base to forget that he reversed course last week? >> i think throughout this whole immigration fiasco for the trump administration, there are many cases in which policy has followed the president's rhetoric. and that's why it's been such a confusing process. and it's not clear whether the president was just blowing off steam and tweets, and there is a policy that will follow this or not at this point. but i do think it's important to point out that there is a statute that gives the president by law the power to simply cut off immigration. illegal immigrants are not necessarily entitled to a hearing before a judge.
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if the president overrules that, it makes it impossible with x, y and z countries. it's not clear if he'll take that step. we'll have to see in the next few days. >> i think what we're seeing is the two different worlds between the office and how the president wants to address this on capitol hill where republicans are trying to figure out some type of short fix. to your point, republicans are trying to surge immigration judges. they're trying to speed up the process. they're trying to supercede a court ruling from 2011. basically make this process quicker and that's how you would address the concerns about detained families, keeping families together and then sending families back if those claims or not don't pass muster in a quick manner. that's the way the president's allies on capitol hill want to address this, that's the way republicans in general want to address this. i think to torino's point, there
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is not a path forward there. this isn't to say his lawyers won't follow up with what he's saying, it just diverges from where his party is as they try to figure out a solution. >> the president understands how this works. it does steer the conversation away from, okay, after not being able to answer questions for days, the government did over the weekend, to its credit, say, we have a policy. we're trying to relocate these families. we have relocated 552, if my numbers are correct. 2,553 are still in detention. then it's how do you find the parents? how will it play out? you want these families to be properly reunited. the president would rather talk tough like this. >> i think the word "compassion" comes into it, but it's still equally as tough, if not
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tougher. >> we're going to keep families together but the border is going to be just as tough as it's been. >> if we don't do it, you will be inundated with people and you really won't have a country anymore. >> our issue is strong borders, no crime. their issue is open borders, let ms-13 all over our country. >> there are people -- a lot of people who recoil at some of the words. but when the president says "infest" in tweets or "these people" in the tweet about we don't need judges, that is a conversation that he believes plays to his benefit. >> right. we saw for a last week a split second there the president was governing with heart. you saw it when he signed the executive order, but in the last few weeks, he's used such language against immigrants that he's clearly made the calculation that this is what his base wants and this is what's going to help them in the 2018 election.
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>> i think the reason he's ratcheted up his rhetoric is he doesn't want his base to think he's retreating. he's done what he can that the government would go back to a pat patch. he's ratcheted up his network a few steps forward. >> or the pentagonie lekts to help these families. but to create centers where you can actually keep the families together. whether that stounds out in court is a whole different thing. this is jim langford, a republican senator from oklahoma, who says he buys it when the government says, we have all these children we've accounted for. he said some of them may still be in the country, some have left the country. jim langford says, i take them at thifr.
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other media has not been responsible for this with the assumption the administration has lost track of that. let me clarify a couple things. these are professionals. these are not critic appointees, these are real folks. they should be able to put them back with the parents with which they came. >> he's a common sense guy. do you think that's misplaced? >> one will be in the pentagon, the other in the department of homeland security. the department of justice would be a third. but having them reiterate including the administration -- his reputation says we have to do x, y, z and they say, we're
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take a look at that. and a very long process unfolds. are things going to take that pattern or happen quickly? with the president we would say, is he serious? >> i think he's okay if it just mud dees the water away of honz of children -- separated and not knowing exactly where those children are. >> back to this story a bit later. up next, a sell dls out on wall street after.
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welcome back. the impact of the president's trade war evident today on wall street and an iconic brand from the heartland. the dow down a little over 400 points as we hit the noon hour.
