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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 13, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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and i'm brooke baldwin here in tried to do that it would make new york. let's go to washington, d.c. matters so much worse for him. instead it's used just as a way "the lead" with jake tapper to kind of gin up the base, to starts right now. get people excited, to get people mobilized online and >> thanks, brooke. elsewhere and to undermine the i mean, omarosa showed no legitimate sy of the whole signs of this kind of behavior enterprise. the fbi, the justice department in the three seasons on "the and the mueller probe. >> firing sessions gets you apprentice." "the lead" starts right now. what? nothing at this point. right? president trump going off after because the mueller report's not secret tapes are released again. going to jeff sessions but rod this time by the reality show rosenstein. so what does firing jeff villain no one wanted in the sessions gets you zero in the white house it seems except for game tie senator that runs the president trump. judiciary committee chuck president trump signs a $716 grassley told the white house we can't confirm a new attorney general. everybody on capitol hill -- billion defense bill without a >> not getting fired. mention of the ailing senator >> they have a lot on the john mccain. why does that matter? plates. that's a small thing but a well, because mccain is chairman really real thing and they know of the relevant committee that -- >> supreme court justice to wrote the bill and the bill is confirm. >> no chance to get someone to named after him. plus, the architect of replace him. president trump's no mercy >> i can't believe i'm in the immigration policy slammed by position of having to like jeff his own family today. why steven miller's uncle sessions and want him to stay at saying, hey, boy chick, take a attorney general. >> it's a new era. look at where you come from. it's one thing for the critics to pounce and your own
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welcome to "the lead," family? the uncle of trump senior everyone. i'm jake tapper. new stunning, and salacious adviser steven miller calling his own nephew a hypocrite. allegations by fired presidential adviser omarosa stick with us. newman rocking the white house. the ex-"apprentice" star with secretly recorded conversations including one with chief of staff kelly in the situation room and another with president trump both about the dismissal and warning there are more tapes. >> do you have more recordings? >> absolutely rye you planning on releasing them? >> i don't know. i'm going to watch to see. they're threatening legal action. figuring out how to stop me. i'm expecting they retaliate and the first person to survive alzheimer's disease so i'm going to stand back and wait. >> allies of president trump today including republican is out there. national committee chair and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen mcdaniel have assailed newman by funding scientific breakthroughs, questioning the credibility advancing public policy, describing the actions as and providing local support unethical and mr. trump to those living with the disease and their caregivers. retweeting michael cohen. cohen with shock that anyone takes seriously an omarosa claim
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that the president chewed up and but we won't get there without you. swallowed a note that cohen given and she assumed was very, join the fight with the alzheimer's association. very sensitive. president trump was attacking ancestrydna can open you to a world of new cultures cohen and accusing him of making up stories. to explore. president's character with two times more detail than any other dna test... assassination of a former senior white house official beg it is you can get a new taste of your heritage. question, if she's so horrific, only $59- our site's lowest price ever. what was she doing in the white house in the first place? we can tell you. a senior white house official tells us that president trump considered omarosa, quote, vicious, not smart, heard really bad things about her being, quote, nasty to people. the president had been told by chief of staff kelly that she was a, quote, loser. nothing but problems but shockingly the president told kelly the try to work it out with her. why? omarosa, quote, only s great things about the president. that's right. the flattery was apparently so important to the president he wanted her to stay despite everything else. maybe you're skeptical of the
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source and only a single source, that's true. let's tell you who the senior white house official is who shared with us the shocking story. president. he said it in a series of tweeted today and including chief of staff john kelly, try to work it out if possible because she only said great things about me. hmm. if only there had been some warning that omarosa was not trustworthy and ultimately she would be fired in a disturbing spectacle. if only a clue of this coming. abby phillip picks up the story. >> reporter: two former reality television stars locked in a made for tv drama. former white house staffer omarosa newman making explosive claims of former boss and colleagues. >> being used by president trump for so long, i was the frog in the hot water. >> reporter: complete with tapes. >> omarosa, what's going on? i saw on the news you're thinking about leaving.
