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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 28, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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like florida. >> we covered a couple of these and the upsets that have been happening. we're going to have an interesting night if it stays like this until the mid terms. it's going to be interesting for everyone involved, especially us and especially this country. >> period of change, my brother. >> breaking news. see you soon. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. huge breaking news out of florida. a big upset in the democratic primary for governor. joining me to discuss is tom foreman. tom, listen, as we have been talking it's a big upset. what happened? as chris was saying, he plate the population centers well. nobody thauz that gillum could do this and now here we are. >> what we have done is watch both parties decimate the political center. it's either left or it's right. on this side, andrew gillum, the
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man who came out backed by bernie sanders. he edged out gwenn graham. look how close that vote is by comparison. we talked about the population centers. the areas where you see that color associated with his win, tallahassee, that was the mayor. look at those. look at where hillary clinton won in 2016. those will all fall into the same slots that we won except for this one near pensacola. so the question is can he get enough support nond beyond that in the general election. with the close divide we showed you a moment ago, show that real quickly. if you look at the close divide twlfs between these two votes, look at it compared to the republican vote where desantos had a divisive win. no question where the republicans are going in
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florida. one more thing to look at. the demographics of florida. if there is anything that absolutely gillum is going to have to do is he's going to have to make sure his appeal goes beyond just the cities and certainly it has to cross all racial lines. the population of the state 54 po.1% white. a large hispanic population. the democrats will have to find a way to knit the coalition together. the republicans showed, better or worse, they're united in the pro trump camp. can the democrats unite in their catch in a winning way? that's the question. the middle was desz nated tonight. did gem election will be about the left and the right. tom? >> tom foreman. we'll get back to you as the situation is needed here on cnn.
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there's the breaking news. andrew gillum wins the democratic primary for governor. first african-american. there he is. it is an upset. no one thought that this would happen pretty much, but i guess he did. one of them senator bernie sanders, a supporter, cam panld for him and endorsed him. put out a statement -- let me read it. berliny sanders says congratulations to andrew gillum. he is not just working hard to win an election. he said he had laid out a vision for a new course for the state of florida and our country. no person can take on the economic and political leads on their own. the political revolution is all about andrew gillum helping to lead it. that being said, april ryan is
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here and harry inton. april you've got stacy abrams in georgia. >> georgia. >> now you have in florida you've got andrew gillum as well. what does that say to you? >> the south shall rise again for some. for all sbents and pumps, this should not be. two african-americans in red states, the reddest of states riding to the top. could possibly wiped up getting the governorship of these states. and not just -- you docht just have them there. you have binge ellis in maryland. you have so many minorities running for office for once again, a time such as this. i think back to bush and dpoesh.
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a couple of weeks ago i talked to her and she said she doesn't look at georgia as necessarily red. she looks at itself as purple. for a time such as this president is trying to hold on to his base, there is this quiet movement going to the polls. people going to the polls saying, this is what we want. we want change, too. so let's see who wins out in this fight. once again, i find it so interesting, you know how we talk about the south. but some have said the south will rise again but in a different way. >> let's bring in harry. you have a trump supporter, desantos versus a brack progressive of the bernie sanders, ilk, unapologetic. how does that play out in
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florida, of all places? >> i don't know if there's a greater difference. arguably up in georgia, maybe there is. but i think that both sides got the candidate that they wanted the other side to get. we're going to have to wait and see, but i think in this trump era, you're dealing with a black progressive candidate on the left and a trump supporter on the right. it's not clear in a midterm election with the national environments on the democratic side whether or not the democrat could get that extra point or plus that trump ran by in florida to overcome the republican advantage. in florida they have not elected a democratic governor since 1994. that's the uphill battle gillum is facing. they have not elected a true progressive since long before 1994. this is a different tack that the florida democratic electorate is taking. they decided to go left with an african-american candidate. if you get the turnout between
