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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 2, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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the way. >> it's really cruel and funny. >> and anybody with kids will appreciate the sweet revenge there. thank you to the international viewers, cnn talk is next for you, and for our u.s. viewers, "new day" continues right now. there's an opportunity for the president to rally the base. >> some people call it an invasion. it's like an invasion. >> he's following through on what he promised. >> he's an un-american american president. >> vote your values. vote your conscience. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john
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berman. the white house is producing theater designed to provoke fear, and some of it is racist theater and some of it is dishonest theater and some is both, but it's theater designed to get votes. the president using the roosevelt room and the military. he's wallowing in some cases in fear after bombs were sent to his critics and after the murder of 11 jews in a synagogue. in fact he told a political rally overnight that those horrific events, in a way, were politically inconvenient. >> we did maniacs stop a momentum that was incredible. >> he also suggested the u.s. troops he is deploying to the border they could shoot anybody that throws rocks at them.
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when it comes to fact checking, we have our cut work out for us this morning. a fact checker said the president is lying more in the final stretch of the midterms, and there have been a whopping 6,420 false or misleading statements since he has been president. scott jennings and cnn commentator, cory sellers. good to have you with us on this morning. just as an example, david gregory, let me start with what the president says about people who are detained at the border and whether or not they ever show up, show back up, because this seeped into the public conversation, and once you catch them and release them they disappear and never show back up. that's what he continues to claim and i hear people repeat
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it. so he says, we're not letting them into the country. we let them into the country and then they never show up, it's like 3% that show up for trial. these are the stats from the department of justice and i.c.e. 89% of asylum seekers showed up in 2017, 89%. there was a pilot program where during the course of it they had to check in with i.c.e. from time to time, 100% of the people who were in that pilot program showed up for their court hearings. that pilot program was ceased by the trump administration. david gregory, your thoughts? >> what the president wants here more than anything else is a fight, he wants a fight with what he will call an invasion and then voice that off on saying well some people are calling it an invasion, which is not what it is.
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he is really in a fight with what the facts are about the immigration policy, and as happened with so many issues, there are real issues and challenges on our border that present huge challenges for our government that he has not been able to solve. it's striking that nearly 40% of republican voters care about the immigration issue. the president is highlighting it in its final pitch in a hard line way, and he said he would solve this problem in a way president obama could not. that's what is striking about this fear mongering as a final pitch. >> again, for all the hype of the roosevelt room speech, the rally, there's no new policy here which tells me it's just about the fight, it is just about the theater. but what do you think the right way for the democrats to respond is with four days left? do you want to see democrats taking the bait or them standing up and saying this was a lie,
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this was a lie, and this video he put out was racist or do you ignore it? >> you ignore it. these are the last four days of the race, and if you see the people do this well, it's like gillum in florida and abrams in georgia, and those in new jersey and ohio, and what they are focused on is simple, a closing message talking about jobs and health care. we all know the president is racist and he is going to drag us into the debates that pit one group against another group, but as a candidate on the trail right now people want to see you be congressional and tkpwao gubernatorial and something the president is not. please, let all the bickering, leave it to me and scott jennings, democrats, please, and focus on your message to your voters and your closing message has to be bringing this country together first and foremost. >> we are busy and have our
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hands full here on "new day" doing so much fact checking, but here is a fact that relates to you and i think it's important to get that out there. the sickening video, as i think jeff flake -- i think that's what he was referring to, that the president put out about this disgusting psychopath that killed two deputies, he said it was the democrats fault, he was an illegal immigrant, and democrats let him in. he came in illegally when he was 16 years old, and president clinton was president at the time and he deported him, and he snuck back in a year later and he was arrested by sheriff joe arpaio, who is a hardliner on immigration, and was released, for some reason, a republican, sheriff joe arpaio released him,
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and then he was deported, and bush was president, and he snuck back in when president bush was in office, and he got married while president george bush was in office and stayed in the country while president george bush was in office. i don't think this is your fault, scott, i don't really think it is your fault nor do i think it was the president's fault. why can the president pin it on the democrats? >> i think the president's global point about immigration is that he wants to lead a political party that is hardline on it and he wants to position his opponents as being softer on border security and that's the global point he is trying to make. one of the issues that strike me, the two issues is health care and the economy, and immigration is in there but not one of the top two issues. the democrats have carved out nice conversations about health
