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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  October 18, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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> this ip this is "" i'm don lemon. pressupressure building as mor mo more evidence points to the saudis involvement in what happenp happened happened l saudis involvement in what happenp happened happened united states resident. this is a foreign policy crisis ththat can't this is a foreign policy crisis ththat can' be swept under the rug. hererhere's how the president responded when asked what consequencp consequences th faface ir face if they're prov complicity. r p >> wel>> well, it wy severe.p i mean, it. but we'll see what happens. okay? >> we'll see what happens. np no decisivrno decisive condemnation, nothing about the mountimounting pile of gruesom terrible evidence. the only person who seems williwilling to accept the sau
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government's denial in the face of international outrage is president trump. ap and whand when there is leadership, there's only one place to look. >> problems start from the top ap and thand they have to m the top. tp ththe president's the le hehe's got tp ththe president's the le hehe's go to get everybody in rop room and he's got to l >> america first may play well wiwith somp with some withe this calls for more. it calls for decisive presidential leadership. lots to discuss. fareed zakaria is here. thank you very much. p so so it looks thank you very much. p so so it look like he's loolooks likp looks lilook dead. bbut he'p but he's saying see the what comes out of the saudi investigation. p is he leading from behin? what kind of investigation is this? whwhap what kind what kind. >> thp >> the who>> the wh puzzing becaupuzzing because t investigating themselves. investigating actions that they took. itp it's nit's not entirelyu would investigate.
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it all happened within the saui cp con suecon sue u lat saudi government employees. enoup enough of them that t p be pretbe pretty quickly . i thip i think that the mi presidep president presides to p to to be colluding wit pto come up wito come up w. that's not the role for the p w. administration. the saudis should do what they need to do. let them figure out what they need to do. they're grown-ups. the united states should decide how it will then respond. but there are these many, many reports that the trump administration and the saudi government are jointly trying to come up with a plausible story. this is not the role of the united states government to cover-up some foreign government's misdeeds. >> the reason i say leading from behind, remember the
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conservatives it used to enrage them. they would say this president is not being strong and decisive enough. talking about president obama. he's leading from behind. this seems like leading from behind. where is the outrage? what happened with that criticism? >> you know, on this -- if you broaden this out, there is a signal area where the united states under donald trump has really been not just -- i think leading from behind is an exaggeration. i think the better way to put it might be abdicating leadership, has been awol. if you look at the climate for journalists, if you look at the climate for political opposition, if you look at the climate for all those hallmarks of liberal democracy around the world, they're in bad shape around the world. and one reason is that the country that was usually at the forefront of protecting them and talking about them, calling governments out is awol. under the trump administration, you really have had a develop relaxeded of attitude toward whether it's duterte in the
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philippines doing extra judicial killings by the dozens, erdogan in turkey jailing people, whether it was mohammad bin salman locking up businessman. whatever it was, the trump administration simply abdicated the role that the united states has played for decades which is to call these things out. to call them to attention, to put them on the international agenda. as a result, this is one of the most dangerous times in the world to be in history to be a journalist, to be a member of political opposition, to in any way voice any kind of opposition. for people who think those things don't matter, they do matter. when donald trump calls the press the enemy of the people and journalists scum or whatever it is he's called them, duterte in the philippines is listening. you know, other dictators are listening. it's not implausible that the saudis heard that and thought no one's going to care. after all these people are the enemies of the people.
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>> what does this do to our moral authority around the world? >> think about it this way. when president trump wants to make a tough case against a country like iran, like venezuela, he always uses the moral authority pep talks about how venezuela is repressive, how iran arrests dissidents. well, you can only have that moral authority if you call it out universally. if you don't selectively use it against the one or two countries you have some foreign policy beef with. that's where i think the president doesn't realize that he can't all of a sudden invent it when he wants it and put it aside when he doesn't want it. these values are universal. >> you said that the president it seems like he was essentially col including with the saudis to come up with some sort of explanation. >> they're going back and forth to figure it out. >> "the new york times" is says the saudis are considering blaming a saudi general with close ties to the crown prince.
