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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  October 25, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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let's say it in a really low voice. carl? lowest price, guaranteed. just stick with badda book. badda boom. book now at good morning. we are following a lot of breaking news this morning, including just now we have confirmed that authorities believe they have found the ninth suspicious package. this one in delaware. this one addressed to former vice president joe biden. the one you are seeing on the right side of your screen right now was found this morning, just a couple of hours ago in tribecca new york city addressed to the actor robert de niro. the police got the first calls from two eagle eyed security guards that saw a package that fit the same description of the
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packages that we saw yesterday, those seven. they called the police, and that is the containment vehicle that they then put that bomb that they found or at least the ingredients for the bomb in there. >> so what does this mean? it means there is a would be serial bomber on the loose. someone who has sent now, we believe, nine bombs to political targets. all the targets are on the screen right in front of you, including former president obama, the clintons home, member of congress maxine waters, john brennan, cnn and the actor robert de niro. and now we believe something sent to former vice president joe biden in delaware was trying to be confirmed about whether or not that is a bomb. but something has been recovered that was sent to him. all people that the president has been critical of. all people who have also been critical of the president. there are all sorts of new threats in the investigation
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this morning in the ongoing development. we're going to start in bringing jim sciutto, reporting this as it happens. what do you guys know? >> the ninth package, it is not clear if that's what's going on in delaware. we are also getting word that the authorities may have intercepted or found this biden package last night. there were some similarities we were told yesterday, which is why authorities had been looking for it, specifically the return address as we are seeing in a lot of these packages. now, as to the one here this morning in new york, obviously, we have seen what that packaging looks like. very similar. obviously the same person it appears that sent this. what i'm also told is that it was really the media reports is what helped security at the tribecca production company. it was a police officer that noticed this package, had seen the media reports last night and said, oh, my god, this is the
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same thing and notified the police. so the public outreach by law enforcement, by the fbi certainly is helping in this investigation in keeping people alert. >> that's why they share these, so that other individuals can call the authorities as happened in the cnn mail room yesterday, as happened in de niro's offices today. the consistent message i get from local law enforcement and federal authorities is they are keeping their eyes open for other packages. they told us that this morning more packages have since come. that is their footing right now. the final thing i will say is this, the package is the same on the exterior. it appears the devices are similar as on the interior. and the targets are similar as well, right? because they all fall into a category that are people the
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president criticized. >> that is a package that robert de niro recovered this morning. exactly the same as the ones delivered yesterday. we're going to let you get back to reporting, especially focussed on this new device. >> i'm going to bring in new york city mayor. mayor, thank you very much. i know it is a busy morning for you. tell us what happened this morning around robert de niro's office. >> first i want to say thank you to you and everyone at cnn. i saw extraordinary professionalism and fortitude in the face of what you all were doing. >> thank you very much for saying that. we did not skip a beat. it was very, i must say, heartening to know that the news will go on regardless of a scare. >> that's the bigger point of what's happening here. we need to recognize someone is
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trying to terrorize us, trying to get us to loose faith in our governments and our society. we have to respond with consistency and not allowing ourselves to be undermined. terrorism by definition is an effort to change people's way of living and way of thinking using violence, using terror. we can't let that happen. >> and just very quickly, this is not just institutions. there is a very clear pattern of who is being targeted. >> yes. >> with these. so these are all people who the president has recently criticized, all organizations or direct people who the president at rallies or speeches have gone over. >> that's right. and we see an extraordinarily clear pattern. i believe -- it may take days. it may take weeks. but i believe law enforcement will find this individual or
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these individuals and they will be brought to justice. we have seen it many times before. it sometimes takes a while, but they will be found. we should expect more of these in the meantime. so, yes, this morning robert de niro's office. thank god, because of an eagle eyed security employer, no one was hurt. the device was removed successfully by the nypd. but everyone has an opportunity, even though this is a painful moment and something we should not be living through and something that's been unfortunately facilitated by an atmosphere created by some of our leaders, every day people can be part of the solution here. we need to be vigilant and recognize that something suspicious, don't explain it away, don't think maybe it is not a big deal. if you think a package is suspicious, call the authorities. protect everyone around you by being vigilant. that can be how we find the
