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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 22, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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now. >> you are all going down, all of you in this pool are going down. >> you will be so sad when we win $1.6 billion. >> i will win a ticket by myself, and i will not sue. thank you international viewers for watching. we have this remarkable and exclusive new video in the murder investigation of "washington post" journalist, jamal khashoggi. this is "new day" right now. >> cnn has obtained exclusive new video in the murder investigation of "washington post" columnist, khashoggi. the video shows the journalist was premedicated, and not the result of a fistfight as the saudis claim. the kingdom continues to deny
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that the crown prince has any involvement in khashoggi's death, and the president now admits, quote, there has been deception and lies in the saudis account. >> we will get to the remarkable video in just a moment. and also this morning, we are just 15 days away from the mid-term election, but early voting begins in texas and florida, and you can go to the polls right now. there's a big advantage for democrats in florida while another new poll gives democrats an edge in november but has good news for republicans, the president's approval rating hitting a tpha high. does that mean republicans have a chance of maintaining control of the house. we want to begin with this remarkable exclusive, and cnn's international correspondent, clarissa ward. >> reporter: they believe the
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killing of jamal khashoggi was murder and premedicated, and they now believe as well that the saudis flew in a barredy double to pose as khashoggi was leaving the consulate. at first glance this man could almost pass for jamal khashoggi, and that's the idea. these are the last known images of khashoggi alive moments before he entered the saudi consulate. same clothes, same grasses and beard. similar age and physique, and everything except the shoes. a senior turkish official tells cnn the man on the left is a body double, one of 15 saudi operatives sent to kill khashoggi and then cover it up.
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surveillance cameras capture him arriving at the consulate in a plaid shirt and jeans at 11:03 with an accomplice. two hours later, khashoggi arrives and he was killed inside shortly afterwards. while khashoggi's fiance waited in front of the consulate, we are told the man came out the back exhibit, and he appears to wearing the exact clothing of the journalist, and it was to show that the khashoggi left the consulate unharmed. they take a taxi to one of istanbul's main tourist attractions and an easy place to get lost in a crowd. the men to the bathroom and the accomplice carries a bag, and
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when they emerge, he is wearing his own clothes again. little did they know turkish authorities would quickly uncover the cover-up. their next stop at a fear by restaurant, it appears he dumped his fake beard, and investigators say it likely contained the clothes, and the pair appear visibly relaxed. their mission is complete. so this does give you a better sense of why the saudis were touting the line, initially that khashoggi left the consulate unarmed, but why didn't they really the footage of the decoy, and the answer may be they expected the turkish surveillance cameras to pick up on it and release it themselves or they understood pretty early
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on after their planes were being searched by the intelligence officers that the turks were on to their cover-up story and a couple other headlines coming out here today, turkish authorities once again interviewing several people that worked in the consulate behind me and the turkish president due to speak tomorrow, it will be very interesting to see what he has to say about saudi arabia's behavior. john, alisyn? >> such remarkable reporting on your report that you were able to get this surveillance video and show it to the world. people haven't seen it yet. one more time, we just want to put up the split screen that shows he's not -- the feeling of the turkish officials is not that he is wearing clothes that are similar to khashoggi's, but he is wearing the murdered journalist's clothing. tell us one more time of the 15 people that went in on this assignment from saudi arabia,
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there's something different about this man, he's not like the rest of them and it did not appear he went in randomly, but he was chosen as a body double. >> reporter: it may be that the saudis try to spin it, oh, this is imcompromised and part of the cover-up, and he is 57 years old, and the u.s. were in their 20s and 30s, and why would somebody who is practically a senior citizen being accompanied on this mission, given his height and weight and physical resemblance, and the two things that don't resemble khashoggi, the hair and the shoes. you can't fake the size of shoes. essentially, he may have tried on khashoggi's shoes and found they did not fit and decided he would just have to wear his own sneakers, and it's that kind of sloppiness that turkish authorities were able to pick up
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on. >> you bring a body double and bone saw and 15 other people, and the saudis are trying to make us believe it's not premedicated. that's remarkable. and they are trying to say the crown prince is not connected to it in any way as well. that is something that they continue to try and do, clarissa? >> reporter: that is something they are continuing to do, but i will say they have said that the killing was not premedicated. it's still possible, or it's possible they will try to present it as it was a potential abduction, a potential rendition. they may still have tried to use a body double in that circumstance to give them plausible deniability, but their story is changing, and it's changing every five minutes and doesn't look good for them. >> clarissa, thank you for this reporting. now we have david gregory and
