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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 10, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> how to say in vietnamese. >> they're practicing their english an they're developing their confidence and their tableside with the guests and tasting and having fun. it's just very, very uplifting experience. >> thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> thanks, brooke. one year after charlottesville, the president again chooses to divide. "the lead" starts right now. a year after deadly protests put the ugliness of racial bigotry on full display president trump reignites the war with nfl players but are their protests the ones president trump should really be condemning this week? former presidential assistant omarosa calling the president a bigot in the new book. plus, the man on a mission
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to take on trump. stormy daniels' attorney, michael avenatti, what is he doing in the land of all candidates go? good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin with the national lead. president trump once again seeing a divided nation and doing the opposite of trying to bring us together. giving a presidential mega phone to one side in a controversial cultural issue that sometimes stokes racial tensions. the decision at a year after what many allies consider to be the low point of his presidency. come sunday, white nationalists and bigots are expected to take to the street in front of the white house marking a year since the hate-filled rally in
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charlottesville where heather heyer was killed. rather than condemn the bigots or beliefs today, the president took aim at a protest, a small group of nfl players calling attention to racial injustice and inequality last night. he tweeted the nfl players at it again taking a knee when they should be standing proudly for the national anthem. a football game fans pay so much money to enjoy is no place to protest. find another way to protest. stand proudly for the national anthem or be suspended without pay. this is an issue that president trump has said he believes to be a winning one for him and while it may, in fact, rally many in his base it's another example of this president seeking to divide a country that in some places, frankly, seems to be fraying at the seams. few acts can prompt a presidential tweet as predictably as a nfl player
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protesting in the national anthem. after some football players took knees and raised fists last night, president trump embraced what he believes is a winning issue for him notwithstanding how divisive it is saying players, quote, wanted to show outrage at something that most of them are unable to define. find another way to protest. of course, plenty of players including philadelphia eagle jenkins that raised the fist thursday have defined the motivations often and in detail. >> i don't see how we should somehow be quiet when we want to talk about racial equality or inequality and social justice. >> reporter: the president's campaign against nfl players staging the protests began in september 2017. >> get that [ bleep ] off the field right now. out. >> reporter: according to sworn testimony of dallas cowboys owner jerry jones the president told him in a private
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conversation it's a winning, strong issue for him. adding this one lifts me. but critics cry it lifts up bigotry, as well. >> our commander in chief is, in fact, the racial opportunist in chief in this country. >> reporter: all this as we approach the one-year anniversary of the united the right rally in virginia. after which the president failed to denounce its racist attendees clearly, decisively and without moral equivalencies of neo-nazis and those protesting. >> i think there's blame on both sides. and i have no doubt about it. >> reporter: critics and many prominent african-americans say hateful rhetoric has only amplified since. >> since this guy's got in the white house it's not a big whistle. it's a bull horn. >> reporter: racists seem to be comfortable coming out of the shadows such as here telling cnn why he voted for president
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trump. >> rural america spoke up electing trump. we have the possibility of becoming a minority in our own country. >> sounds like you're afraid of being me and -- it's my country. >> this is also my country. >> you didn't win the culture war. >> reporter: that war rages on. >> [ bleep ]! now! >> there is -- there is a spirit in this country that is so foul i don't know if america can -- i don't think we can come back from this. >> reporter: the conversations can be difficult. kanye west quick to pounce on perceived racism of the white house after hurricane katrina. >> george bush doesn't care about black people. >> reporter: west now considers himself a trump supporter and last night he had trouble answering this simple question from jimmy kimmel. >> you so famously and so powerfully said george bush doesn't care about black people. it makes me wonder what makes you think that donald trump does or any people at all.