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perpetrators. time and time again, that's what allows law enforcement to win the day. >> absolutely. there is nothing more powerful than all the eyeballs watching us right now. 1-800-call-fbi if you see anything that resembled these packages or seems suspicious. mayor, has the new york police department told you that they're aware of packages or looking for other packages. >> there is nothing beyond chapd this morning with robert de niro's office. but we are ready to deal with it. clearly there is a pattern. it does appear to be very consistent. each coming from the exact same person or people with the exact same style, the exact same materials. we have every reason to believe there might be more, and we have to be ready for that. if, god forbid, there is more, it does not change our response. our response has to be the same. the news has to keep being
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given. people in public life have to keep representing our constituents. by the way, you saw new yorkers yesterday. this is not the first time we have suffered a terror attack. new york said, no way we're going to be intimidated and they kept going about their business. the terrorist or whoever tried to do this, mission not accomplished. they did not change people's lives or values. >> do you believe there is a serial bomber loose in new york city. >> i don't know new york city. i believe there is someone by definition a serial bomber, yes, and a terrorist. person or people, foreign or domestic, we don't know. and we don't know if they're here or elsewhere in the country. >> do you know if the package to robert de niro was hand delivered. >> we don't. i don't want to rule out that it would be a combination of either hand delivered, certain cases through the postal service. that's what the investigation has to make sense of. the bottom line is since we don't know where the perpetrator is or where the origin is, what
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we do know is people can stop and so far have successfully stopped anyone from being harmed. >> is your office or the nypd alerting other people that might be on this target list? >> we put additional nypd presence around new york city, in front of the offices of certain elected officials, and we have alerted everyone broadly that they have to be extra vigilant at this point. every package needs to be looked at carefully. anything that seems out of the ordinary, anything that looks suspicious or seems like a chemical agent. anything that might pose danger, don't open that package. immediately call authorities. >> the president put out a statement this morning on twitter. he says a big part of the anger is caused by the purposefully false and inaccurate reporting of the mainstream media. it has gotten so bad and hateful
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that it is beyond description. mainstream media must clean up its act fast. do you understand why that would be his message this morn something. >> i do. i have been very critical of the president. he created an atmosphere of hatred and division in this country, but it is not new for donald trump. i think we need to stop the famous einstein quote is the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result. we're not going to get a different result. this is who he was in the '80s. this is who he is going to be. that does not define the american people. in the end, this is an american problem. we have to solve it ourselves. as leaders, but as every day americans, we have to create an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect. we have to create an atmosphere of respect for the media. we can disagree with the coverage of the story, but
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respect the institution of the media because it protects our democracy. donald trump is not going to change. we have to change. >> thank you very much for taking time out of your busy morning. stay safe. >> you too. just to update people, the ninth package apparently addressed to former vice president joe biden has been recovered. in delaware there is fbi activity on the ground in delaware at this moment. we're trying to get people there. we're trying to get pictures up to you to get the latest from that scene. in the meantime, when we woke up this morning in lower manhattan at the office of robert de niro there was a bomb discovered. that is a picture of the bomb right there. outside the offices of robert de ni niro, tell us what you are seeing. >> reporter: authorities say that bomb looks the same as the other packages on the outside. there is stamps on it. there is no postmark on it.
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it appears there were stamps put on it and it was delivered here. it was in the mail room of tribeca film productions. the bomb squad came down and already took it off to their place in the bronx where they will be studying that device. robert de niro released a statement saying the building was evacuated. everybody is safe. this is not what free speech should look like. obviously, robert de niro has been a frequent critic of the president. it should not come as a surprise the other targets of these bombs that it would come to this location. but interestingly, this happened very, very early this morning and within a couple of hours nypd has the bomb, had secured it, had it up in the bronx to look at it and was conducting a secondary sweep of the building to make sure everything is fine.