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young progressives, it will make for an interesting general election campaign. >> you set me up for my next question, april -- >> don. >> i'm going to let you get in here. this is along the lienlz you're talking about. huge electoral may in florida. national implications here. go on, april. >> you know, i -- this is a different time. you know, we didn't expect -- many people, the internal polls for donald trump he felt he was going to win and he did. a lot of the pollsters did not think it was going to happen and it happened. this is a different day. i'm going back to those people in that black belt that told roy moore, we didn't want them. they said we don't want you. i think that was a tell tale sign. what happened in alabama, and people are saying, you know, we don't want this or some people are saying we want this. there's a quiet movement going on in this nation, in the churches, in the hbcu community,
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the black colleges and many of the black greek organizations and the length and other organizations that are getting people to the polls to vote. and they're saying, you know, there are things on the table. ncaa says vote against hate. that's the thing. they're getting people to the polls. i understand the black vote is not as large as the mainstream are vote but they're coming out and showing that they're a force. we have something we've never seen before happening in florida. and possibly it could change the dynamic of florida politics and national politics and what's happening in georgia. so there is a quiet movement, don, to go up against what this president is doing. >> yeah. you know what's interesting to me is -- and i want to read something here. he talked about -- he's been giving interviews lately saying he decided to run fore governor this year after trump's
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presidential win and said he thought it was importantly that democrats offer a contrast to the president's political message help said -- this is a quote -- it has become very clear that something was seriously wrong and we couldn't take the risk in florida of putting another republican-like democrat who would lose for governor the sixth consecutive time. democrats narrowly lost those races, he said, because of fwlak, brown, and poor voters who feel they don't have a reason to show up with the nominees that they have put before us. i'm reading that from the washington post. this is the washington post up there. what's interesting to me is, i think, in -- obviously, in 2008 and 2012, the african-american turnout was strong for barack obama. not as much for hillary clinton and maybe african-americans people of color people at this point that they have a reason to do to the polls now not just
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because of what gillum is offering but what donald trump has done and this administration has done as well. >> i think that's definitely true. i will point out so far in the primary season, democratic turnout has been down. but their one example of this cycle in which african-american turnout was high was in the alabama special senate election. if gillum can double down and repeat what occurred in alabama, i think that's a good sign for him going forward. again, in order to get african-american turnout up, you have to offer them something unique. barack obama did that in 2000 and 2012. in 2016, hillary clinton wasn't able to duplicate that. if he can get the african-american turnout up he could conceivably sort of cross that finish line that hillary clinton wasn't able to down in florida. hillary clinton only lost that
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state by a little more than a percentage points. so if gillum is able to get a little more support, that could make all the difference in the world. my mama told me once winning by one vote is new as much as winning by 100,000. >> nooempt. >> i'm wondering how he made up that ground. gwenn graham, senator graham's daughter, a former congress woman. that's -- that was a tough row to hoe and he did it. >> he absolutely did it. i would point out, of course, that bob graham hasn't been a senator from that state for a very long period of time. although i'm alrelative young guy, i'm not that young, before i was able to vote. the graham name? the state is not perhaps as good as he was. i would say he was able to put a lot of money into social media.
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i think those two things were able to help him. he was able to pick up momentum. one other thing, the three candidates besides gillum, they all went negative against each other and they were afraid of going negative against john gilchrist up. -- gillum. >> wow. making history tonight. first african-american major party winning right now. he's gootd november. he's got to go up against a trump supporter but we shall see. april, i want you to stick around. larry, thank you very much. we'll get harry back as needs be. tonight we're learning that president trump gave a stark warning to evangelicals, a warning of violence if republicans lose in the mid terms. cnn listened to a recording of what the president said, a recording from someone in the
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room krug this. they will overturn everything that we have done and they will do it quickly and violentably, and violently. there is violence. when you look at antiva, these are voibts people. april ryan is back with us, white house correspond. abby as well. welcome to you. this warning of violence if republicans lose the mid terms. this is scare tactics 101. this is fear mongering. >> i think that's right. this president has been veering in this direction for some time now. we have to go back to the point of all of this which is that republicans started off thinking they were going into the mid terms with taxes being the major issue for their base, being the thing they delivered to their voters. it turns out that is not working all that well. so what president trump is leading his party toward is a mechanical towards immigration, a message about antifa, which he mentioned in the clip, about the potential consequences for
