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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  June 28, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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which was an outrage. so he set the rules now -- >> we're out of time, david. should it have been a different pick? should he have picked someone that wasn't seen as middle of the road? would he have been better off to acknowledge -- >> would that have been made a difference in the outcome, i don't think so -- >> it may change the conversation afterwards. it might have been changed the conversation -- he's putting forth this pick, to your point, he put out there because this is going to please a lot of people, the country is divided, if it was perhaps more partisan or more controversial, would he have had a better argument afterwards? >> i don't think so. i don't think garland was an outstanding choice. mitch mcconnell went out of bounds to block this nomination and the argument would have been exactly the same. it would have been satisfying to some in the base to have someone farther to the left than garland.
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garland was quite progressive, but i don't think it would have changed anything at the end of the day. >> david axelrod, always an education to have you with us. thanks so much, sir. we have a lot of news including breaking news on the international front so let's get to it. announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning. welcome to your "new day." it is thursday, june 28th, 8:00 in the east. erica hill is here. john avalon here as well. all focused on the new vacancy on the supreme court. in the meantime, there is breaking news. the white house and kremlin moments away from announcing a meeting, a summit between president trump and vladimir putin. that meeting with happen in hel sinski. president trump tweeting minutes ago before the announcement, russia, he writes, continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in our election. you read that tweet which
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dismiss the conclusions of americans own intelligence community and the fact that congress overwhelmingly sanctioned russia for meddling in the 2016 election. let's begin our coverage with abby phillip who's at the white house. >> reporter: good morning. we are potentially minutes or seconds away from this announcement expected to come almost simultaneously from the white house and also from the kremlin. it's a little bit of suspense for this potential third meeting between president trump and vladimir putin that has been in the works for several weeks now. the president's national security adviser was in moscow this week meeting with putin to set up the details of this meeting and now we're learning that the meeting will be on july 16th in finland, that just coming through moments ago in a statement from the white house. this would be after the nato summit on what will be president trump's trip over to europe for several events on their budget. let me look at this statement. president trump and vladimir putin of the russian federation will meet on july 16th in
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finland. the two leaders will discuss relations between the united states and russia and a range of national security issues. that last line being fairly vague because perhaps the biggest issue on the agenda, according to a lot of people here in the united states, is russian meddling and president trump weighed in on that this morning on twitter once again casting doubt that he believed that russia did, in fact, meddle. he wrote, russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in the election. that directly contradicts the conclusion from the united states intelligence community on this issue. it also contradicts the president's national security adviser john bolton who this week said that would be one of the topics the president would talk to putin about. this is astonishing, the timing of the president's tweet coming just before the announcement of the meeting with putin. just after he met with putin earlier this year in vietnam, he talked to reporters on air force
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one and he said to them, he said he didn't meddle and i believe him. i believe that when he tells me that he means it. it's a really surprising thing for a lot of people here but going into this meeting it's clear the president and his national security aides not on the same page about whether or not this crucial issue is going to be apart of that meeting with vladimir putin. >> thank you. it is gift wrapped for vladimir putin on the day of announcing a summit to say russia continues to say they did not meddle in the u.s. election. the timing there so deliberate and so notable. other issues here now that the summit between the two leaders has been announced, how are u.s. allies and diplomats feeling about it? it comes right after the nato summit. >> reporter: the proximity to the nato summit, we knew this trump/putin meeting was coming. there were a couple of dates being looked at. we wornt sure if it was just before nato or just after.
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many u.s. allies had a problem with it being just before, but they're telling us they don't love the idea that it's coming just after either. basically there are questions being raised over why does president trump feel the need to meet with putin so soon and so close to the nato summit when he's supposed to be showing unity, at least that is the point of nato, with some of the u.s.'s closest allies. the white house will make the argument that it's better to get along than not get along. the relationship is at such a rough point that it needs help. the president thinks that by having these conversations one-on-one, similar to kim jong-un, that he can help make things better and also there are pressing issues there. i think the biggest one for the white house is going to be syria, trying to counter iranian influence and get the iranians out of syria.
