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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 1, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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it is a disgrace. he is engaging in immigrant bashing and hysteria. >> it works with his base and that's why he's doing it. >> the president has an obligation to make sure the border is secure. >> we are sending 15,000 troops. for what purpose? to keep breastfeeding mothers and shoeless children from being able to seek asylum. >> we will always protect americans with pre-existing conditions. >> the choice is not about the candidates in front of you, it's about america. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your "new day." president trump this morning ramping up his fear mongering by tweeting out a video suggesting democrats are wanting to help central american killers from coming to america. the president is trying to drive media coverage just five days
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before election day. a source close to the white house tells cnn it's clearly working, we are all talking about it and not health care. the president also says he wants to send 15,000 troops to the border with mexico and he continued his constitutionally challenged claim that he alone could end birth right citizenship. the president's words do appear to be having an impact putting democrats on the defensive. >> we have heard house speaker paul ryan push back against some of the president's claims, and the president has been told by republicans in two swing states don't come here. nevada, arizona, there are crucial senate races there, but those campaigning in those states asked the president to steer clear as the polls show tight races there. the president made a stunning statement. he told abc's jonathan carl when
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i can i tell the truth, when i can, he said, as if it happens when it's convenient. joining us now, a former special assistant to president bush, scott jennings, and this video is offensive and it's not an ad. they are putting no money behind this. this is not going up in states around the country to get in voters' faces here, and it's one singular goal, scott, and that goal is? >> he wants to scramble the cable news conversation and obviously they are succeeding at that. it's the second ad the trump organization has released this week. two days ago they released an optimistic ad that talks about american optimism on the economy, and put $6 million on the commercial buy on that, and
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the democrats have run a campaign on health care and the other issue americans care is the economy, and that's where the voters trust the president and republicans, and that's where they put their money. they put the money behind the economy ad. >> scott, what do you think the point of this ad is and do you think it's a racist video? >> well, you know, i am not -- this video is simply a visualization of everything the president talks about virtually every single day. there's nothing in the video we have not heard the president say himself at a rally or press conference or anywhere else. the ad is designed to scramble the cable news conversation heading into the election, and they like to watch the cable news fights occur -- >> but you are saying they are making people feel good about the economy so why do they want to deflect to something many people see as racist as it goes after immigrants?
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>> i think that they know that there are two kinds of audiences at the end of a mid-term election, there are the people locked into the cable news conversation and they already decided how they are going to vote and they don't mind to scramble those people, and there are voters trying to make up their mind and watching their local newscast and seeing the ad about the local economy and those are the ones they are trying to influence. it's a strategy and you will see the president talk about his favorite topic, immigration, where the republican campaign apparatus, the economy. >> and maria, to you, i use the word -- i don't want to use the word ad because it's not, it's a video, and i think it speaks volumes about the president's mind-set that he is willing to stoke a conversation and willing
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to provoke by doing something that has racist over tones? >> there's no question about that, john. that's a huge underestimate. of course he wants to inject racism, bigotry and xenophobia, and why? because i think he's afraid. i think republicans are afraid. this wreaks of desperation and wreaks of the republican party not just being morally bankrupt because they are willing to use this kind of racism five days before an election but it shows they are bankrupt in terms of ideas, they are bankrupt in terms of solutions, they don't know how to compete with democrats on health care. frankly on an economy that works for everybody, you don't see republicans running on their tax cut which supposedly was one of the biggest feathers in their cap. when i saw this ad it literally
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made me sick to my stomach, as an immigrant as a latina and a mother with latina children that has seen what the president is doing to this country, and what it will do is rile up his base, and it works to do that, but i think it's going to rile up and mobilize americans across the board, including latinos and suburban women and americans who want to bring back decency to say this is not appropriate, we are going to vote for leaders who have a backbone and who have the willingness to stand up to this kind of racism and bigotry from the white house. >> david, how do you see it? >> i think it's all of those things, and it's just a caricature of the problem of immigration. again, it raises the question, given what john points out, this is not an ad, this is meant to reach only the president's followers and his social media followers --
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>> there's 55 million, though? >> yeah, there's a lot of crap on social media that doesn't deserve a lot of attention. i think what is clear about this is that the extent to which the president, as part of a closing argument, is deploying himself and is asked to be deployed in the areas where he can turn out the base. remember the fear going back about a month ago is that his supporters would think, well, things are going well enough, let's not talk about the economy. they wouldn't show up to the polls. this is what they are using to try and drive -- especially in senate races. this kind of messaging, all the talk about immigration and birth right citizenship, it only hurts vulnerable republicans in the suburban districts where republicans are already vulnerable. this is really shining a light on the fact that the president has a very narrow strategy making it about him but only in those states where he feels he can drive out his own supporters. that tells you where republicans
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are in terms of the confidence about the senate and feeling in many ways the house may be beyond their grasp now. >> and jeff zeleny is reporting that the republicans in nevada and arizona are saying don't come here, mr. president. he does have an extensive travel schedule, more i have seen than past presidents. david, i can hear it in your voice the tkpwraf atoss in your voice that you care deeply about truth, deeply about truth. to you in particular -- >> i thought we were going to talk about "house of cards." >> he has more lines in "house of cards" -- >> i was approached for my artistic background. anyway, sorry. >> we digress from the truth. jonathan carl did an interview with the president last night, and the president made a stunning admission about his view of truth. listen. >> i do try, and i always want to tell the truth.
