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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 11, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it. that's it for me. jim sciutto for wolf blitzer today. up next, newsroom with brooke baldwin and that starts right now. i am brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me this tuesday afternoon. it could pack the winds of irma and rain of harvey. it is forcing more than a million people to get out of the way. look at me. interstate 26 where there's only one direction in which you can travel and that's far from the coast. texas suffered through harvey, puerto rico survived maria, and florida withstood i remember a. now looks like hurricane florence has its eyes on the carolinas. it is that gargantuan of a storm with that much brute force, and
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it is forecasted to dump a deluge of rain, possibly 20 inches in some areas. so much water that the risk of flooding extends miles beyond the coast of the carolinas days into next week. and that not only effects what you look at on the screen in places like ohio, maryland, west virginia and georgia. more than 20 million face the threat of the storm and more than 1.5 million are under a mandatory evacuation. plus assuming forecasts are accurate, florence will hit farther north and the east coast than any other category 4 hurricane ever. and fema is trying to manage expectations. >> this storm is not a glancing blow. this storm will be a direct hit. it will be a long time and a long term recovery when we talk about the effects of florence. so this is not going to be a storm we recover from in days.
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it will take us a good amount of time to do the full recovery. >> meteorologist jennifer grey in the cnn weather center tracking florence. i know you're getting up-to-date information. you heard that. officials saying it will take more than days to recover from this thing. what are you hearing? >> right. people could be without power days, weeks, months in some extreme locations. we're seeing the latest from hurricane florence. the latest came out five minutes ago. no change in wind speed. still 130 miles per hour winds, gusts to 160. it is moving a little faster west, northwest at 17. the previous advisory had it at 16 miles per hour as forward speed. moving a little quicker. it is a huge storm. you can see the eye, outside the eye, where the strongest winds are. hurricane force winds extend 40 miles from the center. tropical storm force winds extend 150 miles from the
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center. this is expect to remain a category 4, major hurricane before making landfall. could weaken a bit because it is going to slow down, but it is not going to matter because this is still going to be a major storm impacting most likely the carolinas. this track has not deviated much at all. the models are now agreeing. this is not a storm you want to ride out. not a wait and see where this will go. this is where it will go. you can see the confidence in the cone is big right now. it will be a category 3 likely as it makes landfall and it's just going to sit. so we talk about the storms a lot, lot of times we focus on the coast. with this storm, you want to focus on the coast and want to focus on areas inland. we could see huge amounts of rain. 20 inches, 30 inches possible across eastern portions of north carolina and then 10 to 20
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inches far inland, that bright pink is 10 to 20 inches of rain, not to mention the storm surge. as the storm surge pushes inland, it will push up all of the rivers that are inland. it will overfill their banks. we could see extreme flooding, brooke, in inland locations, not just the coast. inland folks need to pay close attention to the storm. >> so glad you mentioned it. track it at in terms of numbers as jennifer was hitting on, more than a million people in the carolinas and virginia under mandatory evacuation orders. in coastal areas specifically, lane reversals are under way on several south carolina interstates as people are urged to get out now. let's go to myrtle beach. nick valencia is there. nick, the mayor of myrtle beach issued a plea for folks to evacuate. the key question, are people heeding the warning? >> reporter: i got off the phone
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with the congressman that represents this district. he says he believes most people are evacuating, brooke, from people we have spoken to here, that's not the sentiment we're getting on the ground from folks we're speaking to. jim darling is one of the residents that's going to wait it out here. what gives you the confidence? >> not confidence, just been through it before here, and i would rather be home than stuck in a hotel somewhere. >> reporter: we heard from a representative of fema that said it won't take days to recover, but a long time. it will be a catastrophic storm. the mayor is saying please get out, pleading with you guys to leave. you heard the congressman saying this will be as stracatastrophi hugo. doesn't worry you? >> not really, no. just rather be home, comfortable, got generators, you know. >> do you think at all, we covered a lot of storms, brooke, you covered hurricanes before as well, there's always people that don't leave. they stress that you might even
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put first responders in jeopardy if they have to help you out. the congressman says there won't be people to help you out in case you need help. >> like i said, i am not worried about it. i won't be calling anybody to help me. i can take care of myself. >> you said you have been through blizzards and storms. >> 2, 3 feet of snow. harder with snow than water and rain. >> we are out, we wanted to see preparations that residents are evacuating or sticking around. what essentials did you get? >> water, batteries, food, milk. milk. that's about it. plans the next couple days as you wait for the storm to make landfall? >> watch tv, relax. get stuff ready around the house. >> we'll be screaming at you to get out. thanks for taking time. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. have a nice day. >> reporter: you heard it, jim darling is not alone, brooke. i have spoken to people all day, residents on the beach this morning when i was on myrtle beach. they weren't concerned. they said they have been through
