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tv   S.E. Cupp Unfiltered  CNN  September 29, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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♪ welcome to "unfiltered" here's tonight's headline, it ain't over yet, just moments ago the president had, uh, this to say about the reopening of the fbi background investigation into judge brett kavanaugh. he said i'm just getting the copy in now, that the fbi will have free reign, that they're going to do whatever they have to do, whatever it is they do they'll it be doing things that we never even thought of. that and more. take a listen. >> the fbi, as you know, is all over talking to everybody. and i would expect he's a very
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high quality person, i would expect it's going to turn out very well for the judge. there's never been anybody that's been looked at like judge kavanaugh. i think it's going to work out very well. but the fbi, i believe, is doing a really great job. they have been all over already. [ overlapping speakers ] >> yeah they have free reign, they're going to do whatever it is they have to do. whatever it is they do, they'll be doing things that we never even thought of and hopefully at the conclusion everything will be fine. >> those comments come after arizona senator jeff flake at the 11th hour threw a grenade into the senate judiciary hearing to confirm brett kavanaugh just minutes before the scheduled committee vote, he announced he needed more time to learn about the allegations levied by christine blasey ford the day before. >> i think it would be to delay
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the floor vote for up to but not more than one week in order to let the fbi continue to do an investigation, limited in time and scope, to the current allegations that are there. >> confusion and chaos followed and engulfed the committee with even the chairman and ranking members seemingly confused as to what it all meant. they weren't alone. senator lindsey graham was not in fab of fbi investigation faced a crowd of reporters afterwards aned it hit him. >> somebody's got to explain this to trump so i guess that will be my job. >> as we know the president agreed, ordering the pham to conduct a supplemental investigation to be completed in less than one week. we will talk later with our own
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phil mud about what the fbi can deliver and accomplish in a week. judge kavanaugh has agreed to continue to cooperate as does the other witness to the alleged assault. so it's begun. the fbi investigation is being run right now out of the washington, d.c. office with over sights at the highest levels likely drawing in extra analysts to help meet that deadline. this for a number of reasons was the right thing to do. first and foremost gives professor ford her allegations are not being ignored. she deserves this investigation. also for republicans gives possible no votes, an opportunity to get to yes of it removes a major obstruction by democrats and ultimately if kavanaugh is confirmed it won't be in spite of investigation. let's be clear though it's not likely to change many minds on
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both sides of the aisle that were made up long before either ford or kavanaugh spoke. it is important that we as a country take this seriously and investigate it thoroughly rather than rail roading it through just because we can. one post script because i get to my first guest. as i said last week this moment in history is challenging not just our political process, our political parties, brett kavanaugh and those who oppose him, it's challenging all of us. how will we behave when the stakes are so high and the climate is so divisive and partnership is so naked? some are rising to that challenge. others painfully are not. we know of the death threats to ford and kavanaugh. some on the left are comparing kavanaugh to bill cosby serial rapist and
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moore. one creedent on fox news was fired for calling them skanks. yesterday a new low. a very troubling column in usa today answered kavanaugh's own fears because of the character assassination he believe he's has endured he may never do something he loves again like coach his girl's basketball team. usa today sports writer wrote he should not, saying should stay off the basketball courts for now when kids are around around. he offered the scandals in gymnastic where one doctor accused 265 girls as the reason why. that's right brett kavanaugh is now a child predator? and you wonder why he is so angry. to my friends on the left and the right i am begging you, be better than this. we must be better than this.
