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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 6, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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sure seems like president trump knows a lot about a meeting he says he didn't know much about. the president changing his story on the trump tower meeting once again. this time, flat-out admitting that the purpose of the meeting was to get dirt about hillary clinton. did the president just help or hurt his son's chances with the special counsel? ditching the deal. president trump about to slap sanctions back on iran. the sanctions that president obama had taken away. might it bring us closer to war? to peace? is north korea watching? the president's national security adviser joins me live. plus, the first lady backs lebron and his school for at-risk youth after president trump says he doesn't like lebron. he likes mike. not the first time melania dunked on the donald. welcome to "the lead," everyone, i'm jake tapper. the russia investigation, led to
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a stunning admission. president trump yet again changing the entire story surrounding the now infamous 2016 trump tower meeting admitting for the first time the only reason for the meeting was to get dirt on hillary clinton. this was in response to a story in "the washington post" and another of which sources close to the white house told kaitlan collins and myself that president trump is increasingly worried of whether his son donald trump jr. might be legally exposed in the special counsel's russia investigation. this concern according to sources particularly about mueller potentially touching don jr. is leading to the president's increasingly frenzied public agitation sources tell us. just like that, president trump put that agitation on full display tweeting in response to the reporting of cnn and "the post," quote, my wonderful son donald had a meeting in trump tower to get information on an opponent. totally legal and done all the time in politics and went
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nowhere. i did not know about it. that tweet right there sparking the latest twist in the saga admitting that the true intention of the meeting was to get dirt on hillary clinton. of course, the president and his son previously stated that there was no meeting with russians at all and then said the meeting was about russian adoptions and then the president acknowledged getting dirt on hillary clinton was a reason for attending the meeting but this was the first time the president suggested that that was its sole purpose. cnn's jeff zeleny in new jersey near where the president is staying for the working vacation and the white house announced no public appearances today by president trump and also apparently staffers there hoping that the president will stop tweeting about the trump tower meeting. >> reporter: that is the hope. we have heard that before. aides and advisers asking him to stop doing this. it's been met with mixed success and the reason they don't want him to add oxygen to the already
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fraught discussion. the president is so far quiet today and that changes the more he watches television and talks to some friends. president trump summer vacation is sounding more like a venting session. at the trump national golf club in new jersey today, the president out of public view and raging on twitter over the russia probe. more than before, he's zeroing in on the trump tower meeting between top campaign officials and a russian lawyer promising dirt on hillary clinton. this was a meeting to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics and went nowhere. i did not know about it. that sunday tweet was the most direct acknowledgment yet for the real purpose of the meeting, part of robert mueller's inquiry. it shows how brazenly misleading the original explanation of the meeting was when donald trump
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jr. said we primarily discussed a program of adoption of russian children. >> i think from a practical standpoint, most people would have taken that meeting. >> reporter: one of the lawyers now admitting he made a mistake last year describing it. >> i had bad information at that point and made a mistake in the statement. i talked about that before. that happens with cases like this. >> reporter: cnn learned that mr. trump is advised to stop tweeting about meeting for fear of adding more oxygen to a moment of time part of an obstruction case. while the president suggested the meeting standard operating procedure, it is against the law for u.s. political campaigns to receive donations or information of value from foreigners. on abc's "this week" the president's lawyer said that wasn't clear. >> how would it be illegal? real question is would a meeting of that nature constitute a violation, the meeting itself, constitute a violation of the
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law? >> reporter: the weekend tweet comes as the president lashes out at the investigation and former campaign manager paul manafort's trial starts the second week and the president's legal team poised to respond to mueller about the possibility of a presidential interview, a decision of one of the biggest questions over the white house. >> hindered by the russian hoax. it's a hoax. okay? >> reporter: so the president, of course, still refers to it as a hoax and what he talks about publicly. privately we are told that's one thing that may come out of the president's time here at his golf resort. is he going to sit down with bob mueller's lawyers or is he not? rudy giuliani, other lawyers say that decision could be made in the coming days. he always says he wants to. many advisers and certainly the lawyers, jake, hope he doesn't. >> that's right. jeff zeleny with the president in new jersey, thank you. there's a credibility issue
