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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 3, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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of ignoring allegations evof k w molestation at a major university. congressman jim jordan used to work at ohio state before he got into politics. >> that's right, he was an assistant coach in the wrestling department and he is denying allegations from at least one wrestler that he knew anything about alleged molestation of athletes, male athletes, at ohio state university by the team doctor while he was there as an assistant coach. the doctor's name is dr. richard strauss. and he was the team doctor in athletics for many year hes, employed by the university from the mid 1970s through the 1990s. at this point they are in the midst of an investigation. ohio state university, through an independent investigator that was appointed by the ohio attorney general's office into alleged impropriety. and according to nbc news,
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athletes were he molested during examinations, that there were showers that were inappropriate. and one former athlete has spoken with cnn and says that jim jordan had direct knowledge of the molestation going on and he did nothing about it. jim jordan has responded, he says, quote, congressman jordan never saw any abuse, never heard about any abuse and never had any abuse reported to him during the time as a coach at ohio state. he has not been contacted by investigators about the matter. but will assist them in any way they ask because if what is alleged is true, the victims deserve a full investigation and justice. and brooke, the doctor involved in all of this, dr. vaus ostrau died in 2005, but there has been a referral to the local criminal
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investigation prosecutors unit to see if there should be an investigation at all. and it is interesting to note, i've covered so many of these cases and the investigation itself is on serious. from jerry sandusky to larry nassar to now ohio state university's team doctor for at athletics. but what is interesting, michael d. sabato is focusing in on jim jordan. normally it is the president of under, the athletic director you can it is t can, it is the boss of the team doctor. so something to keep in mind. but others have also said jim jordan knew what was going on. >> and we have a quick statement from paul ryan saying these are serious allegations and issues, the university has rightfully initiated a full investigation into the matter of. the spedder will a wait the findings of that quur inquiry.
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now a story of survival. 12 young boys found starving, dehydrated, but alive in a flooded cave in thailand along with their 25-year-old coach. watch this with me. this is this incredible moment. british scuba divers emerge from the blackwater to see these soccer players and their coach just standing there in the darkness with t-shirts and shorts on. nearly ten days after they first went missing. >> how many of you? 13? brilliant. >> but that he elation was short lived with the reality of two potentially deadly words. monsoon season. the same heavy rains and rising waters that trapped these boys may only get worse and fears are growing that these kids could be stuck for months. dive teams including thai, naefr seals, u.s. experts are now figuring it out. if and how they can get them out. they are 1.2 miles in and about
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half a mile underneath this mountain below the ground. this is the head of rescue team who found them. >> if they can package them into sort of a stream lined way and then propel them through the narrow ways, push and pull them through underwater, it is a big ask for divers. it is a big ask psychologically for the children. but one has to ask oneself what are the other options. >> let me bring in thomas powell. he is a scuba instructor. thomas, thank you so much for being with me. let's run through some of the options. so one of the options to get these boys out is to teach them how to dive. my question is what if they don't even know how to swim. because it apparently took these skilled divers three hours to
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driver through this cave system. what are your thoughts on plan a? >> i think the reality is that this is outside the norm when it comes to teaching someone to actually scuba dive. the goal is to get these kids and their coach safely out. and the reality is i think the education they would receive would be just enough for the experts who are already there with them to be able to safely manage them. not really teach them so to speak if that makes sense. >> it makes sense. go ahead. keep going. >> validity on that is i think like anything else, the goal is give them enough so that they don't actually interfere with what the recovery guys are trying to achieve on scene. and then to keep them comfortable and safe. just with everything going on there, i think teaching them to scuba dive might be a misnomer so to speak. >> so if that is a misnomer or
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potentially a no-go, i don't think they have ruled any of this out yet, keeping in mind they haven't been eating, how important is -- if they were to try for this dive, when you picture this cave, it dips in and out, they have to be entirely submerged obviously for the dive in parts. are they physically up to it? >> i think once again it will come down to the recovery experts who are there on scene. and what i mean is this is fairly extreme technical diving that they are doing. they may be dealing with really poor visibility, restrictive spaces that they are trying to travel through. and then on top of all that, they have to carry not only redundancies for the divers, but also now for these children and any experts that they are taking in that could take care of them. so this falls in to one of those unique circumstances where they are having to plan not just for their own rescue team, but they having to plan for many people
