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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 5, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PST

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president since eisenhower. women favor democrats, and men evenly divided about 49%, and 48% for the democrat in their district. >> on the issues health care is the big one. democrats, 71% of democrats think it's extremely important. for republicans, 64% say immigration is extremely important to them, just 44% of democrats see it that way. 60% of republicans call the economy extremely important. that is what some republicans want president trump focused on. politico reports that paul ryan called the president imploring him to focus on that and not the immigration and divisive rhetoric we have heard. >> one said trump is hijacking the election but the president sees it differently. >> they all say speak about the
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economy, speak about the economy. well, we have the greatest economy in the history of our country but sometimes it's not as exciting to talk about the economy. right? >> enough talking about the economy. joining us now is david gregory, cnn political analyst, and mark short is a political communic e commentator, and michael myrrh calmish. it's very exciting this morning. michael, give us the big picture. what is tomorrow's election about. >> i think the white house would not be surprised about the gender reveal in those numbers, and i think that's the reason why the president has gone nativist. to his detriment in the house, they knew they were going to
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lose suburb women in particular and decided the house was over and the best they could do would be to salvage a senate victory. that explains why he has not talked about the economy, otherwise this would be political malpractice to not tout what is going on with the unemployment and with the dow until recently and a whole host of things he could be thumping his chest over. >> paul ryan called the president this week and said i would like you to be talking about the economy, and also in that article apparently the republicans are saying the president hijacked the election. >> they knew that from the beginning. he is loyal to only one person -- or three people, he, himself and himself. he doesn't care if he takes the republican, the brand everything that it has stood for prior to him down with him. it's all about him. >> the president says the economy is not exciting to talk
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about. read that for us. he thinks it's more exciting to have rhetoric and talk about invaders. >> we have talked before, and i think a lot of his rallies are part entertainment, too. i think it should not be either or, but both. there are a lot of voters that are nontraditional voters that came out and voted for trump. how do you get them to turn out when trump is not on the ballot. that's what the president is trying to say this is about my legacy because republicans and democrats are divided. >> that's not so. i want to show you how subtle is it with the president saying it's all about me. >> a vote for marcy is a vote for me. a vote for steve is a vote for me. a vote for david is a vote for me. a vote for cindy is a vote for
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me. >> me, me -- it's not even marcia, marcia, marcia. >> it was the establishment republicans who lost their way which is what created a space for trump to create a trump brand of republicanism which prevailed in 2016. by the way, a lot of candidates are imitating that and it could be to their detriment, but they are certainly imitating. this election is a lot less about what voters believe and what government should do as opposed to a real question of who we are. president obama is campaigning, and i think many would agree with the statement of what are you afraid of? what is your feeling about the tone and the leadership in washington? i think that really is what is determining the results ultimately. if you think about democrats, the energy for democrats, the
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fear and the loathing they had after election day that came together in the first march on that sunday after election day in 2016, this is their opportunity and their minds to take it all back. you know, what the president did, what republicans did around taxes and around kavanaugh was unite all republicans in a way he had not done before and he has put that aside. >> another he has done is bring up the migrants, who are roughly 1,000 miles away in a different country and to have in our poll republicans say that immigration is their top issue, that tells you that the constant drum beat of what he calls the caravan is working. >> it's worked with the base but i think that for every vote he has garnered by driving the concept of we need to actually send troops to our border, even
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though these folks are 30 days away, he lost women in suburbia. i would be livid because this is no longer about me and what i might be able to do on election day, it's all about the president having oe offended th independent swing votes. >> it's interesting, too, if you look at the president's approval rating over time, when he does well is when it's not all about him. after kavanaugh, he got a boost because kavanaugh was not all about him and tax cuts were not all about him, and you were talking about how he's having a hard time reaching beyond his base. let's put the poll numbers up for independents. 53% of independents say they want to see a democrat elected, and 39% say they want to see a republican one.