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going on here. questions president trump attacking the credibility of the media, questions of michael cohen's credibility. we know that donald trump jr. promised from a russian government attorney information that, quote, would incriminate hillary and useful to your father, part of the russia's support of mr. trump and the response at the time, if it's what you say, i love it. we have known about this for quite sometime and yet there's been all the stories about what the meeting was about and now finally president trump comes out and says the meeting was about getting information on hillary clinton. not just that that's why donald trump jr. attended it. >> the irony is i think actually most americans think that that's what political campaigns do. they're dirty. they'll meet with anyone with business about their opponent. i think actually if they had told the truth about this at the beginning this might not be the story that it is because, yes,
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it is a violation to meet with a foreign government and have that and there are legal implications now from the line but if they had admitted it at the outset, this would be so much less of a story. >> is that right? is it just a violation? you were a former fbi official. is there not anything more? when you hear jay sekulow say there's nothing illegal here srks that true? might there be more? >> the meeting didn't have to be illegal. if there's actions taken subsequent to the meeting -- >> release of information? >> a request that wept forward, by the russians or the representatives, with the campaign, that's where they start to get in trouble. >> right. >> you could walk into a meeting and someone say, oh my gosh, i have dirt on your opponent, i have two truckloads full of it, that's not a crime. even if it is the russians. what becomes the crime is where they solicit or conspire to violate a federal election laws
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and/or did you ask the russians if they would go ahead and release stolen information? that is a violation, a felony, of the computer fraud and abuse act and where they could be going. i think the president got exercised about this for the fact that he has now cohen raising his hand saying i know something about the meeting. gates cooperating with the mueller investigation saying i know something about the meeting. they're zeroing in on roger stone and met with another russian through the campaign about information that might be -- that's where i think they're starting to get nervous. really wasn't a legal problem. >> take a listen to president trump's lawyer jay sekulow talking to abc news over the weekend. he had originally said that president trump had nothing to do with that misleading statement that donald trump jr. gave in which they claimed that
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the meeting was about adoptions but about more than adoptions. here he is explaining why what you said originally was not true. >> i think it's important to point out that in a situation like this, you have over time facts develop. that's what investigations do. >> facts develop? >> yeah. i don't think facts are developing on something that happened essentially a year ago. facts were the facts. who relayed the facts to him or who mislead him? that's the question. who told him about what happened? what did the president and don jr. say? he didn't know what was going on and somebody misled him in terms of crafting that statement on air force one. we later realized it was the president who was -- >> president dictated the statement. >> it is interesting because they want to say it's no big deal. all the lengths they have gone to to shade the truth of what happened at this meeting.
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you know? >> here's the issue. michael cohen without question people say he has a voracity problem, a credibility problem. the trump team says you can't trust anything he says. but this cast of characters admit things they denied. >> this meeting didn't happen in a vacuum. as you pointed out, there's a series of events that transpired and lied. alternative facts, they lied at every turn to conceal the contacts that members of the campaign had. hope hicks said no contact with any russians was such a blatant denial and no way to be true. we knew it was happening. so when you look what happened at trump tower meeting and then people like george pop develop louse and carter page that communicated with the russian,
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there's a reason and now as the facts are revealed they have to keep changing their story. >> if there is nothing there but the lying, a possible theory,just admitted what happened a year ago, none of this is going on, why all the lying? you have been in this town for a long time. >> i was talking about what i think people think about how campaigns are run. >> oh yeah. >> but i do think that from well before the election, well before the inauguration i should say, when we got word that there were communications with the soviets about pulling back on the sanctions, when, you know, trump has consistently cozied up to vladimir putin, when everybody in his party including elected officials thought that was dangerous, i mean, there's this consistent ease of relationships with russia. that is ultimately why i think they're doing this lying because