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care, and i would want to carve out my space where the polling says the public trusts trump, and at this point i don't think motivating base voters is the issue. i looked at the gallup this week and it shows the republicans are good to vote. democrats are making one key argument, and we are making the other and that's where you want to fight it out and i am not sure immigration is the closer you want in a lot of districts. >> if you look at a state like missouri and you see how claire mccaskill who is very much on the defensive in a state that has moved increasingly away from the democrats, and she is quoted as saying in the last 24 hours that she appreciates president trump's actions to try to, you know, protect our borders. that's a position that she is in. i wonder whether the president made a decision, and it seems he
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has, where he says this is really about him to just try and shore up those senate seats that he can, understanding in a lot of suburban districts, this hardline position is not going to play, and there's rattling about the economy, and you look that he had a productive conversation with the leader of china to try and get a trade deal. he's thinking about the economy in terms of 2020, when it's really going to be about him at a time when there is increasing anxiety about it, so i agree with scott that's an objective record for the president and republicans, but it seems they are more worried about convincing their own people that things are good. >> is there truth in that? >> probably some truth in the strategy of shoring up the senate races, because if you look at the map overall, house and senate, it's highly likely
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that no matter what you do in the last four days democrats will win the house. what you cannot do is give any ground on the senate. david is right. out in middle america where the senate races are taking place, there are democrats running on immigration messages that sound like president trump, you mention missouri, and indiana, joe donnelly, a lot of his ads are saying build the wall, build the wall, so there's some truth that the immigration is not about ginning up republicans and there are more democrats that want border security as well. the president cannot lose both chambers, and that would be a disaster, and divided government is okay as long as you hold the senate, and he will call that a win and move forward. >> he will call breakfast a win. no matter what happens he will call it a win. that's not the standard here. >> you can call for border security and not vilify immigrants. there's a huge swath of the
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country that is somewhere in the middle that doesn't believe in vilifying and all of this hate talk about immigrants, and the reason i know that is i just sat down this week with a group of college-educated suburban women, three of whom were republicans and three of whom were democrats, and what they say, what the universal feeling for them was the tone has to change, the tone is toxic and exhausting to them, and they told me that is part of the motivation for why they will vote this time. >> well, you said something that is quite brilliant. you can talk about immigration and democrats are talking about immigration without vilifying immigrants, without vilifying brown people and i think that's the problem. it's the tone and the tenure and the rhetoric. nobody is talking about immigration like rosen is talking about it in nevada or
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kristin cinema is in arizona. nobody deported more illegal immigrants in this country than barack obama, so it's not as if democrats have taken up to this issue, and those ladies that you sat down with, what they are talking about is something that i have seen cut across all borders, and i have travelled around the country trying to help people win elections and the democrats and republicans you like are saying the tone and tenure and demeanor has to stop. in a solemn moment this past saturday because we realize words matter and i am not sure the president has got that message and that's going to hurt him more than any policy is that his words matter and he doesn't realize it. >> the reality with president trump is he is what you get, his views on immigration is what you get when you don't solve the
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problem. scott jennings that worked for president bush that got immigration as a border state governor and he got it with compassion, and 9/11 happened and the iraq war happened, and conservatives left him. i am not saying it happened organically, but i understand he led the invasion of iraq, but conservatives left him on this issue and democrats were not able to solve it either. the interesting part about trump, again, is even as hard line supporters thinks he is making good on what he said he was going to do, and he promised a border wall and has not delivered that the fact that he says it, and that's the reality. >> immigration is not that simple. it's not just a problem to be solved overnight with one executive order or one piece of legislation. >> no, no, but there have been years where he has talked about it. >> we got extremely close and it was in a bipartisan fashion. it will take those republicans
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along border states so they can tell us what they see every day, and it will take democrats finding middle ground to make sure we are a country of legal immigrants and build the system that works for everybody. this is not something barack obama or trump can fix alone. we have to fix it together. >> this conversation roughly 6 billion times more civil than what we have heard -- >> we had no bickering. we're good. >> we will work on that for next time. we genuinely appreciate it. and david gregory, who plays a minor part in "house of cards" -- >> i have one line in the first scene. democrats hoping to ride a blue wave to gain control of the house, but who will run the
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the mid-term elections just four days away. democrats, they hope to win the house majority for the first time in eight years. if that happens all eyes will be on pelosi. some members of her own party are calling for her to step aside and let a younger generation of leaders take over. and joining us, congressman ryan, thank you for being with us. we will get to wednesday in a second, but before i want to talk about friday and where we are heading into this election. democrats want to focus on health care. you hear the president laser focused on the issue of immigration. what are you hearing from voters? do they want to hear about one and not the other? >> i'm not hearing anything. >> congressman ryan, can you hear me? tim ryan from ohio is with us right now.
