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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 25, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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i took that as you have to move. the palestinians have to give something up if they want a process that works. we'll continue to track that process as well. hope to see you back here this time tomorrow. have a great afternoon. wolf starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. ear here in washington. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for watching. with over 2,000 children waiting to be reunited with their parents, president trump is calling for deportation without due process. a crash of civility as sarah sanders gets kicked out of one restaurant. calling on supporters for president trump support in public. 90% of republicans approve of
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his performance. we'll explain why. all of that coming up, but first, send him back. that's what president trump proposes as the conclusion to the crisis of undocumented immigrants. the president says those who enter the country illegally should not be entitled to due process. the administration is scrambling to reunite families separated at the border under his policy. in the latest tweets, the president ramped up his hard line rhetoric. among other things, he tweeted this, quote, we cannot allow all these people to invade our country. when somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no judges or court cases, bring them back from where they came. our system is a mockery to good immigration policy and law and order. most children come without parents, closed quote. let's go to our senior white house correspondent jeff zeleny. jeff, what more are you hearing from the president and his top aides? >> reporter: wolf, behind the scenes here at the white house, we're told the president is indeed still fuming about last week's immigration matters at
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the white house. of course, as we saw him campaign all weekend long in las vegas, doubling down on his hard line immigration stance, he is trying to make the point that the border needs to be resolved. now, he's not necessarily talking about the reunification of families and children, which we saw so many images of lost week which ultimately led him to sign that executive order. and he's not talking about how the house should pass its immigration bills. he's talking about simply campaign themes, returning to things he's talked about for a very long time. building the wall, stopping people at the border, but not exactly saying how he would do it or anything new about this. look at a tweet he sent out just a couple hours ago, this morning, wolf, giving a window to what he's thinking about immigration. he said this, hiring many thousands of judges to go through a long legal process is not the way to go. we must always be functional. people must be stopped at the
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border and told they cannot come in illegally. he's saying they'll be stopped at the border, but not necessarily saying how. nothing new from the president in terms of solving immigration, just simply pointing out it's a problem and one he's seizing upon. wolf? >> according to the "new york times," jeff, the president is having second thoughts about signing that extraordinaecutive. what are you hearing about that? >> we heard that, too. we heard he signed it essentially under public pressure, and it was not a view of an about-face. he sometimes does a reversal and he didn't want to look soft on immigration. over the weekend, his administration was scrambling into place and trying to move beyond this. he was fuming about the fact he signed the immigration order,
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and he even went as far as wanting to do the entire immigration bill, building the wall, other matters by executive order. he was told by lawyers here he was unable to do that. he needed the act of congress to do that. wolf, there is a lot of fuelling going on here, but there is not much progress in terms of getting house republicans, and certainly not democrats, behind any type of bill that would accomplish this. so a lot of talk on immigration, very little action, wolf. >> jeff, thank you. jeff zeleny at the white house. there will be a white house press briefing, by the way, later this afternoon. sarah sanders will have coverage on that, of course. from positively tickets to the pain of texas. officials inside the port isabel service processing center are just now setting up phone calls between parents and their children, but the problem is many families are unable to speak to their children because they don't know where they are. let's go to our correspondent paul oe sandoval.
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he's with others in texas. polo, what are you learning now? >> spoke of those examples a little while ago. a client was separated from his nine-year-old daughter two weeks ago. today he was given a piece of paper to a phone number of a holding facility in arizona where it is believed his daughter was. he called that number. it rang and rang, no answer, so it just goes to show you that despite these efforts to try to not only get these kids back with their parents, some of these parents who may have a phone number, it's still leading them nowhere. in spite of that, though, reunifications, they are happening, at leigh 5. these are children who were separated from this parents.
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still another 2,000 children in the care of the federal government who are not with their parents quite yet. the u.s. government addressing that over the weekend saying these parents are either given the adoption or to remain in care plaps with a relative. we're seeing plenty of criticism here, democratic lawmakers and members of the public centering on some texas and other key locations to some processing facilities. there is a holding facility in mckennon, texas where these immigrati immigration. it really does go to show you
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that people are certainly passionate about this topic, not only in south texas but other parts of the country as well. >> thank you very much. many of the detained immigrants say they're trying to escape violence and hopelessness in their own countries. they see the united states as a good chance of securing their lives. we visited a processing center in mcallen, texas. >> i talked to someone in honduras in particular who said, there is nothing there for us. we have no jobs, we have no money, we have no food or our children, and america is our last hope. >> republican don goodlatte of virginia joins us. the bill came up short in the house last week. they're going to try again this
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weeks. mr. goodlatte, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you, wolf. >> we'll get what we just heard from senator warren, her comments of what she saw and heard from detainees. they're trying to escape awful situations despite. they're here seeking asylum in the united states. what's your reaction? >> this is the wrong way to go about doing it. they should apply at the embassy in these countries. if they feel they need to escape the country t you can even apply there or in the embassy there. usi using. and then across deserts and rivers to illegally enter the united states, the wrong way to do it. once they're here, if the only.
