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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  July 6, 2018 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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of tariffs by the u.s. the u.s. administration facing deadlines to reunite families separated at the border, still not clear how many kids were held. a rescuer has died working in the cave where a soccer team and their coach remain trapped. >> we'll have a update for you. >> i'm dave briggs. >> i'm christine romans. at midnight the u.s. hit china with tar riffs on $34 billion in goods, and they immediately responded with tariffs of the same amount and said that america is a trade bully. autos, crude oil, and cash crops
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like soy beans. the high-tech industries that china vows to dominate. american companies will pay the tariffs when they import the goods. they will absorb the costs or pass them along to consumers. thinking of everything from cell phones to shoes, but the u.s. will not be able to avoid those goods if the president follows through on his threat to target some $500 billion. it is roughly the total amount that we imported from china last year. good morning, terry, it is tough to know what to make of the politics because people are
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giving him credit for the economy, who would be hurt by the trade war. >> mostly the people will be hurt in places iowa and wisconsin. these are places that trump wants republican party to hold in the midterm elections. the governor's race in wisconsin. a trade war in those states would not be good. >> when you look, of the counties looking to be affected by the retaliation, 82% were trump categories. but how impenetrable are those poll numbers. among republicans he has huge favorability. >> if this election in november
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was just about the economy, he would do well, his economic numbers are the best. it is more than his overall approval. so to me, this is where he wants to fight, this is just a matter of whether or not it is something that will bring down the americans. >> krayou know, maybe when the optics start to change -- >> black unploim is a record low, the marks are high, doesn't that super seed a trade war for voters? >> it was a crisis that the republican candidate performed poorly in the u.s. a lot of people blamed ronald
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reagan. >> if it is just $34 billion now and it is $16 billion later in september, that is survivable from an economic standpoint i think. >> if people are paying $5,000 more, that could hit people in the wallet. and he mischaracterized it as a montana rally. >> let's say i'm debating poe i
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pocohantus. we were very gently take that kit, slowly toss it hoping it doesn't hit her and injury her arm. >> just to clarify, me too has nothing to do with being gentle with women, it is about sexual harm. on the same day he hired a new messaging man that was let go from a television network for covering up years long sexual harassment. >>. >> it turns out that the gender gap we're seeing is the largest ever with women saying they're going to vote for democratic candidates by 20 points. now we have a very large gender gap in 2016. but that benefitted donald trump
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at the end of the day. if the gender gab is this large and women are voting by this wide of a margin it will benefit democratic candidates in 2018. >> president trump also attacking not one but two ailing republicans. he mocked senator john mccain despite calls for republicans to stop attacking mccain. all of the retic you see and the thousand points of light. what is that by the way. thousand points of light, what does that mean. make america great again we understand. putting america first we understand. thousand points of light, i never quite got that one. has anyone ever figured that one
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out. >> all right, former george w. bush secretary saying "this is so uncalled for. going after a 94-year-old former president's promotion of valu n volunteerism." scott pruitt resigned on thursday. in his resignation later he does not directly mention the scandals or the investigations into his conduct. he say it's is extremely difficult for me to cease serving glow this role, but the unrelenting attacks on me, personally, my family, are
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unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on us all. a. rue wheeler is taking over as active administrator. >> today parks the first of several key deadlines as they work to reyunite thousands of families that were separated at the border. officials will still not say, they will not say exactly how many children taken from their parents remain in federal custody. that makes it hard to know how many reunifications will really happen. >> alex azar said this. >> it is under 3,000. i want to give you an outer
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bound. under 3,000 and that is the maximum that it will not be 3,000. it will not be close to be 3,000. it will be under 3,000. >> fair? under 3,000 representing all separated children. some came earlier and crossed illegally by themselves. >> cnn was on hand for a moving reunification of a woman and her daughter she had not seen in 18 months. >> angelica and her daughter
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fled, they were separated by immigration officers. she had today go all of the way to boston to get help from friends to get her daughter back. >> a former thai navy diver has died in the cave where there is is a boys soccer team and their coach trapped. >> yes, the real worry now is the window according to officials is closing. both from the point of view of the rains that could start heavily soon that could flood the chamber and really endanger their lives and the oxygen
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elev levels in that cabin. they may need to get them out regardless of the risk and this t has been under lined because of that former thai navy seal. he was taking oxygen to the boys. the noise you hear behind me is the compressor filling up tanks. it will be extremely dangerous and difficult to get these 12 boys and their coach out safely. >> live for us in thailand, thank you. so, what is north korea's plan to denuclearize. the secretary of state went there overnight looking for answers. we do whatever it takes to fight cancer.