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the president likely thinks that putin will have sway on that and will be able to work with him on syria, possibly on ukraine. seeing this tweet now it almost seems as if there's something coming next. is there a but? is he now going to tweet some hard line stance on believing that russia it meddling in the election but we heard from the secretary of state yesterday who was asked directly and he said he felt confident that the president would make clear to putin that meddling in u.s. elections absolutely unacceptable. back to you guys. >> michelle, thank you. want to get reaction from russia as well. fred? >> reporter: erica, the kremlin actually came out with the same statement exactly the same time as was announced before that this meeting would take place in
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finland on july the 16th. obviously the kremlin has a different set of priorities i would say than the u.s. has. it's all about trying to what they call normalize relations with the united states and in the end their main goal is going to be to try and get some sort of sanctions relief. it was very interesting to hear before about syria, for instance, being an issue. i think that is going to be as hard as it is to say that, one of the simpler issues because there is an area where president vladimir putin and president trump do seem to see at least to a certain extent, not maybe eye to eye but seem to see things similarly. ukraine is a much more difficult issue because that's one where the russians have a very staunch and tough stance especially on the issue of crimea. it was interesting at that press conference yesterday that john bolton has, crimea was one of the issues where he remained very tough. big news from around the world. how does the president choose to
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greet it? by questioning the validity of u.s. intelligence agencies once again. let's bring in josh green and jonathan martin, the president wrote this moments before the white house announced the summit. moments before the white house announced the summit between president trump and vladimir putin. the president chose to write, russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in our election. u.s. intelligence agencies for well over a year have said, russia meddled in the u.s. election, they did it to help president trump, congress has sanctioned russia for meddling in the u.s. election. there have been indictments against russians for meddling in the u.s. election, yet on the day that they announce a summit with russia, president trump's chooses to say russia denies it. >> as long as the intelligence communities have been saying that russia nt feared on the election -- in the elections donald trump has denied that reality and insisted otherwise. what he's doing here in this
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tweet 20 minutes before the announcement goes out is essentially trying to shape the news and the coverage by getting out ahead of it and saying, russia didn't meddle and convincing every fox news viewer in the portion of america that listens to trump words and believes what he says that this is a nonissue and that all of the legitimate media coverage pointing out what is really going on and what the intelligence community really thinks is going to get drowned out by trump noise. >> the president is parroting putin's talking points. he's coming from a nato meeting where he's been a tougher critic of nato and he's going to meet with russia in finland, which, by the way, russia has thrown brush back pitches at for being concerned about russian incursion and the fact he's deflecting in that tweet blaming the victim asking questions about democrats and politicizing it further. the president doing putin's talking points about crimea, saying it's obama's fault that russia invaded it. so bolton may talk tough on
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crimea, the rest of the administration might recognize the reality, but at the end of the day the president seems intent on parroting putin's talking points about the election and so much more. >> pompeo said the president believes he's very serious on this, bolton saying he's going to bring this up. we've seen this before. we've also seen prior to that meeting almost a parroting of the same language or the same talking points as north korea's leader. >> it captures the gulf between the trump administration and the president himself. the president is somebody who's not terribly interested in what russia did in the election. he believes any conversation about that casts doubt on his own election. he doesn't care. meanwhile, his administration and the top officials have said that russia did meddle and they have taken all these steps to
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place sanctions and actually implement a fairly traditional hawkish republican strategy when it comes to the russians. it's a fascinating division. there's the trump twitter feed and the trump personal -- how they deal with russia as you mentioned and just take like mike pence, for example. he par rots what you would typically expect about russia or north korea and they're conduct, but this president just isn't interested in the kind of conventional norms of diplomacy, of foreign policy, of national security. it's much more through this trumpian prism. i've said it before. trump is shaping the presidency much more than the presidency is shaping trump and look no further than this latest tweet on russia ahead of the summit to really illustrate that. >> look, summits are important