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they should be kept with their children. if they've committed other crimes, they're smuggling drugs themselves or this is not the first time, because if you attempt to reenter the united states after deporting rkts that is a. most people should be with their children. the problem that we have is the administration is up against court decisions and a 10, remember 20 and rejs lags -- in the case of the department of justice, more than 72 hours. and kwh and. >> and you pointed out that if you cross the border illegally, it's a misdemeanor. you want the children to be
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together and then it's a process of seeking asylum here. the president has said he immediately wants to kick them out, and i assume you disagree with the president. >> i do agree that people who are unlawful in the united states are not entitled to the same civil liberties, due process that our residents are. however, courts have given rulings on this, and there is a limit as to what can be done on the border. . they are then afforded to be heard by an immigration law judge. those laws need to be referred as well, there are when
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historically we have granted. it's a good thing if they served persecution by their government. we could question each one of these folks whether they want to come here to find economic opportunity, whether they're avoiding domestic vionce or whether they're confronting gangs. some of them have been approved for political asylum, but the vast majority of them are not approved when they do get that hearing. >> the first immigration bill you put forward last week. it got more. i take it you're going to. . >> we're hard at work on it.
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did you work over the with a. since six months when we had originally introduced it, i think em were estimated. the second bill was to work on the second bill, putting some things in that we hope will get enough votes to pass it. >> the president says you're wasting your time. republicans should stop wasting their time on a bill. you're going to go ahead with this vote even if the president tells you it's a plan. >> we can't wait until after the recollection we also address the
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interior issues, the moving forward issues, the issues toward moving toward a merit-based system. we think it's important that they be brought up now. that doesn't ensure what will happen to it in the senate. >> one final, very quick question. but if it fails and a lot of congressional launchers think it will fail once again, are you willing to introduce stand-alone legislation that will prevent the entrance with their moms and dads. but if it fails -- let's say that whole piece of legislature and introduce a much more narrow, stand alone. >> i understand your concern. discussions are going on about that right now.
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the focus is passing the entire bill because this is a two-sided iss issue. and if they need to be detained, you can let the parents stay with these folks for a longer time. >> thanks, wolf. >> i appreciate it very much. members of the trump administration being believed out of her restaurant in suburban washington, west virginia. plus, what happens to the former cavity. and federal prosecutors abruptly cancel their interview with stormy daniels. the porn star suing president trump. you're going to hear why her
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a series of incidences raising some serious questions about why a lack of civility in politics is now spilling out into everyday life. recent public confrontations include, among other things, protesters yelling "shame" at the homeland security secretary ke keirjsten nielsen. also, stephen miller, senior adviser to the president, one of the architect of his immigration policy was heckled and called a fascist at a d.c. restaurant. and of course there is the case of sarah sanders, the white house press secretary, asked to leave a restaurant in west virginia because she works for the trump administration. following the sanders incident, maxine waters of california
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urged her supporters to keep it up. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. and you push back on them. and you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere. >> let's discuss that and more with conservative commentator eric erickson. he's the editor of the website. the president a moment ago tweeted about congresswoman maxine waters. congresswoman maxine waters, he said, a very low i.q. person, has just called for harm to supporters, of which there are many, of the make america great again movement. be careful what you wish for, max, closed quote. your reaction? >> it would be great if we had a
10:21 am
president that tried to deescalate these situations, but he's actually a master of escalating things and it works to his advantage. this is a dangerous game for both sides to ay. i'm more and more convinced that the james hodgkins' mass assassination of republicans is not an anomaly but a reflection point in great american discourse, and that's a dangerous thing for all of us. >> why are we seeing thediscour? >> i think it has to do with the phenomenon that as the company becomes more secular, it doesn't become more religious, it's that religion shifts to other things, like politics. and people are trying to find their salvation at moving the public needle and that works badly for people. politics is about beating the other side. >> in his tweets going after the sarah sanders incident in the restaurant in virginia, the president called the restaurant dirty. he's using his bully pulpit
10:22 am
