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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  July 11, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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guilty of something. >> what would our standing be in that core 29 after this session of nato? >> those alliances are not a birth right, they can go away. >> everybody stick around. there's a lot more news we're covering. special coverage will continue right now with anna cabrera. hello this wednesday. i am in for brooke baldwin. president trump kicking off his nato summit scolding one of america's closest allies, demanding all members pay up. >> i have to bring it up. i think it is very unfair to our country, very unfair to our taxpayers. i think these countries have to step it up, not over ten-year period, have to step it up immediately. >> european leaders expected tough rhetoric from the president especially on defense spending, but they may not have been prepared for this. at a welcome breakfast, cameras rolling, president trump slammed germany, our ally.
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take a listen to what he said and the awkward moment hours later sitting alongside angela merkel. >> germany is a captive of russia because they -- they got rid of nuclear, they're getting so much oil and gas from russia. we have a very, very good relationship with the chancellor. we have a tremendous relationship with germany. they made tremendous success, i congratulate you. tremendous success. i believe our trade will increase and lots of other things will increase. >> trump labeling germany a captive of russia. the president doubling down on his gripes with a tweet. what good is nato if germany is paying russia billions of dollars for gas and energy? why are there only 5 out of 29 countries that met their commitment? the u.s. is paying for europe's protection and then loses billions on trade.
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must pay 2% of gdp immediately, not by 2025. joining us live from brussels, barbara starr. what is president trump getting at when he calls germany a captive of russia? any truth in it? >> reporter: well, his contention is that this oil and gas deal germany has with russians for energy supplies is making them beholden to the russian government at a time when the u.s. has tens of thousands of troops in europe and germany as well and the u.s. is paying a considerable amount for european defense issues. but the germans will tell you this is a deal that's been in the works for some time, that it is a business deal, that it has nothing to do with security issues. so you have this dilemma, this contradiction, you have a very verbally upset president of the united states at nato. he wants countries right now to fulfill this decades long
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promise they made that by 2024 they will spend 2% of the economy on defense spending. many nato members are not up to that level yet. the u.s. is above it. he wants to see it done immediately. whether he can do that through his own sheer force of will i think remains to be seen. ana? >> barbara, president trump made it clear military spending is one of the top issues in the summit, but there are discrepancies in how much the u.s. is actually paying, right? >> reporter: right. i mean, nato has come up with a number that's just above 3% of the american gdp, american domestic economy essentially. mr. trump gave a number higher, about 4%. whichever way you want to cut it, the real issue at hand is president trump is trying to convince european countries to spend more on their own defense. now, everybody actually thinks that's a good idea, but whether
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these countries can do that remains to be seen. so things got really heated. certainly after you showed that video of the breakfast which the secretary general was attending, i sat down with him for an interview at nato headquarters in front of a large audience and i asked him how he is dealing with some of the tensions and trying to keep the alliance together. listen to what he had to say. >> secretary general, i am most concerned about differences on defense spending but that's very much about messaging and language because when it comes to substance, we all agree we have to do more and therefore i try to distinguish between different language, different messaging and disagreement. when it comes to the core issue, all allies and canada agree that
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we have to invest more. >> language and messaging, the secretary general points that out. make no mistake, he is not so subtly referring to messaging from the united states. it's become a very contentious issue this week in brussels at the summit. >> flashbacks to the summit not too long ago in the g7. thank you. barbara starr reporting in belgium for us. so how much should countries be paying for defense? president trump changed his t a tune a couple times. latest tweet was 2%, recently double that. hammering member nations like germany immediate to pay 4% of gdp for defense. let's get to our emerging markets editor in london. nato allies were supposed to have six years until 2024 to
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raise defense spending to 2% of gdp. that's now half what president trump apparently wants. what is the reality now? >> well, the reality is, important to remind viewers, that president trump doesn't like any policies he's had to inherit. this is one from barack obama, signed at the nato summit back in 2014. and the agreement was between 2014 and 2024 that nato members should spend at least 2% of gdp on military defense. let's bring up a bar chart, see what i'm talking about. those in blue are above the line, those in red below the line. there's a common theme on those in blue. number one, the u.s. always served as global policeman. that's part of donald trump's modus operandi, saying the u.s. doesn't want to spend this money all around the world, it resonates with his base. common theme with the greeks, they see a clear and present danger in their neighborhood.
