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tv   The 2000s  CNN  July 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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lights off here. that's going to do it for me. thank you for spending part of your weekend with me. up next, a brnd new episode of 2000s followed by the history of comedy. have a great week ahead. >> the world without saddam hussein is a better and safer place. >> the war may us be officially over, butt violence rages on. >> congress must no longer follow him deeper into the quagmire in iraq. >> president bush fired an election year shot and cited an urgent need banning game marriage. >> hurricane katrina is bearing down on louisiana. >> where's the federal government? where are the troops? >> signs the economy is in trouble keep oncoming. >> i see a great day come iing
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our country. i'm eager for the work ahead. gods bless you and may god bless america. my fellow americans, major
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combat operations in iraq have ended in the battle of iraq, the united states and our allies have prevailed. >> today there's 147,000 american troops throughout iraq. 42,000 in baghdad alone. critics claim it's not enough to win peace. >> while the administration had thought about getting rid of saddam hussein, there was very little thinking about what to do after he was removed. seven weeks after the war, the u.s. military still has not been able to restore law and order to many areas in iraq.
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there was a sense that all we had to do was take a hammer and smash the totalitarian state and out of that democracy would suddenly bloom out of the soil. that did not happen. >> it really wasn't much of a plan for phase four. i remember asking after we take down baghdad what happens. and the answer was she just get us to baghdad and we'll take it from there. >> like a presidential candidate on an early primary swing, new american administrator of iraq with local officials. >> paul was an experienced foreign service officer, tough minded, capable. some of the early decision were predictably bad. >> he's made the tough and risky decision to fire all senior members of the party. it could paralyze the
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infrastructure here. >> a civil service to be in the military and when all that was taken away, people previously running the country were excluded from it. >> saddam hussein fed us. the soldier who hasn't been aid for three months. >> there's no money. there's no food. >> within iraq, there are very bitter tensions between the shia and sunni that had been contained under a strong ti dictator. once that dictator is is gone, the in fighting begins. >> the sunnis had been on top. suddenly we get rid of saddam hussein and they are on the bottom. so you have millions and millions of pissed off sunnis. >> we are not followers of saddam hussein, say this is man. we are sons of iraq and reject the american occupation of our
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country. >> when you end up fighting insurgents among the population not wearing uniforms with improvised imemployeesive devices, that's a very different task. >> militant cells each have eight to ten core members. they are hard to catch because they often hire poor villagers to pull the triggers. >> the military was caught pretty flat footed. and the policymakers wouldn't admit it was an insurgency. >> are we in the quick sand? is this going to be another quagmi quagmire? >> time will tell. >> it is very early in the morning. but there's very interesting news afoot. the rumors are getting very strong, the reports are becoming much more numerous that saddam hussein is in custody. that saddam hussein has been captured. >> ladies and gentlemen, we dpot
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him. >> there was a celebration in the administrative offices of the bush administration and the american government. this is a real victory for u.s. forces in iraq and for president bush. >> you will not have to fear the rule of saddam hussein ever again. all iraqis who take the side of freedom have taken the winning side. >> it was a disoriented and bewildered saddam hussein who was captured. he was hauled out of a hole like a dazed animal. >> the capture of saddam hussein was something we saw as victory. but from the perspective of sunnis, he had been their leader. and for many of them, their protector. >> while many in the arab world may have been quietly relieved at saddam hussein's capture, a champion sheepishly submitted to a medical exam was taken as an i
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insult. >> we look at it as triumph, but when they look at it, it has a to rid meaning. it's a meaning of humiliation. that definitely heed into the idea of radicalization. >> last month the u.s. army announced 17 soldiers in iraq including a general had been removed from duty after charges after mistreating iraqi prisoners. the details had been kept secret until now. >> the forecasts were shot at the prison where saddam hussein subjected prisoners to hideous torture. >> these pictures of abhorrent -- this reminds me of what saddam hussein used to do. >> the myth is that america is the great liberating force and that our soldiers are more disciplined and there's a lot of truth to that myth. but it's part ly a myth.
