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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 27, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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states. that would be progress. thanks for joining us today on "inside politics." see you back here tomorrow. "wolf" starts right now. washington.m wolf blitzer in wherever you're watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. we begin with primary politics here in the united states. and the upset victory that stundemocrats and ousted a long-time lawmaker. 28-year-old democratic socialist alexandria casio-cortez, defeated ten-term congressman joe crowley in their new york district. she says her win is a victory for communities that feel ignored by the democratic establishment. she tells our poppy harlow it sends a message to n. >> i think it says right now that women are at a time where
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they are feeling emboldened, and that we know that justice and we know that representation is not going to be handed to us. we have to fight for it. wehave to earn it. we have to, you know, fight for everygl and scrap. and that not only is that necessary, but that women are ready to do tt this year now more than ever. >> president trump poked fun at democrats over the loss tweeting, wow, big trump hater joe crowley, who many suspected would take nancy pelosi's race, just lost his primary election. in other words, he's out that. is a big one that nobody saw happening. perhaps he should have been nicer and more respectful to his president. the president is taking a victory lap after two candidates that he endorsed won. in new york, representative dan donovan held off a challenge from convicted felon and former congressman michael grimm. and the president tweeted that
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donovan will win for republicans in november. and in south carolina, the governor menry mcmaster won his primary challenge after president trump campaigned for him. the two victories sugge the president still has influence among republican primary voters. i want to get more on the shocking upset in new york city. is it a sign of what is to come? a rise of t new, more progressive, more liberal democratic party? here to break it down, cnn politics reporter and editor a large chris cillizza. hard to overstate how shocking this win by cortez was last night. >> reporter: it really is, wolf. this will be one of -- go down as one of the five or six biggest upsets in 50 years in politics. i want to -- before we get to some of the differences between her and joe crowley and donald trump, i want to play you a little bit of about a two-minute campaign ad video message she ran that will give you a sense of the kind of candidate she positions herself as.
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let's roll that. >> women like me aren't supposed to run for office. i wasn't born to a wealthy or powerful family. mother from puerto rico, dad from the south bronx. i was born in a place where your zip code determines your destiny. this race is about people versus money. we've got people, they've got money. it's time we acknowledge that not all democrats are the same. that a democrat who takes corporate money, drprofits off foreclosure, doesn't live here, doesn't send his kids to our schools, doesn't drink our water or breathe our air cannot possibly represent us. >> reporter: the line there, 's time to realize not all democrats are the same. she's a democratic socialist, the party bernie sanders reveals with. she wants medicare for all.
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tuition free college. this one down here, abolishing i.c.e., the immigration authority, and that is a huge issue in a community, remember, this is the bronx and queens. this is a hugely hispanic and minority community. so that had real resonance. assault weapons ban, another thing that's going to play well with the liberal base. joe crowley was an establishment figure. now, we talk about women. when she talked with poppy harlow, she talked about how this emboldens women. this comes from david wasserman. i love this statistic. of all democratic primaries that did not include a democratic incumbent. so she's not included. 49% of those primaries, all democratic primaries that did not include a democratic incumb a woman was nominated.
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i want to put something else out there. she's 28 years old. 28. 50 years younger than nancy pelosi. 49 than jim clyburn, and 51 from steny hoyer. these are the top three democratic leaders in the house. that is an issue. i want to show a few more fresh faces like her. these are a couple other people to pay attention to. this is ben jealous. he won a contested maryland gubernatorial on friday, as well, and ran as a liberal. jared polis, he is now the gubernatorial member in colorado and one of the first openly gay nominees, ran as a liberal. and stacey abrams, this is
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another unapologetic liberal. alexandria is a feature of a fight to come within the democratic party. >> letter this hour, we have ben jealous. chris, thank you very much. right now, i want to bring in independent senator bernie sanders of vermont. senator, thanks so much for joining us. you know the winner of the new york primary that congressional district describes herself as a democratic socialist. you're a socit. lsod on your 2016 campaign. you congratulated her on twitter, saying among other ain what progressive ed once grassroots politics can do. is the movement that you inspired in 2016 now, for all practical purposes, from your perspective, senator, taking over large chunks of the democratic party? >> that' n the way i look at
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it. that's a kind of the inside the beltway approach. i see it as what alexandria did is ran a campaign focusing on the issues of importance to her district. at is guaranteeingcare as a right, not a privilege.rai an hour. making sure that wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. making public colleges and universities tuition free. so i believe is she focused not only on the right issues but ran a strong grassroots campaign. and despite being outspent 10-1, she won a pretty strong victory. we are seeing that type of effort all across this country. you mentioned ben in maryland. ben took on much of the democratic establishment in maryld. he ended up winning by ten points last night. also talking about exactly the same issues that alexandria talked about. bottom line is, all over this country, people are asking themselves, how does it happen?