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that they are going to have to pull out. and essentially create a repetitive process. so this is one of those things where tight passages, no visibility, redundant equipment needs, the potential for problems or risk mitigation, all of that has to be in their foresight parameters. >> let me jump in because i was talking to a former naevy s.e.a.l. last hour and i think he is on the same page in the sense that a dive would be challenging. so he suggested building a dam. you empty out the site, you dam it up and then they walk out the way that they walked in. do you think that would work? >> building a dam may not work just because of the flow. they are already talking about how water may rise by the end of the week. rains are still coming. so truth be told, water may be moving so swiftly, and we've
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already heard reports that some divers had to turn around because the flow is so heavy coming through the passage ways. stopping that level of water may be all but impossible. another instructor i work with puts it best, don't view it as water like in your swimming pool. look outside and imagine all the rain is basketballs and when you suddenly think about it, it is a huge volume. and now you have to add in eight pounds of weight for every gallon of water. so it is a monstrous thing to try to stop moving water like that. and so i don't think that it is plausible. it may be. but from an engineering perspective, that may take an stream amount of time just to plan. >> this idea of maybe drilling through the earth, that half mile down. but you just don't know what could happen in that tight space, what kind of material would be in the earth, what would happen to the kids below. all of these is options waiting to obviously see these boys and
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this coach okay on the other end. thomas powell, thank you so much for weighing in. i appreciate it. to the white house now where president trump is putting pressure on fellow nato members ahead of their summit next week writing individual letters, pushing them to increase their defense spending or else. since his 2016 campaign, the president has criticized the military alliance for not paying their fair share. nato recommends they spend at least 2% of gdp on defense, but you see the graphic here and you look at how the u.s. ranks compared to other nations. however what the president didn't seem to acknowledge is that the 2% is only a guideline and the reason america is spending so much higher is because the u.s. willingly spends more on its defense budget compared to what other nato nations spend on theirs. so let's talk to bob beyer, former cia operative.
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the nato summit is next week. the letter when you read -- we were reading last hour the words the president sent to angela merkel. it is a serious ultimatum. do you think these allies budge? >> well, they may budge, but the bigger question is how committed the president is to nato in the first place. i mean they are looking at the g7 meeting where we in fact assaulted verbally the western alliance. he did. and you are looking at the summit with putin in helsinki and they are wondering how committed the united states is to nato. and number two, they are looking at north korea. the president meets kim jung-un, stops maneuvers, war games with south korea without getting anything in return. so this president is very unpredictable and they are very worried about it. again, they will put more money in, but would that make a
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difference with president trump. >> you bring up north korea. so let me ask you about that. because president trump is essentially saying all is going well. that the u.s. would be at war right now if it wasn't for him. but bob, if you look at just the last 24 hours, u.s. intelligence indicates that kim jung-un has zero intention of denuclearization and never these new satellite images of a missile construction plan. so the president has all of this intelligence at his fingertips. why is he ignoring it? >> well, you know, first of all, we knew before going into singapore that the north koreans were going to cheat on this. they always have. they have made promises. they have never followed through. there is no reason why they would sit down with president trump and change this modis operandi and in fact they didn't. all they are doing is simply moving their facilities around. i see no intention on their part to follow through with agreement for denuclearization.
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>> no intention. >> the president is looking -- no, no, it's not going to happen. trust me. they are one card in the game, missiles with nuclear warheads. it would be an extraordinary act on their pardon part their part things up. i don't see it. he hasn't had a foreign policy victory in almost two years. giving the perception that he will cut a deal with the north koreans would be good for the republican party and good for the president going into the 2018 elections. >> we know pompeo goes to pyongyang again the end of this week. so what do you want to hear from that meeting? >> well, what we want to hear is full disclosure on their muscles and nuclear warheads and their facilities, where are they. and that would be a start. and if they won't give that, again, i think that there will be no intention on their part to give up their nuclear weapons.
