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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 10, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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baldwin, thank you for watching with me. president trump is about to landato brussels. the president took fresh aim at nato members for not meeting target for defend spending. it appears that the president is in a comfortable territory. the president is meeting with theresa may and the queen that seems to be most looking forward to his one-on-one sit down with russia's vladimir putin. >> i think we'll work something out. we pay far too much and they pay far too little wech. we'll work it out. so i have nato, i have the u.k. which is in some what turmoil. i have putin. frankly putin may be the easiest of them all, who would think? >> let's start there with our
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senior white house correspondent who's there in brussels. let's remind everybody who interfered in the 2016 election and overseeing the assassination of his enemies. when the president was asked friend or foe of putin, he said a competitor. how concern are our nato allies over comments like that? >> brooke, there is no question that the president is meeting next monday with vladimir putin is casting a shadow over this meeting. he confirmed some of the concerns of many u.s. allies and brussels we'll be gathering for r the meeting starting tomorrow and perhaps that's true if he decides not to confront vladimir putin on election meddling or any of the matters that you just said and invadining on ukraine d
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crimea. the president is leaving the white house to fly here and expected to land the next hour or so. for u.s. lawmakers and as well as allies here, there is one central point of nato, it is a 70-year-old alliance. you know design for world peace and security. there is that concern of article five. article five of course is an attack on one ally. it is an attack on all allies. the president essentially is saying maybe it is not worth it. the only time that article is used after the 9/11 terror attack. that sets the backdrop for the meeting the president is having with several leaders. the tone we saw from last month in the g-7 in canada when he was lecturing angela merkel and
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others. that's continuing here. brooke. >> jeff zeleny, thank you. with me to digest all of this is wolf blitzer, so a pleasure, nice to have you in new york. what do you make of all of these headlines of the fact that he's meeting with some america's closest allies and the situation in united kingdom is chaotic. he's saying putin is the easiest of them all. >> jeff is exactly right. maybe very easy meeting if he does not raise these sensitive issues. if the president does go forward raise the issues of russia and meddling in the u.s. election, the community is still concerned and they're out to do the same thing during the midterm elections. if the president just listens to putin and denies any involvement, it will be relatively easy. if the president does not raise any issues of crimea and ukraine. if the president raises those
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issue, it could be a tough meeting. i think the president does have a good point saying the meeting with the nato allies will be strange and tough as well. as you correctly point out. there are a lot of political uncertainty right now in the u.k. >> i want to come back, the frustration that we heard on nato with the president is money. let's fact-check this. how much are other countries, how much is he exaggerating? >> the fact is the united states devotes a lot more to defend than the other nato allies at least most of them of 4% of gdp. you can take a look at 3.5% for the united states and germany is 1.24%. to reach that level by 24 something periods along the next several years. the president have been angry at the nato allies for at least 30
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years because he thinks the u.s. is spending too much on nato's security and defense. the european allies spending way too little. i went back and interviewed him many times. i found this little clip, this is with our own larry king back in 1987. >> wow. >> listen to what donald trump and private citizen said that. >> okay. >> these are countries that people understand the kind of wealth we are talking about and i will single them out. there are many other countries and taking tremendous advantage of this including nato, if you look at the payments they were making to nato, they disproportionate with everybody else and it is ridiculous. >> so he's singing the same tune. >> exactly the same tune for 30 years. he's saying the united states is getting ripped off by the nato allies. over these many, many years he combines it with the fact that the u.s. has a trade deficit
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with the european union and countries. he thinks the united states is a sucker all of these years. that's a sensitive issue that's going to come up at the nato summit and it is going to cause a lot of anxiety. >> looking past that, you mention the putin/trump summit, you are going for this meeting and you mentioned crimea and syria, what about meddling and what do you think will be the biggest headline? >> a lot of people expect that the president will work out some sort of understanding with putin and syria. the russians have enormous influence on bashar al-assad regime in syria. iranian have been deeply involved. the u.s. wants iran basically out out. they want them away from anywhere. this may be one area where putin and trump may be able to work