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mi nia-mali nia-malika henderson. now what happens to the narrative? >> let's remember where donald trump has been since friday. on friday he said he believed the saudi story that it was a fistfight gone wrong. saturday evening an interview at the washington post says there's serious deception, his words, going on. that is evolution but -- look, i just don't know how you look at this, and to john's point, body double plus bone saw, plus the number of people -- >> one was an expert on autopsies. >> yeah, it doesn't take sort of a conspiracy theorist to connect these dots. they are already basically connected. we have seen donald trump in the past deny things that seem obvious. one example, russian attempt to interfere in the election, and
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they said it unanimously happens, and he said i don't know, so he has the capacity to deny it. he said repeatedly that large scale arms deal, he does not want to lose that money or lose that relationship. he basically casts these things against one another. remember, this is not someone who had a very sterling record when it comes to human rights, and he doesn't bring it up with countries or talk about it with other countries because of other concerns. what matters more? we will find that out. >> we have the white house response already. the president called the "washington post," and we will te speak to josh next hour, and he says, yes, there were deception and lies but doesn't seem to care about it, nia. seems to me the white house is saying we think the saudis spun this the whole way and lied to us but it's not going to change the nature of our relationship,
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am i wrong? >> i think that's right. that's where he has been this entire time. he was really one of the first people to float this idea that this was sort of a rogue off the books killing that the crown prince knew nothing about it and that seems to be where he is at this point, this idea that this arms deal that is about $110 billion is to valuable to give up, and the relationship that this country forged with this president and other presidents too is not worth scuttling that over this incident. we will see what happens going forward, and we heard from the republicans as well, and they have suggested that something would happen, but, again, we have seen this from republicans before talking tough but then not willing to go the full distance and go against the president. we will see what they will do, and they are on break right now because of the mid-term elections and they have so far
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have been on cable news talking about it, but this is the president and once he forges a relationship as somebody and he sees the relationship as positive and sees that person as somebody that likes him, it's very difficult to get him to hur turn, of course. he's getting backing not from official washington but the chattering class of republicans, essentially saying this is something that isn't worth scuttling, this relationship, so that in some ways is what he is listening to and what his gut tells him as well. >> david gregory, your thoughts? >> the problem for the administration and the problem for thinking out loud, which is what the president has done over the past two weeks since the story has broken is that you really start to limit yourself, and your options are limited to begin with. the reality is that we have a strong relationship with saudi arabia that is built on interests and not values. going back decades, of course, one of the biggest flash points
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is when there were 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were poured into extreme islamism. they wanted to counter iran, which has been a big issue and it's important to this administration. our cooperation in yemen. so you have excesses even before this that any administration would be concerned about, but the question is what do you do? the president has been all over the place here. i don't think he's answered a fundamental question that he ought to be concerned about, which is why would the crown prince -- why would the saudi rulers think they could get away with something this brazen and
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gristly. i have not first a satisfactory answer to that question. i think chris is right, he has been all over the place, but he cannot believe that the saudis are telling the truth because they are not. now he's got to look at a limited sweep of consequences that he has to bring to bear against the saudis. >> and one of the things that has not been answered, is why the saudis think they can get away with it? and i don't think the white house fundamentally believe any voters will head to the polls in 15 days on this issue. if the democrats are waking up 15 days before the midterms, are they waking up happy or nervous? >> i think if you look at the broad sweep of data, they still should be happy. look at history. there have been three elections in the civil war in which the
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president's party did not lose seats in the house. great depression, and monica lewinsky scandal. nobody is suggesting they are not going to use some seats, and i think it's more likely than not because a number of seats are already too far gone, and a lot of these republican open seats, some republican incumbents can't be saved. the issue is how big those gains are, and a two-seat majority for democrats or republicans in the house, you think things have been bad thus far in terms of not getting a lot done would be far worst. the question is can they win 40 plus seats and democrats have a governing majority or are we talking where they gain 22 or 25, and you are really talking about what is essentially a split down the middle house going into a presidential race that is already sort of begun
