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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 26, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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she has been open about her struggles with an addiction to cocaine and chaul as well as mental health issues and an eating disorder. >> thank you for being with me. let's go to the lead with jake tapper which starts right now. >> thanks. he knows where the financial bodies are buried. the lead starts right now. breaking news, following the mon money, the trump organization's finance chief reportedly called to testify in the michael cohen case. more breaking news, more potential legal trouble for the president, robert mueller now reportedly going through president trump's twitter feed looking for evidence of obstruction of justice. and deadline day, the trump administration now has less than two hours to reunite all the remaining families who were separated at the border as one
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expert warns some kids may never see their parents again. we begin with breaking news in polit politics. wisingburg has been subpoenaed to testify. the ultimate nightmare scenario for trump according to an employee who says he knows anything and everything about mr. trump's finances. the story breaking this afternoon in the wall street journ al coming as the u.s. attorney tightens the screws in the investigation into michael cohen. it seems a clear sign officials are moving closer to the president's closest inner circle from his old company. in the trump michael cohen tape that cnn broke earlier this week the two men, the president and
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michael cohen discuss mr. weiselbu weiselburg. >> his name may sound familiar to you. he is the center to the trump organization and he has been for decades. as cfo he has controlled the movement of money for trump. it's clear he has information that investigators want to discuss. michael cohen mentioned his name in the secret recording between himself and then-candidate donald trump. >> i spoke to allen about it when it comes time for the financing -- >> the allen that cohen is referencing is allen weisselberg who has been subpoenaed to testify in new york in the criminal investigation of cohen according to the wall street journal. the journal describes him as the most senior person in the organization that is not a trump
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adding that he has handled the president's financial matters for years and, quote, has also been linked to payments made to two women who allege they had sexual encounters with president trump. >> replacing george is my chief financial officer allen weisselberg. >> he even once appeared as a judge on trump's reality show the apprentice. the recorded conversation one of the tapes seized as part of then going probe. sources tell cnn many tapes include discussions with reporters and conversations relating to president trump. cohen's legal team appears to have released the most significant tape in terms of hearing his conversations with trump. >> i need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info regarding our friend david so that i will do that right away. >> in the recording the two men are heard discussing a payment
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to trump's friend david pecker who heads american media incorporated who owned the rights to karen mcdougal's story, the woman who alleges a ten month long affair with trump. attorneys don't dispute that part of the tape but disagree on the method of payment discussed. >> so everyone out there listen to the tapes. whatever spin mr. giuliani is trying to invent, it says cash. >> there is no way the president is going to be talking about setting up a corporation and then using cash unless you are a complete idiot and this president is not an idiot. >> will cohen be heard more by the public release of the audio. sources tell cnn the lawyers didn't tell the southern district they were releasing the audio. >> he seems to want the deal
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very much. thank you so much. let's bring in our experts to chat about this. weisselberg has been with trump literally for decades he is the most senior person in the trump organization who doesn't have the last name trump. how potentially dangerous is this for president trump? >> this is an extraordinary thing. this is the person who we know has controlled the money. we have an indication that there were at least two payments that came out of the trump organization. so having the individual who controlled the check book essentially is going to be enormously important for the prosecutors and i think potentially devastating for the president. >> if you can take off your democrat hat for one second and keep on your lawyer hat, what does this say to you about the direction of the investigation into michael cohen? >> it's definitely wide ranging. i think that one of the things that the southern district of new york is doing is tightening the screws. regardless of the public display that cohen is putting on, the
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fact that he has had the come to jesus and wants to now be the saint that saves america and is releasing the tape, it means that they are breathing down his neck. michael cohen is doing a lot of talking that i wouldn't advise my client to do. i'm surprised that he is out releasing tapes that his lawyer is speaking so freely. it looks as though he has a great deal of peril ahead of him. they are following the money because that is what investigators do. usually it is drug dealers and mobsteres when you are talking about cash. here you have the president and the united states and his lawyer talking about cash payments. he is in a world of trouble. i wish the best for him and his family at this point. >> the wall street journal reports that president trump loves weisselberg and one of the reasons is because weisselberg has been for decades really loyal. it bears mentioning that he once thought that about michael cohen, as well. >> i think that what is happening is that the reality that we face is that evidently