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impeachment if democrats are elected. and that's what i think he thinks is going to motivate his party. he has to scare some of his supporters to vote, which is why he held this event at the white house last night. that event was about -- and -- impressing upon an evangelical, the importance of telling their flock how critical this election can be and using all the tools in the arsenal that he possibly can get in order to do that. so fear is really a powerful tool. this is a president who has been unabashed in using i would in politics since the very beginning. >> how many years have you been covering the white house, april? >> 21. and counting. >> have you ever heard a. issue a warning like this? >> you know, i have heard presidents and their supporters or their principle pals that are around them talk about, you know, the consequences if they
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lose. but never like this. and abby is absolutely right. i'm thinking about the fact that every time this president wants to rally his base, he finds a common enemy to unify his face. and particularly, it's interesting that he would say this to the evangelicals at a time when, you know, people question his more ality. he's going to throw this shiny ball out there to focus on instead of all the other stuff going on. this president likes to play on fear. he likes to talk about, you know, his panic gangs. he likes to talk about muslims. he likes to talk about nfl football players taking the knee for we don't like -- or black people are upset about the flag, which that's not the case. he likes to jin up things to get his numbers up and make him look
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big like he's in charge. it's causing fear and angst and division in this nation. again can going back to what we just talked about, there could be a blue wave. he is legitimately afraid of it. but to jin it up like this about antifa and things like that, that's crazy. it's taking it to the nth degree. >> april, they're having a little satellite fade with your shot. so april's face looks a little weird but that's because of satellite. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. >> there's a racial kpoenlt to this. he is linking antifa to democrats. in that statement you didn't hear anything. his -- we've heard of this president mentioning an tooe home run teefa was for charlottesville. >> we haven't heard him link neo-nazis to republicans. so there is a appeal to racism here. is he appealing to that? >> well, i di think -- >> most definitely. >> go ahead.
11:17 pm
>> go ahead, april. >> april, go ahead. >> well, go ahead -- well, actually he is. this president knows his base, has a real issue with the issue of race. race is that thing that makes this president tick. he started with birtherism and he's continued on and on and his base rallies behind him. it's dividing the nation. he has not apologized, taken anything back and it's not a good look for a president of the united states and it's dividing the country when he says he's a unifier. >> go ahead, abby. >> yeah. i think the connection with antifa and the thing about charlottesville, that is important. in some ways it is true that we've been talking about antifa more often because of the rallies popping up. they've popped up in some ways in the wake of what happened in charlottesville, but to associate antifa, an anti-facist
11:18 pm
organization closely with mainstream democrats is a little bit of a stretch and i think that in the wake of charlottesville, the president had to find something else too talk about because his reaction to it was panned by both democrats and republicans. so this has been the thing that a lot of the president's base has held on to. and that's why we're talking about antifa. not because antifa is something that's a widespread phenomenon, has a large following across the country. but because it is the counter part to the conversation an how president trump dealt with that particular moment in american history. >> it says it right in the name, antifa, anti-facism, which is what they were there fighting. no one condones the violence. there were different reasons for antifa and the neo-nazis to be there. one, racist, facistings, the other group fighting racist
11:19 pm
facists. there's a distinction there. i appreciate it. much more to come. huge upset in florida. where cnn proengs andrew gillum has won the democratic primary nor governor of florida. the president talking about firing his attorney general jeff sessions chlg your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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. president trump has
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reportedly revived the idea of firing his attorney general jeff sessions, talking to his aides and lawyers. i'm bringing in john dean, a former nixon white house counsel. good evening, mr. dean. good to have you on. let's talk about the attorney general jeff sessions. we're hearing mixed messaging from senate lindsey graham and mcconnell on whether sessions should stay or go. let's watch this. >> the president's lost confidence in jeff sessions and i'm telling you what everybody in the country knows. this is a dysfunctional relationship. we need a better one. >> i have total confidence in the attorney general. i think he ought to stay exactly where he is. >> the president is likely hearing these mixed messages. what will the president do and when might he do it. >> well, that's anybody's best bet. he'll probably wait till after the election just not to stir up more problems. that would be the intelligent
11:24 pm
thing to do. although that snlts necessarily his guiding light. i think that we -- the members of the senate on this issue have been all over the lot. sometimes they're with their former colleague. sometimes they're not so much with him. he's -- sessions is also doing his life's dream down there implementing all the radical policies at the justice department he's dreamed of implementing. he's just quietly doing its. and you know, it's going to have a real impact. >> they've been saying there's no need to do anything, he's knot going to fire sessions or mueller. he's not going to do it. but who knows how? cnn has reported that the president, john, openly fuchld to his advisors and lawyers recently said he should fire sessions. they talked him off the ledge. if he fired sessions, because we wants wants to end this russia investigation, could that be viewed as obstruction of
