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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 27, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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meet up for dinner at the red hen which, by the way, remains closed after asking sarah sanders to leave and may remain closed until july 5th according to reports. >> watch the space. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. "new day" starts right now. see you tomorrow. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day". it is wednesday, june 27th, 6:00 in new york. alisyn is off. erica hill joins me. overnight, oh, my. democrats, call your office. a stunning primary upset of one of the most powerful democrats in washington. joe crowley, once seen as a possible house speaker should the democrats take over, he was beaten and beaten badly. upset winner, first-time candidate, just 28 years old,
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supported by the democratic socialists of america. she ran far to the left of this race. what does that tell us about where the energy is in the democratic party? this is one of the rare moments that causes a party to pause, look inward, figure out what it is and where it's going. mitt romney picked up the republican nomination in utah. and other republicans that the president backed also prevailed. a federal judge in california issuing a nationwide injunction to stop the trump administration from separating families at the border. the judge ordering families be reunited within 30 days. if a child under 5 was separated, that must happen in two weeks. keep in mind, in the past week, just six children of more than 2,000 have been reunited with their parents, according to the government. and a closed-door meeting.
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first-time lawmakers will hear after text messages will reveal he didn't want donald trump in the white house. let's begin with david chalian. good morning. >> it was an earthquake inside the democratic party as results were coming in in the 14th congressional district in new york. alexandria cortez, the big winner, the surprise winner takes down the number four guy in the house democratic leadership and doesn't just do it by a thin margin. look at this. it is a smashing victory for this young upstart woman now poised to be the next congresswoman. this is a generational shift in the party, ideological shift in
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the party. of course it has to do with race and gender and the different makeup of today's democratic base. if you are part of the old guard of the democratic establishment, you look at these results and you are a little bit worried about your future inside the party. other results to tick through, donald trump had a good night. henry mcmaster, he pulls through the runoff. the president was down there a couple days ago, vice president pence over the weekend. he was one of the earliest supporters. he heads to the general election. back here in staten island, some rules and politics seem to play. our second ex-con. running this year. he doesn't advance. the former head of the naacp has a substantial 10-point victory
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in a crowded field to become the democratic nominee for governor in maryland. bernie sanders went in and supported him. he was a sanders supporter in the 2016 race. this is another notch of victory for the sanders progressive wing of the democratic party. finally, mitt romney, we remember the 2012 republican nominee, it looks like he's headed to the united states senate. he easily beat mike kennedy last night. in the meantime, let's bring in nia ma lee qaa henderson. this is a race that ended up being squarely about gender, squarely about race, squarely about generation, and squarely about the future of the democratic party. as david said, i think democratic leaders have to be waking up this morning saying, oh, boy, we've got to reassess. >> that's right. this means a lot for those folks
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who think in november if the democrats take over the house that nancy pelosi should once again assume the gavel. they're the top sort of leadership of the house democrats. they are older. they're in their 70s. even stenny hoyer is going on 80. he was thought to be neck in line. they have to really rethink this. they have a restless number of younger democrats. ocasio-cortez will be another one. some of them left congress because they didn't see a pathway forward into leadership. they left and they have assumed offices in states across the country. so you've got to figure if you are nancy police where you are waking up worried about your future, worried if you can get the real support that you need to be speaker. i think one thing too, this also highlights the fault lines along race. nancy pelosi didn't make
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anything better when she came out against maxine waters. nancy was on the other side of that. this is a real wakeup call for democrats. it is i think a key also kind of assessment of 2020 and the chances of people who want to run there. it is also i think an interesting critique of bernie sanders. owe casio cortez, and jealous as well. is bernie sanders the vector of bernie sandersism. >> it brings up an interesting point in all of that, david, in that these are signs that have been there. they were certainly signs in 2016. the hindsight has been 2020 plus. as we look at this, it just brings up the point that tkratsz
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seem to be continually ignoring the signs that the people who are come outing to vote, that's changing. >> i would be surprise tpd they continue to ignore it at the level that they are. but i think we have seen over the -- i would say the last 10 to 12 years, the republican party going through a real battle between grassroots in surgens, establishment wing, purity test the tests being applied. the democratic party seems to be going through a process not dissimilar from what republicans have spent the last 12 years going through. it has the energy. it is where the fuel and the fire is inside the party. and i think that if you are a long-time establishment leader inside the party, you ignore it at your peril. >> yes, the parties are becoming more polarized. this is more evidence of that. the energy is on the left in the democratic party. we have seen the tea party take
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over the republicans a long time ago. this is the occupy generation that rallied around bernie sanders' campaign. yes, she is a democratic socialist. but she did in her viral campaign ad play the idea of working class, dissing joe crowley for being out of touch, talking about income equality. the queens, bronx, majority, minority, crowley no centrist per se, he is a very liberal guy, but not a good fit for the district. >> i don't think anyone saw it coming, including will alexandria ocasio-cortez. let's watch her reaction last night. >> she's right here. she's looking at herself on television right now. how are you feeling? can you put it into words? >> no. i cannot put this into words.