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>> bob baer, thank you. coming up nerkxt, the president has interviewed at least one woman for his search for supreme court justice. we'll discuss where they stand on the key issues. also ahead, scott pru iitt alrey facing more than a dozen ethics investigations. and there is a new scandal on his hands. and later as president trump prepares to meet with vladimir putin after this nato sum mitt, details on the relationship between the russian president and actor steven seagal. ♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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hello. let's go for a ride on a peloton. let's go grab a couple thousand friends and chase each other up a hill. let's go make a personal best, then beat it with your personal better than best. let's go bring the world's best instructors right to you. better yet, let's go bring the entire new york studio - live. let's go anytime, anywhere, with anyone who's willing. and let's go do it all right here. ready to go? peloton. we're back. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. president trump tweeting that he has interviewed, quote, four very impressive people as he looks to fill a vacancy on the
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supreme court. he met with three men and a woman and it appears that all would vote to roll an boars rights and one seems to have clear views that the president should not be subject to a criminal investigation. to discuss, i want to bring in erin gloria ryan and also alice, i read your piece this morning and i saw the picture of all six women. you have siktx. you can give me one or two lines on each of these women? >> slur. so obviously the buzz is with amy kconey barrett. because the president met with her today and she has been considered frontrunner for a few days now. she is out of indiana with the 7th circuit. was a professor at notre dame for a long time and has many devoted former students all over
12:19 pm
the legal world. let's see. joan larsen was confirmed to the 6th circuit. very seamliless. so it could be embarrassing to v have a -- to try to have a controversial confirmation for her. so she might appear to be strong for that reason. >> let me interrupt you because i know there are more to go. we'll throw their pictures back up. erin, there is concern among liberals that roe v. wade would be reversed. and so if he chooses a woman, then it is safe. you're looking at me and shaking your head. >> no, it is not safe. i don't care who is taking my rights away. if i got punched in the face and
12:20 pm
it was a him would, i wouldn't be like yay, feminism. i don't consider a person who has rolled back roe v. wade a victory for women at all. and i was thinking it is kind of a dubious position, but i'm sure that whoever if he does pick a woman she will be known as the aunt lydia of the supreme court. she will be a with him who wiom expected to take away that right. and donald trump has a very bad track record of appointing women before as of may, he was appointing men 2:1 in the trump administration. so this won't fix it. one high profile woman won't suddenly undue the sexism of donald trump. >> this is how americans are seeing roe v. wade. quinnipiac numbers yesterday. more than 6 in 10 voters agree with the landmark decision on abortion. and so alice, do you know -- of your six women that you were reporting on today, would all of them 4 them -- would any of them go with the majority of america and
12:21 pm
believe that the law is settled, the precedent is set and they would not reverse it or is that absolutely wrong? >> i know that in confirmation hearings, they were specifically asked about it. and all say that the law is the law and that, you know -- i know this comes up with barrett, personal faith does not factor in. and also probably important to remember that roe v. wades that come up every time a republican president has nominated a justice. and so kennedy's nomination, too, it was that-everyone was afraid that we would lose roe. and then of course in 1992, it was kennedy who saved roe.
12:22 pm
so it is important to remember that this comes up every time. >> alice also points out in the piece that a female justice would be helpful to the white house with pre-existing women problems which you pointed out. and if trump does pick a woman, would democrats have a harder time pushing against that? >> no. because democrats aren't stupid. just picking a woman to do the bidding evof a deeply misogynis president doesn't undo any of it. it gone straighdemonstrates a f misunderstanding of what fechl nichl is. we're not working toward elevating a woman where she can take rights away from women, we're working at empowering women across the board. >> and shall i poie pointed out comes you up with any republican president appointing a supreme court justice and we've seen it stood through the test of time. you don't think so?