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storms before, they know about hugo, were through it in '89. one resident remembers hurricane hazel in 1954. a lot of residents here see it as the norm. what the mayor is worried about, it will be a painstaking process for those that are leaving. if you're familiar with the area in myrtle beach, there's no major interstate. they're not connected to a major interstate. that means a lot of cars are on two lane highways trying to get out, hopefully not at the same time as we wait for the storm to make landfall. >> nick, you haven't prepared us for the parrot. >> reporter: yeah. i wasn't prepared for that myself. his name is maximus. he seemed chill. >> you seemed chill with the parrot a few inches from you. we wish the man and parrot all of the best. nick valencia, thank you. >> reporter: we roll with the punches. >> thank you so much. in myrtle beach. a short time ago the governor of north carolina
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issued this warning. >> i have an urgent message for everyone in north carolina. am hurricane florence will effect each and every one of you. this storm is a monster. it's big and it's vicious. it is an extremely dangerous, life-threatening historic hurricane. >> with me from kill devil hills, north carolina, lisa pressgraves that lived on the outer banks for a whopping 30 years. lisa, listen, you heard the governor describe the hurricane as vicious, life-threatening. you are staying put, despite this mandatory evacuation. i need to understand why. >> well, i have been through a lot of storms and i will leave if absolutely necessary if it
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gets scary at the last minute. as of now, what i am watching in terms of the forecast, i'm going to go to higher ground. do the best i can. >> not the most awesome connection. i think i heard you say you're going to higher ground so you'll be leaving, you live closer to the water. you're going up to higher ground. you're at work now, you're a bartender. how many people are riding this out? you have a full bar there. there you go. >> got a full bar. everybody is hanging out. everybody has stuff prepared. now we're just waiting for it. >> for people that are watching you from other parts of the country who have never ridden out hurricanes, can you just try to explain to people why you want to take that risk? >> well, first of all i have my dogs. that's one of the big reasons.
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it is hard to take off with them. i don't want to take him away. and a lot of my friends are staying and i don't feel i am in that much danger. we have a generator. plenty of food. i feel like i'm going to be safe here. >> we want your safety. lisa, thank you so much. we want to be sure we hear from everyone, folks heeding warnings to get out, folks like you that lived in the area 30 years are staying put. lisa, thank you. coming up, we will move away from the hurricane and talk about the president's son, don jr. he has been asked whether is frightened of going to jail. and why he says the number of people that trust his father are shrinking fast. and is president trump the best thing to happen to the
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publishing industry as billy ob woodward's book is released, we talk about astronomical sales numbers. and something isn't adding up in the story of the officer that walked into the wrong apartment and killed the man living there. hear what she's now claiming about the verbal command she gave him. we'll talk to his family's lawyer representing them, how they're saying something smot rig -- is not right. you're watching cnn. i am brooke baldwin. our workf. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah! now business is rolling in. get started at and it's also a story mail aabout people yeah! now business is rolling in. and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you when mit rocked our world.ailed we called usaa.
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you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! we are back watching cnn. i am brooke baldwin. today is the release day for "fear" by pulitzer prize winning
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journalist bob woodward, expected to break records online and in bookstores. a spokesperson for the publisher says we reprinted six times to meet extraordinary demand that puts 1 million books in print before we've gone on sale. while the white house has tried mightily to discredit sourcing for the book, the publishing world as a whole has benefitted from trump's presidency. you look at the best seller list this past month, look at this. the majority of books in the top 15 are critiquing trump or praising him. chris cillizza is here to talk about this. chris cillizza, trump is good for books apparently. >> making book publishing great again. that's a claim that's 100% true, brooke. i want to run through a few things. there are a few different types of books as you note. first of all, i am going to
11:17 am
broadly say they're critical books. fire and fury began the genre, massive seller. the comey memoir. you know about omarosa. rick wilson's book, he is a republican consultant from florida that's traditional republican consultant, but anti-trump. everything trump touches. this is number one on the best seller list. and you know that. the dream of every author, a million sales. largest presale in the history of amazon. these are big sellers. so too, to the next screen, so are these. you can tell from some of the titles, the russia hoax, the illicit scheme to frame hillary clinton. liars leakers, liberals. sean spicer, and cory lewandowski, let trump be trump. both of these sold extremely well. there's a hint as to why. let's go to the next screen.