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what happened? >> reporter: newman releasing an audio of a call with the president taped a day after she was fired by chief of staff john kelly in december. >> general kelly -- general kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave. >> no. i -- nobody even told me about it. >> wow. >> they run a big operation but i didn't know it. i didn't know that. >> yeah. >> damn it. i don't love you leaving at all. >> reporter: defending the decision to record the conversations. >> the first thing they do leaving the white house is say they don't have credibility. never talked to the president. >> reporter: alleged trump records others, too. >> the president talked often about how important it was to tape your enemies and to make today, life-changing technology from abbott sure that you have information on the enemies. >> reporter: accusing white is helping hunt them down at their source. house staff including the because the faster we can identify new viruses, communications team of telling trump to twist the truth. >> they prep him to lie every the faster we can get to stopping them. day. >> reporter: the comments provoking new attacks from trump who called her a wacky lowlife the most personal technology,
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is technology with the power to change your life. who was not smart. >> lowlife. she is a lowlife. >> reporter: in the 2016 life. to the fullest. campaign, mr. trump often praised her. >> she is a wonderful woman. she has done so much for me. with the african-american community, with communities generally. >> reporter: and hired her for a $180,000 job, the top salary at the white house where she worked on african-american outreach. >> i like onmarosa. she is a good person. >> reporter: today, though, she hinted that she's more recordings, leaving white house aides scrambling to contain the just like his father, he's fallout. >> the very idea that a staff quick to cause controversy. member, a former staff member, just like his father, his allies worry he might get dragged would go into the situation room and attempt to record someone fourth entire the mueller russia investigation and like father like son the baggage doesn't else shows a complete disregard for national security. seem to matter to the base. >> reporter: official telling cnn that the white house is not despite the eagerness to meet concerned that newman poses a with russia, or because of it, larger national security threat donald trump jr.'s wildly and notes the white house does popular on the campaign trail. not know how many tapes she may
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cnn's tom foreman reports. have. as the president took to twitter >> reporter: in florida, west criticizing her and confirming she signed a nondisclosure virginia, kansas, ohio, montana and more, at rally after rally agreement, it was unclear if he was referring the time on the donald trump jr. is emerging as a campaign rock star. campaign or the white house. one adviser to don jr. telling either way, she says -- cnn, it looks like practically >> i think it's sad he takes half the republicans in the time out to insult me and to house and senate want him on the campaign trail. >> where's don? insult my intelligence. >> reporter: this could be just get up here. the beginning of the problems >> reporter: like his father he for this white house. the very existence of these rails about a so-called witch tapes raise some questions of hunt, attacks journalists and whether or not anything is secure in this west wing. takes on all who dare question and omarosa produced evidence the trump empire. that she was offered a >> he was on cnn on sunday with nondisclosure agreement and $180,000 job with the trump jake. he's tough, smart, fair. campaign in exchange for her not pretty fair. saying anything negative of president trump but what's clear jake grilling him and this guy about all of this is that the was unbelievable. president is now at war with the i was writing down the things. woman he made one of the most >> are you bored of winning? >> reporter: the rhetoric famous reality tv villains of all time. >> all right. thrills loyalists just days ago abby phillip. let's expand the conversation he argued of similarities of with our panel. david, out of fairness, i want nazis and the democratic party, to give you an opportunity to the interest in hunting and respond to all of this. fishes draws fans, he is getting
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it is accurate and fair to say divorced but the new girlfriend is a former fox news host that very few people in washington and in the media well-known to trump's base and his endless praise of the thought that omarosa had a whole president is wildly popular, lot of credibility before the too. >> he's built a great business book. and so, we shouldn't necessarily think that she has anymore realizing he doesn't know everything but he's brought in credibility now with the book the best people. out there. he listens to them. on the other hand, these are that's how you're successful. tapes that she has. >> reporter: trump's name sake >> i don't even know what to say is also something else. or where to go or where to the most direct link to allegations of shady dealings with the russians. start. obviously. look, some of the interesting things, how it got done and it was don jr. who set up that occurred, right? meeting with russians at trump i'm hearing -- >> the taping? >> yeah. tower before the election. the taping, right? most of you know going into -- don jr. who denied it was about getting dirt on hillary clinton who's e-mails revealed it was >> secure -- >> the white house situation room, it is like the bank vault then and then said -- >> but really, it went nowhere of the white house. and apparently that wasn't what right? instead of money being kept the meeting was about. there, the secrets are kept there. before going in, you have to >> reporter: he's denied doing leave everything outside the bank vault, a smartphone or a anything wrong and never misses a chance to echo his dad's smartwatch. supposed to leave them outside and hearing she had a pen, a complaints about the russia probe. >> they have been looking at recording device. this for two years. listening to the audio, it's two years and they have come up pretty good.