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things between u.s. leaders and russian leaders. they're important things and often times you want to know what will come of it and one of the most serious issues that the united states has to discuss with russia is the meddling in the last election, the idea it might meddle again. this is an invitation to meddle. i'm going to believe you when you say you didn't. if i'm not going to pick on you for meddling, why would i pick on you for occupying crimea? it doesn't set the stage for a tough negotiating process. >> despite what trump's aides say -- the other lesson from this is nobody in the trump administration really speaks for donald trump's views on geo strategic issues except trump himself. nobody doesn't. pence doesn't. pompeo doesn't. bolton doesn't. >> mike pompeo's had to correct in a that north korea isn't denuclearizing yet, mike pompeo had to correct that kim jong-un
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is not returning the bodies killed in the korea war. >> nobody has any idea what's going to come out of this because i don't think trump himself has an agenda he wants to discuss with putin. trump's idea of diplomacy is this two strong men sitting down and facing each other, the same way he did with kim jong-un and his desire is to come out with a pr victory, looking strong, looking as though he's accomplished something whether or not he actually has. so far he hasn't in north korea. i doubt he will in russia either. this is as much about the pr opportunity and the way he comes across as it is any specific issue. >> it's about that photo op. we saw this. we saw it in the way that he went in, the way he was leaving kim jong-un, not the first time. it started with the handshake with emmanuel macron. but this is very much about the pr move and about the photo op. i am meeting with leaders and summits are important. >> this is not even photo op
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diplomacy because it's a summit. if the president's not standing up for american interests. conservatives criticize barack obama and said he is embracing our enemies and alienating our allies. that was a campaign talking point. that is a closest statement of fact with this president's actions with geopolitical dictators. if he can't see the national security implications, vital national interest in russia influencing our elections is to an invitation to do it again. >> this president will tell you that no one is tougher on russia than me. you have to combat that as well. >> those are just words. >> jonathan martin, i will say this, meeting with world leaders is a good thing. it's never bad to have a relationship. maybe it will lead to progress here. it's a good thing they're meeting as opposed to not meeting ever. what do you expect to hear from republicans in congress on this, the invitation to meddle in the election?
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i suspect we'll see a written statement from john mccain shortly and then after that i expect crickets. >> i expect the president of the last 17 months to largely stay true to form, john, which is tweets, paper statements from staff and then moving on to whatever the next thing is. that's kind of the pattern here when trump violates a norm that they can't ignore or that sort of challenges their policy principles like ignoring the intelligence community, they're going to respond when either asked in the hallway of the capital or they'll put a statement on twitter or have their staff write a statement that they'll put out in a press release. beyond that, they're just not going to go that much further especially in a midterm election year. they have made their decision that basically, they've got to keep the party unified and consolidate gop support going into the midterms and that creating a rift with this president, no matter what he says or does, is going to
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undermine they're hopes of retaining control of the house and the senate this fall. >> marco rubio has been saying recently he doesn't criticize the president because he thinks the media is too tough on him. >> exactly. >> republicans go to the ends of the earth to find ways to avoid directly criticizing the donald trump. there are a few exceptions. marco rubio has put out a couple strong statements on china, on zte. john mccain certainly. ben sasse has called trump's tariffs stupid repeatedly but nobody gets in front of a camera. nobody stops the procedure of the senate in order to make this point -- >> or confronts him -- this is the party of the cold war and it's a dereliction of duty. donald trump has been tougher on harley-davidson than vladimir putin. >> we'll have to leave it there. just ahead, there's another battle obviously brewing in washington. this one to replace justice kennedy. lots to say about that and you'll hear from senator richard
