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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  July 20, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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don't get distracted from what really matters. we certainly won't. thank you for getting after it with me from held kinssinki to . "the trump show" starts right now. have a great weekend. the following is a cnn special report. ♪ i am donald trump. >> i was cheating bigley. >> i need to make sure it works with his color. yep. that's the one. >> literally, the elephant in the room. >> he's taking over. primetime tv. >> make america beuno again. >> we have a cartoonish, larger-than-life president. it becomes easier to make fun of. >> we have that monster in the
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white house. >> bing, bing, bong. >> that's not possible. >> trump would say the shows beat up on him. >> m[ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> we annihilate. >> growing up scripts. >> we started over again. >> transforming storylines. >> it becomes my butduty as a latina to set that record straight. >> say hello to my little friend. >> people accuse him of having a crystal ball in the room. >> american is talking about what's going on. >> now, things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> i realize i had a lot more to say. >> resonating with trump's america, a smash hit reboot. >> look at roseanne. look at her ratings. >> racist tweets today.
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>> continue, a cnn special report. "the trump show: tv's new reality." ♪ god hates, blank. >> friday morning at sony pictures in culver city, california. show runners, mike royce, and gloria calderon, are brainstorming in the writers' room. >> that's an elegant response. >> their hit sitcom, "one day at a time," was green lit for a third season on netflix. >> you don't understand social media. >> of course i do. all you have to do is find a boy and twat at him. [ laughter ] >> i hope you mean tweet. >> we are embracing whatever issues this family is going
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through. and it turns out, in these times, there are a lot of issues that are on the front pages. >> ever since somebody decided to call latino s rapists and criminals -- >> the original was about a divorced woman with two children. ♪ one day at a time >> norman, of course, was the first to do that. ♪ one day at a time >> that's norman lear, the legendary sitcommaker who is famous for pushing the tv envelope. >> you don't know nothing about lady liberty, standing there in the harbor. >> creating megahits in the '70s and '80s, like "all in the family." >> send me your poor, your deadbeats and your filthy. >> and "the jeffersons." >> my intention as a producer, within an american family, was to deal with the problems the american family was facing at
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that moment. >> what do you hope viewers take away from the new "one day at a ti time"? >> that latin people see themselves for the first time. ♪ this is generations of a kubcuban-ameri family. >> you have to prove that you're a d-minus student. >> same requirable to become president. >> it came to air before donald trump was dominated. once you have donald trump coming into office, talking about building a wall. >> we need security. we need the wall. >> and empowering i.c.e., a lot of open hostility in the election, towards immigrants. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. >> suddenly, that plays a lot more urgency. >> you're still studying? don't you know everything by
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now? >> last season's through line involves a lead character's journey towards american citizenship. you're seeing writers, producers, stars, all wanting to say something in response to trump. >> yes. >> i'm trying the look more american. is it not working? i should have brought a gun. >> there was a response on the part of a lot of writers that a big thing has happened and we have to deal with it. >> we are talking about immigration, immigration problems. isabella on the show had a friend whose family had to move because they had a problem with immigration. >> i can't belief they sent your parents back home. ♪ >> lear lends a hand on scripts. they invited us on the set, as they film a new episode, with the star of the show, acclaimed
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actress marina moreno. >> he allowed us to run with just take the single mom concept and let your brains go wild. ♪ >> like, more. got it. >> the characters are loosely based on calderon-kellette's own family. >> when you hear yourself being misrepresented by someone in power, it comes to me to let that record straight. >> he said go back to mexico. >> that happened to my brother in san diego. what? what's going on that that's an okay thing. not that racism didn't exist before 45 was in office, but it does seem like it's louder, suddenly. >> they probably think i dress like this and i came over on a raft saying, say hello to my little friend. >> as a community of people who
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are trying to live our lives and be good citizens, how do we react to that? >> so far, the show reacts with only subtle references to the president. >> we have that monster in the white house. >> don't blame me. i didn't vote for him. >> we never say his name. i'm fine not saying it. yeah. >> what are you doing? >> this is a show that its mere existence means something in the trump age? >> absolutely. >> melanie mcfarland reviews tv shows for salon. >> how many shows do you see that have a majority latino cast? drawing people into those experiences, not just in terms of the characters and what they stand for in terms of class. >> action. >> but the idea of this is what it means to been an american, too. >> the show creators picked up on other blin spots in the tv
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landscape. >> there's a long history going back to "friends" and the focus being on young, single people in new york and l.a. ♪ be this way >> dear, lord -- >> i think abc was particularly having open conversations about this immediately after trump's election. we need more middle america in our programming. >> most of all, lord, thank you for making america great again. when we come back -- it's like make tv great again? >> yeah. the show stunned everyone. >> "roseanne" and red state tv. >> have you looked at the news because now things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> oh, please.