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you got three people in this country that own more wealth than the bottom half of the american people. how does it happen you have a economic system dominated by big money and the middle class struggles. unemployment is low, but wages are going down for the average worker. so the american people are demanding a government that represents them and not just the wealthy and powerful. >> just curious, you agree with her that i.c.e. immigration and customs enforcement should be abolished? >> i think this disastrous immigration policy should be abolished. i happen to have voted against i.c.e., the formation of i.c.e., back in 2002. what you have right now is an immigration policy that i think most americans understand is not whis country is about. you don't rip little children away from the arms of their mother. you don't leave 1.8 million kids eligible for daca subject to deportation.
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so whether you abolish i.c.e. or not is not the major issue. the major issue is having an immigration system that is tive reform, protecting the daca people, it means move the citizenship for the 10 million people that are undocumented. that is not what bernie sanders believes, that's what the american people believe and want to see happen. >> she also called for president trump's impeachment. are you on the same side? >> again, there are people who feel that's -- i'm a member of the united states senate. i'm going to have to be if impeachment proceedings go forwg that. so it's premature to be calling for his impeachment. second of all, we have the mueller investigation, which is ongoing. i think it will be, from my perspective, jumping the gun. but all of those issues, whether it's i.c.e., the impeachment, that's media stuff. you have a middle class tha is struggling. candidates speaking to the needs of the working people, who are
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willing to run grassroots campaigns. i would hope that inside the beltway folks start paying attention to that. as i said, ben jealous did the same thing. we are seeing it all over the country and i'm excited about that type of movement. >> the house minority leader nancy pelosi seemed to shrug off the results in new york. listen to what she said. >> the democratic party is increasingly younger, more diverse, more progressive. should the democratic house leadership vote that way? [ inaudible ] >> what's your problem? [ inaud >> they made a choice in one district. let's not get yourselves carried away on demographics and the rest of that within or outside the caucus. >> she said it was only one
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district and let's not get carried away as an expert on demographics. is she right, senator, or do you think establishment figures like her should be worried? >> wolf, again, with all due respect, those are media type questions. the real issue is what people stand for? there are people in the establishment who fight every c day for working people. and i support them. so issue is how do we elect a government that actually represents the needles of working families in this country? what are the issues? mothers today are watching this program, can't afford child care. we are the wealthiest country in the history of the world. we should not have this ugly and grow te grotesque level income. taking on the fsil fuel industry. those are the issues we need to deal with.
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and what we need are candidates who are going to address those issues. >> if the democratic party were to adopt a platform that looked more like she was running on, including what you love, universal health re, medicare for all, federal jobs, would you switch your party affiliation from independent to democrat? >> i mean, the real question that you asked me is, if candidates run on those issues, are they going to win? i think they will win. never forget that in 2014, the last mid term election, we had the lowest voter turnout since world war ii. over 60% of the american people didn't vote. if democrats are going to run and win, what they need to do is engage people, grow the voter turnout and you do that by running on the issues that i run on. that is the future of the democratic party. >> let me quickly get your
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reaction to what the supreme court decided, and the president just tweeted about it, as well. let me read to you his tweet on this union issue. the supreme court rules in favor of nonunion workers who are now as an example able to support a candidate of his or her choice without having those who control the unions deciding for them. big loss for the coffers of the democrats. congressman adam smith reacted by saying the supreme court is no longer a judicial body, it is an arm of the republican party. every decision they've made has simply been a rubber stamp for the republican agenda. that's congressman adam smith. you have fought to expand union ghts yr whole life. do you agree with congressman smith that the united states supreme court is now just an arm of the republican party, given all these 5-4 decisions? >> there is a reason why, under obama, the republicans worked day and night to block obama's
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ability to support -- appoint a supreme court justice, because the supreme court is very important. it is no great secret that you now have five conservative members of the supreme court who, decision after decision, whether mmigration, whether it's union issues, will support the wealthy and the powerful. what the janice decision is about is weakening the trade union movement. unions are one of the vehicles in our society by which workers can earn decent wages and benefits. it's trump who claims to be a great friend of working people but understand that working people when they come together in unions have some degree of political power. not quite what the koch brothers or the billionaires have, but they have some political power. so from the billionaire class' point of view, this is a good decision. from my perspective, it is a terrible decision which will hurt working families across the country. >> senator, thank you for joining us.
