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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  July 16, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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this is cnn breaking news. helsinki. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is monday, july 16th, 6:00 in new york, that's where you see alisyn and helsinki. that is the russian president's plane. he is late. probably intentionally sew for this big meeting. why is this icing the kicker, is it just a accident? we'll find out but there is a lot of gamesmanship. everything has been slightly pushed back, but it will all happen on our watch this morning and to be very clear for all of the hype, these talks are a big
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deal. they take place just after 12 russian military intelligence officers were dieted by the mueller probe because of the 2016 election hacking. we already have an idea of president trump's mind-set. in tweets and statements over the last few weeks, he has all about saying thing that's will be music to putin's ears. he says the relationship with russia has never been worse and he blames the u.s. for that. he went in there and shook up the foundations of nato. he keeps blaming his predecessor for not doing anything in the hacking and letting the situations in ukraine happen. so the question becomes how will he be today? has it been a set up?
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is his tone going to be tough? will there be transparency? are they sure they were behind the hacking of the election. that's a lot to discuss. list start with katilan collins. >> it is stunning to see that plane just taxying down the runway. he is supposed to meet president trump in about nine mints, but it's stunning to see the leader of a country gripped by economic sanctions, a country being blamed for a nerve agent on a foreign soil. and here he is keeping the leader of the free world waiting ahead of this high stakes summit where president trump is facing enormous pressure to confront vladimir putin over that election meddling.
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now we got a little insight into the president's mind-set this morning. and in his tweets he is repeating what the kremlin wants to here. she blaming the u.s. for frosty relations and not russia for meddling in the election. the messages suggest that president trump as he has not done before, will not be confronting vladimir putin on this. they will sit down for 90 minutes with no aides, no advisors, and no record of the meeting. here is how he described when he spoke to piers morgan. >> we have plenty people that i deal with are ruthless. >> is putin one of those? >> i can't tell you that, i
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assume he probably is. if we can get along with russia that's a good thing. i don't know him, i met him a few times. i think we could probably get along pretty well. it's too early to say if we're friends or enemieenemies. but getting along with russia and china and all of these other places. that's good, not bad. >> so you see there the president trying to justify his meeting with vladimir putin saying it's a good thing he will sit down with him but the doubts are very high right now other whether or not the president will seriously confront him about the election meddling. >> phil mud is joining us this morning. we also have john kirby, and cnn
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chief international anchor christiane amanpour. >> how do deal billion this at the table in the meeting matters most. for the president of the united states to say i don't know if russia is a problem for me, we'll have to see. the joint investigative team just came out with who shot down that plane in the ukraine, it came from a russian missile l launcher. what is the calculation for trump? >> i think the president goes in, if he wish sos use a very
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strong hand, what you point out, the indictment on the 12 russians that are not just ordinary russians, they're military. the big question after all that we just heard into the run up, is will president trump take the western alliance line or will he not? will he do more of what we have been reporting he has done. of course there has been mistakes on several sides, but in addition to these issues, there is the small matter of russia violating another nation's sovereignty, even under this policy, crimea belongs to ukraine. if which he be tough on those things then maybe there is some
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way out. >> putin is late, probably by decisi decision, a massive membership coming with him. it is just a hop, skip, and a jump. and it was a short trip, but he has a huge team with him. obviously a show of force. so we are teeing up something that is very true. he wants to be friends, he wants to be nice, so let's tell you, john, give us your tame. >> i think that is absolutely
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right. he could play a strong hand if he wanted to. he lost it in brussels and london. he is actually not the leader of the free world. he retreats and he has not interest in leading the world democracies. and she going he is going to be concede some of that to vucht. what we are missing is there is a reason that presidents have not met with vladimir putin. >> from a strategic tactical perspective as we watch the russian president's plane here, waiting for him to exit, the
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idea of what leverage you come in, because you could have versus do have, if trump throws a curve ball to putin, says i'm not asking you about the hacking, the act of war, hasn't he weakened his hand? putin can say i know you don't believe that. i know you think it is a witch hunt, i know you think crimea is in the past, i know you think that -- there is no way that putin will take that bait. the president gave putin the playing card. when you say a, i think it is a witch hunt, and fwlrks isb, the butt of democr bunch of democrats coming after me.
