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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 2, 2018 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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>> that kid is so cute, i can't stand it. i'm not for this. lying to your kids about halloween candy. i'm on the record it is mean. >> they will get over it. i need anything to laugh, my friend. >> i need the credibility. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm dave briggs. fall back on saturday night. daylight saving time comes to an end. "new day" is right now. it's all about getting people stirred up. it's all about fear. >> when they throw rocks, i say consider it a rifle. >> it's a political purpose to use our military like this. >> we need to know every single person coming in. >> i spent two days with the caravan and i didn't see criminals, rapists or terrorists. >> go and take it back, now,
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now, now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. >> we want to welcome our viewe viewers in the united states and around the world. four days to go until the mid-term elections and president trump is ratcheting up the mid-term rhetoric. at a campaign rally last night, the president suggested the u.s. troops could shoot any migrant that throws rocks at them, and boy, do we have our work cut out for us this morning. there's a new tally this morning that says the president is lying more in the final stretch of this election. a whopping 6,420 false
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statements since he took office. there's no bombshell new immigration policy here. this is all just theater. some of it dishonest theater and some of it racist theater and some of it post. the president contradicted his own claims when he once told us there were middle easterners and overnight he said we have no idea who they are. the president even said some of why he is staging this theater at the last minute of the campaign, because the bombs sent to trump critics and the murder of 11 jews in pittsburgh, there are mid-term problems. >> for seven days nobody talked about the's electrictioions. >> a mass murder, it slowed
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momentum. let's begin our coverage with cnn's abby phillip live at the white house. >> reporter: president trump made the fact that he will use fears about immigration as a central campaign tactic in the final days before the midterms and now he's using the white house as the backdrop of the federal government to promote mistruths at the border. the rhetoric has become the centerpiece of mid-term pitch. >> if you don't want america to be overrun by masses of illegal aliens and giant caravans you better vote republican. >> reporter: president trump criticized the 14th amendment of the constitution. >> this policy we can end.
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>> reporter: and suggesting without evidence democrats are funding the migrants heading to the border. democrats and a few republica republicans -- >> this is not politics as usual. this is about hate. >> what is happening is wrong and it's repelling people. i think this kind of heated rhetoric is not going to win elections. >> reporter: earlier today the president using the backdrop of the white house to deliver a speech that was riddled with falsehoods about immigrants. >> you can call it an invasion. >> mexican government officials tell cnn that two police officers were struck by rocks during a recent confrontation at the border, but the officers
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injuries were not serious or life threatening, still the president going so far to suggest that migrants can be shot if they throw rocks at the troops he is sending to the border. >> i say consider it a rifle because there's not much difference when you get hit in the face with a rock. >> shooting somebody throwing a rock is a violation of the rules of engagement, and a message echoed by defense secretary, chuck hagel. >> that's a wanton incitement of unnecessary violence and it's a distorsion, to use our military like this. >> president trump also vowing to erect massive tent cities to hold migrants and promising an executive order next week to
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prevent anybody caught crossing the border illegally to claim asylum. >> i don't want them in our country and women don't want them in our country, women want security. >> democrats rejecting the president's fear mongering and hoping to drive their voters. >> anybody here who has an ancestor did not have a right to vote and you don't vote, you are dishonoring your family. >> reporter: president obama hitting the campaign trail, and president trump making two stops. >> i want to bring in david gregory and john avalon. the fear that he is trying to stoke, the president, is undeniable and the lies he is
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telling now, undeniable, and we will talk about them and fact check them and talk about immigration, but before we do i just want to set the stage for how the president is explaining why he's doing this days before the election. it's because the political momentum was slowed down by the sending of bombs to people who are critics of the president and the murder of 11 jews in pittsburgh. i want to play the sound one more time just to frame this discussion. listen to this. >> we did have two maniacs stop a momentum that was incredible because for seven days nobody talked about the election. >> i just want people to listen
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to that. >> it's hard to believe we are surprised by anything, and i am not, and i mean, this is a president with no filter and says exactly what is on his mind. the previous clip shown talking about women want security when he is talking about the caravan of immigrants seeking asylum. it's so clear the president is rattled for one thing. there was momentum built-up after the kavanaugh hearings and he felt there was momentum that he also feels dissipated and that's why he had to have such a narrow pitch on immigration as an immigration hard liner to try and shore up senate seats and those voters that would be influenced by a message like this. you look at a state like missouri where there's a tough senate race, and mccaskill said she appreciates what the president is doing to keep people from overrunning the
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border, and it's a narrow pitch, and it's certainly not going to work with a lot of the suburban districts in the house where republicans are losing so much ground, but it shows the level of how much he is rattled at this point. >> i wonder if the family members of the 11 people murdered are most upset about breaking the president's momentum? >> i am going to go with no on that. this is stunning. for any other president this would be a statement that would be hung around their head because it really gives away the ghost at how callous and cruel some politicians can be, and viewing the targeting of the president's critics with pipe bombs has a momentum breaker, and yet there's a danger of taking it in stride with this president. the "washington post" new out