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why don't we take a break? we'll come back and kanye west is here. >> let's bring in the panel to have this conversation. perry, why does the president want to have this question, this conversation, especially one year after what even a lot of his friends and supporters say was the low point of his president? >> first of all. i think they believe this. remember mike pence went to the football game last year? kind of a stunt in some ways and then left. i think if you look at the polls, second thing, poll reading in my job and the plurality of people don't like kneeling in nfl. this is one issue where trump probably has the majority of support with him and in the republican party it's unified around being opposed to kneeling and this is -- may not like it but may be where trump is playing smart poll tiblgs. >> it is absolutely true most people or a plurality are with him. and in fact, let's put up this
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"the washington post"/kaiser poll earlier this year which found that 42% of adults sometim sometimes it's appropriate to neil. 53% never. he is on the winning side of this. >> no. he is on the losing side of it because as president of the united states, especially after what we saw a year ago with the anniversary of charlottesville, really, remembering what happened in charlottesville, he should be reuniting people, bringing the country together. but instead it's a battle this morning to this awful tweet and what i see from the tweet is that he doesn't see these players as american citizens who are speaking up against an issue that's incredibly disturbing, race in america, he's basically seeing them as entertainers, only. and his tweet he basically tells them, sit down and shut up. stop. you're being paid a lot of money. be cool about it. and that's how he sees all black athletes. look at what he did with lebron
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james. and black figures. he goes to the iq. talking about the iq. sit down and be quiet. this is a pattern. a bigoted racist pattern by the president and i'll add one more thing. this week we remembered the birthdays of stephon clark, would have been 24 years old this week and mike brown who would have been 22. both killed by the hands of the police, murdered. and haven't gotten any justice and that is what the kaepernick and others are really protesting. right? protesting the racial injustice and what do we do to stop this? that's the question here. >> bill, president trump told jerry jones, cowboys owner, according to a deposition that the nfl protests, very winning, strong issue for me. tell everybody you can't win this one. this one lifts me. and the nfl owners seem to take that advice. >> yeah. that was depressing, too. i mean, i'd say the other side
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is whatever other president's personal views might be about standing for the anthem. i worked in the first bush administration and i imagine george h.w. bush had old-fashioned ideas about that and contempt perhaps for well-paid athletes. contempt is too strong. he thought, he was president of the united states and he wasn't going to weigh in and exacerbate racial divisions at a time when there were real -- there are real racial divisions. about what trump believes and a lack of understanding or respect for what to duties of the office are and what you should and shouldn't say, whatever the private views. >> he has won in the way of the framing of this. he's made it about pay tri yotr. this is not about patriotism. i'm sure the players are patriotism. this is human rights, has to do with everything that was going on between the police.
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that's -- but framing, look at the poll questions. do you think it's okay to protest? kneel during the national anthem. just says protest. that in and of itself, the president has won. >> president trump said in his tweet that he thought most players didn't have any idea what they were protesting, couldn't describe it. malcolm jenkins, i'm biassed. pro eagles. >> world champion. >> super bowl champion. >> did they win? >> malcolm jenkins tweeted before the game last night where players did protest, during the anthem, he tweeted, before we enjoy this game, take some time to ponder more than 60% of the prison population is people of color. what you witness on the field does not represent the reality of every day america. we are the anomalies. it sounds to me like he thought this through no matter what president trump said. >> the players are not clear what they're protesting.
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they have written op-eds. spoken about this. it's clear why they're protesting. you don't have to agree to understand they're clear about the case of policing in the country, from kaepernick forward. the timing you talked about in terms of charlottesville, not surprised trump said that. >> shocked but not surprised. >> a momt of he is still -- i still expect this. expected around the time of football season to start to weigh in on the issue because he thinks this is the issue where he's won on and like you said, the nfl basically folded and they have -- basically set up a policy of kneeling leads to fines and maybe suspensions and some ways trump, the nfl owners rewarded the policy. not surprised he thinks it's a winning issue for him. >> in june, the president seemed to be taking a more interesting and introspective approach. take a listen. >> ask all of those people to
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recommend to me because that's what they're protesting people that they think were unfairly treated by the justice system and i understand that. >> that's the president saying he understands why they're protesting. of course, that trump vanished and we have the archie bunker trump on twitter. >> it energizes his base. it makes him feel powerful and what he does trying to distract us. right? we would be talking about probably manafort and russia because that's -- >> an hour show. we have plenty of time. >> jake is not distracted. >> that's where the twitter takes us, to this distraction, the shiny, bright light. >> like he is making racial tensions in this country worse. >> right. >> that's just a fact. >> so true. >> if you're the president of the united states, one thing you shouldn't do in 2018 is make it worse. >> everyone stick around. we have more to talk about. the white house firing back at former adviser and reality tv
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villain omarosa and the xlclaim of president trump and the so-called manhattan madame going under oath in the russian investigation. stay with us. inking like? a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods? the value of capital is to create, not just wealth, but things that matter. morgan stanley
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they love our long visits. not sure about their parents, though. call unitedhealthcare and ask for your free decision guide today. welcome back. turning to politics lead now, the white house is fighting back against salacious claims of former assistant to president trump. omarosa. the reality tv star was the highest ranking african-american woman in the west wing before being fired in december. she was offered a $15,000 a month job on the trump campaign that would, of course, require to keep quiet about her time in the trump administration. some are casting this as hush money. before the election, every critic and detractor will have to bow down and now calling him a bigot.