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remember this so we have a pick to come up. we have to pick one that's going to be there for 40 years, 45 years. we need intellect. so many elements go into the making of a great justice. you got to hit every one of them. >> president trump has a
5:21 am
historic opportunity to reshape the supreme court for a generation with the retirement of justice anthony kennedy. mitch mcconnell saying they will vote on the president's nominee in the fall. democrats calling for a delay until after the midterms. joining me now is richard blumenthal. good to have you with us today. practically speaking, there is not a lot the democrats can do beyond trying to delay. what else is there in terms of planning that you could do to stop this? >> the american people really deserve a voice in this decision and so the confirmation vote should take place after the election, after the new congress is seated. a decision of this historic magnitude, probably the most important supreme court vacancy in a generation requires deliberate consideration that is simply not possible in the few months before the election. the republicans should follow their own rule, the mcconnell rule that no vote on a
5:22 am
confirmation should take place this close to the election, but here's a more fundamental fact. i was a supreme court law clerk. i worked for justice harry blackman on the court after -- right after he wrote the roe v wade opinion. i've never seen a time when the court is so polarized and politicized and i've never seen a time when it is more important that it act as a bull work and check against potential abuse and destruction of individual rights. we're talking about a woman's rights to health care, reproductive rights, worker rights, gay rights. all kinds of fundamental rights and liberties where the supreme court will play a role and that's why deliberate consideration and peoples' voice is so important. >> we know that they're not
5:23 am
going to wait. so just real quickly, what is the plan? is it simply to try to delay and to force republicans to wait and if so, how long do you continue doing that, because we knowthe list of nominees that's going to be put forward. >> this list of nominees is composed mostly of far right fringe ideal logs. the first point is to take it to the american people to say your health care rights and protection against precondition existing abuses is at stake, clean air and water that you use and breathe is at stake, the future of your rights to reproduction decisions is at stake and also to our colleagues. remember, that the republicans have a razor thin majority. one vote going our way and they lose that majority. so the appeal is also to our colleagues and then we have tools available. we'll make use of every tool in
5:24 am
terms of parliamentary decision available. >> when we talk about the election, we know there are ten democrats up for re-election in donald trump areas. five of them in states he won by double digits. this is tough in terms of voting. no matter what happens because they have a lot of things to consider as they're moving into november. >> this decision will raise political issues, but it is far from the normal kind of political decision because we're talking about generations who will be effected, the potential is for a young, radical and probably far right fringe ideologyist. he said anybody on that list would automatically overturn roe v wade. the women of this country are
5:25 am
going to be outraged if the president chooses someone from that list. >> we will look to see who he chooses. a lot of news to get through this morning. we have now had confirmation that president trump will meet with vladimir putin on july 16th in finland. the news of that summit coming just after the president tweeted this morning, once again saying and i'm quoting, russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in our election. we don't know what the agenda is for that meeting. we hear that perhaps donald trump will bring up meddling but he seems to be putting out a russian talking point here. are you confident that this would be brought up at a summit? >> this issue of russian interference, their attack on our democracy must be on the agenda, because the russians are continuing to meddle in our democratic process. they are continuing to attack us in the cyber domain. they represent a threat in space
5:26 am
as well as undersea warfare. they are a very hostile adversary and so for the president to befriend them and be cozy with them in the way that he's indicated in the run-up to this summit i think is highly perilous and he should be condemning russian interference in our past election and saying we'll safeguard our election machinery as well as our social media world against them going forward. >> we'll have to leave it there, unfortunately. appreciate your time this morning, thank you. >> thank you. the very morning the white house announces a summit with russia's leader, vladimir putin, president trump notes that russia swears it didn't meddle in the election. why message does that send to putin? cannot be rushed. they must be painstakingly crafted. out of titanium, aluminum,
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b the white house and kremlin announced just moments ago that president trump and the russian leader will meet on july 16th in helsinki. the announcement came just minutes after the president wrote this. russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in our election.
