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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  August 10, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm going to take you from the football stadium to the border to brussels to outer space to all in one segment. you have commented on these protests. you're a big pittsburgh steelers fan. this was the first round of pre-season games and players chose to take a knee despite the criticism they received from the president. what did you see? >> i'm as irritated as the next fan. i view those three hours as my politics-free three hours of the week. but you have to rack-and-stack your values and my irritation doesn't compare with fundamental issues at stake here including free speech and these young athletes want to express themselves about what they view to be a serious social problem so i expected this, i expect the president to tweet but you know i don't know that more than a third of the country will agree with the president even among veterans. this is a split decision.
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when this first hit last september and october i did actually take a look statistically as where veterans were and there's a generational g gap. vietnam veterans seem to be offended by this. iraq and afghan veterans not so much and john i'm a 39-year veteran. i may be irritated at the players but i don't think they're unpatriotic and they certainly insulting the flag. >> and some of the messages they were sending last night were the same issues the president was discussing yesterday -- prison refor reform. i want to shift gears if i can to something that's happened over the last several days, laura ingraham, a most on fox news made surprising comments -- or maybe not surprising -- about america and what america is. i do not want to play them again, we've already played them on this show and i don't think they deserve to be heard more but what she said is that in her mind this is not the america we,
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she says, have come to love. she says because of demographic changes. she says legal and illegal immigrants have changed the demography of the country so it's not the country we love. you also, general, have talked about what you see in america. >> john, i believe in our essence we are a credo nation, we are defined by our beliefs, not by bloid, soil or even shared history and look there's some good countries out there -- germany being one example -- that identifies its by blood and shared history and soil. we don't and in our best moments we embrace the fundamental believes of the country so i've said you read the foundational documents, you understand them, you pledge allegiance to them, you're an american and it doesn't matter where you're from or what ethnicity you may represent and john i do think
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this is a very important issue right now because there's a movement -- and i think the president reinforces it -- to redefine our vision of self-as blood and soil rather than belief. hence you get the words a year ago that there were good people on both sides in charlottesville. >> are are there? >> look there may have been but that's not the issue. the issue is that there was a group there very aggressively in a planned sort of way that was redefining who it is we are. those are the ones who were chanting "blood and soil." >> those are the ones who were chanting "jews will not replace us" as well. this is the one year anniversary of charlottesville. we will discuss that and have discussed that so thank you for bringing that up. if i can i want to shift gears to national security here. there was a fascinating piece in the "new york times" overnight where they revealed that in this
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nato meeting members of the president's national security team before the meeting were so concerned that the president might, for lack of a better word mess things up there that they wanted the business of the meeting finished beforehand which was the so-called communique or declarative statement the group would make and that statement was pretty substantial in terms of the united states and nato members standing behind collective security, talking about forces in europe but they wanted that wrapped up because they were afraid he would screw things up. let me read you something from that piece. jamie shea, a nato deputy assistant attorney general called the declaration, what they agreed to, the most substantive agreement the alliance put out in years but its success according to american and european officials lies in the feverish work before the summit meeting to keep it away from mr. trump. what does it tell you that they had to do that behind his back? >> number one, john, the "new york times" piece has the ring of truth to it, doesn't it?