creating some of this controversy, as you know. the latest gallup poll shows that among republicans nationwide, he's got a 90% approval rating. are you surprised by that? >> not really. a lot of people gravitated to the president in 2016 because they felt an existential threat to their culture. it is washing away their wave in december that they would otherwise have because they know that the other side dislikes them. so people are gravitated to the president not necessarily because they like the president but because they're afraid of what the other side will do to them. >> how much of a blunder, if you believe it was a blunder, for the parent to sign off on the zero tolerance policy and separating kids from their parents without working out the ramifications of what was about to unfold? >> it was a huge blunder on his part. the administration did not think it through. they caused this controversy
10:23 am
themselves, they exacerbated it, but i honestly don't think it matters. not sure you know this, but we had a summit with north korea two weeks ago. everybody will forget about this. the real question is about the tariffs and what happens to the economy. >> he's going full speed ahead with these tariffs, canada, mexico, the e.u., he's moving on it. >> i talked to the republicans and this were afraid of the tariffs. what happens in their economy is going to hurt thecm. >> do you think it's a given that the democrats will hurt in the house of representatives? >> i think the democrats are hurting themselves, forcing people out of restaurants and harassing people. in blue states i think the democrats will do very well. in divided states, i don't think so. i think if that trend continues, democrats are not going to see
10:24 am
the wave they once had. >> eric erickson, thanks for coming down. appreciate it. >> thank you. the president calling the coverage of his summit a couple weeks ago with north korea's kim jong-un almost treasonous. the dow taking a dive. down 380 points right now as tariffs in the european union goes into effect. one harley-davidson in wisconsin now moving jobs overseas because of the president's tariff war. which companies may be next? cou. it was the last song of the night. it felt like my heart was skipping beats. they said i had afib. what's afib? i knew that meant i was at a greater risk of stroke. i needed answers. my doctor and i chose xarelto® to help keep me protected from a stroke. once-daily xarelto®, a latest-generation blood thinner
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10:29 am
u.s.-based manufacturing and said this at the time. listen. >> we want to make it easier for businesses to create more jobs and more factories in the united states, and you're a great example of it. >> now harley-davidson says some of its motorcycle production for europe is moving out of the united states to europe to avoid retaliatory eu tariffs. harley-davidson is based in house speaker paul ryan's home state of wisconsin, and just a little while ago he sent out a tweet criticizing the president of the united states. ryan saying this, quote, this is further proof of the harm from unilateral tariffs. the best way to help american manufacturers is to open markets to them, not raise barriers to the market, closed quote. i want to show you how the market is doing. the dow jones down 368 points right now on growing fears of an escalating trade war between the united states, the european
10:30 am
union, canada, mexico, china and several other countries. let's bring in richard quest. he's joining us now. he's at the new york stock exchange. richard, this seems like a pretty swift reaction to retaliatory tariffs. >> yes, because the european union very cleverly knew exactly where to hit the united states. going for harley-davidson. 20% tariffs, which means the average tariff on a single motorbike is over $2,000. harley has a choice here, wolf. it can either absorb that $2,000 tariff into its profits and cut its margins, or it passes it on to the consumer which, of course, would mean lower sales. or it makes the bikes somewhere else. and harley has capacity in australia, thailand or brazil where those bikes would not be subject, so it's moving production there. there is no immediate loss of
10:31 am
jobs, wolf, because maybe the u.s. plans to produce enough for the u.s. market. but this was inevitable. the eu cleverly chose a product that knew it would hit hard right into the political center. >> i was just reading an article on they stand to lose as much as $100 million this year as a result of these tariffs, the trade war under way right now. it's not just manufacturers like harley-davidson made in wisconsin, but a lot of agricultural states. they'll be severely in trouble as well. >> let's take, for example, pork, hog producers. they're delighted there will be some restrictions in terms of products, but hog prices have fallen on the commodity market because of mexico not buying as much pork from the united states. let's look at car manufacturing.
10:32 am
car manufacturers like dame la benz that builds in the united states, but building in the united states pays more for steel which are imported. the same cars will be hit by tariffs when they are sent to china because china is now tariffing u.s. exports. and cars sent from europe to the united states will be tariffed. so companies like harley paying more for steel, like daimler which is tariffed, like pork producers. once you start down this road, wolf, of tariffing, tit for tat gets in the way, the big companies get it every which way and backwards. >> skpirt goiand it's going to n tax for consumers a krols tcros board because so much will cost
10:33 am
more because of tariffs. let's look at the dow now. it's down 355 points. we'll continue to watch the dow jones. richard, thank you very, very much. richard quest over at the new york stock exchange. more news. we're getting new video from the trump administration showing inside these infamous detention centers housing graphs. the prosecution canceled an interview with stormy daniels. what's behind that? we'll find out when we come back.