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the president has told us she i smarter than the other presidents. >> the foreign minister will be accompanying accompanying as well. president putin doesn't need to prepare, he has ben on the teenage in a position of leadership since 2000. he knows exactly the chess game that he is so good at and he will play to the biggest advantage. he, if someone opposite of him plays a move, he is ten moves ahead. some people say he plays a weak hand strong, some say he is playing a strong hand strong. certainly on the international stage to see that it is clear
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that the economy is not going great. the political situation is very constrained, but he comes off a brilliantly executed world cup. he was speaking with the president of croatia, and now he is meeting with the president of the united states who is still the leader of the free world and the most powerful office in the whole world. >> what we just witnessed here with this safe landing, and him in the car, equals a victory for putin. i'm not talking about travel safety, i'm talking about world perception. she getting a pomp and circumstance big time meeting with the president of the united states in a historic location in helsinki that has been home to many big matters of importance. he is legitimatized, respected,
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and being waited on by the world leader right now. as he makes his way towards the palace over our shoulder, we will have ceremony at first. the president of finland is playing host here as finland has done many times in the past. he will meet with each gentleman. there is a guest book signing, a ceremonial press meeting. then a meeting between the two men and maybe translators on both sides, could it really be just one translator and whose would it be? >> when trump did it with putin in the vietnam, that was just with putin. so probably be translators for both sides. >> not just a linguist.
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remember the translator's job is to interpret and that is it. if he doesn't have a note taker or another official, we won't have a record of what is said. >> there could be a recorder. >> that means -- and the russians will beat us to the punch like they always do. >> the joint press conference after ward. we're talking to the correspondent for "the economist" this car is a new car, and it is a little bigger than the beast. it was brought here specially. it was made in russia, it's a big deal, and he brought it here specially, this car. >> that reminds me of what we
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were talking about earlier. who has more muscular perspective on what is happening around the room. then the president of the united states and the first lady are already here. their trip from the hotel to the palace will not be televised. we will make you aware of it, but the real work will be in that meeting, but really after and even if we look to history, 1975. russia and u.s., they signed the helsinki accord. it was work in players. should this be, should we had be
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optimistic to see this. this is why they're stressing it is a summit, not a meeting, don't look for any tangible deliverables. it is a process of talks. so what i think we might here is we agreed to continue to talk about cooperation on x number of issues and we're going to set up x number of working groups to work through that. it could be the beginning of regulation and dialogue. right now it exists on a military to military level. that is basically it. that could be a good thing, cyber, syria, ukraine. we need a better relationship with russia, but i'm doubtful in the progress. >> and we don't know if there will be a press conference. >> we're hoping there will be
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something. working reporting on the ground here a little bit, i'm being told that there is talk coming into this that maybe they'll have a team to work on cyber meddling, that it's not going to happen. it's too fraught with political par re peril, a victim doesn't work with an attacker. moments ago we saw vladimir putin land in helsinki more than a half hour late. he is on his way to the summit, or the meeting, the timing in his hands. will the subject matter of this discussion be in his hands as well. we have former nsa and cia
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vladimir putin is on the ground and he is traveling right now to the presidential palace for the meeting with president trump. they will meet face to face this hour.
