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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 28, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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moving ahead could publicly in an effort to bring this country together say that we would feel better. i'm not expecting them to vote yes but not to complain that an fbi investigation has not occurred. this is what i'm trying to do. this country is being ripped apart here. we've got to make sure that we do due diligence. i think this committee has done a good job but i do think that we can have a short pause and make sure that the fbi can investigate. my understanding is that some of us would have to and i'm prepared to do it, make a request to the white house to ask the fbi to do that investigation. it would be short and limited in scope to the current allegations that have been made. but i would just encourage the democrats who we talked to before to endorse that kind of thing, that we can then move on.
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>> mr. chairman. >> because of the two-hour rule, we're adjourned. >> what? >> the two-hour rule. >> no vote. >> when did we come in? did we come in at noon? >> no. yeah, we did. the two-hour rule. we had to get this all done by 2:00. >> well, is it done? is flake's argument going to happen or did you cut off a vote? >> we didn't have a motion. this is all a gentleman and women's agreement. >> gentleman and women's agreement. >> but i'm committed to -- >> let him say what he's committed to. >> they turned off the microphones over there.
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can you hear senator feinstein complaining that all of a sudden chuck grassley announce as two-hour rule so he abruptly ends it after the senate judiciary committee passed the nomination on party lines, jeff flake saying he hopes now at least before there's a final vote on the senate floor, there's up to a one-week investigation by the fbi of these allegations against judge kavanaugh. he says it would be limited in time, limited in scope involving the current allegations. dana, it's a little complicated right now but explain. >> let just move past this two-hour rule thing, which is an arcane issue, but it the reason they just all abruptly very oddly got up. let's talk about the most important issue at hand, which is this vote and this investigation. so what just happened is incredibly dramatic and incredibly important in that
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this republican, jeff flake, after getting accosted in a really dramatic, emotional, obviously sincere way from a couple of women in the hallways, caught on camera, was live on cnn, combine that with him listening to his colleagues in the senate this morning, including and especially chris coons of delaware making an impassioned argument to delay this to do a real investigation, flake and koons wecoons went of what he agreed on, this is only his personal preference, is to delay the senate floor vote for a week while an fbi investigation goes on. so that is his preference. he holds a lot of power because there's a razor thin majority and his vote is going to be incredibly important. but here are the two realities that have not yet been dealt with. number one, he doesn't control the floor of the u.s. senate. mitch mcconnell, his leader,
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majority leader does, and he made that clear. it's going to be a question of whether mccanonnell is going toe okay with this. his decision whether he'll be okay, he being mcconnell, is simple math. if it's not just flake and he has susan collins and murkowski, he just needs one other senator to agree. mcconnell won't have a choice -- >> unless joe manchester-- >> it is the white house, the president, who has to okay an fbi investigation. they have said flat out, no, we're not going to do that. >> then they won't get their nominee. >> but the pressure again, just like it is on mitch mcconnell, to do this, to say we're going to do this fbi investigation, which is going to have a limited
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time, limited scope for one week, a general men and women's agreement. so those are the two outstanding factors right now about whether this week-long delay is actually going to happen, mitch mcconnell and the president of the united states. >> you know how the president feels about the fbi, deep state, all the rest of it. the president is going to get this request and maybe he'll call chris wray and say do you promise me this is going to be non-biased -- >> hold on. senator leahy will speak. he's walking away right now. hold on. senator klobuchar. >> they had been working together on this for quite a while and a number of us have been urging them along. this was kind of a surprise to all of us. senator flake has expressed including in his speech yesterday, his concern about the divide in this country that is being exacerbated by what's happening here. of course we have been asking
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over and over again for follow-ups on the evidence. so senator flake is basically saying to his leadership i want to see this additional investigation before i vote for this nominee. and if he is joined by one or two other republicans in this request, then they wouldn't have the votes unless the investigation occurred. >> reporter: has anybody else committed -- >> i don't know, you'll have to ask them. it is one week -- one week is what senator flake was interested in and you can do a lot if you have the whole fbi looking at things in one week. >> reporter: did senator flake bring this idea to the democrats or -- >> you should talk to senator flake about that. i think you've seen him to be quite an independent in terms of the lot of decisions he makes and he just felt he had a very important role to play here as a member of the committee. >> reporter: is he still in there? >> i believe he's still in there.