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>> can you believe the numbers that you are seeing right now? >> i cannot believe these numbers right now. but i do know that every single person here has worked their butt off to change the future. that's what i know. that's what i know. and this victory belongs to every working parent, every mom, every work of the lbgtq community. every single person is responsible for this. >> those of us noticed she's a good candidate. she knows what she is doing. she ran a good race. and it shows what having a strong candidate can do. you are going to hear from the republicans the words democratic socialist, which of course she is a democratic socialist. she wants to do away with i.c.e. the progressives within the democratic party are more and more saying that. how will republicans use this to
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position themselves going forward? >> you know, i think they will do what you said. basically highlight her, highlight nancy pelosi, maxine waters and ocasio-cortez as the hard left. if you are a white working class person who typically, at least at this point seems to be in trump's corner, you might not feel like you fit into that idea of the democratic party with these sort of new faces coming. a more diverse party, more progressive party. we saw donald trump tweet about this already. he didn't really tweet about it in awe way he can fully grasp what can happen. but listen. a lot of those white working class voters in particular did find pwerbernie sanders to be a
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appealing candidate. this is a new democratic party. we will see what it means for 2020, and for 2018 in november with the speaker race, even if that comes to pass for democrats. >> i think it picks up on what you brought up, john. the fact that we are seeing both parties get more extreme. they are both going to be playing the opposite side as the most extreme you can get. the question is who is actually left in the middle? where are the american people and voters? are they starting to lean more independent because they are fed up? >> look, we have seen a rise in independent voters over two decades as the parties have gone more polarized. the difference is it is split between democrats. remember, republicans have been making hay off running against nancy pelosi as her as an avatar of the far left, for this rising tide of new democrats, she is
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not far left enough. >> i will say if republicans try to demonize ocasio-cortez, they might be surprised with what they end up with. she is an energetic spokesman for what she believes. and she is also a face and voice for a new generation. and general racial politics, powerful. >> there's no doubt about it. we talked so much after parkland about youth movement. you see hrentrants into the arena. i think if we just dismiss it s as, if you are an older white male moderate inside the democratic party, you are going to have a tough path to the
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nomination to be the one to take on donald trump potentially. there are lessons to be learned here. even though iowa and new hampshire look different than queens and brooklyn. >> candidates all over have been succeeding. >> people are fed up. they are fed up with crowley who didn't even show up for the last debate ten days ago. he sends a surrogate in his place. what does that say? the "new york times" editorial board called him out for that. >> he baled on two debates. >> that's malpractice. >> democracy, decisions are made by those who show up. crowley didn't show up. his opponents did. >> the president really did
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score two races last night. in south carolina. mcmaster -- actually, euflt was a close result. he squeaked out a victory there. and in new york city, dan donovan win anything staten island over michael grimm. this does show how the president, i think, nia, can be effective. i'm not sure it would have happened had the president not gotten involved like he did. >> we saw the president getting involved wasn't a good idea in alabama and special election in pennsylvania. so here he is trying to put his thumb on the scale to show the power of the presidency and the trump brand. he is leaping in to a way that deny turn out well for him. over the last couple of races he's had a very good record there in west virginia, for instance, as well. this is a president who feels emboldened. he sees a very high approval
3:14 am
rating like 90% the last gallup poll. he knows if he gets in there he can rally his base. south carolina trump country to begin with. mcmaster came out early on as a supporter of trump. yeah, he's going to use his political capital which he sees as growing the supreme court, kind of ratifying his decision with the travel ban and other things going his way. i think he is looking at november and saying he wants to defy the odds in the way he defied them in 2016. >> stick around if you will. we had two other major pieces of news overnight. if you can believe it, only six children, six, six have been reunited with their parents, those who have been separated by their families by the u.s. government. just six. overnight, a federal judge ruling that all of these children must be reunited within the next 30 days. what that ruling means next. en d to get excited about things
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i'm really excited to be here today. i think the movement is growing. makes you feel like you're not alone. i just want to be a part of it. we are building community in response to this attack on our values. and it's important that our movement makes it clear that we are a society where no one's above the law. and if someone's going to break the law, they're going to be held to account, even if they're the president of the united states.