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could have been left on the desk with nothing. >> reporter: indeed, he appears and, you know -- utterly unworried rallying >> have you been in the situation room? support of his father and >> i haven't. political allies. >> you have? >> yeah. >> show this country that your >> do they frisk you? take your phones away vote matters. aggressively or an honor system? >> still, sources close to the >> been a while for me but white house tell cnn the president is concerned that the walking in and i served down at the national security council russian investigation could be and did staff meetings. big trouble for his son even as there was a bank of sort of his star campaigner prepares for phone cubicles there if you what aides say is at least a dozen more campaign events in will. cubby holes. the near future. you put your phone in there. jake? >> all right. i can't imagine an enough of a tom foreman, thank you. let's continue with the lack of trust of a person saying, you remember, you have panel. adviser to donald trump jr. said to go through a metal detector. there's a strong demand for the that's where we're hided. president's oldest son in the fall, practically half of the i can't imagine that happening. >> take a listen to omarosa republicans in the house and senate want him to appear. expected to do at least a dozen claiming that president trump and west wing officials if not two dozen rallies. intentionally lie on a daily what makes him so popular with the base do you think? basis. >> they prep him to lie every >> oh, i think for the dwindling day. we would go into our prep for base, think about this. sarah huckabee sander's both pew and gallup report that briefings and there would be a self identified republicans have dropped by 3% to 5% over the cadri of attorneys to help her last year and independents have grown by about 3% to 5% over the form late a response within the
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last year and some people choose realms of legal bearings. >> did you ever ask the to back away from the table of question, why are we lying? the republican party and for those left they love donald >> all the time. >> and the answer was? >> this is how they do it. trump and don jr. is the advocate for his father. the question will be what this is to trump administration happens for those people running at its best. >> so, they're liars. in the general election, will the president according to the virus that's the trumps come omarosa is a racist. and pop up on them in the why stick around until she got general election and really make fired? everything bad? that's the big question if they're so here snbl. >> would you want donald trump >> who knows? jr. campaigning in swing seats have her on and ask her. in pennsylvania where you and i i've known her for a long time. are from? for, you know, republicans around the bubble. probably 20 years. >> no. everything i have known about >> because? her, the president said she is >> dwindling republican base. not smart. that's one thing. >> clearly not true. go with that in '18 and '20 and very smart. >> a black woman, in the see how it turns out. president's point of view any look. i think that we'll take -- lots black women that don't like her. >> that's the next panel. and lots of members across the >> looking at the progression of united states love to have people that have been along this administration, what you see is donald trump jr. in. right? opening the office, he showed from anthony scaramucci to up. we had 1,200 people come to that omarosa, to rob porter, there's opening of that office. campaign office. a litany of people who have come that was more people than showed through here. michael cohen. up for hillary clinton in why they r they taping and
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leaking all the time? pittsburgh. seen it in every political wildly popular with lots of organization i've been a part folks, not just the base. you know, i think he is going to of. it starts from the top. be in high demand. the standard is set at the top and what happens at the top i wouldn't have him campaign in filters its way down. philly suburbs or chicago. this is how donald trump wants >> keep him in the solid red his life to be. districts. i want to change to a different >> now there's a weird question, you pointed this out in the piece about the nondisclosure agreement. president trump said she signed family member. stephen miller's uncle calling one. she didn't sign the one or she says she didn't for this new job out his nephew. she did not accept. david glosser titled the article, steven miller is a $180,000 agreement and not hypocrite. disparage or talk about the i'm his uncle and says if the president and black outreach. ideas on immigration enforced a take a listen to kellyanne con century ago our family would way saying it' perfectly normal have been wiped out. that's a hell of an early hanukkah president from his uncle there. >> yeah. to sign them. >> it's typical and you know it. and it's -- i think really serious for his uncle probably to sign an nda. >> in the west wing? who's looking back at their history saying this is not just you've signed a non-disclosure. about, oh, would have been better to come to the united >> we have confidentiality states for a better life. i mean, he is saying our family agreements in the west wing, absolutely we do. members literally would have why wouldn't we? >> i know it's -- you know, you been killed if we had not been