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president trump will not depart his hotel until vladimir putin arrives at the meeting site. it could be now that he is trying to reassert his schedu scheduling dominant. scheduling diplomacy, this seems to be happening. former cia director, general michael hayden. you have studied and monitored vladimir putin for years. here are the things he knows. president trump called the european union one of the greategreat est foes of the country. and that our relationship with russia has never been worse because of the russia investigation. >> first, this is a great day for vladimir putin even the
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russian federation. just step back a little bit, john. we realize this is a president of a pariah, second rate country. our president is going to meet with putin. putin, on top of the dichotomy, is smaller than the economy of several american states. that is a sense of equivalency, it's really not earned by russia's status in the world, and isolation. he has been embraced by the leader of the united states. so almost cost free. just by agreeing to show up, putin has pocketed everything he needs for the domestic audience
3:22 am
at home. >> on a different topic, i'm very interested in the transparency with what is about to happen in the next 90 minutes. is it unusual that the subject of an investigation -- we know that president trump is the subject of robert mueller's huge investigation into russian hacking and meddling and the democratic process and the election. is it unusual for a subject to meet with the perpetrator of the crime, alone, no witnesses. >> it really does set up a strange dynamic. there is speculation a few minutes ago with chris and the folks with him as to who else would be in the room for the one on one. and the speculation is there one or two interpreters. if there is only one, and it is
3:23 am
the russian interpreter, to me that is a very worrying sign. now we, the united states, will have no confident narrative for what happened in that meeting. >> if we're banking on just their memory, and recollectiore i don't know how the u.s. public can count on what is agreed upon. >> i'll give you a sense of what i thought putin's goal is is showing up. for trump, it is betraying his past, i think he will have some sort of a bernl relationship. he said over and over again,
3:24 am
wouldn't it be a good thing if i had a good relationship with him. it has to be conditional. this morning we get the tweet that blames everything bad in the aggression of american relationships on the united states. he is preevenively forgiving putin for the ties. russian attacked and invated crimea. russia attacked and interviewed in the election, and the president is saying the bad relationship is because of the united states of america, the country which he leads. general, what will you be watching? they will be signing the guest
3:25 am
books, i'm told it is a press conference. i cannot picture how this will play out. what happens when they say hey, vladimir putin, did you intervene in the u.s. election? what does president trump said next to him? >> i think the conference and the american press, able to impose on one or both of the presidents. look, i don't mine to insult my friends at the national security council, but i don't think the president imposed on them any great preparation, talking points, points to be made, points to be sure to bring up for the summit. if we take over this with an announcement for an agreement on anything, i think u i would be at a minimum uncomfortable or
3:26 am
scared because i don't know what the preparation is. >> chris, you hear us struggling to know what the next 90 minutes or so will look like. will they bear fruit and how can we count on what we are told will happen in those 90 minutes. >> bottom line, no matter who is in that room, we're only going to know what president trump and president putin want to say when they come out initially. that is the key. initially. if we know anything, that we have lived through in recent history is the truth will come out. the krim lin is going to have their own reckoning. when we come back, the occasion is now under way.
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putin has landed. he is supposed to go meet with the finish president first. then the president and the first lady are going to come and we will take you step by step through the morning's vermoevend we'll see what fruit is boor from this meeting. ♪
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okay, so here is what we're showing you in helsinki right now. this is the road that he will travel to get to where this much anticipated meeting has occurred. we're want to the american president will not wait on him any longer. he will delay his trip from the hotel, ten minutes away. to the presidential palace.
3:32 am
we're waiting on this but it is all ceremony and gamesmanship. the real deal is once they meet, what did we learn about this? this is literally as simple as that. just a meeting, a restart. they have not met in some eight years but for good reason. and that reason is, is that okay, here is the motorcade. you will see the massive motorcade of his newfound vehicle, as you're watching the motorcade, russia has been on a tear of horrible acts around the
3:33 am
world. there has been a reason that russia has become what general michael hayden becomes a pariah? >> those they got along, there was different priorities, there was a lot of issues they worked towards and worked together. there was a series of events. president putin was angry about the war in iraq and the withdrawal from the inf treaty. then he was very angry with president obama over what? using nato and the security council to go overboard in libya. so they got all upset about that.
3:34 am
then they did their thing by invading crimea and eastern ukraine. not only that, backing an invasion of iran by syria. they have done a lot. not to mention intervening in your elections and european elections. >> all right, so, setting it up, a win for putin, he has been given legitimacy and the world is waiting on him to get here. it could be an easy win for trump as well. >> let me not mince words here, the president characterized his predecessors accis idiotic. the president walked away from north korea and said i won. nato, he said i won. he will tweet saying the
3:35 am
relationship is at it's worst phase ever. he will walk away and say i won. it's all words but people believe it. they are coming up the street over our shoulder. it is lead by finland, military, and police officials. they are the host country and the president is waiting here to meet vladimir putin. he will sign a guest book. there will be photo-ops and we will take you through that. john kirby. you remember the obama administration. president trump as a candidate bashed you with regularity and with gusto saying you were on an apology tour, but to hear the president say that the problem
3:36 am
with russia is the u.s.'s fault is a big statement to make and it's not true, is it? yeah, he says that president obama was an aapologist. but for trump, turning it around now, saying that we, the united states, is to blame for all of the problems in the u.s. and slaush relationship is to me not only the height of irany, but a grand apology. >> putin is pulling into the presidential palace. the timing is off, but the process is as exactly as what would agree. you see the drape being closed on the security tent there? you have two world leaders meeting in a moment, you want to keep it as secure as possible. we're told there will be photos and videos released.