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>> i am not surprised by that. that's how normal people win elections. this president -- the republicans are going to have to live with the monster they help create. president trump was their nominee. they knew what they were getting so they will have to give with this. to the point about entertainment. i don't consider entertainment at a rally when the president is maligning and stoking racial animus in this country. that's not entertainment. and having people in the crowd yelling lock her up, or laughing and clapping when he is saying something derogatory about their race or gender, and the fact that republicans are so close to democrats, the democrats are not running away with this should tell us the words in order on form a new perfect union are in jeopardy. >> i just got back from
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pittsburgh, and the congregation feel that leads to violence, and the idea that the president is sticking with that and that just got in the way of the momentum, they remember that. >> i think the reality is he is raising issues that a lot of americans that are concerned about it, and i think it's a driving -- >> but the rhetoric he uses in terms of invaders and the press is the enemy of the people. why go there? >> i don't think the press is the enemy of the people, and it's essential for a fair democracy, and i think the president says 90% of the reporting on him is negative and it's concerns. >> there are broadband of republicans out there that hear bashing and oppositional press, and they say, yeah, i mean, i wouldn't say it that way, but he has a point.
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when he attackings ts the carav that's not a serious way to talk about the issue of immigration and border secure, but people say, yeah, at least he is giving washington a kick in the butt and is calling out issues that other people are afraid to call out and unfortunately too many of his supporters across the spectrum would say i wouldn't say it that way, and that's really inappropriate, but he's making a big point and i don't think we should lose sight of it. >> tell me the point he is making here. he brings up former barack obama and does it in a special way. >> it's no surprise that joe donnelly is holding a rally this weekend with barack h. obama. barack obama. >> david, you say the president is making a bigger point with his speech. what is the point there?
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>> he's not. that just stoking fears about barack hussein obama, and that's something that hillary clinton and her team did. obama prevailed. i think we can make a distinction between the president when he is stoking racial animus and when he is taking on real issues in a caricature way, and those are two different things. unfortunately, when it's using racially induh saeury dalanguag it's reaching people. >> i didn't know he had a boundary in placing the h., and i don't know why he was being coy. >> it was not the first time barack obama had to deal with that. we are in a particular moment in this country's history, where not only candidates like stacey
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abrams in georgia, or andrew gillum, i was just in florida yesterday campaigning for andrew gillum, and to see lines in the northern part of miami where the pretkaup predominant is haitian americans, and it's where the polling center where the machines break down and they don't have enough literature for them, and that says to us we have a problem in this country, and republicans who cannot win races straight up and they have to cheat and try to suppress the vote. republicans who have benefited from his wrong-headed behavior, his behavior that stokes hate and fear now their chickens are coming home to roost. >> i don't think barack obama is a victim here, and i think he has taken the gloves off, too. >> i just mean that language. what do you think the president
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was doing by saying so coyly h. -- >> we know what he was doing, he was reminding everybody his name is hussein. it's not like barack obama is victimless here. >> what is his crime there? what is his crime there? what is his crime there? >> i am not saying it's a crime, but our politics is tough now. and barack obama where other presidents have stood aside he is actively engaged but campaigning against donald trump right now. >> what ensikind of language is using? >> he is saying there's not indictments -- >> it's true. >> do you ignore the other language, though? >> i am not ignoring the
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language. it is racist? >> no, it's -- >> it is racist. it is racist. >> i had african-american women on my staff -- >> it's like saying you have black -- it's absolutely racist. >> to say he is racist, there are so many people who would have left the white house if they thought he was racist. >> by the way, i don't think we are saying the president is racist. we don't know what is in his mind -- >> your guest is. >> i think, you know, when you call barack h. obama to make an issue of his otherness, and that's -- there's no other way around that. i think we should focus on something bigger here, you mentioned georgia and florida. you have two candidates who happen to be african-american who are running very strong and will become, if they win, big national candidates, and winning big in a state like georgia and
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florida, where they will be big battle grounds in 2020, and they are both going against candidates who are in trump's image, and these are going to be races to watch. >> they don't happen to be black, they are black. they are african-american and run a very strong race. to you, if it quakes like a duck and acts like a duck, it is a duck. >> michael, your thoughts? >> my thought is if you are the attorney general of the state and your responsibility -- i am speaking of georgia now, is to manage elections, if you are running in an election you have to recuse yourself -- >> yes, you cannot be in that role. to me, as an attorney, it's as if a judge in a particular case has some axe to grind in it and refuses to recuse themselves. >> yeah. >> i was watching the events in georgia unfold and i thought what if the allegation is legitimate, and some of us think