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they're -- we don't know what there is there but there is something there. i'm tired of sort of the -- you know, democratic rhetoric about this is all about collusion with russia. you know? to fix the election. we know the russians interfered with the election. we know that the trump campaign was a beneficiary of that result. >> right. >> what we don't know is the real relationship between donald trump and, you know, vladimir putin or others. >> yeah. but there were two constant conversations that were always happening and zone in on the trump tower meeting as evidence of this. they told don jr. we have dirt on hillary clinton but in the door they wanted to talk about sanctions. that is a conversation that continued throughout the campaign and even after trump was elected. the russians pushed negative information about hillary clinton and every contact that they could have with members of the trump team, there were many, i think at least 80. they wanted to talk about sanctions. >> they wanted -- i mean, the
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idea that it was -- just a way do get the foot in the door is one theory. the idea that, okay, dirt on hillary clinton and then changed the subject to sanctions relief. relief of the act and another theory is they -- the russians were seeing them as tied together, whether that was obvious to everybody in the room at the time or not. >> think about it. you have russian intelligence either agents meaning they were recruited by intelligence officers or intelligence officers themselves with very senior level access to a political campaign. they are not going to walk away from that opportunity. even if the campaign was winning or unwittingly. i guess they ran ahead of the headlights and don jr. didn't understand what he was getting into and used that to their advantage and say, hey, don't forget about what's behind door number 3 and we need to talk about sanctions so they were, you know, just kind of leading them along the entire opportunity that they had to
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pitch this notion. we have this stuff and by the way you got to help us with sanctions. >> even if they were, don jr. was ignorant of what's going on, is that a defense? >> ignorance of the law isn't a defense. >> everyone stick around. we have to take a quick break. breaking news in the paul manafort trial. the star witness is about to take the stand. when and what right-hand man rick gates might reveal next. and then what's behind the break of melania trump's break with her husband taking lebron james's side over his? ♪ -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪
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for all the talk of locking her up, deputy chairman soon should be taking the stand in the united states of america versus the former campaign
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chairman. rick xwaets, face to face with the former boss first time since flipping and prosecutors say manafort and gates made millions consulting for the former pro-putin ukrainian president. jim schutto joins me now. >> reporter: that's the prosecution's argument, we had some brief excitement here moments ago when he was expected to be the next witness. prosecution instead called a woman. unclear her relationship, involvement in the case. but rick gates will come. defense attorney saying that earlier today. so in addition to having been paul manafort's deputy during their time at the head of the trump campaign, for years rick gates was his right-hand man and the prosecution believes he can detail how it worked and can then get at what paul manafort
1:20 pm
is charged with here. bank fraud, lying to get loans, avoiding millions of dollars in taxes and we should note and remember that gates has pled guilty. pleaded guilty not only to conspiracy and also lying to federal prosecutors. pledded guilty for a lower term for the charges he faces and with that, of course, comes the promise he would have to prove his usefulness to the prosecution in coop rating and that testimony when it comes will be the demonstration of that cooperation and puts paul manafort in a risky legal position to have his long-time deputy in effect as witness for the prosecution. >> we were just told just a second ago they have called rick gates to the stand, jim. this is expected to be one of the most dramatic testimonies of the trial and we know the defense is planning on discrediting him in one key way. >> reporter: that's right.
1:21 pm
and here's the way. they're basically going to blame him saying that rick gates, the mastermind of this. that he embezzled money from paul manafort, that rick is the one arranging the criminal wrongdoing. that's the argument. they're sticking to it. of course, earlier in the day, you had paul manafort's long-time accountant with details for the prosecution, exactly how paul manafort the prosecution argues was leading the way on the criminal wrongdoing. again as you said, it is changing very quickly here. rick gates coming the stand and interesting to hear what he has to say. >> thank you so much. joining me now is cnn legal analyst laura coates. dramatic idea, the notion that president trump's former deputy campaign chair testifying against the former campaign chair. we haven't seen anything like that probably since in the nixon administration. "the washington post" reports
1:22 pm
that gates is expected to shine light on allegations about manafort lies including filing fake tax returns, committing bank fraud, lying to get loans. it could poly be very damaging for manafort. >> of course it could. finally since february and agreed to cooperate with the probe, everyone's wondering what will happen? what will he say? now the battle is between the admitted liar and accused liar and who do you believe? >> rick gates being -- rick gates the admitted liar. >> in terms of plea agreement with the government at this point of time about lying. he was charged with conspiracy against the united states, as well. you have an issue of who do you believe? this remains a very document heavy case. the reason that the prosecutors led with the trump -- forgive the pun -- is accountant. there's information of somebody allowed this accountant to say i'm going to facilitate a fraudulent transaction. the letter and the documentary proof. now you have the person that knows the true intent.