3:37 am
when we get it we will show it to you. so christiane, if it was done in physical, here is live picture, the russian president meeting right now. he will meet finland's president. you're watching him coming in -- >> i think that was the finish president with him. walking side by side. playing host to this, his country's police and military as well. they're walking through and we will watch the ceremony as it occurs step by step. back to our point coming in. >> this image, even just talking about it, we now see the image of president pew tin arriutin a
3:38 am
here, going through the presidential pal lace, and getting ready for the meeting, it is an act of sovereignty. >> the foreign minister lavrov just went through. the two main men will meet but there is a joint working lunch as well. >> yes, indeed. and the british said that it violated us, and they fully believe the attacks have been directed from the highest levels of the kremlin. it is now a murder investigation. they're not blaming that on the russia because it could be co-lateral. they still have to do a complete investigation. this is really an incredible moment and after what happened,
3:39 am
the tone of president trump with his allies in nato, britain, and now calling the eu a foe, the western alliance wants to believe and hopes that president trump will go into this meeting with their line of defense, their point of view, not with putin's. >> so we will see, literally, on our watch we will know. there was one little curveball as we give it back to you. one of the mysteries has been with putin when he showed that video at the kremlin, showing the capacity of new long-range missiles. and they had a video that showed them landing in florida. do you remember that? and we heard a deafening silence from trump after it. he never said anything. a piece just coincidentally came out before this meeting that the president, according to sources, was enraged by this video and that he called president pew tin and was very harsh with him and
3:40 am
said in his enraged state that theresa may and president macron agreed that he was inappropriate. what a set of characteristics if that happened. >> and it allegedly happened in the same conversation where he congratulated him on his big election victory. >> what's the chance of that? >> scolds you and then congratulates you. >> president trump is now on his way, he is now headed to the presidential palace.
3:41 am
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all right, president trump is on his way to the presidential pa las in helsinki. ahead of the meeting, president trump refused to condemn putin as a ruthless leader or a foe. >> is putin one of those? >> i can't tell you that. i assume he probably is, but i can name others also. if we can get along with russia, that's a good thing. i don't know him, i met him at the g 20. i think we could probably get along very well.
3:46 am
someone said are you friends or enemie enemies? i would say we're competitors. right now, russia, china, all of these other places, it's a good thing, not a bad thing. let's bring in piers morgan who conducted that interview on air force one. you said this is like your 35th interview with donald trump. you have known him for a long time. he gave you 30 minutes and i know you gave a lot of color that people can read about what it was like on air force one. tell us what you think the headline of those 30 minutes was. >> all of the interviews i did with him was while i was on cnn, and good morning to cnn viewers, i have missed you. it was a very bombastic week
3:47 am
even by his standards. he came in and he lit a flame with theresa may and brexit. and he basically inferred there could be no trade deal with america and britain after we brexit. he had been told that her new plan, mrs. may's new plan. by the time i got to him, he spent two days with theresa may. she seemed to nullify him, convince him that britain could do a big trade deal. but a lot of people in britain think she was spinning president trump a line here and we can't do that. it's a crucial issue in my country and i think donald trump by being a bull in a china shot did us a favor. he blew it up and refocused people's minds. >> we just played a little
3:48 am
portion of the interview of how he would characterize putin. what does he expect for this meeting happening moments have now. >> i asked him if he had a world view, a trump doctrine about the world stage that involves him in a room with bad guys and he said he does. i think from his time as a real estate tycoon in new york, he believes getting in the room, even with people you can't stoma stomach, and try to do a deal. he is a business guy. i think he feels he has some kind of relationship. i think she going in to s-- he g in to see vladimir putin and he will want to see where the conversation goes. he says when i first got into
3:49 am
office, people assumed i would be at war very quickly. and people did have that fear, but by getting into the room with the bad guys and trying to avoid war, it is better to not be judged by results if he can be a control valve on putin, this will be a very good thing for putin and the world. >> it will be hard to know because there will be no record of it. and maybe we have been told an interpreter. we don't know if that is from the state department, or a russian interpreter. we don't know what the president will come away with. he has not called putin a bad guy. he doesn't necessarily think he is. here is where his mind-set was
3:50 am
this morning. barack obama thought that crooked hillary would win the collection, so he was informationed by the fbi about russian meddling, he said it couldn't happen, was no big deal, and did nothing about it. when i won it became a big deal. >> listen, i completely agree, there is an inconsistency there, there is a lot of hypocrisy. he is not a politician, he is a very different kind of political animal and we have to see where this takes us. my own sbrobrother is a army
3:51 am
colonel. it would not be bad if u.s. and russia could avoid open conflict. can his very unusual tactics lead to that happening? i think there is a bigger picture here. russian hacking, and how far have they gone, i understand that as will trump forge that or not. >> of course, period, we're watching the motorcade going towards the presidential pal lace there. we're going to let you go. thank you for sharing your interview with us. this is the moment as we watch
3:52 am
president trump close to arriving. >> this is the first moment in anticipated events, for sure. president trump of russia is already there having walked in with finland's president. we expect them to come in, be greeted, sign the guest book, and then the first major event. they will have some short statement we're told, and then the media will exit the room. we will get a better sense for the media there as well. they will meet one on one for about an hour. then there will be a joint working meeting.
