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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  June 25, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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with leukemia. support.ilies don't have the they can't start the fight without getting to the hospital. we get them here in a nice clean environment and on time. and no child should miss their treatment due to lack of transportation. >> learn more about richard's run, donate if you wish an cnn good evening, thanks for joining us, we begin with breaking news. we learned this evening that the homeland security department will ask the pentagon to approve plans to potentially house more than seven thousand unaccompanied children in a military base in texas. it is according to a military official who stresses these are
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planning number s the president patting himself on the back for taking action regarding a situation that he himself creating and the white house not owning up to it. the gaslighting continues. the white house says you should ignore the facts and believe them instead. 2,000 kids have been separated from their parents and placed into shelters across the u.s. the president signed an executive order meant to keep migrant families together. after he and members of his administration have said multiple times that only congress could end the separation. now the policy was to enforce existing border laws in a with a that other policies have not. the president says he has no regrets about signing the order despite reports that he has questioned it in private. >> the executive order was great. it was something that i felt we had to do. we want children staying together. the law is this law for a long
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period of time. a false story. i wanted to sign that. in fact i was saying yesterday before i read the phony story in "the new york times" that i was very happy that i signed that. >> this is a problem that the president created by adopting the zero-tolerance policy. the president seems to want to take away due process for undocumented immigrants entirely. over the weekend, he tweeted quote, we can't allow all of these people to invade our country, when somebody comes in, we should immediately with no judges or court cases bring them back from where they came. sarah sanders was asked about this. and the first requests was does the president believe that undocumented immigrants have no due process rights. >> thousands of illegal aliens are removed every month without seeing a judge. just because you don't see a judge doesn't mean you are not receiving due process. >> multiple reporters tried to
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get clarification. but sanders repeated the answer and said the president wants secure borders and congress should step up and work with the white house to fix the system >> so unless congress acts, nothing is actually going to change the administration is not changing anything right now when it comes. >> you mean are we walking around making up laws, no, because we are not the obama administration. we are enforcing laws that are on the books and asking congress to do their part and pass new legislation to fix our immigration system. >> the white house can try all it want to blame past administrations. or blame congress. but that doesn't change the fact that it was this administration's zero tolerance policy they wanted this to be a deterrent. they said so on camera. this was a deliberate choice by the administration. and they picked up today where they left off last week saying they want to keep families together. >> working to make families stay together.
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it was your administration that separated them in the first place. >> it wasn't our administration that created these laws but it is our administration's job to enforce it. and we have done that. if someone breaks the law, it is our job to enforce it. >> it wasn't this administration that created these laws. as we have said, it was this administration choice to enforce them in a way that no other president has. now caught in the middle of this confusion, are real people, real children and the major question is what happens to them now. she was asked about that as well. >> the law says you can't keep them together even with parents longer than 20-day, and then what happens. >> hopefully congress will pass a law and fix the problem. >> in the next few days. >> why should it be so hard. they all say they don't want to separate families, it should be pretty simple to me. >> putting it the shoulders of congress. it should be a simple fix except the president tweeted and i quote, republicans should stop
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wasting their time on immigration. jim acosta is in south carolina where the president is speaking at a rally. we are now learning that the military might need to house some of these unaccompanied kids. clearly this has not been a well-executed plan. what does the white house have to say about it? >> reporter: the defense secretary jim mattis says yes, there are a couple of bases in texass used to house potentially up to 11,000 migrants. including thousands of unaccompanied minor s texas to house. that is the potential if they have that need. what you saw over at the white house earlier today was another example of how they dodged these questions and provide little information as possible. you heard the white house press secretary sarah sanders saying we need resources, resources to care for these people. as you just mentioned a short while ago, last week, the
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president was essentially telling congress, no, we want to wait until after the midterm to have more republicans in congress. right now, saying we want to provide those resources for judges and so on and that flies against what the president has been tweeting and talking about over the last 48 hours that he wants to deny due process. you are hearing two different things, conflicting ideas from the same party. >> i am wondering why the president felt that was important to begin the briefing on it. >> reporter: i talked to a source close to the white house in the last several minutes who summed it up this way. do as i say, and not as i do. the white house obviously wants to emphasize what they believe to be intolerance on the left. at the same time totally avoiding the question of what happened over the past 18 months
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when the president time and again has not shown civility and not just the president but officials at all levels of this administration and not to mention people who show up at some of his rallies and say unkind things for example to members of the press. you know, this is something that obviously the white house wants to put out there and wants to make sure that the public is focused on. they could have come out today with a plan for what is going to happen to all of these children who have been separated from their parents. we are waiting to hear if the president talks about that in this rally. when the president talks about the immigration issue, he talks about the danger of this. i expect we will hear more about that this evening. >> lots to talk about tonight. joining me tonight steve cortez. ana navarro. and norm eisen. >> you know, he tweets so many
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crazy things, that it is almost, you know, hard to know what to do and how to react to the things he says. this is very serious. i am going to take the president of the united states seriously any time and every time he tweets. i don't see the things he says as jokes. i see them as deadly serious. due process is a pillar, a bastion of our constitutional democracy. this guy swore on the constitution when he took the oath of office. republicans we are supposed to be strict constitutionalist. due process is a part of that. and highway do i feel about it? i think it is violating republican principles and american principles and it is not something that you can do unilaterally. he is going to get challenged in court and he is probably going to have a hard time defending it.