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look, donald trump has 54 million twitter followers. any publisher would like an endorsement. the gregg jarrett book, the lewandowski book, spicer book. say 20 million of those 54 million are active twitter. that's a huge, huge endorsement. just because the president talks good or bad about you doesn't really matter. as you can see, woodward, woodward, woodward, woodward, woodward. donald trump is perhaps the best example of all press is good press. that's his view. he just wants to be buzzed about. he will take negative press. all of this helped sell that book. without question. if donald trump ignored it as some told him to do, that it
11:19 am
would not have sold. it would have sold. may not have sold to the extent it did. so donald trump drives book sales, period, full stop. >> make america read again. i'm disappointed you don't have that on your shoulder. >> maximus the parrot made my week. one other point, you said make america read again, make america buy the book fwagain. buying it and reading it aren't the same thing. >> thank you. meanwhile, the president's oldest son is coming to his father's defense. donald trump jr. is talking to abc news about the russian investigation, who his father can trust, and about the possibility of serving time over the 2016 trump tower meeting. >> your father denied reports that he is worried you might be in legal jeopardy because of the
11:20 am
mueller investigation. are you scared you could go to jail? >> i'm not, i know what i did, i'm not worried about that. that doesn't mean they won't try to create something, we have seen that with everything, again, i'm not. >> some say mueller is successful, he has indictment of manafort, he has a plea deal from cohen, he has papadopoulos sentenced. a litany of close associates of your father's under investigation. >> all for things that happened way before they were part of any campaign. so if they get manafort on a 2006 tax charge, i understand they're trying to get my father, and they'll do anything they can to get that. >> with me now, bob kusak, editor in chief of the hill. welcome to you. bob, to you first. does it sound like don jr. is almost resigned to the fact that he might go to jail? >> i'm not sure resigned.
11:21 am
he is like his father very defiant, taking a plaj frage fr play book going after robert mueller saying he will go after him no matter what, they want to get him, and there is a bit of a witch hunt here. i think that troubling times for the president now because the circle of people who have turned on him, michael flynn, possibly manafort, cohen, his lawyer, this is a troubling fall for trump. that's why republicans in congress are nervous because all of this is happening at the worst time for them. >> let me ask you as someone that covers the white house day-in and day-out, don jr. weighed in on the senior administration official anonymously penning the "the new york times" piece. >> pretty disgusting, sad. perhaps a disgruntled person thrown out because they didn't deliver what they were supposed to do. >> what's the crime?
11:22 am
>> i think you're subverting the will of the people. to control the presidency while not the president. you have millions and millions of american express that voted. there are people he can trust, it is a smaller group than i would like it to be. >> who do you trust in. >> i'll keep that to myself. >> and they're not family. >> i'm talking outside of family, that one goes without saying. >> shannon, seems the walls are closing in and the white house, who can the president trust? are his family members the only people left? >> it has been a shrinking pool of allies. you've had since the early months, i mean, around this time last year that he lost keith schiller, and he was trump's long time body man. at the time i remember people telling me they felt that could be deeply destabilizing to the president. keith was someone that was a confidant, friend, first person he would see in the morning outside his family. it has only continued since then. astounding number of people who we never thought would have
11:23 am
left. hope hicks, incredibly loyal to the president left. and then there's people he thought he could trust who now you see excerpts in books, bob woodward's book, gary cohen, i think it reaffirms this belief the president had from the beginning that family is the only people you can trust. that was something that was instilled in him by his father, coming up through a family business. certainly when you look at the president and who is left standing behind him, it is his family and the vice president. i would note there's still a sense in the white house that the vice president is one of the few people left that the president can trust, and of course can't really go anywhere, whether the president likes it or not. >> sure. so from who the president can trust to how much trust the american people have in this president, there was this dramatic drop in the president's approval rating.
11:24 am
it wasn't just cnn, 8 high quality polls have been completed in the past two weeks, and every one of them has trump's approval rating falling. what do you attribute this to? >> i think several things, brooke. those numbers are bad. this is a trump slump here. i think the anonymous op-ed, bob woodward book and the booming economy, i think the john mccain death. trump down the stretch in campaign rallies, he took shots at him for voting against the obamacare bill, and that i think did not sit well, especially you had all of the dignitaries at the mccain funeral, including former presidents and vice presidents, but trump was not invited. i think that's all boiled in. you look at the generic battle of voters, they think democrat or republican, who are they voting for, that's a double digit lead for democrats.