3:53 am
we saw foreign minister lavrov here. that will be the big moment. then there will be a press avail later in the day. will give you different shots as we get them. the president now traveling through an area they didn't want direct eyes to be on him. so this is the moment that we're waiting for. over our shoulder is the presidential palace. there is a makeshift tent set up so that when the president and the first lady arrive it will be closed off. >> thank you for that scene setter. >> chris, give me a sense of how this whole meeting is being received in finland. as you know, helsinki has been
3:54 am
the sight for so many big meetings. >> that is a good question. this place is such a lineage, a legacy here, or historic meetings, but this one is different. we know that president trump enjoys a moment and that is what the singapore summit was about. the after affects have been disappointing to say the least. this is what he wants here today. our expectation is that it is a win just to be here. there are a lot of protests. they have a lot of concerns. they're with thousands of people that took to the streets here on saturday. there were people lining the streets as the motorcade starts
3:55 am
coming up the street here. vladimir putin constructed his own beast that is supposedly fabricated by russian hands and it is just a little bit bigger than the united states president's beast. the process and procedure for today, the president and the first lady come, they meet the president, shine a look. and then we don't have good answers to that. we will know better when the media is able to get in the room and see who is in attendance, but the easy way is this happening at all. help has been given legitimacy on the world stage.
3:56 am
for him to blame the united states, we have never heard that kind of statement made by the united states by a u.s. president at least in my history of this business. he said a lot of things that will be music to putin's ears. and in one issue, it may be a true compromise. how does he raise the act of war of the hacking and different attacks in the u.s. election when vladimir putin knows damn well that president trump doesn't believe the truth and doesn't put a lot of stock in the event itself. >> such good points. as you would say, i'm hold enough to remember when anybody,
3:57 am
any public official connected to the obama administration said anything mildly -- now to hear president trump say things like that is just stunning. you can see president trump walking in. >> finland the host country here. we will be interested to see what they believe this is about. the first lady walking in in a yellow outfit we believe. you will see john bolten in there. after the two mean meet one on
3:58 am
one, there will be a joint meeting and a working lunch. that stees up a very relevant situation here. you have the take away, and the process. we had our expectations lowered by the white house. this is just a approachment. this is just the starting point. a very long legacy of meetings here. it was usually an end point. the helsinki accords, that was the summation of a lot of months of hard work. this could be a starting point today of hard work and what direction, those are the questions. >> we have see that before with president trump. instead of a lot of me tick lus
3:59 am
preparation, and then you have the meeting first and then the work happens after that. just to give people a sense of where we are at this employment, 50 minutes late. this meeting, previously called a summit until the white house said they don't want to call it a summit any more is on vladimir putin's schedule been he showed up late, at least 45 minutes. we will seem them shortly and they will make a statement prior to their meeting. it looks like their joint appearance will come a full hour after it was supposed to. does it really matter in the long term here in terms of what is discussing and agreed to? no, but it gives you a sense of how vladimir putin will play this. he showed up late to meetings with the careen and with angela merkel. he likes to assert his dominance. >> look, a lot of this lays ahead of us. let's reset for people just joining us now at the top of the
4:00 am
hour, we're here in helsinki. both presidents in the pa lalac here. everything got a little delayed this morning, president putin was latt -- late. president trump delayed his endrans, and now comes the big moment. the tone coming in has been very unusual for a u.s. president forgiving of vladimir putin. wanting to put horrible acts in the past. wanting to blame other states for the united states and russia.


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