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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  October 29, 2018 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> thanks to all of you for being with us. inside politics with john king starts now. thank you and welcome to inside politics. thank you for sharing your day with us. the man accused of killing 11 worshippers in a pittsburgh synagogue. it is the deadliest anti-semitic attack in u.s. history. the charge with mailing explosives in a fit of hate. all critics of president trump. just a week before america votes. the president blames the media. the tree of life synagogue split on the whether a visit would be helpful or hurtful. >> i do not welcome this president to my city.
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>> why not? >> because he's the purveyor of hate speech. >> the president of the united states is always welcome. i'm a citizen and he's my president. he's certainly welcome. >> the city of pittsburgh mourning after that mass shooting at a local synagogue. the deadliest attack. he killed 11 people and wounded six more. the victims included a married couple and beloved physician and two brothers and two brothers with special needs. they range from 54 to 97. rabbi jeffrey meyers said it was a typical saturday where three congregations meet every saturday morning. he just started shabbat services and he respected several escape and ran out of time. >> i turned back to see if i can help the remaining eight people in the back of my congregation.
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at that time i could hear the gunfire getting louder. it was no longer safe for me to be there and i had to leave. one of the eight was shot and she survived her wounds. the other seven were gunned down in my sanctuary. there was nothing i could do. i do live with regret that i wish i could have done more. i live with that and the sounds that are seered in my brain that i will never forget for the rest of my life. >> the suspect due in court this afternoon. he faces 40 charges, several of which are punishable by death. let's start with the latest on this investigation. >> good afternoon to you, john. that suspect is due in court. we know that new documents filed show that federal prosecutors have flagged robert bowers as a flight risk and a danger to the community. as you alluded to, we do know
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that federal authorities are speaking permission to pursue the death penalty in the united states. it will be a while if we learn that that is indeed happening. this as investigators collect evidence. they have been looking into the social media accounts riddled with anti-semitic posts. they are trying to track his movements as to what happened here on saturday. all of this is happening as we learn much more about the 11 victims who lost their lives on saturday morning. as you said, there were three different congregations inside that synagogue. members from each congregation were killed in that shooting on saturday. we are learning more about them and i will say this about all 11. they were all trying to do the best they could to give back. they were people with deep roots in their community.
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the youngest was 54. they had time to put down roots and give back to the community. we know that the oldest, 97-year-old rose mallinger was a school secretary who a lot of people knew was spy, vibrant and the matriarch of the family. so many stories coming out of here, a community just devastated by this loss. so many losses on saturday. >> so many losses. so many losses. most importantly, thank you for telling the stories. now preparing to bury 11 friends, fellow worshippers. the former president of the tree of life knew eight of the victims and said they were the best of the best. >> the people that were in the pews, in the congregation saturday morning were the stallworths of our congregation. they were there every saturday morning. some of us are in and out on an
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irregular basis and attend randomly and come on high holidays. the people there saturday morning were doing what they do. that was worshipping in their safe space and that is what is so horrific about what happened to rose mallinger and cecil and david and the rest of our friends. >> horrific is an under statement. live from pittsburgh, the news editor of the pittsburgh tribune review. one of the victims here, jerry rabinowitz as the community grieves, we are trying to focus more on these victims. tell us about dr. rabinowitz? >> thank you, john. he was more than a doctor. he was a friend to me and a friend to my dad. he was so genuine and caring and we are still processing it. i'm still processing it. >> as you deal with this, this
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is your job. it's your job to cover an event like this and you never expect it to happen in your community. just take us through how the newspaper and how you went through this especially as you do your job and you find out a person who is a hero to you is among the victims. >> john, that's exactly what happened. on saturday i was taking in information. posting stories to the web. reading and posting headlines. i get a text message late in the evening with the name. i did a double take. i said that's my doctor to all the people standing around me. we couldn't believe it. i got in touch with my dad and he was beside himself. to go through those emotions and realize i have a job to do, but i need to pay tribute to him as well. i got the clearance to write about him and really do him this
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tribute. do him the honor. he deserves it. i'm glad i told his story. >> i want to read you something from one of the survivors. i want you to tell me about your community. now the country and the world is watching and saying where did the hate come from? is this pervasive in this community? this is a problem around the world and the country, not just in squirrel hill. he was 76 years old and survived the shooting and said i don't think why he thinks the jews are responsible for all the ills in the world, but he's not the worst and won't be the last. that's our burden to bear. it breaks my heart. tell us, is this a constant, frequent conversation in the community and a total shock? >> it's a total shock. this is a peaceful community. people here are so friendly. that's an iconic neighborhood. there are restaurants and shops here and i still come through here. my children hang out here.
