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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  July 20, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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tapes is a mere coincidence. the president, think about this, would rather have his playmate pick dillos in the air than have russia on your mind. think about that, but don't fall for it. don't get distracted from what really matters. we certainly won't. thank you for getting it after with me all week from helsinki to here. the cnn documentary, the trump show, tv's new reality starts right now. have a great weekend. >> the following is a cnn special report. >> i was cheated bigley. >> i need to make sure it works with his color. that's the one. >> how do you avoid the elephant in the room? >> he's taking over prime time
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tv. >> we have a cartoonish larger than life president so it becomes easier to make fun of. >> the monster in the white house. >> that's not possible. >> beat up on him. >> we like annihilate. >> blowing up scripts. >> we just started over again. >> what? >> transformaling story lines. >> it becomes my tut as a latina to set the record straight. >> say hello to my little friend. >> people have a crystal ball. >> they are calling on the media to check facts. >> the americans benefit from anything that gets them talking. >> have you looked at the news. things are worse.
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not on the real news. >> i had a lot more to say. >> resonating with trump's america. the smash. >> look at roseanne! look at her ratings. >> with a shocking plot twist. cnn special report, the trump show. tv's new reality. you see the people saying you are going to burn in hell and gay people. god hates blank. >> friday morning at sony picture studios in culver city, california. >> i wish there had been a bystander. >> mike and gloria are brainstorming in the writer's room. >> that is an elegant response. >> the hit sitcom one day at a time was lit for a third season on netflix. >> you don't understand social media.
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>> of course i do. all you have to do is find a boy and thrrot at him. >> i hope you mean tweet. >> whatever issues this family is going through, it turns out in these times there are issues on the front pages. >> ever since somebody decided to call a group of latinos rapists and criminals. >> it's a complete reimagining of a sitcom with the same name. >> it was about a divorced woman with two children. norman was the first to do that. >> that's norman leer. the legendary sitcom maker who was famous for pushing the envelope. >> you don't know nothing about lady liberty. >> creating mega hits like all in the family. >> send us your poor and
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deadbeats. >> and the jeffersons. >> that honky, when i have a problem. >> the producer with an american problem. what's the deal the american family was facing at that moment. >> what are do you hope they take away from the new one day at a time. >> that are latin people see themselves for the first time. >> the remake follows three generations of a cuban-american family living in los angeles. >> you only need to get 60% right to pass. >> to be an american you have to prove you are a d minus student. >> same requirement for becoming president. >> it came toinaugurated. once you have donald trump coming into office talking about building a wall. >> we need security and need the wall. >> empowering ice and a lot of
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open hostility towards immigrants. >> they are bringing drug. they're bringing crime. >> that plays a lot more urgently. >> you are still studying. don't you know everything by now? >> last season it involved a lead character's journey towards citizenship. >> you are seeing writers, producers and stars wanting to say something in response to trump. >> yes. >> i'm trying to look more american. is it not working? i should have brought a gun! >> there was a response on the part of a lot of writers that this big thing is happening and we have to deal with it. >> we are talking about immigration and immigration problems. isabella on the show had a friend who had to move because they had a problem with immigration. >> i can't believe they sent your parents back home.
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>> lear lends a hand on script. they invited us in for a sneak peek on the set. with the star of the show, acclaimed actress, rita moreno. >> he really allowed us to run with just take the single mom concept and let your brains go wild. >> the characters are loosely based on her own family. >> when you hear yourself being misrepresented by someone in power, it becomes my duty as a content creator and latina to set the record straight. >> you said go back to mexico. >> that are happened to my brother in san diego. what's going on that that is now an okay thing. not that racism doesn't exist
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before 45 was in office, but it's louder suddenly. >> they probably think i dress like this and i came over on a raft smoking a cigar saying hello to my little friend. >> we are trying to live our lives and be good citizens. how do we react? >> they react with subtle references to the president. >> now we have a monster in the white house. >> don't blame me. i didn't vote for him. >> we never said his name. i'm fine never saying it. >> what are you doing? >> this is a show that exists and means something in the trump age. >> absolutely. >> melanie mcfarland reviews shows. >> how many shows do you see on television right now that had a majority latino cast? drawing people into the experiences. not just in terms of the characters and what they stand for in terms of class, but
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really about that idea of this is part of what it means to be an american, too. >> show creators picked up on other blind spots in the landscape. >> there is a long history in network tv going back to friends and the focus being on young single people in new york and l.a. i think abc was having open conferrings about this immediately after trump's election. we need more middle america in our programming. >> most of all, lord. thank you for making america great again. >> when we come back -- >> make tv great again? >> the show stunned everyone. >> roseanne and red state tv. >> you have looked at the news. things are worse. >> not on the real news! >> oh, please!