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out some sort of new understanding. the russians are sympathetic to that point. we'll see if it will work out or not. i doubt it will reach an agreement on crimea. russians are there and they're not going anywhere. and concerns that the russians may be doing it again. let's see how tough the president is on that front. so far he has not been very tough in his public statements. putin denies it and basically suggest that they take him at his words and all of his national security team are saying yeah. >> wolf blitzer, wolf, thank you so much. we'll see you at 5:00 in the "situation room" with wolf blitzer. capitol hill, members are meeting with the new pick, brett kavanaugh. >> we look forward of the confirmation process in the next few weeks. >> now, as kavanaugh works to
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win over senators for his hearing, he faces intense opposition from democrats and chief among their concerns how kavanaugh would vote on women's reproductive rights and what's left on the affordable care act. >> with judge kavanaugh as nomination, the president has put women's productive right and vital healthcare protections particularly those that protects families at preconditions at grave risk. >> if confirmed, he's the most conservative justices in supreme court history. his views are outside the mainstream and there is every reason to believe he would over turn roe. >> lauren fox is with me now from "the hill." >> do the democrats have any chance to block kavanaugh. what are you hearing on the
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hill? >> mitch mcconnell has a tough task ahead. he has to hold his conference together and he does not need any democratic support to do that unless he loses those republican moderate members. i talked to lisa murkowski, a republican voted at times we related to healthcare and abortion rights. she's going to be pouring over his record and meeting with him one-on-one. i asked her if she's comfortable of where kavanaugh was on the issue of roe v. wade. here is what she had to say about that. >> first look is that he's certainly has the qualifications. >> i don't have an impression on judge kavanaugh as to where he may fall on the issue of abortion. again, that's why i think all of
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us needs to be doing our due diligence. >> republicans and democratic leaders are going to have a lot of work ahead of them and keeping conferences together. democrats up for reelection in just a few months and senate leaders are going to have to try to keep their conferences together. a lot to be watching for up on capitol hill, brooke. >> lauren, thank you. >> travis, welcome. >> hi brooke, great to be with you. >> this has to be exciting for you potentially and going through all of these different discussions over who he is, there is this massive focus on kavanaugh's opinion. this is senator minority chuck schumer today on precisely that point. >> he even argued that sitting
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president should not face criminal investigation. no investigation of a president, is there any wonder that president trump chose kavanaugh from the list of 25 when we know he's obsessed with this investigation? why did the president stick with kavanaugh? because he's worried that mr. mueller will go to the court and ask if the president be subpoenaed and ask to do other things necessary to move the investigation forward and president trump knows that kavanaugh will be a barrier to prevent that investigation from going there. >> that's the worry from a number of democrats, travis, you tell me how do you interpret kavanaugh's executive power. >> i know judge kavanaugh and 12 years on his d.c. kcircuit and e has seen a lot of cases involving separation of powers
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and the administration of state. there is a deep record of to look at in terms of what he says the law is. i want to point out of a talking point that's been spreading and that's what minority schumer said there. while he was a sitting judge and in that article, he did not state as view of what the law currently is. he advocated or suggested a policy change that congress may choose to make if it wish in order to change and have the executive branch may interact with investigations that would be going on. i do think it is important to know when people are making statements of judge kavanaugh views and investigation of a sitting president, the view expressed in that article were expressly views of what could be if congress wanted to change the rules and not views expressed about what is and that obviously is a critical difference. >> that's a fact check on that talking point. the big picture, if trump is
11:13 am
choosing someone, who does tend to think this way and someone could ultimately decide the president's faith. why would that be considered a conflict? >> well, i think it is not a conflict because i don't know what was in the president's mind when he made the selection. on paper, judge kavanaugh impeccably -- it will far out last the trump administration and the administrations that follows it. the investigation was written when president obama was in office. this is a judge that's taken views regardless of party and the regardless of the party of the sitting precedent. he's going to be sitting on the supreme court for a long, long time. >> to your last point, roe v.