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all right at this hour, mike pompeo is in north korea for talks on denuclearization. >> since the rhetoric stopped, they said he is too tough, it will cause a war. now they're saying he is too nice. he is too nice. >> pompeo says he spoke to the president while they were both in the air last night. let's go live to seoul and bring in andrew stevens, andrew? >> donald trump spoke a few hours ago and said he is feeling good things about kim. but what we can say as this
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stage, he has met with kim yong chu. there is no official time line, but if this first meeting goes well, pompeo will go on to meet with kim jong un himself. what we expect from this is very vague, too. there is a lot of pressure on mike pompeo to come back. he has said that he is in north korea to flush out the details on that commitment that he and trump made in singapore we don't even know if the u.s. and north korea are on the sanl page.
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at this stage, expectations for pompeo. president trump says he is ready for his meeting with vladimir putin in helsenki later this month. president trump is kgb and all of this. vladimir putin is fine. i'm prepared, i have been prepared for this stuff my whole life. >> the july 16th summit is set to bring up several critical issues. fred, will there be any official
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record of what putin and president trump discussed? >> there will be some sort, but the beginning of that meeting will be exactly what the russians wanted which is a one on one meeting between president's -- president trump and president pew tin. you have arms control on the agenda. you also have syria and ukraine. the u.s. delegation wants to talk about election meddling, they they it has been talked about. they say if the u.s. wants to bring it up they can. but they will say exactly what they have said in the past which is that russia didn't do it and that is it. certainly the russians say they
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are very, very, very well prepared for this summit. >> 19 minutes past the hour, we will be right back.
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four games. namar has been bound in this world cup, but many people think he is greatly exaggerating of him just rolling all over the place. i want you to check out this swiss soccer team do a nemar inspired drill. >> that is a creative coach right there. they play at 2:00 eastern today. many of the teams in the world cup today are sending their well wishes to the soccer team stuck in the cave in thailand. they have been there for two weeks now and they were asking how the world cup is going.
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yesterday fifa invited the team to the world cup final. if, as we all hope they are reunited with their families in the coming days and their health allows them to travel, they would be delighted to invite them to attend the 2018 world cup final in moscow as our guests. the utah jazz and still has a way of antagonizing the opposition. allen and trey young getting tangled up right there. they were both giving technical fouls. guys, it looks like he is still has an attitude. >> anything he does will be replayed on sports center tall night long. >> that is the most fun video
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that i have seen in a long time. >> this is what a trade war looks like $34 billion on tariffs from china taking place overnight. >> a rescuer delivering oxygen to the boys in the thai cave has died. a live update ahead.
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the biggest trade war in kpik history. >> the administration facing urgent deadlines to reyou night thousands of families split up at the border, but still no clarity on how many kids are being held. >> tragedy in thailand, a rescuer dies working in the cave where a soccer team of young boys and their coach are still trapped. >> it is jobs day, but we're talking about a trade war. the u.s. firing a first real shot for a trade war. china immediately responding
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hitting the u.s. with revenge tariffs of equal value accusing the u.s. of launching the largest trade war in history. farm goods are strategic hitting states that -- american companies will pay the tariffs when they import the goods. they can absorb the costs or pass it along. the u.s. won't be able to avoid slapping tariffs on those goods if the president follows through on the threat to follow through with $500 billion, roughly the total amount that the u.s.