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but will absolutely begin the day after the election, and you are talking about zero policy and a whole lot of politics. >> the president's approval ratings have gone up, and the poll shows the president at 47% approval, and he was just in the low 40s earlier, a couple weeks ago, and 49% disapprove, and if u look at that in context of where obama was in his term as the midterms approached, he is higher than where president obama was in 2010, so what do you think is going on behind the numbers, nia tph? >> i think republicans are coming home, and we saw the kavanaugh confirmation reminding republicans of why they held their noses in 2016 and voted for this president, and they wanted the supreme court nomination and ended up getting two, and you have obama at 45%,
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and president trump is at 47%, and there's of course a correlation between those approval ratings and how the party does. obviously there's voting under way already. a lot of those districts are gone. you see republicans already pulling money out of the districts in colorado and virginia as well. that probably won't change. if you are a democrat you are nervous, and if you are a democrat you are always nervous but you still have reason to think that you are going to do well on election day, particularly in the house and senate. it's still an open question. >> if you look at both parties, what they are really selling their supporters is anger and fear. those are the -- that's the vision for the country, which is pretty ugly during an ugly time following an ugly political episode with the confirmation of
4:17 am
justice cavanaugh. to nia's point, the fact that the conservatives are coming home and the republicans are coming home, what the kavanaugh fight ignited for president trump, one of the reasons he has done so well among conservatives is he stuck to the script of who to put forward for the supreme court nominations, and there has been a cultural split as a result of kavanaugh on some of the questions and there's a lot of energy out there. i think for democrats, you know, they have to acknowledge that energy on the right as well, and for them understand this is a longer term game they are playing. >> we have early voting happening in nevada, florida and texas, so we will see some of the data over the next few days, and we are looking forward to
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that. thank you one and all. president trump adopting the line jobs not mobs for the final stretch of the mid-term elections. will the politics of fear help republicans keep control of congress, and what about facts? place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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president trump will head to houston today to campaign for a former rival in 2016, republican senator ted cruz. this comes as the president is ramping up his rhetoric on the thousands traveling in the caravan. >> by the way a lot of people in california don't want them either, and they are rioting now and want to get out of the sanctuary cities. >> we have a former political director for george w. bush. how are you, matt? >> good. >> president trump talked about a lot of claims, for instance,
4:23 am
where were people rioting in california this weekend? >> what i heard him say, and maybe i don't know specifically what you are referring to, is the fact that we have these people coming up, and now they have come to mexico, this caravan, this mob of folks coming to the border and trying to use our own tolerance and decency as americans by rushing the border and trying to get in -- >> hold on a second, matt. the president, you just heard him say that people in california are rioting, a lot of people are rioting this weekend. again, my point is, this didn't happen, there's no evidence of that. as we approach the midterms it would be helpful for the president of the united states to use facts, and when he doesn't we have to fact check him. he's wrong about a lot of stuff with the caravan. >> i don't think that's right. no, i think -- let's talk about these questions about
4:24 am
immigration. actually, donald trump has proven to be durably correct that our immigration is broken, but if you come to the border today with a child you will get entrance into our country, it doesn't have to be your own child, and you will jump the line -- >> will you get -- just a fact check, will you get a luxury car? >> what did you say? >> will you get a luxury car given to you? >> what the democrats want to do in every -- >> matt, will you get a luxury car? >> you get obama car and a telephone. all kinds of thing. i have not heard about a car, but you get all kinds of programs. >> matt, you don't get a royals royce or luxury car, and george soros doesn't meet you at the border handing out millions -- >> who is paying for the caravan? alisyn, who is paying for the
4:25 am
caravan. put a reporter on it. >> we have a reporter on it. you asked me a question and let me answer. we have journalist along the way. nobody is paying for the caravan. poor people are marching 2,700 -- >> nope. nope. >> there's video, actually, of people being handed bills, and you probably think they are being hand, i don't know, hundred dollar bills, but it's a 25 cent food voucher for the women and children in the line, and that's the video people have paid a lot of attention to. >> nobody in their right mind things four or 5,000 people spontaneously got together, met on a corner in guatemala and decided to take this long trip that you just described. it's a harrowing trip. >> you don't think they are motivated because of the conditions in their country? >> what i think is wonderful about them is they know america is a better place to live and i
4:26 am
think it's a better place to live as well. one reason it's a better place to live is because we are a nation of laws and you have to follow the law, but unfortunately because of the liberal judges we have too much chaos at the borders, and on this issue of immigration, alisyn, it's the reason his numbers are proving because it seems like we have a chaotic -- >> it does seem like it, but the facts don't support it. this is not at our southern border. >> they are coming to our southern border and this is not the first one, and you know that. you know that! >> let's talk about that, matt. >> sure. >> remember the last caravan that caused so much attention, you know how many people from that caravan were granted asylum at that border. >> i assume you are going to tell me. >> three. three people. we have rules, matt.