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nothing happens without mohammad bin salman knowing. would blaming a general be plausible, do you think? >> i think the saudis should come up with whatever investigation they want. we shouldn't be, as i say col including. let's hear what they have to say. let's let them lay out the evidence that suggests that the buck stops where it does. saudi arabia is an absolute monarchy. it is a highly centralized system. the people involved why were in some cases were the personal guards of muhammad bin al man, the crown prince. others were members of the royal guard. one of the people who went there was the head of the saudi council of forensics, a doctor who actually has published an article called mobile autopsies. >> is it like two hours or less or something? one of them said, there was someone there reportedly who came up with this thing about dismembering a body and getting rid of it within two hours. >> i read that, as well.
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it hasn't been confirmed. it's very delivered to imagine that this was not centrally directed. secondly, there will come out. there are too many people involved. you know, the way i think that the united states should think about this is president trump, if he were interested in history, should get a briefing from some of the people who were involved in the george hw bush administration when the chinese dealt with tiananmen square. there was a brutal crack down of pro democracy protests in china. president bush immediately announced sanctions against china. he condemned them, criticized and immediately announced sanctions against china. later he sent his national security advisor to beijing and said look, we want to maintain a strategic relationship. you're too big a country for us to isolate. you got to understand, you guys did something that was unconscionable but this is not the end of the relationship. that's leading. you know, that's taking the
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moral high ground, condemning the -- and president bush got a lot of heat for sending his national security adviser. i think that balanced approach makes some sense. here it seems to me you know, we're behaving like the pr agency for the saudi government. we don't need to do that. let them come up with their story. we have to do what we think is in the interests of the united states. >> i'm wondering how much of this, because sources are telling cnn jared kushner is advising the president. saying beak don't act too fast. there are wider ramifications and repercussions that could happen in the region. saudis did neighbors, what are they thinking about this? how do they see all of this? >> everybody watches what washington is doing. this is a region of followers, not leaders. i think that if the united states took a firm stand and as i said, you do not have to be unbalanced about there.
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you can recognize saudi arabia is the central banker of oil for the world. there's a long security relationship with the united states. you have to make clear it is not all right to lure somebody, an american resident into your consulate and chop him up into pieces. that is simply not you know civilized behavior in 2018, particularly not for a government that wants to see itself as reformist. i think the president has gotten himself into a trap where he views foreign policy almost entirely through the prism of personalities. he likes mohammad bin salman. he doesn't like angela merkel. he doesn't like justin trudeau pep likes kim jong-un. this is frankly foreign policy is not psychotherapy. the united states has deep complicated interests in these parts of the world. germany is one of the most important allies the united states has, vital to the stability of the western europe. it doesn't matter what you think of angela merkel. you have to find a way to make that relationship work.
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kim jong-un presides is over probably the most repressive regime in the world right now, maybe one of the most repressive in history. the fact that you have good energy with him does not change that reality. you know, this is where i feel as though the personal likes and dislikes of the president reshaping the long-term grand strategy of the united states in crucial parts of the world. these are not real estate deals. this is the foreign poflts most important country in the world. >> foreign policy is not psychotherapy. that is indeed a good assessment. thank you very much. i appreciate it, fareed zakaria, host of fareed zakhar yaef gps where. a just released political ad making claims so outrageous the of candidated is claims to support is quickly disavowing it. i think it shows just how toxic our political climate is becoming.
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so the midterms are just 19 days away. 19 days away and counting. i thought politics in this country couldn't get net uglier. i was wrong. aipac called black americans for the president's agenda released this ad in support of republican congressman french hill who is running for re-election in arkansas. here's part of it. it is outrageous. >> our congressman french hill and the republicans know that it's dangerous to change the presumption of innocence to a presumption of guilt especially for black men. if the democrats can do that to a white justice of the supreme court with no evidence, no corroboration and all of her witnesses including her best friend say it didn't happen, what would happen to our husbands, our fathers or our sons when a white girl lies on them? >> i'm voting to keep congressman french hill and the republicans because we have to protect our men and boys.