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& your flowers won't wilt. at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & when her patient's blood pressure drops, she can share the information with... donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. >> usa! >> 10 months after the election, it was tv's darkest drama series that addressed the elephant in the room. >> the series that i think is strangely precious was the
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american horror story. >> the fx thriller season premier began in the wake of the election. >> did you come to rub it? >> get out! >> the idea of a world gone insane. that's what a lot of people have been talking about. >> this season, the horror was trump. >> she was supposed to win. is this really happening? >> one of the first phases we caw in scripted tv was people working through the emotions of the election. >> officially calling it a win for donald trump. >> the hit comedy blackish delved into politics. >> why do you not care about what's happening to our country? >> last season delivered a darker post election commentary. >> for most black people this system never worked for us. >> that entire episode addressed the day aftershock.
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you have the archival footage of the civil rights era. you have strange fruit playing over it and poignant and pointing out for black americans there was this reality of moving forward and being set back. >> i have a smith and wesson 64 in my desk and i'm this close to taking to the streets. >> our lead character played by christine is so upset by all the news cycle. >> like i'm living in a bad reality show. >> sheer starts microdosing. >> have you saken suicidal? >> mushrooms? no. >> the good fight, the legal drama spin off of the good wife. >> the good fight is unusual in that in our fictional world, trump is the actual president. >> the show was supposed to open on election night. >> the president-elect of the united states of america.
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>> a week and a half into shooting the pilot, trump won. we went back and started over again. >> in the trump era, last minute script changes are the new reality for scripted tv. >> we will see what we will see. >> there is this impulse to be relevant and comment on what's going on. >> alex gonza is the cocreator of homeland. >> when a story breaks, do you talk about how to make it part of the show? >> it's the first thing we discuss every morning, especially now when the news cycle is so crazy. >> breaking news, defending putin. >> a stunning shake-up at the white house. >> is this something to the story? >> a porn star and a staff departure, just another day in the trump white house. >> we were all utterly blown away and trying to adapt to trump's america. >> eileen jacob. >> is it fair to say hollywood is a hub of the so-called resistance? >> it's no secret that hollywood
7:16 pm
leans progressive and there is a dangerous presumption that everyone who walks into the room will share your politics and not everybody does. >> people feel insulted. people in the middle of the country believe that hollywood only portrays things in a certain way as though they are the butt of the joke. that their views are not respected. >> hollywood was in need of a shake-up. a show that appealed to trump's america. >> what was abc thinking by reviving roseanne? >> bill carter. >> that was a watershed moment for not just people who voted, but anyone in the creative industry, roseanne was a logical place to turn. >> the original roseanne ran for nearly a decade and was a massive. >> first of all, it was funny,
7:17 pm
which is critical. it was a point of view of not just blue collar people, but struggling people. >> tell us about the guy! >> people who are really going day to day and having real serious problems. >> all right. her name is marla. i'm seeing a woman. >> they tackle them head on. >> did do you it? >> she connected to this audience. they really connected to her. >> 20 years later, roseanne was reborn. >> what's up, deplorable. >> the reboot had a different feel. >> the original roseanne was seen as much more of a social critique from the left. one thing that the revival decided to do is we will have the conor family be a family dealing with bad blood after the election and personify that in the form of the character roseanne who voted for trump. >> how can you vote for him?