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again, a number of us had suggested the week. i suggested it today, as did senator coons. did we actually think this was going to happen today? no. we are in a better place than we were at 8 a.m. this morning. >> why do you think flake switched? >> i think you should talk to him. >> so that's senator amy klobuchar. manu raju is up there on capitol hill. so what happens now? >> reporter: well, the question is ultimately how this will unfold, what jeff flake said -- >> hold on, hold on, let's listen to lindsey graham. >> i hope some congratulations will say if we do what jeff said, that will end the process dispute, a few of them. i don't expect any of them to vote for the guy but if we ask the fbi to look at what's in front of us, no later than a week, no longer than a week, they would say that would be a better process, that would be progress. just trying his best to bring the country together and vote
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the best way he knows how. i don't know if that's the agreement. i'll get back with you. >> do you expect senator mcconnell to honor this? >> do you think it would be a good idea if he did honor this? >> last time i looked, you need 50 votes. all i can say is right now what jeff is saying is -- makes sense to me. >> do you think that murkowski -- >> i don't know. i'm not speaking for mitch. i'm going to talk with jeff. somebody's going to explain this to trump. so i guess that will be my job. >> reporter: are you going to back this move? >> huh? if i'm nothing, i'm practical, okay. >> all right. so there's lindsey graham. manu, i interrupted you. you were telling our viewers what happens now. >> well, it's unclear. i mean, that's the bottom line. talking to republicans who are leaving this meeting, they were
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surprised by this 11th hour request and they themselves are uncertain. john cornyn just talked to reporters as he was leaving and he said it's unclear because in one week's time how much clarity can the fbi actually give on this incident from more than three decades ago? also, the white house presumably would have to call on the fbi to reopen that investigation or initiate this investigation. so there are some steps in the process that have to happen. now, if mitch mcconnell were to ignore jeff flake's request and still push ahead to begin the process this weekend and push for a confirmation vote next week, he probably would not have the votes to do that if jeff flake were to withhold his support and if lisa murkowski and susan collins also were to withhold their support.
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>> here's lindsey graham. >> do you support the one week here? >> i'm trying to find out what is is. so i just talked to jeff, i'm going to meet with him and senator mcconnell. jeff believes on the process side the committee's been very fair and that we bent over backwards. i think he's been upsetting about the committee -- information being withheld and some of the game being played. he believes if the fbi had a few more days, some democrats have told him that would alleviate their process concerns, even though they're not going to vote for him. i think what jeff is going to do is end this the best he possibly can to accommodate some people on the other side and to bring the committee together if possible. so this is democracy. am i mad at jeff? no. am i in a different place? yes. >> reporter: what was if the fbi is not done with this
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investigation in a week? >> you can have the fbi, the cia and foreign legion and they're not going to tell you anything else than they know now. >> so what's going to happen? >> he said a week or maybe less. we're not playing this game of opening up and it goes on forever. what he said is i would feel better if they have a week to look at what's in front of us, no more. some democrats have said okay with that. i'd like them to come forward. i'm going to talk to mitch and jeff and eventually engage with the white house. again, i don't think we need this. i am long since ready to vote. i think he's been very poorly treated, judge kavanaugh -- >> do you think this is going to sink judge kavanaugh's nomination? >> absolutely not. i think jeff feels good about judge kavanaugh. he just wanted to make sure the process is fair. but you need to ask him. i've never felt better about him being on the bench than i do
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right now. >> has senator mcconnell agreed to this? >> what changed? >> this is called democracy. he talked to his colleagues and they're going jeff, please, please just give us a few more days. jeff's a really good guy. i wouldn't have done it but, please, let's be fair. jeff is trying to be fair. i just don't see we're going to benefit from anything. i've been doing this most of my adult life. it's 35 years ago. you know what you know, you've heard what you're going to hear. having said that, this is called democracy. >> do you think this might help other people in the country feel better about this person on the supreme court if a week from now the fbi comes back and says we're good? >> i think the people in the country are going to feel differently a week from now you can probably put in a phone booth. however, if jeff feels better about it, i feel better about it. i'm a practical guy.