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they have given the all clear and it is back to business as normal here in lower manhattan. back to you. >> miguel for us on the scene there in tribeca outside the office of robert de niro. earlier the containment vehicle carrying that bomb to be investigate sg investigated. >> we will have much more on all of the breaking news as soon as "new day" takes a quick break. o? not quite. it takes a ground-breaking company like dell technologies. a family of seven technology leaders working behind the scenes to make the impossible... reality. for instance, we're helping to give cars the power to read your mind from anywhere. ♪ we're helping up to 40% of the nation's donated blood supply... to be redirected to the areas and people that need it most.
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morning, what believed to be a bomb sent to the offices of robert de niro in new york city this morning. a device sent to joe biden, the former president of the united states, a suspected device or a package that is suspicious sent to him overnight. new details on that. there is fbi activity in delaware at this moment. this on top of all of these other bombs sent to people, including former president obama, member of congress maxine waters, the clinton homes. here in cnn headquarters john brennan. all of that going on, and the president making a high profile statement last night about unity and then making a lot of other statements that are not unifying, including a new one this morning. i want to bring in the white house reporter for "the new york times." also a cnn political analyst. walk me through the white house response, what the president said outloud and how they think
5:18 am
his message is being received. >> you have to member the degree with which people who work in this white house feel as if they are in some kind of a bunker with him. even when they don't like what he does, they all increasingly don't like the tone in the media. they don't like how we cover things. so this is not actually an area where, as you might think, they were going to be very critical of what he was doing. i think they would have preferred he kept to this civil tone that he managed for about 12 hours last night into this morning. but at the end of the day, most of them, if you had strapped them to a polygraph, would say they think he has a point. i don't think this will be a huge bone of contention for him. the question now is how much further this goes for the president. i keep thinking about, you know, right after the september 11th attacks in 2001, i worked for one of the news outlets that received an anthrax letter.
5:19 am
it is hard to see george bush telling the media it is your fault this happened. and it is not surprising that is what donald trump is saying. but it is a piece of him trying to barrel past any criticism and continue to stick to what he said. >> that's what he's done this morning. he put out on twitter he ee's frustrated with the media. he's talking about how the anger and the country and about the media and he's just missed -- whatever. he's just not focussed on this man hunt. that's why what happened yesterday when we saw his scripted speech, whose idea was that? >> do you mean the one at the rally? >> the remarks at the white house. >> he had to do something. that's because they were already getting -- first of all, a couple of things happened.
5:20 am
this wasn't a huge source of disagreement. you had a number of pipe bombs showing up at the offices of a former presidential nominee who is married to a former president and a former president himself. so he had to say something. and they knew he had to say something. that was never in question. they had some controversy because an e-mail blast went out to the president's campaign that was really critical of cnn shortly after cnn received the contract. that brought a rare apology from the trump campaign. they knew he had to say something, so he was not used. but we knew it was only going to be a matter of time before he broke free of that. we have also seen he will say one thing to one group and something completely different to the next. >> that was also scripted, though. or part of it was scripted.
5:21 am
i thought it was very political and deliberate and fascinating because it took this moment and turned it upside down, and the president tried to make himself the victim of these bombs being sent to the men. >> well, we have seen the president make himself a victim over and over for the last four years. it is not a surprise. to be clear, he has some legitimate complaints about tone in the media. he does have a legitimate point that there has been a lot of anger in this country for the last ten years, eight years, seven years. that is not just him. but the idea that he has not ee something he has continued not to grasp. or if he does grasp, he doesn't seem to care. >> he says those even ganled in the political arena need to stop treating political opponents as enemies. >> he exaggerating whatever they
5:22 am
actually did do. this is a person -- now, he doesn't do it himself. he allows the crowd to do it. he's always very careful with that, to say lock her up with hillary clinton. while at the same time they are talking about due process for brett kavanaugh. you have seen selective outrage from him time and time again and we have seen him sort of put himself in the middle of every story as if it is all really about him. if he actual hi feely feels tha hebligation to look at his role in the country. >> i am surprised to hear you say, well, he had to make this statement from the white house. i don't know that norms -- i think i was forgiven for thinking there are no norms anymore. >> you could be forgiven for thinking that, but it is not as if -- first of all, this is a white house extremely receptive to what they are seeing on
5:23 am
television. and what was on television was a mess. so they were essentially responding to that. i don't think it is a surprise. in the same way, i don't think it is a surprise that it lasted about half a day. >> so you got some very interesting journalism, some reporting. >> that broad statement? >> i mean that in general and in specific. an article that you wrote or one of the cowriters on which goes into how the president is using an unsecured iphone to call his friends, and the chinese are listening. that steamed like a big deal. >> the chinese and the russians are listening when he is on a cell phone. whether it is a personal iphone that he continued using until last year and has held on to primarily or whether it's the government one. you know, all they can do is strip it down as much as possible.