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paul manafort is appealing a judge's decision to send him to jail until court begins. earlier this month a federal judge revoked manafort's jail after he was accused of contacting witnesses. manafort is also appealing the judge's decision introducing a civil suit, undercutting robert mueller's authority. stormy daniels' attorney is ripping into prosecutors for cancelling a scheduled interview that had been planned for today. the meeting was supposed to focus in on a $130,000 hush money payment that trump's former attorney michael cohen paid to the porn store in exchange for silence of an alleged affair. he tweeted that the news media found out about it and saying, quote, they can't handle a few cameras outside their offices, closed quote. he also questioned how the
10:39 am
attorney's office can handle such a high-profile case saying, quote, this is unheard of. we remain willing to cooperate but something isn't right. let's go to karoukarou demirjia. >> i think they are leaking to the media the existence of the meeting and therefore irking the prosecutors. if they want information from her, prosecutors generally don't like this type of publicity. i can't see how it's in her interests, if they're trying to help the case, to be so public about it. is there a rule against him doing so? no, not right now. but it just seems
10:40 am
counterproductive to me. >> karoun, what do you think? >> this is the push and pull of this, right? it's about how they address the public and the reaction to that as it has been this court proceeding. it's not a traditional sort of witness, it's not a traditional sort of process, right? but it kind of has to be when push comes to shove and you get into the nitty-gritty of the actual court proceedings, otherwise there will be pushback to the chambers that are actually running this thing. that has not been the way daniels and her attorney have been handling this entire affair since the beginning. there's been a large media strategy and it requires a lot of recalibration on their part if they're now going to leave that door to get into the deeper stages of these court proceedings. the president's tweet over the weekend, he wants to do away with allowing judges or any court proceedings to prevent the
10:41 am
u.s. from immediately deporting refugees or immigrants trying to come into the united states. >> yeah, so this is a real problem. look, the constitution provides for due process. that includes somebody who comes into the united states -- as soon as a migrant and their child come into the united states, if they're coming together, they have constitutional rights. the president may not like that, but that's the system we have. i take the president's word at what he tweets out, and so if he's saying that he wants to do away with due process, he's really putting an attack on our constitutional system. it's beyond inappropriate, and it really calls into question whether or not he is adhering to his oath of office if he's saying there shouldn't be due process. he doesn't like the immigration laws. he wants them to change. he can't do it by order alone. he needs congress to act if
10:42 am
they're going to implement more strict immigration rules. but what's happened at the border is that the policy of family separation is not only immoral, but it has no legal basis to separate children from their parents. and so his call to do away with due process, it's not going to happen, and it's just very unfortunate that he continues to attack these democratic systems. >> how was this playing out for him over the weekend. he tweeted, he thinks this will be good for republicans, this whole debate, going into midterms in october. >> you would have to ask his colleagues if they agree because many of them really don't. there is a wing of the party that equally disposes the president to let anybody in the country. but there are a number of members in the gop that think this is a terrible idea. they think it's a terrible policy. it's going to reflect extremely poorly on them and they don't agree fundamentally that these are american values, what we
10:43 am
should be projecting to the rest of the world about how we treat people who come to the border and try to legally get in. so there is a real split there in the gop. certainly the president thinks this will play well to his base, but the gop is not going to follow in lock step. and this is the problem they have right now on capitol hill, which is they're going to be tackling another immigration bill, but if that bill doesn't get through, and it's unlikely that it will, what does that mean? will the gop and democrats come together to fix this policy or make their opinion known, which is not going to be where the president is. >> good point. carrie, the last month alone, the president has called robert muell mueller's russia investigation a witch hunt 25 times in the last month alone. robert mueller's approval numbers are going down. >> i can't believe that's based on anybody who understands the history of former director mueller, his service to country and the fact he's conducting
10:44 am
this investigation appropriately, timely. he is filling a mandate to investigate the russian influence on the election. and the whole scope of what that entails. the president, certain type of issue where he wants the investigation to go away, so he continually is using his bait. we'll see how it turns out. the hacking still needs to come out. tl there are a lot of different angles of this investigation that still need to be revealed. >> thank you both very much. a rescue under way for a teenage soccer teen believed to be trapped in a cave. congresswoman maxine waters
10:45 am