1:18 pm
according to book excerpts by "the washington post." kaitlan collin santos symphony traveling with the president in new jersey. i know the white house is pushing back. what are they disputing? >> reporter: well, they're disputing the book and the entirety here, jake. press secretary issuing quite a statement saying instead of telling the truth about the good that president trump and his administration have been doing that instead omarosa, quote, this book is riddled with lies and false accusations, sarah sanders said it's sad that a disgruntled former white house employee is trying to profit and that the media gives her a platform after not taking her seriously with only positive things to say about the president during the time in the administration. now, jake, sarah sander santos symphony not here in new jersey with the president and the rest of the white house staff. she is on vacation and still issued this statement. for the last several days, aides knew that these kinds of claims were coming in this book ahead of omarosa's publicity tour and
1:19 pm
encouraged president trump not to react and give oxygen to the claims made in the book. that seems to have held for several days but today something clearly irritated the president over this and he had his press secretary issue this statement. >> what exactly was omarosa's role in the white house? >> reporter: she was actually a very high up employee. she had the title of assistant to the president, a top earner making $179,000. but her role was not very well defined and aides often complained that they didn't exactly know what it was that she did in the white house. that was clearly something that made her clash with john kelly, the chief of staff coming into the white house last fall trying to weed out people he thought didn't have well defined roles. jake, i have been on the phone with current and former officials that worked with omarosa saying she was glad she left the white house and thinks the claims in the book unfounded and absurd and did concede a close relationship with president trump.
1:20 pm
aides encouraged him not to hire her when he became president and he did so anyways and insisted on doing so and spoke with her and invited her into the oval office so they did have a close relationship despite the white house saying that what she says in the book isn't true. >> all right. ka kaitlan collins, thanks so much. omarosa not credible? i understand. but to be honest, there are a lot of people with credibility issues associated with the white house. >> especially if you speak out against the president and the administration. then you have a whole -- then all guns are blazing toward you. so, some -- she does have some of these conversations on tape. >> she was taping them in the oval office? >> taping them in the oval office. and so, and i -- "daily beast" reported that. jack dawson said he listened to it and matched up with the quotes in the book. some of this is very much valid
1:21 pm
and there are tapes to prove it. we just -- the whole book isn't on tape. >> the trump campaign is not responding to requests for comment about the accusation ta they offered her a job after she was fired from the white house in exchange for the $15,000 a month and make appearances and such and also not be allowed to talk about her time at the white house. this is after she'd already given some interviews. do you find that credible? >> generally people don't deny things they might be true so i think it's credible. the idea that they would offer hush money is not the most ethical administration or political team we have ever seen and not surprised by that. omarosa's book suggesting trump uses racial rhetoric, i don't need a book to know that and i'm curious to know if she has anything we didn't know about the general behavior and what did she do? they have one point is as a person covering the white house, never clear to me what she did or if she had any real influence
1:22 pm
and the fact she is disgruntled leaving, she had very little power and fired and said very loyal things to trump before and now saying something very different and she is not among the more credible people to criticize him. >> not just positive things of president trump. take a listen. this is an interview to frotline in 2016 before trump was elected predicting what would happen after election day. >> every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to president trump. it's everyone who's ever doubted donald, whoever disagreed, whoever challenged him. it is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe. >> sarah sanders we didn't cover the positive things that omarosa said. we sure covered that one. we sure covered that one. but the fact is that she's going from that bizarre statement to calling the president a racist,
1:23 pm
misogynist bigot. do you believe either one of these omarosas? >> unfortunately, that first statement not entirely false and people have bowed down to president trump who said they never would and maybe she knew something about the power of the oval office and the ability of people to rationalize. >> and she said he would win. >> yeah, right. i think the hush money thing is amazing. if i'm not mistaken, the former bodyguard is paid $15,000 a month by the campaign. i mean, really? this is now the situation we're in with someone disgruntled. fire you and give you money to keep you quiet. she rejected it. that's very revealing. i don't recall that in the past. white house aides leaving and being given money to keep quiet. >> bill, i have to say it's not surprising with the playboy playmate, the -- so it's a common theme that we're hearing with this president. with omarosa, look, trying to sell a book.