5:24 am
those are not secure. you can still listen in. he was warned it was a problem. he has gotten better about using the secure land lines and using the switchboard phones. that is true and using the signal for it to make calls. but this has been a long process. and the related piece is that according to our reporting, chinese officials can use what they are gathering to try to influence who they believe are friends of his. one was steve wynn. you know, you don't necessarily need to listen on those calls to know those are two people you might want to try to influence as they talk to the president. but it adds another dimension of why this is problematic. >> it is jaw dropping. it is jaw dropping. hillary clinton's e-mails, too. >> lock her up.
5:25 am
>> but here is what the president said to you this morning. the so-called experts on trump over at "the new york times" wrote a long and boring article on my cell phone usage that is so incorrect i do not have time here to correct it. i only use government phones, capitalized, and have only once seldom used government cell phones. the story is so wrong. >> i really like that one. this is very similar to he doesn't say what is wrong about the story, which is that he was warned repeatedly there were intelligence ops being used against his phone usage and he basically ignored it. he can say all kinds of things about it, but it is not a boring story. >> boring is the same word he used about another not boring story in "the new york times,"
5:26 am
which is the deep dive into his financial situation over decades. and the fact that his personal narrative claiming that he was a self-made man with a million dollar loan from his dad was not true and his dad sub disidized life for many decades. i understand that is his reaction. he is entitled to his reaction, but we standby our reporting. >> that is my favorite reaction from you. we standby our story, but it is not boring. thanks so much. we are going to take a quick break right now because there has been so much breaking news this morning, and it continues. we will update you on what's happening from robert de niro's office, as well as a specific package to vice president joe biden. we'll be right back. just $24 per month per line for five lines. it includes hulu and mobile hotspot. we need to shout this deal from the rooftops. yeahhh.
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again, it's been a very busy hour here on new day. we have just gotten a photo of a ninth package that this morning has come to authority's attention. this one addressed to former
5:31 am
vice president joe biden. look at the address. it is peculiar. they include his full name and his middle name. there to his address in delaware. it is just another piece of a peculiar puzzle. this envelope looks so much like the other suspicious even vnvel with the bombs in them. now this is a live aerial view of another containment vehicle that this bomb or at least suspicious package will have to go in to with examined. >> if you are watching this, the first thing he thinks when he sees this containment vehicle is that authorities are treating this as if it is very well, as well they should because it looks exactly like the other bombs that were sent. >> yeah, exactly like it. if you look even the way the package is sent, you can tell it is circular.