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it's bogus -- >> there's no evidence presented. that's why. >> he's harming his own case by not getting out. >> can i ask you one last question. i so vividly remember you sitting on the election set the night of the election night two years ago -- >> so does everybody else. >> as we sit 24 hours before the -- >> everybody is going after me two years later. in 2020 do i get to come back to discuss this? >> yes. >> you are looking at the polls and does it feel like something we are all about to be shocked by the end results? how does it feel today? >> it feels to me as if it's relatively straightforward. i had the same feeling two years ago and i am willing to take that hit, and it would seem as if the situation is poised for a democratic takeover of the house and the republicans hold on by the thinnest of margins, but nothing will shock me any
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longer. >> michael, i find your guilt and mea culpa enduring, which is why i bring it up so often. thank you all very much for all of your insights. coming up in minutes, georgia's candidate, stacey abrams will be here with us, and dan crenshaw is at the center of the controversy over comedy on "saturday night live," and will share his thoughts. >> "new day" is on early tomorrow, and cnn's election night in america starts at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> set your alarm clocks. president trump has three rallies today where he will likely push again his immigration message. will it work in a state like ohio? jim, one of the senate's candidates trump will stump for today will join us next.
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a little p[ neighing ]en. [ neighing ] [ sigh ] it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. president trump continues to ratchet up fears about the central american migrants in the days before the midterms.
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this is his message at campaign rallies across the country. >> last week i called up the united states military. we're not playing games, folks. because you look at what is marching up -- that's an invasion. that's an invasion. >> joining us now we have republican ohio congressman, jim raw naysy. and we asked his opponent to join us but he declined. what do you think of the president's language there in the days before the midterms? are you comfortable with invasion and that immigrants infest this country and that kind of rhetoric? >> first off i would tell you that america is a welcoming country, but coming up in a caravan is not the way to enter the united states. we have legal ways of doing it
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and it does appear to be an invasion and i used that word as well because there's too many coming at one time. we need to make sure the process is working. >> what is illegal about coming to this country and applying for asylum? >> nothing illegal about coming, it's how you come in. you just can't come in and droves. you have to go through the system and i think that's why -- look, i blame congress. for the last 20 years the system has been broken and let's make sure congress gets the blame because they need to fix it. >> you do know somebody seeking asylum can present themselves at the border and say they are seeking asylum, that is the system? >> yeah, many of these individuals say they are coming for a job, that's the difference. >> understood, but that's the investigative portion. this is the process. you're clamoring for a process and this is the process. they can claim they want asylum but it doesn't mean they will
4:23 am
get an asylum. this is the process. >> but the process is not working today. we can't have a catch and release process, and we can't have them saying come back in two or three months, but what we have to do is make sure we have a border and protect that border and we have to have a legal process. look, these people will be welcomed if they officially become individuals who are claiming asylum, but they can't come here illegally. ohioans here don't want that to occur either. >> these folks are hardly sneaking in, there are cameras following their every move. you have said everything the president has dawn in the last two years is working for the country. i just want to know if you still feel that way? >> i look at the economy growing. i look at wages going up. i look at the jobs report from last week and these are things working. people in the state of ohio may not like what he tweets or says
4:24 am
but they have to love what he's doing, and there's more money in their paychecks, and let's judge him on what is happening with the economics of the country. >> understood. that's interesting, congressman. that's not what the president is campaigning for you or other people on. he's not dealing with the economy. in fact, here's what he says about people like you, i suppose, that suggests that he speak about the economy. listen to this. >> they all say speak about the economy, speak about the economy. well, we have the greatest economy in the history of our country. but sometimes it's not as exciting to talk about the economy, right? >> do you wish he would speak more about the economy and less about the rhetoric about the migrants? >> immigration is also an important issue. jobs and the economy is an important issue. there are a lot of things that have been left behind over the last 20 years because of many
4:25 am
