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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 16, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go on line today. this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." it is monday, july 16th. 5:00 in new york. that is where you see the pair of alisyn and john. i'm chris cuomo in helsinki. happy to be in finland. good morning. they would say history is going to be made here in just a little bit. president trump will meet one-on-one with russian president vladimir putin. just days after 12 russian military intelligence officers indicted by robert mueller for interfering in the 2016 u.s. election.
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something that the president continues to call a witch hunt. he will head into the meeting like minded with vladimir putin on a very important issue. we already have an idea of trump's mind set here because in a series of tweets, the president blames the united states, not russia, for strained relations. mr. trump blames his predecessor president barack obama for the hacking and blasts the mueller investigation who indicted the russian spies. how will president trump wind up coming into the situation looking at vladimir putin and dealing with such egregious acts around the globe? let's start with coverage and kaitlan collins here in helsinki. >> reporter: chris, 90 minutes. that's how long president trump and president putin will be sitting together one-on-one here
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in helsinki. there will be no aides. no advisors and no record of what is said during the sit-down with the two leaders in the first formal sit-down since president trump took office. the president giving us a glimpse into the mind set of the meeting and what it truly is for him. >> mr. president, what do you hope to do today? >> i'll see him in a little while. we'll do just fine. >> reporter: hours before his hit-down with russian president vladimir putin, president trump blaming the u.s. for poor relations with russia. >> i don't expect anything. i frankly don't expect. i come in with low expectations. >> reporter: trump insists he will bring up election meddling when he sits down with putin one-on-one. despite failing to condemn russia after robert mueller indicted 12 russian military
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officers for the interference in the election. instead blaming the obama administration and democratic national convention again. >> the dnc should be ashamed for allowing themselves hacked. >> reporter: he hadn't considered indicting the agents. >> i'll ask about it. this was during the obama administration. >> reporter: a source telling cnn president trump told officials during his visit to the uk he already knows putin will deny interfering in the election again and doesn't expect much progress. >> i don't think you will have any i did it. you got me. there will not be a perry mason here. you never know. >> reporter: there is no set agenda for the meeting, president trump says he will discuss syria, ukraine and extending a nuclear arms treaty with putin. >> this is an attempt to see if
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we can diffuse and take some of the drama and the danger out of the relationship. >> reporter: on capitol hill, many expressing concern about what concessions president trump might give during that meeting. including lifting sanctions against russia and ending nato military exercises in the baltic states. >> vladimir putin is a trained kgb agent. he may come in with maps of syria and ukraine. >> reporter: on the eve of the summit, donald trump calling eu and nato foes of the united states. >> we have a lot of foes. the eu is a foe what they do to us in trade. >> reporter: the head of the eu council firing back. america and the eu are best
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friends. whoever is saying we are foes is spreading fake news. >> we have plenty of the people i deal with which are ruthless people. >> is putin one of those? >> i cannot tell you that. somebody said are you friends or enemies. i would say we are competitors. >> reporter: after their one-on-one meeting, they will open it up to aides and staffers and hold a joint press conference where they take questions from reporters. chris, upon leaving washington, the president said this could be his easiest meeting of his trip to europe. we will find out if he feels the same way when he returns tonight. >> thank you, kaitlan. we are waiting for word that putin has touched down in finland. he should be in a big rush to get here. let's talk about the stakes and what may or may not happen. two great pals are joining me.
