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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  September 5, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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the democrat party is alive and well. >> the president thought it was a mistake to condemn a white supre supresu supr supremsist group. >> that would never been sufficient. to tell an investigator he is not capable of telling the truth. >> this is "new day."
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overnight the white house has been facing it's biggest fear. in that case, the fear is a book. more on that in a moment, and d democrats facing a new future, a ten-term congressman goes down in a primary. this is showing a different kind of blue wave. a change in the democratic party dominated by women and minorities. so the white house as john said does filled with fear. john woodward's book paints a picture of the white house in crisis with officials trying to protect the country from president trump. this morning they are fighting back. revelations in this book are reportedly consuming the preside president. joining us now is josh who has
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more reporting on this, how are you? >> i'm riveted. these excerpts from this book have ripped -- they started, once they started leaking out yesterday afternoon, they were consuming washington dc, certainly new york and beyond. tell us what is happening inside the white house as the explosive excerptis from leaking out. >> when they publish the excerpts around noon, it didn't seem to be much of a concern that went on. you saw the president direct his administration to mount a far more aggressive response. you saw push back from james mattis. a number of officials put out statements essentially denying what was said in the book, the
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president was very unhappy with what was said in the book. they gave bob woodward hours of time, and that he himself did not participate, the president thinks he is his own best mes n messenger, they they did not bring the opportunity to him aggressively to participate in the book. >> this audiotape that bob woodward recorded with the president. bob recorded it and he was saying he was disapointed that president trump did not participate and president trump said i did not know about it, nobody brought it to me, and he says i spoke to kellyanne co conway, and he says i didn't know anything about it, and she
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walks into the office and is confronted by president trump. >> she said he spoke to you, but you never told me. why didn't you tell me? >> remember two-and-a-half months ago you came over and i laid out they wanted to talk to the president. >> i do, and i put in the request, but it was rejected. i can only take it so far. >> so the president now saying he would have wanted to participate.
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he says some of them are scared of me, and he was frustrated that he was not asked. he makes it sound like you can just call and they will patch it through to the president, but that's not how the white house works. he says i have had several books written about me that i thought were negative, and this is going to be another bad book, and bob woodward says i have hundreds of hours of tapes, i have spoken to everyone around you. >> maybe they were caall tryingo
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keep him from sitting down with the president, maybe they are trying to save him from himself. we have reported and others have too on the information from the meetingin inings he had. they have taken certain papers off of his doeesk so he won't sn them. the president's proclivities are to participate. he has done several interviews over the years. you heard fondness in that call, but people around him, i think talked about woodward, some of them have, and they knew which way this book was heading and i don't think they wanted him to
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participate. there was another moment where bob woodward says it will be accurate, but accurate is saying i'm doing the best job ever. i'm the best president ever, and that shows you the lens through which he sees the world. >> yes, the different interpretations of accurate, because the book does not show he is the best president ever. so we appreciate your take. >> there was a number of moments in the call, and kellyanne kelly was suggesting that she was not the one spiking the interview. >> she is a top counsellor. >> i cadge then imagine there i meeting, where they're all saying no and the president
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wishing he had. those things both happened. and lindsey graham did talk about it. joining us to discuss more, jamie ganiel. jamie, you have raid the entire book, and what jumps out to me and others is that there are people close to the president telling us they're protecting the country from the president. and we have seen the gary cohen quote, he will never see that document, i have to protect the country. rob porter saying a third of my job was reacting to the dangerous ideas he has. >> and they were constantly teetering on the edge of something going wrong. that is the theme throughout this book. wood ward reports a constant
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feel that the president bluntly was a danger to national security. that he didn't understand what was going on, we hear, you know, chief of staff john kelly has now denied saying he called the president "an idiot." but there are other quotes that wood ward has that he has not denied, where he says that the president is unhinged. he has dangerous impulses, he is erratic. this is something that you see throughout the book. >> jeffrey toobin, in your wheel house, the legal issues in this book. one of the things they're reporting is on january 27th the president's attorney staged a mock sit down between president trump and robert mueller, and it sounds like john dowd played robert mueller. dowd asked questions of president trump that responded with stumbles, contracontradict
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and lies, and it was then decided that john dowd told president trump this cannot happen, and mueller. >> this is consistent with my own reporting on what has done on here. but of course bob woodward is bob woodward and i trust him implicitly. i think every word in this book is true. in terms of the interview, this is what lawyers do. they look at their clients with a remorseless eye, and they say can i put this person in front of the prosecution. i don't think anything in this book -- it is all shocking but not surprising, does anyone really think that trump doesn't behave this way, of course he does, this is a richer more detailed por grant, and the
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lawyer said we're not going to put him in front of the staff. it is totally believable. >> jeffrey started to stay we'r not going to put him in front of bob woodward. he did a book in the bush years that was about the war. it was largely may favorable because the white house had a different narrative they were telling and they were comfortable with it. i'm sure trump was cooperating with woodward, but they determined if would be horrible. >> maybe the bush white house was not crazy town. i think the substance matters here. the fact that this is what the white house is actually like and it's not a matter of of spin.