1:24 pm
she worked and worked in the administration before in the clinton i think for gore under clinton. and so, it's not surprising. i agree with you. we don't really need the book or tapes to tell us that donald trump is a bigot or a racist. we have a lot of data points to prove that to us. central park five. how he entered into politics going after obama, president obama. with the birtherism. how he jumped into the presidency. presidential race with calling mexicans racists and -- >> rapists. >> sorry. drug dealers. we have a lot there so we don't need the book to tell us that. >> one thing that's interesting is if you believe that she was offered this hush money and other people are paid hush money, i mean, that's not president trump or the national enquirer paying off somebody. that's, you know, these people, these hard working trump supporters sending in $5 contributions to help make america great again, stand by president trump, paying if you
1:25 pm
believe the story paying to keep people quiet. >> you know, if there's a lot more silence, they could work on making america great again and not fight off accusations about this book. you have to -- i mean, omarosa is a show woman. that's probably one of the reasons they wanted her out of the white house. but don't hate the player. hate the game. >> speaking of stormy daniels -- speaking of stormy daniels -- thank you for the segue. is michael avenatti really laying the groundwork to run for president? michael avenatti? stay with us.
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. in our politics lead, believe it or not, stormy daniels' attorney michael avenatti in iowa at the iowa state fair and then hid lining the wing ding democratic dinner because -- he is considering running for president in 2020. >> i'm here to listen to the great people of iowa explore the fair and figure out if it makes sense to run for the presidency. i'm serious about considering it. i'm not making a decision of what to do. i'll make the decision in the coming weeks. you know? maybe i'm going a bit longer than that. >> talk about it with the experts. like when it comes to the mayors that are thinking about running,
1:31 pm
landrieu in new orleans, et cetera, you know, i make the argument, well, president trump has no prior political experience. why can't a mayor do it? even a house member was too low on the totem pole. why not? why not? >> why snot. >> i'm serious. >> i mean, seriously, in another time and another place, i would reject this out of hand and laugh at it. he has amazing exposure because of no pun intended but because he's on cable news constantly. he is someone -- >> because of a porn star. that's the pun. okay. >> sorry. anyway, it's friday, folks. but no. he has a lot of -- on tv constantly. he's really taken up the #resistance cause. what he say santos symphony that there's no one right now running or considering running who's taking to the president and
1:32 pm
being aggressive and so he thinks that someone needs to be aggressive like trump. be a fighter. now they have trump. >> he says also why a politician? why do you want a politician? why do you want some old face? how about a new face? how about somebody when's as jackie said going to take it to the president? >> there's an i don't know that happens after you get elected and just year and a half shows experience might be helpful. you could say trump is a fairly effective and not knowledgeable at the job itself and not clear to me, i don't think the party -- republicans like these big-time outsiders, obama was an outsider but a sitting senator as a professor, also been in state senate before and i don't think that's a good view of the democratic party. this is a citizen i would like a president who knows what they're doing. i don't think this is a good trend to continue. >> you're affiliated with
1:33 pm
do you think anyone will take a bite of this pie? is this possible? >> oh man, it's hard to even fathom. it's so early. i think we're so focused on november and 2018 and the work this needs to go into. >> except for the people running for president. >> yeah. with the ding dong. >> but i mean the corey bookers -- elizabeth warren -- >> all figuring it out. go with god. it is just -- you know, i don't know what to say about this. it's so crazy. the thing that i -- i guess the nice thing that i can say about avenatti is that he has managed to seemingly get under the skin of donald trump. he is incredibly aggressive. i agree with perry. it's nice to have someone with experience, commander in chief avenatti? i don't know about that one. >> boy. that's the most skeptical expression i have ever seen you give. you have been on the show for three years under trump.