7:18 pm
>> he talked about jobs, jackie. >> her sister, jackie who was a hillary supporter. >> now things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> the remake was the first sitcom. >> most of all, lord, thank you for make america great again. >> the plot points included both sides of the debate. >> why don't you get that fixed with all the health care you guys promised. >> the voice of working people is absent from television and i think we always had that and we have it again. there is nothing on television like it. >> the blue collar comedy struck a cold with the whole country. >> wrapping yourself up in the flag and clinging to your guns. >> it stunned everyone by how gigantic it was. it's the most watched show in five years. it hits you like a mall et in
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>> please welcome roseanne barr!
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>> in late march -- >> it's so awesome. >> roseanne barr was on the talk show circuit. >> many got excited about roseanne is a trump supporter. >> sheer did vote for the president. >> the reboot of roseanne was the biggest comedy launch in years, way outperforming expectations. >> if we get any double-digit number is giant. they get 18 million viewers. >> look at roseanne! look at her ratings. >> the president gave her a shout out to union workers. >> over 18 million people! it was about us! >> hours later he called the actress at home. >> he called her to congratulate her the way previous presidents
7:24 pm
congratulate astronauts. thank you for your service. everything he weighs into is part of this cultural battle. it's a thing for our side and if it does well, it means our side is winning. >> after trump's win, the strategy of reaching the heartland paid off. >> she was no doubt the signature star of abc again. all about this fantastic success. >> they ordered a second season. preproduction was under way. and then the bottom fell out. >> the star of roseanne went on a racist and very offensive twitter rant. >> she made such a bigot and nasty statement. >> it was so crazy. >> it caused a firestorm with a racist rant on twitter, reacting to a comment about the former aide to president obama, if the muslim brotherhood and planet of
7:25 pm
the apes had a bye-bye, equals vj. >> do you think the day they announced the show, they had so much trouble with her the last time around. did they think this was different? ♪ >> she had a long history of unhinged behavior. >> roseanne also had a period during her first series where she sang the national anthem and spat in the middle of it. >> in the past, they managed to pay for that. she threatened to quit and abused the staff and firing people right and left and there was no social media then. things she would say off the record didn't get out. now everything got out. >> out it did. over the years, barr became
7:26 pm
notorious on twitter for the outspoken conservative views and odd experience theorys and racial slurs. >> you ran for president during that time? >> yeah. >> two months before the tweet, she joked about her trolling with jimmy kimmel. >> you were kind of the original crazy tweeter. >> trump stole my act. totally. >> this time she crossed the line. barr defended her racist post as a joke, tweeting islam is not a race, lefties. it includes every race of people. then issued an apology and all americans. i am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and her looks. i should have known better. forgive me. my joke was in bad taste. the damage had been done. the network acted swiftly. >> so was the cancellation heard around the world? >> no question. did i expect them to fire her?
7:27 pm
no. >> it was shocking. you have abc having their most successful show scripted series in years. >> nice work. >> they could have very, very easily found a way to explain away that and just wait for this to subside so the fact that the president of abc decided to cancel roseanne, i think it was a good business move. >> is this an example of trump backfiring? >> i would say since he said it's about us, you can now say yeah, it was about you. one of the things that is associated with trump is let's get rid of political correctness. he opened that door. he opened the door. >> thank you and god bless america. thank you. >> up next, tv's original trouble maker. >> people nowadays can afford live in help are rich people and jews. >> they blew it all up and
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i'm christopher columbus and i discovered america. >> okay. fake history, right? >> it was the season opener of blackish, one of abc's big hit shows. the fourth season kicked off with a hamilton-like history lesson. ♪ in an episode called june teenth celebrating the end of slavery.