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it's shocking for everyone. >> when you say shocking now, it's stunning to listen to people who lost friends and family members and come on television and talk about moving on. talk about us listening. we don't want to be remembered as columbine or parkland, but a community of hope and faith and joy and support. one of the conversations in the community now is, should the president of the united states come. what's that conversation like? >> i'm starting to hear that conversation myself. i'm hearing arguments on both sides. that's beyond my control and beyond a lot of the residents's control. there are strong feelings on both sides. you talked about the emotion. one of my hesitations about coming on your show today is would i be able to remain composed. i thought i may break down on live television. it's heart breakig for all of
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us. >> it is, and we wanted to talk to you about what you do and we admire what you do. we wanted to report the news and i respect your emotion. this is your community. appreciate your time. please stay in touch. thank you. i appreciate your time and your poise. >> joining me to discusses is jennifer rogers. let me start with you. as they try to figure out how did he go from a man full of hate on the internet and his conversations in life to someone who would take three hand guns and an assault rifle and go into a synagogue. >> that's an important part of this investigation for the fbi. they do this because they want to see if anything was missed. who was he communicating with in the last weeks and months?
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we talk about this a lot and people have these ideas who have this sort of hatred. when do they go from actually having this hatred and thoughts to actually pulling off the action and doing something like this? there are hundreds of fbi personnel. not just agents, but personnel working on this from the behavioral folks to the analysts to the technicians and folks at the lab and the crime scene. really the criminal case is one thing and solid. now comes the other important part and that is figuring out, as you said, where did this start? how did it start. when did he finally decide to take this kind of action? it's a big part of the investigation. >> the justice department moved quickly to say hate trims and there is a bar there that you have to reach.
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if you read the writings, he was arrested in the synagogue. if you read the hateful online writings, any doubt they cleared the threshold for a hate crime? >> no, this looks like an open and shut case. they got him in a gun battle. there is no question as to his identity. as to religious minorities, they are one group of people protected by the hate crimes law. looks to me like he is clearly eligible. this administration will allow the death penalty to be sought and it will be up to the jury to convict and the death penalty is the sentence. >> we can put statistics. a spike in anti-semitic attacks. if you look here at this rise in anti-semitic incidents, a giant jump. i'm not sure it's a federal question. as a former prosecutor, when people are caught doing such hateful things, you want them
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punished to the full extent of the law. with your experience in the federal law enforcement system, what would you be recommending and this hate is available to find, but free speech is one thing. hateful acts are another. what's the conversation that should be happening in the law enforcement community about how to prevent these things. they actually act on this hatred and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. prevention is tough when you talk about first amendment protection. you have to have an act. you don't have to wait for the trigger to be pulled. if you see someone spewing this hatred, you can open an investigation and do surveillance. if you can use to charge an attempt or experience, then you are in business. when all you have is words, it's never enough. the law is clear on that.
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>> as we track this religious hatred and bigotry in pittsburgh. another suspicious package just intercepted in atlanta down the street from our company's global headquarters. you see the picture and it's identical to the ones found last week. most of them aimed at dominant democratic critics of the president. the post office is evacuated and the streets are closed. all mail addressed to cnn is being screened off site. the man accused of mailing them is due in court in less than two hours. joining us live from miami, what are we expecting at the arraignment? . >> reporter: john, we are expecting a short proceeding. this is the first appearance following his arrest on friday. on five federal charges.
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interstate transportation of an explosive and illegal mailing of explosives, threats of former presidents and persons and interstate communications and assaults on federal police officers. now, if he were to be convicted on all of those charges, he could face up to 48 years in prison. about the proceeding today, during his first appearance, here's what we know. we are expecting for the judge to read all of those charnges that you just heard to sayoc. he will not use the federal public defender from the southern district of florida. the other point to make here is that the prosecution is expected to happen in the southern district of new york. we are expecting to learn more today about when that proceeding will take. when the transfer will actually happen. could it happen today? could it be held today? absolutely, john.