12:23 pm
>> no, i actually think let's go back to a time that a republican appointed a supreme court justice. samuel alito, when he was in federal courts, he was a justice who wanted to uphold part of a pennsylvania law that would have required women to get their husband's permission before they had an abortion. he was the only person on that circuit, this was in 1992, only one who wanted the husband's permission thing to stay. what ended upholding is a waiting period and standards around teen and parental notification. >> such a huge piece of this whole conversation everyone is having here around this next supreme court pick. thank you both so much for coming on. next, cnn exclusive, an investigation uncovering yet another scandal about the head of the epa, this time evidence that scott pruitt tried to hide
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12:29 pm
list. cnn has exclusively learned that pruitt kept secret calendars to hide controversial meetings from the public. all of this according to an epa whistleblower who says pruitt also directed staff to scrub his official schedule. drew griffin explains if the allegations are true, pruitt may have violated federal law. >> reporter: this epa whistleblower says scott pru its and his staff kept secret schedules detailing many meetings with industry representative that have never been made public. according to his deputy chief of staff, a secret calendar containing the actual events was printed out. and then staff would gather around a table, determine which events would be kept on, which would be kept off, and which would be altered. he says it was often done in pruitt's office and under pruitt's direction. >> scrubbed? >> yes, sir.
12:30 pm
>> of the official epa administrator's schedule? >> absolutely. happened quite a bit. >> reporter: cnn found more two dozen left off pruitt's publicly released calendar which is only on released weeks after the events occur. what is missing? meetings with energy industry officials, lawyers, washington insiders who could potentially benefit from a friendlier ep afternoon. >> so he would meet with lobbyises and decide later that that was not going to look good, so let's scrub it. >> let's later, everyone before, we would always put on the schedule meeting with staff. that was the default button. >> reporter: want some examples? internal e-mails show that in april 2017, pruitt attends a dinner at trump international hotel with coal company executive joseph pratt. it is not listed on the public epa calendar. september 2017, the official schedule shows pruitt met with
12:31 pm
former senator turned energy industry lobbyist trent lott. but left off that the meeting included the ceo of a shipping company and discussion of ships and their fuel source. in october 2017, a staff briefing appeared on pruitt's official calendar. e-mails show the actual meeting was with private attorneys representing a water district over a super fund site. >> we had at one point three different schedules. one of them was one that no one else saw besides three or four of us. >> reporter: two government 1k3er7 experts tell cnn altering, sanitizing official government records to protect the boss could lead to legal trouble. >> if somebody deleted, changed, scrubbed a federal record with the intent of deceiving anybody, it could be a violation of federal law. >> reporter: the most controversial deletion of all came after pruitt's $120,000
12:32 pm
taxpayer funded trip to rome in june 2017. that trip included extensive interaction with catholic cardinal george pell who was charged with multiple historical charges ever sexual offenses a few weeks later to which pell pleaded not guilty. but this itinerary shows a tour with cardinal pell, it is not on pru i pruitt's official calendar. also missing is a lunch. >> all of the time was spent with cardinal pell. he was our host. >> reporter: but none of it appeared later when scott pruitt released his official calendar. jim says that was intentional. >> once we came back and the cardinal was actually charged with these offenses, i alerted them and that is when it was basically taken off the schedule that we met with cardinal pell. >> reporter: he says that he was fired from the epa after raising questions about scott pru it's
12:33 pm
prui pruitt's spending. he says keeping pruitt at epa makes no sense. he supports president trump. >> if there is something i don't think, i don't care republican or democrat, right is right and wrong is wrong. and what he is doing is completely wrong. >> reporter: cnn of course reached out to epa multiple times seeking comment for this report. scott pruitt and his staff somewhere chosen not to respond. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. >> drew, thank you. for reaction, david chalian is with me. there have been many corrupt cabinet officials in the past, but how high up the list is this guy on the list of worst offenders? >> pretty darn high when it comes to sort of swamp behavior. you'll recall donald trump ran against this, he was able to tap into a current with voters about
12:34 pm
how much they can't stand exactly this kind of behavior. and yet here is scott pruitt doing everything that if you were writing a book to a cabinet secretary how to avoid controversy and problems and corruption, you would go counsel this list and be like don't do any of these things.counsel this list and be like don't do any of these things. >> don't do any of these things. >> exactly. including possible violations of the law when it comes to asking people in their government function to do nongovernment work, whether that is getting your wife a $200,000 a year job or working out some represent with rent with a landlord. these are not actual taxpayer job descriptions.sent rent with a landlord. these are not actual taxpayer job descriptions. >> yet he still has his job. >> because he is following through on an agenda that president trump wants implemented. >> i want to ask you about the new quinnipiac numbers.