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allowed to come to this country can't share state secrets. and what stephen miller would nondisparagement? say in the united states we have that's not typical at all. had a history of periods when we >> not just non-disclosure let a lot of people in and when agreements. we don't and saying this time to requirements you don't say anything negative about the president, about the vice be the time when we don't let a lot of people in. president, about their families. i don't think this moves stephen it is broad if you reach the miller or anybody in the white house but it's just emblematic document posted online by "the washington post" it's a pretty of how -- even within republican broad document and not only that but just a few months ago families, conservatives, who maybe want tougher borders they kellyanne conway's colleague look at their broader family denied that there were any such history and they say, not that documents that white house long ago my great grandparents staffers were required to sign were immigrants. so there's something that even president trump's family, doesn't quite add up here and the president, the child of immigrants. >> even more recently than that. president trump repeatedly over the course of his life in his wife's parents. business asked people to sign >> yes. >> just last week became documents that are like this. and it could be because they're naturalized parents because of afraid of the scenario that played out with omarosa which is chain migration. that she went and wrote a book melania sponsored. here's the attorney for her parents talking about chain that disparages the president on a number of different fronts and migration with cnn last week. >> to say you can bring a only worried about if -- relative and not another relative, i can understand that some of them may be in jeopardy
1:12 pm
an you may want to retool an >> it's not pair know yeranoia antiquated immigration system out to get you. did you sign an nda? and chain migration, no. >> yep. and lots of different day-to-day family reunification. >> hypocrisy? unfair for the administration to pursue policies that hurt other business goings. all the time with different people in the same boat as clients. i don't think that's particularly interesting or melania's parents? troubling. i think what is interesting if you do it in the context of the >> look. if you look at why we have having this debate, somebody's white house. family member, uncle, to comment that's a horse of a different in a magazine what they think of a nephew? color. >> and bl whethwhether that's e one of my three sisters on here legal. >> the big questions i think, they'll say i'm an idiot. also, are, you hear hogan if a family member participates giddily attacking her and the in a public debate as a member president, rnc chair attacking of the congress or media, fine. if a random uncle writes a omarosa. i understand why they are. article, i won't pay attention. the immigration debate i think but my understanding is the person who wanted her in the is an appropriate debate for america. i think the president's taken it white house was president trump. i mean, all of these -- she in the wrong direction on family didn't change her personality in the last six months. separation. but to have somebody's uncle say this is omarosa. you have known her for 20 years. you shouldn't listen to my nephew coming from immigrants >> this is who she is. this is also who he is. 100 years ago, i don't buy it. remember he owns a casino in >> as someone that came here atlantic city. >> a couple i think. because of my family, importing
1:13 pm
>> the guy's at this for a long time and included now we have slaves was outlawed, i find it to be so unnerving for someone porn stars, playboy bunnies. this is a big mess he created. >> omarosa's downfall credited like stephen miller whose family came here recently to tell people like the rest of us we to omarosa. looking at her conduct in the can't make decisions about immigration. at the same time, we have office, let's say the white baseballs being taken from their house, she definitely ran with parents in the southwest border scissors, didn't play well with others and the straw that broke of the united states. and we can't find those the camel's back is her storming children. it would be different if this the gates of the white house with the bridal party taking photos and kind of like the policy was sort of widespread bridge too far for general kelly policy. it is not. and i think that's probably what they're targeting brown people prompted it. not saying -- too outrageous. from south of the border. >> stop, stop, stop. >> stick around. we have more to talk about. stop, stop. >> s-hole countries. she was vicious but not smart is >> all right. >> illegal immigration. how president trump fired back at omarosa. don't go crazy. the immigrants. why is his go-to on illegal immigration. >> they have looked at legal -- african-americans so often to people with green cards. questioning people with green insult their intelligence? plus, allegations of swampy cards and going back over people's immigration records. behavior in the trump administration. >> what? the serious questions raised of we can talk about -- i'm talking yet another trump cabinet member about what stephen miller's next. stay with us.
1:14 pm
uncle -- cousin -- whoever, opining about. they overreached on certain things and not on other things. you poll americans, immigrants. every time i talk to somebody not born in this country, and i ask, i say what about the president's policies? how did you get here? i came here legally. we should crack down on illegal immigration. right? i don't think you find many folks supporting illegal your brain changes as you get older. immigration. >> we have to say it is also but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient about legal immigration. originally discovered... about refugees. in jellyfish. >> but that's a broader policy. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown >> about the whole -- to improve short-term memory. >> absolutely. >> everyone stick around. we have more to talk about. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. investigations and former cabinet secretaries. the call to possibly add one be right back. more name to that list next. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, are you done yet? does it look like i'm done? shouldn't you be at work? i was there, [ mockingly ] "shouldn't you be at work?" todd. hold on. just not always where i needed to be. [ engine revs ] arcade game: fist pump! your real bike's all fixed. man, you guys are good! is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. well, we are the number-one motorcycle insurer i learned humira is for people in the country. -wait. who still have symptoms of crohn's disease you have a real motorcycle? after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira and real insurance, with 24-hour customer support.