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we are waiting to hear more details at 2:00 p.m. >> important afternoon in that important case. we will keep in touch. back to shimon, i understand you are getting new reporting. >> the suspect, sayoc had a list as they were searching through. they are come think up with evidence and they found what they call a list or a hit list of about 100 names of people he was trying to target and perhaps send more bombs to. the fbi because of this concern is reaching out to people who were on this list, letting them know and what they do in these cases is a threat assessment to make sure that the person who was on this list is aware they were on this list and we are told there are very high profile people on the list. i know for a fact that the fbi this morning has been reaching out to people on the list. obviously it's important for them to get this guy and stop
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him because by all appearances he was going to keep on doing this and create more fear and it's a good thing new they are able to find this list and let folks know. be careful, you were on this list. you are okay, but be careful. >> and signalling that the charges that rosa laid out, but they are place holders. >> based on what happened today and the hit list. >> up next, a presidential pattern, denounce and deflect. the top republic in the senate talks about the trouble in today's political climate. >> i think the country has been on edge. i hope it settles down after the election. ♪ my love has come along, applebee's new neighborhood pastas. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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squirrel hill massacre and the pipe bombing case. the president will defend himself from perceived slights at all cost, even during what he himself said should be a moment of national unity. he sent a pair of tweets, foughting the news media for the deep fault lines in our country. the flame of anger and out rage, the president says, is fuelled by the news. contrast the tweets with this. >> there must be no tolerance for anti-semitism in america or any form of religious or racial hatred or prejudice. with one unified voice, we condemn the historic evil of anti-semitism and every other form of evil. >> with me to share the reporting and the insights, dana bash. cnn and kim with "the washington post."
9:22 am
i am struggling a lot with this. we are eight days away from an election. the president has every right and reason to be out being a political advocate. we are also still dealing with two horrible stories of hate and violence. there is a debate about did the president's language contribute to this climate beforehand and how is he supposed to act now? should he lash out or respond to the democrat, tom steyer or is he supposed to somehow do something different? >> supposed to and will he are two different questions and very different answers when it comes to this president. would it be nice for him to take a break from calling us the enemy of the people? of course, for the most basic reason. we are not the enemy of the people. we know from so much of the history of this president, from the history of candidate trump
9:23 am
and private citizen trump, he does what he wants to do and has political instincts on commenting on everything from culture to the state of the campaign. that's what he is doing and what he's going to continue to do. his supporters and his aides said look at what he said about bringing the countrying to a it and unity. what he doesn't understand is when you are president of the united states, on the one hand you call for unity and on the other hand you go on the attack, the people who look to him for calm are only going to see the attack. he doesn't see his role that way. he just doesn't. >> i think it's worth noting that in these situations, you see the president or the top candidates saying we are going to take a break. we are not going to have campaign events, but focus on
9:24 am
this national moment to bring the country together. that's not what this president is doing. that's obviously not what we expected him to do. i thought when we see candidates do that in the past, this is optics and they don't want to look like they are out there campaigning. watching things unfold now, it plays another purpose. it is to calm things down and to sendai message and the divisiveness to cool down a little bit. the president choosing not to do that is making a different choice. that will have implications. >> if you recall in the 2012 campaign when the tragic shootings in aurora, colorado happened in the movie theater, president obama suspended a campaign stop he had scheduled for late they're day. both he and governor romney suspended their campaign ads in colorado to take a break from the campaigning. i was traveling with the
9:25 am
president on saturday when all this was unfolding and there was a moment he came back and talked with us on air force one and said i am considering cancelling the political rally scheduled for later that day, so we reported that and sent that news out and not long after he stands in front of a crowd in indiana and said, you know, i considered cancelling it, but i'm not going to. the show must go on. we can't let incidents like this halt our everyday lives. >> let's listen to the president making that case. i know some people are not going to like this, but i have a political event and i'm on my way. >> we have to go and do whatevery we were goiwhatever we were going to do or we make them too important. you go with a heavy heart, but you go. you don't want to change your
9:26 am
life. you can't make them important. these are bad people. you can't allow them to dominate what we do. so i'll go. not that i want to go. but i actually in reverse have an obligation to go. >> i get that 100%. i get that 1,000%. the question is when you go, what tone do you strike? >> exactly. if anyone is waiting for this president to change, it is not going to happen. we have seen endless examples. everything happened on his watch already and god forbid there will be more thing fist past is prologue. this is who he is, how he is. i was at a rally in charlotte and started out with a call for unity and he blamed the democrats and made a reference to maxine waters. we don't know eight days before
9:27 am
the mid-term election what effect it will have. we are in this suspended period. he blames all of this on halting gop progress. that is why she out there and was all over the news on saturday. at every possible stop in front of a camera. he did stop and talked about it. he is going to keep on. as he visits pittsburgh tomorrow, what is he going to say there. he may have a public event and may not. this is who he is. the question is how other people react to it. many in the white house including his daughter and son-in-law are trying to walk him through this carefully on the anti-semitism comments. that's not his instinct. he barely said it since. >> we will see as it good forward. the attorney general has an event and might speak to this. here's if you talk to people in the white house or other people in support of the president,
9:28 am
some say i wish he would say this differently . including tom steyer who spent millions in ads saying impeach president trump was on this network yesterday with jake tapper. >> there is obviously no direct link, jake. i'm absolutely associating and blaming him for creating the atmosphere that exists. the reason that i started and have been running an impeachment petition drive is because in my opinion, he is corrupt and lawless and dangerous. the result of that is to change america, to attack the rule of law and it's important to step up and oppose that kind of behavior and that atmosphere directly. >> so the president sees that because he watches a lot of different. i just watched wacky sttom stey.