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today, there's nobody you know in your life that lies that much, and yet this is from the bully pulpit of the presidency. that's disfiguring to our national debate. >> let me read what the "washington post" says about that. in the first nine months of the presidency, the president lied an average of five times per day but leading up to the midterms it's an average of 30 times per day. >> abby, they put out what they call a department of homeland security fact sheet. they say it's just hard to know what is true in here, okay. one of the things they say is over 270 individuals along the caravan route have criminal histories including known gang membership but they give no source for how they know that,
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and that's an awfully specific number but don't say who is telling them this, and the reason they lost the authority, i think, for us to believe them is because kirsten nielsen, the head of homeland security said we do not have a policy of separating families at the border, period. that's what she tweeted out on june 17th. millions of people in their own lying eyes were told they were wrong, so when they put out the so-called fact sheet it doesn't ring necessarily true to people. >> that's absolutely right. when there are so many lies happening all at once, it's impossible to tell the truth from the lies. that's the biggest problem with this whole environment that we are in right now is that there should be some level of trust in the federal government and what it says, when the federal government provides data or information to the public, they
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ought to be able to say, well, this is probably true. that's not necessarily the case anymore. even in the case you just mentioned, the dhs saying repeatedly there's no policy of separating children from their families, but the inspector general said that's not true, those statements were not true and did not reflect what was happening in the department. it's a long-term problem for this administration beyond immigration and beyond this border issue, but in the immediate present, there's a whole lot written about this recently, the whole federal government moving to validate things what the president says whether they are true or not. that is an extraordinary thing to see, especially given how political it is. i think when we heard president trump say well the women want safety, women want safety at the border, that was president trump talking about in very political terms from the white house about
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something that ought to be a matter of nonpartisan, you know, information, but it is really all about politics. the entire federal government is engaged in this effort to bolster his political statements from the white house and i think that is also risking an erosion of trust in the government that we have that ought to be able to function without people assuming that everything coming out of it has an r or d next to it. >> let's also look at the president is trying to narrow the conversation for this final push in the midterms just to immigration. that is going to have -- that is an action and it's going to have a reaction among his most ardent supporters, but the reaction to that, members of his own party and opponents of his calling it out for what it is, and among other things it's complete failed policy, this is a republican who led a republican
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congress that has not been able to solve the immigration problem so this is what you get is empty rhetoric. there's a lot more going on. as important an issue as immigration is to republican voters, almost 40%, so it's significant, there's health care that is certainly a big issue in a lot of the issues, particularly in the house races, and the stock market which the president likes to brag about is so volatile and he's taking on his fed chief, so there's a lot here that i think is rattling the president that has him realizing the only impact he can have is on senate races because everything else seems to be lost for him. >> he put the stock numbers up, the wild swings because that's what is causing some fear in some of the suburban districts.
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john kasich aghast yesterday because of the lying video that was sent around, and defense secretary shocked and appalled -- >> jeff flake set sickening. >> and hagel was talking about troops shooting migrants throwing stones, and we have many saying you are asking the u.s. troops to do that? >> that's a moral horror at what the president is saying. and there's also a political problem that the president may be backing into which some republicans pointed out. by not campaigning on his objective strength and doubling down on fear and anger to rally the base, he puts a lot of suburban districts in real risk because that kind of talk doesn't benefit republicans. the far left of the party is not
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where america is on immigration, and that said the president escorting a real backlash by doubling down on the extreme positions on immigration and language that has made republican senators and secretaries say that's way too much. >> the republican strategist know they will get called out for the lies and for the racism, but to me they made a bet that it doesn't matter, they don't care. maybe in some cases they want it and are inviting this debate. >> reporter: i think the point is to have the conversation and argument and to have the fight, and that's the one thing the president himself thinks that his supporters want the most from him, they want fight but not boring rallies and don't want him talking about policy and talking about the economy, they want him fighting with his
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adversaries and democrats and calling what he is calling an invasion, and that's not a mistake and that's the trump alure in this moment and immigration happens to be the most potent way for him to stoke that but he has got to be a fighter in these last few days, and i think that's why the kavanaugh debate was so great for republicans, because it showed the entire party to be a fighter, so it's not about policy or lies, and there's not enough time for any of that really to sink in. >> honestly, do they only turn the leaf blower on when abby is speaking. >> he's right in front of me. >> we are going to get you a leaf blower for christmas. >> it has been that way for 20, 25 years. every time at this morning. >> the white house grounds is the cleanest place i have ever been. >> there are a lot of trees at the white house. not that many. not that many. >> abby, david, john, thank you
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very much. now to this. roger stone is admitting he spoke to the trump campaign about wikileaks before the e-mails were released from hillary clinton's campaign that were hacked. what does all of that mean for the russia investigation?