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many times when people step out on to a limb for president trump people around him suggest he takes a chainsaw to the branch. ultimately we are facing a michael cohen who has had the screws tightened around him and possibly sending off a flare trying to say i understand i have been there loyal to you. that loyalty doesn't come at an unending pace. i think the trump administration might have to look at ways that they can get engaged on a level that makes it easier for individuals who are supportive of the president's agenda. >> the article says mr. weisselberg didn't know about the payment to ms. clifford who goes by the name stormy daniels when he agreed to a monthly retainer to mr. cohen according to a person familiar with mr. weisselberg's thinking. there is somebody saying that he
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didn't know why he was signing off on this 35 grand a month to michael cohen that was ultima ultimately going to help pay for the payments to women. i want you to keep that in mind when you listen to michael cohen talking with then candidate trump about making a payment. take a listen. >> you need to open up a company for the transfer of the info regarding our friend david. i have come up. i have spoken to allen weisselberg about how to set the whole thing up with funding. >> so cohen says i have spoken to allen weisselberg about how to set up the thing with funding. do you buy that weisselberg didn't know what the retainer was being paid for? >> of course, i don't buy it. i take everything i hear from trump world as a lie. what we have seen from this president and people working for him is that they lie and they lie and they lie. that is the one revealing fact
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from this tape. you can argue and debate whether you heard that he was going to pay cash or not. what you can't argue is the fact that the man lied to the american public and had the people working for him lie to the american people. i think this is a nightmare scenario for donald trump. he has got two guys who are deeply ingrained in his organization who handled not only personal issues but also financial issues and business issues. you have his money man and his fixer, his personal fixer who are now under legal scrutiny. michael cohen under much more than legal scrutiny. you have seen the guy go from michael cohen used to be the guy who would take a bullet for donald trump. today he is the guy who sings like a canary to save his own skin. i think what you have seen in the last few days is that loyalty can turn into self preservation very quickly when people feel that the screws are being tightened around their own
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necks. >> how do you interpret michael cohen's behavior? do you see it more in the context of desperation or do you think maybe he is just kind of raising his hand and saying u.s. attorney for the southern district, robert mueller, whoever wants to make a deal i'm here and ready to make a deal. >> so his behavior is not normal in this situation. as it was said a lot of people i this situation would just be quiet and be working behind the scenes with the u.s. attorneys in the southern district to basically try to strike a deal. i think you are right saying that he is looking for a deal. there are challenges with that. first of all, is he going to provide truthful information? who is he going to cooperate against? are there other people that he could cooperate against or is he the people for which the investigation has the most evidence? there are a lot of pieces i think that have to play out. to me it is particularly dangerous to start releasing tapes like this and having this public litigating his case in the public versus having the
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quieter conversations with the u.s. attorney's office if he is thinking about cooperating. >> you said you would not be advising michael cohen to be doing what he is doing. what would you advice mr. weisselberg if he has been subpoenaed to testify? this man did trump's taxes. he worked for fred and donald trump. he was the treasurer of the donald trump corporation, foundation, rather which is also under legal trouble. we are all talking about michael cohen wanting a deal. should mr. weisselberg possibly be seeking a deal? >> he should be. i think the first thing that you do is you sit him down and debrief him yourself. you want to know everything that he knows before he goes into his grand jury testimony. the last thing you want to do as a lawyer is be surprised by your client's testimony. you will debrief him understanding the ins and outs
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of the trump organization. and then you want understanding of the parameters they want to cover. the problem that she hhe has it sounds you have money laundering, mail fraud and wire fraud and that is before you get to campaign violations. he also is in a world of trouble. the blessing that he has is that he is very low on the totem pole. it is very easy for him to roll up. they are looking at michael cohen and probably donald trump jr. and eric trump. all of this is presumptuous and the president of the united states. he has the ability to roll up. his exposure is not that great. and the last thing, this is the biggest problem with the trump administration he has to learn how to tell the truth. he has to be honest. martha stewart did not go to jail for insider trading. she went to jail for a violation which means she lied. do not lie to the federal
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prosecutors. you will cause more trouble than it is worth. >> everyone stick around. >> you haven't learned how to say the truth by the time you are 71 you are a hopeless cause. we have a lot more to talk about. we have more breaking news. it seems robert mueller and special counsel is playing the there is a tweet for that game. the new report that could spell more legal trouble for the white house. it is deadline day for the federal government to reunite thousands of children who had been separated from their parents at the border. what happens to those children who cannot be returned to their parents? will they ever see their moms and dads again? stay with us.
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welcome back. from the investigation into trump in new york to the investigation into trump in washington, d.c.