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>> reporter: was he confronted by protesters on his way to vote this morning? >> i mean listen, this is jeff flake. this is what i like about the guy. susan and others take it really seriously. jeff is not a lawyer. this is really hard. i've been in the legal system, you have a lot of emotional decisions to make but the fact pattern leads itself to there's just not enough, we got to move on. but having said that, this is jeff flake being very sincere. and what he's trying to do, and i respect the hell out of this, trying to get some democrats on -- if you say a week longer will make it a better process -- >> do you think the republican leadership have agreed to a one-week delay? >> if i quit talking to y'all, i can go find out. >> manu, go ahead. good try. but go ahead.
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he's making it clear, he's very sympathetic to jeff flake, he's ready to see what happens. but it all boils down now to mitch mcconnell and the president of the united states if they're willing to give it a week, let the fbi go ahead and do this limited investigation. and the only reason i suspect they would agree to a week extension before there's a final floor vote is if they don't have the votes right now to pass this confirmation. >> yeah, no question about it. they may be forced into accepting jeff flake's demands. we'll have to hear what some of those other republicans say. but the fact that graham said there at the end i have to go talk to him to figure out whether he's okay with it just shows you how surprised he's members are. >> this is taped, manu, tape from moments ago, the president. >> i'm going to let the senate
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handle that. they'll make their decisions and they do a good job. very professional. i'm just hearing a little bit about it because i've been with the president of chile and we're talking about some very important subjects but i'm sure it will all be very good. i guess the vote was a positive vote but there seems to be a delay. i'll learn more about it as the day goes on. i just heard about it because we were together. >> reporter: what did you think of dr. ford's testimony when you heard that? >> i thought her testimony was very compelling and she looks like a very fine woman to me, very fine woman. and i thought that the temperature likewise was really something that i hadn't seen before. it was an incredible moment i think in the history of our country. but certainly she was a very credible witness. she was very good in many respects and i think that -- i
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don't know if this is going to continue onward or are we going to get a vote? again, i'm here so i'm not out there watching because i can't be, out of great respect. maybe we'll watch together. we'll watch together. but i think it will work out very well for the country. i just want it to work out well for the country. if it happens, i'm happy. >> reporter: have you thought about a replacement for kavanaugh? >> not a little bit. >> what is your message for murkowski and collins? >> there's no message. they have to do what they think is right and be comfortable with themselves and i think that's what they are. >> reporter: would you be willing to reopen the background investigation into kavanaugh? >> i'm going to rely on all of the people, including senator grassley, who is doing a very good job. that lab will be a decision the
11:17 am
going to make and i suspect they'll be taking some vote soon on what they want to do. i'll be totally reliant on what they decide to do. we will be discussing venezuela among other things. a lot of interesting thing going on in that part of the world. but chile is something special. if you look at how far they've come, how well run the country is. it's an honor to be with you, a great honor. thank you very much. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. whatever they think is necessary is okay. >> thank you. >> we'll see what happens. i know he wants to meet with us. we'll see what happens. venezuela's a mess and it's got to be cleaned up and people have to be taken care of. thank you very much.