11:25 am
we have a long way to go for the election, and the senate map is republican friendly. odds are republicans hold the senate, the house looks more and more like it is going to flip. >> i would add to that, brooke, talking to people in the field working on midterm campaigns, this immigration, family separation issue. people told me working on campaigns that that was a real breaking point for a lot of people. that still resonates. they said don't underestimate that, seems like ancient history with the stuff that happened between now and then, family separation issue resonated with a lot of people. of course too, it comes down to a battle of turnout. if the 36% of supporters turn out, republicans could do okay. >> they say voter opinion to the president have been linked how they vote midterms. perhaps as you point out, republicans should be nervous at least on the house side. we will watch how it plays out. thank you to you both. meantime, on high alert. several states bracing for
11:26 am
hurricane florence as it gets closer and closer to the coast. millions in the bull's eye. i talk to a hurricane hunter on the beach next. and 17 years after the september 11 terror attacks, where is the leader of al qaeda, the terrorist that helped plot attacks with osama bin laden. there's a new message from him today.
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right now, hurricane florence is churning closer and closer to the carolina coast. the powerful storm growing and
11:31 am
on a menacing path. florence could be the strongest storm to make landfall since hurricane andrew in 1992. 20 million people are in the forecast cone. more than 1 million are already under mandatory evacuation order. with me now from curry beach near wilmington, north carolina, currently in the direct path of the storm, someone that has no plans to evacuate. bret adare, storm chaser. pretty skies for now. you covered a lot of storms. what is it about this one that concerns you most? >> reporter: well, it's really a storm like the north carolina coastline and south carolina coastline haven't dealt with in a very long time, since the late '80s, as a matter of fact. hurricane hugo hit the upper carolina coast, caused a lot of storm surge, heavy rain issues and wind damage in this entire area. here at curry beach, you can see behind me, we have a big pier,
11:32 am
it is one of the wood pylon piers. a storm will decimate structures like that. >> we're hearing about the storm, it could have wind speeds like irma, could drop rain and stall and sit over land like harvey. what are you hearing? >> reporter: that's exactly what we're hearing and what we're seeing. we are watching live up to date radar satellite information coming from the air force reconnaissance hurricane hunters. the storm is so large like you mention, hurricane harvey dropped tremendous amounts of rainfall in texas last year, and irma and hurricane maria had wind impacts. this one may be different. neither one of those had such storm surge impacts. the potential for 15 to 20 foot storm surge in the area is real, and it is something that hasn't been seen in a long time on the u.s. coastline. >> bret, i know what you're doing. stay safe. let's stay in touch with you through the course of the end of
11:33 am
the week as the storm gets closer. thank you so much. meantime, a police officer charged after she walked into this man's apartment and killed him. shot him to death. we're now hearing more from her side of things, including what she said to him. what isn't adding up. we'll talk to the family's attorney. and what is the greatest terror threat facing america now? no longer the lone wolf attack. hear about reporting from cnn today from a homeland security report next. t thing that was important for me to change was the culture of the company. and i think that had to shift to responsible growth. second thing i wanted to change was the leadership of the company. and the third was for us to start listening. listening to our riders. listening to our driver partners. i think listening is ultimately going to make us a better company.