1:34 pm
let's just say who do you think actually would be a good challenger to president trump for the democrats to put up in 2020? >> there's debates of democrats and one is what avenatti said. a fighter as opposed to a boring politician to run on experience. i think they would be better off with the more -- someone who has showed to govern, someone calm, landrieu. new orleans. would be a pretty good nominee. or maybe someone else who's sort of -- so i think a contrast of trump might be a better sell than the more effective at fighting trump and hard to say and not sure who they nominate. maybe a fighter even though i might say you're better off to nominate someone to govern effectively. >> john boehner asked why he was there. take a listen to his answer.
1:35 pm
>> well, i stopped by. see what's going on at the fair. >> thought i'd stop by and see what's going on at the fair. he doesn't live in iowa. >> tom delay does, right? >> just hanging out with a buddy? >> i don't know that for a fact. that's the only connection -- maybe john boehner is running. i'm just kidding. >> a better chance of the democratic nomination than republican nomination at this point. >> i want to say, bill, you said something on this show i think on wednesday morning or wednesday afternoon about how nancy pelosi was the best argument against democrat control that republicans have and since then you obviously had been doing your homework. republicans have been pushing that message very, very hard. this was in the ohio special election this ad. take a look. >> after lying the whole campaign, dishonest danny o'connor admits he'd vote for pelosi. >> you'd do that? >> whoever the democratic party
1:36 pm
-- >> thank you. >> whoever the democratic party -- >> thank you. >> lied about pelosi. >> so whether or not that had any affect, nbc news reporting 51 kand dacandidates and incumbt supporting nancy pelosi. is she a liability in any way? >> look. i don't think that she is a liability right now. i think what's happening is republicans don't have an issue that they can really run on. they can't run on tax cuts. because they're running away from it. so unpopular. they can't run on health care. voters know they tried to take away health care and family separation that's awful and a moral issue. and so, what they're doing is going back to the playbook of tricks and pulling out a boogie man that's nancy pelosi and look. at the end of the day i think what i look at is democrats and democrats energized. we see that. we see that thigh're coming out for the issues and they're coming out in record numbers even in the special elections.
1:37 pm
cutting away double digit leads, well, i should say leads that we saw from 2016 on the republican side. >> i just want to play the sound of a michigan democratic candidate talking about voting for pelosi. >> will you vote for nancy pelosi? >> probably not. >> probably not? >> that's my answer. no, probably not. >> why not? >> she doesn't speak about the issues that are important to the families of the 13th congressional district an they're a priority for me. >> that to me means that candidate has polling showing she's toxic and what republicans have been saying for years. meeting with republicans both nrcc and the outside groups, that's what they -- the other outside groups, they say, too. there's a reason this is being done. not just because. >> stick around. coming up next, two mysterious meetings today. one of a woman who ran a high profile prostitution ring part of the special counsel investigation. stay with us. ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪
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two secret meetings today raising a lot of questions of what's going on in robert mueller's special counsel investigation. first, testifying before the grand jury in d.c. today, christin davis known as the manhattan madame. the second mystery today, an odd sidebar in the paul manafort trial. the judge meeting with lawyers for almost five hours. and we have no idea what they were talking about. but let's start with the manhattan madame and cnn's mj lee at the federal courthouse. >> reporter: the woman known as the manhattan madame, christin davis, scheduled to testify
1:43 pm
today before a grand jury in robert mueller's russia investigation. investigators could be interested in her ties the long-time trump adviser roger stone. she was interviewed last week. they have been close friends for a decade. >> christin davis is a brilliant woman, a friend of mine. someone who has made mistakes and has paid her debt to society. >> reporter: davis once ran a high-end prostitution ring and went to jail as part of the scandal of governor spitzer. >> the remorse i feel will always with me. >> reporter: and ran for new york governor in 2010. >> i have redeemed myself and americans believe in second chances. >> reporter: also worked with stone more recently. in late 2016, helped him with clerical tasks and the website. >> knows of no russian collusion or wikileaks collaboration or any other illegal activity on my part in connection with the
1:44 pm