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there he is, the president in the oval office, saying whatever the senate republican leadership wants to do is fine with him. he's deferring to them right now. he said that he was very, very pleased with what judge kavanaugh had to say. also professor ford was very, very credible. jim acosta, you were there in the oval office during that q & a with the president. walk us through. he clearly is not completely up to speed yet. >> reporter: that's right. when i asked him initially what senator flake had just done, he acknowledged he had just welcomed the chilean president to the white house, they were just getting starred with thete
11:19 am
meeting for this afternoon and he wasn't up to speed. he did not dismiss there should be some kind of delay to allow for an investigation before there was a full senate floor vote on the fate of kavanaugh. i thought that was extraordinary. all of the reporting out of the white house yesterday was they were almost doing cart wheels and back flips after judge kavanaugh testified before the senate judiciary committee. it sounds as though the president is being ever so cautious about this. he hardly ever basis in this way but he is certainly doing it in this case, acting ever so cautious about the fate of judge kavanaugh. you heard me say what did you think of dr. ford's testimony? he said he thought she was a fine woman, a very fine woman and also a very credible witness. so it does seem inside the white house, while they thought judge kavanaugh may have pulled his nomination out of the fire yesterday afternoon, they also believe that christine blasey ford is a very credible witness. at the very end there we were
11:20 am
looking for clarity, wolf, because he wasn't saying whether or not definitively whether or not this delay was going to be okay. he said whatever the senators want to do, whatever senator grassley wants to do and the gop wants to do and the senate judiciary committee want to do is fine with him. it sounds like the president is on board with him. we have that caveat that you never know what's happening with president trump, he would tweet something at 6:00 in the morning saying he wants that vote. moments after jeff flake did what he did, the president of the united states who put brett kavanaugh forward is saying he's open to a delay. >> that was very dramatic indeed. chris coons has been speaking, the senator from delaware. i want to listen in briefly. >> any questions? >> reporter: what happens if the fbi investigation is not -- [ inaudible ].
11:21 am
what will happen, based on your conversation with senator flake, what will happen at that point? >> here's what i can commit to. i don't control the fbi or whether or not other allegations i will say and am saying now i am deeply grateful to senator flake and others who i believe will join him in saying they are not comfortable in proceeding to a final vote on judge kavanaugh's nomination without a short additional period of investigation. there is understandable concern on the part of many senators in the other caucus that they expressed in or judiciary committee meeting that there will simply be addition an al allegations coming forward. if they are, i think they should be investigated. but what i support is the idea that it should be no more than a one-week delay before a final vote and that, frankly, the current allegations should be sufficient for the fbi to difficult some further input to the members of the committee
11:22 am
about whether there are or are not reasons for there to be some cloud hanging over judge kavanaugh's nomination. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> i'm optimistic. i'm optimistic about that. i would encourage you to ask other senators how they'll present themselves but i think senator flake and i, having had conversations with some colleagues, had reason to be optimistic that that could be successful. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> at some point virtually every member of the committee were in the back hall. >> senator collins and murkowski? >> they are not on the committee. they were not physically present. there were a number of conversations back and forth. >> reporter: were republicans trying to dissuade him from doing this? >> of course.
11:23 am
vigorously. i've had conversations with a number of other senators, republicans and democrats, i've had a number of conversations in recent days with colleagues, republicans and democrats, of how can we possibly get to a further fbi investigation to address some of the credible allegations dr. ford brought forward without extending the timeline. republicans colleagues have accused democrats of trying to hold this open past the election. that was not my goal. my goal was in pressing the fbi to consider seriously the allegations. >> reporter: the flip side to that, are there other democrats who will be willing to drop their or process complaints about this if the fbi investigation is indeed done next week? >> i would encourage you to talk to other democrats on the
11:24 am
judiciary committee. i'm certainly coming forward to say i am grateful to senator flake. i am hopeful that the president will direct the fbi to further investigate the allegations that are currently before us and that i think this was a significant step and that i am hopeful that the republican majority will embrace this one-week pause for a limited-in-scope additional investigation. it's my hope a report will be delivered to the judiciary committee, minority and minority and have an opportunity to question agents. my predecessor, joe biden, has been quoted repeatedly yesterday on this point. i recognize the fbi does not present conclusions. they simply present evidence. but i think there's a number of senators who after dr. ford's testimony yesterday believe that there was significant evidence that had not been thoroughly