5:32 am
probably another pipe bomb. the weight of it. this is another thung that authorities have been using to decide whether or not manager is related to this, is the weight of the package. we are told that the weight of that package that was delivered to robert de niro is similar to the weight delivered here. there are a lot of similarities. whatever is inside this envelope will be similar. this is the package that authorities have been looking for overnight. they found it overnight. they know that it had been nailed to the former president. they knew where it came from. but then it had been returned. so it was in the postal system, and they were trying to find it. we are seeing exactly the same scenario play out in delaware. you have the containment vehicle and the bomb techs going in and transporting this. then it's going to go to the fbi. now we have nine of these. the fbi will have nine pieces of
5:33 am
evidence, nine bombs they will have to investigate and pull apart and determine and link all of them. they need to find this guy or people because, you know, certainly as we heard from the mayor a short time ago, there is concern there will be others. >> why wouldn't there be? we have had two on our watch. there is a serial bomber on the loose this morning. what are your thoughts? >> i don't think about the bomber. i think about the opportunities these bombs are providing. you look at themes a s as a ris the public. now it is tracked times nine, including potentially couriers delivering these. on the packages and within the packages, you have the potential of a stray hair, a fingerprint. even if the bomber is unbalanced, that bomber has to look for balance between risk and aggression. this bomber has clearly said, i
5:34 am
am so angry that i will take tremendous risk by sending out these packages. there are too many clues going around. >> nine now packages. nine bombs sent around. julia is with us as well. julia, phil says he will focus on the bombs. i want you to focus on the security, the homeland security aspect of this. it is extraordinary when you look at these targets. you are dealing with former president, former vice president, former attorney general, former secretary of state, former director of the cia, a member of the congress. this is a full-scale attempt at decapitating, you know, either literally, physically harming or threatening or scaring, you know, the entire democratic in a way political leadership. >> yes. right. two weeks before an election as well. so in the context of what's coming around the pipe, that
5:35 am
can't be ignored. i don't think you are exaggerating by talking about the gravity of this. you can call it as a terrorist threat across the board. two things on the homeland front. picking up on what phil said, not only are the devices materials that can be found, but remember the way we think about homeland security now is there is a community around the person or people, the culprit. they may not know they are part of a community. but right now i have 11 envelopes bought, stamps, purchases made online, statements said. this is the see something, say something. get the word out that this is a community that knows something, you know, whether it's the private sector or friends, famil family, neighbors. the other thing i want to say is in this world of uniqueness, the
5:36 am
absence of a presence by the department of homeland security for 24, 36 hours is really odd to me from the operational perspective. this is an ongoing terror attack. you can label it what you want. but i think that the cabinet's silence -- we talk about unity of effort, and it would be probably smart to get the department out there at this stage because of the local and state up packet. this cannot rely on the new york police department alone. >> julia and phil, standby, if you will for a moment. the picture you are looking at are live pictures from delaware where this ninth device sent to joe biden has been found. it is now being contained or about to be contained in this vehicle. and julia and phil, standby. on the phone with us now is the governor of new york. governor, thank you so much for being it was. i'm going to ask you the same
5:37 am
question we asked the mayor. are you concerned there is a serial bomber on the loose in your state? >> good morning, john. good morning, alyson. let's put the terminology aside. there is no doubt that there has been a pattern. there has been a number, and i would not at all be surprised if we found more. as you have mentioned, we found more this morning. you know, when it started with the first package to george soros, my heart was in my mouth because the question was, is this a run off or is it the beginning of a pattern. we got the answer very quickly when 1:00 the next morning i got a call from the state police saying there was a package at the clinton residence. so once you went to two, assume
5:38 am
three, four, five, six, seven. it's also true that, as the number one -- number one path now is the man hunt, the more packages, the more evidence, the more possibilities for dna, et cetera, and we are all over that. we are working in a coordinated way. we do have the joint terrorism task force, which is a federally organized task force with the state police on it, nypd, et cetera. and the first order of business, find the person. second order of business, what was the intent, which we are not sure of. the obvious intent would be to kill, to maim, et cetera. or is it maybe an intent to intimidate on the cusp of this election? and, third, we're going to have to talk about what this all means. i mean, yes, we have political debate, but we have never had political violence.