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no matter emotionally this is effecting you and me, brett kavanaugh deserves better than this. christine ford and other accusers deserve better than this. women and men deserve better than this. this next week will be even more challenging but in getting through it let's not destroy ourselves in the process. okay. let me bring in cnn chief political analyst gloria b. thanks for joining us. the president has been relatively well-behaved through the last couple days, complimenting ford allowing ford fbi investigation. what are you hearing from the white house as to his mood? >> well, i think first of all, the president after professor ford testified, was worry that
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his nominee was going to go down the drain. >> yeah. >> and then kavanaugh came out strong with a big audience of one, i might add, which was donald trump, and trump was really pleased about it. and i think what's going on now in the white house is they believe as you just outlined in the deal that they believe that in a way that could turn out better for everyone because the fbi could help clear kavanaugh's name. nothing. they find nothing that they can use to corroborate professor ford's charges he could maybe even win some red state democrats in the process. >> right. >> and there's a problem they'll go to another plan, although the president says there is no other plan. >> right. >> so think they sort of talked him into it. >> do you get the sense, you covered for a while -- >> yeah. >> -- do you get the sense that this restraint is maybe a sign of confidence in kavanaugh and
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the process or do you think it sort of deliberate lowering of expectations, in case he does have to bail on him or go to that plan b that he doesn't have? >> you know i think what it is simply, se, is a matter of math. went to the president and said we don't have the votes and we have to do it. because otherwise there's no way to get collin or skous and possibility of getting joe m in west virginia tonight so i think it was pure math. the president is a realist. it was stunning to me, i don't know if it was to you, to hear him phrase the fbi for the first time. saying they're doing this great investigation and it will be terrific. >> no that was among many other stunning things, stunning. >> right. >> i want to ask you about jeff flake. i interviewed you a number of
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times and you have too. it's not hard to imagine him feeling morally conflicted this week. >> sure. >> very much in keeping with his character. he seidenbeaid the elevate joor incident afterwards struck a core. but is about the integrity of the court. >> i think it did strike a cord with him, the women in the elevator who i must say, listen to a lot of senators that would have the doors closed on people coming in yelling at them. he did not. he stayed there and listened and took it. and he had been talking to his democratic colleague of delaware chris coons about the week delay and spoke about the week delay and he's been conflicted about this all along and i think he was worried about the committee. he was worried about the congress. he had just given a speech about how bad and toxic things had
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become and he's leaving. so wanted to do something. >> and he jeff flake and mrmr. mr. coons will be on 60 minutes to tomorrow talk about how it went down. in all of the reasons you laid out why jeff make did it also with the others in mind do you think was a factor to give him an opportunity to get to yes? >> absolutely he's a conservative. he wants to vote for kavanaugh. he did vote for him in committee. and he wants to bring republican women and democrats. he agrees with kavanaugh. he wouldn't have done anything without getting their approval so there were a lot of phone calls back an forth and they had dinner last night, it was
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reported, so i think they're all in this together. >> you know all of the players what do you think chuck schumacher and mitch mcconnell are thinking right now. >> well, mitch mcconnell is not happy as you might think. he wanted to get this through. he had a procedural vote on friday night on this that once the report is done bingo they can just approve it on the senate floor. all goes well with kavanaugh. he just wants to get this done. so he wasn't happy but he understood, he counts votes better than anybody. he just didn't have the votes and i think chuck schumacher chuck schumer feels the democrats are going to get their investigation which they wanted. >> thanks gloria. >> sure. get some rest we need you. >> you too. >> thanks.
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next up how the battle is dividing and already polarized elector ale ate leader rod rosenstein, remember him, he's still not in the clear and trump can to decide his fate next week.
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well, no matter what happens this week america is watching. literally. more than 20 million people tuned in to watch brett kavanaugh and christine ford testify on thursday and that doesn't even include digital viewership and streaming. but will that translate into votes in november? more on this i had want to bring in former executive director of the new york democratic strategic and former communication for ted cruz and political commentator amanda kant carpenter. let me ask this question this year, 20 million is like oscar like level. no super bowl but like playoffs. that's at least because we don't know how many others were watching often devices, on airplanes, that sort of thing, 80 million people or there about voted in the last mid-term will
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economi election. how do you look at this? is it 20 million you could say a majority were not watching or you say 20 million is a sizable chunk of people to be tuning in therefore it means x-for nobody? >> i any it's important because people are paying attention. we democrats have talked about how much this effects policy. there's already motivated democratic electorate so there are them a tune to this in part because this is donald trump's second appointee. >> oh, yeah. >> we're concerned about potentially a third. so if we don't stop this here it will transform the court for generations to come. >> yeah. >> so something's got to be done here. >> i get that urgency on the part of democrats, for sure. but on the other hand kavanaugh has man ammed to do something you interesting, unite
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protrumpers and never-trumpers. i talked to people in new york city, boston, arizona, texas, all over who were angry when they saw brett kavanaugh's opening statement, they were angry at democrats and the process and the way they think he's been treated. can that result in some turn out too? >> yes. this is a super charged atmosphere. >> right. >> i do think we get too caught up into evaluating who wins from this. because that's not how history will judge this. what we're looking at is how we resolve sexual allegations and disputes in our country. that's how all this will be vied 10 to 40 years ago. >> this is about how we respond. >> yes. >> in this moment. what we do. >> yes. >> because at the end of the day we will make a judgment call. >> and there's interest because
3:20 pm
this is an open question. it's not an open-shut case. other accusations sometimes you have a text, you have a video, there's a lot of choosing who to believe but the problem is we don't know exactly what happened. >> that's why everyone's so angry. >> this is why everyone's watching because we don't know how to have these conversations. >> i wonder if we will turn that anger into voting. >> no question, let me bring those two things together, because what i think happened because dr. ford was credible. >> yeah. >> she was amazing. >> yeah. >> but when brett kavanaugh came up i tweeted i said he's performing. i understand he might in some ways he is defending himself. >> what do you mean in some ways. >> because i believe in other ways he was a dig nant and he was partisan. >> i hear that framing by dem rats but a completely different frame big republicans. >> absolutely. >> i want to point out in 2016
3:21 pm
there was a silent majority of people that the polls did not see. i'm wondering if you think democrats should be worry abouted about the silent majority that was as angry as brett kavanaugh was, them coming out in anger. >> i'm saying you can't take the way he presented himself that day for granted because trump reporters exactly the way if he came after democrats they love the way he presented and it will motivate them. >> amanda if you are suzanne collins or murkowski or this gift of time, do you think they can get to a place of yes? >> i think they can get to a place of yes. >> without being penalized at home. >> yes. but i'm worried that the fbi investigation won't give us any more clarity than we have today.