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christiane amanpour, chief international anchor and one and only jake tapper. good to you have both. putin will sit down. a quick look at the schedule for people watching at home. 5:40, we expect the president and first lady to depart for the finnish palace. you will see people go in and out of the tent. poost is suppos-- putin is supp come first. then trumps. a book signing is at 6:20. that is when we look for remarks and the meeting. let's set the stage. this is a very august place. history has happened here. are we in the right place? is this a big event or is it something smaller the way the white house is advising snus? >> it is small, but it is big. it is not really history because many presidents have met their
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soviet counterparts here. it is an important meeting. helsinki has occupied a really important place in traditional cold war tensions between the two sides. subsequently after the fall of the soviet union, this is the place. this is when the western alliance are at serious odds over fundamentals of international policy and international rules of the road. not just in the systems and elsewhere, but violation of sovereignty. russia invaded a small country and annexed it, crimea. america believes crimea is part of ukraine. not part of russia. we will see if president trump gives anything on that. you have the idea putin has been isolated because of the
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sanctions in 2014. this will rehab him in a big way. there is no agenda. so that is a little confusing. how do you know what has been said? they will meet without anybody except interpreters. that is confusing. >> expectations? >> i think both men will come out and declare victory. i'm not sure there will be any deliverables as they are called in the field of diplomacy. the idea they will come out and say we will do x, y and z. they will declare the summit is a victory. for president trump, as kaitlan collins described in the piece a minute ago, said on twitter that the reason the united states and russia have bad relations is because of the united states and foolishness. he looked at the investigation into the russian cyber attack on the united states and interference in the election and
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blamed the investigation instead of blaming the russians for the cyber attack. vladimir putin doesn't have to do anything. he already has president trump saying things that are official russian policy when it comes to the relationship. >> peskov said competitors. that's a good word. we're happy that trump calls us that. competition is good. mind blowing stuff. for russia to say we need fair competition when they have been unfair by almost every application of the word around the globe. to jake's point, i was making a list of the things that president trump categorically has said that what would be putin would say when it comes to the eu and calling them a foe. that is out of the putin book. nato and problems with nato. theresa may and the problems with her strategy. obviously with the u.s. hacking and interference. the idea about why as jake was
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saying problems with russia and the u.s. i can't believe putin is showing up here late. he should have gotten here two days early if not for the world cup. this is like a birthday party. >> he is able to take a one-hour short trip from moscow to helsinki. he is so not late. he is reveling in the glory of the world cup. he was out there yesterday with the president of france who also has sanctions on him as part of the eu. very strong against russia. hugging and kissing. having a great time. putin was part of the international community yesterday. he will come back here today and be a bigger part because he will get the biggest prize which is meeting with the united states. the leader of the free world. >> in helsinki. a place filled with history. >> the list you just read is the nightmare of the eu and nato alliance. they have said, look, of course, people should have talks.
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ea even in the aftermath of the indictme indictments. let's come out and say how putin should behave. they are concerned, though, that president trump must cue to the western line. the western alliance politics. not to music to putin's ears. >> to hear it from people around the administration and friends at fox who are sharing the facility here at the press pool, they believe this is one of the biggest gaps since the two nations have come together at the leadership level for any type of meeting. there are problems and opportunities to get russia to move strategically for the u.s. do you believe there is something that trump can come away with here that is disce discernible victory? >> that is an argument. there is common cause when it comes to some sort of resolution to the horrific civil war going
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on in syria. when it comes to any future disarmament treaty. that comes up for renewal in 2021. if president trump is still in office then. >> inter -- intermediate nuclear weapons. >> if they come out and talk about the host of areas where they work together, that could be a tremendously positive development. what we also need to remember is while people who support president trump talk about how great the meeting is and the fact the two men are coming together, the reason why vladimir putin has been a par rye ya', the seizure of the civil war and murder in eastern ukraine. the poisoning of individuals on british soil and the special
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relationship with the uk. the cyber attacks on the united states. putin has earned his status. this is not just happen stance and it is not the fault of the united states. >> he liked hearing trump said that was in the past. this was all before me. >> the cyber attacks are still going on. >> and the poisoning of the agents on british soil. assad as well. what if they make a deal as reported in the united states that the united states agrees to allow assad to stay where he is and pulls out troops and hoping that russia can move iran back and then abandon the field to russia and iran. it is really serious. these things and putin comes in well prepared. we were talking to jake the last time and president kennedy when he met with his russian leader in '61 was unprepared a.