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breaking overnight, a federal judge in california issuing a nationwide injunction to stop the u.s. government from separating families at the border. the judge pls ordering the families be reunited within 30 days. what more do we know? >> reporter: erica, good morning. the clock is now ticking for the trump administration to come up with a plan and fast. a federal judge ordered that
3:19 am
federal officials phufpt stop detaining parents from their children. all children under 5 must be returned to their parents within 14 days and children older than 5 within 30 days. the judge said the situation had reached a crisis level. and officials had no real plan in place for reunification. the judge did not say they must stop prosecuting people but his language and tone throughout this opinion is just remarkable. he says in part here, and i want to quote. the government readily keeps track of personal property of
3:20 am
detainees of criminal and immigration proceedings. the unfortunate reality is that under the present system, migrant children not accounted for with the same efficiency and accuracy as property. so now we wait to the see if the administration tries to appeal this decision. john? laura jarrett, thanks so much. a major development overnight. joining us now is laura coates, david chalian back with us as well. i want to ask what the implications are of this ruling. i ask in light of what happened yesterday. the supreme court struck down objections to the travel ban. it will hold. that is an immigration related matter. will that have an impact here? >> well, interesting you make
3:21 am
that power electrical. this particular implementation of immigration policy has to follow that same track record. remember, the reason there was a 5-4 decision it caused great chaos, confusion among the agencies. a third or fourth person travel ban that the supreme court said that is a go on. this is the first instance of it. and, again, the court has recognized before and could follow the same supreme court logic and say, listen, you have to have a way that is not going to cause mass chaos even if you have immigration basis in your executive authority. this tracks the same sort of lodge you can. this is a signal to the trump administration that, olympic, you have to have some end resulted in mind and some process for reunification, otherwise you have a parental removal proceeding, which is very different. >> there's also the fact that -- and we just heard a little bit about the language the judge used here.