3:22 pm
there's been other fbi investigations that haven't fully resolved things, such as hilly clinton e-mail and house investigation of bengz. this is a lifetime appointment. for republican senators this is a appointment you're so invested in. everyone backed donald trump in controversial circumstances. so you have to know. you have to do more than believe had him in this. you have to know he is the right pick because even if he is clear of all of the sexuthere' sexuals there's this changes hour to hour and everyone needs to know with certainty he is the right pick. >> no one knows this better than joe biden who today.
3:23 pm
still having to reconcile what he heard all these years later. >> i have to think they're all in that senator flake moment. they're trying to figure out, i have party and i have country. everybody is saying country over party but this got to be one of those defining decisions for their entire career because this is a lifetime point. i don't think they will ever be 100% certain but they have to get to a place where they can at least defend their decision. i don't think they will ever feel that way. >> defend it now. defend it in 2019. defend it in 2020 and you're right 20 to 30 years from now.
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it is a big week an already be another big week. thank you both for helping me break it down. coming up, just how realistic for the fbi to complete their kavanaugh investigation in less than a week. and later is rod rosenstein job still in jeopardy or has he weathered the storm. the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb,
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3:30 pm
heard him say yeah they have free reign they're going to do whatever they have to do. square those two things for me. >> let clear this up, whether the fbi gets a directive to reinvestigate this they will be looked at by the senate democrats and republicans for months to come and the director will be interrogated by the senate committee four months to come so i don't care what the white house says about limb outed scope if i'm the fbi i'm saying our integrity is at stake after this week everybody will look at this and news media will check everything we say so if i'm going to think about what do the women say and the issues about the women aeg behavior i don't think it will be limited scope i do think it will be fast. >> just to clarify that will it be limited in who they can
3:31 pm
interview? will it be limited in the allegations they're trying to get facts about? >> i think so. there's a couple broad things i think i would consider, first is obviously interviewing women who have brought credible allegations against judge kavanaugh but as soon as you go into those interviews, for example, the interviews with friends, family, associates, class mates from 35 years ago, with people who the women have spoken with in the past couple years. several of them say one of the problems is the environment 35 years ago including the environment in which judge kavanaugh was present have a bunch of people so drunk they can't remember. you are not just talking about allegations of what women said you have to investigate ha judge kavanaugh was like, what was his character, could he remember what happened that night. i'm not accusing him of anything.
3:32 pm
my first question would be what's the environment around the allegations. >> you think this will be fast, why, a lot of people are wondering how this could all be sewn up in a week. >> well, first, one of the most complicated things in any investigation in 2018, i want your phone, e-mail, financial records all of that is digital. going back to this era you will not have digital information you'll have a lot of interviews and guarantee you fbi will say i don't care how many people you need you got them. so they will interview people and correlate all that information and write it down by friday. i personally think that's a bit fast. especially if you get a curve ball. somebody for example on thursday says there was somebody else who was critical his girlfriend who was, you know, a junior in high school. let's remember chris ray has an out he could call the committee on friday and say we're 80% done we can give it to you now or
3:33 pm
wednesday. i think two weeks would have been better but there's not going to be a ton of people and into digital media you got to review. >> many of the people fbi talked with already provided sworn statements to the judiciary committee but how will the fbi's questioning provide maybe different results? >> i'll give you one area and i think this is the fundamental area of vulnerability as i watch the hearings, it's not about assault at this point, i suspect we are not going to get great answers about what happened in rooms decades ago, the question is now the judge is on the record over the course of many hours talking in open session with the senate about his behavior, about who he was. that's going to come up in these conversations. the fbi is not will to determine whether he's credible or not they're going to talk to 40
3:34 pm
people about who he was because that corresponds how he was with women. what they say is fundamentally different then what he told the senate committee, they say, judge, why did you have a lack of candor with us. in my business that lack of candor will get you fired if that's what they find. >> lastly, this is like theum teeth time now that the fbi has been dragged into a political moment. do you worry about the effect our politics is having on sort of the climate in law enforcement? >> a little bit. i mean, surprisingly, se, people who come up to me say can the fbi recruit people? i mean, i think we're 20 months into a lot of questions from the president about the fbi's credibility. i don't worry yet. we go on for years maybe multiple presidency where people
3:35 pm
say your federal authorities don't trust you, they're the deep state, i would worry then. the dna of fbi and analysts are so deep. right now they're tired of this but they say we know what to do. so far so good. >> phil mudd we appreciate you coming on. after the break d.o.j. in the hot seat. ways to lose stubborn belly fat.