career politicians like my opponent. we have to talk about immigration, and people in ohio are not happy with the immigration system or the health care system either, so there are a lot of issues that need to be fixed and a lot of things that need to be done. this president is starting to move that forward. it's the one thing i do appreciate, he is not afraid to say there are things we need to get done verses always worrying about the next election. >> why should republicans trust you and the republicans to protect the pre-existing conditions -- >> because we have promised to keep that. >> you say that but you have voted to vote to get rid of obamacare -- >> we voted for a bill out of the house that protected pre-existing conditions to have
4:26 am
it die in the senate, and the senate doesn't get anything done. they are too partisan. they shouldn't be but they are. we passed a bill that protected pre-existing conditions out of the house and i passed that one. >> there is one bill, but there have been multiple times when republicans voted and it didn't protect pre-existing conditions. what do you say to voters to convince them it's not just lip service. >> the actions stand themselves, we passed a bill to protect it and moved it over to the senate and it failed. people want the rhetoric you voted to repeal and replace, and in the end we know the affordable care act is not working for the hard working ohioans who have two or three children, and they can barely pay the premiums and then they have a deductible that doesn't work. we have to fix the system. my opponent and some of the democrats say they just want to get rid of pre-existing conditions, and that's a scare
4:27 am
tactic that is not working. there's not a republican or democrat that wants to get rid of the pre-existing conditions. >> i know you keep saying that and i think it's possible some voters will believe you but republicans have voted for other bills other than the one you are talking about that would have just repealed obamacare without anything else in place. >> but we voted for a bill that came out of the house that repealed and maintained the pre-existing conditions. again, that's what we moved on. that's what moved over to the senate. that's what we tried to get done. look, when you talk about bills, i already signed off on letters and signed off on a bill a couple months back that said we are going to continue to make sure pre-existing conditions are covered. i keep saying this. not a republican or democrat wants to eliminate pre-existing conditions. we have to keep talking about that. it's a democratic talking point. the truth is everybody wants health care that's affordable and includes coverage for
4:28 am
pre-existing conditions. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, alisyn. so from racist robocalls to hacking in the voter system, georgia's race is turn into one of the nsaest in tastiest in th. stac stacey abram joins us next, l e live. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition... for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure. now up to 30 grams of protein for strength and energy! man: this is really about the country, about patriotism,
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state's office which is overseen by the republican candidate for governor accused the state's democratic party of hacking the voter registration system. democrats say the allegation is 100% false. in the meantime president trump is taking shots at his opponent, democratic stacey abrams. >> she is not qualified to be the governor of georgia, not qualified. georgia is a great state. take a look at her past and history and what she wants to do and what she has in mind for the state. that state will be in big, big trouble very quickly.
4:33 am
>> want to bring in the democratic nominee of the governorship of georgia, stacey abrams, and "new day" also reached out to her opponent but have not heard back. you were on with jake tapper about 24 hours ago but so much has happened since. we have to get an update on all the information. thanks for being back with us. your opponent brian kemp has launched an allegation about the democratic party. >> first of all, i think it's wrong to call it an investigation. it's a witch hunt by somebody abusing his power. friday kemp was notified there was a flaw in the election system, and twice before he accidentally released the information about 6 million georgians, and this was about to happen again, and instead of owning up to it he decided to blame democrats, because he does that. he doesn't take accountability
4:34 am
or responsibility. what he does instead is find somebody else to blame. he consistently has taken this action and he did it on national television through a statement that lies. it's complete and utter fabrication. >> this all started with an e-mail from somebody who was concerned about the voter web page that the state runs. this person wrote the democratic party and also a lawyer who has been very critical of the secretary of state, but this person that raised the initial concerns, are you 100% sure this person was not engaged in anything nefarious or trying to hack the system? >> let's take a step back. brian kemp was notified on friday there was a flaw in the system. the e-mail in question was sent on saturday after people received similar information. this was our voter protection division. the whole point is to make certain votes are protected so she rightly sent the information to the experts to make sure it
4:35 am
was a valid concern. kemp knew on friday it was a problem and because he failed to act on sunday before he could get caught he decided to cast blame on democrats because that's an easy employ to involve. >> i will follow-up on one issue you discussed with jake yesterday. he brought up you were a co-sponsor of legislation for some to turn in some adult rifles if it's passed there, and what do you want the ends of the conversation to be? as you sit here the day before the election, do you support a law that would require georgians to turn in some of their assault weapons? >> i support a law that will ban assault weapons. just as when we banned radar detection, for example, some people turned in their devices and some people kept them and just refused to use them anymore.