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when i can i tell the truth. sometimes it turns out to be where something happens and it's different or there's a change, but i always like to be truthful. >> he likes to do it when he can, david. >> i like to take my kids to school when my schedule allows as well, since i can't do it all the time. what is sad about that is it gives you the insight into how the president looks at the kind of carnival-like role that he sees the presidency, and in his interview on axe yos, he was talking about in somber tones, this is part of almost the reality show that is his presidency. i think it's a sad thing for any president to say like that, and it just shows you there's an amount of cynicism and fear that
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plays to his base. >> let's play that interview and i think it's a real insight as to why the president keeps going after the press. this is at the tail end of a very violent week where the same people that the president has targeted were then targeted by a serial bomber and the same language that the president has used about immigrants was used about a suspected mass murderer at a synagogue, so the president's words matter. here's how he sees it. >> i think what scares the crap out of me, if you are saying enemy of the people -- >> that's how i fight back. >> god forbid, you have fervent supporters and they love you, and enemy of the people -- >> they love me more because of that. >> what happens if somebody gets shot or somebody shoots one of the reporters? i don't think we are the enemy of the people, do you?
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>> i don't. if you gave me false reports i would say that's not a good thing for our country. >> don't you worry at all? you are the most powerful man in the world, and if you say that word, enemy, literally tens of thousands of people go into a stadium to listen to you and they go on social media and get themselves so jazzed up, and there has to be a party that says i am scared -- >> it's my only form of fighting back. >> what do you think of that response? >> the president has locked in this combat with the press that started from the minute he really got into the presidential campaign and it has gotten worse. i personally wish it would get better because i think democracy -- >> do you think he could get better? >> this is a chicken and an egg, and i don't know who is going to take the first step. my hope is that we have more press credibility with all people in both parties by the time the president leaves
4:12 am
office, but right now the -- it strikes me between how the president views the press and the press views the president is as wide as it has been since he took office, and we look at the studies on these things and people don't trust it and it's not a good condition for our democracy at all. >> maria, do you think the president's words have power? do you think the leader of the free world should set the tone? >> yes, and you know who else we have to have trust in, scott? the president of the united states. what he does every day when he opens his mouth is prove why we cannot trust him and why he is unfit to lead. where do we go from here, right? we heard the president say he will tell the truth only when he can, and talking about the k caravan, and he is an expert on
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size, right? he cares about size more than truth. we have a big decision ahead of us, not just in the midterms but in 2020. this president is not going to change so it's on us, the american citizens who really truly believe that this country should stand up for truth and its american values. go vote, everybody. >> five days. five days until the midterms. we will hold it until the next discussion, and thank you all very much. coming up in the next hour, we will speak to andrew gillum, and the president had a lot to say about the mayor last night and this will be the mayor's first response to respond. and pittsburgh is still grieving as they lay to rest the victims of the synagogue attack. the rabbi joins us next. here we go.