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now to more on the russia investigation. roger stone is a political operative with ties to president trump is revealing he talked to the trump campaign in 2016 about wikileaks before the release of e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign chairman that were hacked and stolen. stone published an e-mail exchange with steve bannon, the then-chief executive of the trump campaign, and robert mueller investigating whether stone had insight tracks with wikileaks and whether he shared that with trump or trump's campaign team, and that goes to the heart of the collusion. great to have all of you. let's just start first with the tweets that roger stone deleted because they -- it appears he knew something or is a really
3:22 am
good guesser. here we go. on october 2nd before the e-mails, the hacked e-mails are released, roger stone tweets, wednesday, hillary clinton is done. on october 3rd he tweets, i have total confidence, wikileaks and my hero will educate the american people soon and has a hash tag about hillary clinton. and then he tweets, payload coming, he says. the next day, he says julian assange -- >> obviously the details are still to come out. he also says in another tweet
3:23 am
that john podesta's time in the barrel is coming, and it's not when john podesta is in the upper es sh upper es kau es shaw lawns. he could say, look, i was just playing my role. this does indicate a degree of communication with assange. wikileak's communications with the trump campaign were not insignificant, we know that. we also know russia has been very involved with wikileaks so this becomes a real problem for the presidential campaign. the e-mails they released do not have a smoking gun, but it shows stone thought he had information and was eager to share it with steve bannon. >> what is new is the direct communication between roger stone and steve bannon, communication which roger stone denied, vehemently denied.
3:24 am
tuesday he told the "washington post" there are no such communications and if bannon said they are, he would be desepl bling. >> the special counsel's theory of the entire case is conspiracy to defraud the united states and they have shown that by the indictments by the russian intelligence officers who were trying to defraud the united states out of a fair election. that's the big umbrella. there's another subset of things whether roger stone facilitated some of the hacking, and that seems less likely, but if he falls under the broad conspiracy under the efforts to defraud the united states that would be a charge in and of itself. what is interesting is this is the connection to the campaign and there's no way the trump
3:25 am
campaign can somehow disavow steve bannon, he was an integral part of the campaign. these particular communications seem to be being released by stone himself, and so these are probably the communications that perhaps put him in the most favorable light. it's most likely the investigators have a whole lot of other communications that roger stone is not wanting to become public but that also exist and those might tend to reveal one way or the other whether he had advance knowledge or -- >> before i -- thank you. let me read what the new e-mails are. the new e-mails that come to light after roger stone said he never had any sort of exchange with the trump campaign here are a couple. on october 4th, okay, steve bannon rights to roger stone, what was that? what was this morning? apparently wikileaks was going to have a reveal that i guess did not come to fruition.