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the "new york times" reporting that as part of the investigation into whether president trump attempted to obstruct justice robert mueller is analyzing president trump's disparaging tweets and statements about jeff sessions and james comey. the focus whether the actions add up to attempts to obstruct the investigation by intimidating witnesses and pressuring senior law enforcement officials to tamp down the inquiry. mr. trump has expressed frustration. the president tweeted sessions was very weak and told the wall street that i'm very disappointed in jeff sessions. the president again lamented his choice. >> the attorney general made a terrible mistake when he did this and when he recused himself or should have let us know if he was going to recuse himself. we would have put a different attorney general in.
1:19 pm
>> the president took aim at former fbi director james comey asking the then fbi director to publically state that he was not under investigation which comey refused to do according to comey. weeks later the president fired comey claiming he had been disappointed by his actions in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. the president later admitted when he made the decision to dismiss comey he was thinking about the russia probe. in a statement to the times rudy giuliani responded if you are going to obstruct justice you do it quietly and secretly, not in public. let's discuss this. do any of the single actions constitute obstruction or is it more about establishing a larger pattern of behavior? do you think a tweet could be part of that? >> one of the key lines in the article that you just referred to is whether all the action adds up to obstruction of justice. was trump trying to influence
1:20 pm
people not to testify or to cooperate with the investigation. i don't think we are looking at one single action but looking at all the actions we discussed before, things like trump's efforts to influence comey and sessions behind closed doors as well as now talking about public efforts to try to potentially influence them and maybe to discredit them. what is fascinating to me about the tweet question is we live in a brave new world where when we looked at obstruction people weren't tweeting. to me i think the president we know he personally tweets and it is fair game for mueller to ask the questions but reinforces why it is important to sit down with the president and get the answers as to what he was doing and thinking as he was doing this entire course of conduct. >> president trump's lawyers have stated that president trump is consistently under attack and these tweets and statements are him simply defending himself. >> that is just the nature of
1:21 pm
the beast. it comes with the job. having said that i think this is what many people who are supportive of him talk about when they say the president has placed himself in unnecessary political power. words matter. i think the hard truth is that we end up having discussions and having to deal with unnecessary evils with the president can't just put down the twitter fingers and have a conversation about the agenda. >> you know, roosters are coming home to roost. i keep thinking if i had a dollar for every time i heard a legal expert on tv talk about the legal peril that donald trump is placing himself on and that he should not be tweeting, that it is going to come back to hurt him i could probably have enough money to buy myself a nice pair of shoes. he has been doing this for such
1:22 pm
a long time now. we have seen him treat jeff sessions like a human punching bag over and over again and express his frustration. i think with all of these things that are happening this week, the cohen tapes, tweets, it shows us just how wide the scope of this mueller investigation is. we saw it coming when we saw that he was hiring folks that were experts in flipping witnesses. we saw him hire folks that were experts on public corruption. we saw him hire experts on financial crimes. it is all beginning to make sense and the puzzle is getting filled up. >> rudy giuliani has a point in one sense that i think most lay people, not necessarily prosecutors or attorneys think of obstruction of justice as
1:23 pm
things that are done secretly. >> rudy giuliani having a point is where you threw me off. i can't be an expert on donald trump's tweets because he blocked me about two years ago. i am blessed and fortunate enough not to have to read them every day. i can tell you this case of obstruction of justice is compiling everything from tweets to his own words to his interviews with lester holt to actions of firing comey to his words when he talks about wanting to get rid of the attorney general jeff sessions. it will be compiled with all of this. i do think that most people believe that in order to obstruct justice you have to kidnap a witness. that is not the case here. you can be very public in this obstruction. i think that there is a case of obstruction of justice against donald trump. the larger question that no one has wrangled with is whether or not you can indict a sitting president which is a whole other
1:24 pm
can of worms. we are going down the path to show people that donald trump has trampled on the law many times on twitter, in words, in firing and actions. i think that is what we will see whenever he issues his report. i remind people it will be a report that is highly unlikely to be an indictment. >> very quickly, why did president trump block you on twitter? >> i think because of how handsome i am. i'm sure i was talking about his allergy to the truth. i have no idea. i woke up and he blocked me. then he later criticized me. there we have it. >> i will see what i can do to remedy that for you. >> i am having twitter blocking envy. >> we have more to talk about. >> what do i have to do.