4:27 am
they can apply -- >> now let me go. now let me go. how many thousands of people a month are allowed to get asylum in this country because they show up with a child or somebody else's child -- >> you know vetting is more complicated than that. >> about 50,000. >> no, matt. >> 50,000 people a month are not granted asylum here, no. >> how many thousands? you tell me, how many -- >> three from the last caravan. >> you are wrong. why don't we do this. this will be the best thing. if i come on and we are going to talk about this subject, let's get the numbers from homeland security and they put it out every month. it's easy googleable. it's not three a month. >> i am saying from the last caravan. >> when you come to this southern border, if you grab a child, any child and come to the border, guess what?
4:28 am
you have a large chance of getting legal status to stay in the country. >> you just don't -- have more faith in what our folks -- our americans at the border are doing. they don't blindly give you asylum. >> they are trying -- can i talk? >> no. >> okay. >> because i think the issue is fear mongering. >> there's no fear mongering. is there 4,000 people trying to come to our country illegally or not? is that true? >> i don't know. they are 25,000 miles away, and you know the attrition as they walk across mexico because they are desperate. they are not at our border. >> you think they are trying to get to our border or not? i think they are. they say they are. i don't think they are lying. >> i don't know they are going to be able to make it, matt. when they do make it we have laws and we vet people. so something is happening in another country, and there are
4:29 am
bands of people coming to our country and it's just not fact. >> it is a fact and the truth is this, when we are going to talk about immigration, let's make sure we have -- you say i am lying and that the president is lying. you say you can't come into this country through the southern border in any way other than the legal way, and i am telling you is what happens is you get in through the southern border and you get temporary status, and if you don't report to your first hearing you are in this country for as long was want to be. we have a porous border and that's why the american people are upset. i think people in america are tolerant when it comes to immigration, but they are not tolerant with the idea that people are using our system against us. that's what is happening. to say that only three people have gotten status since the last caravan, that is flatly untrue. >> i didn't say that. i said not since the last
4:30 am
caravan, that's from the last caravan. >> how many come a day? this is happening every day at the border, alisyn? >> but this is a legal process -- >> we have a broken process. >> you can come to the united states and seek asylum. in fact there used to be opening our arms to people -- >> we still do. >> you frame them as an opportunist trying to take advantage of our -- >> they want to be in america. come on, my last name, where do you think i come from? we are the most tolerant country on the face of the earth when it comes to accepting immigrants. we are still that way. we cannot allow people to come here in a way where they get temporary protective status that allows them to stay in the country forever.
4:31 am
we have millions of people in the country that have come this way, alisyn, and it's the wrong way to come. the right way to come is the legal system. >> you know there's a process for asylum seekers and you know that's legal. >> i do. >> here we are. >> answer me this question. when you get your temporary status in this country, what are the consequences if you don't go to your hearing and go back to report about your status? what happens? can you answer that? >> it's catch and release, that's what i think you are referring to, and i believe lots of people think there's a problem with catch and release and that's what they are trying to fix, but drumming up fear right now -- >> it's not fear, it's true. >> -- that there are thousands of people -- >> there are thousands. >> they are at the southern border of mexico, and you know what -- >> you and i agree, they should not be able to come into the
4:32 am
country. let's shake hands on that. i agree they should follow the law -- >> not everybody agrees they should follow the law. i like what you are saying, you and i will find out the exact number of people -- >> please, i didn't look at it before i went on the air, but let's look at it. every month people come into this country in this way that allows them to come temporarily, and they over stay -- >> when you come on later this week, we will both be armed with the same facts. >> i might be wrong, but i am wrong a lot, alisyn -- >> i don't believe. >> the president is wrong sometimes but doesn't mean he's lying. >> matt, the president is not even lying. >> he has been more right than any other politician -- >> by the way, we still have not gotten the answer on where all the rioting was going on in california, but we will get the facts. >> i just want to see the handshake that was promised there. >> i was wondering how we were
4:33 am
going to do that. overnight an explosive debate in a key swing state plus a changing poll number for a rising star, next.