8:16 pm
we can't afford to let white democrats take us back to bad old days of race verdicts, life sentences and lynchings when a white girl scregirl screams rap >> seriously, that happened. that's not even the full ad. congressman french hill was quick to denounce saying i condemn this outrageous ad in the strongest terms. there is no place in arkansas for this nonsense. the pac that played for the ad is standing by it. cnn spoking with vernon lucius robinson hon claimed the me tee movement overreached and the biggest threat with switching the presumption of innocence to the presumption of guilt is to black men. when asked about the mention of lynching in the ad, and the fact that the hill campaign condemned
8:17 pm
it, robinson said he didn't care adding republican consultants have toetd the candidates the party and their allies do not communicate with black voters. it is hard to make a sale if you don't ask for the business. so this is how they think the -- that you court black voters. by bringing up lynching? it's disgusting. the president and the republican party ought to condemn it. let's discuss. ryan lizza, symone sanders, alice stewart. symone? >> that was terrible. it's terrible. that was a terrible ad. it was factually incorrect. i'd like to remind people that testimony is evidence. that there are many people that corroborated parts of dr. ford's story. if we had a full and thorough and not rushed investigation perhaps we would have found more
8:18 pm
information. all that set aside had, bringing -- it seems to me bringing up lynching for -- that some people on the right, i mean folks on the far right seem to want to bring up lynching and even black people that would like to be associated with this white house like to make lynching synonymous with anything that's happening in the mainstream media of the moment in a way i think the to scare and gin up very real feelings for black people in this country. i think that's dangerous. there's nothing -- there's nothing happening currently in america that is synonymous with lynching. > the pac behind this ad says it's supposed to appeal to black voters. there was a black man behind this ad. do you think it's effective? >> no, no, not lynching, are no. >> i know french hill. i've known him almost 15 years. i can tell you he is not someone that would ever condone this. i reached out to him tonight.
8:19 pm
>> the problem is not with him, alice. >> i reached out to him. as he tweeted he condemned it. says it's awful. it is the language in that is -- there's no place for that and in arkansas or across the country. he says it certainly should be pulled down. i also reached out to the republican chairman of arkansas. he also condemned it and says it needs to be pulled. they're seeking legal counsel to see what they can doing moving forward. this is on mr. robinson and his idea that this is some way 0 court the black vote. it is not. this is also on the democrats in arkansas and around the country that are race-baiting by tweeting this around and making it seem as 240e french hill has something to do with this when he doesn't. shame on him and shame on the democrats for pushing there. it's deplorable and disgusting and should not even be on the air and shouldn't be pushed around and the internet. >> i'll take you at your word.
8:20 pm
have i not personally democrats -- if they're doing anything, it's wrong. this is awful message that they're sending out. ryan, why do you think this republican pac felt empowered to release an ad like this. >> one thing and alice can speak to this, correct me if i'm wrong, alice but arkansas hasn't sent a democrat to washington in over a decade now. >> right. >> the house or senate. and representative hill is actually in a surprisingly difficult race so there's a lot of money being spent on the race by outside groups. and let's be clear, the ad is note intended to gin up black support for hill. it's intended to suppress black turn out for his democratic opponent. >> good point, ryan. >> that's the message of the ad. and you know, frankly i think what we're seeing in a lot of races right now is people are on the right are having are saying
8:21 pm
things about on race that were not said in political campaigns a few years ago pre-trump. and the kind of tactics and messages that are being used are a throw back to sort of. >> willie horton? >> we've always had you horrible campaign ads. think about willie horton. again, french hill, this is not about french hill. he's denounced. i'm wondering if he's going to reap the benefits from it or if it's going to damage his campaign because people will associate him with it. >> yeah, as a candidate, you make a decision. i think he did the right thing by condemning this. there are frankly not enough republicans condemning this kind of speech and other similar situations. so you can't criticize him for condemning it. of course, it also has the effect of turning it into a bigger issue. we're talking about it on
8:22 pm
national tv right now. i read they spent about $50,000 on this ad. they've probably gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of publicity. >> they did. it's running on stations in missouri, as well where josh holly is trying to unseat democrats senator claire mccaskill. >> we have to keep an eye on the democrats pushing this out there and trying to attach republicans' name to this. they'll overreach just like they did with the kavanaugh situation. >> the guy doing it is a republican. >> and i'm talking about those pushing it out there. if you go online, you'll see democrats pushing this out, still trying to make it seem as though french hill had anything to do with this which he did not. this backfire on them if they continue to push it out there. >> again, i know folks in the arkansas democratic party. i don't know anyone who pushed that out on social media. i will double-check. this speaks to a bigger issue. the reason we're talking about