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human nature being what it is, there are abuses. >> we are seeing to et free you, but what democracy here is talking about. >> we handed islamists a a et recruiting video. you couldn't have had a better way of encouraging young iraqis to join the jihad against the united states. i woke up in memphis and told... (harmonica interrupts) ...and told people about geico... (harmonica interrupts) how they could save 15% or more by... (harmonica interrupts) just calling or going online to (harmonica interrupts) (sighs and chuckles) sorry, are you gonna... (harmonica interrupts) everytime.
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good evening, it's opening night for the first republican convention ever held in new york city. the choice of the city was no accident. it's much about image. the image of president bush at ground zero as commander-in-chief on a war on terror. that's the picture he wants voters to remember. that image is competing with this one. the massive weekend protest here against president bush's policies and the war in iraq. >> many observers are thinking 2004 might go early for president bush. where are the weapons of mass destruction. >> where are the weapons of mass destruction? >> you had inspectors scramble asking they couldn't find what had been one of the primary justifications for the war. >> it turns out we were all wrong probably in my judgment. and that is most disturbing. >> i concluded there were no weapons of mass destruction. we had gone to war on that basis. others in the administration continued to insist that they
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existed. so charles was offered the job and he confirmed the same conclusion. >> chief weapons inspector issued a a et comprehensive report that confirms the earlier conclusion of david k. that iraq did not have the weapons that our intelligence believed were there. >> it was an embarrassment to the bush administration. democrats are feeling that there is an opportunity for a different direction. >> i'm john kerry and i'm reporting for duty. >> john kerry seemed to solve a problem for the democratic party. the democratic party at that time was seen in political slang as the mommy party where the republicans were the daddy party. the daddy party goes out and fights the war. the mommy party is softer and as some people saw it, weaker. the democrat hs to show they were more war like.
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let's get a war hero. >> i defended our country as a young man and i will defend it as president of the united states of america. >> he was able to use his vietnam service as a weapon really against george w. bush. he's able to say when the bell rang, i said send me. i want a silver star. i won three purple hearts. >> there was a time where the war record seemed untouchable. a small veterans group managed to put it on the defensive. >> i served john kerry. >> john kerry has not been honest. >> he's lying about his record. >> even some top republicans have come out against it. >> this group came up and seem
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he had exaggerated. >> they face that of a salty ban of vets served the same time as scary. but the group has the support of republicans in texas. with direct ties to the bush white house and the political adviser karl rove. >> the president chemos telling people he would never question my service to our country. instead he watches as a republican-funded attack group does just that. >> it was unfair. it was untrue. but it worked. and kerry us lost some altitude because of those veteran attacks. >> we're going to begin tonight with that ever contentious subject in america today, same-sex marriage. >> it's gone now. gay marriage will be an issue in the election campaigns ahead. the supreme court in massachusetts pretty much sealed that deal today. >> by the power vested in me by the commonwealth of massachusett massachusetts. >> i now pronounce you legally
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married. >> in 2004 it becomes legal in massachusetts. and that's enough to agitate a lot of people. so some republicans see this great opportunity. >> today a call from the congress to promptly pass and to send to the states for ratification an amendment to our constitution to finding and protecting marriage as a union of a man and woman as husband and wife. >> president bush had in his right hand one of the great political master minds of his era. karl rove was good at exploiting the vulnerability of the american middle classes who were unsure about the world in which they live. >> what do they do when they get togeth together. >> republican operatives managed
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to get referendum about same-sex marriage. on the ballot in states that would matter for w. and the goal. was to get. evangelicals so riled up they would go to vote and while they voted against same-sex marriage, they would vote for president bush. >> you had the republicans using same-sex marriage as a wedge issue, but dick cheney's daughter is is a lesbian. >> do you believe homosexuality is a choice? >> we're all god's children. i think if you were to talk to dick cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was. she was being who she was born as. if you talk to anybody, it's not a choice. >> john kerry tried to show the
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hypocrisy of the bush campaign in regards to the lgbt community. but it backfired. >> this is not a good man. what a cheap political trick. >> it just looked like he was dragging private lives of vice president's families into the campaign and americans don't like that. 12 full hours after the last poll closings of election 2004 there's now an undies puted winn winner. >> despite all the problems that emerged in 2003 and 2004, still the power of national security is a theme in america after 9/11. and the use of wedge issues all added up to a successful political mix. >> ladies and gentlemen, i give you the president of the united states.