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so, we're good? what? oh, you still have prediabetes. big time. donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. >> usa. usa. >> ten months after the election, it was tv's darkest drama series that explicitly addressed the elephant in the room. >> the series that i think is strangely present was the season of "american horror story." >> the fx thriller season premiere began in the wake of the election. >> did you come in here to rub it in? >> get out. get out. >> the idea of a world gone insane. that's what people have been talking about.
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>> this season, the horror was trump. >> she was supposed to win. is this really happening? >> one of the first phases that we saw in scripted tv was people working through the emotions of the election. >> there it is. officially calling it a win for donald trump. >> on abc, the hit comedy "black-ish" always delved into politics. >> why don't you care what's happen to our country. >> but last season, was a darker commentary. >> this system has never worked for us. >> that entire episode addressed the day after-shock. you have the archival footage of the civil rights era. and you have "strange fruit" playing over it. pointing out for black americans there's a reality of moving forward and being set back. >> i have a smith & wesson 64 in
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my desk and i'm this close to taking to the streets. >> our lead character, played by christine baranski, is so upset about the news cycle. >> like i'm living in a bad reality show. >> and becoming insane, she begins microdosing. >> have you ever take en -- >> mushrooms? >> no. >> "the good fight" is unusual in that in our fictional world, trump is the actual president. >> the show was supposed to open on election night. >> the president-elect of the united states of america. >> but a week and a half into shooting the pilot, trump won. so, we went back to the drawing board. we just started over again. in the trump era, changes for scripted tv is the reality. >> there's an impulse to be
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relevant and comment on what's going on. >> alex is the creator of "homeland." >> do you talk about how to make that part of the show? >> it's the first thing we discuss every morning. especially now when the news cycle is just so crazy. >> breaking news, defending putin. >> breaking news tonight, a stunning shakeup at the white house. >> is this germain to the story we're telling? >> porn star and a staff departure, just another day in the trump white house. >> we were all utterly, utterly blown away. we were trying to adapt to trump's america. >> is it fair to say that america is a hub of the resistance? >> it's no secret that hollywood leans progressive. and there's a certain, dangerous perception that everybody who walks into the room is going to share your politics and not everybody does. >> people feel insulted. people in the middle of the country believe that hollywood, only portrays things in a certain way, as though they are
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the butt of the joke. that their views aren't respected. ♪ we're not going to take it anymore ♪ >> hollywood was in need of a shakeup. >> god bless you. >> a show that appealed to trump's america. what was abc thinking reviving "roseanne"? >> media expert, bill carter. >> that was a watershed moment, not just people that voted, but anyone in the industry. "roseanne" was a logical place in the turn. >> logical because the original "roseanne" ran for a decade. >> a waterbed. >> and was a hit. >> this is as close to a pool as we'll ever get. >> it was a point of view of not just blue collar people but struggling people. >> come on. tell us about the guy. >> people who are really going day-to-day and having real serious problems. >> all right. her name is marla.
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i'm seeing a woman. >> and they tackle them head-on. >> did you do it? >> she connected to this audience. they really connected to her. >> 20 years later, "roseanne" was reborn. >> what's up, deporiblorabldepl. >> one thing that the revival decided to do is, we're going to have the connor family being a family that's dealing with bad blood after the election. and we're going to personify that in the character roseanne, who voted for trump in the election. >> how could you have voted for him, roseanne? >> he talked about jobs, jackie. >> an her sister, jackie, who was a hillary supporter. >> have you looked at the news because now things are worse. >> not on the real news. >> the remake was the first sitcom -- >> dear lord, thank you for this food. >> to center around a trump supporter.