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it's on. early voting. it's on in florida, just hours after the first fiery debate against the two gubernatorial candidates. gilliam has a 12-point lead on the republican. the debate aftermath, ryan? >> john, just 15 days to go before voters cast their ballots in this election. as you mentioned voters starting to already cast ballots and last night was the first time for these two candidates to face-off on a debate and it happened on cnn, and there were fireworks for sure. after the poll it showed gilliam with a tight lead. the republican coming out
4:38 am
swinging against gilliam. >> he's a failed mayor and is involved in corruption. >> gilliam, the first african-american nominee touting his life story and dismissing the attacks. >> ron is being don, and that's donald trump, neglecting all sense of reason and facts. this is cnn and not fox, you have to bring facts to the conversation. >> president trump has become a key focus in the debate. >> you have a great candidate in florida, it's called the republican candidate. >> he is teaching madison to talk. >> make america great again. >> desan tuesday pivoting.
4:39 am
>> i don't read "art of the deal" to my son mason, and here's what i know. i was very passionate about moving our american embassy. >> donald trump is weak, and he performs as all peweak do, they become bullies. >> after hurricane michael raf ridged florida's panhandle. >> i don't want to be an alarmist. >> he is an election year environmentalist, but his record will come to bear in the race. >> let me be clear about what the record is, i am not under an
4:40 am
fbi investigation, and i am a hard working individual. >> and the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda. when we are down range in iraq, it didn't matter your race. floridians can know that i will be a governor for all floridians. >> i am black and have been black all my life and so far as i know, i will die black. >> president trump does have a home here in florida but he didn't -- he can't vote here, not registered to vote here, and he immediately tweeted he thought ron was the winner, and gilliam called the president weak and a bully and insisted the country deserves better.
4:41 am
almost 1 million absentee votes have been casts already in the very tight race in which the entire country is watching. >> ryan, our thanks to you. we talked about the gubernatorial race, but on the senate side bill nelson has a five-point edge or the democratic challenge jury, mr. scott. harry. >> the governor's race, a huge point, but the senate race, much tighter, only 50 to 45. >> peter brady comes with a cameo here. >> yeah, my voice goes up and down, and i guess the question is what exactly is going on? why -- we will start with the governor's numbers. what is going on here?
4:42 am
let's go with the breakdown here, we see a 27% lead over gillum, and -- >> the people over age 45 are the ones that vote. >> they are the ones that make up the most numbers. but gillum is leading. take a look at the senate numbers, right? we see three versus four. nelson is up by three among those over the age of 45, and that's in the same neighborhood, that's not bad. look at those under the age of 45, it's only an 11 advantage. >> 11 versus 30? >> yeah, 11 versus 27, and that's a significantly large gap, and that's explaining why gillum are up in the poll, and that's because those over the age of 45 are more likely to
4:43 am
vote. the governor race and senate race -- that's not a forecast, is it. no, but this is a forecast. we have gillum winning but only by five, and that's a smaller gap than the poll, and i should point out that sometimes you do have outliers. at the end of the day we think gillum is ahead, and we think it's a smaller gap. i will point this out, there has not been a democratic governor since 1984. this would be a huge win for democrats, and it would be a huge win because he would be the third african-american elected governor in the history of the united states. >> for the senate we have a
4:44 am
smaller margin. >> we have bill nelson winning by 2% points. the polls are more mixed in this race. there have been some polls that have nelson ahead and some have scott ahead but on average they have nelson ahead. this is not that great of a victory for a long term incumbent. >> he may benefit from andrew gillum, if he turns out younger voters it will help bill nelson as well. let's get the overall house forecast. every day you give us a different number here. >> we do give you a different number. this is no change since yesterday, but it's a change since we last spoke on friday, and that's that democrats lost two seats once again. and this time i will walk over, and i will not reach. i feel like, hello, how are you? >> too close. >> a little too close? this day in age, at least i
4:45 am
didn't touch him. 226 to 209. again, close, but democrats have a clear eupblg. one thing i want to point out, and that's that i want to look at the best case democrat in the house to the best case gop. it's a gap of 34 seats here, and if you take the number of the gop, that's only -- can we do the math together -- >> 16. >> that's 23 seats. >> i was told there would be no math. >> i was just grabbing a number. >> what i am saying here is there's a much longer tail, and democrats can do better than republicans in their best case scenario, and democrats, there's a lot of close races, and if the republicans end up winning a lot of them they will end up with a
4:46 am
large majority. >> thank you for the education. >> harry's forecast is available much day by 9:00 a.m. at who is the couple in this picture perfect proposal? the photographer who snapped this picture is looking for them and joins us next. ways to lose stubborn belly fat. the roasted core wrap. 3, 2, 1... not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells
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okay. we need you to help solve a mystery. take a look at this photo. a photographer was in yosemite national park and snapped this stunning photo of a man who appears to be proposing while on a breathtaking cliffside. since then the photographer has been trying to find this mystery couple. the picture has gone viral but so far no luck finding them. good morning, matt. >> good morning. >> that is a beautiful shot. wide shot with the sun streaming in at that beautiful angle, g d golden hue. you captured that moment. how did you get this shot? >> anyone that has been up to taft point knows it's a popular spot and easy hike to get up there. this is not an uncommon shot.