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just in. pope francis is set to meet with officials from the u.s. catholic church this week in rome. this is happening weeks after the news broke of the horrific widespread abuse in pennsylvania. more than 300 priests accused of abusing more than a thousand children over decades. the vatican faced criticism for its response and lack of answers about how to handle it moving
11:38 am
forward. that meeting we're told involves two cardinals and an archbishop. your tears are not shed alone, for they are shared grief with an entire nation. we grieve together for every mother and father, sister and brother, son and daughter who was stolen from us at the twin towers, the pentagon, and here in this pennsylvania field. >> the president and first lady paying a somber tribute today to victims of flight 93 in pennsylvania on the 17th anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks. bells tolled, and named of the 40 victims of the flight were read allowed by survivors. in new york at the 9/11 memorial, family members also read those names of victims that lost their lives at the world
11:39 am
trade center. and at the pentagon, vice president mike pence and defense secretary james mattis attended a ceremony at the pentagon, honoring the 184 who were killed there. and on this anniversary of the attacks, al qaeda is releasing what it claims is an audio speech from its leader, ayman al-zawahri, urging followers to conduct further attacks on the united states. in the 23 minute speech, he calls on muslims to wage war on the u.s. with me now, cnn national security analyst peter bergen, produced an interview with osama bin laden in 1997 always good to have you. it has been 17 years since 9/11. where is bin laden's number two, and why hasn't he been caught? >> brooke, thanks for having me on. he is almost certainly in pakistan where bin laden was
11:40 am
found, where many leaders of al qaeda have been hiding. the cia has been looking for him, in fact occasionally take a drone strike at targets they thought were him. obviously hasn't succeeded. i think capacity to do attacks is low. we haven't been attacked by a foreign terrorist organization since 9/11 in the united states, attacks are carried out by people inspired but not like 9/11, 19 foreigners conducting a mass casualty attack. capacity of groups in the united states is lower because of all of the things we have done since 9/11, our defensive capabilities, offensive capabilities, public knowledge that this is a problem. for any viewer concerned about this, i would say ayman al-zawahri doesn't have capacity
11:41 am
to do anything outside pakistan, certainly not the ability to attack the united states. >> i want to ask about the opinion piece in "new york times," writd ten by joe quinn, u.s. army veteran. he tells a story of listing his brother james on the north tower. he talks about how he was furious that taday, he joins th army, deployed to iraq and afghanistan where he learned bin laden's goal was to keep the u.s. in a never ending war. quinn asked the question why are we doing what bin laden wanted all along and writes this. but the main reason i wanted to stay quiet about the war is because it has embarrassingly taken me 17 years to realize something. what i realize is this. 17 years ago, staring at the picture of muhammad atta, i wanted revenge against those that killed my brother. i finally realized the people that killed my brother died the same day he did.
11:42 am
i refuse to take att's orders or bin laden's, i will not stay quiet in the war. how do you feel? >> i read this piece, it is a powerful piece. that said, there's a misunderstanding here. bin laden didn't try to bring us into a never ending war. this is what he said after 9/11 when he realized that the attack backfired. his goal was to push us out of the middle east, not bring us further in. since 9/11, we are move involved in the middle east than anytime in our history. and president trump i think made the right decision when he said i changed my mind about afghanistan. anything worse than being in afghanistan, it is leaving afghanistan. we have run the videotape many times before, president obama did it at the end of 2011 in iraq, into the vacuum that was created came isis. look, it is not a great situation to be in. we have to manage and contain this threat. it is not going away. if we take our eye on the ball
11:43 am
and pretend it is going to go away, it tends to come back and we have seen it repeatedly. i accept that he feels strongly about this, but i think the president after debate with his inner circle made the right decision. a vacuum in afghanistan would attract more groups, they build up strength and turn their eyes to the west for an attack. >> peter bergen, thank you so much. always wonderful to have you on. appreciate it. >> thank you, brooke. coming up, the dallas police officer that shot her unarmed neighbor says she mistook her apartment for her own. now attorneys for the unarmed man question her version of events. we'll talk to one of the lawyers live next. and he lost an election by 67 votes. guess what, turns out 70 people got the wrong ballot. hear what happens now in this election blunder.
11:44 am
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a new affidavit lays out how a dallas police officer says she mistakenly shot and killed a man inside his own apartment. officer amber guyger is charged with manslaughter in the death of her neighbor, botham jean last thursday. according to the arrest warrant, she went into the 4th floor apartment instead of her third floor apartment, she tried to use an electronic key to open the door but it was already open. she walked inside, told investigators it was totally dark when she noticed a large silhouette. she said she thought jean was a
11:49 am
burglar, and shot him after he ignored her commands. wasn't until a 911 operator asked her location she said she noticed she was in the wrong apartment. with me now, jean's family attorney, s. lee merit. thanks for being with me. our condolences to the family. >> i'll pass those along, brooke. thank you for having me. >> i know you and this family do not accept the official account from the arrest documents from police. you tell me why and how do you explain how this officer ended up in a home that wasn't hers. >> much of the affidavit simply doesn't comport with common sense. the latter part of your question, how do i explain what happened, unfortunately i can't. typically i have some sort of theory of what happened in this case. here, i have no idea. i do know that certain statements within the affidavit are demonstratively false. for example, the door being ajar. the doors close automatically,
11:50 am
unless propped open because he was expecting a guest or something, i'm not making excuses, it wouldn't have been open. so what the family knows, what all of the friends know, everyone i talked to about botham knows is that he wouldn't prop that door open. he is a very meticulous accountant, intention on everything they do. doesn't prop doors open when expecting guests. i have spoken to people who were interacting with him minutes before it happened. he wasn't expecting any guest. so what actually happened is still a big mystery. i know what's stated in the affidavit is simply untrue. >> you said you had a theory why she ended up in the wrong apartment. what's your theory? >> i said typically i would have a theory. >> and you don't have a theory in this case. >> i have no theory here. >> i got you. i understand after all of this happened two witnesses, you tell me, i believe the two witnesses went separately, came forward saying that they did hear something. is that correct?