3:26 am
and stone responds, fear, serious security concern, he thinks they are going to kill him. however, a load every week going forward, he means of the hacked e-mails and that's from roger stone. these are, again, what suggests roger stone knew something and was communicating with steve bannon about it. >> he is releasing the communication, as cakerry suggests, this was what julian assange was bragging about. imagine a football field he is operating on and we're down like inside the one yard line trying to analyze what the grass looks like down there because we don't know what we don't know and what else he has. i see this cutting both ways. this gets to a central question,
3:27 am
was there illegal coordination with assange and wikileaks especially because the president was talking about it and encouraging these kinds of leaks and this kind of hacking, or is this the work of a guy known as a dirty trickster and you think is this all they have in terms of coordination? i think it could go both ways. >> russia, if you are listening -- look, the president had some familiarity going back to july saying russia, you can help with this, and so the fact pattern is bad and we will get all the information as it comes out, but this does not look good for the trump campaign or roger stone. >> and just to remind you, after this election is over on tuesday, we might start seeing what mueller has. >> thank you. we have a live report from
3:28 am
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the oldest victim murdered inside the synagogue will be laid to rest today, a vibrant woman that loved her family. this is the man accused of killing her and ten others plead not guilty to federal charges. jean casarez has done a nice job covering this is in pittsburgh. >> reporter: the funerals have been all week. this is the final one. rose malinger, and her daughter
3:33 am
was injured in all of this. rose was the matriarch of the family and her family and friends said she still prepared the traditional family recipes during the high holy days for all of them, and she was a mother of three and grandmother of five and had one great grandchild recently born. when she was in the workforce she was the school secretary and the school secretary is somebody everybody goes to, the children go to for a hug. she always had all the answers and always had a smile on her face, and her friends and family said she should have had so many more years to live because she was so vibrant. today is friday and at the end of today the sabbath begins for the jewish community here. tomorrow, rabbi myers says the three congregations will have a joint service together, not here because this is still a very
3:34 am
active crime scene. as business goes on as usual, the defendant was in court yesterday, and john, he pleaded not guilty asking for a jury trial for 44 counts that possibly includes the death penalty. >> jean, i will be joining you there later today to join the reporting on how this community will attempt to come together one week after this heinous crime. thank you very much for the reporting and i will see you soon. meanwhile in a new op-ed for the washington post the fiance of murdered washington post journalist, khashoggi, calls out the trump administration. she writes the trump administration has taken a position that is devoid of moral foundation. some in washington are hoping this matter will be forgotten
3:35 am
with simple delay tactics but we will continue to push the trump administration to help find justice for jamal. there will be no cover-up, end quote. meanwhile secretary of state, mike pompeo, says it will take a handful of weeks, that's his term, before the u.s. has enough evidence to possibly pose sanctions against the saudis for khashoggi's murder. up to the midterms, who is leading with the few days left. we will get the forecast, what the special modals tell us, and there's something about harry, his forecast up next. and up next, jimmy kimmel scaring children on halloween and making them cry. >> what's in there? >> i got really hungry so mommy and daddy ate it all. >> no! know what goes great with steak and shrimp? more shrimp.
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mid-term elections. let's look at some of the key races for an idea of who will control congress. there is something about harry. harry enten with the forecast. let's start big today, the big
3:40 am
picture. >> i have added governors. we have a lot to get through. let's talk about the house forecast. it's exactly where we were the entire time, democrats 226 and republicans 209. democrats could blow the water completely out with 262 to 173 in the best case, but republicans still have a chance for control, 232 to 203 in their best case. probably not going to happen. there's a lot of water. >> out of what? >> out of my mother's pool in the backyard. we have been saying the same thing the whole time, right? we expect the republicans will not only maintain control but gain a seat. the best scenario for the democrats, they have a shot but we are saying 52 for last month, and now it's just 51. >> this is making north dakota
3:41 am
out of reach for heidi heitkamp. >> right. we have 50 states and 50 governors, and we think the republicans will control 26, and democrats 24. that's up way higher for democrats -- >> what is it now? >> right now democrats, i believe, only have about 19 -- or 18, somewhere in that area. here's an interesting little twist for you. weighting it by population, which is key, democrats we think will control 60% of the population versus republicans only 40%. why is that? states like new york, california, illinois, pennsylvania, michigan, north carolina, these states with large populations, we believe, will all elect democratic governors. >> i was going to dive into nevada. should we do that? >> let's dive into nevada.
3:42 am
this, to me, might be the closest race on election night. they have the republican in the senate race defeating jackie rosen but just by one point. this race is way too close to call. it should not shock anybody if rosen beats heller. they may pick up a seat even if they don't pick up the chambers. >> arizona and nevada, that's going to be late. >> both of those are obviously in the west. they do have significant early voters in those states, but if it comes down to a few votes, forget it, we will be counting these for a while. >> let's look at texas. >> if you are interested whether or not democrats win control of the senate, they have to win here. right now the forecast has ted cruz defeating o'rourke by six points and that's why our computer model suggests it's a long road to haul for democrats
3:43 am
because you would need a massive poling error, and that could occur so that's why we will watch the votes come in. >> let's do kansas. >> i think a lot of people are fascinated with the governor's race, and kris kobach is not so popular in kansas which is a deep red state, and -- >> they have never elected republicans to the senate. here we see the democrat is actually favored to win by a point, but this is, again, a race very, very close to call and this is all about the republican brand, and sam brownback a popular guy there. >> i don't recognize this name? >> we don't know greg orman, he
3:44 am
endorsed a democrat and dropped out of the race. >> this is a race here very, very technical. that's what ohio is. ohio, ohio, ohio, it's going to be very close and we will see who controls this key state. >> who has momentum? >> this dude does, richard cordray does. >> harry, thank you very much. the forecast available each day at 9:00 a.m. at now to this. what exactly happened to mob boss whitey bulger in prison, and why was he put in the general population with people who wanted to kill him? the latest on the death investigation, next.