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imported from china last year. investors knew this move was coming. >> good morning to you, let's see, still much to be learned because of the economic impact of this trade war. when you look at the numbers, what counties will feel it if feel go into these. >> yes, it is where he outperformed mitt romney most. it is very dangerous for him. >> interesting you look at iowa, wisconsin, some of these counties that completely flipped for drunk and became very important counties for trump. you look at the numbers, some 82% will be trump counties. how much leverage for the voters if farm values fall.
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>> the voters that switched from barack obama to donald trump in 2016, but it is not just about that but it is about turnout. if they're unhappy with the trade war, if they like donald trump more, but they're not going to show up. >> they think the economy is so good in so many areas, that a trade war can be absorbed. >> he has a lot to talk about. he can talk about the record low unemployment rate. his record on the economy is strong. >> the economy is his best issue by far of the major issues, in fact the difference between his overall approval rating and that of the economy is one of the
2:35 am
largest for any president dating back to the late 70s. the question is whether or not a trade war will drag it down a little bit. >> whether or not it is a big c conf eer confilgration. the president insulting elizabeth warren and a rejection of the me too movement. >> say i'm debating pocohontus learn your heritage. we'll take that little kit, but we have to do it gently because we're in the me too generation. so i have to be very careful, and we will very gently take that kit and we will slowly toss it and hoping it doesn't hit her and injury her arm.
2:36 am
>> the me too movement is not about tossing something softly at a woman. >> no, it has nothing to do with being gentle to women, it's about not sexual harassing them. >> tell me about the gender gap for what men and women -- is he weak on the women's issue. >> we know if we look at this graphic on the screen right now, the way that women and men will vote in this election, if it holds, we will have the largest gender gap on record since 1958. it could be even further back, but that's as far as the data goes. >> he made these me too comments the cay he hired a new messaging man. now he has never been accused of
2:37 am
harassing anyone, but he quieted what roger ailes was accused of. >> right now women said they're going to vote for democratic candidates by 20 percentage points. if that's where the gender gap is, and women are voting in such large numbers, it can be very dangerous for the president. if you look at the special elections, the gubernatorial elections, women are turning out in very large numbers and that continues to be the case. >> in terms of getting back to the economy -- >> economy, economy, economy. >> president trump also attacking not just one, but two ailing republicans at that montana rally. the president mocking senator john mccain for his thumbs down vote on health care last summer. and mr. trump wept after former president george h.w. bush for a
2:38 am
slogan he coined some 30 years ago. >> 000 points of light, what does that mean. make america great again we understand. putting america first we understand. thousand points of light, i never quite got that one, what does that mean, has anyone ever figured that one out? >> former george w. bush, and ari flescher poeting on twitter that this is so uncalled for. months of scandal and accusation proving too much for scott pruitt who resigned on thursday. president trump announced his resignation on twitter, he said that pruitt believed the
2:39 am
accusations became a problem. he let the chief of staff know it was time to let pruitt go, he does not mention the scandals or the 14 official investigations into his conduct. instead he writes it is extremely difficult for me to cease serving glow this role, but the unrelenting attacks on me and my family are unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on all of us. they are continuing their investigations of pruitt. andrew wheeler will take over on monday. he is a former coal lobbyist. she expected to continue to roll back policies that are thought to be good for his voter base
2:40 am
and bad for the environment. by july 6th parents twor be put in phone contact with their children they have been separated from. >> we have been told that around 2,000 children have been separated. alex azar said this on thursday. >> it is under 3,000. i want to give you an outer bound. that is the maximum that it will not be 3,000. it will not be close to 3,000. it will be under 3,000. >> to be fair under 3,000 represents all separated children in government hands. not just those from the new tolerance policy. cnn was on hand for a moving reunification yesterday.