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>> most of all, lord, thank you for making america great again. >> the plot points included both sides of the debate. >> knee still giving you, roseanne? why don't you get that fixed with the new health care you suckers got promised. >> i think the voice of working people is absent from television. i think we always had that and we have it again. there's nothing on television like it. >> the blue collar comedy struck a chord with the whole country. >> wrapping yourselves up in the flag and clinging to the guns. >> i think the show shocked everyone how gigantic it was. the most-watched show that anybody has put on in five years. it hit them like a mallet in the forehead. >> more like a ticking time bomb. >> what she said was so horrible and crazy. coming up, trump tv blows up.
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11:23 pm
tv's biggest comedy launch in years. way outperforming network expectations. >> abc thought, if we get any double-digit number now is giant in television. and they get 18 million viewers. they almost double that. it's insane. >> look at roseanne. look at her ratings. look at her ratings. >> even the president noticed and gave barr a shoutout during a speech to union workers in ohio. >> over 18 million people. and it was about us. >> hours earlier, he called her at home. >> he called her to congratulate her like calling straupnlts aftr a splashdown. everything that donald trump wades into, it's part of the cultural battle. it's become a thing for our side. if it does well, it means our side is winning. >> after trump's win, abc's strategy of reaching the
11:24 pm
heartland had paid off. >> she was, no doubt, the signature star of abc again. it was all about roseanne, this fantastic success they had. >> abc ordered a second season right away. production was already under way. then, the bottom fell out. >> the star of "roseanne" went on a racist and very offensive twitter rant. >> roseanne made such a bigoted, no, s nasty statement. >> barr caused a firestorm with a bizarre, racist rant on twitter. commenting about valerie jarrett, barr tweeted, if the muslim brotherhood and "planet of the apes" had a baby, equals v.j. social media blew up with the outrage. >> the day they announced the show, i thought, they had so much trouble with her the last time around. did they think this is different now? ♪ for the land of the free
11:25 pm
>> barr had a long and extensive history of unhinged behavior, on and offline. >> roseanne also had a period during her first series where she sang the national anthem and spat in the middle of it. >> in the past, they paved that over a lot of times. she threatened to quit. she abused the staff. she was firing people right and left. there was no social media then. things that she would say off the record didn't get out. now, everything got out. >> out, it did. over the years, barr became notorious on twitter, for her outspoken views, her odd, conspiracy theories and racial slurs. >> you ran for president during that time. >> yeah. >> two months before the tweet, she joked about her internet controlling on jimmy kimmel.
11:26 pm
>> you were the original tweeter. >> trump stole my act. >> this time, she had crossed the line. barr initially defended her racist post as a joke, tweeting, islam is not a race, lefties. islam includes every race of people. but then, issued an apology to jaret and all americans. i made a joke. the damage had been done. the network acted swiftly. >> was the cancellation heard around the world. >> did i expect them to fire her? no. >> it was shocking. you have abc having its most successful show, scripted series, in years. >> nice shorts. they could easily find a way to explain away and wait for the rage to subside. the fact that the president of
11:27 pm
abc did decide she was going to cancel roseanne, i think it was a good business move ultimately. >> is this an example of trump tv backfiring? >> i would say, since he said, it's about us, you can now say, okay. it was about you. one of the things that is associated with trump is, let's get rid of political correctness. so, he opened that door. he opened the door. >> thank you and god bless america. thank you. up next, tv's original troublemaker. >> the only people nowadays that can afford live-in help are rich people and jews. >> we blew it up and ripped it to shreds. >> and show runner. >> i don't feel i'm doing enough ever. i've never been arrested. >> not too late. >> no, it didn't. th a lens made? sharper vision, without limits. days that go from sun up to sun down.