9:29 am
he should be running out of money pretty soon f. he is running for president, the dems will eat him alive. some will say mr. president, why engage? you yourself said the country needs to take a break. others say the guy took a two by four to his head. why shouldn't he? >> the basis of both parties want there to be engagement. what trump supporters love about him is he hits back. he never does the presidential thing. they love that about him. democrats in response, the base wants their politicians to be tough tougher. they want their politicians to wack back. they wack back and forth. the base of both these parties, those voters want even in this moment. i don't think that changed. although i suppose as you point out with the mid-terms, we will see. >> he can say whatever he wants to say. i don't think that is the most
9:30 am
objectionable thing, but blaming the climate and hate speech on the media or what he calls the enemy of the people is not true. he's deflecting with a capital d and taking no ownership or responsibility. this could have been a moment for him and a different moment for him for people who are afraid and are not sure. good to see leadership. >> that's the key. it's not that he is going after others, which he shouldn't do. again, he's not going to change. having a moment of interspection, however rare that would be, would balance that out in ways that you can't even measure. >> it's just a fact. there is an election a week from tomorrow. launching a mid-term ad to try to get voters's minds back in the economy. valerie: but we worry if we have enough to last. ♪
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for a low price when you get fast, reliable internet. comcast business. beyond fast. welcome back. america votes one week from tomorrow. a referendum on president trump. he is all in trying to protect in congress. much of this final week. using $6 million from the campaign account for television. >> there is more opportunity and security to invest in the ones
9:36 am
that matter. >> we can't get distracted from the biggest issue which is jobs. >> this could all go away. if we don't remember what we came from. and choose the right future. >> interesting ad in an odd climate. the driving force in gop turn out in others. listen to this description from the 2020 campaign manager. >> i think we are doing everything with that money we can to help them. i would say the president being out at the rallies and to pay all of those is significant. they are becoming shows. fans walk out and say that was awesome. >> he's putting on a show? >> we put on a show. politics is a presentation. >> shows? and fans. not politicians and voters. >> that says it all.
9:37 am
it says it all. that's the way the president obviously in many ways views those events. he goes in as an entertainer. that in part is why you are both there a lot in recent years. receipt wee recent weeks, i should say. he is giving the fans what they want. that leads to some of the rhetoric that goes too far when he comes to being a president from the perspective of many people who like him a lot. it's all about emotion and we have to remember that. the campaign manager is very clear about that. that's how they sold trump 2016. that was about how he makes people feel. not are inially how he makes people think. that's continuing. >> that's a lot of criticism in the campaign from republicans because they are raising so much money for 2020. there is a lot of explaining
9:38 am
throughout this cycle. let us deal with 2018. we have a big problem. they are throwing a big chunk of money. i believe they are paying for the rallies. the president is on the road all the time. this final week if we show where he is going, back to the big contest. most believe in most of those states, at least there is a trump base to turn up that is critical. what is this, the ad spending and the president on the road. it's smart for republicans because you can't run from them. b, the president's way of saying don't blame me. >> he's going to say that the day after the election, no doubt at all. they believe it will be a split difference. no predictions here. with everything going on, it's unclear. the white house does believe and the president does believe that the senate is now comfortably in
9:39 am
republican hands. the house, he slowed any wave they believe. the reality here is of course the president is going to blame someone else and keep changing at 2020. i have seen at rallies, trump 2020. others are not allowed to bring their signs into these rallies. a few sneak them in, but these are about trump himself. others have very little say. this is the trump show and it very much is a show and people love it. i see people looking around when anything other than trump is speaking. will they vote for other people? barack obama failed at every mid-term and others have as well. >> i asked him about that and there is definitely a difference between the people trying to get senators elected on the republican side and house members. he tends to go and has gone to red states, helping republicans
9:40 am
there. it does help and he does -- even i talked to a source at the republican committee, he pays for that. the pot of cash coming from trump 2020. the house is a different story. there is a lot of grumbling. they need as much money as they can get and feel the trump campaign is pulling that money. on the other hand, he's big time baggage for a lot of members. >> that ad is interesting and it talks about the economy. if you are an economist or supporter, there were a lot of buildings in the obama years. he inherited a good economy. words the president said 11 times or more in the last five rallies. you will find jobs in there if you look closely, but the president is not talking about this himself.