presidential election or otherwise. >> reporter: the mueller team is looking into possible contact of stone and wikileaks founder asua asuaje. he denies the hacked documents came from the russian government. stone bragged about being in contact with assange. >> i believe the next crunch of his documents pertain to the clinton foundation but there is no telling what the october surprise may be. >> reporter: but later walked it back. >> where's the proof? there is no proof. >> reporter: but the circle continuing to tighten around stone aez mueller subpoenaed randy to testify, the comedian and radio show host attorney telling cnn he intends to comply. stone claims he was a back channel to assange in the 2016
1:45 pm
campaign. stone telling cnn, i realize it was a wikileaks lawyer and not assange himself. and while davis appears to be cooperating with mueller, another former aide of stone's andrew miller did not appear for a hearing today and was held in contempt. his attorney telling reporters -- >> we supplied the documents they wanted so we had to have one thing that he was refusing to do, namely go before the grand jury. in order for us to get the contempt and to appeal. >> jake, as you know, rudy giuliani has said this investigation better be wrapped up by september 1st. seems pretty clear that's not going to happen. randy's lawyer's saying he plans to testify on september 7th. jake? >> i guess mueller not that interested in rudy giuliani's
1:46 pm
scheduling. thanks so much. appreciate it. let's bring in laura coates. you have the manhattan madame's planned testimony today. you have andrew miller, roger stone's former associate to testify before the grand jury. skipped it. held in contempt and then randy credico. sure seems like mueller focused on people around roger stone. >> certainly. i mean, up until now, everyone thought that perhap's mueller's focus to squeeze people for the target of donald trump and seems with paul manafort, with michael cohen and roger stone, maybe concentric circles and inner circle, people he's focused on saying you yourself have a problem. it's not just collusion but whatever he also uncovers in the process of that particular crime. and in doing so he's finding one person after another who's in that inner orbit who is saying, well, maybe it's you who's the
1:47 pm
new target. don't worry about what i want with respect to donald trump. >> this does lead to trump because i've always thought stone would be at the center of collusion there was. he seems to have been in touch with wikileaks. mueller's very focused on that relationship right now. look how far -- how distant is roger stone from donald trump? there's e-mails. we could help on the timing of that. doesn't tell donald trump about that? famously quit from the campaign -- >> stayed in touch. >> stayed in touch. he is trump's closest political adviser for 25 years. >> ran his presidential campaign in 2000. >> right. the little one until it faded away. right? so i mean, no. the idea that going after stone doesn't get you very, very close to trump and whether there might be other evidence, stone was in touch with trump, phone records, i just talked to roger. i think this is very dangerous for trump. >> and listen to this. because obviously this is the new world we are in. sean hannity took the day off
1:48 pm
from the radio show and jake sekulow substitute hosted for him and rudy giuliani, the other presidential attorney call in and basically did sean hannity's show today. here's a little bit of chat, this just happened chatting about negotiations with mueller's team for an interview. >> i think the constitution's clear there's not a right to interview the president under article ii. i think the supreme court would come to that conclusion. i also raises serious issues of this president and future presidencies and especially with the nature and scope of the cooperation that this white house has given to the investigators. it's unprecedented. >> sure sounds like there's no plan whatsoever to let mueller interview president trump. >> no. and they don't want that to happen at all. and they're trying to avoid that at any cost clearly. they're on sean hannity's radio show and communicating to the base, to people that support donald trump. this is not a legal argument at
1:49 pm
all. i'm not a lawyer. laura is here to dive into this more than i can but it is a p.r. play and that's all that this is. and also, they know, we only hear from their side and not hearing from mueller. we don't know when's going on and we don't know what mueller has. >> is the constitution clear there's not a right to interview the president? >> no. constitution deals very little -- sorry. should i elaborate? does little to talk about the affirmative rights what you cannot do and separation of powers. in reality, it is laughable that giuliani and sekulow both of whom are the president's private attorneys are having the conversations not behind closed doors and sure intend to assert privilege and they'd like to say they've made the gestures to try to say i dictated the terms to you, mueller. why don't you allow me to do what i like to do? like a 4-year-old daughter saying why can't i do what i want to do?