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>> steve, should somebody who crosses the border illegally, and not an american citizen, have due process. >> i totally agree with you ana. case law is settled on this issue. once you step foot on american soil, there are due process rights. not the same rights of an american citizen. there are due process rights, so we would have to have new legislation at the least. but i think the bigger point that he is getting it, the president speaks in a vernacular that people can understand. he doesn't speak in a lawyerly measured way all the time. and people appreciate that. the point he is trying to get across is if you come here illegally, you don't have all of the rights of americans. do you have some rights of due process, you can. our laws can be changed so that your removal is expedited because you have no business being here in the first place. that's the larger point. let's not major in the minors.
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let's focus on the principle that is important. which is we have a country, we have borders, that is just common sense. >> sarah sanders says said today just because you don't see a judge doesn't mean you are not receiving due process, does that make sense to you? >> well, anderson, none of this makes sense. i have to disagree with steve. this isn't something that can be fixed with the statute. this is the damage that trump is going with these tweets. he has even flummoxed you. you misstated his tweet. he is not speaking of a vernacular, he is lying about our constitution and misstating our most fundamental laws and principles. the supreme court held for example in a case in 2001 that once you are here, you are entitled to due process. >> i just conceded that. >> let me finish, steve, the president, you said it is a question of congress fixing it,
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no, it is constitutional, that is number one. number two, you said the president speaking in a vernacular, boloney, that is why this crisis has caused his popularity to plummet. >> really? his popularity is rocketing higher. >> no it is not. >> yes it is. >> steve, let me finish my point. when his tweet says something that is not convenient for you, you misstate the tweet. when the polling numbers are inconvenient, you misstate the polling. 2,000 kids have been cruelly separated from their parents. that is a crisis, that is a shame on the trump presidency. he brought that about. and that is what we should be focusing. >> certainly among republicans
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his popularity, it is going up. >> per cnn polling, 57% of americans say the country is going in the right direction. that is the highest in a decade in this country. the american people, you wouldn't know it from watching mainstream media, the american people are happy. regarding your point, yes, i concede. case laws argues against this. i mean expediting the due process so that removal can be much faster, much more efficient. if you break and enter into our home, you are not allowed. you have due process just as a criminal has due process rights when they break and enter into a private residence. it doesn't mean you can stay here for months and years and bog down our system and it is a point that the american people agree with. >> we will have more on this discussion.
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we will take you to texas where families are looking for kids. and later, secretary nielsen heckled out of a restaurant. sarah sanders asked to leave a restaurant. we will talk about it with david axelrod and doug brinkley ahead. you. >> shape shame! . ewww! being in the know is very good. don't shake! ahhh! sign up online for free. discover social security alerts.