5:31 am
joining us now is republican congressman matt gates he serves on the judiciary committee. thank you for being with us. what message is that send to vladimir putin minutes before announcing a key summit between the two leaders, russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling in our election? >> i have no idea, but i'm going to stop second guessing president trump's twitter foreign policy and twitter diplomacy. it seems to have moved us in the right direction in north korea and if it can improve our relations with russia that's good. >> i'm not asking you to second guess it. you have a key interest in russia/u.s. relations. you know they did meddle. >> they did. >> what did you just say? >> they didn't. they meddle in elections all over the world. that's not something that's factually in dispute. >> then why am i reading this from the president of the united states, russia continues to say they had nothing to do with -- >> that is a factual statement. russia does continue to say
5:32 am
that. i believe they continue to lie and i think that that's part of the game the president plays with foreign leaders. there's a ying and yang. he brings them fire and ice. >> have you ever heard the president say that vladimir putin is lying when he suggests that russia did not meddle in the election? >> i know that this president has been tough on russia. i'm not going to share with you my personal conversations about his assessment of vladimir putin's veracity. but vladimir putin is a former kgb agent, of course he lies and they meddle. they do it in the latin america and eastern europe. this is part a global maligned campaign that russia engages in. >> you were just roughly $6 billion times tougher on vladimir putin in russian meddling than president trump has ever been, right? president trump is the one who will be sitting down face-to-face with vladimir putin one month from now. do you hope he says to vladimir putin, i don't believe you when
5:33 am
you say russia did not meddle in the u.s. election? >> i think it's far less important the posture of who believes you w.h.ho and the puffing. if we're able to establish more security in syria, for example, so that there's not a refugee crisis that imperils europe. there are security agreements and arrangements we can make to box in north korea to denuclearization. i'm more interested in those outcomes than in whether or not the president wants to sit there and call vladimir putin a liar. we know he's a liar. the president knows he's a liar. >> i wouldn't know how you would know that because i've never heard the president say that unless it's come up in a private discussion. there's no indication the president thinks that, would you agree? >> i think that everybody knows it. the question is what's the right avenue of diplomacy, right? >> i just want to know on that one point. the president's never said it publicly. do you have reason to believe because of your private conversations the president says
5:34 am
that -- >> i'm not going to get into my private conversations with the president. all americans know vladimir putin lies. he's a former kgb agents. that's what they do. >> i agree on you what could be positive outcomes in syria, in ukraine on trade with a russia. there are very serious issues there. would you also agree that another positive outcome from the discussions would be to say, to stop them from meddling in u.s. elections? >> of course. i think it's -- it would be great to get them to stop meddling in all elections. they're trying to attack democracy as an institution. and they're trying to demonstrate to fragile regimes that they're autocrat style is better than our democrat style. we need to have offensive and defensive systems in place to be able to deal with this as a global strategy. >> great point. get on the russians. you may want to get on the president to get on them as well. i do want to ask you about something you were uniquely positioned to tell us about which is this 11 hour testimony from peter strzok yesterday before the house oversight and
5:35 am
judiciary committees. first of all, i wish it were open. i wish the public had a chance to see it, do you agree? >> totally. i've been critical of the decision to have any closed door interviews or depositions. this is so important to the american people and to the country that we have and i think we should do it in the open. my impression after hearing peter strzok's side of the story is that robert mueller was just like categorically uncurious about the text message that's peter strzok and lisa page were send to go each other. would you think when robert mueller found those text messages he would be asking all kinds of questions about whether or not bias impacted the collection of evidence or investigative decisions. i was shocked at the lack of curiosity from robert mueller. it was almost as if he did not want to know the answers to those questions. >> because it was not public, we could not see for ourselves how peter strzok answer that had so we only have your word on that. manu raju has talked to other sources and i believe there were republican sources who said that strzok told you all that mueller
5:36 am
did not ask a lot of questions about the texts after learning about them. what he did do was fire peter strzok right away. wasn't that the appropriate action? >> it wasn't the only appropriate action because we have to find out whether or not peter strzok tainted the investigation with the manipulation of the evidence -- >> isn't that the inspector general's job? >> oh, no. that is not exclusively the purview of the inspector general. we will be receiving a report on that when i asked the inspector general how all the very same people who worked on the hillary clinton investigation who then opened up on trump/russia ended up on the special counsel investigation, the inspector general admitted that was incredibly curious and he had no reasonable explanation for why you would have that staffing decision. we'll see that report. robert mueller independent of the inspector general has an obligation to make sure that the evidence he's developing is not tainted by bias and that his lead investigator wasn't making administrative decisions based
5:37 am
on bias and he didn't want to know the answer to those questions. >> he fired him. >> what about the work he did before he was fired. >> i would hope that we get a public hearing so we can hear how peter strzok answers it as well. the robert mueller didn't care what the explanation was because he just didn't want the guy working there any more because the explanation wouldn't matter in his determination to fire him just the knowledge that he was sending those texts was enough for mueller to want him out. >> so hold on, john. if a mechanic was working on your car and you found out he was not a mechanic, he was just a homeless person. before you would fire him, you would probably, say, what did you do under the hood to my car before you would move on? >> peter strzok is neither a mechanic or homeless person -- >> no, but he was a guy effected by bias. he thought hillary clinton should win 100 million to one. >> i along with you want to wait for the report because there were many revelations there.