4:20 am
i think we are having audio issues. he is politely playing along. what is interesting about congressman ryan he is part of a younger generation of democrats that suggests nancy pelosi should step aside. we will ask him if he will challenge her. do we have audio? we will take a quick break and get our act together and be right back. (vo) this is not a video game. this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪
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midterms and still one key member of the democratic caucus is tim ryan of ohio. he joins us now with masking tape, tinfoil and mcgaver like skill we got his audio working. thank you for being with us. i want to talk about wednesday in a second but let's talk about where we are.
4:25 am
it's friday, and what are you hearing from voters? >> the health care, the economy, wages, pensions, bread and butter issues is what people are talking about here in ohio and around the country. people are seeing through what the president is trying to do. this is blatant fear mongering with the caravan and with women and children, he saying are invading the united states, and the biggest most powerful country is not going to get invaded by women and children and refugees who have been walking thousands of miles. people are seeing through it and they know it's an election year employ by the president and he's lost a lot of credibility over the last few months and i think this is really icing on the cake. >> how are you advising your fellow democrats to respond to this? do democrats need to have a proactive immigration policy and a proactive stance on what to do
4:26 am
with the migrants who are still 800 miles away, and if they do, what do you think that should be? >> a couple things. first and foremost we have to have a secure border. you know, we do need increased border security and technology on the border, and we do need to know who is coming in and out of the country and the laws need to be enforced and we need an immigration system that protects the border but also allows for immigration, and they need to pass a background check and coming peacefully into the united states. i think we are all for that. having a secure border and allowing for immigration reform proposals to come in, and the reality is president trump dropped the ball on this. he has multiple appointments at the state department that go unfilled, and a proactive president that reads his presidential daily briefing
4:27 am
every morning would have seen this percolating up months if not years ago where we would have send in usaid aide workers in the countries like honduras and guatemala to preserve the peace there so these people don't need to come into our country, and the president starting fights with everybody in the world meanwhile not solving problems that end upcoming on to our border. >> kanye says he will no longer be political in the latest developments. but i know democrats do not want to get ahead of themselves in elections and probably will never do that again, and there will be an election for the leadership in the house if democrats take the house. the black caucus issues an enormous tpoers inside the democratic caucus came out and said if there's a leadership shake-up, they want either
4:28 am
speaker or majority leader, given their role do you think that's a reasonable request? >> i think it's entirely appropriate. if you look at one of the major power structures within the democratic party it's the african-american community, and it's african-american women who have carried so many races, and i think it's entirely appropriate for us to have in the top two leadership spots, african-american representation. not to mention, we have got to start go into the south and winning elections. the blue wall caved in 2016 and the industrial midwest and we are not playing as aggressively as we need to be in the south. i think, you know, southern democrat, african-american would be appropriate for us to have in leadership and allow us to expand the field and start winning more and more races in
4:29 am
the south and industrial midwest where we lost so many. >> so you will stand beside them and demand that? >> yeah, i think that's an appropriate request. >> nancy pelosi suggested she could be a transitional figure, and that's not something you support? >> correct. correct, yeah. >> why? >> i think we need -- we need new leadership. i have been saying this since last year. it's time for us to make a change. i think there's a number of people in our caucus who are -- who want us to make a change. i think there will be a viable challenge to leader pelosi this year. this will not be a coronation. there are a number of candidates out there already talking about it that are interested in doing it from different regions of the country, different back grounds, different demographics.