7:32 pm
♪ >> it really expressed the concept of the show. it was examining what does it mean to be black in america today? >> the comedy centers on a wealthy black family living in los angeles struggling with issues related to race and class. >> what is this? ac/dc? boy! >> the way i describe it, this is a show about a family and a show about a family first and foremost. >> this is not a black and white issue. >> tracy ellis ross plays the mom, bo johnson. >> we have taken on heavy issues. very important topics. police brutality, the election. >> unlike scripted tv shows of past eras -- >> was reagan or bush or clinton or obama talked about in scripted tv the way trump is? >> you department see overt
7:33 pm
commentary. there have been times in television history where the prevailing political themes did drive certain plot lines, did you television was afraid of them. it was too controversial. >> from television city in hollywood -- >> the smothers brothers comedy hour. >> my old man is a negro. you are a fascist. >> a variety show that ran in the late 60s. >> gigantic. very big hit. they really went after the vietnam war and after lbj. >> all you guys in vietnam, come on home. >> lbj called the head of cbs and said you have to get these guys to stop. the network wound up cancelling the show. >> the actor and director rob reiner began his career writing for the show. >> there was no issue we didn't take on. ♪
7:34 pm
>> two years later riper became famous playing michael stiffic. >> why don't you start with your buddy, nixon. >> archie bunker's liberal son in law on all in the family. >> you are a meat head. >> how important was the show in the 70s? >> it was important from a standpoint of breaking the mold. it was a realistic urban show. most of the shows at that time whether it was andy griffith, gomer pyle or petty coat junction, they had a rural quality to it. this was urban life. >> the biggest problem before all in the family that a family faced on television was the roast is ruined and the boss is coming to dinner. >> let me tell you something. i am so sick of washington! >> norman lear was the
7:35 pm
mastermind. >> that doesn't interest me as much as archie losing his job and what is he going to do? i never thought we were breaking barriers. it wasn't about that. it was about what are we going through as american families? >> our world is coming crumbling down. the coons are coming. >> what was interesting is when norman lear created that show, we are going make this guy the butt of the joke. a lot of the audience at the time were like i know this guy. people saw themselves. blue collar people. thrown into a household and went at each other. >> what are made you turn jew? i ain't no bigot. i'm the first guy to say it ain't your fault that yous a colored. >> the president is the -- >> were you all conference about referencing the current
7:36 pm
president like nixon or leaving him out? >> i remember the network saying -- >> what are you sharpening a pencil for? >> first draft. >> the second episode of all in the family, archie was writing a letter. >> mr. nixon is going of this. >> the network didn't want it and i recall saying drama is drama. >> we wrestled with issues that they wanted. they wouldn't let the shows on. norman strongly said you want me, then fine. otherwise i quit. >> the president of the united states. >> watergate tape discussions of nixon who is very concerned. >> what's he doing up there? >> how his powers were portrayed on the show. >> you can't imagine that archie's son in law --
7:37 pm
>> the network stamps a warning. they came on with a big warning saying this show doesn't represent the opinions of cbs. it said if you want to watch, fine, but we prefer you didn't. that was the disclaimer and then it was a hit and we were happy. ♪ those were the days >> it was a monster. it was the most watched show for five seasons. lear developed several more real life sitcoms. he led the way for other shows like family ties featuring michael j fox as a very young republican. you actually in favor of nuclear weapons? >> i'm in favor of having them, not using them. >> barbara hall was a writer. >> you look back and realize that was a sort of normal political divide that's hard to believe now. >> it doesn't help when prime
7:38 pm
time tv has murphy brown. >> later, more shows added political plot lines. >> attacking my status as a single mother. >> murphy brown in the bush administration got in a squabble with dan quayle and the simpsons with george h.w. bush. >> there, neighbors. i'm george bush. former president, george bush. >> oh! >> you can't stay ahead of everything happening so fast. >> next, tv dram as chasing the news in trump's america. >> not my president!