2:41 am
she said that she and her daughter were separated by immigration officers in arizona. she had to go to boston to get help from friends to get her daughter back. and a former thai navy diver has died. he ran out of oxygen attending to return to a command center inside the cave. we want to bring in dave mckenzie. it is such a tragedy for that
2:42 am
ex-navy diver. he was delivering air tanks when his own air ran out. >> he gave his life to the search operation. that is one of the reasons for a dramatic reassessment. a time line of this difficult rescue effort. the thai navy seals say they may have to go sooner than later. the oxygen levels could be reaching critical levels and the rains have been coming on and off today. if they start in earnest, it could flood in again. the noise behind me is an air
2:43 am
compre compressor. they have specially equipped divers going in and out of this cave. the helicopter overhead is likely looking for sink holes or air vents into the ground if is still not sure where they will mount that rescue mission. but it could be sooner rather than later. all right, the rescuers are working so hard there. elon musk just tweeted that they be sending engineers to thailand to offer assistance with the rescue. >> the secretary of state touching down in north korea tonight looking for answers to that and much more. live in seoul, straight ahead. wf the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar.
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gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. at this hour, secretary of state mike pompeo is beginning his third visit to north korea for talks with kim jong un. >> since the rhetoric stopped, we had very tough rhetoric, wouldn't you say? so remember they said "he is too tough, he is going to cause a
2:49 am
war. it's too tough. ." now they're saying she too nice. >> pompeo says he spoke to the president while they were both in the air last night. say believe that they have a difficult more vital future for the people of america. we hope that is true. does this start with a general accounting of what nuclear weapons north korea has? >> it is the ballistic missiles, and right now, we don't know what mike pompeo will get.
2:50 am
he has thrown a little cold water on the idea of what they're going to get. and when it would happen. that was the agreement of the summit in singapore. that is what we have at the moment, this commitment to denuclearization with no specifics whatsoever. what mike pompeo could get as a start at least from north korea is the commitment or the actual returning of remains from troops. so far he has not really said, he is in north korea, and finding out whether or not kim jong un is serious in his intent to give up weapons. but at this step we don't know exactly what the next steps will be. >> andrew stevens live for us, thank you.
2:51 am
the june jobs unemployment rate is out today. how low can it go? if it dips to 3.7%, it will be the lowest in nearly 50 years. but economists think they will hold steady in june. it is sluggish for a tight labor market. they say jobs outnumber workers. ahead, a mother in dallas saw a man stealing her car with her two kids in the back seat. what she did to stop him will shock you.
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a texas come stopped a car thief by shooting him with her kids in the car. that's when police say she managed to jump into the car. >> i asked him to pull over and get out of the car, he would not get out of the car. i reached to get to my glove compartment and that's when i fired. i'm not a killer or anything like that, but i believe in defending what is mine. >> he was shot once in the head and crashed the car into a telephone pole. she in serious but stable condition. he is facing charges, no files
2:57 am
are charged against the mom. >> a couple in wisconsin narrowly escaped a tree falling as they record their wedding video. they were not hurt, just a few scrapes, and they concept shooting the video with the downed branch on the picnic table next to them. they say their love will be stronger than that tree. >> the first hurricane of the season, it is expected to weaken to a tropical storm before sunday or monday. here they are finally getting a break from the oppressive heat. whose turn is it now? >> good morning, i think i have a forecast that you're going to
2:58 am
enjoy. this is all thanks to a gold front that will trigger some rumbles of thunder and potential for localized flash flooding as well. that's where we shaded it. the evening i think we will see a general clearing trend from the west to the east. temperatures today 82 today. you will feel a drop in the humidity levels. record heat setting up across the region extreme heat warnings. >> a giant baby full of hot air wearing nothing but a diaper set to greet president trump when he arrived in london a week from today. a noted trump critic has been
2:59 am
given the go ahead for the trump baby blimp has been given the go ahead. it will take flight for two hours and the #trumpbaby was born. christine romans has more on the trade war on "new day" have a great weekend, everybody. this is cnn breaking news. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states around the world. overnight president trump launch add tray war with china. china gave back retaliatory


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