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♪ three more victims murdered inside that pittsburgh synagogue will be laid to rest, and funerals will be held for
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husband and wife married for more than 60 years, and services also held for richard gottfried who cared for the community through his dental practice. we want to welcome the rabbi from the tree of life synagogue. thank you for talking with us again this morning, and we know you have had an emotionally taxing week and you had funerals you presided over yesterday and more today. how is the entire community coping this week? >> it has been very hard. there's nothing that can prepare a community, particularly my con in particular, and it's sort of like this anesthetic numbness that is overtaking people, and it's a really very difficult time. >> i am sure you are personally
4:19 am
exhausted. how are you tending to your congregation? >> i read psalms. god has given me the strength because i can say i am running on fumes, and there are no fumes left in the tank. >> we have not spoken since president trump and his family came to your synagogue, and what can you share about the words you exchanged with the president and what happened during that time? >> i was introduced by an ambassador from israel to the president and first lady and to jared and ivanka. we shook hands and i escorted the family into tree of life and
4:20 am
i was privileged to have a private 15 or 20 minutes with the family. the president was very warm, very consoling. he put his hand on my shoulder and the first question he asked me, he said, rabbi, tell me how are you doing? i must say throughout the time we spent together i was surprised by a warm and side to the president that i don't think america has ever seen. i told my personal story of my experience, which they found quite shocking and upsetting. we talked. i shared the same message that i shared with you throughout the course of the week that hate speech has no place in our society, that hate speech leads to actions of hate, and hate speech led to the death of seven of my congragants, and the other
4:21 am
part of the conversation i would like to keep personal. i have been through this a few times, and i don't know how people would react to see that horror. it's seared in my brain and it's a sight i will never forget the rest of my life. after we lit the 11 memorial candles, i chanted the memorial prayer in hebrew and in english, and the president asked if i would escort he and the first lady to the memorial, and i gave him a bit of a background story about each person because it was a human being that lived and was a good and decent person, and
4:22 am
the president needed to know something about these people because they, too, were his citizens. >> rabbi, you have been so consistent in saying to us on our air and everywhere about toning down the hateful and hurtful rhetoric, and since so many people do feel that president trump engages in that, i just wonder was he receptive when you asked him or told him that you believe that all of us should tone down the hateful rhetoric and that hateful r rhetoric leads to hateful actions, and what was his response? >> he listened. i would say the answer to your question would be to take a look and look at what does the president continue to do? i don't need to answer that. you and the public can formulate their own answer. i don't blame this on anyone
4:23 am
person. i think it's a national issue. i have been getting hate mail, people who have said vile, mean and nasty things about me and that i shouldn't have met with the president. what they don't get is that their language is equally hateful and that hate cannot -- it's not how you fight hate. you have to fight hate with love and compassion and understanding. that's been my consistent message and that's why i met with the president, to share that same message. >> you have gotten more hate mail or letters of support? >> yes. i am still getting hate mail but i am grateful the vast majority of the mail that i have been getting, the e-mail is supportive from not just american citizens but from people around the world who appreciate my remarks and some
4:24 am
uplift me, and while it's overwhelming, the mail, i can't keep up with it, for every one i read three or four pop up simultaneously, and we are a small synagogue and i don't have the time to get through it, and we have 17,000 on our server. how do you cope with that? >> maybe when you come on our show you can speak to everyone. what are we to do, rabbi, with people that don't seem to heed the message, people that don't seem to tone down the hate talk. then what? >> we need to have consistent and strong leadership from all of our elected officials. they are the models for us. when they speak in a matter that is hateful, all americans see that and it gives them permission to behave the same
4:25 am
way. i look to all of our elected officials, not anyone person, but all of them to condone hate. i don't mean hate speech and anti-semitic words, but all hate speech. if you are running for re-election, don't speak ill of your opponent, speak what is good about you and we can begin to see that message -- that will change what americans see, that will be a different tone in america and it has to come from our elected leaders. >> i want to talk about two examples of that that i think are really shining lights at the moment. the muslim community in pittsburgh that has tried to wrap their arms around your synagogue. muslims unite for a pittsburgh synagogue. here's their statement. we wish to respond to evil with good and send a powerful message of compassion through action and through the campaign we hope to show there's no place for this
4:26 am
type of hate and violence in america. as of this moment they raised close to $224,000 for your synagogue. there that is. next i want to show you what an iranian immigrant, a student studying here in the united states, he took it upon himself because he was so grief stricken by what happened at the tree of life synagogue to set up a gofundme page. as of this morning there was more than $1 million. what do you have to say to all of the people who are trying to wrap their arms around you in this way? >> my initial response is wow. that's overwhelming. i think that demonstrates the goodness in human beings, first on a local level. i met the imam, he and i had never met before, we were strangers. the goodness and warmth out of him is remarkable and it speaks
4:27 am
loudly to all people around the world that love can defeat hate. in both examples, complete strangers from around the world respond to this horrific act with acts of generosity and love shows us that there are plenty of good people out there and it lifts me and gives me strength to move on because in the end the good will win. >> what happens this weekend at your synagogue and your congregation after one week since the mass murder? >> for i and the few people that did survive in particular, for me, when 9:50 chimes on the clock, it's going to be a painful moment because that would have been the exact moment when the shooting began. i don't know how i will be at that moment.