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grease with turkey. they spend a disproportionate amount of money on defense. estonia neighboring russia doing the same. then the red liners, below the line. let's not forget, they have until 2024. president trump saying they need to do it immediately according to his tweet, but they don't see a threat now. i should add the european union is growing slowly for the last decade. they're ramping up spending, just not the peaace donald trum is looking for. >> bring in susan glasser, columnist for politico. great to have you with us. how would you rate the nato alliance now? >> well, if you were looking at a moodometer, the true feelings of the world leaders that gathered to meet president trump today, my guess is this would not be their best day.
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you saw angela merkel putting on her game face. donald trump has clearly come to the summit loaded for bear. he is i think not speaking off the cuff when criticizing germany this morning as being captive of russia when he is pushing by tweet and in public statements nato allies in a very uncomfortable way, it is by design. of course, i think it is very much what he wants to do for whatever reason to set up his summit with president vladimir putin of russia on monday. it seems a direct contradiction to the policy of unity and solidarity that president trump's own advisers put forward as goal of the nato summit. >> pointed out president trump is not the first american president to demand nato allies invest more in defense spending, may put relationships into position of being a little uncomfortable. what makes his approach so concerning? >> well, first of all there's never been an american president who has spoken to our allies in
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public in the way that president trump does and in the polite world of european summitry, this is at a minimum breaking china. even president trump supporters and those very much behind this as tactic to pressure his allies would agree that the method by which he's doing this is not only unconventional, but may be counter productive. one thing we haven't talked about today, the politics in europe. the more president trump verbally assaults his allies, seems to be praising dictators like vladimir putin at the expense of democratic leaders and partners like angela merkel, president trump's already low poll ratings in europe go even further down. you have something like 90% of the public in these countries. that's going to impact the delivery of demands president
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trump makes. the question i have is whether this is actually what he wants as a policy outcome or a more convenient political whipping boy issue for him now. >> it's interesting, today he now demands 4% gdp, all countries should pay 4% into defense standing. as it stands, only five of the countries are meeting the 2% goal. what do you make of the new demand? >> first of all i would say it is not a serious policy demand. that is not the way that the u.s. government works on policy. the president had his two top advisers for this summit and the upcoming putin summit give an on the record briefing. couple days ago, u.s. ambassador to nato wasn't talking about any new policy initiatives from the united states to increase defense spending to 4%. this appears to be the president of the united states free-lancing, and in that sense
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you wonder whether it is meant to be taken seriously or it is meant to show his disdain for the alliance that the united states has played the leading role in ever since it founded nato more than seven decades ago. i don't think it is serious. i don't think anyone thinks this is going to be the next outcome of the nato summit. >> tough love maybe ahead of the putin summit. his shadow putin's, that is, looming large at the summit. if you're putin, you're back here watching the dynamics play out on the global stage, what are you thinking? >> first of all vladimir putin believes that nato is the principal threat to russia, so in that sense he has to be pretty happy today in that anything that undermines and weakens nato, that contributes to internal discord is something that vladimir putin would welcome. remember, candidate donald trump said nato was obsolete.
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just one year ago, president trump came and in his debut personally refused and took out a line in his speech reaffirming the united states' traditional commitment to collective defenses at the heart of the nato treaty. vladimir putin already had good reason to believe donald trump wasn't exactly committed to nato. i think his blustering performance today will underscore that at a minimum. and the question is, is this a repeat, you raised it, of the scene with the g7 summit in canada where you go from meeting with allies in a very contentious, hostile way, including personally demeaning comments to the canadian prime minister at that session, and then go meet with a dictator, and speak of him in unfavorable terms. a lot of people are bracing for that scenario. >> hope to have you back as we follow what happens with that summit with vladimir putin in
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days. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. coming up, inside mission impossible. stunning video of how divers rescued the 12 young boys and their soccer coach from the cave in thailand. and upping the ante with the trade war with china. president trump threatening a new round of tariffs and prompting criticism from his own party. a shocking report about founder of papa john's, what he allegedly said during a conference call. so if you have heart failure, ask your doctor about entresto. it helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. entresto, for heart failure.