1:23 pm
have you had conversations with paul manafort before? is he truly ignorant of everything right now? is this a viable and believe scapegoat? probably not. >> gates is probably going to go to prison no matter what but under a plea agreement, a judge could give him less time with substantial assistance to mueller and a liability in a way for the prosecution because the defense is going do say he is lying to get a lighter sentence. >> the defense will use that. every defendant would. however, as a prosecutor, i don't know any prosecutor who ever, ever had mother theresa has a witness. the idea is whether you can believe the person knew the information to testify about. and what's their reason to lie? if you have a cooperator and you have an impending sentencing, tell the truth. if you don't, it's a longer sentence or may be even more charges against you. also, you had the incentive here
1:24 pm
for someone like rick gates to say, look, i can't be believed in most things but i am now. >> thanks so much. this afternoon, iran's president with a direct message to president trump. let's negotiate right now. will president trump do it? his national security adviser ambassador john bolton will join me next. stay with me. (man) managing my type 2 diabetes wasn't my top priority. until i held her. i found my tresiba® reason. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. i take tresiba® once a day. tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours
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terrible deal and promised to toss it out and many nay president trump announced that the u.s. was withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal. in exchange for sanctions relief. so now, at midnight tonight, the first wave of u.s. sanctions on iran will be reimposed. joining me now to discuss this and more about president trump's foreign policy, president trump's national security adviser ambassador bolton. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be with us. >> the president said he's open to meeting with iranian leaders. you said they flatly turned him down and not serious about stopping the malignant behavior. a couple of hours the iranian president said of a potential meeting, quote, if there's sincerity, iran welcomed die nothing and negotiations. if the u.s. government is willing, let's start right now. unquote. what is your response? >> let's see what comes of it or whether it's more propaganda.
1:30 pm
i think president trump has been consistent since his days on the campaign trail that he would sit down and negotiate with kim jong-un, with the ayatollahs. that his approach tody ploem sane been consistent on it. if they're willing to talk about all of their maligned behavior in the region and the world, i think they'll find the president willing to do it. this is a question less of what their propaganda is and what their real intentions are. >> let's talk about the reimposition of sanctions. the eu and german, french and uk foreign ministers deeply regret the u.s. sanctions and said the iran deal is working and delivering on did goal namely to ensure that the program exclusively is peaceful confirmed by the international atomic energy agency in 11 consecutive reports. u.s. sanctions alone will not
1:31 pm
change iran's behavior. you need the eu and the european allies to say nothing of the russians and french. asking you in may if the u.s. would punish countries that do business with iran, you said it was possible. any decisions on that? >> well, the issue is what sanctions the u.s. put back into place and there's no doubt and there shouldn't be any doubt in anybody's mind, particularly in teheran, that we're going to put all the sanctions back in as they were before and more to put really the maximum pressure that we can on the government of iran. unprecedented pressure. we're prepared to carry through on that. we have been in the last three m months since the president announced the intention to get out of the deal near constant constant communication to join us. we have a fundamental disagreement on the efficacy of the deal and don't want iran to have nuclear weapons and we're
1:32 pm
in complete agreement we want iran to stop its ballistic missile program, and stop its beling rent military activity in the middle east. none of which iran has yet been prepared to do. let's say another thing with respect to the statement of the three european governments. their major businesses are already making the decision about what they're going to do in response to the reimposition of american sanctions and in overwhelming proportions they're deciding to do business in the united states than in iran and european businesses are terminating their activities in iran to a very considerable extent. that adds to the force of the reimposition of u.s. sanctions that european companies would prefer the united states to iran. >> as you know, it took years and years of sanctions from not just the united states but from all of europe, from russia, from china, i mean, it really took a
1:33 pm