4:28 am
i honestly don't. we are working on plans that all three congregations are going to pray together and we will get through it together. >> are other people in the community, are you hearing from the muslim community and people of other faiths that would like to be involved in those services? >> yes. the complete strangers, they want to come into town and worship with us, people of the jewish faith and people who are christian and muslim, and the community, it's astounding and uplifting and very comforting. it shows there's much good america. americans just don't see enough of that. >> that's a wonderful message. rabbi jeffrey myers, we
4:29 am
appreciate your words that are comforting, and thank you even in your grief sharing this with us. thank you. >> thank you, alisyn. >> it's so comforting to hear him. i hope people everywhere are listening to everything he says there. the other thing that is clear to me is rabbi myers work is just beginning. he has his work cut out for him in the next few days. >> you can hear how he doesn't know how he is going to get through it all, through thanking everybody and responding and he's a man that wants to respond to every e-mail and comforting the entire squirrel hill community and beyond. if you would like to help the families of the victims you can go to we'll be right back. only half the story? at t. rowe price our experts go beyond the numbers
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♪ time for another one of our signature voter panels, this time a group that political pundits say could decide this election. suburban college-educated women. they are part of a book club that started in 2004, and up until this week they have never discussed politics. that changed when we sat down in one of their new jersey homes and we went there. is it true that you never talk about politics? >> we talk about issues more than we talk about politics. >> how do you avoid talking about politics in this day and age? >> i have known jean for years. we talked about everything under the sun but never politics because i was afraid that i wouldn't like her politics and i did not want to unlike anything about jean. >> it's mutual. the feel something mutual.
4:35 am
>> i am scared to introduce the next questions now, and i do this with a lot of trepidation, do you feel comfortable telling me, by a show of hands, which of you identify yourselves as democrats? which would identify as republican? >> you guys are half and half. that's so fascinating. which of you today feels very motivated about the midterms? a show of hands. how are you feeling? >> just fatigued, i think. fatigued from the whole thing. >> how many people of feeling fatigues? debra, go ahead. >> i want to get to the election and hopefully everybody can come to some type of civil reasoning and managing what should be managed in this country, that cooler heads will prevail and
4:36 am
civility will return. >> i like your optimism. i really do. i think a lot of people are hoping for that. how are you feeling about it, denise? >> i have to go by what my moral compass says, and if i had words above my head, it would be civility and choice. >> this year i will be voting straight down the democratic line. my speech bubble would say words matter. the words that are out there every day are just eating at me, and the only way for me to fight that little me right now is to vote against what he stands for or who is standing behind him. >> i just have a really strong feeling about women right now and i think it's time for us to really rise up. wouldn't it be great to have more women in politics? i am all about the women.