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>> thank you, wolf. his anti-trump text messages landed him in hot water. now fbi agent peter strzok is on the hotseat, testifying behind closed doors before the house judiciary and overnight committees. he's at the center of the controversy over hillary clinton e-mail investigation and allegations of political bias against president trump. democrats emerging saying strzok denied that he was politically biased, but a republican congressman is not convinced. let's go to manu raju. so what's the latest on this hearing? >> reporter: they've been behind closed doors for more than three hours, wolf, strzok being interviewed by members of these two committees, by staff members, as well. the big headline is what peter strzok said in defense of those text messages that revealed some anti-trump sentiment. he said he was not biased in any way, in carrying out the
10:16 am
investigation. and there was a text that got a lot of attention about him wanting to "stop donald trump." he said that was just an intimate exchange between an intimate friend, defending what he said democrats are -- take a listen. >> my impression, my feeling is that there was a feisty exchange all day. and i think that's a lot of interpretation going on of different words and different statements. i think that overall, i remain where i was before, which i don't see the evidence of a conspiracy to, you know, handle this hillary clinton investigation in a political way. >> yes, there is new information that was not included in the ig's report. >> about wha topnik >> manu, i appreciate you asking
10:17 am
that, but i can't get into the specifics of that. >> reporterd meadows said he does not believe the notion that he's not ed, no matter what peter strzok is saying. he said look at the text messthemselves. he's not convinced, and the republicans and democrats want to pursue several more hours of questioning. so expect that, wolf, expect a public hearing to happen. president trump calling himself for peter strzok to testify in the open. a lot of republicans and democrats also agree. that's going to happen according to the chairman of this committee sometime soon. >> manu, thank you. there's big news out of north korea. kim jong-un's regime is reportedly aely upgrading its nuclear reactor, despite pledges he made with president trump. a judge rebukes the trump administration over its border policy. the attorney general jeff sessions telling a joke about separating families, congresswoman jackie spear of
10:18 am
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a potential setback two weeks after kim jong-un declared his commitment to complete denuclearization during that summit with president trump. new satellite images of a major north korean nuclear research site suggest improvements have continued. and operations at the facility remain unclear. let's bring in congresswoman jackie spear oflifornia. shen the house intelligence and armed services committees. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> do you believe these new images should have the trump administration questioning how kim jong-un views that agreement
10:23 am
he signed for complete denuclearization? >> it's always been clear to most people i think in the intelligence community, and i'm sure it was conveyed to the president, that kim was not an honest broker. and i think what's happened here is that the president got so enamored by the red carpet that he got rolled by kim. we should be hearing from the president. he should be castigating the actions taken, because this is a direct assault on the agreement, and a slap at americans. this is kim having a good old time at our expense. >> we've heard the word from moscow today that president trump will hold a summit with russian president vladamir putin next month, exact date will be announced tomorrow. the president's national security adviser john bolton is in moscow, met with putin today, said he expects the president to raise the issue of election
10:24 am
meddling. do you believe him? >> i don't believe anything that mr. bolton or the president says about russia and the election, because the president has always said that there was no collusion, that there was no interference. it took him a very long time to even admit that well, maybe the 11 intelligence agencies were right and that russia tried to inur elections. what this says to me is once again, we heard about this meeting, not from the president of the united states, but from the kremlin. the charade is over. the fact that president trump and vladamir putin have been coordinating, cooperating, colluding, is probably going to see the light of day before long, and i'm delighted to hear that the mueller investigation is now honing in on the collusion that might have gone on between the trump campaign and russia.