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>> there is certainly plenty to be on the table. what will be on the table and how is it discussed? we will see and see together. christiane amanpour and jake tapper, thank you. we will go back to new york. we will keep you aware of the schedule as people are showing up. good to see you both. >> you, too, chris. great to have out the ground for us. we are mention away from putin and trump meeting. our analysts are here next. lilly. she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go.
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election. what will happen in the meeting in let's bring in max boot. our global affairs analyst and steve hall, retired chief of russia operations with the cia. gentlemen, it is great to have you here. it is impossible to know what really will happen, steve, in the meeting. there will be no witnesses or no record keepers. how will we ever know what was really said in there? >> we have to depend on donald trump's version or his translator. assuming he has a state department translator or rely on vladimir putin. neither of them, perhaps, are the best sources. >> donald trump, let's be honest, his story is things change. he is an unreliable narrater. i'm not saying he can't be trusted. he doesn't always stick to the same story. these 90 minutes, we won't know. >> it is unusual and i said in
2:20 am
countless meetings with principles who are going in to discussions with russians and others that are not helpful to the u.s. cause. the basic premise is, look, you need another set of eyes and ears in the room besides the translator. for no other reason, common sense for someone else to say yes, this is what was said. >> a witness. >> yes. >> so, max, you say the key to this summit is the president needs to press putin on what you call russian misbehavior. not just talking about the interference in the election, but ukraine and georgia and baltics. you say that is key. >> i have very little confidence that will take place, john. all of the signaling that president trump has done in the run-up to the summit suggests the opposite that he is out to
2:21 am
ev engratiate himself -- ingratiate himself into the meeting with putin. our relationship has never been worse thanks to the years of u.s. stupidity tweet was interesting. trump is focused on having a relationship with putin. trying to get along with him. in my mind, the goal is not establish a relationship. the goal should be to lay down the law to putin and say knock it off. you have to stop this. we will not tolerate attacks on our election. we will not tolerate killing people in the united kingdom. we will not tolerate war crimes in syria or invasion of ukraine. that should be the objective to get russia to behave better. anybody can get along with putin as long as you couldn't criticize him. >> president trump has given no indication he will say anything
2:22 am
of th that you just said. beyond wanting to be pal was putin, what do you think trump's end game is here? >> it is a really good question. i would agree with max. you cannot base a policy on just having a good relationship. that is not a policy. that's a mechanism that can be used to achieve a policy. there are important things that russia and the united states do need to talk about. not a lot of things. i think putin would like more things. for example, some nuclear and other treaties. you don't need a summit for that. you don't need to give an easy win to vladimir putin who is concerned about appearing as a great power. leader of a great power. you don't need to give him this win. you can have your experts meet and have a summit to formalize a significant accomplishment. this made for television moment
2:23 am
is something that trump likes. >> vladimir putin is not on the ground yet in finland. the president has been there 12 hours. vladimir putin will swoop in late after the world cup. fly in for the summit. i want your takes on what he wants when he sits down and stair -- down and stares at the u.s. president. what will he get? >> he will get legitimacy by being there and stand on the world stage as equal of the american president. russia is a much poorer country and weaker country. they are not equal to the united states. appearing alongside trump, putin will be elevated which is something he wants. he wants to be legitimate. he wants u.s. to acquiesce to his power grabs. is trump going to say something to legitimate the crimea
2:24 am
annexation? that is what putin is going for. he has already won by being there. certainly if trump lays on the praise as he did with kim jong-un. if we hear putin is a smart and talented person and loved by his people. those are bonus points for putin. >> i would say that you have to step back and say what are vladimir putin's larger geopolitical goals? he wants to weaken the west and united states. he had a really great couple of months or years in that. he wants to use this as twisting things in and say this is what i want to accomplish and divide those against me. >> a great couple days. the president of the united states called the eu a foe. putin hasn't shown up yet. let's go back to helsinki by the beautiful pool with chris kwoemkwoem