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apprentice. we have seen it play out many times in the west wing. now we are being told as white house chief of staff john kelly approaches his one year mark on the job this saturday that a new rival is gaining stature. form fox news president bill shi shine. jeff zeleny is at the white house. what are your sources telling you about kelly's standing at the white house? >> john kelly has made it 363 days as white house chief of staff. in this white house particularly that is no small feat. we are hearing from a variety of sources inside the administration and the government that the time is likely running out. the timing is entirely up to the president. there is no sense -- there is a
1:31 pm
sense that the president has moved on from his white house chief of staff based on a lot of reporting we have done talking to a variety of officials. the role of john kelly has been diminished. he is no longer holding a senior staff meeting every day. he is no longer at the president's side as long and as often as he was in the beginning. he instilled discipline, no question. since then the president has bristled under a lot of that. one power center here at the white house is jared kushner and ivanka trump. at some point it will happen. i am told that the president is not going to fire him. if he wanted to do that that would have happened already. he is going to take some time looking for a replacement. >> tell us about bill shine. he just joined the ranks of the white house a few weeks ago. how is he rising so quickly as
1:32 pm
president trump's closest advisers? >> in one respect he came in with the authority in support of the president. they have been talking for a long time. he was effectively an outside adviser. since he has been inside the west wing he is at the president's side repeatedly. coming back from the helsinki summit it was bill shine talking about a strategy for how to fix this. john kelly was off to the side. >> bring back my experts now. we should point out that bill shine was one of the two people leading the charge to ban cnn's kaitlan collins from doing her job as a reporter covering the rose garden event yesterday because he and sarah huckabee sanders didn't like her questions. i would like to bring in anna on
1:33 pm
that. as a journalist i'm stunned that that would take place. you don't like the questions therefore you ban the pool reporter for the day from an event. >> i think there was a silver lining to the entire experience yesterday. we saw journalists from across the political spectrum standing up for each other. i got a tweet from brett bair from fox news remembering when you had done the same thing under obama. if the press wants to have real legitimacy and wants to remain a power that holds folks in government accountable, they have to stick together because what goes around comes around. jake, i was born in nicaragua. there is a cruel dictatorship there. you know what the first thing that dictators do, they go after
1:34 pm
the free press. they can't handle transparency and can't answer the tough questions. this idea of attacking the press, of calling the press the enemy of the people on the week that journalists got shot and killed at the gazette is really a threat to american democracy and something that should outrage every single american regardless of partisanship and trump. you have to understand that freedom of the press is something that makes america great today. donald trump is not the man that is going to change that. good luck with that, buddy. >> one question i have, though, is whether or not bill shine did that to please the president. someone i know who used to work with bill shine at fox news described him to me as the ultimate yes man. i wonder if that is what president trump needs, if he needs a yes man.
1:35 pm
i don't know if that is an apt description or not. that is what this fox person said. if president trump needs a yes man versus needing somebody who will be the one to tell him you can't do that and you shouldn't do that -- >> i think that the reality is i don't think he needs a yes man but i think that is something he might gravitate towards. i think being chief of staff to president trump is probably a miserable job. it is almost akin to trying to save a failing bar meanwhile you have a bartender giving away champagne for free. the fact that president trump whether you like it or hate it has gotten to where he is by being exactly who he is. anytime your job description is to try to make him less of who he is your time in position is short. whether talking about john kelly or reince priebus, anytime you are trying to curtail the president to get him to act in a
1:36 pm
manner that is not consistent to what he wants to do, good luck. >> i want to contemplate for a second that president trump's white house took issue with a reporter being rude. president trump's white house. >> that is irony in its fullest. i think that -- i know that donald trump has lowered the discourse in this country. he has lowered the bar for what it means to be president of this country. i think if we go to the mu tannics. -- mechanics. how does he become the communications director for the most powerful person in the world? it shows you that the white house is dysfunction. it shows you they really don't
1:37 pm
care about procedures and protocols and don't care about the people that they put in power. bill shine is the voice that people hear that is reflective of america and he is supposed to be the voice that is reflective of me. i can't believe that bill shine is actually in the white house. that is upsetting. >> stick around. the big question now, of course, will they ever see their moms and dads again? what will happen to the hundreds of children that the federal government says cannot be reunited with their parents? stay with us. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer.