4:36 am
weapons are more dangerous and vulnerable to misuse. i think in the state of georgia we will have to figure out how we do this. we have done it before as a nation and there was not a nationwide confiscation, but there are some people that will be held to a higher standard because they demonstrated a lesser sense of responsibility. what i want us to do is what we should always do in our legislative process, discuss how we accomplish our goals. the ends for me is this, we need to ban assault weapons in the state of georgia. >> banning is one thing and requiring people to turn them in is another, and the voters in georgia want to know if you support a law that would require them to turn in their assault weapons? >> i will support a law that is mutually agreed upon by the house and senate in bipartisan fashion to ensure we create the safest space in georgia, and i
4:37 am
understand you want a hard and fast decision, but my job would be to work across the aisle and work with people of different ring values, but with the core goal of making sure we make georgia safer. i believe in common sense gun safety legislation, and we have to decide the best way to achieve this out come. >> we asked voters what the most important issue is to them, and most democrats list health care as extremely important and republicans list immigration, 64% say immigration is extremely important. i know by and large immigration is a federal but not state issue, but how do you reach those voters that say immigration is the most important issue to them? >> i believe immigration is entirely a federal issue. that's the way our laws are designed, and that's why i focus on our responsibility to provide health care for georgians, because those same people are
4:38 am
watching the rural hospitals shut down and mothers are more likely to die in georgia within a year of giving birth than anywhere else in our nation, and they live in a community where we can't attract jobs because they don't have access to health care, and i believe providing access to good education and new jobs in the state of georgia i can get democrats and independents to stand with me as the next governor of georgia. >> i want to ask about who we are as a country and the role the race is playing, and i will not play the robocall because it's racist, but when you hear that and when you hear the president of the united states consistently say you are not qualified to be governor of georgia, where are we? what do you see that discussion being in terms of race in the country? >> i mean, the challenge for america has always been one of new and old clashing.