11:14 am
wade, here is judge kavanaugh back in 2006. >> if confirmed to the d.c. circuit, i will follow roe v. wade. if i were to confirm the circuit, i will follow and confirm. >> i understand, what's your opinion? you are not on the bench yet. you talked about this issue in the past and other people i am sure. >> the supreme court held this repeatedly and i don't think it is appropriate for me to answer that. >> you heard them then, what about now, travis? >> do you anticipate any changes if he were to be a justice. >> the answer of a confirmation hearing will follow along a line of a precedent -- setting a clear rule of speaking generally about fears and approach to tes
11:15 am
the law. as to the treatment of precedent, judge kavanaugh wrote the book on the treatment of presidents. so again, there is a long record of more than 300 judicial opinions of his that we can review to see his respect and the power of precedent. i have no expectations that he'll depart from those principles and the individual case. quite the contrary of the man i know and judge i know of his independent and be consistent to those principles at all time. >> watching him last evening in the east room speaking about his daughters and his wife and speaking about justice elena kagan and speaking about his mother, it has to be sending a message. >> those are things that are
11:16 am
important to judge kavanaugh as he said last night. i know he's been a mentor to all of them as he have been to me and other clerks. as americans begin to learn more in the coming days about him, there is a lot to like about this man and this judge and i hope that everyone can no him as i do. he would be confirmed by unanimous consent but i don't think we do it anymore in the confirmation battle. >> travis lenkner, thank you very mumch. >> don lemon has the scoop and will join me now. the trump transition, will not meet the deadline reuniting the youngest children who have been separating from their parents. we have details on that. the most extraordinary news of the day. the boys and their coach all pulled out alive from that cave
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you remember dean, we have him on cnn all the time. he's the white house's insider who turned on richard nixon because he stepped up and told the truth and help bring down the presidency in watergate. don lemon is here with me, got a couple of nuggets on all things michael cohen. tell us with what your sources are telling you.
11:22 am
following up with my sources and telling me again, as a reporter, he's not going to be a punching back for the administration. the relentless attack by the president and from rudy giuliani everyday that michael cohen needs to speak for himself. he needs to protect himself and michael cohen is tired of being a punching bag and he's going to tell the truth. his version of the truth according to people who are close to cohen. his version of the truth is nt t the president's version of the truth or rudy giuliani's version which are not based in facts at all. i think according to friends as well, michael cohen, is tired of rudy giuliani going out in television and lying about him and telling things that are not based in facts at all. >> what is this about cohen feeling like okay, hindsight is
11:23 am
20/20. >> that was really interesting to me and when i brought it up with some of the sources and friends, they say that's the most important thing from the stephanopoulos' interview. he believe he did things that were best of his judgment. >> back in the day. >> looking back in it, hindsight is 20/20. that's self explanatory, maybe those were not in the best judgment and maybe they were not the right things to do and he'll do differently if he had to do it all over again. who knows what he knows. he's not prosecuted or charged but we don't know what he knows. one quote out of that. he's telling the truth and the source says he's hitting the reset button and letting the chip falls where they make. if that teams as a smoking gun because he knows something about trump. that's a reasonable inference, that's not why he's doing it.
11:24 am
the reason he's talking now because he wants to make things right. >> he does not recognize the president anymore. again, this is a man that michael cohen still does not face any charges but there is al all of this that's coming out. the key thing is we don't know what he knows but there is his truth and clearly that's different than of rudy giuliani and the president. >> they say cohen's truth is no t the president's truth and it is not on the president's side or rudy giuliani's truth and it is on on rudy giuliani's side. rudy giuliani is fighting a war of public opinion with the media. i think michael cohen and his representatives feel that he needs to do the same thing and one reason why he hired the new attorney, lenny davis, to fight that war is not afraid of a good fight.
11:25 am
>> no, he's not. don lemon, thank you. >> we'll see you at 10:00 tonight. >> john dean will join me tonight. >> that'll be a fascinating conversation on that. the trump administration will miss today's deadline to reunite all the youngest children separated from their border. we'll speak to someone who's been taking care of these young children. thailand, the story, all 12 members of the soccer team, the coach have been pulled out alive in this cave. hear what happens during the final moment of this rescue.