12:35 pm
58% disapproval of the president. what is your read of that number? >> this poll has been taken with all of the information out there nonson coverage about the issue with the border and children being separated from their family, the president reversing course with that executive order. this is not working for the president. the numbers have gotten worse here on his handling of immigration as you noted, it is slight li worly worse than the approval rating. and i would note also in the same poll immigration has gone to the top of the most important issues impacting how someone will vote this fall. more than the economy and more than health care right now showing that this news coverage ever this moment in time is definitely seeping into people's thinking. and just look at the president's actions when he reversed course a couple weeks ago. he knows that he was on the wrong side of this issue trying to get to the right place, but i have to remind folks, the united states government is still not -- has not united all of
12:36 pm
these families and in this quinnipiac poll, some 6 in 10 americans think it is a human rights violation to separate them and 83% in this poll, 83%, brooke, believe it is the u.s. government's responsibility to reunify these families. >> david, thank you. coming up next, president trump's commerce secretary that no matter what impact new tariffs have another u.s. economy, we won't be seeing a change in the trump administration's tariffs. we'll discuss what that means for your money. and also two mayors assassinated over the last 48 hours in the philippines. details on the attacks and the manhunt ahead. can
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12:41 pm
president's commerce secretary says even if markets tank, the president will not surrender. >> there is no bright line level of the stock market that is going to change falg lass falla. the president is trying to fix long term problems that should have been dealt with a long time ago. >> katherine rampel is with me. is secretary ross right? >> i will say he is right on one point which is that the white house should not be crafting policy with the explicit goal of maximizing the dow despite the fact that trump himself believes that the dow is the optimal measure of his administration's success. so i don't think that the dow should be the end all be all measure of whether policy is good. that said, stock markets do have some information, including as
12:42 pm
to whether the business community investors believe that this trade war is good to businesses. as trump seems to claim that it is. and clearly it is not .look, they just got this enormous corporate tax break. their top tax straight down something like 30%. stocks should be up for the year. they are not. the dow is actually down for the year year. and that is because what trump is doing both in terms of raising costs for u.s. companies that buy stuff that we have now placed tariffs on or that are trying to sell stuff to countries abroad, they are suffering. and it is because ever these very ill advised measures that trump has been taking. >> and speaking of tariffs, let's talk about your column in the "washington post" where your headline tongue in cheek essentially the notion that the president would cut more taxes sort of like a 2.0 of what we saw in the fall. you're saying you agree with him sort of, but it is like i agree with him but it should be these tariffs, steel, aluminum, solar.
12:43 pm
>> yeah, trump says he wants to cut taxes further because the first tax cut was so wildly politically successful, which it was not, but that aside, if he really wants to cut taxes further, he should start with the idiotic taxes that he himself has imposed over the last six months that have been raising costs for u.s. businesses, that have been putting job at risk and raising costs for consumers. tariffs are taxes. he didn't seem to have realized that point, that this is raising costs for consumers and the middle class, but if he actually wants to help the middle class by cutting taxes, she start bile roing back the taxes he himself 45s impo himself has imposed. next, republican senators in moscow just days before president trump meets with vladimir putin . we'll talk about the strange history of meeting good t ing b russian president and hollywood celebrities. whoooo.