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one reason? more talks of trade action against china this week. the markets are rattled by word from harley-davidson that they will ship some of their work out of the united states. the company says thanks to those levees, each bank made in europe will cost $2200 to export. retail customers would have an immediate and lasting detrimental effect. so harley says it will take the pain for now as it sells these motorcycles overseas, but here you have direct impact in a state the president wanted, an iconic american brand, saying we'll be hurt by this. we'll take the loss for now, but if we want to keep selling in europe, we have to move some production. will that get the president's attention? >> it's almost the perfect microcosm. it's not like every consumer in the world needs a harley, but
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it's something you can sgget yo head around. there are implications when you decide you want to make a point with china, the eu, whoever. the president embraced companies like harley-davidson, made a big deal about wanting to keep iconic american brands, bring the jobs back home, factories home, workers home. but the seesaw over trade has always been about how much does a good cost versus, you know, how many are you selling, where are you making them, that sort of stuff. we're seeing it play out now. >> the european union responding to the president's tariffs on steel and aluminum put a 31% tariff on motorcycles. harley says that adds $2200 to the cost of each motorcycle it's trying to export. if you make some of those bikes in europe, that's how you work your way around that. harley says this will stay just until the end of this year. if things don't change, 90 to
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1$100 million. that's a big deal. it was speaker tip o'neall who said all folks are treated equal. the best way to help american workers, consumers and manufacturers open new markets for them, not to raise barriers to our own market. the words "president trump" not in that statement but that's the target audience there, correct? >> this is a clear sign that there is already a lot of concern on capitol hill about these tariffs and we've seen a lot of ads, actually, from the koch brothers. they have been whining nonstop looking to side with the president on his view of tariffs. >> his view is the american this, i'm going to do this.o do
9:20 am
republicans are mad at me. i'll be fine on this come november. >> and they're thinking about this isn't about republicans on capitol hill. we know where they stand. they're not going to do anything to try to und cut the president's authority here. this is about the retaliation, playing chicken, whatever you want to call it, is something they're engaged in for the long run, and they're not going to be deterred by any distractions. this is something they believe is a fight they not only want to engage in, but a fight that anybody else who sticks to trade issues, people who have been involved in these issues for a
9:21 am
long time, is wz and it kind of falls apart in the near term. >> the question is, how do you get your father's attention? nick watts went out to iowa to talk to a hog farmer. he says, i voted for trump. i'm hanging in there. for now. >> a lot of the stuff he's done is good. right now with the trade negotiations going on, ask me in six months. because it's painful right now. and we as pork producers want to be patriotic, we want to do our part, and i think we'll try to be quiet and let the process take care of itself, but as you know, if you're losing money for months, we'll get more vocal as it gets more painful. >> the president says he told
9:22 am
speaker ryan, mitch mcconnell, senator grassley, go away. >> i think we saw in the past few weeks how you catch the president's attention. that's with myths and. he was able to back away and work on trade. what's going to get him to back down? i think it will abe a torrent o sound and images. political analysts have said for a long time that people vote their pocketbooks, but i think that really captured the fact there's been a ton of manufacturing research over the past decade or so that people don't, people aren't rational in that way.
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here's a monday question inspired by an unsettling weekend. is incivility now an inevitable and acceptable by-product of our politicalization. it was said, if they work for president trump, find them, no matter where they might be. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, and a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd.
9:28 am
and you push back on them. and you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere. >> now, some protest is more quiet but still pointed. exhibit a, sarah huckabee sanders' friday night out. a restaurant in virginia kicked her out or asked her to leave because of what she does for a living. she tweeted, i was told by the owner to leave, and i quietly left. this from the right. two examples of race baiting and one outright racism instead of a civil debate of the issues. this mike huckabee tweet. nancy pelosi introduces her campaign committee for a takeback of the house, with a picture of what appears to be gang members. and this from deputy chairman still adviser bossi on fox news.
9:29 am
>> he posted a picture of michael hayden. you're out of your cotton-picking mind. >> cotton-picking mind? >> you guys are out of your minds. this is ridiculous. you guys -- >> you can't attack me like that on tv. >> attack you how? you're out of your mind. >> out of your mind is one thing. cotton-picking mind is just ir reprehensible racism. sometimes i'm not sure that belongs in the conversation. sometimes they do because they're increasingly confrontational. as a result, racism. is this inevitable. is it right to protest the security chairman? is it right to ask sarah huckabee sanders to leave a
9:30 am
restaurant? it's free choice. >> i don't think it was inevitable but it may be something we saw starting in the clinton years. it's intensified in the bush years and in the obama years. certainly this preceded trump but he has really exacerbated. >> the social media that you can get attention from her. this is exacerbated. >> trump is somebody himself who uses crass rhetoric and demeans them. so many people, including members of the general public, feel okay responding in kind to members of his administration, and the question i would pose is, is this a trend that we want to see continue.
9:31 am
i wasn't for the personal attacks against hillary clinton. >> you can have personalized protests. most of the people involved in government are decent human beings who believe what they believe, who are trying to serve, whether democrats or republicans, work to here we serve. you tried to kick them out of a restaurant. this is from david axelrod who thinks the left might be getting batd to a person that hurts the davis. >> i'm appalled by the number of folks to the left who. this and the end is the triumph for that donald trump, "red in america." now we're divided by red plates and blue plates.
9:32 am
sad! >> i think trump supporters just being more and who. we're seeing this happen again, half of the people who, it was a little tone deaf on their part into such a hot topic. i think that was part -- the protesters gave the response that they got. >> is nancy pelosi disagreeing with maxine waters? there was a tweet about maxine waters and she says, fine, wherever they are, protest them. nancy pelosi says it promotes response that are predictable but not forward.