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it really is crazy town. it is not inconsistent with the themes of their book. >> referee: to that extent, it is shocking to read, but it is not surprising. the white house has tried to push back. that tells you what they're m t most -- they have also pushed back that the president said about jeff sessions, this guy is mentally retarded. he is a dumb southerner, griping
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to aides that he doesn't have the pedigree that the president prefers. he can't stand his southern accent. jamie, not only is this statement from the president offensive to southerners, it is also offensive to people who really backed him with enormous numbers. >> let's start calling someone mentally retarded? that is beyond the pale. calling someone a dumb southerner. i don't know how his base will feel about that, but i can't imagine that will go over well. we also had president trump tweeting late last night about welcome look, what bob woodward said about jeff sessions. they say it took him to say
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something, at least semi-nice about jeff sessions, but the theme in the book when it comes out next week is stunning. it is a national security theme. twitter could start world war three, or when all else fails, they bring them over to the white house to stage an intervention to tell the president that you can't do something. when that fails, they swipe documents from his desk. >> what is just as startling is the glimpse of how far the white house works, this is consistent, there is a lot of current and former people around this president that can't get on the phone fast enough to do an interview. that is how much dysfunction. if we were not in a time of
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relative peace and prosperity this could be even more impactful than just the impact it is having so far. it also tells us that this president is really isolated and how top down decision making and agenda setting this is. this is not a team effort. he has certain beliefs informed or not, who is driving policy in the white house and so much of his advisory around him is retraining the impulses. they are being restrained by the deep state and the establishment. i think many people are looking at it as just an alarming situation. >> one of the really interesting parts, jeffrey, is hearing the back story of the messaging about charlottes vville. so the president knows there was good people on both sides, meaning the neonazis and the
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people protesting the neonazis, and then he came out and gave a moderate response, and then hi said no, there is good people on both sides, so why the boomeranging messaging, his staff, i believe rob porter, tried to get him to say something more national. you never make those concessions, why look weak? it is one of the correspondents saying it course corrected. it is really interesting to see behind the scenes how he was trying to save himself. >> and what was the subject? race. and what are donald trump's
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intini instinc instincts. he always sides against black people. and the one time he tries to say the kkk people were bad, he regretted it. it is constant with this president, it is always attacking. his instincts are exacerbate tensions and side with white over black. >> while we have you, counsellor, can we ask you something after we have learned about the negotiations after a possible interview by the president, we learned overnight from the reporting and in the new york times that robert mueller responded to the lawyers and the latest offer of how the president is talking, now the special county -- council can be more amendable.
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where do you see this going, what signs do you see there? >> we have in some respects, they both want to get the story over with, but trump -- but mueller really wants to talk to trump. he is willing to compromise in part on written answers. everyone knows they're written by lawyers, not by the subject involved. he is willing to sacrifice some of the oral conversation, but he is willing to get trump under oath. as the book illustrates, trump's lawyers are terrified of putting him in a law enforcement situation. push comes to hoef, there will be no interview here and it will leave mueller with the question of whether or not to much a
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subpoena. >> a real primary stunner in massachusetts, a ten term democratic congressman, a ten term democratic incumbent, becoming the latest candidate to advance for the november elections. david, thank you for being with us. in this case, the left, right, middle labels, i don't think apply as much. you see a female candidate, a minority candidate, pushing out a long term white incumbent here, and i think it tells us something about where the energy is in the democratic party. >> this is much more about style and representation. john capano was progressive.