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marines fight their way through the city of fallujah in an effort to eliminate 2,000 to 5,000 insurgents. >> fallujah was lost by 2004. . it was an insurgency held city and it became a giant bomb factory that was just driving. >> it's not just the biggest hot bed of resistance in iraq, it's believed to be the base of operations for czar aqcaught wi. >> he was a terrorist leader looking for a new fight. he found one in iraq. >> he and bin laden were different men. bin laden was an international businessman. when he got religion, he cut them off his arm. >> u.s. officials say they can't allow others to use violence to keep the predom innocently
6:24 pm
muslim towns from voting in the january elections. >> he wanted to create a sectarian civil war because he felt that will deprive the united states of establishing any government in iraq that can be pro u.s. >> this town is is being held host act by thugs, murders. >> they have been hitting us hiding out in it this town for the past eight months to a year. hel lrl is coming. >> the battle for fallujah has begun. more than 10,000 troops have begun to squeeze the city. >> tanks hammered away trying to halt the advance of the city. marines dodged in and out of
6:25 pm
streets and alleyways. >> it was the most intense warfare the marines had faced since the battle. iraq was well dug in. they booby trapped the buildings and knew the city well. >> we have friendlies on the rope. >> marines move closer to the center of the city and meeting more and more resistance. it's hard to find out where exactly the foreigners are coming from. >> i can't remember any fighting that was comparable to what took place in fallujah. it was a real reminder of how hard city fighting is having to clear every room, every alley, every road. >> moving house to house they found weapons catches and
6:26 pm
mutilate d bodies. >> you'd go into a room and they called it the fatal funnel. get as many marines as you can to overwhelm your enemy sitting in this room. >> it was the 19 or 20-year-old corporals who got up every single day and walked through the doorways. >> u.s. military officials in iraq say they have won a major bat. the. the city of fallujah has been seized. >> the americans have captured 1,000 insurgents and killed more than 1200. they found no sign of alleged insurgent leader zarkawi. >> they no longer had that as a safe haven. the cost of telegraphing the moves was most of the leadership ahead of the north.
6:27 pm
the insurgency continued on and on and on. >> suicide bombers driving cars and trucks loaded with explosives left a trail of death across baghdad today as iraqi insurgents stepped up the campaign to disrupt nationwide elections now just 11 days away. >> america will not impose our own style of government on the unwilling. our goal instead is to help others find their own voice, attain their own freedom and make their own way. >> it is election day in iraq. critical day in that troubled nation's history. perhaps in foreign policy. >> the first iraqi election was very meaningful to many iraqis who participated and it was very meaningful to people here in the united states to sell them the iraq war as a grand success. >> officials estimate that turn out was about 60% of the nation's 14 million eligible voters.
6:28 pm
>> the iraqis seemed to be energized by the opportunity to determine their own fate. and i remember feeling that, you know, i think we have a shot at this. i think this just might work. >> it was this really exciting moment, but actually what it was was a census of the shia population in iraq. the sunnis boycotted the election. >> most iraqis are shiite. they voted in overwhelming numbers hoping to take back power of generations of being relega relegated. >> i was skeptical that this was going to turn out well. that the occupation and the remaking of the middle east and the image was is somewhat beyond the capacity of the united states. >> what this may mean for the future of iraq or u.s. policy is here and for the possibility of some early withdrawals of u.s. troops is just too soon to say. there has seriously never been a better time to try our sprint network. because now, we have our new unlimited plus plan.
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there's nothing quite like a looming storm no matter how many you have been through ask katrina is a full fledged hurricane. >> is when you live in the gulf south, the hurricane belt, you pay attention when you hear there's a tropical storm coming. so everybody in new orleans and mississippi gulf coast was
6:33 pm
eyeing this storm. you might have to board up a window, you might have to move inland a little bit. get everybody in new orleans had a big easy attitude. the big one is never going to hit pu . >> it's vulnerable to a direct lit. katrina exploezs this city's worst nightmare. the waterways on which they have worked and thrives for centuries now threatened to drown it. the city center surrounded by protective levies could fill up like a bathtub with storm surge. >> ladies and gentlemen, i wish i huh better news for you. but we are facing a storm that most of us have feared. a mandatory et evacuation order is called for all of the perish of new orleans. >> the storm is the size of the state of florida. it will be in the top five in terms of strength.