5:38 am
he says that there was no evidence that bias played a role in the determinations in the clinton investigation. we're waiting to see if he makes that determination in the russia investigation. we're out of time. i do want to invite you back to talk more about that. we want to see the public hearing. let's talk when you and i both have the same perspective on what's being same. >> i'm game. let's do it. >> appreciate it. erica? still to come, president trump turning on senator heidi heitkamp just as we're moving into a critical moment as well when it comes to elections and supreme court. david: "life is complicated.
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president trump launching a blistering attack against his one time favorite democrat in a rally. he took aim squarely at heidi heitkamp. jeff zeleny has more. >> reporter: she had always been president trump's favorite democrat. >> senator heitkamp, senator,
5:43 am
come up on. >> reporter: from the presidential stage. >> everyone's saying what's she doing up here, good woman. >> reporter: to the white house. >> heidi heitkamp. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: she had done what few in other party had managed to pull off in the age of trump. escape his wrath. all that have came to an abrupt halt in north dakota. >> heidi will vote no to any pick we make for the supreme court. she will be told to do so. >> reporter: he didn't mention heitkamp was one of three democrats to support the president's first nominee neil gorsuch or now that she's breaking ranks with democrats saying it should be filled before the elections. >> she may give us a couple of quickie votes because she has no choice, but the day after that election, she's voting party line, 100%. >> reporter: the president didn't tell the roaring crowd that he's twice asked her to become a republican. invited her to dinner at the
5:44 am
white house and met with her at trump tower. did you ever consider taking him up on his offer to switch parties? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> it was a joke. he probably didn't think it was. >> we agree on so much, why don't you switch parties? the one thing that -- i just think that you have to be who you are and at the end of the day, i'm an fdr republican or democrat. i'm an fdr democrat. >> reporter: across the country heitkamp is one of five democratic senators facing re-election in deep red states that trump carried in double digits. because she's going where all other democrats are not, embracing trump. >> i don't think either party has all the right answers. that's why i voted over half the time with president trump. >> reporter: she down played the president's visit to fargo. >> at the end of the day, he's going to maybe say some mean things about me. that's okay. >> reporter: for senate republicans, it couldn't come
5:45 am
soon enough. for months they've been complaining to the white house about the president's public praise for heitkamp. >> there's something so nice about bipartisan. >> reporter: she's running against the state's lone republican congressman kevin cramer who was relegated to the background when heitkamp got this presidential campaign. that's likely to be her last before november. jeff zeleny, cnn, fargo, north dakota. all right. our thanks to jeff zeleny for that. coming up, we have a very special treat here. the man behind some of my favorite movies. rob reiner joins us next to talk about a very interesting new project and the very interesting news of day.
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president trump has a historic opportunity to reshape the supreme court with another conservative nominee and the late night comics last night didn't miss an opportunity to weigh in. take a look. >> if you're on a low carb diet, you're in luck because it ain't no way to sugar coat this. today justice anthony kennedy announced he's retiring from the
5:50 am
supreme court. i never thought i'd say this, but you're only 81! >> justice kennedy, what are you doing retiring, man? you have a great job where you barely work, you get to wear a robe all day and give your opinions on stuff. that basically is retirement. stick around, at least until we get a new president. six months tops. think about it, the court this week crippled unions and race based gerrymandering might turn conservative. enjoy your gay marriages now because as of august 1st, you're back to being roommates. get the bottom line with rob reiner. talk about your film in a moment. you did play a pivotal role, in fact, in the decision on same-sex marriage based on what you did in california. >> we were the first group to file a federal lawsuit which led the way to marriage equality and
5:51 am
i think with the makeup of the court that we're looking at, i don't know that we would've ever gotten that. i know -- you had a great discussion earlier today. they're going to be -- if we have a gorsuch like or thomas, we're going to have rights stripped away. there's no question about that. >> it strikes me as i was watching the late night comics give their monologs, you represent what some trump supporters look at as the coastal elite, these are the entertainer elite who tell us what to think and make jokes about us and as we're watching those jokes in that assessment of this pick in this moment, i wonder how you respond to that? >> everything's fair game now. social media has made it that there is no elites, you know. it's all information, all the time being thrown out at us and for us to determine what's true, what's not true, what's real,