11:25 am
examined and that that should be done. we as senators reach the ultimate conclusions about whether we vote for or against judge kavanaugh, but i do think there was another doubt raised yesterday by dr. ford's testimony that a number of senators felt that a further investigation was justified. >> reporter: did senator flake mention the protesters this morning? did he say anything about his state of mind and why this came about? >> i'd encourage you to talk to senator flake. let me say this, senator flake is a genuine conservative, he's written a book about the conscience of a conservative. he and i do not share a lot of political views but we share a deep concern. senator flake and i share a deep concern for the health of this institution and what it means to the rest of the world and to our country if we are unable to conduct ourselves respectfully and in a way that hears each other. in the back hallway
11:26 am
conversation, a number of our colleagues also had very sharp conversations with each other about some of the partisanship and some of the posturing. i frankly think that what senator flake is trying to do is to both achieve a brief, credible investigation of allegations in front of us and serve as a role model as he has for me today of someone who is willing to take a real political risk and upset many in his party by asking for a pause so that the american people can hear that we are able to work together on some things, that even though he and i are from different parties with different values and different backgrounds, we respect each other and we can work together. i have traveled to countries and other places in the world with senator flake and know how passionately he feels that our division right now teaches the wrong thing to the world about our democracy and suggests that we are not able to respect each other or work together. if you look at his voting record
11:27 am
in the last congress and mine, they are almost as far apart as they can be, yet we respect each other and can work together. >> reporter: what did you say -- >> we've been listening to senator chris coons. he's very pleased with senator flake's recommendations that the entire rosses be delayed a week so the fbi can come in and do an additional investigation. originally there was supposed to be a vote on the senate floor tomorrow. now that it passed, that vote might not take place in senator flake and his colleagues have their way. >> that's right. let me just reiterate what exactly this means and the import and impact. in order for judge kavanaugh to be confirmed at the supreme court, he needs 50 senators to say yes because the republican vice president could give the deciding vote. he does not have that right now.
11:28 am
jeff flake could be that 50th vote along with a few other republicans who are still undecided. right now i think there are 49 republican senators who have said that they are a yes. without jeff flake, it could be 48. so it's simple math. the votes aren't there right now without jeff flake and likely the two other republicans who have been sort of comrades in arms with him on this issue. >> lisa murkowski -- >> and susan collins. so that is the simple math. having said that, that has to be something that mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, agrees with. he controls the senate floor, not jeff flake. he will control when the vote is, not jeff flake and certainly not the democrats. the other unknown here is the president of the united states. he just said in that bit in the oval office that he's going to listen to the senate, the senators are going to handle it but it is up to the administration. they have made it very clear to
11:29 am
decide whether there will be an fbi investigation, which is part of what jeff flake is demanding. we heard lindsey graham say he's going to have to talk to both mitch mcconnell and the president of the united states. it's hard to imagine they do not have what they want, which is to have the votes to confirm brett kavanaugh. and to concede to a one-week delay and, frankly, that if the president will not get his key supreme court justice confirmed will not acquiesce and say, fine, the fbi can investigate. but we don't know. what we know is the votes are there for brett kavanaugh but -- >> i think jeff flake made it very clear in the committee that he voted yes for kavanaugh on the ground that he would get
11:30 am
support for this proposal that he's got. it's perfectly plausible that jeff flake could come back and if he doesn't get support in a couple of hours or whatever it is, that he could come back and change his vote. we just don't know. right now it seems to me like it's kind of the mornings after over there on the senate judiciary committee. people have calmed down and, you know, all the partisanship that we saw yesterday, you didn't hear lindsey graham coming out and complaining about jeff flake. >> just the opposite. he said this is democracy. >> exactly. it's messy. >> every single senator has tremendous power, especially when you have such a razor thin margin. remember, jeff flake has not agreed with the president because of the tone and tenor of washington right now, because of the divisive nature right now. and he's leaving, retiring for one main reason, he was not