10:25 am
>> as you the president says almost daily, there was no collusion and it's all a witch hu but let's get to another sensitive issue, the issue of immigration, what's going on, on the u.s.-mexico border. some statistics released by the secretary of health and human services, he said this on tuesday, he said right now -- he said on tuesday, there were 2,047 children still being detained separated from their mothers and fathers. six days earlier, there were 2053 who had been separated. in other words, in six days, six kids, six children have been reunited with their parents. basically, one a day. that's pretty shocking. why is it taking the united states of america so long to reunite these kids with their parents after the president signed that executive order saying that the children should be reunited with their parents?
10:26 am
>> i think because there's other incompetence in the administration as it relates to this issue. it was rolled out by the attorney general and i don't think they did any preparation in terms of executing on that order. and the result is that we have a horrific situation. you know, wolf, i spent the weekend in texas last week, and i sat with probably 30 women at the detention center at port isabelle. some 60% of those women had not had a conversation with their children for over three weeks. they did not know what the number was for their child. they were dressed in prison garb. they had been shackled. a outrage. and i am just relieved that the courts have made it very clear what needs to happen and happen within ten days or within 30
10:27 am
days. one mother was literally breast feeding her 5-month-old when the border patrol took her child from her. this is untenable on any level. and it is doinger repairable harm to these children. >> those kids have to be reunited quickly, within case with their parents. this is chelearly an awful situation. a big upset in new york's democratic congressional primary in new york city. as you know, the 28-year-old alexandria casio-cortez undeeted ten-term congressman joe crowley. before her win, she had complained abo new york senator kirsten gillibrand staying "unsurprising but disappointing that senator gillibra gillibrand didn't even both tore talk or consider me before endorsing. "what is your reaction to all of this? >> all politics is local.
10:28 am
and this is a great example of how purr swersuasive a 28-year- woman with n political experience before, who had in fact beat an almost 20-year incumbent. joe crowley is a great member of congress, i have a great deal of respect for him. but again, all politics is local. and it was something that we witnessed here and could witness across the country. most of us need to remember that none of us are irreplaceable. the work is always done at home. that's where you have to keep your focus. >> lesson learned for a lot of your colleagues, even if you think you're going to win by a landslide, run as if you're way behind, because you never know what is going to happen. congresswoman, thanks for joining us. >> great to be with you, wolf.
10:29 am
coming up, the border battle. a feral judge orders a halt to family separations and sets a big deadline for reuniting children with their parents. but can the white house pull it off? the police officer who shot and unarmed teenager just hours after being sworn in is now charged with criminal homicide. we have new details about what happened. liberty mutual saved us almost $800 when we switched our auto and home insurance. liberty did what? , they saved us a ton, which gave us a little wiggle room in our budget. i wish our insurance did that. then we could get a real babysitter instead of your brother. hey, welcome back. this guy, right? (laughs) yes. ellen. that's my robe. you could save $782 when liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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10:34 am
by rossfeld. that's when he opened fire, hitting rose in the face, elbow and back. an affidavit found in rose's pocket did not match a gun used in the earlier drive-by shooting. joined now by the attorneys representing the rose family. gentlemen, thank you very much for joining us. i understand both of you view these charges against the police officer with what you call guarded optimism. explain that. >> well, this is just an important first step. we know that the family, our office is holding out for a conviction and appropriate sentencing. so we've seen officers, although rarely indicted on charges like first degree murder as the officer is here, but this isn't over until we get a conviction and appropriate sentence. >> fred, the affidavit says that antwone rose was shot in the face, elbow and back. do you know if all of these
10:35 am
developments happened whilee was running away from the police officer? >> when viewing the video, you can't help but notice the shots are fired in a rapid succession, within a second of antwon taking his first steps. the officer is poised by vehicle with his gun out, in no risk of harm, not in harm's way, stands poised and fired his weapon directly into back of antwon. >> do you know how many shots the officer fired? >> he fired three shots in success. he did not give any verbal warning. without hesitation, he fired three shots in the direction of mr. rose. >> so fred, what kind of punishment, if convicted, does the family hope to see? >> this is a capital case.