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♪ i'm christopher columbus. and i discovered america. >> okay. >> fake history, right? >> it was the season opener of "black-ish" one of abc's hit shows. it started off with a "hamilton"-like history lesson. in a musical called
11:32 pm
"juneteenth." >> it expressed the concept of the show. from the first episode, it was examining what does it mean to be black in america today? >> the comedy centers on a wealthy, black family living in los angeles. >> what the hell is this? ac/dc? boy, where are your times? >> this is a show about a family. and it's a show about a family first and foremost. >> this is not a black and white issue. >> tracee ellis ross plays the mom. >> we've taken on heavy issues. important topics, police brutality, the election. >> unlike scripted tv shows of past eras -- was reagan or bush or clinton or obama talked about in scripted tv the way trump is? >> you didn't see overt
11:33 pm
commentary. there's been times in television history where the prevailing political themes did drive certain plotlines. but television was afraid of them. they didn't want to deal with them. it was too controversial. >> from television city in hollywood. >> most famously, "the smothers brothers comedy hour." >> you are fascist. >> a comedy show in the '60s. >> a big hit. they went after the vietnam war and lbj. >> all you guys in vietnam, come on home. >> and lbj called the head of cbs and said you have to get these guys to stop. and the network wound up cancelling that show. >> actor and director rob reiner began his career writing for that show. >> there was no issue we didn't take on. ♪ boy, the way glenn miller
11:34 pm
played ♪ >> two years later, reiner became famous playing michael. >> you want to throw somebody out, start with in a nixon, huh? >> archie brother's son-in-law on "all in the family." how important was the show in the '70s? >> it was important in breaking the mold. it was the first of sort of realistic urban shows. most of the shows at that time, you know, whether it was "andy griffith." >> did you really help him? >> why not? >> "gomer pyle," "petticoat junction." this was rural, it had an urban life. >> the biggest problem that a family faced on television, was the roast is ruined and the boss is coming to dinner. >> i am so sick of washington. >> norman lear was the
11:35 pm
mastermind behind the groundbreaking sitcom. >> that didn't interest me as much as archie is losing his job and what's he going to do? i never thought we were breaking barriers. what are we going through as american families? >> our world is coming crumbling down. the coons are coming. >> what was interesting was, when norman lear created the show was, we're going to make this guy the butt of the joke. but a lot of the audience at the time were like, that's okay. i know this guy. >> people saw themselves. >> blue collar people that were thrown into a household and they went after each other. >> what made you turn jew? no big giebiggie. >> the show stirred controversy. >> the president is the -- >> were you conscious about references the current
11:36 pm
president, like mixnixon or leag him out of the conversation? >> i remember the network saying -- >> what are you sharpening a pencil for? >> first draft. >> it was the second episode of "all in the family." archie was writing a letter. >> i think mr. nixon is going to love this. >> the network didn't want it. and i real saying, drama is drama. >> norman said, you want me, then fine. otherwise, i quit. >> the president of the united states. >> there were watergate tape discussions of nixon, who is very concerned. with how he was portrayed on the show. >> archie is the guy's name. you can't imagine sh archie is sitting here in his sloppy clothes and his hippie
11:37 pm
son-in-law. >> it seeks to throw a humorous spotlight on the frailty -- >> they had a disclaim they're said, if you want to watch the show, fine. we prefer you didn't. that was the basic disclaimer. and then, it became a hit and they were happy. ♪ those were the days >> it was a monster hit. "all in the family" was the most-watched tv show for five seasons. lear went on to develop more iconic, real-life sitcoms. he led the way for other shows. like "family ties," featuring michael j. fox as a very young republican. >> alex, are you in favor of nuclear weapons? >> i'm in favor of us having them, not using them. >> barbara hall was a writer on the first season. >> you look back and you realize, that was a normal political divide. that's hard to believe now.
11:38 pm
>> it doesn't help matters when primetime tv has murphy brown. >> was that about me? >> more tv shows added political plotlines. >> "murphy brown," in the bush administration. got in a squabble with dan quayle. and "the simpsons" got in a back and forth with george fwubush. >> i'm george bush. former president george bush. >> you can't stay ahead of it. everything is happening so fast. next, tv dramas chasing the news, in trump's america. >> not my president. when i received the diagnoses,
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♪ not my president. >> angry voters surround a new york city hotel. they are protesting the president-elect. but it's not donald trump. >> signs say things like "not my president." could have been pulled from cnn. >> people accuse "homeland,"
11:43 pm
they must have a crystal ball in the war room. >> it's the hit spy thriller "homeland." last season's story arc was based on trump winning the election. >> the idea was, what does a newly-elected president do when faced with a country that's completely divided? >> trump flipped a switch. scripted dramas have been reimagined. >> we're trying to make sense of what's happening. you get to react to what you see every week. >> i'm calling on the media to do their jobs and check their facts. >> "homeland," you feel like you could feel the sweat of trying to keep up with and stay current. >> seemingly impossible for tv dramas these days. >> if citizens can't tell the difference between fact and fiction, the entire project of civilization turns to dust.