3:22 am
he referred to it as startling reality. we don't know essentially where these kids are. we don't have firm information on how or when they could be reunited. this is great. there is still the question of they and how do we make that happen? >> the government is not tracking migrant tracking as efficiently as it does property is chilling. that is the callousness we are treating these children and the families they have been separated from. as john pointed out, less than six kids have been moved over. that is less than 1% of the kids we know have been detained. this is a great decision. we need much more accountability top to bottom. >> when i saw that number, that
3:23 am
just sucks being reunited with their parents, you thought this can't possibly be right. you accidentally do that. you have to go out of your way only to reunite six. >> it certainly appears that the administration is in competent in being able to do this. we moved past the political argument on this last week. the president caved. he wrote the executive order. there is no more debate between the parties about whether or not kids should be separated from their families. now all we have left is the competency factor of being able to execute on that. that poses as deep a political problem for the president potentially as the original political fight when he got backlash from his own party. when you are deemed an in competent government who can't actually execute and do things that you say you want to do, that sort of rips off a veneer
3:24 am
for the american people. >> and competenincompetence is generation explanation. >> he is saying, hraorbgs itloo not as bad as people say. >> from a political argument, he believes he has a winning political argument. but what is clearly not working. >> is reality? >> is reality, the reuniting these children with their parents. >> laura, go ahead. >> he certainly will be emboldened in thinking it is working because he has the supreme court 5-4 decision. but the reality here is he is talking about incompetence. he never said the deposit could
3:25 am
not be presumed due process. it goes away even if there is some incompetence. they have to follow along the other decisions of the supreme court that says you you can't simply execute laws and enforce them in a manner that's in excess because we guarantee due process even for those not citizens of this country. that is where they have fallen short. >> i want to listen to what the attorney general jeff sessions said. he seemed to make a joke. >> the rhetoric we hear from the other side on this issue as on many others, has become radicalized. we hear views on television today that are on the lunatic fringe, frankly, and what is perhaps more galling is the hypocrisy. these same people live in gated communities, many of them, and are at events where you have to have an i.d. to even come in and hear them speak.
3:26 am
i would like a little security around that ourselves. if you try to scale the fence, believe me, they will be even too happy to have you arrested and separated from your children. >> wow. he seemed to think it was funny, the attorney general. >> by the way, a badly delivered speech. the sentiment was even worse. mocking people who are concerned about the separation of children from their families. that is just so far beneath what we should expect from our attorney general. another major development today, peter strzok, who of course was the fbi agent, i guess he does technically still work for the fbi even though he was marched out last week. he will testify behind closed doors to the house oversight and judiciary committee. they have a lot of questions for him. he is willing to talk. his lawyer says he will waive his fifth amendment rights and
3:27 am
ask every question that is asked of him. this will be fascinating albeit behind closed doors, laura. >> it is an effort to restore his credibility and answer so many of the unanswered questions. of that scathing ig report, he was the number one target of that scathing rhetoric for his conduct, for his text messaging between himself and another attorney, lisa page. so it is justified for them to question and wonder what his statements meant and what was behind the scenes. of course he also played a role not just in the hillary clinton e-mail probe. but for a short time he played a role in the russia collusion investigation. that is one thing adding fodder for president trump's discussions and narrative about why this particular investigation is a witch-hunt. that is an inaccurate assessment, but one he makes nonetheless. and what he is going to say we won't be hearing in real-time.
3:28 am
we will hear something about it. how the narrative is twisted and meandered and drafted is a different story. >> we will have to parse through all of those tidbits we will be getting from people. >> it is interesting. the president said he wants the hearing to be open. he better be careful what he wishes for. peter strzok's lawyer, he says his political conviction that a trump presidency would be disastrous for american national security is not based on bias but information that was available to him in his perception on national security. david, it seems peter strzok is hinting there, i might be willing to tell you some of the things i saw that concern me about this investigation. >> and his involvement also in the russia investigation. and i do think that will be one of the most interesting things. the ig report suggesting he had
3:29 am
a prioritization issue, the clinton e-mail investigation, the russia investigation should get more attention in the fall of 2016. hearing him talk about that will be particularly interesting. >> we saw something fascinating on late night television last night. the late night comics teamed up and did one united opening monologue. wait until you see this, next. i am all about living joyfully. ♪ hello. the new united explorer card hooks me up. getting more for getting away. rewarded! going new places and tasting new flavors. rewarded! traveling lighter. rewarded! (haha)
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3:34 am
five people were injured. look at those pictures. one person is in critical condition. the trees uprooted, a number of power lines toppled. the governor, perhaps not surprisingly, has declared a state of emergency. sarah sanders expected to receive secret service protection as early as today. it is not clear how long it will last. the move comes amid the uproar at the restaurant. all right. revenge of the late night hosts. one day after president trump bashed colbert and jimmy fallon, they teamed up with the help of a friend with identical cold opens. take a look at last night. >> got it. >> it's surpriseing trump is orange.