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it seems entirely plausible after what happened at the g7 and it kind of gives a new meaning to the concept of divided government because on the one hand you have the president and what i would call his close circle of family and friends and then you have institutional, my and it was institutional america that was trying to get these really important agreements as you suggest with our nato allies. so the president gets to strut a bit and say how tough he was with regard to the nato meeting in brussels but the real heavy lifting was done by the professionals in the department of state and department of defense and you're right, this is a very substantive document. it's a commitment on the part of the alliance to be able to mobilize 30 battalions, 30 squadrons, 30 ships in 30 days. that's a heavy lift and to get them to agree to that is quite an accomplishment. >> i want to go to outer space right now and space force which
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is something we've heard a lot of people make jokes of. the vice president further explained the president's policy on creating a new branch in the military and though people are making jokes about this, general, there are real issues here and i know this is something you've thought about for a long time. >> what you've got here is i think the product of an impulse rather than the product of a study. doesn't mean the impulse didn't have good things contained within it and now you have the department of defense trying to adjust. i won't try to pull you through the knot hole of d.o.d. organization but there's a column "a" and a column "b" in the department of defense. column "a" are the services, the army, the navy, the air force. they don't fight, they train, organize, equip and provide forces to the combat and commanders, european command, pacific command and in the president's proposal and what
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the vice president talked about yesterdays was a little of column a and column b and i think kohl bcolumn b, the comba command, the space war fighters, are buried bureaucratically. i think we're behind the curve and there's broad agreement we may want to elevate it in temples of the unified space command. the real question is in column a. do you want to create another service? another military department? that's far more complicated. that's far more top heavy. it creates a bureaucratic layer and you can't do it without congress so i think the real issue isn't emphasizing space more and elevating its aspects. it's do we want to create the bureaucratic burden of another military department. >> do you? >> i would not. i don't think it's necessary but i agree we have to up our game
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in space. we've been fighting from space for 45 years. the issue today though is we now believe we're going to have to fight in space in other words we're going to have to defend our assets up there in ways we really hadn't expected to do in the past. >> do you have a preference on the logos? i don't know if we have a picture. these are the logos. there is something about this which is quite political which is the president sent this out on his campaign e-mail yesterday asking for trump supporters to vote chon badge, which symbol they like, politicizing this. the russians, actually, the russian embassy in d.c., i don't know if we have that picture. the russian embassy in d.c. put this out this morning which i think in my russian translation here from my years of russian training, the top says "space force" and the bottom says "russia." so that's the space force badge the russians would like that see. >> i understand. i have not yet reviewed the
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entrants, but upping our game, elevating our combat and command for space. all good ideas that have a general consensus. it's the military department thing that may not be necessary. >> general michael hayden, from the sidelines to outer space and back again. appreciate it. >> kristin davis, the woman known as the manhattan madam is expected to testify before a grand jury today in text with the special counsel probe into into russian interference in the 2016 election. what could she offer robert mueller and his team? cnn's mj lee is live in washington with more. mj, good morning. >> good morning, erica. we know that some time today kristin david is expected to show up at the courthouse as a witness in the mueller investigation. we also know some sometime last week she was interviewed by investigators though david and her lawyer haven't commented on how the interview went. what we know is she is in a very
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close relationship with roger stone, a man embroiled in the mueller investigation. she's known as the manhattan haddam, kristin davis headed to testify before a grand jury. investigators are interested in her ties to roger stone. she and stone have been close friends for a decade. in a statement, stone told cnn last week kristin davis is a long time friend and associate of the mine. i am the godfather to her two-year-old son, she knows nothing about russian collusion, wikileaks collaboration or any other impropriety related to the 2016 election which i thought was the subject of this probe. i understand she appeared voluntarily. i am highly confident she will testify truthfully if called on the do so. davis once ran a high-end prostitution ring. she went to jail as part of the scandal surrounding then democratic new york governor elliot spitz interthe remorse i feel will always be we. many. >> reporter: she worked with stone over the years. in late 2016 she joined his payroll to help him with clerical tasks.
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mueller's team has been looking into possible contact between stone and wikileaks founder julian assange during the 2016 campaign. u.s. intelligence concluded russian intelligence senior democratic officials and provided the sole material to wikileaks as part of moscow's effort to meddle in the election. assange denies the hacked documents came from the russian government while stone once bragged about being in contact with eleni giokos. >> i have communicated with assange. i believe the next trench of his documents pertain to the clinton foundation but there's no telling what the october surprise may be. >> he later walked it back. >> i followed assange's twitter feed assiduously. i had a google alert. i read every interview he gave. i'm not involved in collusion, coordination or conspiracy with the russians or anyone else and there's no evidence to the contrary.
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>> >> reporter: investigators have been probing stone's finances. people familiar with the situation say at least two witnesses were asked whether stone was the father of davis' son. earlier this month, stone posted a photo of davis and her child to his instagram with the caption "why do fbi agents dispatch bid robert mueller keep asking a number of my current and former associates if i am this baby's father? what does this have to do with russian collusion and the 2016 election?" so we don't know why investigators want kristin davis as a witness. we don't know how extensive or how long her testimony is going to be today but john this is just one more reminder that there's so much about the mueller investigation that we don't know. >> indeed there is, mj lee in washington, appreciate it. we're going to talk about the state of america in the age of president trump. so much has happened over the last 24 hours. so much has been said. we'll get reaction from david axelrod next. i like chillaxin.