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4,000 migrant family members. this comes as the fate of thousands of children still separated from their children. parents looking for their kids spoke out. diane gallagher is there, and joining us now. the parents of the news conference clearly were upset, and what did they have to say about being separated from their kids. >> reporter: for some of the people, they say at this point, they would rather risk poverty and even death than go through this situation. they don't know where their children are. 32 of them came to the charity, the enunciation house here in el paso and only three of them have had a direct personal conversation with their child since they were separated. some of them are finding out at this point that their kids are across the country in new york or maybe in chicago and they are not sure how to reunite with them. many of them thought they were going to see their children when they were dropped off at the enunciation house.
9:18 pm
they say they were led to believe their kids were there. one man said it was his daughter's tenth birthday today. he was so excited waiting for her. and now he doesn't even know where she is. another woman found out that her 4-year-old son was in new york. she can't talk to him on the phone because his caseworker said he was mad at her and didn't want to speak. we are hearing these stories because they say when they were dropped off at this charity, they were only given a phone number, a piece of paper, no instructions on how to work if you can't get ahold of someone. the government they say has not been proactive about reuniting them with their kids. they are desperate right now and they don't know where to turn. >> they are out of custody? the people who spoke today? >> yes. so they are wearing ankle bracelets but the charges against them were let go, they were dismissed. they still have to go through
9:19 pm
the immigration proceeding. they are allowed out with the ankle bracelets. and they can go around the country until their day in court. sort of similar to how some of this was working before the zero-tolerance policy. they don't where their kids are. and they were released and their kids are still somewhere across the country. >> i appreciate that. we are going to have more on that ankle bracelet program. steve cortez thanks for coming back, and ana navarro and norm eisen. and sarah sanders says the -- initial policy and they talked about this as a deterrent. where do you think they are on this?
9:20 pm
>> are you asking me? >> i was asking ana. >> i have no idea. i am not a trump whisperer. i have no idea what goes through his head. what we do know what his initial policy is. as which he denies. it was done because of national out kraej rage and every group. groups that are important to republican senators, republican congressman, evangelicals. chamber of commerce, and i can go on and on. this is not something that he did out of compassion. this is not something that he did out of humanity. this was something he did because he was basically forced to do it for the first time. >> steve, there are a number of republicans on capitol hill who
9:21 pm
have put ideas of hiring more judges. there is only a couple of hundred judges and talking about hiring a lot more. and that is not something that the administration is supportive of, certainly not the president, why do you think that is. you talked about expediting removals, wouldn't more judges help expediting the process. >> it might very well and i would advise the president to reconsider that. i think more judges would be helpful. i hate bureaucracy, but in this case, we might need bureaucracy. long-term, and certainly trump voters like me, and all the people i talked to, these are near term fixes, long-term, it is a border wall. that is what we need. that will solve 95% of our problems. if it is not easy to pass our sovereign border, that will solve our problem s
9:22 pm
>> you do know, as you well know this, because you know this issue well, a large percentage of the people who are here illegally, have overstayed their visas. so it won't solve the problem of illegal immigration. >> that alone will not, but it will solve more border issues. i want to point this out, having a porous and lawless border which we have tolerated for decades both republicans and democrats. i give president trump the credit for trying to take this issue on. obama didn't, bush didn't. everyone i think was duplicitous regarding the border. except for president trump. tolerating a lawless border leads to all kinds of human misery including these children are the victim s because their parents chose to break the law. including traffickers of both contraband and humans. including sex trafficking.
9:23 pm
all kinds of awful consequences result from tolerating this lawlessness and a wall will be a great way to reestablish law. and sanity there. >> ambassador eisen don't this come down to how the administration, it comes down to how this administration is interpreting the existing law. they have enforced immigration laws unlike past administrations. >> president trump tried to lie about this too. claiming it continued under both democratic and under pass predecessors. nonsense. everybody recognizes that kids are different from adults. and in order to keep the kids safe, both democrats and republicans had kept the families together. president trump and his
9:24 pm
administration intentionally tore these children from their parent's arm. it is inhumane and cruel. it runs against everything that america stands for. and the american people don't like it. in the gallup poll, last week before this mess, trump was at 45% approved. 50% disapproved. 5% gap. that soared to a 14% gap in today's gallup poll. 41% to 55%. people do not like this. it is not american. shame on president trump. shame on him. >> any american who commits a serious crime and might happen to have their children with them, will be separated from their children. what you are asking for is special rights for illegal immigrant criminals over american criminals and that is absurd. it is illogical. it is not the law. and the american people i think see through that.