11:44 pm
>> you can't stay ahead of it, everything is happening so fast. >> barbara hall is the show runn runner of "madame secretary." this season, the political drama played a step ahead of real-life politics. >> we're not ripped from the headlines, we're ripped from the future headlines. that's harder. >> if we postpone the talks, iran will walk. >> we talked about fighting to keep the iran deal intact. >> the series appeared to predict the u.s./iran nuclear deal. >> our show, she prevails. of course, we are somewhere else in the real world. >> the united states will withdraw from the iran nuclear deal.
11:45 pm
>> it's hard to imagine that anything you write fictionally is going to be as compelling as the stuff that we see in real life. >> how do writers of tv dramas stay ahead of the curve? for howard gordon and the rest of the team at "homeland," it's a retreat to the nation's capital, to meet with top u.s. intelligence officials. >> we go every year for four days or so to washington. it is a boot camp because it's a train of experts, answering the question of what are they afraid of? what keeps them up at night? >> this past season, we got a major education in the russian interference in our elections. the scope and scale was so incredibly large. and that was a ripe story to tell. >> in real-life, russia meddled in the election. in "homeland," the russians infiltrated the white house. >> what?
11:46 pm
>> trump shuffled and reshuffled his staff. >> trump firing fbi director, james comey. the mooch has been on the job for a week and some change. >> is this even legal? >> it's unprecedented, but the law is clear. the president can dismiss cabinet nmembers for any reason. >> and when an expose made headlines, a plotline about the u.s. president followed. >> the most googled question, what is the 25th amendment? >> a lot of people were wondering how that would happen. >> we thought, this is fascinating. let's dramatize this. >> what is it? >> viewers got a crash course in the 25th amendment. in "madame secretary" -- >> what are youi talking about? >> sir, you have been removed
11:47 pm
from office. >> and "homeland." >> how do you oust a president that's not in a coma, not in any way disabled. >> reporter: in the world of trump, plotlines once thought to be too outlandish, no longer. bruce miller is the creator of hulu's breakout series, "the handmaids tale." conceived before the election, the chilling show went on to capture the lightning of the current political environment. >> our writers room is very news-aware. trump pushing these hot button issues, they become conversations in the writers' wrap. >> hard to fathom, since it's in a made-up place, where women's rights have been stripped under a twisted, totalitarian regime.
11:48 pm
>> we haven't done anything on the show that isn't happening to women somewhere in the world. >> it feels like a cautionary tale more than ever. >> what does it mean to be on in the trump age? >> it has more urgency, as we see women's rights, women's reproductive rights under attack, yet again. >> the first time i got chosen was when i was watching the footage of the women's march on tv and the women's march on our show. it looked exactly the same. the family separation issue drives you. >> please, don't take her. >> and a plotline that was eerily reminiscent of trump's immigration policy. >> don't go. >> i think viewer can't miss the connection. that's why i think they're very
11:49 pm
disturbed by it. >> would "handmaids tale" be a hit if hillary clinton was president? >> it wouldn't have the resonance. you would have people dressing up as hands maids and walking into congress. the show is hitting that nerve. up next, in your face. tv's raciest and raunchiest attacks on trump. ♪ it is such a good time to kiss ♪ ♪ it is such a good time to dance ♪ ♪ it is such a good time to [ laughing ] ♪ scoobidoo doobidoo ♪ scoobidoo doobidoo [ goose honking ] ♪
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♪ i cannot even talk to somebody if i know they're going to vote for him. >> september 2016. >> looking out the window again. >> it wasn't deja vu. the stars of one of the most popular tv shows from the late '90s were back together. >> who are you voting for? >> i don't know, grace. maybe i'll stay home december 1st. >> david is the co-creator of the tv sitcom willing willing. >> pennsylvania is a great swing state. >> you don't have to tell me, girl.