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this guy, since he got in the white house, it's not a dog whistle, it's a bullhorn. and then also, anderson, we've seen the rise of the right not just in america but worldwide. >> director spike lee speaking out on race talking about president trump as we mark one year since the deadly protests in charlottesville. so where does america stand august 10, 2018?
5:17 am
let's bring in david chod. david, great to have you with us on this. there is a serious conversation that is happening and it's been happening but one that is more and more out in the open is people feel more emboldened as we've seen, especially if they want to talk about things that many of us would look at as openly racist, bigoted comments and standings that they have. where do you see this country today? >> well, obviously our country is divided and it's divided by our leaders in part and the president of the united states. he has made it a strategy to mine these differences, mine these divisions, mine this issue of race which has coarsed through our politics and our society from the beginning of our history but is a galvanizing issue of a portion of his base and he decided to play base
5:18 am
politics and wherever he can he wants to light that fuse and that has emboldened others to voice racist views and we're reliving the charlottesville tragedy again this weekend, hopefully without violence but this is the result of a leader who relentlessly tries to divide rather than unite the country. >> there's the one year anniversary of charlottesville but i was speaking to a reporter from vice and she won awards last year and she's been saying in public groups that were prevalent in charlottesville they've had a hard time existing to an extent they've dissolved because of the spotlight that was placed on them after
5:19 am
charlottesvil charlottesville. there was a small group of protesters that created a great calamity so i don't think these are majority held views but at the fringes, there are more covert or late -- latent views that are exploited by the president all the time when he picks up issues like the football players and their protest protests. spike lee called it a dog whistle and that's what it is. >> the president just tweeted "the nfl players are at it again taking a knee when they should be standing proudly for the national anthem, numerous players wanted to show their
5:20 am
quote out rage at something that most of them are unable to define. they make a fortune doing what they love but the president puts it as an out rage, his quotes, not mine, at something most are unable to define. from the beginning it was clear why they were upset and why they were taking a stand. >> well, look at the tweet from malcolm jenkins, the philadelphia eagles player who expressed why he engaged in the protest and he talked about inequities in our criminal justice system. concerns about the relationship between police and community, these are real concerns in the african-american community and beyond and they've chosen to protest which is really part of what america is all about. but i have no doubt, guys, and do not doubt for a second that this is a powerful issue among
5:21 am
the base and if you look at polling most americans don't think the protests are appropriate. the president sees political gold and he will mine it. it was really a dormant issue when it began. he started it and he sees advantage in it and he's going to continue to take advantage of it. >> i want to point out a couple things here, if you want to have a debate about whether it's patriotic to stand or sit during the national anthem that's fine but the language he chooses to use is notable. he claims these players don't know why they're taking a knee, something most of them are unable to define. i don't think that's true based on hearing from these players. they talk quite a bit about racial justice, perez reform which is something the president discussed yesterday and the suggestion they can't define it also debts to the idea of intelligence which is racial if and of itself. he goes out of his way to note they make a fortune doing what
5:22 am
they love. not sure what their salary has to do with their comments about this. so notable language from the president. >> and let me just say one word about that. the fact that they make a fortune doing what they love and yet they still are willing to look back at others who haven't had the advantages they have or they remember the circumstancs s and every american understands the issue of discrimination in all its forms. i don't think this is serious. i think this is political. i don't think it's thoughtful, i don't think the president's critique is meant to do anything but inflame and rally and he thinks this is a winning issue president's have seen their role as uniting the american people, this president willfully and
5:23 am
strategically divides the american people. >> unfortunate in so many ways. this president refuses to take the time or admit these players know what they're doing and why. >> he can disagree but i think they know what they're doing. >> and some of the player were wearing prison reform on t-shirts so something they could talk about there. this is also an interesting segue into the 2000s, a big decade for you, my friend, which we know we're playing more of this weekend here on cnn but i think we have -- we played a little bit out of the break. do we have a clip we can play? >> is this a real thing? like is it possible that america could do this? and so it was all like a collective holding of our breath. >> we're only a few seconds away from the top of the hour when these states will be closing. >> the rules are that we had to wait until all the voting had ended. and i remember at 10:59.50 my
5:24 am
producer was saying "10 seconds." it was an electric moment i'll never forget. >> cnn can project that barack obama, 47 years old, he will be the first african-american president of the united states. >> when you look back at that and see that moment and we have the discussion we have this morning, where is your head at on all this? >> well, first of all i remember that moment very well because i was standing in a room with a bunch of senior campaign people watching wolf and that was such an emotional moment when he made that declaration. it's something i'll never forget. look. that was a watershed moment in our country's history, a barrier people thought could never be bochen was broken but the history of our country is that we're never moving in a straight