world effort to get them to the table to begin with and now trying to get them to change the behavior with a fraction of that. >> that's not true. not just a fraction of that. moreover, what the i rranians d is mitigate the affect of successive ways of marginally incremental sanctions by hunkering down and by other mechanisms. i think the reimposition of american sanctions caught them unawares. i think that our economy is much more vulnerable. we can see significant evidence of that. number one, the value of the iranian currency fallen through the floor. it's lost more than two thirds of its value since the first of the year. a good part of that in the last three months. second, there's been extensive public reporting of large amounts of funds, dollars, euros, other currencies being shipped out of iran by the elite. they can see the country's in significant economic trouble and abandoning ship and number
1:34 pm
three, right up until the present day we have seen continued demonstrations even riots in cities and towns across iran as the economic situation worsens so i think our reimposition of sanctions already had a major affect. >> international observers say that iran is complying with the nuclear deal as you know. u.s. intelligence agencies say according to "the washington post" that there's evidence suggesting north korea's working on one and possibly liquid filled icbms. yet the trump administration seems much more willing to engage with north korea and not iran even though north korea seems the worst actor with a nuclear weapons program. why? >> well, i think you are characterized that incorrectly. the concern of iran and north korea goes together. since we know historically they've worked together on ballistic missiles which is the delivery system for both of them, for nuclear weapons and quite likely worked together on
1:35 pm
the nuclear side as the reactor being constructed in syria by north korea destroyed by the israelis in september of 2007 showed. i think the response to the administration to both iran and north korea is exactly the same. maximum pressure on both governments to give up the pursuit of deliverables and a willingness to talk to their leaders to see if there's a way out and entirely consistent. >> last week i want to turn to russia if we could. you were among the top national security officials out to make a show of force and speak directly about the russia election interference threat, how it continues today. president trump has not been able to do the same thing. not in front of the world when he was in helsinki, not ins, not at any of his rallies, not when the press is in front of him. why not? why can't president trump condemn russian election interference with the same
1:36 pm
vociferousness that you're able to? >> that's not accurate. i'd be glad to give you a list to see it said that he agrees that the russians have meddled in the elections in the past and that he's worried about it in the future and might say the very fact that i and the four of the heads of the operating department and agencies charged with detecting and preventing russian meddling was his decision. he heard the version of the briefings the week before. he felt that the administration wasn't getting the word out to american voters that we were concerned and determined to protect the integrity of the electoral process and counter russian and other foreign influence campaigns and wanted the people to go out and tell what they were doing in a nonclassified forum, to be sure. he knew what everybody was going to say and he wanted the
1:37 pm
american people to hear it. >> you were asked recently when president trump called russian election interference a hoax and you said, quote, i think he is saying the idea that the russians directed and controlled the campaign or the administration. that there was a conspiracy in 2016. if you look at the full tweet of president trump calling it a hoax, quote, so president obama knew about russia before the election. why didn't he do something about it? why didn't he tell our campaign? because it is all a big hoax. that's why. and he thought crooked hillary was going to win. that's not about the mueller investigation or collision and the president calling it a hoax. are you not concerned when the president calls a threat to the nation you take seriously a hoax? doesn't it undermine your very charge to the millions of voters who believe every word he says? >> i don't see it that way at all. i think the distinction between russian meddling, russian
1:38 pm
influence operations -- face it. go back a long way. back in communist days to the russians trying to take over hollywood, which was a source of influence by -- on the american people by taking control of a screen actor's guild and getting ronald reagan outraged enough to help stop it. that interference going on for a long time. the issue for the president i think is the political argument made by his opponents that somehow he conspired with the russians and they helped him defeat hillary clinton. that's what he thinks is the hoax. that's what i understand it to be. >> all right. ambassador bolton, thank you for your time today. >> glad to be with you. what is up with the first lady inserting herself in a feud of her husband the president? stay with us. ht things. and something amazing happens. that's our inspiration for fancy feast medleys. wild salmon primavera. tastes amazing. also in pate. fancy feast medleys.