11:25 pm
justice? >> it could be. it depends upon what he says and what his real motives are. but don, one of the things he's got to think about is how does he replace the attorney general? that's a position that has to be confirmed by the senate and that, for example, during the nixon years when nixon fired his attorney general, he put elliott richardson right at the height of watergate and richardson to get the seat had to promise to appoint a special prosecutor, that's when things started to go amiss for him. the senate, while it's a minority that is pushing for more oversight of nixon, they can still have an impact on the hearings and still extract more from a nominee than you might think. >> you meant more oversight of nexton or jeff sessions? >> more oversight of trump. >>. >> of trump, ok. >> what happened. >> ok. what has been -- what would that
11:26 pm
do to us? would that throw us back to the beginning of the investigation? does it start over? i don't think anyone is sure what would happen if he fired the attorney general. >> well, what will happen, what would likely happen is if you got a new attorney general in there is that rosenstein would no longer be in charge of the investigation because the new attorney general would have no conflict of interest, theoretically, and he would take charge of the investigation. i think ultimately, a new attorney general would make such a decision as to what do i do with the report of the special counsel? do i send it to congress? do i make it public? do i agree with the prosecution's he may or nay not be suggesting. there's no question, the attorney general like rosen
11:27 pm
stein, can have a huge influence over the investigation. >> let me ask you the same question a different way. wall street jury room is reporting that jeff sessions is getting tierld of the attacks. he feels he's obligated to replain in this post. if he was fired, would that jeopardize the russia investigation? >> it could. it not necessarily would but it certainly could because the new attorney general could take the investigation under his wing and decide how to handle. -- handle it. it wouldn't be starting from scratch. one of the things that rosenstein has widely done is he sent this investigation throughout the department of justice. there is some of it in the southern district. there's some of it in the treasury department. it's here, there, and everywhere, so it makes it hard for trump to get his hands around it. >> thank you john dean. appreciate it. >> plesh. -- pleasure.
11:28 pm
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. justice department official bruce orr was grilled by republican lawmakers for eight hours today, the closed door session believed to focus on orr's relationship with christian steel. let's discuss with cnn national security analysts steve hall and
11:32 pm
julia caim, sues ar glasser. good evening to you. never a dull home in this news business and in america lately. so thank you all for coming on and talking about this. susan, take us through this. what does brusz orr have to do with former fbi attorney lisa page and gwenn simpson and what information led him to testify today. >> well, it's interesting. first of all, he's become the increasing focus both of the sort of very active group of trump defendersup on capitol hill. president trump has started getting in on the action. his wife worked for the firm fusion gps that commissioned the steele dossier. he worked at the fbi and was the liaison request christopher steele in relaying his information. this is closed door testimony. we don't know whaps what
11:33 pm
happened behind the scenes obviously. what you have is all republican members of congress who were present apparently at this hours-long interrogation today. it was democratic staff there will but no democratic members of congress. you basically have this whole sort of parallel inquiry lauchld on capitol hill that's about the republican conspiracy theory version of the case, which involves the steele dossier as being the deep state plot to spy on and to sabotage the trump campaign as opposed to the actual investigation by bob mueller that involves the actual russian hacking and actual interference in the u.s. election. >> let's look at orr. despite a decades-long service, do you think the fixation on orr is warranted? >> i guess -- well, the
11:34 pm
answer -- short answer is no, except he's an expert. what is he an expert in? he's an expert in the russian mafia and the ties, the financial ties between the russians and enemies in the united states in which they're even laundering money or trying to get around sanctions to be able to exchange money. to the sthaent the trump white house sort of across the board challenges the expertise of career civil servants, i do think that bruce is sort of a obvious target. i will say something that susan mentioned about his wife. this is the second time which will donald trump has specifically targeted the wife -- or targeted the husband of a wife who's had a separate career that the president views as either unbecoming or maybe too women's empowerment. mccabe's wife ran for office. that spun up to a conspiracy so why he was so tied to democrats
11:35 pm
and therefore she was not end pent and bruce orr's wife had worked for fusion gps. talked about how wives shouldn't have careers. ful my husband and i both had security clearances. you learn not to talk about them. >> he would say they broke -- both worked for hillary clinton, though. >> yeah. i mean, it's just -- the focus on the wyche is definite with a larger theory of women. >> you don't agree that the women worked for hillary clinton? >> o no. bruce orr is -- no, i mean, bruce orr documented his contacts with steele. it wasn't like he was hiding them. they were actually -- whenever you meet with someone in terms of whether it's intelligence gathering, law enforcement gathering, you have to document them. he documented them. it is why they know they met. it's not like he was hiding it. . it was part of his job.