2:25 am
kwoems -- chris cuomo. >> that is a great discussion. every time russia meets in this place, it is historic meeting with the agenda and what they call deliverables. big things will be discussed. what is on the table today that will make a big difference in the world? that's what we will take on right after the break. come back and join us in helsinki. join t-mobile. and get netflix included. so your family can watch what they love in more places. get an unlimited family plan with netflix on us. and right now, buy one samsung galaxy s9 and get one free. and we're committed to improving every ride.t to you starting with features designed to make it easy for your driver to find you. taking the stress out of pickups. and we're putting safety at the heart of everything we do. with a single tap, we're giving you new ways
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famous location in helsinki, finland. assessing the situation like this which is a major summit or meeting is what the white house wants to call it. tone on the way in. transparency of the process and take away on the way out. let's talk about this as we head in. tone is a major factor. especially because it is confounding. the president of the united states seems to make the russian case heading into the situation. listen to sound recently about how president trump is describing who are friends and who are foes. >> i think we have a lot of foes. i think the eu is a foe with what they do in trade. eu is a foe. russia is a foe in certain respects. china is a foe economically, certainly, a foe. that doesn't mean they are bad. this doesn't mean anything. it means they are competitors. it means we want to do well and they want to do well.
2:31 am
>> ultimately he is a competitor. he is representing russia. i'm representing the united states. in a sense, we're competitors. not a question of friend or enemy. he is not my enemy. hopefully some day, maybe he will be a friend. it could happen. i don't know him very well. >> all right. let's discuss this upside down talk with rear admiral john kirby, retired. and cnn analyst phil mudd. counterterrorism analyst and expert. this is upside down talk we hear from trump. foe is always a bad thing. don't call a friend a foe. it is a bad thing. to call the european union a foe is the opposite of what we understand the reality to be. the head of the eu said anyone who calls us the foe of america is spreading fake news. obviously that is the president in this regard. then you have his feelings about
2:32 am
russia as a competitor which the kremlin loves. the speokesperson of the kremli says we love being called a c e competit competitor. how do you explain? >> it is stunning for me. an american president would say some things like this? and saying i'm representing the united states when historically, chris, the american president doesn't just represent the united states, but he has historically represented allies and partners and all the of the great things that western democracy stands for. i don't understand it. i do know that vladimir putin has to be looking forward to the meeting in a very good way. he has trump basically saying all of his talking points for him. >> president trump has said, phil, this is the easiest meeting. nobody will help him make it easier than vladimir putin because if it were a straight tough talking meeting, it would be a difficult meeting. you take on election
2:33 am
interference not by asking putin if he did it. we know he did it. coming into this, what do you see as the potential for success for the united states on the way out? >> a couple of things here. you have to talk about syria. there's an end game in syria now. isis is on the way out. syrian forces with support of iranians and russians are winning. you talk about it. you have to have a comment about syria. the second thing is the president is setting up success. you look at the north korea. little rocket man. engagement with the nuclear implications. he steps away after five hours and say we won. he will walk away with this and say russia is the worst every characterization of it. he said i rebuilt the relationship. >> does it matter if he says it is the worst ever because of the u.s.? >> i think it does. he came into office and said we don't telegraph our playbook. he has telegraphed to the
2:34 am
russians when he tries to push them on election interference, all they have to say is what he said. what his twitter feed said. we didn't do it and we don't have anything more to say. >> when we look at -- i know the white house is underselling this and setting a low bar of expectations. don't call it a summit. it is a meeting. why are we in helsinki? only serious presidential meetings of this level happened in this city. that is why it is such an historic place. put it to the side. if syria is on the table. phil's play from the united states perspective, is to say, we win. we took it from isis. is there a flip there that if you leave syria and russia is your broker into the situation, you lose because you have given syria to iran and russia and left assad alone which you said you won't when tillerson was talking about it.