4:37 am
>> sidney, what are you voting on this time? >> i am voting on jobs, number one. >> do you feel the job situation here is good or bad? >> much better. much better. the more jobs the better people feel, the more money, disposable income, keeps the economy going, and i think there's nothing negative about that. >> i do believe that jobs are important. i have experienced job loss myself in the past five years, which has also opened my eyes to our health care situation. >> if you lose your job you lose your health care? >> if you lose your job you lose your health care. >> that happened to you? >> that happened to me. >> when obamacare went through our premiums doubled. >> we have to discuss the issues. we have to discuss what is happening with the opioid crisis and what is happening with medical insurance. those things are not being
4:38 am
talked about, and when they do they get drowned out by some new breaking news. >> how many people feel the opioid crisis in their own lives and are worried about it here in new jersey? all of you. all of you have felt the opioid crisis here? >> i don't think there's a person who is unaffected, who doesn't know a family member or a friend or co-worker or relative of your family friend or co-worker. >> the trump administration has talked a lot about the opioid crisis and talked about making that a priority and do you feel any progress? >> i think education and awareness, that's the only -- those are the only areas i have noticed an improvement in. >> it's an epidemic. come on, people, we have to do something. >> we have to get somebody in there that is going to move us in the right direction, and we can't keep doing this and expect 14,000 people coming up through mexico to -- >> where are you getting that
4:39 am
number of 14,000? >> where are you getting that number? >> 14,000. >> no, it's seven or 11 -- >> now it's down to 3,500. >> let's say seven, coming up through mexico, how can we pay for their education and health care when all of us on this side are paying more and more and more? if somebody loses their job here shouldn't we be taking care of her first? >> you are worried about immigration? >> only coming in the illegal way. not the legal way. come in the legal way and you are more than welcome. >> it is legal to seek asylum. >> well, i hope trump changes that. >> you don't want any asylum seekers? >> no, immigration is an issue. it's the basis of our country and how we were formed and
4:40 am
building a wall is not how to fix it. >> a show of hands. how many feel the president is trying to gin up fear origin up this story before the midterms? >> fear motivates people, and i think that is the basis for anything that he does. >> do you feel there's a real crisis? >> in what? >> at the border. >> is there an issue? yes. a crisis? no. >> i agree that seeking asylum is not illegal, and it's not coming to the country illegally. i think that human rights are a very important thing. i think that our country has been very much built on the fact of human rights. >> i feel like we should take pride in the way our country was formed and how we welcomed immigrants. if we are committed to having immigrants we have to have support for them as well, i believe.
4:41 am
>> okay. i am happy to report they are still friends. >> that's what is the most interesting about this, but go ahead. >> okay, they did need wine and this was at 2:00 in the afternoon and they needed wine because they avoided talking about this and you can see how quickly the fishers are exposed and what could be hard feelings but they avoided it for all those years. >> you need to be able to have book clubs with people you don't agree on politics with. >> but they wrote a book as a book club called novel women about a book club and it's available on amazon. this is called "novel women." you should pick it up. >> this is by alisyn camerota.
4:42 am
>> one more thing. tomorrow you will hear from all of them about how they feel about the tone of the president and how it is affecting them. >> i think we have a preview there and that will be interesting. the midterms will go down as the most expensive in history. what is all that money paying for? a reality check, next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? great tasting, heart-healthy california walnuts. so simple, so good. get the recipes at
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be the most expensive in history, nearly $5 billion dollars as candidates make their final push. what is that money paying for? cnn senior analyst, john avalon, with a reality check. >> if you want to find the truth in politics, follow the money. you can see the state of play really clearly. in our bitter polarized politics we have seen a 61% increase in negative ads, and there's nearly a quarter billion dollars flowing into florida alone. note that the money is mostly heading to states that donald trump won in 2016. that's a sign republicans are playing defense. donald trump has said this mid-term election will be all about him but this ad from his campaign has nothing to do with him. it features a white suburban mom
4:47 am
reflecting on how the improved economy is benefiting her life. not shown at all? donald trump. the first media voice used to validate the economy is from our own voice. 54.5% of all democratic ads are focused on health care. for republican candidates health care is the second issue behind taxes, if not lower. trump's signature issues are way down the list and immigration doesn't appear in the top five issues among governor and house candidates. during obama's first midterms, they talked about death panels and government takeovers but now obamacare is popular and republicans are suffering for the repeal, and scott walker
4:48 am
says he supports pre-existing coverage despite his long record of opposing the aca, and mcsally with an impressive military record is trying to hug obama's pre-existing coverage as well, despite telling colleagues in one vote let's get this f'ing thing done. and many republicans that tie themselves to trump in the primaries are having problems. other candidates just want to ignore the bitter partisan politics and pivot to the warm and fuzzy, literally. and running to the right of cantor, now he's campaigning on puppies while touting his bipartisan credentials. but while he poses with puppies, donald trump just released a video that is being touted worse
4:49 am
than willie horton, and that's hard to do. >> puppies work. i mean, i think we can all agree on that. >> thank you. the president's mid-term message be afraid, will it drive his base? maggie haberman has had fascinating observations about a number of things joins us next. cal: ellen, our certified financial planner™ professional, helps us manage our cash flow and plan for the unexpected. valerie: her experience and training gave us the courage to go for it. it's our "confident forever plan"... cal: ...and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at ♪ ♪ if it feels like you live in the bathroom with recurring constipation and belly pain, talk to your doctor and say yesss! to linzess.