11:36 pm
>> it was the same argument kell il-on-c y anne con way is asked about her husband. tell us more about the type of work that orr did combatting the russian mafia. >> you know, the russian mafia, the oel go, russian organized crime, the russian government is pretty much the same thing. it's not that hard to understand it's all one big thing. there's been a considerable amount of time and effort put in largely from the department of justice and i think law enforcement to try to figure out what these oligarchs are doing, specifically what they're doing that might violate u.s. law. none of these oel garks, it's interesting that some of them most closely soernlted with --
11:37 pm
associated with orr and others, are playing roles in paul manafort's cup young case and have ties back to the trump organization. there was a long hard look by the u.s. government. there continues to be against the russian oligarchs. there's a lot of interest in u.s. government as to who knees guys are, what they're up to and what they're doing. i would argue that there's an inordinate interest hon o the part of president trump on bruce orr because he's an expert about precisely this group of people who has really, i think, been in contact with and perhaps helped this president's throughout his career as you look back, you know, as v at his business dealings with russia. it's a big tangled knot that the department of justice does a good job of trying to get to the bottom of. >> thauchg, all. i appreciate it. coming up, a huge upset in florida where cnn is projecting
11:38 pm
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. here's our breaking news tomorrow. a huge upset in florida. you see it there on your screen. cnn's projecting the tallahassee mayor andrew gill i am will win the nomination for governor of florida. >> we have shown the rest of the country that we can be the david in the situation where there's a golden knights. -- a guyate. that you can be the nonmillionaire, you can come from working class family, and you can make your way to the top. >> i want to bring in now cnn's tom foreman.
11:43 pm
so the question is how did he pull off this upset, yes, but he still has a lot of work ahead of i am h. >> he has a lot of work unifying the state. take a look at this. florida is a state where over half the voters are white. the african-american. this is almost a perfect map of the distribution of african-american voters in the state. look at this gigantic wins in tallahassee where he was the mayor. tallahassee, 46%. 51%. those will big undeniably huge wins. same in jacksonville. look at where he lost because that's where he's going to have to do his work. if you take a gander at lafayette county, here. win graham there 50%. he's at 17.5%. if you go to citrus county, down there, once again, 44% for her.
11:44 pm
phillip lavine 19%. andrew gillum was at third at 17.2%. the simple truth is if democrats don't want this to be a viblg where they said we nominated the first african-american for this, the party has to get over this deep and obvious divide here in their overall results and all the places that did not vote for him and did not vote for him in a big way are going to have to come all the way around, 180 degrees to get behind him to have an actual win in november. >> it's interesting. the win, you're right, now. but as i said, he's got a lot of work ahead of him. what you just said bears that out. i appreciate it. bringing inle mr. van jones joins me by phone. van, i assume you heard tom foreman, you heard our conversation. >> yes, i did. >> good evening to you. pointing out that he's got some stuff to do ahead of him. he won in the places in florida
11:45 pm
that were predom understandly african-american. >> listen, you can -- anybody who spends anytime at all countying and underestimating andrew gill i um is going to ret it. he is representative of something that i think is happening all across the country. you see it happening in georgia are stacy abrams. you see it happening in maryland. you see it happening in itself with paula jordan. there is a new generation and it's not about the color of their skin. they have a new attitude. the reason he came out of nowhere. this guy came literally out of nowhere. he was in 300th place out of like four. it's because not the color of his skin but because of the size of his ideas. he was the only candidate willing h talk about big solutions to big problems. donald trump was willing to break the mold and say stuff that nobody had said before.
11:46 pm
andrew gillum talked about working class ordinary issues around education, around health occasion. he was willing to put out big ideas. >> ok. >> you're going to find out it's no longer left versus rights, black angds excite. are you an insider, outsider. are you part of the establishment or something new? andrew gillum is going to go pick up momentum from here. >> just because he's an african-american doesn't mean that only african-americans are going to votes him. let's hope we don't live in that america right now. here's my question, then. because you talk -- when you're on this program and on cnn when i see you talk a lot about sort of reaching out to trump supporters, right, the folks are in the midwest, the rust belt, bible belt, coal crude oil or what have you are. >> right. >> he has said i am a progressive. it's about time that democrats don't nominate someone who is a
11:47 pm
republican light. does this go against what you have been saying or what the democratic party needs in order to possibly have a blue wave or put some victories om the board come november? >> i'm starting to think, don, that we just don't have the right language to describe what we're seeing across the country. >> hmm. >> i think, you know, the old school of the liberals versus the conservatives versus the moderates versus this versus that, i think people just want authentic people. >> do people just want some sapity, too, after all this, van? >> i think people wants sanity. i think people want authentic people who when you say something you might actively think they believe it. andrew gill i am talks about trying to make away, talks about what people deserve, you can't help but think maybe he believes this stuff. maybe somebody didn't bring it for -- write it for him.