11:31 am
going to win a republican primary because people were so angry for him for speaking out. >> this really does help the integrity of the process at this point. the message that the democrats were trying to communicate that you felt a lot of people were buying no matter what side they were on is wait a little bit, take a little look and jeff flake said no more than one week. who would argue with no more than one week? the little clip we saw from the president didn't seem at least moment -- >> judge kavanaugh. >> judge kavanaugh made it very clear he might not have a choice. >> judge kavanaugh is very worried that with every hour that passes something new will come out about him. but he's also probably so aware half his nomination has done to the committee and to the country. remember his background. he has always been a very shrewd operator at the nexus of politics and the law and he would have never wanted what happened to him to have happen to any of the nominees who he
11:32 am
helped get on to the court. so i think that you're right, he would not have wanted this, he would have wanted the vote on tuesday to be confirmed on thursday. given the atmosphere, if all goes well for him, he'll go on to the bench in a much better posture. >> maybe it won't, though. >> the fbi could find something. yes, there are a bunch of unknowns. people are still looking. >> i think mcconnell -- and mcconnell is somebody who was pushing this along at mock speed. >> and he can't anymore because of what lindsey graham said. >> chuck grassley, the chairman of the judiciary committee is in -- we are still waiting. it was incredible drama what happened just an hour ago in the
11:33 am
judiciary committee. the drama continues as we wait to see what mitch mcconnell decides. >> we don't know if the fbi is brought in and does up to a one-week investigation. we don't know what the witnesses are going to say. if you lie to the fbi, that's a criminal -- that's a felony. understandably the republicans, the supporters of brett kavanaugh, some of the witnesses may wind up saying and could have a dramatic effect. that's why they didn't want the fbi involved to begin with. >> i think saying that whatever they say is necessary. >> lisa murkowski just told sunlen serfaty that she is with flake. she went into mcconnell's office and said yes if she supports flake's --
11:34 am
>> that's significant. >> the simple math. >> the pressure is on mitch mcconnell right now, on the president, to let the fbi go ahead, investigate for up to a week and then have a final vote on the senate floor. it just passed the senate judiciary committee. our special coverage continues right after this. rs everywhere meet o, that's good! frozen pizza one third of our classic crust is made with cauliflower but that's not stopping anyone o, that's good! you might or joints.hing for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm brooke baldwin. we begin with a second day of just extraordinary drama from capitol hill.
11:39 am
republican senator jeff flake is calling for delaying the full senate vote for a week in order to conduct a proper fbi investigation into the allegation that christine blasey ford testified to just yesterday, that judge kavanaugh sexual assaulted her when they were in high school. kavanaugh gave a strong and emotional declaration of his innocence. here is senator flake from just moments ago. >> i have been speaking with a number of people on the other side. we've had conversations ongoing for a while with regard to making sure that we do due diligence here, and i think it would be proper to delay the floor vote for up to but not more than one week in order to let the fbi continue to do an investigation limited in time and scope to the current allegations that are there,
11:40 am
limit in time to no more than one week. and i will vote to advance the bill to the floor with that understanding. >> so let's go straight to capitol hill to lauren fox who is standing by. lauren, this is all moving very, very quickly now. i understand there's a lot of activity, several key republicans, including senator flake, in the senate majority leader's office right this very minute. >> absolutely. this was a shocking development in the senate judiciary committee just a few minutes ago. now the big question is whether senate leaders are going to allow for this one-week delay senator flake has asked for. a few moments ago, my colleague sunlen serfaty talked with lisa murkowski who said she supported senator jeff flake's move for a
11:41 am
one-week delay so the fbi can look into allegations against brett kavanaugh. we are all waiting anxiously outside of senator majority leader mitch mcconnell's office. >> we'll listen for that and report what happens as soon as it happens. the other keep piece of this, president trump reacting to this news moments ago. cnn jeff zeleny is at the white house. we heard the questions from our chief white house correspondent, you know, as far as what do you support this notion of an fbi investigation, and it sounded like the president said it's up to the senate. >> reporter: that's right, brooke. the president is being unusually restrained about this today. he really is leaving this in the hands of mitch mcconnell and the senate. what a difference from anything we've heard from him over the last week or so.