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african-american senior staffer in the white house and there are issues that face this community that can't be ignored. they're making issues about us without us. i knew that if i left this community would suffer. >> that was fired trump adviser omarosa manigault newman selling her book and lambasting the trump administration and before she was fired she praised president trump and extolled the efforts to improve the lives of african-american and all with a tell-all that the white house says is full of lies. omarosa said today president trump has a pat pattern of criticizing african-americans. >> vicious but not smart. calling intelligent. according to "the washington
1:19 pm
post" 11 of the 15 tweets that president trump sent post-inauguration attacking intelligence of individuals 1 1 of the 15 about black men and women. looking at the lifetime, it's we are back with the conflict of interest watch. much more diverse. a scathing new report of >> right. >> but focused since becoming president, it's more commerce secretary wilbur ross, disproportionately black. a watchdog group demanding the >> he won't call out alex jones inspector general investigate by name or the leaders of that possible conflict of interests. 25-person rally yesterday by name. >> we have the legend gary wall it is amazing to me that -- well, not amazing. street genius wilbur ross here, the president of the united states has a bad view of black our secretary of commerce. >> reporter: he's a wall street people and probably a racist. wiz. with the kind of wealth the if he is not he is in league with racists because he doesn't president finds appealing. >> in those particular stop using phrases like this. positions, i don't want a poor person. does that make sense? i think kellyanne conway when >> reporter: but while commerce she was on television yesterday secretary ross kept a low or sunday and she was asked who profile, keeping away from the was the african-american staff spotlight, reports of ethically member and she stuttered and questionable dealings are piling stopped and then finally said, we have jeron. up. now a government watchdog group he is a nice guy. i would have loved for her to be is calling for the tycoon turned asked a follow-up. cabinet member to be investigate. in 100-page report to the what's his last name?
1:20 pm
>> i'd like to give david the inspector general obtained by cnn, the campaign legal center opportunity. he doesn't think president trump is racist. >> i agree with the president lays out several cases in which it says ross appeared to engage racially insensitive at times. with the tweets, taking a in criminal conflicts of interest. >> we're hoping that the numerical count, i think probably the same ratio of inspector general will people who have punched the investigate commerce secretary president in the nose and ross to preserve the public's punching back. attack on lebron, i mean, i trust in government and to don't know where that came from. demonstrate that ethics still senseless. pick your battles more wisely. matter. >> reporter: after ross joined the administration in 2017 he i think, you know, jeron smith was supposed to part ways with investments that may influence his work or recuse himself from is a pretty senior guy in the administration. matters that presented not the west wing. conflicts. west wing very small. for example, he'd need to divest to omarosa's point about who's there now representing the african-american community, arguably she wasn't there when she was there representing the from invesco. african-american community because her outreach and >> the tariff actions taken by credibility of lots of folks in the community i understand is the president are necessary to quite low. >> yeah. revive america's essential steel >> they can do better. and aluminum industries. >> let me play the clip. >> reporter: one of the here's kellyanne con way of subsidiaries closed a chinese senior positions at the white house. >> who is the most prominent steel deal soon after ross took
1:21 pm
high level adviser to the office. as for ross? he claimed he had die vested president on the west wing staff filling out this form and right now? >> african-american? signing on the dotted line for the government ethics office. >> yes. >> i would say that -- well, the only problem is -- first of all you're totally not >> he maintained tens of covering the fact that our millions of dollars in secretary of housing and urban investments in assets that development and world renowned potentially posed an ongoing -- >> i'm asking you about the white house staff, the people conflict of interest. the president's with every day. >> reporter: still, ross says >> that is important and we have everything he's done is on the up and up. jeron's who's done a fabulous >> everything that's been done job and involved with -- very has been done in compliance with involved with jared kushner and the office of government ethics. president trump on prison >> reporter: jake, when i reached out to the commerce reform. >> we have jeron. department for a comment, they >> right. certainly seemed to not pull out referred me to wilbur ross's the last name from her brain in personal attorney saying that that moment which is really saying a lot. secretary ross has not violated any conflict of interest law or it's not just african-american staffers. i have to say there's an overall regulation. he's not participated personally lack of diversity in the white or substantially in or taken any house and the west wing. action in regard to a particular in the administration as a matter that would have had a whole. doesn't matter how big you make direct and predictable affect on the circle. there are not that many people his financial investments. of color around this president. that's all jargon and bottom it's a fact. line the attorney arguing that and there's not been that much wilbur did not participate in
1:22 pm