5:39 am
yes, we're democrats and republicans, and they talk red and blue. but we're red, white and blue, right? we're one america, and we have to remember that. >> we just heard from the white house press secretary that said the president has been briefed on the new packages this morning, the one sent to robert de niro in your state, the state of new york. the one believed to be sent to vice president joe biden in delaware. have you heard from the president directly? >> i have not heard from the president directly. we have exchanged phone calls last night. but in fairness to your previous report, the federal officials are fully engaged. >> good. >> the fbi is engaged. the joint terrorism task force is engaged. >> good. that's great to know. you mentioned unclear what the intent was, whether it was intended to kill or intimidate. one of the questions we had this morning, and we have been trying to get to the bottom of is whether or not these bombs were
5:40 am
built in a way that they even could detonate. do you have any information on that? >> well, they were -- they are bombs capable of detonation. that has been established. they did not detonate. >> okay. >> was that purposeful or incidental? was it a poorly constructed bomb? >> you can go to the internet now and learn how to build a bomb. we have dealt with that in new york, where we have had terrorist attacks on the more traditional sense from international -- with international implications where people went to the west side. they learned how to build a bomb and they built the bomb and the bomb exploded. so it could just be a person who was not proficient, and, therefore, the bombs didn't explo explode. or it could be there was an intent not to have the bomb
5:41 am
explode but only intimidate. you won't know that until you know who has done it. >> right. >> so really you still have to solve the first step. you have to find the sender or senders. but we are on high alert. we have more police, et cetera, and we do have people who are informed as to the mail. from the postal service point of view, as well as independent mail services, which is how we have spotted some of these packages. >> it is good to know that information you were provided were these devices capable of exploding because there is a lot of misinformation out there that these were fake devices. no, these are things that could have exploded and killed or maimed or hurt a lot of people. governor, we do appreciate you being with us this morning. thank you for paying such close attention to this. we thank you for your help
5:42 am
yesterday at cnn as well. the governor telling us the information that federal authorities very much involved, along with state and city officials right now in this investigation in keeping the people and the city and the state of new york safe. we're going to take a quick break. we have much more information. much more breaking news. live coverage of this ongoing apparently domestic terrorist attack continues right after this. instead, he's the tallest guy in his office.l basketball player.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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of the envelope that showed up or that was addressed to him. it bears all the same hallmarks as the other eight suspicious bombs that authorities have found in these envelopes. again, the same six stamps. the same look at address labels,
5:47 am
the same envelope itself. there have been two more packages found. this is what authorities feared yesterday, that there would be more. and sure enough there are more because there is a nationwide man hunt for whoever the culprit is. we want to talk about all of this and the political ramifications of all this. david gregory, as the announcement of these two new envelopes we were broadcasting it. and adds the president was being briefed as we now know from sara sanders, the president decided to tweet more insults and criticism about the press. what happened to the man that we saw yesterday, probably 18 hours ago, talk about bringing down the rhetoric? >> you know, i continue to be confounded by this because i do believe at some level the president agrees with those who advised him to do what a president does, which is to go
5:48 am
big to unite the country, to tamp down political hysteria and finger pointing in a moment like this when you need some calm. and when you need a sense of direction and a sense of unity. he read those lines last night at a rally, and he said the right things. he appeared presidential. but it couldn't last long. the notion that you have a now widespread attempt at political violence, maybe even assassination and you have a president who just wants to go after the media for the coverage of him is beyond unfortunate. it is unpresidential, and it is destructive at any time, particularly in such an incendiary political moment. >> there are bombs being sent to people this morning, including former presidents, media organizations and actors. and what we heard from the president was an attack on a media. what it smells like to me, and i'm sorry, joe, for this
5:49 am
analysis. it sort of feels like, if you hadn't worn such tight clothing you wouldn't have been assaulted. >> this is a part eattern. we saw it in charlottesville. we saw it with brett kavanaugh and dr. ford, where he said the right thing and then over time -- he's incapable of not telling you what he really thinks. and we find out what he really thinks. you know, if i were advising him, as crazy as that sounds, he needs to do something now. it is not speeches about unity. he has to send a message to his supporters and say something along the lines of, if you think from what i saw that i support this, you are wrong. you are very wrong. there is no place for political violence. we solved these things on election day at the ballot box, but he's incapable of it. he only thinks -- and it goes
5:50 am
back from the first day. he only thinks he's governing for his supporters. the rest of the country doesn't matter. and, you know, it's well beyond, you know, being unpresidential. >> one of the intended recipients of the bomb, john brenn brennan, had tweeted at the president. he said stop blaming others. look in the mirror. your inflammatory rhetoric, insul insults, lies are disgraceful. clean up your act. try to act presidential. by the way, your critics will not be intimidated into silence. sara sanders is on a morning show just now and she has just responded to that. here is this moment. >> look, the president, i think, could not have been more presidential yesterday when he spoke directly to the american people. he condemned this violence. let's not get lost in who is responsible for this heinous