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and the democratic party is becoming more diverse, more female, oriented, and this is the result of that. we're seeing a sea change inside the democratic party. certainly to the left side logicalllodg -- ideologically. >> i want to know what this means in november of 2018 and also, david, as we look to 2020 in the primaries there. >> there is no doubt about that. it becomes much more likely as you look at these results, back in june, pressley, stacey abrams and andrew gillum, this is a
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party that seems more poised and perfect to nominating someone more from the left and a more diverse nonwhite male in the party. if you're a nonwhite centrist in the 2020 race, you may need not apply in the current party in the way the electorate is responding. it is huge for us to think about, we don't know, of course, is the answer, but are they moving too far left, that is not the case in massachusetts, there is no republican opponent, but in general for the party are they moving too far left for a general election? we have to be open to the idea that may be a older way of thinking. i remember a lot of people in 2015 that thought if jou a candidate for mt. that is
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calling for a border wall and a muslim ban, there is no way they will get elected in the fall, i'm not sure those rules still apply. >> okay, andrew gillum, neck and neck there, we will learn a lot in november. what do white house insiders think of bob woodward's book? the legislator of legislative affairs, next. over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die.
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oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. bob woodward's new book is worrying the white house. they are talking about the top aides insulting each other and trying to protect the country. it seems to suggest that top
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aids need to protect the president from relevant information. that they cause a reaction from him, and protect the country from him thigh are trying to keep important information from him. >> they neknew exactly what the were do, but it is our job to give him the information and let him make the decision, gary
4:28 am
cohen tole cohen stock market aft cohen stole a letter off of president trump's desk. he took it bpresident could see it. she quoted he is quoted assayi saying i st it off of his desk, i have to protect the country. >> i don't know that he did. i don't know the reporting in that book, i think there is a tendency for former staff to want to appear more important than than were we're here he is saying he is trying to protect the country. >> he has nots denied it. there has been denies from the white house, he has not denied it or refuted it. >> i'm not familiar with him ever taking a document off of the president's desk. >> are you suggesting that gary
4:29 am
cohen is lying? >> no. i'm saying i don't know of any documents taken off of the president's desk. >> gary cohen is not denying this. >> there subpoeis a series of b where there is disgruntled staff that want to say this is the role that i played when i was there, and i'm not familiar that anything of that ever surfaced. people saying here is something that i did, so i'm not familiar with that account at all. >> are you saying gary cohen and rob porter who also has not denied what it says in the book are doing this because they're disgrunt disgruntled. >> i'm just saying i think our job is to provide information to the president of the united states. >> i get that's what you did, i hear you.
4:30 am
are ewe saying they're disgruntled and they fabricating things? >> no, i'm saying there has been a series of books out from disgruntled former employees that want to create a different reality. he has a different operation structure. i think somewhere there is chaos and dysfunction. you have a 4.2% gdp. >> i understand all of those accomplishments, but i'm just saying -- >> but you don't. >> i just want to focus on one thing you said. >> not on the accomplishments. >> you're putting bob woodward in the same category as omarosa. >> is his book in a different category? >> i think he is an acclaimed author, no doubt about that. >> and journalist. >> there is also a series of stories that say here is a chaotic whougs and discussion
4:31 am
about the process, and when you have 99% of isis territory reclaimed. unemployment at record lows, taxes that have been reduced -- >> are you saying all of the -- >> it may be working okay. >> so the end justifies the means to you? >> no, but this may be a different process. she a nontraditional president. he does things in a different way. it doesn't mean the end justifies the means, but there has to be reconciliation when they say hey, there is significant accomplishments as well. >> i hear that, but it is not just chaos, it sounds like there is people in the white house, close to the president, who were truly worried and have anxiety about the president's resources, and rob porter stole or hid
4:32 am
documents from the president's desk on multiple occasions to protect nation naal security. a third of my job was trying to react to the dangerous ideas he had and give him reasons why they were not such great ideas. >> i don't know that firsthand, alisyn, you had a great segment talking about the south korean element in the story. the president has a way of having a position that is a outliar and having staff argue out that position. why when they have a trade imbalance, why are we protecting them when they're not helping us out. that's when the staff comes to him and says this is why. >> ideally that makes perfect sense, but it doesn't sound like the people closer so the president think that is happening, john kelly said he is
4:33 am
an i an idiot, we have gone off of the rails, we're in crazy land. >> no, when i'm staying is he puts out a position that is the way he gets informed of the position opinion i think we would all acknowledge that. >> i never heard john kelly call the president an idiot. he is a guy that sacrificed an enormous amount for this country. >> did you know that bob woodward was working on a book? >> i i heard it, i didn't participate. >> do you know if anyone ment n
4:34 am