9:25 pm
they know that. >> you know that this is not a serious crime. this is people fleeing for their lives. >> it is a serious crime to break into our country. >> it is actually misdemeanor. >> the first time. and it is a felony after that. >> all we are asking is that trump follow the flores law like both administrations republicans and democrats did. show some compassion. these are children we are talking about. shame on you. >> shame on me? committing a crime in tow. >> thanks very much. democratic congress women said they should be. whatever happened to decent decent people disagreeing issues. we will dig into that next. we will dill into that next. >> shame on you. shame on you. paying too much for insurance that isn't the right fit?
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outra tonight outrage of wha happening has led to a new level of political discourse. democrat maxine waters has come under fire for encouraging public shaming to continue. here is what she said on saturday. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, at a department store, at a gasoline station. you get out and you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome anymore anywhere. >> this morning president trump responded to that writing quote, congresswoman maxine waterers with an extraordinary low iq --
9:30 pm
person has come together with nancy pelosi. she just calls to harm to supporters. be careful for what you wish for, max. white house press secretary sarah sanders was asked to leave a virginia restaurant. the restaurant owner told the washington post that she explained to sanders that she has certain standards. also this weekend, florida attorney general pam bondi got heckled outside a movie. here is a look at that and others with ties to the white house who have come under fire in public. >> what would mr. rogers think about you? taking away health insurance. shame on you. shame on you. >> shame! shame! vladimir putwe, sir, we are th
9:31 pm
america who are alarmed and angst that your new administration will not protect us. our families, our children our parents -- uphold our inalienable rights. >> sarah sanders addressed this in today's white house press briefing. here is what she said >> the cause for harassment. ability to find solutions despite those disagreements is what makes us unique. >> joining me now is david
9:32 pm
axelrod. and doug brinkley. you say when civility is no more, it is a triumph for president trump. what do he mean? >> i mean that look, i understand the outrage on how this president behaves and his policies. he has shredded the idea of civility. just the tweet you read that shows that. i don't think you defeat that. i don't think you change it by emulating it. i don't think a race to the bottom in terms of civility and politics is the way to go. and you know, i absolutely believe that people ought to organize, vote, and donate, run. this is not the answer. and here is the odd thing about this. not the odd thing, but the thing that troubles me, is people think that by doing this, they are taking action. they are making a difference.
9:33 pm
they managed to make sarah sanders a sympathetic figure this weekend. they riled up the base and divided further the country. that was not the intent. but that was the effect. you want to go out and make change, then make change with the tools democracy offers. one last thing, sarah sanders statement today, she doesn't have standing to give these kinds of pious homily on the importance of civility. she works for a president who gleefully shreds it. rather than reading it to the country, she ought to march into the oval office and read them to the man she works for. >> doug, have you seen a time like this? clearly as david said, president trump and candidate trump changed the rhetoric that
9:34 pm
candidates used and encourage people to, he said he would like to punch somebody in the mouth at one point, or in the face. so lack of civility on both sides. but having people shouted down in restaurants. but having maxine waters saying if you see them, form a crowd and push back on them. it doesn't end up in a good place. >> i agree with david axelrod's assessment. our history is fraught with violent moments and angers. you to have talk about the civil war, look at the way we treated people who were socialist or communist during the red scare and the whole civil rights movement. lester maddox in atlanta georgia had a chicken restaurant. didn't let like somebody like julian bond in, you can't eat at my restaurant. so the mistake made is the idea of booting sarah sanders out. because the history of kicking
9:35 pm
people out of restaurants or not serving them is usually something done by people who have intolerance. she was trying, the owner, making it a progressive statement. kicking out sarah sanders because i don't like what is happening on the u.s./mexico border. in the end, she looks small and made sarah sanders a bit of a martyr. >> and david, the president told sarah sanders to lead with this at the briefing today. and it definitely has the opposite impact that who ever these people are yelling shame or kicking her out of a restaurant. we should have a difference of opinion without attempting to accost people in public life. >> absolutely. nobody was happier about these developments than donald trump.