4:39 am
new ideas, old ideas, new opportunities and old bigotries. my responsibility is to be the person that brings us together and knits together a new coalition, and understandingest i am changing the face of what leadership looks like, and i am having the greatest experience of anybody on the ballot, and i am a yale educated attorney and business owner and political leader and i write books. i know how to move our economy forward because i have been part of building the economy for the last 11 years. regardless of any racist tropes out there, i believe in the hearts of georgians. whether we come from urban or rural or suburban georgia, we want what is best for everybody in the state and i believe i am the best person to deliver that. >> thank you very much for being with us. i will note the republican candidate, we invited him and he did not respond. thank you. i think it's fair to say
4:40 am
nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. i think that's a fair statement. however president trump's new approval rating could give us clues about which party might control congress. cnn's political analyst, john avalon, joins us with our reality check. >> so hot off the presses. new cnn poll released this morning shows donald trump is historically unpopular head into the midterms, despite the heated economy. here's what that could mean for the gop tomorrow night. let's look at the losses sustained by the last two presidents head into their first midterms. bill clinton was at 46% approval and democrats loss 54 seats in the house, and barack obama also at 46% approval and democrats loss 63 seats, and now president trump is at 39% approval rating, and viewing trump side by side with his predecessors, it's not pretty, folks. he's at a 50 year low, and
4:41 am
that's hard to do. let's take a look at intensity as well. 30% of those polled say they strongly approve of the job trump is doing while 45% strongly disapprove, and among independent voters, 42% say it's a message of opposition. we know trump has doubled down on illegal immigration but our new data confirms it's an odd decision, and by far the economy is his strongest suit. on the flip side, his position on immigration has the lowest approval of any of the major categories polled with only 37% approving. check this out, 80% of americans feel our country is more deeply divided now than at anytime in the last seven years with 74% saying the debate encourages
4:42 am
violence. >> that is certainly what the feeling in pittsburgh was when i went to the tree of life synagogue that hateful speech leads to hateful actions. they see a direct link between that. after the massacre at the tree of life synagogue, rabbi jeff meyers has been called america's rabbi because of his message of unity, so i travelled to pittsburgh to meet him and his congregation, and i went to see the crime scene and hear the message he gave president trump. (vo) this is not a video game. this is not a screensaver. this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪
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so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. one week after 11 people
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were murdered by a gunman simply because they were jewish, we travelled to the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh to see how the rabbi was keeping his faith after so much pain, and the message he delivered directly to president trump. >> these just showed up. we did not show up. we did not put them there. >> these are the names of the victims. >> it just showed up. this is an outpouring of love from countless people. i am floored by the love. i don't know where the tents came from. these were here yesterday. the rain is coming in, and somebody brought in tents. this is amazing. >> just shelter all of the stars. >> this is not from the synagogue, i didn't do this and it's from the community and i am
4:48 am
amazed. >> what is it like to walk around here six days after you ran for your life from this building? >> it's painful. still is. it's painful. i mean, i know it's part of the grieving process but, you know, i am a witness, i am a victim and i am a survivor and i am also human and i stand here and i am in pain. >> are you scared when you see this building? >> no, i am not scared. i am angry. how dare you defile our holy space? what made you think you could ever do that? how would you feel if somebody did that to your mother's house of worship? how would you feel? those are questions he will have to deal with. >> you sense anxiety and fear from the community? >> yes, yes, they are afraid. >> they are afraid this is going to happen again? >> yeah. >> you know, you have been on
4:49 am
national tv and have given your message of love and toned down the hate, but i wonder do you have moments where you break down or are you still on adrenaline? >> as a example, the last funeral, i appreciate the fact that outside there is a garden, and i sat there and cried like a baby and i couldn't stop. i thought the procession was waiting for me and i couldn't stop. it just came out and i couldn't stop. i have not held it in me nonstop, but this was the last funeral, and every time i do one, particularly for me, i also a chanter, and it takes a piece of my soul away. i have no more to give. my tank is empty. >> what do you say when people
4:50 am
say, why? how does god let this happen? >> i don't believe god let's this stuff happen. humans have a choice. this person chose -- made this choice. to me god is the one i turn to when i have no strength to say, god, give me strength to get through this. and somehow god does. >> and all these people who have lined up here, why are they here? what do you think they're coming here to do? >> the community is just mourning. this is pittsburgh and this is what pittsburgh is. we're one community. and pittsburgh is hurting. and we're here to mourn. and this is what pittsburgh is about. that's what makes pittsburgh such a special place. >> are you ever going to go back into this building this. >> yeah. we're going to do whatever is the necessary work. we have to redo our sanctuary. we have to sit and think about