10:36 am
we believe the prosecution is seeking first degree homicide, which means that would be life in prison. obviously, there is, in pennsylvania, the death penalty, but they wouldn't be seeking that here usually those are in situations thateeverel aggravated circumstances, such as multiple cases and things oh of that nature. but the district attorney's office, as filed right now, has filed first degree homicide charges for an intentional killing by officer rossfeld against mr. rose. >> guys, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you very much for having us. ix, thatsix, that's how man children in government custody, have been reunited with their families over the past few days. so what's taking so long? plus, he took on the democratic establishment in maryland and won. the gubernatorial candidate ben jealous will join us.
10:37 am
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sariving! the numbers are appalling. of the more than 2,000 immigrant children separated from their parents, only six have been reunited with their families. ove a federal judge wants that number to change andhange very quickly, issuing a court order to halt most family separations at the u.s. border and critically for the first time since the so-called zero tolerance policy went into effect, the government is now facing a specific deadline to reunite those children with their parents. children under 5 years old must be reunited within 14 days,
10:42 am
while children 5 and older must be reunited within a month. joining us now is a former department of justice prosecutor. he knows this issue welt. i understand you think thiss a major legal blow to the trump administration. >> it gistic logistically, it's going to be near impossible. these government agencies can't even seem to figure out where these children are in relation to their parents, how the trump administration can possibly comply? that's a major problem right there. then this compounds the other issues that are currently facing this administration. you have the zero tolerance policy that was announced. you have the executive order. there's a lot of loopholes and gaps there. so this only adds to the trump administration's burden. it doesn't help at all. >> this court order, i know you read it, the family separation issue is reaching, and iquotin
10:43 am
it's chaotic and causing irrepairable harm. what does that say to you? >> laws that might look great in then executed in the absolute, can fall short when you look at how they impact human beings. policymakers have to take that into account. what are the ramifications of that? do we have enoug prosecutors? do we have enough judges? and how will this impact real human lives? i don't know if this administration factored any of these things into account when it made this policy, but it sure is having to deal with it now. >> it's a big, big crisis they're dealing with now. thank you very much for coming in. coming in, riding a progressive wave, the former head of the naacp is standing by to join me live on this dramatic primary win in the state of maryland. we'll discuss tha and a whole lot more. ben jealous is standing by live. plus, just days after she was booted from a restaurant,
10:44 am
new record that the white house press secretary, sarah sanders, will start receiving secret service protection. and the owner of that restaurant just quit a significant group. ig communities have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier wa get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your fa we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice.
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the former president of the naacp wins the democratic nomination in the maryland governor's race. ben jealous emerged from a crowded field to win the primary election. he'll face incumbent republican governor larry hogan in november. he's among several progressive democrats in the spotlight for their primary wins. most notable, democratic
10:49 am
socialist alexandria cortez who defeated ten-term congressman joe crowley. joining us to talk about her win and his victory, the former naacp president and candidate for governor of maryland, ben jealous. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. great to be here. >> so what's the main reason you believe you won? >> you know, we ran a campaign all across the state, every corner of the state. we would win 22 out of 24 counties. and we did it by listening to people, and then talking to them about how we saw the big kitchen table crises facing all of our families. how we make sure that our schools are fully funded. how we make sure that we get health care costs under control. how we get our public universities to be affordable again. and we find the money to do that by ending mass incarceration. >> i know you were a supporter of bernie sanders. alexandria ocasio-cortez also is
10:50 am
such supporter of bernie sanders. how did that fit into this maryland race? >> i got to tell you, we were this downtown silver spring about a week and a half ago, 1200 people turned out for a big rally that we did with bernie. and bernie for many people, he really speaks to getting bk to being the p of fdr and rfk and mok that was so focused on ending poverty and lifting all of us up. we also were endorsed by cory booker and kamala harris and the lion's share of endorsements from the unions and environmental groups. and progressive groups that are here and active in our state. and we brought that big robust group together around tent pole progressive issues that i guess were part of the bernie campaign but clearly appealed to a far broader range of voters in our state. >> what does it say about the