4:30 am
we need to sift through and see who exactly that will be, but there will be a challenge and i think it's appropriate for democrats to have this discussion and, you know, we will see how it plays out. >> will you challenge? >> you know, i don't have any intention on doing it. i think somebody will and somebody should, but i am not necessarily saying it needs to be me but it needs to be somebody and i think there's a lot of us that think we need more representation from the midwest and we don't have any midwest representation in the house leadership now, and if we are going to rebuild the blue wall we need somebody that will speak to our base, but also talk to some of the trump voters who are very disenchanted. i was grocery shopping the other day and a woman that voted for trump voted for me. she said, what is this president doing? he's tearing our country apart. >> what do you do differently? we are almost out of time here, but what do you focus on differently? how do you win back specifically
4:31 am
that voter? >> you stay focused like a laser beam on this woman or family's economic interests. they are losing their pensions and getting squeezed more and more on health care costs and repealing pre-existing conditions, and those are things people are talking about every single day. our economic message has got to penetrate to that particular voter. they know trump is playing the immigration card to fire them up. they want us to be strong on the border and they also understand reasonable immigration reform. when they sit down and are writing bills every month they want a political party advocating for their economic interests, and that has to be the message in the west and south, if we are going to rebuild our party. let's be clear, our candidates running now, these are all going to be close races, but we are talking about manufacturing, whether it's manufacturing in michigan, and teacher's wages in west virginia. these are localized races we
4:32 am
have been organizing around economics in the local community. i think that's why democrats are going to be successful this year because of the economic message. >> congressman, we appreciate you being with us and appreciate your patience with the audio and glad it all worked out. >> thanks. roger stone is admitting for the first time that he did communicate with wikileaks and the trump campaign during the election. more from cnn's sarah marie. >> new e-mails reveal roger stone was in touch with a senior campaign official, steve bannon, about wikileaks during the 2016 presidential race. mueller has copies of the e-mails, a source tells cnn, part of its investigation into whether stone had an insight
4:33 am
track with wikileaks and whether he shared any of that information with members of the trump campaign. in an e-mail on october 4th, 2016, bannon wrote to stone what was that this morning. stone published the e-mails in a column on thursday. and julian assange gave a speech but he did not reveal any new information, angering trump supporters who were hoping for a bombshell on hillary clinton. stone says his e-mail was based on public information. during his media event, assange promised more information was coming.
4:34 am
at least one campaign official told investigators stone told campaign officials he had ties to assange according to a person familiar with the investigation. while stone made a show publicly and privately of bragging about his ties to assange during the 2016 campaign, he since has resized his story. stone says he actually relied on publicly available information, tips from journalist and a back channel source. progressive new york activist, randy creditco. he has denied he acted as a back channel. >> then, of course, there's the mueller investigation poke into every aspect of my private, personal, business, social, family and political life. >> stone has not been contacted by mueller's team but nearly a dozen of his associates have. still it's unclear what charges, if any, stone could ultimately face. "the new york times" also published e-mails showing stone asking bannon to help him get
4:35 am
funding from gop donor, rebecca mercer, to spread a story based on no evidence that bill clinton has a love child. i raised 150 k for the digital campaign, tell rebecca to send us some money. the request could run a foul of federal election laws. stone says he never received money from the mercers and maintains he is innocent. >> there's no crime in connection with the 2016 election or anything else. >> even though roger stone insists he has done nothing wrong he would not be surprised if mueller brings charges against him, and stone says the charges would be trumped up and designed to get him to flip on president trump. cnn, washington. >> joining us now is jeffrey toobin, a former federal prosecutor and staff writer at the new yorker. i am about to steal john berman's opening question. >> go for it. >> is roger stone in more legal
4:36 am
jeopardy today than at the beginning of the week because of the released e-mails? >> probably. but there's one thing you need to know about roger stone, and i know you and berman did not go to law school, so you may not know this phrase. roger stone is a bs artist. >> not familiar with that. >> he puffs up his importance. one of the things when you talk to people about roger, the phrase you hear is, oh, that's just roger. that may be an advantage in the current situation because his boasting about his inside knowledge of wikileaks may legitimately be a lie and that may actually help him avoid getting charged because he may not have had inside information about wikileaks but was simply bragging about it to steve bannon, and that's what is pe peculiar and interesting about this situation. >> i did not go to law school
4:37 am
but went to the school of life, jeffrey. it's not illegal to lie to journalist but is it to lie to congress, and he told direct lies about the steve bannon e-mails this week, and so it makes you wonder what he told congress back then. >> he denied any involvement with wikileaks or the trump campaign on this subject, that is his potential problem. if he did know about wikileaks' bad activities, that in itself is not a crime. it's not a crime to know about a crime and fail to report it. as is so often the case in washington scandals, it may be lying is the problem but the underlying conduct may not be illegal. >> let's talk about that because he does seem to have had some sort of special information, so here are the deleted tweets. on october 2nd before the dump of the hacked e-mails,
4:38 am
wednesday, hillary clinton is done. that's awfully specific. the next day, i have total confidence wikileaks and my hero will educate the american people soon. two days later, hrelibs thinkin assange will stand down, wishful thinking. this is not the crime, you are saying, if he told the trump organization about this it would have been a crime? >> not necessarily. the crime would have been somehow assisting in the hacking, in the underlying hacking. it's not a crime to know that a crime is about to be committed and fail to report it. those e-mails suggestive, though they are, are not absolute proof that he knew that these -- that these e-mails were about to be released. there were lots of rumors out and about about what julian assange and wikileaks was about
4:39 am
to do. that could be classic roger stone puffery about hillary clinton is going down whether there was any basis in fact or not. >> this is a conversation between roger stone and the ceo of the campaign, steve bannon, about wikileaks. we did not know about that before this week. that's interesting and that's something the mueller team will want to look at. yes, there's an issue that even if roger stone new, what is the leg illegalality there. a political adviser to the president was connected to in conversations with somehow near the hacking of democratic e-mails by the russians. >> absolutely. it certainly raises questions about what bannon knew and when. remember, you know, everybody knows hacking is illegal.