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many children separated from
1:42 pm
their parents at the border may never, never see their parents again, not ever. that prediction today from a man who ran immigration and customs enforcement under president obama as the trump administration faces another deadline today to reunite everyone of the more than 2,000 migrant children who were taken from their parents by the u.s. government. the deadline the government says cannot be completely met. diane gallagher is live for us at the border. the trump administration has various reasons that they site why they can't reunite every family separated. how many families does that appear to be? >> reporter: we are looking at more than 900 parents. their reasons vary from the fact that they just can't match them up and don't know where they are to criminal history of the parents. that can be anything from dui to something more serious. the overwhelming majority, more than half of those parents have already been deported without
1:43 pm
their children. their children are in government custody. their parents are back in their home country or in mexico. that is why advocates say the deadline may be today but this crisis is far from over. dozens of demonstrators chanting yes we can in spanish, protesting how hundreds of families can't and won't be reunited. as the deadline approaches the stark reality is more than 900 other parents are going to have to keep waiting. >> a lot of them are not going to be reunited anytime soon. >> reporter: an attorney tells cnn the process will be difficult with some parents deported without their children as part of president trump's zero tolerance policy. >> some people don't have e-mail, phone numbers, they are in remote parts of the countries. some are not literate. >> it's not easy even for families who have been reunited. this man and his 11-year-old
1:44 pm
daughter were separated at the u.s. border for a month. they said they fled honduras to seek asylum. he said i i beg for you to forgive me. this reunification of a mother and her daughter describing how her daughter was taken away saying a person put her in the car and told her i did not love her and i did not want to see her and that the girl sicried a cried. the deportation papers that human rights activist, many migrants probably didn't understand. despite hundreds of families reunited to date, to him it is not a victory. >> is today a good day? >> it's not a good day. today is not a good day overall because we have not seen any regrets of this administration.
1:45 pm
>> reporter: and the thing is here that these volunteers, that is the only way that these families are able to kind of continue on. you have a network across the country that is making sure that they get to the cities they are supposed to go to with volunteers paying for flights, organizations making sure they get on the flights because they may not have documents because many families have their first i.c.e. check in in as little as a week. >> thanks so much. here is the former head of i.c.e. that i referred to earlier explaining what happens to a lot of these kids when they are separated from their parents. take a listen. >> if they have a relative in the u.s. there is a chance that relative will be appointed their legal guardian. many other kids will go in the foster care system and could be subject to adoption. there is a very high likelihood a lot of parents will never see their kids again and a lot of kids will stay in the u.s. >> your reaction?
1:46 pm
>> heartbreak, extreme sadness, frustration, anger. look, this has been a disaster of the trump administration's making. let us not forget that this situation was caused by a unilateral policy decision by this administration. then after the public outrage he had a dog and pony show where he signed an executive order that he had absolutely no idea, no intention of actually implementing. this is a bureaucratic debacle. it is a legal debacle. it is a humanitarian crisis and it is frankly completely against american values. i am very glad that despite everything that has happened in the past ten days, the helsinki horror, the tweets, the mueller investigation, the cohen tapes. the only way that this humanitarian crisis will ever be addressed and solved is if it
1:47 pm
continues getting coverage, if we continue seeing the faces and the stories and hearing the voices and hearing the pleas. we have got to stay on this story because the trump administration is counting on us being like he is and having no attention span to focus on one story. we must continue focussing on this until these children are reunited with their families. >> a reminder that the legislative branch of the government, congress, is supposed to be providing oversight over the executive branch. i'm not sure if they remembered that. >> they haven't read that memo. >> let me bring you into this. is there any real way that the court, the judges, can force the trump administration to reunite these children with their parents? >> i think one of the things that is so stunning to me about this is that you have a federal court judge saying you have to get this done. this is not the way our justice system works in our country.