1:50 pm
you don't hold the power in this relationship. i do, sweetheart. you think about the notion -- >> you're mueller in this? >> i'm mueller. >> not your daughter. >> is my daughter trump? i don't know. i don't know. i don't want to go there but she's somewhere in between sekulow, giuliani and trump. i love her. >> that's harsh. >> she is 4. >> my mini me. better in some dways. i don't want to suggest for one second that the idea that roger stone, connected to donald trump, means that there is not an ultimate conclusion that donald trump himself may have legal jeopardy and why they're so concern addned about it. he can focus and add on additional one targets and the indictment with the 12 agents talked about somebody in constant communication. that's the roger stone. >> listen to this, jackie. here's roger stone clearly very aware that mueller is talking to
1:51 pm
people in his immediate circle of family and friends. take a listen. >> i'm also mindful of any prosecutor's ability to squeeze underlings to get them to compose testimony against a bigger fish. i so i've made it clear that there's no circumstances under which to testify against the president. i would not rule out cooperating if they think i can be helpful. >> here's the interesting formulation of that sentence. he didn't say i have nothing to testify against the president about. he said he wouldn't testify against the president. >> right. i mean, as we have seen in the other clips, not that stone chosen the words well leading up to this. and yeah. he seems to be in some legal jeopardy here. all there is to it. >> does he have stuff to talk about president trump? saying he won't testify against president trump. but for instance -- >> not really his choice. if you're a subpoenaed properly obtained, compelled to testify and very striking, a bigger story, his one of his chief aides refused repeatedly to
1:52 pm
testify before the grand jury, been subpoenaed and refused to testimony and could be held in contempt or going to jail. if he himself guilty of something, he could take the fifth. you do have a duty to testify not testifying about with is he roger -- with respect to stone. >> this is fascinating. >> you should have him on the show somehow. >> he was on andersn the other night i think. stick around. coming up next, a raging wildfire in california set on purpose. the man allegedly behind it and the text message that might have stopped this from happening. stay with us. hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one
1:53 pm
of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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people hosing down their houses as wildfires literally begin burning at the back doors of the homes. the holy fire adding to the misery of one of the worst wildfire seasons in the history of the state of california. 21,000 people on the run from the fire because of 1 man whom authorities say started it on purpose. stephanie elam is live in california. stephanie, authorities say this out of control fire began as arson. >> reporter: that's right, jake. also, that man appearing in court today and had an outburst in court saying that this was all a lie. what isn't a lie is that this blaze is a very difficult fire for the firefighters to contend. tonight, the raging wildfires in southern california spreading from these remote cliffs to the edges of hillside communities. the holy fire forcing more than 21,000 people to evacuate.
1:58 pm
while some make a last-ditch effort to save their homes. >> come on. let's go. >> anybody else in the house? >> no. nobody's here! >> long beach police officer josh castro filmed the images of the holy fire burning just beyond his yard. tricky wind patterns creating the so-called elsino front. racing uphill one moment, downhill the next. pushing flame within feet of the homes. firefighters taking a last-minute stand and winning. in this fire fight, it's hard to believe none of these homes were lost. firefighters containing the flames. >> my heart pounding and screaming for joy they're here just doing that for us here. >> reporter: authorities say this fire was intentional. allegedly started by forest gordon clark now under arrest and charged with felony arson. >> i just woke up, dude. i got burned. okay? i woke up and my stuff on fire. >> reporter: mike mulligan known
1:59 pm
clark for decades and showed us a message he said clark texted him two weeks ago. mulligan said he tried to warn authorities of clark three years ago. >> identified forest. i said we have a serious problem in the canyon. everybody more or less knowing about it. >> reporter: just one of 15 major fires responders are actively battling across california. the fires charred 670,000 acres and damaged or destroyed 2,000 structures. it could be another month before these fires are contained. >> that was stephmy elam reporting to us from california. the shot wept down. reporting from the site of the natural disasters or arson disasters, there are difficulties like that. our thanks to stephanie elam for that story. you can join me this sunday on "state of the union." my guests are rudy giuliani and
2:00 pm
terry mcauliffe. sunday morning 9:00 and noon. we continue with jim acosta. thanks for watching. i'll see you sunday morning. happening now, breaking news. stone associates, woman known as the mantd madame facing a grand jury. long time associate of roger stone choosing to appear and others defy court orders. now radio host identified as the back channel to wikileaks is called to testify. is the special counsel closing in? hush money. aide claiming in the new book offered hush money after being fired. omarosa newton who once defended the president of charges of racism is making own claims in a tell-all book. should she be believed? marching again. the white