done about it. policy work to impact the bottom others blamed omarosa for this. line and the inspector general has to decide whether to she is gone since december. >> right. >> they haven't replaced her. investigate and whether it refers the department of justice with anyone. because it's a criminal call jeron smith is doing his job. gags. jake? >> thank you so much. i feel a lot of us reporters we're hum to believe announce know him because when there's today that "the lead" making a something remotely touching on black issues -- >> does a lot of criminal cnn international debut. september 10th, seen around the justice reform. >> deals with hbcus and know him globe and prime time in great in that role. britain and europe. but that being said, the question is, who close to the president talking to him every follow me. our coverage continues now with day, advises him on issues of jim sciutto in "the situation just black people are there and the answer's no one. room." thank you for watching. >> stick around. we have more to talk about. president trump signs the john happening now, breaking s. mccain spending bill. news. kremlin joy. see if you can guess who he a cnn exclusive. forgot to mention during that ceremony. intelligence sources revealed so you have, your headphones, that russian officials pleased with the president's summit with vladimir putin, especially when the president publicly sided with putin against the u.s. intelligence community.
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1:28 pm
laundry list of people before signing the john mccain national defense authorization act. one person who wasn't on that list of people that he thanked? outspoken trump critic and the name sake of the bill, senator john mccain. the decorated war hero, was a prisoner of war. the bill the president signed, the john s. mccain national defense authorization act. no mention of him by the president today. today mccain issued a statement saying i'm huggabled my colleagues in congress chose to designate this bill in my name. one person who was clearly thinking of him in the ceremony, his wife cindy mccain tweeting i'm so proud of senator john mccain and his work on ndaa. incredibly humbled and since president trump would not do it, let us hear on "the lead" congratulate senator mccain and the family and thank him for his service to the country.
1:29 pm
also on politics today, with me earlier, lauren rudy giuliani appearing to change the story, denying that president trump ever raised the issue of the michael flynn investigation with then fbi director james comey seemingly contradicted his prior statements about it. as the president and the team fired more attacks on the fbi today and learned that the fbi fired peter strzok, the agent booted by robert muler from the russia investigation for all those texts that he sent disparaging mr. trump. cnn's manu raju joins me now. the president called for an entirely new probe of hillary clinton even though the inspector general at the justice department concluded that he could find no evidence of bias leading up to the decision to not file charges against hillary clinton. >> reporter: the president demanding an end to the russia investigation and reopening the clinton investigation. now the firing came by the deputy director of the fbi who overruled a recommendation by the fbi's office of professional
1:30 pm
responsibility that suggested that strzok should get demoted and suspended causing strzok's attorney to say that this was broke from precedent in dealing with personnel matters and that the attorney of strzok said it was deeply troubling to all americans. the most infamous fbi agent in the country thanks to president trump's numerous tweets now out of a job. peter strzok, a controversial figure in the russia probe terminated friday by the fbi because of his text messages disparaging donald trump. trump quickly took to twitter to celebrate and to call for an end of the russia probe. the list of bad players in the fbi and doj longer an longer based on the fact that strzok was in charge of the witch hunt, will it be dropped? strzok oversaw the start of the russia probe and played a key role in the clinton e-mail investigation and trump today said should be properly redone. he was taken off the mueller
1:31 pm
team after the discovery of texts between him and former lawyer lisa page and led to a tense hearing in july. >> it is not my understanding that he kicked me off because of any bias and i don't appreciate what was originally said being changed. >> i don't give a damn what you appreciate, agent strzok. >> reporter: the inspector general of justice department did not suggest that the feelings of trump impacted the decision not to prosecute hillary clinton. the news amid questions of whether trump sits down with the special counsel. trump's lawyers said the president won't answer questions about whether he asked then fbi director james comey to back off investigating the former white house national security adviser michael flynn. trump's attorney rudy giuliani now changing his story. disputing comey's sworn testimony that the president suggested he back off flynn. >> and the reason i keep saying his words is i took it as a
1:32 pm
direction. i mean, this is the president of the united states with me alone saying i hope this. i took it as, this is what he wants me to do. >> reporter: giuliani saying this on cnn's "state of the union." >> there was no conversation about michael flynn. >> reporter: the comments to jake tapper contradict what giuliani said repeatedly. >> didn't direct him to do that. what he said was can you give -- >> reporter: and this last month. >> he didn't tell him don't investigate him. don't prosecute him but exercise discretion because he was a good man, a great war record. >> reporter: after denied the claim, he offered this explanation to tapper after being shown video of the past comments. >> i said it but i said before i'm talking about their version of it. look. lawyers argue in the alternative. >> reporter: and rudy giuliani just told "the wall street journal" that the president would not sit down for an interview after september 1st because of how close it is to the midterm elections.