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guess who made a surprising cameo during yesterday's kavanaugh confirmation drama,
3:40 pm
deputy attorney general rod rosenstein that guy. senator jeff flake and chris coons called rosenstein during their eleventh hour meeting to ask whether or not the fbi would be able to complete a suppose ma supplemental investigation in one week's time and deputy aj assured him they could. but he has his own drama, regarding the face of his job, the justice department number two official remains a open question, not only is rosenstein potentially facing the ayre of the president over his comments but also an impeachment effort by house republicans. perhaps closing things down he agreed yesterday to sit down at closed door session with members at the house freedom caucus next week. rosenstein is also expected to meet with president trump next
3:41 pm
week however the two did speak over the phone this week. trump said he favored keeping rosenstein on in his current role. >> i'm talking to him, we've had a good talk, he said he never said it, he said he doesn't believe it, he said he has a lot of respect for me, and he was very nice, and we'll see. my preference would be to keep him. and to let him finish up. >> president's final decision seems to be in a holding pattern as the white house continues to focus its attention on judge kavanaugh's confirmation. but once his fate is sealed what happens with rod rosenstein's fortunates at the d.o.j. to up with the political math let me bring in cnn democratic strategist, hillary rosen. democrats were really
3:42 pm
surprised that president trump may fire him. how do you think the kavanaugh confirmation has impacted that rosenstein drama. >> it clearly created enough distraction to give the president time to cool off. that was really important, i think. >> yeah. >> the white house has to make a calculation, actually i should say the president because he doesn't listen to anybody else in the white house we know that. >> yeah. >> his calculation is do i risk getting rid of him now and having sort of this paper trail of investigation and attacks and the like when the democrats take the house in the mid-term elections and therefore i'm going to just be subject to more and more scrutiny or do i, you know, listen to my house colleagues complain in my ear all the time how rosenstein and bob mueller are trying to screw
3:43 pm
me. >> right. >> so it's like the devil on both shoulders. i think the president's smart month of is clearly not to fire rosenstein which is probably why he will fire him. >> well, i mean to your point in the midst of all of this, this hearing, he could have fired rod rosenstein and it sort of would have gotten buried. what do you -- what does it say to you that he didn't take that opportunity and that he is sort of in a wait and see pattern. >> i don't think it would get buried. i don't think that there is a chance in hell that firing rod rosenstein now before we have any mueller conclusions is something that america would ignore or that congress wou ignore even some republicans couldn't really afford to ignore it. i think rosenstein going up to the house and cow towing and
3:44 pm
going and saying i'm so sorry i said those mean things. that will keep his job for a while. i think frankly the country is better on with the stability. >> absolutely. now democrats have been cautious in talking about impeachment in leading up to the midterms. some more cautious than others, do you think if he did fire rosenstein that impeachment talk of trump would come about. >> there's so many people to impeach. where do you start. >> yeah. >> so i think that, you know, firing a deputy attorney general is not in of itself grounds for impeachment, se, as you know. >> yeah. >> i think they're going to have to find a line that says he's doing it for obstruction of justice purposes opposed to just he's not being nice to me and i don't like bob mueller.