11:42 am
we have spent so much time this week talking about how he's been blasting democrats, calling it a con game, saying why didn't she report this some 36 years ago? well, today president trump seems to be, you know, restrained is the only word i can really think about as he was answering the questions. and he is trying to determine what the next steps are here but he's not blaming anyone, blasting anyone. take a listen to how he answered the question just shortly ago in the oval office. >> i guess the vote was a positive vote, that there seems to be a delay. i'll learn more about it as the day goes on. i just heard about it because we were together. >> reporter: what did you think of dr. ford's testimony had you heard that? >> i thought her testimony was very compelling and she looks like a very fine woman to me, very fine woman. and i thought that brett's testimony likewise was really something that i hadn't seen before. it was incredible. it was an incredible moment i
11:43 am
think in the history of our country. but certainly she was a very credible witness. she was very good in many respects and i think that -- i don't know if this is going to continue onward or are we going to get a vote, but again i'm here so i'm not out there watching because i can't be, out of great respect, but maybe we'll watch it together. we'll watch it together. but i think it will work out very well for the country. >> reporter: the president just a few seconds after that, brooke, was asked if he's having any second thoughts about his nominee. he said not at all. he's squarely standing behind brett kavanaugh. the question is many wonder if they would have ordered the fbi investigation a week ago, could they have avoided some of this? the white house is going to take its cues from senate
11:44 am
republicans. so what is happening right now in mitch mcconnell's office, that is very important and will determine on what happens on this end of pennsylvania avenue. brooke? >> jeff, thank you. i just want to roll the clock back a little bit. it's important to really key in on the moments that led up to this. so senator flake was confronted this morning on an elevator, but not just one, two women. watch this. >> you have children in your family. think about them. i have two children. i cannot imagine that for the next 50 years they will have to have someone in the supreme court who has been accused of violating a young girl. what are you doing, sir? this is the future! >> nobody believes me. i didn't tell anyone and you're telling all women that they don't matter, that they should just stay quiet because if they tell you what happened to them, you're going to ignore them. that's what happened to me and that's what you're telling all
11:45 am
women in america, that they don't matter, they should just keep it to themselves because if they had told the truth, they're just going to help that man to power anyway. that's what you're telling all of these women. that's what you're telling me right now. look at me when i'm talking to you. you're telling me that my assault doesn't matter, that what happened to me doesn't matter and that you're going to let people who do these things into power. >> women do have a voice. here's the math you need to remember overall when it comes to the full senate vote on brett kavanaugh, assuming all of the democrats vote no on his confirmation, if you just have two republican senators vote against kavanaugh, it ends his nomination. political director david chalian is with me now. it is all in the math. now that you have this whole scene playing out, if only we could see what's going on in mitch mcconnell's office at this
11:46 am
moment. >> i can tell you what's going on. >> tell me. >> he's doing the math. there was a dramatic development this morning where ives goi'm g confirm. so he went from 48 yeses, he was one away. but what jeff flake did was take it down again. he went from 49 yeses to 48 on final confirmation pending a week delay with an fbi investigation. so mr. mcconnell lost a yes vote in jeff flake pending this outcome. so now that we're hearing that murkowski's on board with this, the math is very simple. mitch mcconnell, it seems, is going to have to agree to this demand of jeff flake's for a delayed investigation if he wants to get to 50 votes. he doesn't have it right now without this. >> jeff flake in general, people have obviously paid attention to
11:47 am
him because of some of the harsh words he said on the senate floor multiple times about our own president, moderate republican, not up for reelection, what is his role in all of this? >> well, right now his role is pretty consequential because he's injecting something into this process that brett kavanaugh was very opposed to, which is time. you heard brett kavanaugh yesterday say i was ready to come in here and testify the next day i wanted to have a hearing because he understood the more time he's hanging out there, that that is more danger to his confirmation. the republicans understood that. that's why they wanted to press ahead. all the drama around scheduling dr. ford's testimony. so now what you have is jeff flake in dramatic fashion injecting a pause button into the process. nobody suggests that at the end of the day, yet, that the 50 votes may not be there for the
11:48 am
republican and kavanaugh may well be confirmed, but this is precisely what mitch mcconnell, judge kavanaugh, the white house was hoping to avoid. >> david chalian, thank you so much. i know you need to scoot. i have a couple of other voices. on this pause moment potentially for a week, enabling again potentially the fbi to do this outside investigation, which is what professor ford had called for all along, ultimately it's been up to the white house, the president, to green light this investigation and all last week he said no, no, no. now you're hearing it's up to the senate and in the senate wants that's investigation, so be it. >> reporter: i think the key thing to think about here coming back to the votes, it may be up to the white house to order an investigation like this but the senate judiciary committee can also call for that investigation and because they are the ones
11:49 am
and the senate is ultimately going to have the say on whether or not this nomination can go forward or not, they are going to have to be the ones to weigh in here. i think the president pretty reluctantly but sort of understanding the reality here as it's been explained to him understands that this is a question out of his hands at the moment, that if senator mcconnell does not have the votes and jeff flake made it clear he would not have the votes to confirm judge kavanaugh, they're going to have to be the ones to make that investigation happen. we do know that it is possible for them to ask the fbi to look into these questions. senate democrats have been pushing for a couple of weeks now and obviously dr. blasey has been asking for this and her legal team has been asking for this since she came forward. they can do that. it was done decades ago in the anita hill/clarence thomas affair and they're going to have to do that now if they want to
11:50 am
fully vet this to the degree to the people who have the deciding votes on this question want to see at this point. in some ways it ju's just aboute reality of the situation that they would love to go forward with a vote as soon as they can but they don't have the votes do that. >> julie, stay with me. mark preston, you heard him say he was ready, if you're an innocent man, say yes to an investigation. if it is delayed a week and what if in the week additional women come forward? >> that's a good question. i think you can talk about agreeing to scope and the fbi will only look at if there is an agreement that has been brought up in this time period.