6:34 pm
>> they declared an evacuation. it was too late. >> thousands of people have been in line for hours here at the superdome where 30,000 people may end up spending the night inside this giant shelter that officials are confident will hold up. >> hurricane katrina, the category 4 storm is baring down on louisiana. >> this is what everyone feared. the storm surge. >> it is a very frightening scene outside. >> new orleans lost power and the roof is leaking at the louisiana superdome. new orleans is to longer safe to live in. it's that simple and that stark. more than a day after katrina
6:35 pm
hit, things should be getting better b, but they have gotten worse. a major breach in a levy overnight sent more water pouring into an already flooded city. residents are being urged to find higher ground as soon as possible to get out. >> new orleans essentially has been swept off the map. not even on 9/11 did i remember seeing a dead body that closely us. i had never seen a dead body just floating in the street of a major city. >> there were bodies floating by my front door, you know. >> you can't find your wife? >> i try ied. she told me you can't hold me. she said take care of the kids and the grand kids.
6:36 pm
>> it looked like a great american city was about to disappear before our eyes. and george bush was made to seem indifferent. >> he doesn't actually go to new orleans in the beginning. he flies above it. that was a metaphor for a president who was out of touch. >> the challenges that we face on the ground are unprecedented. but there's no doubt in my mind we're going to succeed. >> there have been some complaints i heard from on the ground that they expected the federal government to come earlier. does it appear that the government now has the situation under control and is actively coordinating the effort? >> absolutely not. the question to that is an unequivocal no. >> they were angry and saying where is the federal government. where are the troops? where's the national guard? where's the army? people are desperate. >> the bush administration was
6:37 pm
caught asleep at the switch. instead of immediately responding, sending in the troops, it took a few days. >> president bush leaves for the disaster zone an hour from now, but one louisiana official says the federal recovery effort is a national disgrace. >> we can't take this. we have been. out here for three days. >> i don't want to die like this. >> because they concede of the post 9/11 world as a war, america's entire apparatus was geared towards one goal. stopping 19 guys from getting on four airplanes again. >> in that process, fema was put within the department of homeland security. it had no funding. did it not have the professional group of people that it once had. it was in many ways an organ of the entire homeland security
6:38 pm
apparatus and it was fema that failed so miserably. >> we're going to make absolutely certain that the devastation that has been reaped upon these people is taken care of and we get their lives back in order. >> ol of these people are dead. >> the people they put in place, this guy had been head of an organization that dealt with arabian horses. >> you're doing a deheck of a j. the fema director is working 24 hours. >> they have 500 buss coming. where they at? we have been here five days. >> we're seeing an american city being left to rot. with postally black people in it. you can't disassociate the reality of the visual. >> the destruction of the spirit of the people of louisiana and mississippi may be the most tragic loss of all. george bush doesn't care about black people. >> to say president bush doesn't
6:39 pm
care about black people is one thing. i think what kanye west was saying is america doesn't care about black people. katrina is a symptom of a much larger disease. we have to et eradicate racism if we're going to have equity. >> what do you make of the comments made? there was a racial component to sol of the people left behind and left without help. >> my attitude is is this. the storm didn't discriminate and neither will the recovery effort. >> i don't think it's true the president was racially motivated, but i think he was clueless. >> the calvary is and will continue to arrive. there are those who will complain and have complained that it is too late. >> this is an administration that prided itself after 9/11 at anticipating problems, and katrina proved that was all false. >> shame on bush. shame on bush.
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! our work in iraq is difficult buzz our enemy is brutal. but that brutality has not stopped the dramatic progress of a new democracy. i am confident our plan for victory. i am confident in the will of
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the iraqi people. i'm confident in the skill and spirit of our military, fell et low citizens, we are winning. >> as we come on the air back here in new york tonight, we begin with a tense and violent situation half a world away. >> until this morning, there was a glitter, golden dome over the 1200-year-old mosque. this is all that remains. >> this is like the vatican of shiaism. that's the level of anger. >> they understood that by attacking one of the most accredit tribes into tipping into civil war. the anguish of the shia crowd soon into bloody retaliation ya.