10:51 am
future for the democrats, you're a democrat, what does it say about the future of democrats your win, alexandria ocasio-cortez's win, how come you see this unfolding? >> what it says that we have to run straight toward the people. people have -- when you listen, what you find out is that what is affecting folks are not partisan issues. you know, the fact that your health care costs are surging, it doesn't happen because you even a democratic socialist.r that is just what is going on in our country. the fact kids are coming out of college in debt, sa same thing. the fact that you have friends or loved ones suffering from the opoid crisis, that is a people issue. so we've run toward the people of our state with real -- with the courage to actually tell them straight up this is what it will take to solve that problem. we are all about bringing real
10:52 am
solutions to real people and talking about how we can solve the whole problem, not just nibble around the edges. >> as you know, the president, president trump, says congresswoman maxine waters, nancy pelosi, he says they are now the face of the democratic party. is the president succeeding in that kind of branding? >> i have no idea. what i know is that donald trump seems to be fixated on separating children at the border and putting them into cages and spending billions building a wall while the working people of my state just want to make sure theirools are fully funded, that our health care costs stop driving people into poverty choking small businesses. that we get back to the deal that the baby boomers got, where our colleges were super affordable and that we stop using incarceration as a solution for every problem like mental illness or homelessness or drug addiction. and so that is what we're focused on. we have to use our states to
10:53 am
make sure that our families can still move forward even when donald trump is running our country in this far right wing conservatives control every blanc branch of our federal government. >> you will be facing off against incumbent larry hogan, the republican. hi approval ratings right now throughout the state, they are very high. and he is a moderate republican and he has broken with president trump on a number of issues. does it make it difficult for you and for democrats to draw distinctions with hogan? >> you know, not really. i mean look, hogan is a republ land developer like our president and the similarities often end right there. he is a pretty nice guy. but what is also clear i that the majority of people in our state are saying we're not actually better off than we were four years ago. and it is unusual. you find a poll that says a majority of people would actually vote for him again.
10:54 am
you and i both know politics well enough that when you are incumbent governor and 100% of the people know who you are and yet it is unusual that more thau again, you probably won't win. so we are focused on turning out voters by speaking to them about how we solve real problems. it is something that he's failed to do consistently. he wants to talk about i lowered your 2tolls on the bridge. if you are a senior citizen and you're about to lose your house because property taxes are too high, that didn't help you. so we focus on the real issues facing our families and actually how we solve the whole problem and not just nibble around the edges. again, you lowering the tolls ain't going to help you you much if your property taxes are too high. >> ben jealous, thanks so much for joining us and congratulations on your win. >> thank you very much. we did reach out to governor hogan as well to join us. he was not available today. hopefully he will join us down the road. there is breaking news right
10:55 am
now. i want to get to it. the immigration bill, the second one has just failed in the house of representatives. phil mattingly is joining us from capitol hill. not a huge surprise. it looks like the republicans simply can't do it alone. >> reporter: that's right. and this bill didn't just fail, it failed badly. 121-301. as you noted the writing has been on the wall for this. we've been told there is almost no chance that they could get the majority and actually pass this bill. but this is a significant defeat in all my years of covering congress, i'm not sure i've ever seen bill fail this badly. what was inside this bill, $25 billion for a border wall, cuts to the diversitity lottery, cuts to family visas. a lot of what the president wanted. the president endorsed the bill this morning, but it was lackluster up until now and clearly reflected that when it comes to immigration, house republicans on their own, simply don't have an answer at least at this moment. >> yeah, that is absolutely
10:56 am
true. the president the other day told the republicans don't waste your time, it's not going anywhere. phil, thank you very much for the breaking news. republican sponsored legislation comprehensive immigration reform goes down to defeat again. coming he is the former fox news executive who resigned amid criticism of his handling of sexual assau sexual harassment claims. he is now in talks with the white house. stand by. your paycheck.
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