8:23 pm
it and the reason some democrats across the country are highlighting this is because it seems like the closing argument for.folks in the republican party whether they be super pacs or candidates are fear tactics and scare mob tactics. that's why you hear some republican candidates and even republican super pacs talking about the mob. that's why laura ingraham was on television talking about the fear of these immigrants, they're going to come in and take your jobs and don't vote for the dras. that is exactly what this is. i think if that is the closing argument that the republican party at large is making in the final 19 days of a midterm election, that screams to me they think they're in deep trouble and can't run on the issues. so multiple people decided to run on fear. >> a lot to talk about. don't go anywhere. everyone will get their voices heard. all of you, stick around. the former gop state party chair and trump supporter issuing a statement it's hard to see as
8:24 pm
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8:29 pm
strategy of painting democrats as an angry mob, do you think it's resonating with voters? >> it's probably resonating with a lot of republicans. let's be honest, he has 90% approval among trump has 90% approval among republicans and what he says is often treated as gospel among his voters. i would say it's the kind of rhetoric that you don't often see in this country. it's the kind of rhetoric we're used to seeing among leaders of autocratic societies and it's another dangerous sign of trump crossing a line that modern american politicians at that level just refuse to do. >> do these folks on the left and the right do they get together and all have like a meeting and say okay, this is going to be mobs. we're going to say this? do they have like strategy for talking points that everybody gets on some big conference call? >> trump has said his tweets and one-liners are the things he's
8:30 pm
been reported he spends an enormous amount of time coming up with that stuff. i think he's his own focus group. yeah, he spends a lot of time on there stuff. it's not off the top of his head. >> i don't know what the word of preference is here but if you look what we've seen over the last several months, from those on the left to those on the right, it's angry activity. if you want to call them bullies or whatever, they're going after republican elected officials that happen again tony congressional candidate. north carolina. his wife was shouted out because of her husband's support for pro-life issues. we repeatedly have those. >> she's not a political player. >> her husband is running for congress. >> shouldn't be doing that to someone's wife. >> they shouldn't do that to somebody's wife. what we have seen on the left over the last couple months as been organized like -- has been organized disobedience, organized protests what it is
8:31 pm
folks' right to do frankly in this country. a lot of lawmakers particularly those hose serve in congress are uneasy about being confronted about their positions particularly republicans because they haven't faced their constituents. many republican lawmakers have stopped having town halls. folks that feel some way about what their elected officials are doing have to come to washington, d.c. >> you shouldn't be yelling at someone's wife. >> i con don't yelling -- i condemn. >> condemn. >> interchanging words tonight. i condemn it. these are one off instances. the oneoff instances of yelling at wives and what not are one off instances. what is happening in this country is folks, raising their voices. that's something they're allowed to do. >> i was going to say when someone describes a group of people protesting as a mob because maybe it's get a little agitated or angry, a nonviolent
8:32 pm
group of people, everyone agrees violent protest is beyond bounds. but protesters who get mad, that is a pretty strong american tradition you have protesters getting mad. >> in the constitution, right? >> people criticize it the form of protest when had he don't like the content of the protest. that's been happening for hundreds of years. look at the nfl protests during the national anthem. they're taking a knee. >> the violent ones where people are taking a knee. >> that's the most unmob-like thing tuck imagine. president trump condemns it every chance he gets. he doesn't care about the tactics or the kind of protests. he cares about the content. >> yeah. i want to talk to you guyses about this. a former montana gop chairman put a message on facebook that read like there, he said for all of the prospective attendees to the trump event come early.
8:33 pm
you protests are show up, as well. this is a concealed and open carry state and we know how to use them. he says he was concerned. antifa. alice. >> he just threatened to shoot protesters that show up at a rally to exercise their, what is their right, their right in this country to raise their voices. just threatened to shoot them. that should not be okay. >> alice, before you respond, he did say today that his post wasn't meant as a directive. so then what was the point of it? does he think violence is a joke. >> it's stupid. it was dumb, uncalled for. it was something that shouldn't happen. for him to try and explain it away as anything other than that is ridiculous. look, i think any kind of violent protests on either said is uncalled for. and in citing it on any side is certainly uncalled for.