4:40 am
one question you could ask is why was steve bannon looking into this at all? shouldn't he has been saying this is illegal activity, i don't want to get involved in this or know anything about it. it's not a crime to ask what is going on, but when you think about, you know, the categorical denials we have had from the trump campaign, we did not know anything about this, we were not involved, this edges close to a ref yao taeugs of that. >> i know you do not have a crystal ball. >> i don't. i have a tie with turtles on it. >> any significance? >> my daughter is in town and i am in a good mood. >> this is what it looks like when jeffrey toobin is in a good mood. >> i am in a good mood. >> is it your belief, shortly after the midterms, like, within days, that robert mueller's investigation will reveal something?
4:41 am
>> i do think we are going to see something from mueller publicly in the next few weeks because, you know, he, unlike james comey before the 2016 election, has been quiet in terms of all public activity. some sort of report is coming soon. obviously he is going to have to make a decision about indicting roger stone or not relatively soon. the issue of the president's testimony, subpoena, answering questions in writing, all of those issues need to be resolved. i think we are going to see some sort of resolution on all three of those. >> jeffrey toobin -- happy jeffrey toobin -- >> i am happy. do i seem depressed or something? >> just overflowing with happiness. >> you are a carnival, a human carnival. >> you are. >> that's true. >> thank you very much. >> i am the freak show part of the carnival. the president of the united states has been on the campaign
4:42 am
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call, click or visit a store today. midterms. president trump's closing argument loaded with claims that demand a reality check. cnn political analyst, john avalon, here with the facts. sir? >> to trump the mid-term elections are all about him
4:46 am
which is why it's a little weird he is not focusing on his strong suit, jobs and the economy. instead he is making it about confronting an immigrant invasion. take the latest campaign video which critics are calling it the most racist ad ever by a president. there's no record of this man's entry at all, but he was deported during the clinton administration, and when he murdered two officers, that was tkaorb during the bush campaign. the president has announced he will deploy as many as 15,000 troops to meet them, so soldiers will be on the border enforcing our immigration laws, right? wrong. they can't because of a law that blocks u.s. troops from enforcing immigration laws on
4:47 am
the border. those 15,000 troops are more than the number of soldiers currently stationed in iraq or afghanistan. you know, real wars, not metaph metaph metaphorcal ones. confronted with the idea he might be complacent in a political stunt, mattis said we don't do stunts, but that's what chuck hagel thinks it is, calling it a political distraction of the highest magnitude. when asked about the president's comments the troops could meet rocks with rifles, hagel said this. >> that's a wanton incitement of unnecessary violence. never in my lifetime have i ever heard those kind of words from the president of the united states. >> what does this all cost? it's yet to be determined. the budgetary assessment reports it could cost up to $110 million
4:48 am
through the middle of next month. keep that in mind when you consider this, the trump administration has cut some anti-domestic terror programs, for example, zeroing out the violent extreme grant program, which gave 10,000 to groups like life after hate. according to the fbi, they killed more than any other domestic movement. after a two week movement in which right wing domestic terrorism sent pipe bombs, these kinds of cuts seem unwise in the extreme. that's your "reality check." >> john that is such an important one today. thank you very much for giving us that history. a lot going on this morning. >> there are. these two communities are now
4:49 am
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introducing the well-connected 2019 lincoln mkc. tonight at sun down, shabbot will begin. the reverend of mother emanuel church in charleston, south carolina. three years ago nine people were killed at his church during a bible study when a gunman opened fire during his church. he joins us now. >> reverend, thank you very much. why did you feel compelled to
4:54 am
drive from south carolina to pittsburgh? >> let me just quickly correct. i flew last night from charlotte to pittsburgh. >> that's faster. i'm glad you did that, ma'am. that's faster. why did you want to go there? >> well, we wanted to be here to show the -- not only of course rabbi myers but the entire tree of life members that we stand with them in solidarity that we are here with them. the ministry of presence means so much, just as people can look up and see you, receive a hug, receive a handshake, receive a tissue that may wipe the tears falling down from their cheeks. that goes immensely. we wanted to be here to show solidarity, to be with rabbi