3:35 am
because if you ask me, he is bananas. and done. great monologue. >> phone ringing. >> hey, low life. >> hey, lost soul. what have you up to? be a man. >> i'll try. what are you up to. >> i'm busy having no talent. >> did you see trump's rally last night. >> nope. >> i me either. i heard he said bad things about us. >> that doesn't sound like hum. >> he said we're low life, lost souls. >> that's not right. that's conan. >> hey, guys, what's up. >> did you hear president trump? >> who? >> the real estate guy who sells steaks. >> he's president? >> yeah. >> wow. how is he doing? >> not so good. >> guys, give him timing okay. and, remember, please be civil.
3:36 am
if we're not careful, this thing could start to get ugly. hey, i'm going to start shaving my chest. you guys want to watch? >> no thanks. >> are we still up for lunch? >> yeah. where do you want to eat? >> red hen. >> it is really interesting to see them do that. it is highly unusual to see direct competitors finding it so important to team up. i think they are sending a message to the country. >> without question. >> hey, you're going to pick on us, we're not going to take it. >> donald trump bringing people together, even conan and fallon brought together by trump. i like the conan thing was funny. >> it was the most apolitical. it was about conan than anything else. >> and where have you been? >> he took it well. it does bring us back to, and we talked about this, the people the president is going after.
3:37 am
he's going after late night talk show hosts and comedians as opposed to focusing on what's happening in the country. and so that in and of itself and the fact that, as you point out, these rivals are teaming up to say, really, this is what you got? here we are. >> just six children reunited with their families and the president talking about late night comedy. >> that's exactly right. >> shaving your chest is always a good tease. >> i'm going to recommend we leave it there. by the way, those of you watching, you're welcome. on a much more serious note, two scares on two different flights. they're okay. but, boy, talk about some tough moments. that's ahead.
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elected officials demanding justice for antwon rose. the officer involved has not been charged. protesters calling on the district attorney to step down. more demonstrations are being planned. athena jones is in pittsburgh with the latest for us.
3:42 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. we can also see charges as soon as today in the incident that led to the shooting death of antwon rose allegheny county police department that a juvenile arrested monday is expected to be charged in the drive-by shooting that police were investigating when they pulled over the car that rose was riding in last tuesday night. they believe this individual is the third person in the vehicle with rose, a young man who also ran from police. meanwhile, pittsburgh police have begun working 12-hour shifts in anticipation of protests. we did see protesters hit the streets after a two-day hiatus to lay to arrest antwon rose. they demand that charges be brought against the officer in this case. some also want to see the state attorney general take over this case from the district attorney's office because they believe that would be more fair.
3:43 am
they are getting some support from state and local officials when it comes to bringing charges. we heard from the mayor who wants to see a jury trial in this case. and i spoke to ed gainey. he told me if law enforcement wants to build trust with the community they need to show they are willing to discipline one of their own. as you mention, phrr protests are planned. there is rain in the forecast all day. that can reduce turnout. but we do expect to see protesters in the streets the next couple of days. they are vow to go keep the pressure on until they see this officer charged. >> athena, thank you. in the next hour, we will be joined by a family friend of rose. a hijacking scare at jfk airport turned out to be a false alarm, thank goodness for that. police surrounded the aircraft and s.w.a.t. team officers boarded the plane. passengers were ordered to put their phones away and hands up.
3:44 am
in the end, a radio glitch caused a hijacking code to be sent to air traffic controllers. whew! a half naked man disruptintd a delta flight. >> that is more than half naked. i'm just saying. >> three-quarters make i.d.? >> he jumped onto the wing, pounded on the windows. imagine being in that seat as someone is pounding on the window. the man is identified as jared jones. he scaled a fence at the airport before making his way onto the taxiway. he is 19. he was arrested in minutes. as for the why here, at this point that is still not clear. >> look, obviously he looks very troubled. but what it does show is, you know, a security weakness at that airport and how vigilant you have to be. >> and that is a very, very busy airport. >> he got up next to that plane. >> three-quarters naked and
3:45 am
deeply concerned or some kind of bender. >> we have a lot of news this morning, including this new poll which shows a majority of americans are concerned about the state of democracy. stick around. whoooo.