1:33 pm
jake, no sign that's actually going to happen. jake? >> manu raju on capitol hill for us, thanks so much. phil, that is pretty big contradiction. up until yesterday, the story was that the president and comey had talked about flynn but giuliani was saying he meant like exercise discretion or, yeah, don't make such a big deal out of it. comey took it to mean lay off, stop investigating him. now giuliani/trump saying it never happened and never discussed it. >> let me make this real easy. when we dealt with the stormy daniels case and the president on the aircraft and said i didn't know anything and find out other people, michael cohen, knows stuff, rudy giuliani said we have to roll it out. the truth is he knew about the payments because there's people that know. now, let's contrast that to this case. rudy giuliani looking down. not told the truth since and lincoln was in shorts. he's looking around saying, wait a minute.
1:34 pm
i checked the facts. might have been only two people in the room. that's trump and comey. so i could say whatever i want. it is the president versus the former attorney general or pardon me, former fbi director. vilified. i think he said there's not enough evidence and now saying they didn't talk about. >> you better hope omarosa's pen wasn't in there during the conversation. this is a real contradiction. giuliani tried to play it off like he was arguing an alternative or something but then -- >> right. >> it just doesn't -- it's really confusing if that's true and the easier explanation, they have decided to change the story. >> maybe trump has the tapes. he was the first person that brought up tapes in the first place. giuliani saying something about lawyers arguing in the alternative. i'm not sure what he is doing is lawyering. muddying the waters. creating confusion and doubt in people's minds about what the truth is. for whatever reason. that's because it only helps the
1:35 pm
president when people feel like they don't know who's right and who's wrong and then a he said/she said situation it helps them to undermine mueller probe and not a grand legal strategy. i don't think that's giuliani's job at the moment. >> phil said, two people in the room. right? >> comey and the president. >> two different versions of the truth. one person heard it one way. >> three different versions of the truth. there's comey and what giuliani and trump were saying and then there's what giuliani and trump are saying today. >> what actually occurred. whatever the president said, heard by comey, could be -- it could have both think they're telling the truth. different versions of the same movie. >> jamal, yuliany giuliani, th want trump to answer questions about this because they say there's indication that trumuel and team have a favoritism of
1:36 pm
the comey version of the truth. i asked for the proof. he didn't have any. >> i don't have any idea what mueller's doing. all i know is donald trump lied over 4,000 times according to "the washington post." james comey we have not yet seen a place where he's not told the truth so if you had to choose between the two of them, of course you would choose the person who did not publicly -- is not publicly known to lie over the person who will lie about things, we have seen with our own two eyes. >> you know what? end of the day this report comes down to a written report laid on the desk of rod rosenstein and then taken and given to the house and they're going to do something with it, that's a political context. i don't think anybody around the table, anybody in america thinks that the president is indicted by director mueller. >> speaking of rod rosenstein -- >> completely political. >> -- the president escalated the punches of jeff sessions. our attorney general scared stiff and missing in action.
1:37 pm
this is the president talking about how there should be more investigation into the fbi, into the deep state, peter strzok and all this stuff. is he just letting off steam here or trying to pressure sessions to resign? >> i think a lot of people around him believe he's just letting off steam. they think this is his outlet for frustration. if he were going to do something he would have tunnel it long ago and mad at sessions for over a year now and not changed much. i don't think we have any evidence to suggest that he's doing anything other than just venting and you can imagine that he said at various times he believes he has the authority to fire whoever he wants. if he wanted t convinced if he
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