8:34 pm
for him to even hint that these people are going to be carrying guns and they know how to use them, that sends the complete wrong message and incites some type of violence. it shouldn't happen. it's uncalled for. >> ryan, a quick last word. >> you can't take a gun into a trump rally. secret service is there with metal detectors. they would haven been turned away. >> thank you all. >> appreciate your time. a story we brought you earlier this week, a fourth arrest tonight in the so-called produced boys brawl here in new york. it happened last week. this isn ypd video of the far right group the produced boys attacking masked ante fascist protests are. tonight police say 38-year-old jeffrey young has been arrested and charged with riot and attempted assault. the brow broke out as the proud boys were leaving the metropolitan republican club in pliant. that the gop club is still
8:35 pm
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8:39 pm
that's why tony thurmond is the only candidate endorsed by classroom teachers for superintendent of public instruction. because keeping our kids safe and improving our neighborhood public schools is always tony's top priority. how involved was president trump in the decision to keep the fbi headquartered in washington, d.c. instead of moving it to the suburbs? according to e-mails released by house democrats a lot more than previously known. here's why that matter. a financial analysis by the general services administration found that knocking down the current fbi headquarters and
8:40 pm
building a new one will cost more of your tax dollars than relocating to the suburbs. the critics say the president could stand to financially benefit from the decision because the trump hotel is located just one block away from the j. edgar hoover building. let's discuss. juliette kayyem is here and walter schaub. there's always something. walter, why do you think the president wanted to keep the fbi from moving and is about -- i'm wondering if this is about minimizing competition for the hotel as democrats say or something else? >> only in the trump administration could this be a relatively minor story. this is actually terrible and an example of his conflicts of interest leading to his concerns. his hotel is they say one block away. you can actually see the trump international hotel from the fbi building and vice versa. the concern expressed by a trump
8:41 pm
organization executive in 2015 is that if some hotel or other competing business were to move into that site, it could compete with the trump international hotel at the old post office pavilion. so far it has all the earmarks of him having intervened to try to protect his profits. >> walter, okay, i have to read this. this is a portion of the letter the democrats wrote to the gsa. it says many years before becoming president trump expressed interest in the fbi headquarters moving out of washington, d.c. so he could acquire the land on pennsylvania avenue and redevelop the property directly across the street from the trump international hotel. after he was worn in as president and became ineligibleable to obtain the property, he reportedly became dead as opposed to the government selling the property which would have allowed commercial developers to compete directly with the trump hotel.
8:42 pm
he wanted the land for himself. >> what's astonishing is if you have liveded in washington, d.c. as i have, you've seen the fbi working on this relocation for a decade. when you walk part of the fbi building, there's wire cages to catch account crumbling concrete that would fall onto the street and hit you on the head. this is a major operation under way for years and years and suddenly trump in and shuts it down abruptly. the inspector general reporting the head of that agency which is responsible for all of this was actually taking directions from trump and then she went in and misled congress about it saying that you know, leaving out she worked with the white house and dodging their questions when they asked if the president had been involved. you know that, should it be career ending for the head of the gsa em little murphy. it should be a major scandal for the president. this is exactly what i was
8:43 pm
worried about when i complained about him keeping his financial interests and breaking with the tradition of modern presidents of resolving those conflicts. >> juliette, let me read this. this is how the white house respond. house democrats have it all wrong. the president wanted to save the government money and also the fbi leadership did not want to move its headquarters. but juliette, the gsa concluded staying in d.c. will cost taxpayers about $200 million more. >> yeah, the white house's response is just a series of lies. and because you have to think about these decisions not in just in the context of money. we were dealing with this at the department of homeland security which was changing its led quarters. it's money, it's location, it's track patterns, environmental issues. it's whether a campus is needed. it is hundreds of calibrations go into an assessment of where in particular a law enforcement or national security building should be. one thing i have out there is it
8:44 pm
mart so have your primary law enforcement agency in the middle of d.c. no, most people think it's sort of smart to locate important areas outside of potential targets. but you know what? i don't know anything. in the sense that all of these calibrations are made by experts at the gsa who had decided it should be placed outside of the d.c. area. and then trump comes along and changes it. i was thinking when i was coming on -- i've been on three times with you this week each a different issue. they're all the same, saudi arabia, mueller and now it's there. the sective tissue is the president is making decisions based on his monetary interests whether it's with another country, whether it's with his campaign or whether it's having to do with his hotels. it's the connective tissue of the last two years.