9:36 pm
he was gleeful it allowed him to depict his people as victims. even though he has encouraged crowds to attack reporters. and saying he wanted to punch a protester in the face. every single attack on an opponent is laced with some nasty personal incivility. so but this was an opportunity for him to turn the tables. and he seized it and he sent her out there to say it. despite the obvious point that he and she frankly are in no point to lecture on this, i make this point not because i am trying to defend the trump administration, but because i am trying to defend civility as a value in our democracy. and i think those who opposed president, have an obligation no the to try to follow him down in this race to the bottom, down the rabbit hole.
9:37 pm
>> we have seen gay people refused service at a baker, because of religious beliefs, i suppose the restaurant owner could say it is my religious belief that i oppose sarah sanders. it doesn't have the impact. >> it was a gauche move. she should have said honey, the food is coming, the chicken is coming and then have slow service. if she had slow service for a while, sarah sanders could have walked out on her own. but by giving her the boot, she lost the moral high ground. what both david and i are saying, you need to keep the high ground. and not always take the low road. >> you historians are so cunning, i never thought of that. >> up next, president trump tweets again, his claim that president obama ordered wiretaps on his phone just before the
9:38 pm
2016 election. he also referenced judge mukasey. i will talk with judge mukasey next. and the safey for "most parallel parallel parking job" goes to...
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on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. now president trump was up early today for reasons unknown unearthed his favorite chestnut that the obama administration ordered wiretaps on his phone just before the election.
9:42 pm
he wrote former attorney general michael mukasey said that president trump is probably -- keeping them honest then fbi director james comey told congress that he had zero information to support those claims. honest, then fbi director james comey told congress that he had zero information to support those claims. again, no records found and in fact the justice department last friday reiterated if a court file that neither the fbi. with all that, i am joined by former attorney general and former judge michael mukasey. do you know what the president was referring to?
9:43 pm
>> i know what he said, this was a statement made in 2015. and i think what i said at the time was there had probably been surveillance but hadn't been done on orders of president obama. and i think what i said at the time is there probably had been surveillance but hadn't been done on orders of president obama. >> and you were talking about surveillance on fisa report. >> based on that, there had been surveillance. we have learned a lot more since then. but that is what we knew at the time. >> i am wondering what you are seeing, the recent polling shows the criticism of robert mueller by the president seems to be having an impact. what do you make of that? does it concern you? this drum beat is having an impact. >> on what? >> an impact on public
9:44 pm
perception on robert mueller and the investigation. >> does it concern me? not really, because robert mueller isn't guided by and shouldn't be guided by the percentage of opinion poll. >> you don't think it would have an impact? >> if i were in his place, it wouldn't have an impact on mine. >> why do you think the president is doing this? does it have an impact on whatever his conclusion is. >> i'm sorry, i don't have the mind reading booth on the midway, i can't tell you what the president intends. the fact that this investigation has been going on for some time and to go back on the allegation on surveillance. that surveillance started based on the claim that a man named carter page was involved in and people lose sight of this, not just an agent of a foreign power, but because he was a u.s. citizen they had a claim that he was involved in a commission of a crime with russia.