1:48 pm
so the judge could hold the administration in contempt. i personally would favor that at this point. you can't have 900 families that are not being reunited where the government is not able to find people or deporting parents without their children. this is just not the way that these process should work. i would be very strongly in favor of a federal judge completely within their authority saying the government can't do this. you are in contempt if you don't fix it. you can't keep separating families under any circumstances because you completely have shown an inability to do anything that the executive order has promised as far as reunification on the time table that was set. it is hard to know as a lawyer what to do. i believe the courts have to take a strong and active stance here. congress is missing in action on this and the administration has done an executive order so the way to control this is through the courts. >> i want you to take a listen
1:49 pm
to california democrat. she had a strong charge to protesters who rallied in support of the families that had been separated. >> the united states government is committing an act that is absolutely one of the most inhumane acts which is to take babies from their parents and it is important that we all stand up and say we as a country are better than this. >> that got applause from the crowd. what do you think in terms of the politics of this? obviously we agree on the humanity of it that all parents should be reunited with their children. how do you see the democrats and their response? >> the first thing that pops into my mind is that old twilight zone episode where they say no man is obsolete. the reality is in the world no human is illegal and no child is
1:50 pm
illegal. there is no part of what makes this nation great to say you are going to enhance american greatness by taking children away from their parents. i think the notion that this is going to be a winning issue at the polls to me is ludicrous. the fact of the matter remains is that at the end of the day this failure lies on us as a nation and i think the republican party will be held responsible because those children martin luther king jr. says all we ask is to be true to what you say on paper. nowhere does it say that children should be deprived of their parents and become wards of the state where the life outcomes are worse than the average children we have living in america. i think it is a terrible decision. i think we are going to have some tremendous political back lash. >> what do you think? do you think this is an issue
1:51 pm
that democrats can use? how do you think this will resonate in south carolina? how do you think this will resonate in north carolina, places where republicans traditionally run strong? >> i think it will resonate in the georgia's governor race. when you have a kemp versus a stacy abrams, somebody who will not stand up against separation of children from their parents. you will see it in the tennessee senate race and down in mississippi. you will see it in red places. this is an issue of morality. democrats have seized the high ground with this. this is now the face of immigration. the face of immigration is now young kids being ripped away from their parents. trump is going to beat ms-13 into the ground and say nancy pelosi is in the love fest with ms-13. it is about humanity and basic humanity and utter incompetence
1:52 pm
of secretary nelson. she is a disgrace. >> stick around. it is a war that he started himself that the american business community says is already costing jobs. president trump is taking credit for fixing it. let's take a look. the day after chemo might mean a trip back to the doctor's office just for a shot. but why go back there when you can stay home with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. in a key study neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17%
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we have breaking news. facebook just suffered the biggest single day loss for any public company in history. that's according to thompson reuters. the stock tanked 19% today essentially vaporizing about
1:57 pm
$119 billion in market value. it is a hit so big that mark zuckerburg dropped two spots on the list of the world's richest people. why did this happen? apparently this is the cost of spying on you less. the plunge came after executives warned that revenue growth would slow as facebook tries to focus more on user privacy. sticking with the money lead now president trump may say he is backing off his trade war with the european union but the actual retreat has not happened and there is a tariff battle with china. as the trade wars rage on americans are taking the hit on almost everything we purchase, produce at the grocery store, the price of a can of coke or beer. get ready for sticker shock if you are in the market for a new car. >> reporter: automobile, aircraft and motorcycle makers,
1:58 pm
pharmaceuticals, plastic and paper products, brewerys, coast to coast the message is the same, there is danger ahead in the trade war with china. >> this is just the beginning for consumers with regards to worrying about price increases that could be coming. just as cost of steel and aluminum have companies announcing expected price hikes for power tools, washing machines, canned sodas and many parts of farm country are facing a potential double whammy. high er cost of equipment. some in iowa started the year with trade war worries. >> you are probably a $2 million impact. >> now there is talk of less farm money for stores, restaurants and shops. >> it is a matter of concern when your largest exporter is having negotiations.
1:59 pm
>> reporter: the worst predictions remain just predictions. some seem willing to weather the hard times in hopes he can win the better deals he promised. >> farmers are tough. we will find a way to get through it. >> reporter: at at stop in iowa president trump nodded to the trade clash with the european union and acted as if the problems are all in the past although the eu has not lifted its retaliatory tariffs. >> no tariffs, no nothing. >> reporter: some members of the president's own party are skeptical especially of the big aid package proposed for farm communities. ben sass, this trade war is cutting the legs out from under farmers and the plan is to spend 12 billion on gold crutches. >> farmers really want trade and markets and not necessarily any kind of bail out or aid. >> and the pressure on the
2:00 pm
president could grow. a steady has concluded that most of the chinese tariffs are targeted at people in counties that voted for trump. >> thank you so much. you can follow me on twitter. i will be on steven kolbert tonight. our coverage continues now with wolf blitzer in the situation room. happening now, breaking news. trump's money man, the financial chief for the trump organization report reportedly is in the michael cohen case and a source says he knows everything about the president's business including where all the financial bodies are buried. tweet intentions. robert mueller is reportedly examining the president's tweets as part of a wide ranging obstruction of justice probe. could the president's twitter habit lead to legal trouble? some conservative