7:39 pm
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7:43 pm
>> it's the fictional president-elect on show time's hits by thriller homeland. show runner alex gonza said last season was based solely on trump winning the election. >> it became undeniable that that's the story we would tell. what does a newly elected president do when faced with a country completely divided? >> trump flipped a switch. scripted dramas have been reimagined. >> we are trying to make sense of what's happening. you really do get to react to what you are seeing. >> i call on the media to do their jobs and check their faxes. >> homeland, you felt like you could feel the sweat of trying to keep up with and stay current. >> seemingly impossible for tv dram as these days. >> citizens can't tell the difference between fact and fiction, the project of civilization turns to dust.
7:44 pm
>> barbara hall is the show runner for madam secretary that centered around a shrewd secretary of state. this season the political drama played a step ahead of real life politics. >> our tag line is we are not dripped from the headlines, but the future headlines. that's a little harder. >> if we postpone the talks, iran will walk. >> if we fought to move into phase two to keep it intact. >> the series appeared to predict the u.s.-iran nuclear deal. >> our show she prevails and we are somewhere else in the real world. >> the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> it's hard to imagine that anything you write fictionally
7:45 pm
will be as interesting and compelling and as crazy as the stuff we are seeing in real life. >> so how do writers stay ahead of the curve? for the cocreator and the rest of the team at homeland, it's a retreat to the nation's capital to meet with top intelligence officials. >> we go every year for four days or so to washington and it is a bit of a boot camp because it is a train of experts coming in and telling us and answering the questions, what are they afraid of. what keeps them up at night. >> we got a major lesson. the scope and scale was bigger than that. that felt like a ripe story to tell. >> in real life, moscow meddled in the election. in homeland, russians infiltrated the white house. >> simone is an agent of the russian government. >> what? >> in the real white house,
7:46 pm
trump shuffle and reshuffled his staff. >> trump fired james comey. >> on the show, the president acts to retire the cabinet. >> is this even legal? >> it is unprecedented, but the president can dismiss cabinet members at any time for any reason. >> when are a real life expose made headlines, a string of fictional plot lines about the removal of a u.s. president followed. >> right after the election, one of the most googled questions was what is the 25th amendment. >> they are wondering how that might happen with this instance with president trump. this is fascinating. let's dramatize this. >> viewers got a crash course in the 25th amendment, the mechanism for removing a president from office. in both madam secretary. >> sir, you have been removed from office. >> and homeland. >> explain to me how you use the
7:47 pm
25th amendment to oust a president who is not in a coma or in any way disabled. >> in the world of trump, plot lines that were once thought to be too outlandish are no longer. >> i would be very happy if my show became irrelevant as quickly as possible. >> bruce miller is the creator of the emmy winning series, the hand maid's tale. conceived before the election, the chilling show went on to capture the lightning of the current political environment. >> our writers are very news aware. trump pushing on the hot button issues and they bottom conversations in the writer's room. hard to fathom is a distopian show set in a made up place where women's rights have been stripped under a twisted totalitarian regime. >> we're don't do anything on
7:48 pm
the show that is not happening to women somewhere in the world. >> it feels like a cautionary tale more than ever. >> what does it mean to be on in the trump age? >> has far more meaning in urgency as women's rights, particularly women's reproductive rights under attack yet again. >> the 50 time i got chills i was watching the footage of the women's march on and the women's march on our show and it looked exactly the same. >> the family separation issue drives june. >> please don't take her! >> mommy! >> and perhaps even more surreal, a plot line that was early immigration of trump's immigration policy. >> don't go. >> i think viewers can't miss the connection. that's why i think they are very disturbed by it.
7:49 pm
>> would hand maid's tale be a huge hit if hillary were president? >> it wouldn't be the same. you have people dressing up like hand maids and walking into congress. the show is hitting a nerve. >> in your face. tv's raciest and raunchiest attacks on trump.