11:54 pm
>> the original "will & grace" broke ground by featuring the first lead gay characters on primetime. >> who won the election? >> the buzz around the election video fueled the revival. >> will a reboot like "will & grace" exist if the trump base didn't exist? >> no, the campaign really brought the show back together. >> from the very first episode it was clear who would be the butt of the jokes on the remake. >> hand me that curtain swatch, i need to make sure it works with his coloring. >> what will, jack, grace and karen are going through is a reflection on the highly politicized times that we live in. >> please tell me you're not voting for that guy. all he does is call people names. >> grace did you hear what your -- [ bleep ] gay muslim boyfriend says.
11:55 pm
>> reviews were mixed. >> zinging is fine. that's what comedy is. but we don't zing. we annihilate. >> i managed to make one little change. >> but the political humor resonated with fans. nbc renewed the sitcom for two more seasons. >> trump would say these shows beat up on him. >> trump would absolutely say the shows make fun of him. >> he sucks. he's so hateful. >> nowhere is that anxiety more apparent, than on the over-the-top, comedy central series, "broad city." >> get me back to new york where everybody hates donald trump and mike pence. >> it follows the show creators on their outrageous adventures in new york city. >> why would you go into a big building today of all days. >> it's inauguration day. >> trump's name was bleeped out
11:56 pm
like it was profanity, the entire season. elana, suffering from post-election blues, lost her sex drive. >> you're not alone. orgasms are down 140% since [ bleep ] was elected. >> this election felt like a violation on literally the most intimate level. >> you're donald trump. >> on abc's hit comedy "black-ish," the family took more swipes at donald trump this season. >> fake game. i was cheated bigley. her e-mails. her e-mails. >> "the good fight," streaming on cbs all-access, was going where others couldn't. >> we're going out on a limb now. there's not been pushback. >> they've been supportive. >> the legal drama was xh
11:57 pm
chock-full of trump-bashing. >> this would be the third week the pot-bellied big occupies the map room. >> corresponded with how many days trump were in office. >> i think it was like it was a hostage crisis. >> one episode centered on the trump stormy daniels scandal. >> a porn star. >> another dealt with impeachment. >> that's impeachable. he's not above the law. >> one episode even went there. >> trump is upseobsessed with t pee-pee tape. >> never showing the video. but showing characters opening a laptop and being bathed in this golden glow. >> the appetite for anti-trump
11:58 pm
humor has not let up. >> if you're a smoker, a fan of donald trump -- >> 20 years after the successful sitcom based on a news anchor, "murphy brown" will be reborn this fall on cbs. >> then, we had an election. >> also coming this fall, the reboot of a reboot. "roseanne" is back, but sort of. just weeks after execs cancels the sitcom following barr's racist tweet, abc made a spin-off called "the connors," without the star. critics agree, as long as he's in office, trump tv will stay alive. >> thank you. >> everything is off-axis. there's fundamental weirdness going on. >> i voted for trump. >> i think the solution would be to have a little bit of balance in every show.
11:59 pm
but will that happen? that remains to be seen. >> if we move, it will be like [ bleep ] land. >> i think they will tell good stories. but if the stories sound outlandish because the world is outlandish. >> i'm president. can you believe it? >> whatever has happened in the last year or so, trump-elted or n not, we're talking about it. >> they're all big elections. >> trump is in a twitter beef with dikembe mutombo. >> we haven't seen what will happen with north korea yet. we'll see what happens. >> is that a tease? >> that's a tease. >> trump always comes up with material. >> i just made that he may not live at the white house. >> there's no way to run out of joke as long as he continues to do and say outrageous things. the material writes itself. >> i'm awed by the majesty of
12:00 am
this office. >> it's not fancy, but it's the oval office. >> a russian-english dictionary and a fidget spinner. >> thank you, everybody. strong hands. ♪ the following is a cnn special report. winston churchill famously said of russia it is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. prime minister churchill, meet vladimir putin. ♪ >> he's very much of a leader. he is doing an amang


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