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the united states saying it will soon ask north korea for a timeline on its commitment to completely denuclearize. the u.s. will soon be able to see if north korea will act in good faith on the agreement reached in the historic summit. president trump is criticizing, meanwhile, the news coverage in the united states of that meeting with kim jong-un. listen to this. >> if he doesn't make good on his commitment, what is the u.s. prepared to do? >> first of all, we came to a
10:50 am
wonderful agreement. il it's a shame that the fake news covers it the way they do. it's really -- it's almost treasonous, if you want to know the truth. >> we have a lot to discuss with david miller. he's vice president and distinguished scholar at the >> almost treasonous the way the news media is covering this summit? >> bad comment. if mr. trump read the constitution, he would see that article 3 section 3 talks about treason as leveeing armies against the united states. he may think it's funny, it's not funny. it suggests that any opponent to the president is treasonous, which puts you on a dark path. >> which leads me to the re-election of president erdogan
10:51 am
in turkey right now. this is a big win for him. >> he joins a specific club. they run electoral dictatorships, the potential is there -- >> what is the impact on u.s./turkish relations. >> even before this, there was a problem. the turks are reaching out to the russians, buying russian military equipment. as a member of nato, it's become much more complicated. they'll continue to cooperate on counter terrorism. i think the path forward is going to be an increasingly fraught one. >> jared kushner just back from a visit to the middle east. that with the saudis, the israelis, he met with the palestinians, he did give an interview to the palestinian newspaper. and he had some specific words,
10:52 am
he condemned the refusal by president mahmoud abbas to meet with him, he was trying to go over mahmoud abbas's head. >> i think that approach may be effective, if the trump peace initiative is one that meets basic, or fries to meet basic palestinian needs or requirements. i don't think that's going to be the case. as dysfunctional as abbas is -- >> what he's trying to do is bring in moderate arab states, the jordanians, the egyptians. to work with the israelis and try to convince the palestinians to go forward on a two state solution. >> i think he's trying, and when this is put out, it will be put out. jared kushner told me his father-in-law wants a peace plan. and he's going to put a peace plan on the table. the arabs will say maybe. the palestinians almost certainly are going to say no. mr. trump will say i tried.
10:53 am
palestinians will probably take the hit. and the whole process will be parked through the midterms. >> failing a tiation, that's the best outcome for this administration. >> you're not very hopeful at all? >> that this peace plan is supposedly a 30 page document will generate some progress? >> i mean, you know, i'd be the first to break open the champagne, we didn't have much success over the course of the last 20 years, i hope they succeed, i just don't -- i think mr. kushner has mission impossible. >> the next hour, the president will be receiving jordan's king abdullah at the white house. i assume they're going to have a note toe op at the top. jordan is under enormous pressure right now, all the refugees coming in from syria. >> on june 19th, mr. kushner saw the king. and on june 21st, the white
10:54 am
house denounced that the king was coming to the white house. they're worried about an influx of refugees, and worried, i think by what he believes is in the trump peace initiative. this guy has a special role in jerusalem. and i think he really feels somehow that this initiative is going to undermine his custodianship of the holy places, but if it doesn't make clear that the end zboel is a palestinian state, a lot of people are going to be looking at jordan to fill that solution. and that's something that the king clearly wants to avoid. >> it seems all these moderate sunni arab states, they want israel alongside a new state of palestine. basically with some adjustments along those lines, with east jerusalem as the capital of the palestinian state. >> if in fact mr. kushner put that in the plan, he would lose the israelis. the israeli government would probably collapse. and he'd gain the arabs and the palestinians. this guy has mission impossible.
10:55 am
>> which guy? >> kushner. when i met him for the first time, i said i wish my father-in-law had as much confidence in me as your father-in-law has in you. he's giving you mission impossible. unless the israelis and palestinians are willing to make the core decisions, it seems to me you and i will be having this conversation next year too. >> you served as middle east negotiator for many years. >> thanks, i used to be a lot taller then. >> aaron miller, thanks very much. we're getting new video from the trump administration, showing the inside of those infamous detention centers housing immigrants. plus, roseanne speaking out in a new interview. what she now says about that racist tweet, her firing and why she got so emotional. still a chance here.
10:56 am
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rescue crews are searching for a missing youth soccer team and their coach. they're believed to be trapped in a cave in the northern part of the country. they believe the team climbed through the cave and rising waters trapped them inside. the 12 teenagers have been missing since saturday afternoon. that's it for me, thanks for watching, the news continues right now. hi, you're watching cnn on this monday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. we have new video from inside the tents in texas. this is video just released by the government. being released as hundreds of parents are still waiting to be reunited with