8:45 pm
that's what's so frustrating. this may seem like a small issue. fbi building. it's a huge issue if you put it in the context of almost every decision made by this president. >> is this bigger than actual money money or just currying favor? >> so what always amazes me people around trump, he does these things and it's not just donald and the president and ivanka and melania and jared and all the cast of characteristics. it's the network that just lies for him consistently. we saw this in the gsa case. the head of the gsa, i don't know who it is. no one should know who it is the fact she's willing to lie about trump's influence just shows why his pervasive corruption has been so successful over the last two years. >> that's got to be the last word. thank you both. i appreciate it. joe biden was asked if dras should impeach president trump if they win the house. we'll tell you how he answered
8:46 pm
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with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort, and swelling. ask your doctor if coolsculpting is right for you. and visit today for your chance to win a free treatment. former vice president joe biden one of the most influential voices in the democrat party says he hopes democrat don't move right away to impeach president donald trump if they take the house in the elections. inning jous now the coauthor of "impeachment, an american history." looks to be a fine book. but first let's listen to former vice president joe biden. >> and if democrats win the house, do you believe they may move forward on articles of impeachment? >> i hope they don't. i don't think there's a basis for doing that right now.
8:51 pm
i think we should wait until a report comes out. >> what do you think? would moving forward be a bad move for the democrats? >> it would be a huge mistake. as we noted in the book we give really a blueprint of a successful impeachment process and give examples of that. the worst thing we could do right now is respond to a divisive president with a divisive partisan action. the american people don't want impeachment. the impeachment process against richard nixon which for now seems so inevitable, it only started after the saturday night massacre, and republicans as well as democrats said we've got to investigate the president. >> you don't think we've reached that tipping point even with comey -- >> you can have discussion technically whether obstruction of justice occurred, but impeachment is a political action and the american people are not ready for it. two things have to happen.
8:52 pm
they've got to be behind it and a fair investigation. >> the environment is different now especially. cnn hosted a town hall with beto o'rourke. and you know beto o'rourke is running against ted cruz. he said he would vote to impeach president trump. let's listen. >> i would like an indictment to impeachment of the president. there's enough there to proceed with a trial, for a full vetting of the facts have to make a best informed decision in the interest of this country and our future as you know under the constitution of a member of the senate. it's a far different bar. >> so almost every president reaches t pushes the boundaries of acceptable behavior. automatic i shou almost i should say. >> they did not define the high
8:53 pm
grounds of misdemeanors. they said you could be impeached or convicted of bribery or high creams or m creams or treason. abuse of power or obstruction of justice, if you can show the president did those two things, then you have the grounds. but in the end the jurors are members of congress. if they want to turn a blind yea to abuse of power or obstruction of justice a president can survive despite misconduct. >> do you believe impeachment is a real possibility? >> no. i think it would be -- well, it's a -- i think it would be a horrific mistake buzz what we need is unity right now in our country. we know already most americans do not support drufonald trump. the reaction to that is not to
8:54 pm
do something that would continue to divide us. there are lots of things the republicans could do with their subpoena power. impeachment might happen in the house but might not follow conviction in the senate. what you might have is rerun in 1998, 1999 when folks looked at the attack on bill clinton as a partisan. >> and it's called impeachment in american history. only two presidents have been impeached. andrew johnson and bill clinton. nixon resigned before he was impeached. and you said this about nixon. you said the saturday night massacre which was inescapably nixon's doing, and in the week firing cox, 20 impeachment resolutions were introduced in congress. for the first time the nixon administration requested a
8:55 pm
congressional head count of those for and against impeachment. so tell me about this book and that. >> listen, my point there is it was going to be a surprise to people even after john wd had testified about nixon being in the cover-up, after all the information coming about the list, the democrat leadership in congress didn't want to push for impeachment. they didn't think the american people were ready for it. it's nixon's abuse of power and nixon's misuse that pushed the country over -- if donald trump pushes us over some kind of psychic barrier like the saturday night massacre, that we know how to follow through on your constitutional authority, on the constitutional remedy of impeachment. it's to show people not every impeachment was partisan, to show people there is the possibility in our country of people who think not as
8:56 pm
partisans but as constitutionests, the heroes of the nixon story are conservative democrats have republicans who decided to put nation above party. i hope that can happen again if the need arises. >> thanks for watching. our coverage continues. parents aren't perfect, but then they make us kraft mac & cheese and everything's good again.
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