4:51 am
but there's that point that's 200 feet away and a short jaunt over to where that couple was proposing at. i was waiting for my buddy, josh, to walk out on to the point. i had everything ready to go. >> so you were going to take a picture of josh on that very point? >> correct. >> reporter: but you happened to catch this moment? >> right. so before -- obviously, before josh walked out, the couple walked out and they were hugging initially. so i kind of thought it was cute and snap aid few photos of them hugging. next thing you know, the gentleman got down on one knee. i snapped three photos, check mied surroundings to make sure i wasn't encroaching on another photographer's work and there was no other photographer around me that i could see. so, i snapped the photos and kind of quick ran over to where they were to try to figure out who they were and i asked maybe 20, 25 people and came up short, because there was at least three or four other bride and groom
4:52 am
couples doing postwedding photos, 12 other photographers up there. it was kind of a chaotic point at sunset. >> you want to find the couple, i assume, to share this beautiful photo with them. >> yes. >> and so -- is that your goal? you want to find them to what end? >> honestly, i just want them to kind of have this moment from a different perspective and just be able to cherish it through a massive photo print. i've been contacted through a company that offered a giant enhanced large hd resolution metal print for them if i find them. i guess that's kind of waiting for them if we do find them. >> okay. so you put it out on twitter and have you gotten any leads? >> uh-huh. there's a lot of people that have reached out to me, showing me different people's work, kind of similar. like i said, taft point is a
4:53 am
popular point for proposals and weddings and things of that nature. there's a lot of similar shots but none that have quite matched up. the gentleman in my photo appears to be wearing a hat. and most of the time when people send me a photo from that point it is of people in like proper wedding attire, like suit and a formal dress. >> so, listen, we have millions of eyeballs that can help you. give us the exact time and date that this was and we'll try to find this couple. so, when was this? >> sure. so, this was taken on october 6th and it was around sunset. it was probably around 6:20-ish p.m. >> and if anybody was being proposed to or proposing on that point at that date, how can they find you? >> i mean, just reach out to me directly, facebook, twitter, instagram. you can e-mail me.
4:54 am
those are all on my social media platform. just find me on the internet and reach out to me directly. there have been a lot of people who have said they know who it is. then i asked for proof and it kind of comes up short. things just don't quite match up. >> we hope that after this appearance on "new day" that we can find this couple for you. they have a beautiful engagement shot waiting for them, courtesy of you. matthew dippel, thank you for sharing the photo with us. >> you're assuming she said yes. everyone is assuming she said yes. >> i wish i knew what happened yes. he did go around and try to find them. >> we assume she said yes. >> maybe there's a whole other chapter to this that we need to find out. >> i'm just saying. >> our thanks for that. we have this major breaking news this morning. exclusive video that shows how the saudis tried to cover up a washington post journal murder. we have this bombshell exclusive next. to show the new keurig k-café brewer
4:55 am
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good morning, and welcome to your "new day." it's monday, october 22nd. 8:00 in the east. we have major break nugs th sins morning. a cnn exclusive on the murder of jamal khashoggi. khashoggi's death being explained as a fist fight gone bad has been deemed laughable. president trump still does not question the claim that the saudi prince hash no knowledge of the kill bug new footage that shows the krincredible extent t which they tried to cover up the murder and it all mounts to evidence that it was premeditated. midterm election campaigns are 15 days away. early voting begins today in two battleground states, texas and
5:00 am
florida. new cnn poll reveals a major advantage for democrats in key races in one battleground state. we'll get to that. while another new poll gives the dems the edge in november. and it also shows president trump's approval ratings hitting a new high. what does that mean? who will control congress? chief international correspondent clarissa ward and our exclusive report on khashoggi. what have you learned? >> reporter: it's extraordinary, alisyn. just as saudi arabia's foreign minister has been telling fox news in an interview that this was simply a terrible accident, that this killing was unintentional, we're hearing a very different story from turkish officials who say this was premeditated murder. and they have shared with us some extraordinary footage that appears to show the saudis brought in a body double to pose as jamal khashoggi leaving the consulate to cover up the killing. take a look. at


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