mentioned if to president trump and asked him to participate? >> i don't know, i don't think it is probably ever good for them to participate, he likes to be the decisionmaker, so he should have been told she writiwrit -- he is writing a book, we think you should not participate, what do you want? >> this is a very fascinating phone call where president trump says i wish i would have known, i would have participated welcome and bob woodward say he told about a half dozen people, and president trump saying what he thinks of bob woodward's reputation. >> nobody told me about it, you know i'm very open to you, i think you have always been fair, but we'll see what happens. >> that is president trump saying he is open, he has always
4:35 am
been fair, do you believe what is in his book? >> i have not read the book, i cannot comment if i believe it is true or not. >> but from what you have heard. >> of course not, bob woodward is an acclaimed author, but there has been a series of books that talk about the situation. interesting discussion there, so what is the reaction of woodward's explosive new book on capitol hill, we'll ask a senator about that and the supreme court confirmation process, next. why test a hybrid engine for over six million miles? why hand-tune an audio system? why include the most advanced active safety system in its class, standard? because when you want to create an entirely new feeling, the difference between excellence and mastery,
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bob woodward's explosive new book, "fear," gripping the white house. cnn spoke to at least a dozen former and current white house officials that say they spoke to woodward for his book. for more on this and what is happening on capitol hill, angus king. i want to get your reaction to what we have all seen and read in the last few days in this book. it paints a picture of white house officials, mostly in their words, trying to protect the country from the president. there is an episode with cagary
4:40 am
cohen steals papers off of his desk. i won't let him see it, never going to see that document, got to protect the country. what does that tell you that people feel like they need to keep him from the country some how. >> i'm going to disappoint you, i spent most last preparing for an important intelligence committee hearing this morning, and trying to figure out what kind of judge brett kavanaugh has been. i have not read the book or looked at the excerpts, i'm going to let you talk to other people about that, i'm trying to keep my head down and do my job right here. >> i appreciate that. before i go off of the subject, bob woodward, you have probably read his work for a long time, any reason to doubt his reporting? >> he is a distinguished reporter and serious journalist.
4:41 am
i didn't get interviewed for the book, so we will have to judge it on it's merits, see how the people mentioned respond, and add it to the cannon of legislature about this administration. >> i understand you're going to sit in on the kavanaugh hearing today. there was democratic maneuvering to try to get it stalled, what do you make of that? >> it was unfortunate the way it unfolded, but i'm puzzled by the way it is playing out in terms of documents being produced. i was in maine over the weekend, and people are starting to get suspicio suspicious, they're saying why are they not releasing documents, do they know something is in the documents? we have 10% of the material that
4:42 am
he produced in the whousz, and he was doing a job interview and he says i'm not going to show you, there is just something fishy here. i understand the frustration yesterday of the number of the senators giving 42,000 pages of documents 24 hours from the hearing. if you step back it makes no sense, this could be the future considerations for supreme court justices. we need to advise and consent, and i don't know how how we can without the record. with chuck grassley, he is
4:43 am
saying this is the most transparent process that he has ever seen. you're not buying it. they also say that what matters here is that brett kavanaugh's judicial record -- >> i don't know if that is all that matters, the 300 cases were the cases that came before his court. they don't necessarily reflect the breadth of his judicial thinking. they do need a broader record, and you particularly need what was he thinking about presidential privilege and torture, and den tensitention. how did he approach those and that is -- this is how our fundamental job, and i'm standing in the shoes of people of a man that want to know who is this guy, he is -- this is a 30 year appointment. his position on this court will be here when most of us are long
4:44 am
gone, and it will affect the country, this is not a member of the cabinet, it is a life-time appointment. >> do you feel it was appropriate for the democrats to try to slow down the hearing with as much interruptions as they had yesterday. >> i am a guy that believes in civility, but they were not being given a chance to make the case. i think they had to raise this question. in my view, the hearing should have been postponed. what's the rush? what is it that they're trying to move through so faster. i read that mitch mcconnell warned the white house about kavanaugh because of the length of time it would take to the get the materials together, and now they're starting to short circuit the process, and they're trying to process all of the information they need to make a good decision. >> so that hearing today and the
4:45 am
hearing in your committee. they're going to information te relation to foreign actions. what do you think are most important? >> i think most important is how can the platforms navigate the first amendment, free society, open information, as opposed to the misuse of their platforms as they were, as we now know, in 2016 to inform the people about a upcoming election. our whole system is based on information. that citizens can make decisions based on the information they're given. it is just downright lies, then we end up with not being able to make the right decision. we need to understand and talk to these companies. i don't want to regulate the internet. i think that should be the last
4:46 am
resort. the question is what can the companies do to protect the integrity of their own platform. this is a rare congressional hearing where it is not probed and everybody doesn't know the answers. we're really looking for information here, how we can protect the american democratic system going forward. >> you have a busy said ahead of you, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, john. >> president trump ripping jeff sessions for investigating two republican congressmen that happen to be the president's first two supporters. has the justice department ever seen something like this before? we get a reality check. to look at me now,
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy.