5:25 am
line. there are always turns and twists and sometimes we go backwards but on the whole our journey has been forward and i still believe deeply that that's the case. we are in a country that's in the midst of demographic changes. economic changes that have created great disruption and we've had demagogic politicians willing to exploit that but i think that the election of barack obama was a watershed and we're going to continue to move forward from there in the same worses that propelled him forward are going to -- we'll see them in november and we'll see them in 2020. we have a system that corrects itself and that's the great thing about democracy. so i'm not despairing. though i am sad about what i see
5:26 am
today. i want leaders who will unite the country, i don't want the great divider and i wish the president would understand his role as being president of the united states and not just the president of his political base. that was the core of the obama campaign. he didn't run as the first african-american president, he ran as a president for the entire country. he ran as the president who wanted to lift the country beyond these divisions and that is i think the appropriate role of a president. most presidents see themselves that way. this president doesn't. >> david axelrod, thank you for being with us. the 2000s airs sunday night, 9:00 on cnn. just ahead, a judge threatening the attorney general with contempt over deported asylum seekers. what triggered that outrage? we'll speak with one of the attorneys involved.
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an investigation under way right now over allegations that a migrant child died after being released from immigration and customs enforcement facility in texas. diane gallagher is live at the
5:31 am
cnn center with the latest. what are you learning? >> this is a story that we ourselves have been trying to chase down and nail down for a couple weeks at this point but it looks like now the this texas department of family and protective services has gotten confirmation of a name which is something that they and i.c.e. officials said they'd been trying to get for weeks since the story first surfaced on social media. they said a small child according to the attorney that represents this child's mother, a small child died soon after being released from the south texas family residential center in dilley, texas. there is not much more information we have on this. we know that the -- we don't know how old the child is, we don't know how the child died. we don't know how long they lived in that texas facility in dilley. this is a place i toured just yesterday. now they wouldn't let us bring
5:32 am
our cameras inside because it's been pretty typical of these government tours of these areas but they sent a photographer to get video. you may see that now. it doesn't look like it's up there but this video shows you what it looks like inside there. according to those attorneys they say it was unsanitary conditions at dilley that contributed to this child's death. that's according to the attorney. full disclosure, while we were there i didn't see anything that looked quite unsanitary. again, they kind of let us see what they want us to see. we're still trying to get more information about this child and what may have contributed to their death but erica, of course, this is quite disturbing news, a child potentially dying because of conditions in government custody. >> absolutely and important to keep getting those details. all of this coming as a federal judge put a temporary hold on the deportation of asylum seekers suing the government. the issue at stake are new rules
5:33 am
that would reject asylum claims for most cases which site domestic violence or gang violence. during a hearing on thursday the judge ordered the government to literally turn around a plane because on board that plane were two asylum seekers in the process of being sent back to their home country even though they weren't supposed to be there. joining us now is the managing attorney of the california office of the aclu immigrants rights project. i want to talk about what we heard from the judge yesterday. also i'd like to get your reaction to what we heard from diane gag ger about the questions surrounding the death of this child. >> i haven't heard any information about it but it sounds horrifying. >> it's something we'll continue to stay on. as we look at this other case you're involved in you are involved in this case, you were
5:34 am
appearing, you were there tell connfully when you got an e-mail notifying you that the clients that you had seeking asylum were on a plane and you're the one who told the judge. what happened next. >> so we were in court seeking an emergency stay of deportation to prevent those exact individuals -- a mother and her little girl -- from being deported. and the government represented to the court and to us the day before and told the judge in open court that none of our plaintiffs would be removed before 11:59 p.m. yesterday, in other words that they wouldn't be removed yesterday. based on that, the judge ordered an extremely expedited briefing schedule that had us up until the middle of the night filing legal papers and the hearing the next morning and the judge called a recess in the middle of the hearing after hearing
5:35 am
arguments from both sides it was then when i received an e-mail from the kara pro bono project letting us know carmen and her little girl has been taken from their rooms yesterday dragged out of their rooms and put on a pla plane. when the judge came back on the bench we let him know and i said we were asking for the court to order the government to bring our clients back to the country. >> which the judge did. he in fact just from the transcript of the proceedings called it pretty outrageous in his words and he did in fact say he's directing the government to turn around the plane. so you had confirmation that these two asylum seekers ended up back in texas last night.