11:51 am
can you tell me what the witnesses said? >> yeah. so the two witnesses are actually roommates. one was in the living room, the other in her bedroom. one was in the living room watching television, both heard a knock or pounding on the door. the one closer to the scene in her bedroom reading a book, she heard pounding followed by a female voice saying open up, let me in. she said the voice didn't sound like an officer command but sounded like someone that wanted to be let in the apartment. she said that was shortly followed by the sound of gunshots and sound of a man's voice saying what she believed to be oh my god, why did you do that. again, i have a difficult time figuring out how those facts play into what we know, but i know if a door is locked, there's no one pound -- i mean if a door is open, wouldn't be anyone pounding on it. >> do you know, did the officer and mr. jean, did they know each
11:52 am
other? >> no one that i know who has a personal relationship with both of them can connect the two in any meaningful way. the only connection we have been able to make, she's his immediate downstairs neighbor. there were noise complaints from the immediate downstairs neighbors about whoever was upstairs, and that would have been botham. there was a noise complaint that very day about upstairs activity in botham's apartment. botham received a phone call about noise coming from his apartment from the downstairs neighbor. >> i see. and lastly, i wanted to read part of the statement from the dallas d.a. spokesperson, it is important to maintain the integrity of the case. once all of the evidence is presented, it will go to the grand jury. no time line estimate on how that goes forward. on-going investigation. case will be thoroughly investigated. appreciate you. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. as the investigation grows
11:53 am
into the former cbs chief, les moonves, one of the network's high profile stars is weighing in today on the accusations. what gayle king says about her workplace. plus, refusing to leave, despite grave warnings to evacuate. many on the carolina coastline aren't moving as florence could strengthen to a category 4 storm as it makes landfall. the forecast ahead. your own backyard. get lost inn or get pumped up for your grand entrance. t-mobile lets you watch your favorite movies and shows in more places, without paying more. get an unlimited family plan with netflix on us. and right now at t-mobile, buy one samsung galaxy s9 and get one free.
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powerful men in television but today les moonves is facing even more accusations that he abused that power to harass and force himself onto women. and by the way, he could still walk away with millions and millions of dollars. six more women coming forward to accuse former cbs chief les moonves of sexual misconduct and harassment, even cbs this morning host gayle king says she's sickened by the developments and feels for moonves' wife who is taking a leave of absence. >> in our own house, we must have transparency, and i certainly feel for julie chen today. she's in a very difficult position. les moonves has done wonderful things for this company and we can't forget that either. it's just a bad situation all the way around. >> cnn money politics media and business reporter is with me. you hear gayle feels for julie chen, calling for transparency at her own workplace.
11:59 am
what is the atmosphere like now at cbs? >> you can hear from gayle and norah o'donnell how much it hurt morale. he was a larger than life media figure and really helped put cbs on top and on the map when it came to both a news product and entertainment product. and you have to keep in mind, this is only a few months after the charlie rose incident. and when that shocked and rattled the network. so this is a difficult few months for them. you can hear in gayle's voice there's conflicting emotion as well. les moonves for some people was a good boss, a creative genius. this is what you see in a lot of me too stories, people can be very good at their jobs, good bosses for some, then you hear stories behind the scenes that can be really horrifying. and the other thing you hear from cbs employees, what gayle said on air, there's still a lot of questions left. we don't know when the internal
12:00 pm
investigation will come out, we don't know what it will say, or if we will be allowed to see what it says. it will remain confidential per moonves' contract, and we don't know what, if anything, he will be paid. zero to $120 million. how will they determine what misconduct is worth what money. >> pending the investigation. keep us posted. thank you so much. you are watching cnn. i am brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. this could pack winds of irma, harvey, hurricane florence is forcing more than a million people to get out of the way. at this hour, more than a day from expected landfall some evacuation routes are already clogged. >> both lanes of u.s. 5 run northbound will shift left to the reverse southbound lanes and continue for a distance of


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