4:51 am
how and what that means and what's the best choice in terms of what to do. we'll sit and spend the time and plan properly and we will rebuild in whatever way we need to and we'll be back. >> seeing those gun bullet holes through the door, glass door, that's really chilling. >> it is. it is. i've walked through the sanctuary. it's a horror. it's worse than any sci-fi film. it's real. it's not phony hollywood. i never thought i would live to see that horror in my life. because i faced anti-semitism before. i faced it growing up as a kid. i never thought i would see the horror of this ever, ever. >> just show me here what stands out to to you, the outpouring of the community. >> it's the sheer love of the
4:52 am
community. it gives me strength to say hate will never win. >> what a poignant discussion. you were too bashful to say it. you went down to pittsburgh even though there were no cameras allowed in the service. you couldn't even take notes in the service. you went to the shabat dinner. it's commendable. >> thank you. we wanted to see on the ground how the community is dealing and where the rabbi said he privately broke down and cried like a baby, we saw it publicly during the service that saturday morning, exactly one week after the gunfire broke out. there was a 1:11 moment of silence for the 11 victims and the rabbi broke down and was sobbing throughout it, and it was heartbreaking. >> one of the things that has happened in the aftermath of this shooting -- maybe because we've seen so many shootings, i think we lost sight of the
4:53 am
grieving that needs to happen in pittsburgh and is happening in pittsburgh. genuine grieving. >> and i think in part because the rabbi has been so strong for everyone that it was easy to move right on to what action are we going to take. at the sermon, he addressed that visit of president trump in the first family. they came to the synagogue. not everybody was a fan of that decision, of the rabbi opening his arms to the president's visit. he addressed it head on and he said that his religion teaches him to welcome the stranger, if that's a refugee, the president of the united states. he said, however, he delivered a message to the president and the message was hate speech leads to hateful actions. only love and respect can stop the hate. he said he told the president, quote, stop the hate speech. >> i wonder if the president heard. >> i asked him that. he said he, as a rabbi, cannot be in control of whether someone receives the message. he just needs to give the message. >> thanks so much for going. >> thanks so much for watching. we'll be right back. vo: you're feeling the squeeze.
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at, we can't guarantee you'll good at that water jet thingy... but we can guarantee the best price on this hotel. or any accommodation, from homes to yurts. booking.yeah all the tools you need for every step of the way. make it, squarespace two months ago, i was hearing about this horrendous blue wave. you've got to get out and vote. >> in his mind he's less the president of the united states and more the producer of the politics of this country. >> this is all about bringing people together, matching the division with strength and courage and confidence. >> you couldn't have more different closing arguments if you look at the two party. >> a narrow path to the senate
4:58 am
majority party. everything comes down to turnout. >> what are democrats running on? >> the character of our country. >> announcer: this is "new day" with alisyn camerota and john berman. good morning. welcome to your "new day." it is monday, november 5th, 8:00 here in washington where we are just one day away from the election. the final hours. now 24 hours from now, people will be voting. >> i can't believe it's actually here. it's actually happening. you're sure? tomorrow is the day? >> did you hang your stockings? >> that's how i feel. it is election day eve. >> i hope you don't get coal this year. the polls open tomorrow morning. such a high stakes midterm election. a new poll just released a short time ago. look at that. democrats poll a sizeable double-digit lead over
4:59 am
republican republicans, 55 to 42%, a 14-point edge on which voter also vote tomorrow, a bigger margin in which republicans took over in 2010, smaller, though, than the last time democrats took the house in 2006. >> president trump's approval rating is down, the worst since eisenhower. women favor democrats, 62% to 35%. men, though, are evenly divided, 49% back republican, 48% back the democrat in their district. >> on the issues, health care is a big one with democrats. 71% of democrats deem it extremely important. for republicans, 64% of them say immigration is extremely important. 60% of republicans call the economy extremely important, which is what some republicans would like to see the president focused on. politico is reporting that paul ryan called the president this
5:00 am
weekend, imploring him to focus on the economy and not immigration and divisive rhetoric. one senior republican told politico that trump is hijacking the election. >> they all say speak about the economy. speak about the economy. well, we have the greatest economy in the history of our country. but sometimes it's not as exciting to talk about the economy. right? >> joining us now, van jones, former obama special adviser and host of the van jones show, s.e. cupp, host of s.e. cupp unfiltered and josh green, host of josh green. it's a local cable access show. >> van, i want to ask you, as the resident democrat on this panel. when you see a 14-point edge 24 hours before the election, does that make you so


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