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today so many young children are separated from their families. these toddlers were supposed to be reunited with their loved ones today. looks like it is not happening. so many of those children are sitting in limbo. siblings are loaded into vans today. these are the lucky few who are expected to be with their moms and their dads. now the administration estimates just 38 kids will be returning to their parents today that's fewer than half of the 100 youngest children waiting to be reunited. here is what the president said about today's missing deadline. >> i have a solution. tell people not to come to our country illegally. that's the solution. don't come to our country illegally. come like other people do, come legally. >> let's discuss all of this,
11:31 am
joining me now, juan sanchez, the founder and ceo of southwest kia, a company that runs several facilities housing these children, juan, thank you so much and welcome. >> good to be here. >> did the administration totally drop the ball on this? >> well, i would not say that. as far as we are concerned and the one thing that we enjoy doing and what we are set up to do is to unify children with their families. today we feel that this is a wonderful day for our staff. our staff came in three hours early where the kids are supposed to be ready and they pack their backpacks and got them ready to go. someone picking them up or taking them to where they're supposed to be taken so they can be reunited with their families. that's a good piece of it to be on the front line and unify
11:32 am
these kids with some of their parents. it is the doj expecting at least 38 kids to be reunified today, that's less than half. this administration did not track back weeks or months ago which kids belong to whom when they separated them. >> that's not the case with us. i can tell you that the children that we have and that's one of the things that we do very well. tl children that we have, we knew every one of those parents are. >> you do? >> when the kids are ready to go, we know their parents and able to reunite them with their family. >> i know you have been doing this kind of work for a while. what's the difference of taking care of kids separated from their parents saying large numbers verses unaccompanied minors. >> well, the difference is when the kids are young and very, young like some of these kids
11:33 am
were. you just have to give them a lot of attention and focus and hugs and things that parents would normally give their children. if our fill sacilitfacility, yoo provide these kids as much affection and warmths and hugs as you possibly can. that's what we have done ever since the kids got there. the kids have been on the road for months and finally gave her and we serve them. the kids that are separated require more attention and some of them are younger and we have more staff that we are working with them. now today is just a very happy day for us. this is what we do and does it very well. this is a happy day for us. >> it is wonderful tha that -- that's absolutely optimistic news that so many kids are able to getting unified
11:34 am
and you are able to track the parents. it seems like the gold post could continue to move and move and i am wondering what that does to those kids. you are with the kids. >> yeah, i hope our goal post will keep moving and moving. there was an extension on the court order until this friday. we are ready to do it today. there was a deadline, we were able to get our kids ready and prepare and prepare and ready to go and what we saw is our staff was very happy to see this happening. and, i am very happy and we are very happy because we have got some criticisms but which is what we do and we do it very well. we'll take these children and prepare them for their families and now it is taken place with
11:35 am
all of our kids. >> juan sanchez, thank you so much. here is hoping more scenes like those happier scenes keep on playing out and soon. >> thank you brooke, we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> coming up here. after being trapped in a cave in an extraordinary rescue mission, the twelve boys and their soccer coach are all out. details on this rescue, next. your hair is so soft! did you use head and shoulders two in one? i did mom. wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one.
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what a miracle, or a divine of intervention. there is only one word of how people are feeling of what happened in thailand. all twelve members and their coach are safe and sound and out of that cave. look at this crowd lining up
11:40 am
cheering the arrival of the ambulance carrying the last group of boys in this photo. l look at this posted by the thai navy seals after they climbed out of that cave for the very last time. the boys and the coach are in isolation at the hospital. officials said they'll be reunited with family members soon. on the recovery process, these boys and the coach have been so much emotionally and physically. the coach was the weakest of all because he shared his food with his young pliers just ayers to strong. with us now dr. sanjay gupta. first it was like hooray, they got them out. what are the physicals and the emotionals? >> the doctors and nurses have this timetable to work with.