7:50 pm
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7:53 pm
i cannot even talk to somebody if i know they're going to vote for him. >> september 2016. >> looking out the window again. >> it wasn't deja vu. the stars of one of the most popular tv shows from the late '90s were back together. >> who are you voting for? >> reporter: -- i don't know grace, maybe i'll stay home on december 1st. >> david koe han is the co-greater of the tv sitcom "will and grace". >> pennsylvania is a great swing state. >> you don't have to tell me,
7:54 pm
girl. >> the original "will and grace" broke ground. by featuring the first lead gay characters on prime time. >> who won the election? >> the buzz around the length video fuelled a revival. >> will a reboot like "will and grace" exist if the trump base didn't exist? >> no, the campaign really brought the show back together. >> from the very first episode it was clear who would be the butt of the jokes on the remake. >> that curtain swatch, i need to make sure it works with his coloring. >> what will, jack, grace and karen are going through is a reflection on the highly politicized time that is we live in. >> please tell me you're not voting for that guy. all he does is call people names. >> grace did you hear what your -- [ bleep ] gay muslim
7:55 pm
boyfriend says. >> we're zing, we annihilate. >> the political humor resonates with fans. the sitcom renewed for two more seasons. >> a trump would absolutely say these shows beat up on him. there's a lot more making fun of trump. >> he sucks, he's so hateful. >> nowhere is that anxiety more apparent than on the series "broad city." >> get me back to new york where everyone hates trump. >> their adventures of new york city. >> wild you go into a big building today of all days? >> it's inauguration day. >> trump's name was bleeped out like it was profanity throughout the entire season.
7:56 pm
>> i never [ bleep ] the length. >> in another episode, i lana suffering from post blues lost her sex drive. >> you're not alone. orgasms have been around since [ bleep ] was elected. >> it's almost saying this election felt like a violation on literally the most intimate level. >> you're donald trump. >> on abc's hit comedy "black-ish" the family took more shots on donald trump. >> i am donald trump. >> "the good fight" streaming on cbs's all access, went as far as others haven't. >> that i have bumper really supportive. ♪ >> the legal drama was chocked full of trump action.
7:57 pm
>> this will be the third week the popped belly pig occupies the map room. >> episode names corresponded to the number of days trump was in office. >> it spoke to the way many of these characters felt about the administration as though it was a he or she stipulation crisis. >> one episode centered on the trump/stormy daniels' scandal. another dealt with impeachment. >> that is impeachment bl, he's not above the law. >> one episode even went there. >> in terms of sex with a tape. >> including a story line on an alleged trump incident in moscow. >> the way to handle it was never showing the actual video. showing characters opening a laptop and being bathed in this glow. >> so far the appetite for anti-trump humor has not let up.
7:58 pm
>> if you are any of the following, a smoelker or fan of donald trump -- >> 20 years after a sitcom based on a news anchor, "murphy brown" will be reborn. >> and then, we have an election. >> also coming this fall, a reboot of a reboot. "roseanne" is back sort of. after it was cancelled, abc did a spin off called the connors, without the star. >> it's a hit show. available in television. >> got to keep it alive. >> got to keep it alive. >> critics and haters agree. so long he's in office, trump tv will stay alive. >> everything is off access. there's fundamental weirdness going on. >> i voted for trump. >> i think the solution will have a little bit of balance in every show.
7:59 pm
but, will that happen? that remains to be seen. >> if we move here it'll be like donald [ bleep ] land. >> i think the stories fell left outland dish now because of what's happening, they're still good stories if we tell them well. >> hey, i'm president. can you believe it? >> whatever's happened in the last year or so, whether it was trump related or not, we're talking about it. >> they're off big elections. >> trump was in the twitter beef. >> guys. >> we haven't really dealt with north korea yet but we'll see what happens. >> trump always comes up in the material. >> i just read he may not even live in the white house. >> what? >> there's no way we'll run out of joke it is he continues to do and say outrageous things. the material just writes itself. >> i am odded by the majesty of
8:00 pm
his office. >> t not fancy but it's the oval office. >> a russian/english dictionary. >> thank you, pat. >> thank you everybody. strong hands. ♪ winston churchill famously said of russia, it is a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an i anything may. prime minister churchill, meet vladimir putin. the israel isn't much of a leader. >> he's done an amazing job. >> so smart. >> definition,


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