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gristly new details about the prison attack on whitey bulger. investigators say he was
3:49 am
brutally beaten by at least two inmates, and one was a mafia hitman possibly exacting revenge. jason carol joins us now with more. it's grew gruesome. >> he is dead and investigators are left to determine not only who did it, why they did it, but also how they were able to do it in a maximum security prison. law enforcement officials tell "the new york times" the two inmates allegedly involved in whitey bulger's murder used a padlock stuffed in a shock to beat and kill bulger who "the times" says was in a wheelchair. the beating was so forceful it displaced bulger's eyeballs, unclear, the source says, if his attackers gouged them out or if
3:50 am
they were knocked out. a mafia hitman from bulger's home state is serving a life sentence for murder and his former attorney says the two mobsters ran in the same criminal circle. >> so he probably had a lot of reasons to not be very happy with people like mr. bulger. i am not ready to concede that he was involved, but i understand he was accused of it. >> his lawyer reporting he had an axe to grind and believed bulger had helped frame one of his friends for murder. "the times" says the killers tried to avoid surveillance cameras but cameras caught two inmates rolling bolster into a corner where they killed him. word of his violent death met with relief from family members of his victims. >> this is the end for myself
3:51 am
and my family. >> a guy like him doesn't deserve a nice easy death, he deserved the slow death and that's what i hope he got. >> he was transferred to west virginia from another facility in florida just one day before he was killed. a federal official with knowledge of the investigation says he was put in the prison's general population, raising questions as to why a high profile mobster was not isolated or watched more closely. just last week a bipartisan group of senators alerted attorney general jeff sessions about under staffing at hazelton, noting there were two deaths there this year. bulger's life was portrayed in several movies, including "black mask" starring johnny depp. those who really knew him say he was a sociopath. >> he could kill you for good reason.
3:52 am
he could kill you for a bad reason or no reason. that was his representation. >> another person who knew bulger said this about his brutal murder, he said, quote, i know you are not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but i am glad he is dead. >> that is fascinating. what an unbelievable story, and i don't think it's over just yet. how do you make this turn? >> just a hard turn here. >> jimmy kimmel's halloween prank. we have seen this for a number of years, and it's just getting more and more funnier. late night laughs, next. >> go to your room. go to your room. >> why? >> because you ate my candy. if o severe rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. humira can help stop the clock. prescribed for 15 years, humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation
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backup quarterback made the most of his nfl start, and coy wire has more in the "bleacher report." >> third string football, never had thrown a pass in the nfl but became an instant internet sensation. despite smashing a lot of brett favre's records in mississippi, he was overlooked. he was on the practice squad last season, and his number was called last night, and he throws three touchdowns on primetime tv, and he could hardly hold back his emotions after the game. >> sorry. it's everything i dreamed of. i prepare like i am the starter every week and this week was my week so you have to take advantage of opportunities when they come. >> before the game a 49ers
3:58 am
cheerleader took a knee during the national anthem. cnn reached out to the team but they have not commented yet. colin kaepernick's social injustice protests started. >> what a night. coy, thank you so much. it's that time of year again. jimmy kimmel has parents pretend they have eaten all of their kids' halloween candy and then we get to laugh at the childrens screaming and crying. >> we got hungry and we ate your candy. it's all gone. we got really hungry, so mom and daddy ate it all.
3:59 am
>> no! >> what happened? >> no! i'm so sad. no! >> i ate all your candy. >> are you mad? you are not mad i ate all your candy? >> i'm not mad at all. i will never be mad at you because you are my mom. >> you are too sweet. that's gross. >> just drop the mike on jimmy kimmel's prank right there. >> he says, no, i forgive, and i have a mohawk. >> i will never not laugh, by
4:00 am
the way. >> it's really cruel and funny. >> and anybody with kids will appreciate the sweet revenge there. thank you to the international viewers, cnn talk is next for you, and for our u.s. viewers, "new day" continues right now. there's an opportunity for the president to rally the base. >> some people call it an invasion. it's like an invasion. >> he's following through on what he promised. >> he's an un-american american president. >> vote your values. vote your conscience. >> announcer: this is "new day"


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