11:51 am
in the court of public opinion, if there's other dirt that comes up against judge kavanaugh, whether that has to do with his time in high school or in college or what have you, that certainly is going to be put into play. that's why republicans right now are trying to prevent this from happening. they want this investigation not to happen, they want a vote to occur as quickly as possible. the more time added to the clock right now, the odds tend to go down for judge kavanaugh to be added to the court. >> you've been watching all of this happening in realtime and you were saying to me a second ago no one is winning. >> no, brooke. >> what do you mean by that? >> this is a very difficult time. i appreciate you having me on today, but this is a very hard time for republicans in general. no one has won in this in my opinion. i mean, you know, flake did the right thing for his conscience.
11:52 am
did you see how troubled he was? did you see his face? >> yes. >> this is a man that has no problem saying this is what i feel. he stood up to trump. he has no problems saying how he feels. he was conflicted. most of us were conflicted. i could hardly get through dr. ford's testimony and saw the pain in her. then i saw kavanaugh, i saw his wife, trembling lips, the pain. this is a very raw time for everybody. emotions are going wild. i'll tell you what, as far as coming together, obviously they know that they don't have the votes. what lindsey graham said, he was right on. >> which part? >> he said if this is what it going to take to get flake's vote pretty much, let's do it. i think time is on cakavanaugh' side -- >> mark just said the opposite. >> the reason i think so is because it will ease the fact
11:53 am
that if murkowski and collins and flake, they vote yes to confirm kavanaugh, that they gave a week, they're asking for a week. an fbi investigation for one week. and they have said one week over and over and over again. if they give one week and the fbi concludes their findings, one week is fair. no republican can say that one week was too long. it's fair. two weeks skeptical. three weeks, it's a hit job. >> mark preston -- mark says more time could be a bad sign. julie, how do you see it? >> well, in these situations, more time equals less momentum. i think that was sort of the page that the white house and the senate republican leadership had been on, that more time was to the detriment. i think noelle makes a great point.
11:54 am
some republicans hold his fate in their hands. the optics of the process, whether it looks like they've trite to fu tried to vet these accusations or not. and it sound like they really want to vote to confirm him but they have to be able to in their own minds justify that vote and justify they did everything they could to vet this nomination before they do that. so in that regard i do actually think a few more days here, we heard jeff flake say up to a week, which means no more than a week, could actually help them get to where the white house wants them to be, where mitch mcconnell needs them to be and could give the president the results he's been wanting. another five days, seven days is probably better than the alternative. at this point the vote would go
11:55 am
down on the floor. >> we know senator murkowski, a key republican vote has agreed with them and now, mark preston, we're getting word that a key red state democrat is also saying yes. >> it looks like we're heading down there road where they're going to get forced into an investigation. i think we all agree there should be an investigation. but if you're judge kavanaugh, the more days you add into the calendar that you're not voted on, it's more rocks that they're going to kick up and try to turn over. he himself yesterday said when he had that spirited defense before the judiciary committee, things are ugly now, things are going to get really ugly in the next week or so. >> i thank you so much. noelle, nice to meet you.
11:56 am
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