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thailand's navy s.e.a.l.s are calling the cave rescue the
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operation. i want you to follow as we walk through some images, thai navy released this video of divers getting ready to go inside. you can see how deep the water is, even before they go in. watch as they're getting ready to go under. can you see the wire the diver is holding there? they use that to guide everybody through narrow passages. then they check the watch, to keep track of time. what we don't witness are underwater travels. you can see how dark, treacherous it was inside the cave. divers had to depend on very little light. had to carry heavy oxygen tanks up and down, you see the water moving through there. take a look at this. extremely high cliffs they had to navigate. very steep. then the actual rescues.
11:19 am
once divers reached the boys, bringing them out one by one was perhaps the hardest part. they had to securely strap them on gurneys, cover them with thermal blankets, carried them through the tunnels, up and down, over incredibly sharp rocks. the rescue was physically demanding. at times, divers had to use makeshift pulleys to lift boys to higher ground. adding to the wonder of the mission, the water pumps failed just as the last person, the coach, was pulled out. and the lone doctor on the diving team, richard harris was the last rescuer to exit the cave. during a phone call with his n country's prime minister, he described what it was like during the harrowing moments.
11:20 am
>> get this. dr. harris learned of his father's passing shortly after that rescue ended. our condolences to the harris family. i want to bring in an expert as we're seeing the first hospital video of the boys, there were tears of joy as parents waved to loved ones through glass windows. the boys remained isolated for medical reasons. doctors say everybody is healthy and they appear in good spirits. they're walking around, using cell phones. some taking time to wave to the camera. smiling. one boy bowed his head,
11:21 am
expressing thanks. with us now, family physician. thank you for being with us. oxygen levels dropping, little food, risk of airborne bacterial or fungal infection. how surprised are you to learn the boys are all healthy? >> i have to say this is remarkable. i know all of us watching this in the last couple weeks, we're all completely overjoyed. as a physician, i have to say it is remarkable that they have come out, seemingly they're all healthy. >> what would you have have expected? >> well, there's a lot of things that simply could go wrong. we know the boys and coach were probably dealing with lower oxygen levels in the cave, that can cause problems in itself, malnutrition, dehydration, weight loss. they may have lost four or five
11:22 am
pounds. then mental health issues we have been talking about, concerns about post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, et cetera. and probably one of the big e things is infection. they're -- biggest things is infection. worrying about fungal, bacterial infections. the number of things that could go wrong are numerous. >> medical staff said earlier some have a higher rate of white blood cell count. why would that be? >> white blood cell count, they're part of our complete blood count. it is one that tends to mobilize when our body needs to do something. there's a number of reasons why that count might be elevated. certainly main reasons would be infection or inflammation. honestly, we can have a higher white blood cell count from physical or emotional stress. other things are less likely in this case, allergic reactions or medications can increase it, but inflammation, infection, and
11:23 am
sort of a stress response from emotional and physical stress are the main reasons you would see that. >> after watching this video, seeing the boys, young teenagers, some as young as 11 are sitting there, physically strong it appears. they're starting with a restrictive diet. soft foods. family members have to wear a mask. what else do you expect about the recovery process, how long might it take? >> right. based on press releases, seems like the hospital will take each case by case, which to me sounds like a good idea. every child and the coach are different from one another, may have different underlying conditions. all of that might determine and change how fast one recovers from the other. i do understand, agree with advancing the diet, starting slow. remember, they haven't had proper nutrition or hydration.