9:33 am
. >> walking a careful line a little bit, but i think you can't end something with one brush stroke. if you go out with republicans right now, they want to talk trade. they want to talk on the ground with some of their front-line talk. i think it's been a longstanding debate over the last 16 months in the democratic party, which is how do you fight trump who is so unorthodox, who take tacts we've never seen before, and is it to focus on the issues? i think when you look at the campaign strategy, the latter is what they think poll numbers
9:34 am
actually works. the former is what gets a lot of social media buzz, what it gives a lot of. i think, probably speaking for all of us here -- that the larm, given 20 to 38 years, it's almost gone. >> the president thinks about tempting people into the destruction of a norm, and may the destruction of the norm win. and that is what the strategy is about, is to say there are no more red lines, there are no more things you can't say. there are when you try to, that's implicitly what you're
9:35 am
agreeing to take. the sun times or the times releasing the president's leadership. >> if you can sit down and explain it to mom, it's probably okay. if you can't, think twice? sorry, back into your hole. sarah huckabee sanders will hold her white house briefing. the first in a week. eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any of these types of plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs.
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we're back. some extraordinary scenes out of iran today tach. take a look at this protest
9:40 am
strike in iran. the nation is disgusted with the economy which has gotten worse since trump withdrew from the nato. tough injuries after suffering a car accident on friday. the 47-year-old republican went through two surgeries on sunday, including one for a spinal fracture. the driver in the other car died in the wreck which happened 20 days after arr ing ton beat t b tribiani. political reports giuliani's new girlfriend works for gui llory's campaign.
9:41 am
making it clear he supports the incumbent, higgins. press secretary sarah sanders is set to hold her first press briefing in a week. the president has held three briefings in june. there is a big debate here in washington. nevada, the battleground state where the voters get to weigh in on the issue come november. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪ i'm awake. but it was pretty nifty when jen showed me how easy it was to protect our home and auto with progressive. [ wrapper crinkling ] get this butterscotch out of here. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. there's quite a bit of work, 'cause this was all -- this was all stapled. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us.
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. our issue is strong borders, no crime. their issue is open borders, let ms-13 all over our country. that's what's going to happen if you listen to them. they think that that's a good issue for them. i don't think being weak on the border, being pathetically weak on the border, that's not a good issue. i think i got elected largely
9:46 am
because we're strong on the border. i really believe it. >> that was the president saturday campaigning out here in nevada for the most vulnerable republican incumbent senator dean helo. remember, hillary clinton, just barely, but hillary clinton won this state in 2016. the president now hoping his hard line on immigration can help dean heller get to the finish line. note that dean heller didn't mention immigration in his battle, but the president trying to make the case that tough on immigration will help in this midterm election year. look at the demographic breakdown. latino voters, 28%. white voters more the conservatives in the central part of the state. the president wants to turn them up. a highly competitive state where the president is making his case. well, guess what? while he was out campaigning for the republican, dean heller, out there campaigning for the
9:47 am
democrat. jo jackie rosen says the president is not only wrong, but dead wrong. >> he's called for cutting illegal immigration in half. he's broken america's promise to get dreamers a chance to build a future. and now trump wants to create new family detention camps to lock up more people, triggering a whole new crisis. that's what donald trump and his republican enablers stand for. hatefulness, ugliness and cruelty. >> so some of this is being debated as we speak today, this week on capitol hill. i can't think of a more competitive state, if you will, to have voters weigh in and see what they think about this position. it is noteworthy, though, that while the president was out there saying, we want strong borders, they want open borders. dean heller talked about tax cuts and said zip about
9:48 am
immigration. does that tell you something? >> yeah, it tells you that if you're republican in a swing race, you want to talk about the one sure thing which is the tax reform policy, at least in terms of how it's playing out and how people are interpreting it. there are places where you can rattle up the base and have greatly improved turnout, potentially, by talking about immigration, but nevada is not one of them. >> and yet dean heller is certainly hoping the president turns out every last conservative, right? >> in a midterm year where the state is rallied up about the president, dean heller could find a pathway there. you see this in recruits or folks who are trying to defend seats, nobody is better than president trump in defining and slicing and dicing an opponent. while you may not agree with him on everything, and dean heller has a tortured history on that in the last three years on that
9:49 am
front, you'll find in every major newspaper in the state on who jackie rosen is. when you get deeper into things, dean heller has experience in that state. if the president helps find voters, there is value in that. >> we talked earlier in the program. big retreat from the administration. it was jeff sessions who announced the zero tolerance policy. it's donald trump's policy, but jeff sessions announced it. we know jeff sessions is tough on immigration. listen to jeff sessions here saying, we still plan to be tough, but -- >> we're going to continue to prosecute those adults who enter here illegally. we are going to do everything in our power however to avoid separating families. all federal agencies are working hard to accomplish this goal. >> it's a big switch in the