6:45 pm
>> throughout the country, sites have come under attack. >> it's hard to describe how bad. every day you wake up and there would be 100 bodies in the street. >> iraq was indeed in the civil war. and the process connects of ever stabilizing the country seemed completely lost. >> the leader of al qaeda in iraq is dead. a tremendous boost in morale for those who tracked him r, for troops in iraq and fperhaps for the u.s. as a whole. >> he was killed by an american airstrike, but by that time, the movement had started to get completely out of hand. >> he created something that was essentially unkillable. it didn't need commanders because it had cells. the cells weren't really conn t connected to each other. so it you kill one of the leaders, the rest of it keeps going.
6:46 pm
>> now you've got an iraq war that has gone bad. you've got a katrina response that is considered inadequate. and the voters responded. >> why all the glum faces? yesterday people went to the polls. and they cast their vote for a new direction in the house of representatives and while the ballots are still being counted, the democratic party had a good night last night. >> so we have a divided government. democrats running congress, republican in the white house. that portends battles ahead. >> after that election, many republicans are concluding that iraq is their vietnam and this war is going to have a big political cost. ask bush needs to do something. >> congress must no longer follow him deeper into the quagmire in iraq. >> but then he takes one of the
6:47 pm
most unexpected steps you could imagine. he says there's going to be a surge of troops in iraq. >> on capitol hill president bush face d more skeptical and hostile reaction to his plan to send 21,000 additional troops to iraq. >> 20 to 30,000 troops. we did that before. >> one senior official today in the building summing it up. he said it's not about the number of troops we have. he said, it's about the number of troops that are dying in iraq. >> they could try to stop me from doing it. but i made my decision. we're going forward. >> whatever you thought about the war, whatever else you thought about president bush, i thought it was one of the braver, more courageous presidential decisions. because he probably didn't have 10% of the country with him at this time 37. >> are you still willing to follow a path that seems to be an opposition to the will of the american people. >> i'm willing to follow a path at least to vivictory. >> the bush administration had to reverse the situation otherwise the failure in iraq would be its lasting legacy.
6:48 pm
>> there's a new american in charge tonight. general david petraeus took over as head of all coalition forces. he's facing major challenges. >> the surge especially under the command of general david petraeus proved effective. >> what mattered most was not the additional forces. it was the change in strategy. instead of continuing to consolidate, we realize that we had to live with the people. that was the number one insight to live with the people to secure them and securing and serving the people is our paramount mission. >> counterinsurgency, soldiers, marines, they have a rifle in one hand and a wrench in the other. . when they go out of their compound each day, they are ready for a handshake or grenade. they can deal with either. >> observation of david petraeus was the sunnis were terrified and they were angry. so they were gravitating toward
6:49 pm
al qaeda. but they also were victimized by al qaeda. >> what we set out to do was to declare peace with sunni tribes that just wanted to take back control of their own neighborhoods from these abusive figures. >> this market is the most important statement of an economy coming back to life. it won't happen if there's not security. it won't happen if there's not some money to be spent. >> part of the secrets of many people were joining terrorist groups wasn't that they were necessarily religiously fanatical. they needed a source of income to feed their families. so this was a way of weaning away people who were joining underground organizations by giving them a salary, giving them a role and giving them a stake in the future of iraq. >> there's a new year begin, overall violence is falling and hope seems to be rising. >> one of the key lessons that we learned is that you really ought to understand a country in a very granular detailed way
6:50 pm
before you invade it. >> in order to win wars, you have o to know your enemy. understanding where they come from, what makes them tick, what makes them blow themselves up. it's not only about winning, you have to al qaeda and bin laden were not just an organization, it's an idea. >> some say the gains we're making in iraq come too late. they are mistaken. it is never too late to deal a blow to al qaeda. it is never too late to advance freedom. and it is never too late to support our troops in a fight they can win. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems, and could be on the journey to much worse. try parodontax toothpaste. it's clinically proven to remove plaque, the main cause of bleeding gums.