4:55 am
myers as a listening ear and someone to share with him as well. >> they are in the throws of grief. as someone for whom some time has passed since you all were in that situation, what will make it better for them? what can you say to them today? >> i think a lot of times we always look for the right words to say and sometimes we just have to be silent and just stand there with them. i share with the congregation last week the sermon that words do matter and words do carry weight. and if we are given an opportunity to share those same words of love, compassion and healing, then it will help them. and to your point, of course, the tragedy and the trauma took place just about a week ago. and while the emotions are still yet raw, while people are still
4:56 am
preparing for funerals, while the synagogue members are still looking for answers, one thing that i will share with them as a testimony is that as time progresses, you find the strength that you need to continue to press on. but you also find the strength that you need to tell the story so that the lives of of course the mother emanuel lives of the nine members but here from the tree of life sin gone, those 11 lives that were taken abruptly will never be forgotten. so we would hope and pray that we would be able to share with them those words that would provide comfort. >> and in your sunday sermon, i just want to quote you. you said the words that come out of your mouth can do much harm and/or much good. the choice is indeed yours. and i'm just wondering if those were directed at anyone in
4:57 am
particular. >> the words weren't directed at anyone in particular. i had worked on that sermon the entire week because we were dealing with a series of other political rhetoric that may have been out in the atmosphere. but i wanted to remind the congregation that words carry weight. and from a leadership perspective, those who are in any spotlight, whatever they say will have a rippling effect. and i'm always very measured with the words that i use and i share. and i just hope that others take the same time and thought about the words that they would use and about the words that they would share because, again, as i shared with the congregation on sunday, words do matter. >> and reverend, do you believe that president trump's words
4:58 am
played any role in the violence that we saw last week? >> that is a hard question to answer, and i would not even fathom to say that his words directly. i would think that it would be a lasting, i guess, time period of words that have been gone out without i guess a counter balance, words of compassion, words of love, words of working together, words of compromise. those words, of course, have fallen on deaf ears and are not readily used as frequently as we would want them to be. so i can never really say that his words had a direct impact. but i would think within the culture of the negative rhetoric which we have heard and we continue to hear that people, of
4:59 am
course, forget that hate really should not -- or hateful speech really has no place in mainstream media, in mainstream discussions. we should always be able to have a sensible debate if we have opposing views. we should be able to share one with another and hope that if we cannot agree than we can agree to disagree. but never use words that will tear people down. but always use words that will build people up. when you build people up, you give people a hope. you give people a lasting, as i said already, hope that everything will get better eventually. >> yeah. well, rabbi jeffrey myers words have certainly helped us all around the country this week and we know he should appreciate you helping them and that community
5:00 am
helping through that grief this week. thank you very much. >> thank you again for the time. thank you. president trump also playing loose and facts with facts as he ramps up his anti-immigration rhetoric. "new day" continues right now. >> they throw rocks. i say consider it a rifle. >> my reaction is one of disgust. it is of rank political purpose to use our military like this. >> we need to secure our borders. we need to know every single person that is coming in. >> i spent two days with the caravan, and i didn't see criminals or rapists or terrorists. >> when you know the right thing, you can't be influenced by propaganda and fear. >> it's been two years of promises made and promises kept. >> get the hell up. go out and vote. take it back now, now, now! >> this is "new day" with


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