11:24 am
you want to start slow, make sure they're eating properly, their stomach can tolerate it, then advancing the diet. i would think mental health evaluations, whether counseling or other evaluations, and continuing to look for signs of infection that may appear down the line or other abnormalities that may come up now that they're out of the cave, which in and of itself was a traumatic, stressful incident. sometimes we see things popping up a little later. i'm delighted they seem to be doing so well, we're all certainly saying prayers. that's what i imagine would come down the line. >> we are rooting for them. dr., thank you for your expertise and sharing with us. >> thank you. coming up, hand shakes, nervous sips of water. a look at the body language that spoke volumes at the nato summit. and stunning new video of the crash that sent hollywood superstar george clooney to the hospital. my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
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them, not so much. we let you keep an eye on your business from anywhere. the others? nope! get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. president trump has already launched criticisms about other countries' financial contributions at the nato summit. his counter parts may not share his tendencies, it is what is not said that may effect the relationships. i am joined by david chalian. there's been a number of moments that stand out. what strikes you? >> it is amazing to watch the pictures coming in because president trump is up ending the world order, post world war ii
11:30 am
order in many ways. hard not to look for signals. i am not a body language expert. but i couldn't help but watch. here he is with all of the allies around him after slamming, being aggressive about how much they're spending on defense. here he is grouped with them. we're watching to see how is the group dealing with each other. how about this special relationship here. look more closely at that. theresa may, donald trump, seem to be engaging, hitting their marks, keeping them separate for a family photo, still engaged in conversation, despite the fact he was giving some praise to boris johnson, her foreign secretary that just quit. there's some frostiness here, but in this picture we saw them getting along. that freeze frame there with the fist, this is a president not backing away from his proclamations. he is continuing to make his point, even to the closest allies. we also took a look at this interesting moment.
11:31 am
here are the european allies, what's donald trump doing in back? pulling erdogan from turkey. you know he has shown an affinity for strong men. all of the close european allies the u.s. had great relationships with move ahead, he pulls him aside. don't know the content of that. donald trump is not trying to put an image out that he doesn't want to be associated with the strong man either. how about the canadian relationship, closest neighbors to the north. look at this. you see the president walk right by justin trudeau. don't even look at each other. avoid eye contact. you remember the blow up, what donald trump's aide said after that meeting. clearly there's no love lost at the moment in the trudeau, trump relationship. the president says that's not true, the relationships are just fine. i think the pictures show a slightly different story. then this may be my favorite picture of the entire trip. say a picture tells a thousand
11:32 am
words. how great is this. all of the allies are looking one direction. donald trump is looking the other direction, going a different way. that's basically, that's been his message to the u.s. close allies on this trip. they were looking at military aircraft. i think this picture captures it. chief of staff john kelly. all eyes on him, making a way for the exit. tenure as chief of staff coming to an end, while donald trump is giving hard talk to leaders of nato across the table, john kelly taking water, not necessarily engaged what the president is saying in that moment. there's a lot of chatter about what he is thinking while donald trump is giving a strong, stern message to nato at that lunch there. then of course there's the moment when he met with macron. and macron was asked by the press about angela merkel and about donald trump's comments
11:33 am
that germany is captive to russia. take a listen to what the french leader had to say. do you agree that angela merkel is beholden to the russians? >> you see the president was glad that question wasn't asked of him. he had already made that statement and angela merkel was responding. macron, take note, did not shy away from answering the question, even though he was next to the u.s. president. he clearly says no, he does not agree with that, and he had no problem saying that sitting next to the u.s. president. >> thank you very much. that was fascinating. coming up, donald trump threatening china with more tariffs. this time to the tune of $200 billion. a look at how the trade war is
11:34 am
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welcome back. republican controlled senate overwhelmingly rebuking the tariff resolution, urging trump to get congressional approval before using national security as a reason nfor imposing tariffs. he raised the stakes with dhich, with tariffs on $200 billion of chinese imports. this time targeting clothes, seafood, even baseball gloves. orrin hatch typically a trump supporter doesn't seem entirely convinced this is sound strategy. watch. >> i'm not a great fan of --
11:39 am