2:35 am
>> that's right. our military troops are there to fight isis. that was the case under obama. the presence, chris, gives us ledge. when u.s. forces hit through air strikes, some russian individuals, not military troops, that sent a message to putin we had leverage at the table. now our president is talking about withdraw which would cede to iran. good luck with that. russians don't have that leverage over iran and iran has made clear they consider it a national interest to be there. the other thing that makes this troublesome is he, trump talks about immigration and the refugee crisis. the worst since world war ii. why? one reason is the civil war in syria. this administration has done little to try to fwbring that
2:36 am
civil war to a close. >> when you abandon people under the eyes of the oppressor, they run to the bad guys. gentlemen, thank you very much. we have an update as i toss back to new york. john, your curiosity of putin. he is running late. that will slide the schedule. we are getting guidance from the white house they will meet 20 minutes later. every bit on your watch at 6:00 where we expect the events happening over our shoulder here. little delayed. >> cuomo, you know this is called icing the kicker. this is diplomatic gamesmanship. putin coming in later than expected. >> it is not as if he did not know it. >> it has been on the schedule for a long time. >> that is an interesting mind set with which to start the summit. >> icing the kicker. we will speak to the u.s. ambassador in the middle of the
2:37 am
negotiations like this. that's coming up next.
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or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking or allergic and skin reactions which can be life-threatening. stop chantix and get help right away if you have any of these. tell your healthcare provider if you've had depression or other mental health problems. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. the most common side effect is nausea. i can't tell you how good it feels to have smoking behind me. talk to your doctor about chantix. you are watching live pictures from finland. this is the helsinki airport. we are waiting for russian president vladimir putin to arrive. he is arriving late to the summit with president trump. the whole thing now pushed back about 20 minutes. president trump was supposed to depart to the the president palace. he is now waiting on the ground.
2:42 am
is this gamesmanship? joining me is the former ambassador to russia under george h.w. bush. ambassador, give us a sense of what we are seeing this morning. vladimir putin arriving late to the summit which has been on the schedule for some time forcing trump to delay the departure to the meeting place. how do you assess this? >> two things, john. lateness is something he could avoided. it has intent. that intent, obviously, is in some way to level the playing field of publicity of the meeting so it is not all trump, whatever he is saying, good, bad, ugly or whatever. and an important thing to look at the summit not as a transactional meeting which we have a tendency to do. look at it as a strategic opportunity which is about to
2:43 am
come perhaps prop er or fail. we have to recognize the two greatest powers in the world having important issues which can be settled. if we had a presidency that was normal, i would have confidence of productive results. the president has not taken the need for long and careful preparation and work done by others to set the stage. i would feel more confident. in the strategic sense, it is important, john, for us to look at the three categories of issues that will have to be dealt with. at the top of the list is the question of u.s. elections and the question of our nuclear relationship. in each case, it appears if the president is not going to get anywhere on this particular issue. president putin will say what he said before. the president seems to be
2:44 am
satisfied with that. on the nuclear question, it will be important if they could launch talks to deal with disagreements about the inf treaty. as well, more important, keep new start in place. more important than that, start a process of dealing with what comes after new start. the second category of important issues is regional. syria is the top of the list as we have been hearing for a long period of time. in syria, putin has an upper hand. he has shown how to use military force to effect diplomatic outcomes. president trump is caught for wanting to leave for which are complex and not insignificant. the other to play a role. he owes something to benjamin netanyahu with regard to see if can he get the iranians pushed back or from israel frontier. he is certainly at this stage want to see a relationship that
2:45 am
comes out of syria that brings about both stability and continued u.s. leadership presence in the region and if he has to accommodate mr. putin's efforts to provide himself with military basis and continued influence and kind of center in the region. i think that is important. it is a very important thing that mr. trump sets the stage for a lose-lose in europe castigating the europeans and dissing mrs. may. castigating mrs. merkel. he should come out of this saying the europeans and we are one. we are tight. that is important. finally, he could patch up a lot of bilateral problems, including closing consulates. >> we have seen movement in helsinki where we expect vladimir putin, the russian leader to land late. landing 20 minutes late. schedule has been pushed back.