5:51 am
act. it is the person who made and sent the suspicious packages. let's not forget that that is ultimately the person that is responsible and will be held responsible by this administration. >> no reaction directly to john brennan? >> when the president this morning tweets that his biggest qualm and beef is with the press, is he acting presidential today? >> well, i think one of the things that sara sabd nders jus said that is important and something that the president does need to say now and he does need to be a bipartisan nonpartisan healer for the country as we are all of course so worried about this, but he does need to say, look, these acts are criminal. and political violence will not be tolerated in this country. he says he's a law and order president. well, the full weight of the law will need to be used against this person or persons that is doing this. and he does need to remind
5:52 am
americans, look, the institutions of our law enforcement, of our government, are perfectly equipped to protect us and keep us safe and will be used against those that are doing this. that is what he does need to say. i agree with joe and david and others. he started out right. he needs to stay on the right path here. >> david gregory, again, in some of what anita and joe are calling for the president he did do last night. he said the full weight of law enforcement is on this. he said that acts of political violence should not be tolerated. but he didn't stop there. and in the scripted portion of the speech last night in his thought out tweets this morning, he is quite deliberately trying to refocus the blame and to a certain extent claim his own level of victimhood here. >> i think that's the point. he can't help himself from telling you exactly what he thinks and for welcoming for the night. and that's far more important
5:53 am
than thinking about the presidency, the office he holds as bigger than him and his instinc instincts. it falls to others, even sara sanders who i was critical yesterd yesterday. but even she this morning can articulate things that he should be articulating better. we should keep our focus on who is responsible for this. >> david gregory, thank you very much for being with us on this very busy morning full of breaking news. >> thank you. >> final thoughts and share with you what was happening at cnn yesterday ads some of this unfolded. we'll be right back. 3, 2, 1... not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary.
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california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. heartburn and gas? ♪ fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief we have had a lot of breaking news this morning, and it will not end any time soon. yesterday it was a surreal moment here for us at cnn. our colleague poppy harlow and jim sciutto were on the air. they were reporting about the bombs that were sent to the clintons and the obamas when this moment happened. >> they have projectiles. i mean, that's a -- excuse me. that sounds like a fire alarm here. we will keep you posted on that. >> okay. we're going to jump in. there is a fire alarm here. we're going to find out what the latest here. we will be right back.
5:58 am
>> okay. shortly after that, poppy harlow and jim sciutto popped up not from their set because we all had to be evacuated at that moment but from the street corner of new york city. and they continued reporting. they continued doing their job. they continued covering the story. and poppy, i will just start with you. we all had to evacuate. we all went together, all of "new day" to an undisclosed location, and it was so comforting and heartening to see you guys not missing a beat and the news not being silenced and you continuing to report. tell us what that experience was like. >> it was the people around us. i mean, jay, come over here. there are people that you don't see every day like jay on the set, like marlin, if you could come up here that rushed us off the set. we didn't want to leave. you were like the dad. you turned the lights off. you took our mics off and he walked us out. it is those people. it is the amazing technical
5:59 am
director that got us up on that cell phone. >> and we had this living organism around us, folks holding the 14 phones poppy and i were operating on. power supplies as the police kept moving us further and further back and keeping us on the air as that went on. >> with our colleague kate baldwin as well. >> it wouldn't have happened without that team. couldn't have happened without that team around us. >> and as we walked out -- go ahead, guys. >> i was going to say, it is such an amazing moment. it is not one of these all heroes don't wear capes thing. you guys were doing your jobs, which you do so well sitting where you are or standing outside, and it's not just that you managed to keep on reporting, it is that you managed to tell people what was happening and what they needed to know because this is a moment of public safety. this is a moment when people are under attack. and if the goal was to silence
6:00 am
you, it didn't work. >> yeah. >> no. you saw it. you were reporting it earlier. the president tweeted earlier about the media purposefully reporting false news. no, we don't. and yesterday was a demonstration of that. we work hard to report the news as it happens factually. poppy and i were in touch with the new york police department. others in law enforcement getting the facts out as they were happening, double checking those facts. and that was a demonstration yesterday of what cnn does and our colleagues at other news organizations did. no, not fake news. we work hard to get it right. that's our job. >> our first job was to get out of this building safely. by the minute we walked out the door, you guys know where that is, david had already confirmed that this was an explosive device that had made it inside the building. then we proceeded to report we were up on the air within five or ten minutes with this


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