great believer in tariffs. >> want to bring in tom adams, founder, owner of maine coast company. great to have you with us. we like to have personal stories for the impact of some of the moves that many of us don't feel initially. i know you're feeling it. china is a big market for you. you say 22% of lobster sales in 2017 went to china. how has your business been impacted by the tariff fight so far? >> thank you, ana. appreciate you reaching out and showing interest in some of the problems that we're facing as an industry here in maine. this punitive tariff situation that we're involved in in the trade war has a direct effect on me company and maine lobster industry. >> what are you seeing when you talk about a direct effect, what
11:40 am
does that look like for you? >> imagine 22% of our sales at maine coast last year were directly to mainland china. since july 1st, our chinese sales have stopped due to concerns not only about the tariff amount but how our goods as american goods will be treated coming into the country from a customs perspective. we're dealing with live, perishable product, maine lobster, and any delay in transit time at the border can have direct result in our product not making it there alive. >> so what i'm hearing you say is a quarter of your potential income is in jeopardy now. what goes through your mind seeing that china has cut off lobster coming in from your company? >> that's absolutely correct. when these punitive tariffs were
11:41 am
announced on live lobster and american seafood, it was really a kick in the gut for us. we built our business in the last few years, and expanded it, hired people accordingly to grow into the chinese market which has been very good for us. we traveled there several times a year, invested hundreds of thousands in our marketing and sales efforts, and all of that is right now in jeopardy. and the future is uncertain. >> do you think president trump actually grasps how much a blow this is to people like you? >> you know, i don't know that. i understand trade is a complex issue and i understand that, you know, we as a country have to negotiate in our best interest, but when it comes to a small industry like maine lobster, i don't think that president trump
11:42 am
or even sometimes our ustr representatives have a full idea of how much companies like mine in a small state like maine relies on these industries in the global trade we have now. >> i guess bottom line then what happens next for you? are you making adjustments? what is your plan? >> we are trying to make adjustments. we had very little notice, only a few weeks before tariffs were imposed. notification we have been trying to decide what our path forward is and we will make paths, we will persevere, but there's going to be some suffering both within my company and the entire state of maine. this is one of the most important industries in the state. there's over 4,000 licensed fishermen and women in the state of maine that will be effected by having a market as big as china be directly effected by
11:43 am
this. this will result i believe in lower pricing to those hard working fishermen and lower revenue for my company. >> tom adams, we'll keep in touch with you. thank you for sharing your story. best of luck. >> thank you. i appreciate once again you looking out for our industry. thank you. >> you're welcome. coming up, the president's former campaign manager paul manafort is going to be moved to another jail after a legal back and forth ahead of his trial. why his lawyers were raising concerns about his safety. plus shares of the popular pizza chain papa john's after reports the founder used a racial slur on a conference call. s have never been better, with amazing amenities like movie theaters, exercise rooms and swimming pools, public cafes, bars and bistros even pet care services. and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor
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just into cnn, more insight in what life is like for paul manafort inside jail. this as we're learning he will be moved to a different jail, one closer to d.c. ahead of his trial on bank and tax fraud charges. here's why this is significant. he complained for weeks being jailed outside the city made it too difficult to meet with his lawyers to prepare for his upcoming trial on bank and tax fraud charges. a judge finally decided to grant his request to move him closer, saying he could be moved to a jail in alexandria where the trial will be held. then manafort's lawyers said forget it, they had safety concerns. it was already too late. the judge ordered the transfer. now prosecutors say the trial should not be postponed. in a court filing today,
11:49 am
prosecutors are providing some detail into manafort's jail experience. he has reportedly been in solitary confinement, but prosecutors are describing it more like a vip experience with a private living unit, its own bathroom, telephone to call his lawyers, a laptop, no requirement to wear a prison jumpsuit. bring in former nixon white house counsel john dean. let's start with the back and forth over where he was going to be jailed. he tried to get the judge to move him. the judge says we'll give it to you. now all of a sudden his lawyers are saying no, thanks. what do you think is going on? did the judge call their bluff? >> i think paul manafort must have liked the presence location he's in and while it is a two hour drive or more for his attorneys to get there, he's accustomed to it now, and it is not a bad place to be. it's a relatively new facility,