2:46 am
ambassador, you talked about what could be discussed and important issues that could be movement on. nuclear proliferation and syria and the russian role with the baltic and the interference in the u.s. election. that is the back drop of the meeting. what the president of the united states chose to write about as he went to the meeting three hours ago was this. our relationship with russia has never been worse thanks to years of american foolishness and stupidity. now the rigged witch hunt. is that why the u.s. and russian relationship has never been worse? >> i can't believe the president did this. he said the eu was our foe. i think that he is in some ways now hopefully trying to, one, push failure off on his predecessor. he does that all the time. secondly, to low-ball the meeting so it is a nice
2:47 am
opportunity for the two to have an opening gamut together, but nothing serious will come of it although in the end he will claim we won. that seems to be the strategy at this stage. i think it is really a bad strategy because the strategic importance of dealing with russia is going to be once again undersold in the fascination that trump seems to have with transactional issues that i have to win every meeting i attend. >> ambassador, thank you. i know you are watching this over the next several hours with keen interest. you are looking at live pictures at the airport from helsinki. let's go back to chris cuomo on the ground near the presidential palace. chris. >> we are watching a helicopter right now. nobody had an easier trip for the meeting, john, than president vladimir putin of russia. obviously finland shares a border with russia. about an hour flight. if he is late, the understanding is it is intentional. what message is sent before this
2:48 am
even starts? when we come back, we talk about the tone headed into this and what is victory for each side heading out. across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor? what if there were millions of them? join us for the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's. register today at whenshe was pregnant,ter failed, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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all right. it is a beautiful day in helsinki, finland. it is beautiful. it is picture perfect. perfect for a plane to land on the tarmac. that's what we are waiting for with vladimir putin coming from russia and, chris, as you have been reporting, he's late which is inexplicable. he knew the summit would happen. his commute is not as long as anyone else's. john, we have had conversations all morning and will continue to have from experts and diplomats about what global issues they hope trump will introduce with the one-on-one with vladimir putin. the truth is, chris, we will
2:53 am
never know. it is just these two men alone. there won't be witnesses. we heard one interpreter. do you have more information on who that interpreter is or who will be keeping a record of what really happens for those 90 minutes? >> that is something that we're tracking here because translators are very important in the situations. we saw that in north korea because somebody who is a translator is having the language facility can have tools in the box as well as we saw in singapore where john was and the translator was a high ranking diplomat for the president. we wonder if that will be the same case here. we have not been told. it is an irony of the situation. we don't know that. putin showing up on time is a surprise. the biggest things are kept hidden have all been out in the open from president trump. transparency is an issue. both by mechanism and
2:54 am
disposition. we will have the joint press briefing. you have the larger issue of trust which has been twisted because ordinarily we would rely on trump to be the vehicle for the world's understanding on this. however, given his disposition toward russia and what he said of late, it is hard to know what to believe. >> chris cuomo, stand by in helsinki. we have one eye on the airport where the russian leader vladimir putin has not yet arrived. he is more than 20 minutes late at this point. pushing the summit back. what does he want from that? what does he want out of the meeting? so much to discuss. stay around. (thomas) hoices! you see, now verizon lets you mix and match your family unlimited plans like you mix and match your flavors. so you get what you want, without paying for things you don't. number 6. i know. where do i put it? in my belly. (vo) one family. different unlimited plans. starting at $40 per line on the network you deserve. i couldn't catch my breath. it was the last song of the night. it felt like my heart was skipping beats.
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this is cnn breaking news. helsinki. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is monday, july 16th, 6:00 in new york, that's where you see alisyn and helsinki. that is the russian president's plane. he is late. probably intentionally sew for this big meeting. why is this icing the kicker, is it just a accident? we'll find out but there is a lot of gamesmanship. everything has been slightly pushed back, but it will all happen on our watch this morning and to be very clear for all of the hype, these talks


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