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in our politics lead, the mystery of melania. very notably distinguishing herself from her husband seeming to side with nba superstar lebron james over her husband. kate bennet cover it is first lady. what motivates her to offer a response like she did? she didn't have to say anything about the issue. >> that's true, jake. that is first lady that does and says what she thinks and says and has opinions. whether the timing is right, she is answering about lebron james and the work for schools. clearly showing off an independent streak we have gotten used to seeing from melania trump. >> reporter: it could appear that melania trump's timing
1:44 pm
praising lebron james and the children's school in ohio was a swipe at her husband who questioned the star's intelligence less than 24 hours earlier. the cnn interview with james, quote, made lebron look smart which isn't easy to do. i like mike the president tweeted. but according to melania's spokeswoman, the first lady disagrees. it looks like lebron is doing good things on behaft of the next generation and edncourages to have an open dialogue. the stark contrast is just the latest example of east wing versus west wing at the white house and melania defines her own agenda. in recent weeks, the faiirst la is quick to correct the record. amid the firestorm surrounding the president's alleged tryst with porn star stormy daniels,
1:45 pm
rudy giuliani said this. >> she knowings it's not true. >> i don't believe mrs. trump has ever discussed her thoughts on anything with mr. yuliany. when "the new york times" reported president trump didn't like his wife tuning in to cnn aboard officer one, melania's office said she watches any channel she wants. when her husband family separation caused international outrage, melania trump went to see detention centers near the border for herself. >> how i can help to these children to reunite with their families. >> reporter: whether it's taking a separate motorcade to the state of the union, stealing the spotlight with that white hat moment or slapping her husband's hand away in public. >> everybody loves melania. they love melania. the president doesn't appear to
1:46 pm
mind. >> doing a fantastic job. >> this independent streak could be part of who this mysterious first lady actually is. >> i'm very strong. people, they don't really know me. people think and talk about me like, oh, melania, oh, poor melania. don't feel sorry for me. i can handle everything. >> jake, our colleague don lemon talking to lebron james, he bonn said he wouldn't sit down across from the president of the united states and the first lady is open to sitting down and visiting the school if the dialogue is about children and children education and positive aspects of it so we'll see if that happens. >> all right. kate bennet, that could be quite a thing. talk about it with the experts. what do you make of all this? >> most surprising thing to me was, a, she responded. right? she could have said no comment when that came over and kate said this is what happened.
1:47 pm
i was just like, what is she doing? it is in keeping with the ways interacting with her husband and sometimes having a public marital spat and in this case, i mean, she is saying that she wants to go visit lebron james' school and fascinating, too. she is essentially volunteering herself for an invitation and offering herself up to an invitation to the school that was founded by a man who said that he wouldn't sit across from her husband. so we'll see where this goes. if she ends up going there. i kind of doubt it. this is an ongoing saga and witnessing i think some ways both her independence but her tweaking and having plenty of shade for herself. >> i heard some democrats say it's a ruse to get trump supporters and not traci about the president's behavior to latch on to a trump they like and keep them inside the tent. >> free melania.
1:48 pm
you know? there are cynics that remember when barbara bush went and held an aids babies because her husband's policies ignored people with aids. >> i think nancy reagan. >> no. barbara bush. >> it was? >> it was. >> but fromthere might be some that here. i think there's no sort of covering this. you know? when he does something a tad good, you know, she doesn't kind of get to claim credit for influence and then say, well, i have no influence. you don't visit baby in cages in decent centers on the border and then act like -- >> we don't give her credit for it. >> she responded because on twitter everybody was talking about #be best. her anti-bullying campaign.
1:49 pm
people were making fun of her when he is an online bully. i think that's why she responded. >> i thought that was a power move for her. i'll visit the school and clear that lebron james doesn't want anything to do with the trumps. and we always talk about how mysterious she is and i think she is a trump. she seeks to protect her personal brand and reputation, especially coming to kids. every chance she can. >> very good at that. >> i think she is always protecting that. i just -- i don't care to see the president and first lady fight over twitter. and the words of her, i just don't really care. do you? >> do you? what do you make of this? >> do you have to bring me into this? >> you're a former republican official. we have never seen a first lady and a president disagree publicly quite like this. i mean, there have been -- there was the barbara bush thing with the child with aids and then i do remember also in a george w.