5:36 am
do you know where they are now? we understand from the government that they were scheduled to be back at the dilley family detention facility some time around 11:00 but we have not independently been able to confirm that yet. >> so what happened now for these two asylum seekers? >> well, they are part of our case and we are continuing to fight for them in court. our case is on behalf of these two individuals as wel as ten other asylum seekers who are fleeing brutal persecution, including beatings, murder, rape, kidnapping in their home countries in central america and we're in court arguing these new policies from the trump administration which are designed to deny more and more asylum seekers the right to have their claims meaningfully heard, we're arguing these policies are
5:37 am
unlawful. >> you've also argued it undermines the fundamental human rights of women. i want to put up for folks at home attorney general sessions and what he has to say when it comes to domestic violence, gang violence. he said i don't minimize the abuse. the mere fact the country may have problems policing certain crimes such as domestic violence or gang violence or certain populations are more likely to be victims of crime cannot itself establish an asylum cl m claim. >> they've put out an erroneous legal standard. the immigration courts and federal courts have recognized a variety of asylum claimings.
5:38 am
so our clients who have asylum claims based on gang-related violence can't make out their climbs and that's wrong. >> jennifer chang nowell, we appreciate it. >> thank you. the family of a victim killed killed by police in nashville are demanding the officer who shot him be charged. the victim's mother joins us next.
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one call 811 before you dig.ings you can do is to make sure you calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely. a video released by the nashville district office shows a man running as the officer who is white following behind him. the officer appears to stop and aim his gun. hambrim's family and the naacp are demanding the officer be fired and charged with criminal homicide. joining us now, daniel's mother
5:43 am
vicki hambrick and the family's attorney joy kimbrell. we appreciate you taking the time for us. what does justice mean for you? >> justice means justice for everybody all over the united states for justice not just for my baby but all the young men and women. >> as we noted, you're asking for officer delke being charged. there's an independent investigation between the district attorney general. you would like to see the fbi open a civil rights investigation here and also a separate review of metro nashville police department. how will that help in the push toward justice that we could
5:44 am
learn from that? >> i think what miss hambrick wants is for this to never happen again. we're maybe two years away from another shooting in nashville, another police shooting where jaquis clemens, another young african-american man was running away and the police shot him repeatedly in the back. we don't want this to happen agai again. the video is clear. this young man, her son daniel h hambrick was running away. he was running he was shot in the back of his head, he was shot in his back repeatedly we don't want this to happen again.