11:50 am
it's much better than the place in alexandria. i think that's why they kiboshed the move when the judge was willing to make it, and they lost credibility with the judge, and he went ahead and made his decision. >> looking at reporting from the filing. it says on the monitored prison phone calls, manafort mentioned he is treated like a vip. those are apparently his words. mueller's team pushing back on the idea that manafort couldn't prepare. let me read you a quote from filings. says july 4, 2018, manafort remarked in a taped prison call he is able to visit with his lawyers every day, that he has all my files like i would at home. also say manafort has a personal telephone which he can use over 12 hours a day to speak with his attorneys, and that he has a personal laptop he is permitted to use as well. john, in your experience how unusual is this type of quote, unquote vip treatment? >> well, for somebody in
11:51 am
pretrial stage, not unusual at all. i think the government tries to make it easy for people who are held in this sort of circumstance, getting ready for trial, to not make it impossible to prepare for trial. that will give them a reversible error. they're being careful. i think they knew that when they sent him down to this place in virginia. it is a safe place. i understand that there have been a number of high profile people there before him and found it pretty comfortable. >> how likely is it his trial gets delayed. it is supposed to start in a couple of weeks. >> i don't see that happening. i think they've lost a little credibility with these motions, the judge wants to get it moving. i think it is going to go forward. i haven't seen so far a really
11:52 am
compelling reason that the judge would delay it. i think they know that. so i think they're going full steam ahead. >> i want to ask you about lisa page, former fbi lawyer that exchanged some anti-trump text messages before the election. she's defying a congressional subpoena to appear before a closed door interview saying she hasn't been provided the scope of questions and all of the documentation she would need to prepare for the interview. what are the consequences of her defying a subpoena? >> theoretically, she could be held in contempt of congress. there have been a mixed record of people held in contempt of the house or senate. it happened more with the house. then it is referred to local u.s. attorney for prosecution. nobody has been prosecuted under this in a very long time. i think she's asking for the same kind of treatment that
11:53 am
republicans get, and she's hoping to get it. >> john dean, as always, good to have your take. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, george clooney, a speed scooter and crash caught on tape. a new look at the accident that sent the actor to the hospital. plus keeping an eye on the nato summit. world leaders holding a working dinner now after president trump demanded all members pay up and beyond the initial amount they agreed upon. belly fat: the chili pepper sweat-out. not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort,and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you and visit today for your chance to win a free treatment.
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we are getting our first look at the moment george clooney collided with a car
11:58 am
riding a scooter in italy. it happened tuesday. in the footage, you can see clooney fly high into the air, over handlebars, crashing down to the pavement. he reportedly smashed the windshield with his head. amazingly, the 57-year-old has been released from the hospital. clooney reportedly told a friend it's good to be alive. founder, public face of papa john's pizza at the center of controversy after a report in forbes that he used the "n" word on a conference call in may. he was asked on the conference call how he would distance himself from racist groups, and he reportedly responded colonel sanders called blacks and used the "n" word, complained sanders never faced public backlash for using it. the company released a statement with a different tone to forbes. papa john's condemns racism and any insensitive language, mow no
11:59 am
matter the situation or setting. we take great pride in the diversity of the papa john's family. we will strive to do better. allison, this is not the first time he is under fire. are stockholders reacting? >> they are. this is not the kind of headline shareholders want to hear. as soon as this came out, saw the stock drop. now down 3%. shareholders are concerned that there could be a consumer backlash or boycott that people won't go buy papa john's pizza after hearing what he apparently said, according to forbes. cnn hasn't independently confirmed what he said. he isn't new to this controversy. in an earnings call, lashed out at the nfl how they handle the
12:00 pm
national anthem controversy. he still has close ties to the company, biggest shareholder, founded the company, his face still on the pizza box. it will be interesting to see how the company handles the latest pr disaster. >> what the fallout is. thank you very much. thanks for being here with me. the president kicking off the nato summit, scolding one of america's closest allies, demanding all members of nato pay up. >> i have to bring it up because i think it is very unfair to our country, very unfair to our taxpayers. i think these countries have to step it up, not over a ten-year period, have to step up immediately. >> european leaders expected tough rhetoric especially on