11:48 pm
it's going to be about ah then advertisity versus the calculated i got my talking points from a box of serial nonsense is going on. if you write him off, you're going to be shocked. this guy has appeal. and you don't come from 500 down and close that kind of gap without real appeal. and i don't see a ceiling. they're going to say he's black. i hope his opponents think that because he can go and talk to anybody who's ever had to work for a living and get a hearing. this guy's unbelievable. >> van, you know how this works. i'm up against the break. i think it's important. does he speak to the voters that democrats didn't, you know, speak to in 2016 in that election? >> i -- listen, i think he does two things that democrats need. he needs to be able to inspire and excite young people in the black and brown base that obama
11:49 pm
got to without inciting a backlash from trump folks. because he's authentic and not calculating i think he can pull on some independence in florida. watch andrew gill i am. >> van jones, thank you, sir. i appreciate you are calling in. >> all right. >> all right. when we return, president trump taking fear mongering to a new level, a warping of violence if republicans lose the midterm elections. so you have, your headphones, chair, new laptop, 24/7 tech support. yep, thanks guys. i think he might need some support. yes. start them off right, with the school supplies they need at low prices all summer long. now save $150 on this dell notebook at office depot officemax.
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11:54 pm
"they'll over turn everything we have done and they'll do it quickly and violently." there is violence. >> when you look at antifa -- these are violent people. let's discuss now. cnn contributor and writer for "the new york times," frank bruni. i saw you shaking your head there. >> you see me shaking my head parking light when we are quoting the president. >> it seems like it is not a warning but a threat. he's trying to say to some of the most devoted members of his baits. if you don't get out in huge numbers and vote for me, the apocalypse is at hands. it is irresponsible and it is a sign of growing desperation of republicans about the midterms. >> what is it saying that the president is trying to equate the small antifa group. well, these white nationalists or supremacists, you can't link them even though they're wearing trump hats.
11:55 pm
>> he's painting with a really broad brush. but we talk about on a personal level that he projects and criticizes people other than him. it sounds to me that he's doing a sort of party projection and onto trump's opponents, the qualities of just a small fringe group and that's what he says we do to republicans. >> last week the president says he's impeached that people would be poor. now, he's saying that there would be violence of democrats win when it comes to november. what impact does it have on the voters. >> here is the thing. i am not sure he's doing it strategically. this is an extension of his narcissist, he believes that the world and the country are best served by donald trump and the cockpit. we would be nuts and it will swerve off course and crash if anybody but him is flying the plane. on some level, donald trump
11:56 pm
believes that and that's the most scary part at all. you say that his basis not solid. why is that? >> 41% of approving today does not mean 41% are with hill through hell or high water. it does not mean those people are affected. it does not mean if trump has a meltdown the last week before the midterms, which is entirely possible, you never know. does not mean they're going to vote for him or go to the polls. the number of people who are with him through all thick and thin is smaller than the 41%. >> i am glad you said that. i think this week especially with mccain did something and i have a good feeling about this. this is sort of the instinct and i hear people saying, people i know who are strong trump supporters, oh, i don't know why i did that. it is sort of a drip, drip, drip, and crack, crack. >> i agree with you
11:57 pm
whole-heartedly. the ugliness of the administration is weighing people down. i think it will manifest itself in how people vote on november 6th. >> it will help in a little bit in the next hour. >> i will. >> thank you very much, frank bruni. breaking news, a huge upset in florida. andrew gillum has won the democratic governor. three candidates are battling the chance to fill jeff flake's senate seat.
11:58 pm
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this is cnn breaking news. it is the top of the hour, i am don lemon, 11:00 p.m. here on the east coast, live with all the breaking news. cnn predicts andrew gillum will win the democratic nomination for


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