9:41 am
>> on the western swing of the rallies he had last week. in montana, he rolled out this new line that said the mid-terms and the election of kavanaugh, caravans, law and order, and common sense. a couple rallies later, he said oh, and tax cuts. i found the ads interesting. one focus on the economy and they wanted to focus on the tax law and the economy and everything else, the tax cut message is not working and we have seen that? the special election. their own commander in chief. >> this is why he is pitching a new task. he stopped talking about the old tax cut. that is frustrating a lot of republicans. >> i'm not saying they are not doing this to try to help in 2018. everything they do is tested to see how it would impact the climate for 2020. every dime they spend, they are gathering the data to figure out how it impacts him. other stories we are following,
9:42 am
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protecting those of faith and cannot and will not be tolerated. you can be sure that our team and the fbi and the department of justice on this case right now with changes being filed and we intend to do our duty in this manner with bigger and integrity. today i would like to talk about -- >> the attorney general of the united states promising prosecution of the shooter in
9:47 am
the synagogue. a lion air passenger jet crashed today with 180 people on board. six bodies have been recovered with parts of the plane. it's a newer model that went down 13 minutes after take off. the same plane reported problems last night. engineers repaired it, but the jet was cleared to fly. in matthews, north carolina, a high school student was shot and killed by another student in the hallway this morning. it stemmed from a fight between the two. the suspect is now in custody. a far right candidate made d disparaging comments about women. he won the run off, ending the violent rally in history. he found sweeping changes include industrializing the
9:48 am
amazon. the german chancellor said she won't seek reelection in 2021 and plans to step down as leader. the regional elections paid a heavy price politically to open germany's border to more than a million syrian and other refugees claiming violence in their home countries. hillary clinton sending a not so subtle 2020 message. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy to get your windshield fixed. with safelite, you can see exactly when we'll be there. saving you time for what you love most. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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one call 811 before you dig.ings you can do is to make sure you calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely. hillary clinton still wants to be president. this is friday in an interview. >> do you want to run again? >> no. >> wait -- >> no. i'd like to be president.
9:53 am
look, i think hopefully when we have a democrat in the oval office in january of 2021, there is going to be so much work to be done. it's going to be a lot of heavy lifting. >> what are you going to be doing? >> i have no idea, but i'm not going to even think about it until we get through this november 6th election. >> hello. >> i saw hillary clinton last week in florida and she got a standing ovation and the donors love him. it was a rare campaign appearance. there is not really a loud clamor, not that i've heard in the democratic party to call for her to run again. even if she were to run, this would be a different landscape. she said there could be 20 democrats running. the field is cleared for her in 16, but that's not the case.
9:54 am
it's hard to see a case for her. >> how about this is the case. we play devil's advocate. how about this for a case. i beat donald trump. i got more votes than donald trump. >> but she didn't say that. >> she is playing with us. she would like to be president, of course. that much is absolutely true. watch how she answered that. that's the difference between watching on television as opposed to reading the quotes. when i read the quotes, she was playing with us, she knows what is going on and i don't think she would win the primary. >> why play that before the mid-term? >> because it's like here, president trump. >> she's in a lot of these red state campaign ads. >> let's watch a little more. >> if something bad is actually happening in a world, go to a rally and get everyone riled up
9:55 am
with lock her up. he's very adept. it's the classic demagogue tool kit. >> do you have an answer to lock her up? >> i am waiting to be able to say lock them up. >> can i say something? to be fair, when we talk about rhetoric, i know she is laughing and smiling. but you can't have it both ways. you can't as democrats scream and yell about the president with this overthe top rhetoric and i know she is the target and has been dealing with this for decades and decades, but you can't then play at their level. >> she said she was not going to think about it until after the election. see you back here this time tomorrow. wolf starts after a quick break. have a good day.
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president's political


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