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and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call or go online today. breaking news on wall street tonight, it is a "once in a century financial crisis" according to to allen green span. that's what he said yesterday, and then today it got even worse. the dow had its worst point drop since the markets reopened after the 9/11 attacks. lehman brothers has filed for the biggest bankruptcy. >> the largest financial disaster in decades and the end of an era in american business. >> what happened in september of 2008 was of a scale i had never seen before. >> you really did think, oh my
6:55 pm
god, the financial world could collapse. >> confidence in our financial system and in its institutions is essential to the smooth operation of our economy. and recently that confidence has been shaken. >> after a tumultuous two terms, president bush's dealing with the financial crisis that could be devastating to the nation. >> fear has taken hold of the financial market. >> this is irrational panic. people are selling first and asking questions later. and bush and his team decide that the answer's going to be government. >> i faced a choice, to step in with dramatic government action, or to stand back and allow the irresponsible a/cs of some to undermine the financial security of all. under our proposal the federal government would put up to $700 billion taxpayer dollars on the line to purchase troubled assets clogging the financial system. >> the troubled asset relief
6:56 pm
program shows you, i think, just how much resistance there was. >> this bill offends my principles. it is simply wrong. it's irresponsible. >> new york city fat cats except joe six pack to buck it up. >> their idea was we need the government to have access to a huge amount of money that we can then use to shore up banks. >> how many times do we have to dig in our pockets? >> a lot of people hated it, obviously. the taxpayers were handing money over to the bankers. that seems and sounds terrible. and yet had we not done that i'm not sure where we'd be today. >> the motion is adopted. >> we're rescued. >> we have acted boldly to help prevent the crisis on wall street from becoming a crisis in communities across our country. >> even though it's not conservative orthodoxy, i think what they did in 2008 was the
6:57 pm
right thing to do to save the economy, and i think they probably did prevent a whiipeou of a tremendous number of people and a second grade depression. >> good evening, i'm dan harrison, president bush made his final trip to iraq today, one last opportunity to thank the troops and meet with iraqi leaders. while the president was cheered by u.s. forces, the trip will almost surely be remembered for these pictures of an iraqi reporter throwing his shoes at the president. >> this is the worst thing you can do to a human being in the arab world. shoes are the dirtiest thing. i think it's just an indication of how so many iraqis felt. >> there was evidence all over the arab world of what low regard they had for him. this is a man who, in his heart, really wanted to improve the conditions of arabs by bringing
6:58 pm
democracy. but unfortunately we tried to bring it in the wrong manner. >> the financial crisis has drived the president's approval rating to a record low, just 24%. >> the combination of the long-range disaster that was the iraq war, with the manifesting competence that was katrina, with the huge global catastrophe that was the financial crisis leaves him utterly tattered as a historical figure when he walks out of office. >> i suspected there would be a good-size crowd once the word got out about my hanging. >> i think history will be far kinder to george bush than americans were toward the close of his term. was he perfect? far from it. did he get us through it? did we endure? we absolutely did. and for that historians will be kind in evaluating his
6:59 pm
leadership. >> bush was a good man with a good heart. the people that suggested to him that we go into iraq gave him some of the worst advice any american president ever got. it is his fault for listening to them. but i think he was led into iraq for good intentions. and of course we know where good intentions often lead. >> he did his best. he's not a great president. he's not a transformative president. he done his damnedest. i think that's the legacy of george bush. >> there were some good days, and there were some tough days. but every day was an honor to be your president. history will be the judge of my decisions, but when i walked out of the oval office this morning, i left with the same values that i took to washington eight years ago. when i get home tonight and look in the mirror, i'm not going to
7:00 pm
regret what i see. except maybe some gray hair. sketch comedy, what is it? >> the great thing about sketch comedy is that it's instant gratification. >> you kick the door in, guns blazing, whatever happens, happens. >> he's got my hand. >> stretches are a fun way to talk about the culture with a if i can turnaround. >> in a sketch your satirizing life. >> my brain hurts. >> when you know people are improvising, you're on the edge of your seats. oh god, don't die. >> everything you see tonight is being made up on the spot. we can't stress enough. >> in sketch you go for


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