9:50 am
sense that when zero tolerance was put in place, jeff sessions, to his credit, was quite open with this. this is a deterrent, so i need you to know if you cross the border, you most likely will be separated with your family. >> yeah, he said, if you want to stay here with your child, don't come here. if you cross the border illegally, we will separate you. i can tell you steven miller in the white haas has said, this policy is over. there is no going back to child registration. they are pessimistic about how a court will rule and pessimistic that congress will act in a time frame that will allow them to go forward. my argument is the policy falls apart and there is a return to catch and release, which is an enormous defeat. the thing that's bad here, we never had a real policy debate
9:51 am
because i think catch and release remains a problem. it's not feasible for as many immigrants as are coming across the borders, including asylum seekers, to simply come over the border and be released into the country. but there is never a debate into that policy and what would be a realistic enforcement policy. >> and it's not a debate because there is no consensus within the republican conference and republicans and democrats in washington that goes back to more than a decade. your point about catch and release is not a new phenomenon here. the flores ruling is not a new phenomenon here. but there is still a view in the house that they will have a vote this week on legislation that would protect the dreamers, that would deal with family separation issues, that would deal with other issues. even though i think the prospect of it passing are less than zero. here's the house majority leader, a guy who should be able to count the votes, and then a conservative leader who says, i don't think so. >> i'm very optimistic because this is a consensus bill where people come together.
9:52 am
>> pass or fail? >> i would say fail. not happening right now. >> he has a pretty solid idea of the whip count right now. it's not there. it hasn't been there over a decade. there is no change in the matter of a 72-hour period that will change that dynamic right now. the reality remains in the republican conference that there are not 218 votes. 218 votes don't exist for something that addresses the daca issue in a way that makes moderates happy and addresses the things like catch and release that will make democrats happy. >> all hope there is going to be lost. next, king can be dabdullah jordan at the white house today. president trump says one of the key players doesn't seem interested.
9:53 am
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jordan's king abdullah ii and his wife to the white house. a timetable for the long-a waited blueprint for peace talks between the middle east and the u.s. they are casting doubt on whether a key player there is really interested in a peace process. here's what jared kushner told the palestinian newspaper. he says, president abass is committed to peace, but i question that he is ready to make a deal. a peace plan hasn't been achieved in 25 years. that does not sound terribly optimistic. is it a nudge to get a move or is it an early rationalization of this isn't working, therefore, it's not our fault? >> it might be a lgt bittle bit all of the above. the language they used which the white house helped to push out over the weekend is really interesting because he talks
9:58 am
about how long abbas has been around, how weak he is within the palestinian people. to me the question it raises is, okay, is the u.s. trying to replace abbas with a new palestinian leader, or is the u.s. saying, we're going to release this peace plan. the palestinians won't be a part of it. get ready, here it comes. i think we've always been expecting the last quarter of the year to see this plan. i think the goal is by the end of this year. we still have some time but it doesn't look like the palestinians will be part of the rollout, let's say. >> and this is not surprising, because everything we've seen jared kushner get involved with, it seems to have dragged on and there is question about where the final product is. i think this is just part of what he's done at the white house. >> and the palestinians view the trump administration as lopsided
9:59 am
in view of israel. mr. kushner offered little in enticing abbas. the white house offered nothing about a sovereign state or sovereign refuge. if you want a peace process, you come to us. >> and jared kushner can release a plan, but it doesn't mean that plan moves anywhere, goes anywhere, and i think that's precisely what their plan is right now. it never seemed to me that this white house was ever going to push for any sort of substantive negotiations between the israelis and the palestinians. i think they're fine to make they're symbolic moves aligning themselves with israel. i think they think it's a good base issue and that's how it's going to be, and that's going to be their moves for palestinian policy. >> i think he thought it would be pretty easy. talking points haven't changed in the past 25 years. i took that as you have to move.
10:00 am
the palestinians have to give something up if they want a process that works. we'll continue to track that process as well. hope to see you back here this time tomorrow. have a great afternoon. wolf starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. ear here in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for watching. with over 2,000 children waiting to be reunited with their parents, president trump is calling for deportation without due process. a crash of civility as sarah sanders gets kicked out of one restaurant. calling on supporters for president trump support in public. 90% of republicans approve o


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