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. all right. five days to go to the midterm elections. president trump's strategy of sewing fear and division continues with a stunning new example this morning. this president posted a video on twitter that demonizes immigrants in a new and shocking way. joining us now is new york times white house correspondent maggy haberman. what is the president doing? this video is so grotesque.
4:54 am
of course, the facts are so -- he has found an illegal immigrant that murdered people and there are examples of that. what all the research suggests is that actually on any given day, any year, americans are more likely to commit violent crimes than immigrants or even undocumented immigrants. but as we know, the president is not incumbered by facts and statistics. what is he doing? >> he is doing the same thing he has been doing for the last four years. you are seeing echoes of the richard nixon campaign, focussed on people of color, violence, urban violence in particular. it is liking to inspire fear. it is worth knowing as far as we know, that video is not airing on television. the ad that the trump campaign, the re-election campaign is airing on television is a very
4:55 am
soft ad aimed at suburban women that doesn't feature president trump. that tells you a lot about where the difference is what he says and where things actually are. this isn't keeping with what we have seen him do for days. we are expecting he will talk about that immigration briefly today. he will repackage a lot of things he has been saying. this ad should surprise no one, but, yes, it is shocking. >> there are signs, and, yes, it may fire up his base. but there are also signs that some republicans think he is going too far. arizona and nevada, the republicans don't want the president there. he's not going there. paul ryan spoke out about the president's claims about birthright citizenship, and the president responded to paul ryan saying paul ryan should be focussing on holding the majority rather than giving his opinions on birthright citizenship. you read something subtle in the sub text?
4:56 am
>> it was don't blame me when you guys lose or when the house that is the same party as i am loses. the buck stops many other places than with me. and i can expect you will see that several times over the next couple days. the president is aware that the house map is not good for them. the senate map looks better. it looks like it could net at least two. we don't know. it is a volatile situation with all of these districts and states. but when you are working -- paul ryan made that statement as he was campaigning for an embattled house candidate. that is what paul ryan is doing. what the president is doing is turning this into an up or down referendum on himself, which is in these house districts is not helpful, especially with the retirements the republicans are facing. >> he expressed what you and i have talked about before, which is when you interact one-on-one with president trump, he is a
4:57 am
different person. >> 100%. >> the rabbi was surprised by the personal touch and the warmth the president showed. why can't the president show that on public and in the rallies and in tv? he doesn't think people will respond to that? >> i think it's not the side of himself that he preferring showing as his public image. he likes the image of being a tough guy. even though, as you and i both know, he doesn't like interpersonal interaction. we should say all kinds of things to our aids that he wouldn't say to us in person. i have been screamed at by him, you may have as well, but it has tended to be toned down. one of the things that bothers me is to describe his twitter feed as a real-life snapshot of
4:58 am
what he's thinking. there is such a disconnect between what he can do and what he does do. >> one of the things he said about his visit to pittsburgh was that he was really well received. the offices of the president were shown great respect. we were treated so warmly. it was odd to comment on something like that when you are visits victims of mass murder, to be talking about how you were received. >> he turns everything into something about himself. this is not a huge surprise. it was, i think, really great and was a lot more subdued than i think people were hoping it was going to be, that he was going to say more in criticism. but this day was supposed to be the president of the united states paying his respects to people who were victims of an atrocious domestic terrorism incident, the worst attack on jews as far as i know in this
4:59 am
country, and he turned it into how much respect he was paid. there is a misunderstanding by him or a lack of interest in learning about what the office of the president is supposed to symbolize and mean here, as opposed to in countries that are not constitutional democracies. and he did this video with that tweet. and it was like a celebration of his own performance. i literally have never seen anything like that before. and i have covered lots of shootin shootings. i have covered tragedies, natural and man made horrors. >> great to have you here with us. thank you. go read her interview with barbara again. joining us now is the democrat governor from florida. may mayor, thank you so much for being with us. president trump was in florida last night rallying with your opponent ron desantis, the
5:00 am
former congressman there. i want to give you a chance to respond to something the president said about you on the stump. listen. >> andrew gillum wants to throw open your borders to criminal aliens. and gillum supports deadly sanctuary cities. he wants to abolish ice. >> your response? >> well, i'm sorry i missed that last night. i was out with my three kids trick or treating. we prefer treats in my house. hey had a lot of tricks going on last night with the president and mr. desantis. they have no relationship with the truth. i believe in borders. i believe in the law. what the president has turned our immigration and enforcement agency into is a family separation force, putting kids


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