1:50 pm
bush running for re-election i think in 2004 there was like a suggestion that maybe laura bush was supportive of abortion rights and slipped in there right before election day and theory was she's doing that to let women voters know -- >> pro-gay marriage. >> yeah. >> this, i mean, first of all, never had a president to use such a huge platform, twitter, to insult. the president of the united states insult somebody and just opened a school. >> for at-risk kids. >> makes my head blow up to go there. interjecting civility in the conversation, it was wrong lebron said he wouldn't sit down with the president. i'm not talking to you because i don't like what you say. we should try to find a bridge. welcome to the debate. and continue to do it. i think that civility might be helpful. >> i'll second that. i also think, though, that the
1:51 pm
president doesn't care not because he's happy for her to disagree and don't think anybody else's comments are as important as his. he makes an assumption it doesn't matter what she says because i'm the president and what i say matters most. >> also notable that when he went to ohio he had just obviously insulted lebron james and made -- >> a son of ohio. >> a son of ohio. he didn't feel comfortable enough when he went to ohio and before those folks who maybe they don't like lebron james much since going to the lakers but maybe, you know, he kind of, you know, maybe he took what his wife said and said, you know, this is not somewhere i need to go in terms of insulting lebron james. >> to be completely machiavellian about it, what about the fact to distract from the attack on president trump's attack on lebron james and don lemon to be racist? >> i think he has it out for don lemon with critical coverage coming to the race debate. don does a lot to have
1:52 pm
conversations about that that are really important conversations and, you know, that interview took place on a monday night and stewed about it until late friday night. >> rebroadcast it on friday. >> it's important to point out that don and lebron were talking about and one point i didn't know how lebron james had racial slurs spray painted on his house and be in a position of achievement and brought down with people and underscores everything that the president said about it. >> racial reconciliation. first experience with white people through sports. >> let's hope it's a honey do list of civility. may have worked in ohio. police are calling this one of the most violent weekends in years. 66 shot, 12 killed in 1 city in a matter of a few hours. live with a look at what might have sparked all the violence in chicago. stay with us. nice tells you what you want to hear. but kind is honest. this bar's made with delicious cranberries and almonds.
1:53 pm
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international lead, did not take long for the shocking and heart breaking murder numbers out of chicago to turn political. mere hours after 66 people shot and 12 killed this weekend, rudy giuliani tweeted lashing out against motorcycle mayor emanuel, quote, he has a chance of remaining because of brainwashing. that sparked backlash and a tweet, quote, this is dipping fingers in the blood for smears and on scene. in chicago, they're very much focused on the victims. a 11-year-old, youngest of those killed. ryan young is in chicago. the mayor was emotional talking
1:58 pm
about the tragic numbers. did he have any answers for why things were getting so bad this weekend and other times? >> jake, this was a tough day. i think the city's in mourning. talking about the shootings, 66 people shot. something to highlight here is 14 of the people who were shot were under the age of 18 and you talk about that 11-year-old. people asking questions of why and how. some of these shootings at block parties where they knew there was a lot of people. where gang members would walk up and start shooting at the crowd. one happened after a funeral and you can understand the anger and the emotion here and seeing the mayor step forward to the mike saying that more needs to be done from the community's perspective. they need more people to come out and start giving police tips and you can understand that sentiment. so much gone on taking the crime numbers and turning them around and less shootings in the last year and not helped. chicago police department has been able to get 5,000 guns off the streets this year alone.
1:59 pm
the mayor started a summer program where kids were working 30,000 kids have been working in those summer programs but the shootings this weekend alone stand out to so many people. we had people showing up to the live shot earlier out in one of the bad districts talking to us about a need for change, jobs, investment. the mayor saying over and over, look, four or five districts where it's all happening. they need investment from community members because somebody knows who the shooters are and i think something that stands out to all of us was the scene outside one of the hospitals here seeing more than 40 people standing outside crying wanting to get inside to figure out what happened to their loved ones because of the mass shooting. that is day that people will remember for quite sometime especially with the victims, jake. >> all right. ryan owens, thank you for that report about the horrible weekend. ryan young, appreciate it. follow me on facebook and twitter. tweet the show.
2:00 pm
the coverage continues with wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thank you for watching. happening now, breaking news. misleading. president trump urged to stop tweeting about the trump tower meeting with russians after admitting the purpose to get information on hillary clinton. comes as cnn learns the president concerned his son may face legal exposure. why did the president push an effort to mislead about the original intent of the meeting? meeting mueller. the president's legal team preparing to respond soon to special counsel robert mueller. will they agree to a presidential interview or wage a legal battle all the way to the u.s. supreme court? hope returns. former white house communications director hope hicks spotted on air force one as the president flew to a weekend rally. hicks faced scrutiny over the role of crafting the white house response on the trump tower meeting. and star