11:41 am
they knew june 23rd was when the boys went missing and july 2nd, eight days later is when they were first found alive and six days after that is when these rescues started. you have an idea how long they were in the cave and what their hydration status is like and oxygen saturation were dropping in the cage and they know all this. that's what they are addressing immediately. when you hydrate somebody in a situation like this, you got to go slowly. food maybe soft food for a while and not solid food. letting them acclemate and all of that. in this state of isolation now and it is interesting now -- >> they're in quarantine now. the kids separating from their parents, why? >> it is interesting, brooke, part of it there are certain pathog pathogens that they may be exposed. >> cave disease. >> people who goes throu throug
11:42 am
they know about this. you can get a respiratory infection. that's not contagious, that would not put the healthcare workers nor the family members at risk. their bodies and the coach's body likely change in part of being in the cave for so long. no natural light and they are circadian rhythm is thrown off. they can't fight disease like they could before. it is really the parents and the family members that are a risk to the boy as to oppose to vice versa. >> we have all been reading so much about the details that's coming ing out. i read this 25-year-old coach, buddhist meditation that calm these boys in that cave for all those days. >> i was amazed by that. i think how these boys do in the long-term will be dependant on what happened and the coach and from others during the 2.5 week
11:43 am
period. was this an adventure or an ominous thing of i am pempendinh around the corner. they were given anxiety medicine before they were rescued. all of those things will come into play a little bit. you know brooke, this is the heroic period and a lot of people are talking about it in a couple of weeks that's not the case anymore, when all the attention is gone and all the psychological are there. >> can't imagine for them. >> coming up, did president trump choose the nominee to foil the russia investigation, as judge kavanaugh's path may soon play a role on the president. according to the national
11:44 am
institute of health, suicide rates often climb in the months after high profile deaths like anthony bourdain or kate spade. there are ways to get help and others who are struggling. here is this week's "impact your world." >> i live another day. there is someone who's supposed to be alive right now and they're not. >> i am an actor and director and contact creator on youtube. i lost my little sister when i was 17. when i first started talking about it. i was very afraid how it was going to be received. but at the same time, i knew that my main demographic was young girls and no one ever talked to me about mental illness. i am a huge advocate for crisis text line. the texting aspect is much more familiar and comfortable. i believe they have the capability to really connect
11:45 am
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as brett kavanaugh c continuing to shake hands at senators. some are disappointed how the democrats already dismissed him before even meeting him. if confirmed, he'll be the 108th white male justice in u.s. history. there is only been four other women and three minorities. kavanaugh is the sixth catholic and neil gorsuch happens to be the same. judge kavanaugh met his wife after working at the white house
11:51 am
under george h.w. bush. >> our first date was in 2001. the next step, there was an inbound plane. >> so let's start there with our cnn analyst, and a supreme court biographer. jones, it is fascinating how many landmark moments judge kavanaugh have been apart of for republicans in the last 30 years. >> it is so truth, brooke. much of it comes from his years of george w. bush. he was in the 1990s with ken star on the independent counsel team that investigated bill clinton and ended up laying out 11 counts of wrong doing towards impeachment and as we all remember from the '90s, the house of representatives
11:52 am
impeached bill clinton but those of formative years for kavanaugh with ken star. then we move towards 2000s when he represented gonzalez, the six-year-old cuban refugee in his custody fight and his effort to keep him in the u.s. and it was an unsuccessful fight. what you and i remember so well in 2000s, the florida recount episode that determines for sure that george w. bush would end up in the white house and boy did that ten years served brett kavanaugh. once he became an associate white house counsel to president bush and his staff secretary, he's at the scene of so many episodes that you mentioned including 9/11 and administrations response to terrorism and also then in 2006 wins a prestigious appointment
11:53 am
to the d.c. courts of appeals. >> that's a little bit of his time line in terms of big cases or decisions and a lot of talk about what could happen with healthcare if he's confirmed what could happen with roe v. wade. he was speaking there in the east room and all of his mentions of the different women in his life. here is a look back. my mom was a trailblazer. when i was 10-year-old, she went to law school and became a prosecutor and she over came barriers and became a trail judge. the president introduced me as judge kavanaugh, to me that title will always belong to my mom. i have two spirited daughters. margaret and liza. margaret loves sports and she loves to read. liza loves sports and she loves
11:54 am
to talk. i have tried to create bonds with my daughter like my dad created with me. ashley was a source of strengths for president bush and for everyone in this building. through bad days and so many better days since then, she's been a great wife and an inspiring mom. i thank god everyday for my family. >> now i was talking to a former kavanaugh clerk who you know said listen, did not read anything into this, these are important people in his life. i am curious to you, do you think he did that in purpose or laying any sort of ground works there. two things brooke. i think it is worth exploring it at a time of roe v. wade which
11:55 am
gives women the right to abortion nationwide. there are two things, true facts and the optics. he has two daughters, it is not like he excluded any sons. he has two daughters and perfectly fair and interesting to highlight them and to highlight his mother who became a judge. i think that was important pieces of information and the other thing brooke that you may have noticed is that referred to the fact that he had so many females -- all those things were true and valid to bring up at this moment but they also send a signal that he wants to be heard in that vein. >> joan, thank you so much. >> just ahead, an elderly man beaten with a brick and told go back to mexico. you will hear from his family, next. we came here for the friends.
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you are watching cnn on a tuesday afternoon, i am brooke baldwin, thank you for being with me. the president took fresh aims at nato members for not meeting targets for defend spending. it appears the president is a tad comfortable in enemy territory. yes, the president is meeting with our good friends of the united kingdom and theresa may