9:45 pm
and he has not been charged with anything and nobody charged with collusion and we have been at this for a long time. and as far as wiretapping president trump, i don't know if there has ever been evidence of that. as you pointed you in your intro, there isn't any. >> i want to play some of the officials have said recently just in recent months. >> i'm asking you as the future fbi director, do you consider this endeavor a witch hunt. >> i do not consider director mueller to be on a witch hunt. >> you said in your confirmation hearing that the russian investigation is not a witch hunt. is that still your opinion. >> yes, senator, as i said before i do not believe special council mueller is on a witch
9:46 pm
hunt. >> president trump calls all of this a witch hunt, what do you think of that? >> i wouldn't use the term witch hunt. >> he has a job to do. we all understand that. >> is it right that it is a witch hunt, do you agree with that? >> no i don't. robert mueller has a lifetime of credibility, let's let him do his job. >> is it important for the public to have confidence in institutions like the justice department like robert mueller's investigation. >> in general? >> yeah. >> i don't bracket those two. you say the justice department, i used to head the justice department, yes, it is important that they have confidence in it because the justice department is one of those institutions that stands between us and mayhem, so yes, i think it is important. i think it is important that they have confidence in the military and the executive. >> does labelling something a witch hunt erode that confidence? >> not the confidence of the justice department, no. robert mauler is not an employee
9:47 pm
of the justice department. he is operating under the supervision of the justice department. >> i appreciate your time. thank you very much. we are going to check in with chris to see what is going on on kwo cuomo prime time. >> the president was using him as a source and now you have full context of what he meant. and this is what the president is so good at. and what we are going to do tonight is avoid going down the rabbit hole of the ridiculous. there is a lot of fodder in there if you want to chase it. instead, we are going to go deeper, past his tweets and the symptoms of what is obviously an illness in our body politic. what is going on. where is it going to lead us. ax was on to something, david axelrod. you had a good interview with him on your show. we are talking to antonio sabato junior, he is running for
9:48 pm
congress. he says that it is hard to be a trump supporter. the anger is really on the other side, on the left. we are going to talk to him. we are going to talk to draymond green from the golden state warriors. about what he is doing off court. and why the issues surrounding issues matters to him. >> all right. al terntive to detaining families with an almost 100% success rate for getting people to turn up for their court date, our randi kaye has the details next. like tranquil skies. armor all, it's easy to smell good.
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the breaking news tonight the pont gone is asked to week to house 7,000 unaccompanied children at an air force base. of course one way to keep track of migrants. we saw another ankle bracelet.
9:53 pm
all those who wear those do in fact appear as required. we take a closer look. >> reporter: the clock is ticking. he's expected to be deported to mexico next week. that hasn't stopped him from working his job as a manager at the popular restaurant in palm beach, florida. trouble began long ago in 2001. he had come to the u.s. 159 to live with his brother. but left to visit family in his native mexico. when he returned he was told the visa he used before without issue was invalid. he was refused entry and sent back to mexico. >> i basically grew up in a farm with not much education. they don't have someone next to you. >> reporter: before being sent back. he signed documents put before him. he and his lawyer say the paper work didn't spell out he was
9:54 pm
banned from the u.s. for five years. he returned before the five year mark and was caught. he has been in palm beach for a decade. officials let him stay. and now had wears this. an ankle bracelet. so immigration officials can track him. something he struggles to explain to his three daughters. >> what is it like to come to work wearing this ankle monitor? >> i don't mind. i would rather be working with this than being arrested. >> being in jail? >> of course. >> this is better. >> right. >> do you feel like a criminal. >> how. >> reporter: despite feeling like a criminal. they believe the ankle monitor is the best option compared to detention. and a proven success. >> there's no comparison. at least you have your freedom to move around and be with your family. it's better than detaining people at a huge expense to taxpayers. they track you and you'll appear
9:55 pm
at future hearings. it's a no brainer. >> reporter: he's always shown up for check ins. for a long time it was every two to three years. after trump was elect the, check ins were required two to three months. then came the deportation order. >> i don't want to hide anymore. i want to do everything right. >> reporter: he is the breadwinner for the family. he's worried about leaving them. he says his hometown in mexico is sful of drug cartel and too dangerous for his wife and daughters. >> it's basically over. my kids will grow up without me. if they make me return. i go back with empty hand. and live everything behind. i have to continue to fight. >> she reports he has another meeting with ice tomorrow. he and his attorney feel he maybe taken into custody. we'll continue to follow. we'll be right back.
9:56 pm
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10:00 pm
tension center in texas. her 6 year-old daughter is at a facility in arizona. there's been no reunion yet and no indication of when it may happen. a second foep phone call between the two is scheduled for tuesday. time to hand it over to chris. cuomo "prime time" starts now. >> thank you. welcome to "prime time." a democratic congresswoman calls for a shame campaign. against trump administration officials. and we are seeing intense protests of the same even in private places. but the president seems to love this. why? we'll tell you. tonight we have a man who says he too has been blacklisted for his support of president trump. actor turned congressional candidate antonio sabato jr. joins us tonight. plus it's a new week. the crisis ongoing at the border has not changed. what is it like inside those