5:45 am
>> who has reached out to you at this point. who has reached out to talk about what it's like to be the mother of a young man who was killed this way? >> the naacp and the senator and the mayor. >> do you feel you're getting especially on a local level if support you need? >> no. not really. >> where do you think it's lacking? >> well, i think she doesn't understand your question. would you repeat it? >> they've reached out to you but specifically from the mayor and the mayor spoke out on this saying that he wanted the video
5:46 am
released for transparency in the investigation so he agreed with the decision. also that he's noting that he asked the metro nashville police department to undergo a review of the policing strategies. do you feel they are behind you, vicki? >> yes, i do. >> joy, i'll put this to you. we know the fraternal order of police in response has said they believe he acted "reasonably under the totality of the circumstances and in the confines of the law and departmental policies. we are confident an independent investigation conducted by the tbi will reflect that and exonerate him. what's your reaction to that? >> well, we've all seen the video. i don't know what additional evidence or information they would expect to come out of this. i don't recall ever the
5:47 am
fraternal order of police ever saying that there's any fault in any police shooting so that does not surprise me that the fraternal order of police are supporting an officer in an execution-style killing. >> are you confident that in this investigation that's being led by the district ag and tennessee bureau of investigation? >> i think this is the first time in the history of nashville that the tennessee bureau of investigation gets to come in and investigate from the very beginning. this only occurred, this only happened because of the clemens killing that now they ask any police-involved shooting that the tennessee bureau of investigation come in and investigate from beginning to end. >> vicki, we don't want to lose in this, it's so important to have this discussion going forward. and to talk about what will
5:48 am
happen next but we want to know about daniel and we want to know about your son, tell us about him, if you would. >> daniel was a good child. i raised him when -- when i was young i had to go to church, i didn't have no choice but to go to church and that's what i taught my son, to go to church, stay in church, be close with god. i kept him in sports, i kept him in all kinds of programs and everybody wanted to come over miss vicki's house or mama vicki or aunty vicki's house and every time they come over they know they had to go to church and they didn't have no problem with it and david was a very sweet child. he would give you the shirt off his back and if it was his last, he'd give you his last. he didn't care if it was a dime,
5:49 am
quarter, or whatever. he would give you his last. gave kids clothes, gave kids shoes, whatever they need, he gave them and that's why they loved him and that's why they loved to be around me and daniel. and it hurts because my baby's gone so i want us to haelp all these young folks, to give back and help them and make sure they be in school, make sure they be somebody positive. and grow up to be a lawyer or a judge or a president and so that's why i'm trying to push it so they can be somebody, so other people can't say well, they're not nobody. i want them to be proud of themselves and i want to be proud of them. >> and it's important to say, i want you to know, this was miss hambrick's only child. he was her only child, miss hambrick is legally blind. he was like her eyes. so it's a great loss.
5:50 am
it's a great loss for miss hambrick. >> vickie hambrick, joy kimbrough, we appreciate you taking the time to join us this morning. we'll continue to follow the developments. thank you. follow breaking news out of canada where four people have been shot. a suspect, we have learned, is in custody. we have breaking details next. you ready for this, junior? yeah, i think i can handle it. no pressure... ...that's just my favorite boat. boom. (laughs) make summer go right with ford, america's best-selling brand. and get our best deal of the summer: zero percent financing for sixty months on f-150. right now, get this special offer on f-150: zero percent financing for 60 months - during the ford summer sales event. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. tide pods child-guard pac. helps keep your laundry pacs safe, and your child safer. to close, twist until it clicks.
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when heartburn hits... fight back fast with tums smoothies. it neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum tum tum tum tums... smoothies... ...and introducing new tums sugar-free. i want to update you on the breaking news in canada. there is a suspect in custody in a deadly shooting in frederickton, new brunswick. police say the shooting has killed at least four people, officers are still telling people to stay away from the area and say they'll have the area locked down for the foreseeable future.
5:55 am
they're on high alert preparing to receive victims. we'll bring you more information as we continue to get it. this nonprofit uses cooking to help give kids direction. take a look. >> we developed this oodles of noodles. it's not quite a cooking class, it's not quite a demonstration. they're practicing their english and developing their confidence and tableside with the guests and tasting and having fun and
5:56 am
it's a very, very uplifting experience. >> you can learn more about neal's nonprofit at that's all for us this morning, have a fantastic weekend. cnn newsroom with poppy harlow picks up after a quick break. come away with me barnabas! but i am a simple farmer. my life is here... [telephone ring] ahoy-hoy. alexander graham bell here... no, no, my number is one, you must want two! two, i say!! like my father before... [telephone ring] like my father before... ahoy-hoy! as long as people talk too loudly on the phone, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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good morning. after numerous nfl players took knees and raised fists during the national anthem protesting social injustice, the president is lashing out against them. minutes ago, the president ridiculed the quote outrage that he claims most players are, quote, unable to define. stand proudly or be suspended without pay, writes the president. in fact repercussion from the league non-existent, at least for now. there's a lot to unpack here that goes far beyond football. the politics, race and state of social justice in america, we will get into all of it. let's start with what happened last night, andy scholes is wit


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