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a new poll from the bipartisan democracy project finds the majority of americans are concerned about the state of america's democracy. 55% describe america's democracy as weak, with 68% say it's getting weaker. 39% of republicans agree. joining me now is bobby goshe. thanks for being with us. this is flat-out saying we're concerned about democracy. our foundational core is somehow in jeopardy right now. do you buy it? >> i think we should. i deal with foreign affairs. a lot of people i talk to live in countries where democracy either does not exist or used to and has been destroyed by authoritarian leaders over the years. when i speak to people they say why aren't americans seeing it.
3:50 am
we are seeing some of the things that happen in our country are happening in the united states. don't you people see what is going on? this poll shows us quite large numbers of americans see it, actually feel it in their gut. that's probably, you know, in the realm of looking at things glass half full. it is a good thing large numbers of americans are seeing and are concerned about it. what they do about it is the other question. >> it feels a little partisan to me. 68% of describing democracy is weak. 39% of republicans. democrats are the out party. they think the system is somehow not working for them. 10% of the country should be thinking like that. no more. >> do you think the president is responsible not for the partisanship but for his attacks on institutions themselves. >> i think that's a very, very
3:51 am
big part of it. when we talk about democracy, it is not just a matter of voting. when you see the most powerful man in the land attacking the very institutions that are -- we have been taught this since childhood. the very institutions that make up our democracy. that is bound to have a corrosive effect over a period of time. 39% of republicans. >> let me shift gears, bobby. we are learning national security adviser is in moscow meeting with russians, vladimir putin, setting up a summit which we understand right now is possible it will happen actually before the president meets with nato leaders. once again, we're presented with
3:52 am
this dichotomy of the president meeting with someone seen as an adversary of the united states right at the time he is meeting with countries considered allies of the united states. >> you first go and consult your allies, get your notes together, your talking points together, and then go and meet putin. we don't want him to go and burn more bridges with nato. i'm less concerned with the timeline than the lack of any sense of what it is he's meeting putin for. when regan went to meet gorbachev, he knew what was on the agenda.
3:53 am
but going to meet someone who is no friend of ours, we kn. we are not clear what he wants. >> relationships matter. >> yes. >> working relationships matter. and the united states is still engaged in some kind of complicated plan inside syria with the russians. so they could talk about that. >> oh, sure. look. two world leaders, there is plenty to talk about. this is not i'm dropping in for coffee. this is a summit meeting. summits are supposed to have a clear plan. putin basically has had it his own way for years and years now. all he wants is for the world to know the president of the united states is eager and anxious to come meet him.
3:54 am
that's good enough for putin. >> what putin wants is more, please. just more of this, please. >> absolutely. to be seen as an equal. >> it is smaller than that of italy. and the president of the united states is treating him as if he is a major power. >> the president is less concerned about the russia investigation if he's okay with a picture in the middle of the summer standing side by side with vladimir putin in extensive meetings. >> i think he wants to say i can go meet face-to-face. all of the stuff going on with this investigation, it is a double blow. if i were really worried about the investigation, would i go and shake hands with putin? it is hard to know. >> bobby ghosh, always great to talk to you.
3:55 am
a primary stunner on a couple of fronts. what it means for democrats at midterms but also with republicans.
3:56 am
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for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving! this is cnn breaking news. good morning. welcome to your "new day". here is john avlon. we have break news. air stunning upset. once seen as a possible house speaker should they take over, he was beaten badly in a new york district. alexandria ocasio-cortez. she ran far left.
4:00 am
mitt romney picked up the republican nomination in utah. >> also breaking overnight, a federal judge in california issuing a nationwide injunction to stop the trump administration from separating families at the border. the judge also ordering families be reunited within 30 days if a child underage 5 was separated. that reunification must happen in two weeks. we have learned from the government in the past week just six children, six out of more than 2,000 who remain separated will from their parents. >> it was an earthquake last night. 14th congressional district. there it is. the big winner. alexandria ocasio-cortez defeats the number four man in the house leadership. joe


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