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with the trump/putin summit now just days away, mike pompeo spoke on the phone today with husband russian counterpart lavrov to discuss the formal sitdown. some republican senators also meeting with loavrov in moscow. senator kennedy called the talks brutally frank, saying he asked his counterparts not interfere in upcoming elections. richard shelby seeming to offer an olive branch. >> we come here realizing that we have a strained relationship, but we could have a better
12:49 pm
relationship between the u.s. and russia because there are common interests around the world that we can hopefully work together on. we could be competitors, but we don't necessarily need to be adversaries. >> while those u.s. senators are in moscow looking to improve relations with russia, it turns out some hollywood celebrities have already spent extensive time in russia. an npr report shows a hollywood broker credited with linking many celebrities with the rich and powerful including vladimir putin himself. one in particular, actor steven seagal has become putin's biggest fan casting doubt on the accusations of russian election meddling. >> for anyone to think that vladimir putin mhad anything to do with fixing the elections or that everyone the russians have that kind of technology is
12:50 pm
stupid. >> okay. with me tim mack with -- you had me at the headline of bffs an reading deeper into the piece, you have the celebrities going to russia. tell me about this. >> okay. so for the last 20 years this guy bob van ronkel a link of russia's elite and billionaires in russia and hollywood. for a long period of time, the way that the ultra wealthy in russia showed that they had true wealth is bringing in people like kanye west, jack nicholson, sean penn and steven seagal and bob van ronkel made it happen. >> is a political guy at all? how does, you know -- how's the
12:51 pm
kremlin -- good look for russia to have the connections to celebrities? what are they putting throughout? >> bob van ronkel is not particularly political. he does a lot of business between russia and the united states. he's an american who grew up in los angeles, california. but what he has done is help in some ways the kremlin's agenda which is, hey, we want to normalize relationships with the west. if we can bring in celebrities this is one way to say, hey, we are not isolated. we are not set apart from the international community. we have got these folks who you know and you like in entertainment and they're coming to russia. >> well, if people have been wondering where steven seagal has been, you're welcome. tim mak, thank you. >> you're welcome. just in to cnn, video capturing the assassination of a mayor in the philippines. this is the second mayor to be killed there in two days. what is going on? let's talk about that.
12:52 pm
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i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes...
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just like that. like everything... the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. terror on the streets of the philippines after back to back assassinations of two mayors. the killers are unknown. the latest slaying happening today. the victim pulling out of a driveway and on to the street when fire on a motorcycle fired into the carment it's not clear if both attacks are connected. here's the story. >> reporter: these are the mayor's last moments. captured with a cell phone at a flag raising ceremony. national anthem plays. the mayor in the dark suit hand
12:57 pm
over heart, the camera cuts away. you hear a single gunshot. >> oh my god! >> reporter: the shooting also caught on camera from behind. runs to the right and then drops to the ground. authorities suspect the shooter may have fired across the road from this grassy area and got away. the motive, a mystery. but there are plenty of people that despised the controversial mayor. infamous for presiding over the city's perps walks like this one. a parade of suspected drug dealers. he insisted those confessed though many had not been formally charged. he claimed to have stopped what local media dubbed the walk of shame but the time cnn met him in 2016. instead, he showed off the city's prison, its population was growing by the day.
12:58 pm
part of the philippine president duterte's infamous war on drugs. >> most of these suspects i guess who what are the charges they're facing? >> most of them are drug. drugs. >> reporter: but the mayor once known as the iron man for his crackdown on crime considered a duterte ally was most recently suspected of being involved with drugs himself. according to the philippines news agency, the country's national police commission reportedly placed him on an narco list. authorities say they have no idea why the killer apparently targeted him. they are also looking at those perp walks as a possible motive. aaron mclaughlin, cnn. >> here at home, the maryland woman who says she was cyber stalked by the "capital gazette" shooting suspect is speaking out. anne talking about the nightmare
12:59 pm
she endured from his constant verbal attacks, she explains why she was forced to file a complaint against the former classmate. >> i would be afraid that he could show up anywhere at any time and kill me. i have been tormented and traumatized and terrorized for so long that it has i think changed the fiber of my being. he said f-you. go kill yourself. you're going to need a protective order. he is very cold. he is very calculated. he is very intelligent. bun thing that i do feel now is that he can no longer silence me. >> meantime, cnn has learned that the suspect allegedly sent multiple threatening letters before thursday's attack. the liters dated same day of the shooting were sent to a judge, a court and the newspaper's lawyer from the 2012 defamation case. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me here. we'll be here all week. hope you have wonderful, safe
1:00 pm
fourth of july. let's go to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thank you. a powerful congressman facing appalling accusations. "the lead" starts right now. the breaking news, conservative republican jim jordan accused of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse. the fallout from the white house to the capitol and his response ahead. also, president trump issues a new threat to the most critical alliance in the west. and it plays right into the hands of vladimir putin. plus, how to get them out. that team of kids and their coach trapped full mile into a treacherous cave now facing one of the most risky rescue operations in recent memory. why some may have to dive to survive. even if they don't know how to swim.