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wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. president trump is blasting attorney general jeff sessions for indicting two republican congressmen with financial crimes. those republican congressmen happen to be two of president trump's biggest supporters. what can history teach us about this episode? john avlon is here with a reality check. john? >> short spoiler alert -- none of this is normal. but we know president trump spends a lot of time attacking his own justice department, but this recent tweet you mentioned rips at the principle of justice in a more fundamental way. here's what he wrote. two long running obama era investigations of two very
4:51 am
popular republican congressmen were brought to a well publicized charge just ahead of midterms by the jeff sessions justice department. two easy wins now in doubt because there's not enough time. good job, jeff. trump is referring to the indictments of congressmen chris collins and duncan hunter on charges of insider trading and misusing campaign funds. coincidentally, they are the first congressmen who endorsed candidate trump. he's actually wrong on this end, at least. chris collins insider trading occurred in late june, 2017, not exactly the obama era. but that is small ball compared to the much bigger problem. trump seems to be again taking aim at the concept of impartial justice itself, suggesting that his justice department should take partisan politics into account. ben sasse raised the same red flag writing, quote, the united states is not some banana republic with a two-tiered system of justice, one for the majority party and one for the minority party. a quick look back shows past justice departments were equal opportunities indicters when it
4:52 am
came to corrupt members of congress. it's not a complicated concept, folks, a democratic crook should be the same adds a republican crook. for example, jesse jackson jr., shaka fattah and anthony anthony weiner were all indicted. and in george w. bush's administration there were arrests and kwuxs of republican representatives bob nay, duke cunningham and bill janklow. and who could forget this guy? >> what really frosts my pumpkin, expertses around the country say to solve the problem congress should give them more money. beam me up. >> what's not to love about jim traficant, the hair, the jean bla blazer. the tax vision accounts beamed jim traficant of youngtown up to
4:53 am
eight years in prison. and just around the last quarter century bill clinton's administration saw convictions of democrats like dan rostenkowski for his role in the congressional post office scandal. you get the idea, there are convictions of republican and democratic members of congress all the time, unfortunately. the justice department operates independently from partisan politics and electoral considerations, that's what helps keep our confidence in our system. other than guilty pro fencing their innocence, nowhere in any of these stories did anyone of real significance suggest the wheels of justice should simply stop turning for political purposes -- until president trump. as our own jeff toobin put it -- >> this tweet alone may be an impeachable offense. this is such a disgrace. this is so contrary to the traditions of the department of justice. >> that's your reality check. >> this is new, this is different. that's a great point. john avlon, thanks so much. back to the negotiating
4:54 am
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at time for cnn money now. the trump administration set to sit down for an important round of trade talks with one of the u.s.'s closest allies. cnn chief business correspondent christine romans with that now. >> it's a critical day for the future of nafta. talks resume between canada and the u.s. the canadian delegation heads to washington with both sides dug in here. president trump threatened to retaliate if canada doesn't move quickly on u.s. demands. canadian prime minister justin trudeau insists he won't sign a deal that's bad for canada. the u.s. reached 5 preliminary deal with mexico last week when talks with canada failed.
4:59 am
president trump said, quote, no political necessity to keep canada in nafta and warned congress don't intervene. u.s. business groups say the future of nafta needs to be a trilateral deal. among the disputes, the u.s. demands more access to canada's dairy market which is a relatively small part of overall u.s. canadian trade but canada wants cultural exemptions for industries like dairy and canada wants a dispute resolution mechanism. the u.s. set an october 1 deadline to renegotiate nafta and trade experts point out many of these things that bother the trump administration or donald trump about the u.s./canada trade situation were resolved under tpp but the u.s. withdrew from that. >> christine romans, tpp looming large even if in the rear-view mirror. thanks so much. we are following a ton of news so let's get to it. >> it seems like change is on the way. >> the blue wave took out a very
5:00 am
blue member of congress. >> women and minorities are coming out in huge numbers this primary season. >> people in the white house recognize the risk of this president and they're trying to protect this country. >> this book is not so much fake news as it's old news. >> bob woodward has the juice, he's got the facts. >> he's got a problem with jeff sessions, just fire him. >> the president has an operating style that's different from the other 44 presidents. >> you couldn't have a portrait of someone more unfit for the office of president. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. good morning, everyone, i see you looking at me with apprehension. >> i was tweeting off your notes. >> very good. president trump and has stiff gripped with fear this morning of bob woodward's new book that contains explosive claims of chaos and dysfunction inside the white house. bob woodward


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