5:52 am
what's not real is very difficult and unfortunately we're living in that time which is, you know, why you made this film shock and a"shock and awe" it's about trying to get the truth out with tremendous headwinds making it virtually impossible for the american public to understand the truth. >> i want to ask you, less than an hour ago, it was announce that had president trump will be meeting with putin at a summit and he began by tweeting that russia says they didn't meddle in our elections. a year or so ago last fall you announce aid committee to investigate russia with a number of celebrities but also with people like james clapper. >> we're doing what can be done. unfortunately, we don't have any checks and balances coming out of the congress, the two investigations, both the house -- the house is completely broken, but the senate
5:53 am
intelligence committee is not doing any kind of hearings in public. the american public has no idea what is going on. the only investigation that's ongoing is the mueller investigation and we're not privy to that. so we can do the best we can and give the american people as much information as we can, but the truth is, unless we have a democratic congress, the american public is not going to understand the truth of what actually happened. there's no question that the russians meddled and had an effect on what happened in the last election and they continue to meddle. that is going on right now as we speak. so make no mistake about that, but hopefully we'll have a democratic congress and when we do, we'll have some real hearings and have some real sunshine put on this. >> talk about your film because i do think it's very interesting and it's about us and journalism in the search for truth. this has to do with the run-up to the iraq war when you profiled some journalists who i think really did question
5:54 am
whether or not there were the weapons of mass destruction. let's listen. >> if every other news organization wants to be stenographers for the bush administration, let them. we don't write for people who send other people's kids to war. we write for people who's kids get sent to war. so when the government says something, you only have one question to ask, is it true? >> talk about timely. a number of -- you brought up just a moment ago, this flood of information that we all have, much of it not accurate and much of it cherry picked for people as well. that was a different time and it was a challenge then. >> yes. they were facing the headwinds of patriotism. it was right after 9/11.
5:55 am
there was a group think amongst the media where they didn't want to go against the administration. they didn't want to seem unpatriotic. now the headwind is alternative media and you have basically two sets of mainstream media, one is cnn part of that, nbc, "the new york times," "the washington post" and that is goes to maybe 60% of the country. then you have other mainstream media, fox, the breitbart, the sinclair, alex jones that goes to 40% of the american public and the one 60% can never penetrate that 40% because they keep getting -- that's the headwinds that the truth is facing right now and so -- right now -- there was a war hanging in the balance and peoples' lives and death. democracy is now hanging in the balance and whether or not we survive as a democratic country is a lot going to be dependent on media.
5:56 am
that's the opening quote in the film. democracy depends on a free and independent press. >> because truth matters. rob reiner great to have you here. shock and a"and awe" in theater july 13th. cnn "newsroom" with poppy harlow picks up right after this quick break. out of titanium, simply to make them a few grams lighter? why make paddle shifters out of magnesium when aluminum would suffice? because when you're crafting performance... measure is too extreme. the lexus lc and lc hybrid experience amazing at your lexus dealer. like concert tickets or a new snowboard. matt: whoo! whoo! jen: but that all changed when we bought a house. matt: voilà! jen: matt started turning into his dad. matt: mm. that's some good mulch. ♪
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good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow and we do begin with breaking news. we're getting new details on president trump and russian president vladimir putin's face-to-face meeting. the two world leaders will meet on july 16th in helsinki. this as the president tweets this morning that russia says it has, quote, nothing to do with the meddling in the 2016 election. moments from now the fbi chief and deputy attorney general face a grilling on capitol hill from lawmakers around their organizations actions in the 2016 election. republicans furious that rod rosenstein has yet to hand over documents related to the russia probe. one powerful republican lawmaker even saying his impeachment may be in order at this point and the president now has the power to reshape the high court for decades. who will he pick to replace justice anthony kennedy? so often the key swing vote who's importance in shaping american life from gay right


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