3:45 pm
i think, look, house democrats are not stupid. this leadership has been around a long time of even new leadership coming in they understand that the president is the president. and their first job is to find facts, to get at truth, to make sure that health care doesn't get decimated, to make sure that the economy keeps growing. what they are going to do though is a lot of investigations and figure out. >> yeah. >> who is tearing this government apart in the trump administration. and if something leads to corruption or illegal activity on behalf of the president than maybe that will instigate impeachment but that's not going to be the first thing they do. >> good that's my final question will it be the first thing they do all right hilly we appreciate it. next president is ready for
3:46 pm
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it's my job to protect as a public safety,pg&e, keeping the powerlines clear while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing. the work that we do helps protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job,
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to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the powerlines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our communities safe. this is our community. this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. while all eyes were on the senate judiciary committee this week, president trump made some news on the world stage, announcing at the u.n. general assembly meetings that he was ready to resume talks with north korean dictator kim jong-un. this morning, as those u.n. meetings continue, north korea responding. north korea's minister for foreign affairs said that the country will in no way unilaterally disarm its nuclear program without first building trust. he affirmed a, quote, unwavering
3:51 pm
commitment to talks with the u.s. but that the primary goal was to bring down barrier of mistrust between the two countries which has existed for several decades. that's obviously a far cry from the total denuking trump has promised. sounds like the north korea wants to hit the slo-mo button. let's talk to cnn national security analyst. sam, trump talked very optimistically at the u.n. g.a. meetings this week and sort of confidently about north korea and another kim jong-un meeting. were you surprised at the tough tone that the foreign minister took today? >> not at all. this is the north korean tale as old as time, right? ever since negotiations have happened under various administrations, they want more for less and that's continued under this administration. they have said overtly, there's no classified information here, they want sanctions relief. they want an end to the korean
3:52 pm
war before they actually denuclearize but s.e., i don't blame them for actually questioning whether to trust the united states here. the most recent example of denuclearization that they have to look at is not the libya model. it's the iran model under which iran gave away most of its nuclear program and guess what? we backed out of the deal. so, we do not look like a credible interlocutor here. >> what do you think trump's next move will be? >> i think that the president is so thirsty to show that he's making progress that he'll continue cite red herrings. he stood on the floor of the u.n. general assembly and said, look at this historic amount of progress we're making on denuclearization but he cited the return of prison of war remains, and the potential dismantlement of testing sites. none of those things, last time that i checked, have anything to do with denuclearization, so he's citing things, saying that north korea is taking steps that they should get credit for that,
3:53 pm
again, are complete red herrings. >> let me move on to some other world news. just yesterday, the state department ordered all nonessential personnel to leave the u.s. consulate in iraq. citing security threats from iran. earlier this week, there was talk of a trump meeting with iranian president hassan rouhani, but is this, this ordering of nonessential personnel to leave in iraq, is that an escalating of tensions? s is that bringing trump and rouhani closer to a meeting? >> i think it's bringing them further apart but i remember flying there in 2007 and iranian rockets hitting the tarmac as we arrived. not much has changed, unfortunately, in the 11 years since then. i think we should expect the iranian militias to actually escalate activity against u.s. assets in the region because the regime actually feels like it's under attack. the u.s. government is launching a very public campaign overtly
3:54 pm
against a regime. they say it's not regime change, they're seeking a change in regime behavior. so how does iran strike back? well, where it has a competitive edge, which candidly, is against u.s. assets in the region. so, i would imagine that the state department with the intelligence community is really reviewing the safety and security of personnel throughout the region. >> and we have, as you know, we have assets in yemen, we have assets in syria and assets all over there. finally, moving on to venezuela, like i said, it's been a very busy week on the world stage. and you know, a lot of the oxygen has been eaten up by the kavanaugh hearings but this is important too. president trump, this week, hinted at taking military action in venezuela over president nicholas maduro's strongman policies and crimes against humanity as people are calling them. yesterday, maduro said that a meeting with trump would be for the best. how would that go? >> that would be quite a meeting. they'd probably want to trade notes on some sort of censorship
3:55 pm
activities to say the least but i actually think maduro likes the saber rattling by president trump. one, because it's something that maduro can point to and say, i told you, the united states is against venezuela, i'm the one that you should rally around, and he uses the united states as a very convenient external enemy and distraction tactic. and so that plays to his favor. but also because our allies in latin america have come out against a u.s. military strike, so the more that this narrative is out there, the more divided we look from colombia, brazil and others. >> up next, van jones sits down with the diverse female candidates who are shaking up the political establishment on both sides of the aisle. plus he talks to actress and activist america ferrera. stick around for "the van jones show" next on cnn. hijacked from dreams. pulled from decades of obsession. taken from the souls of artists.
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-- captions by vitac -- good evening, i'm van jones. welcome to "the van jones show." we've got an inspiring installment for you tonight and frankly, after this week, we really need some inspiration. so tonight, we are jam packed with powerhouse women on both sides of the aisle. we've got an award-winning actress with us. she is a leader in the time's up movement, the me too movement, she's a brand-new author. the brilliant america ferrera is in the building. oh my gosh. oh, i can't wait. we also have got three women who are all running for congress and


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