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tv   Election Night in America  CNN  November 6, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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might a more competitive race pull out seats in texas? maybe. this is where democrats, a couple pickups here as the polls close in new york, you're looking for a few more there, and new jersey right here, we'll know in the next half hour or so are democrat getting closer? we'll know soon. >> we have some projections right now. all right. cnn projects bob casey the democratic senator in pennsylvania will be reelected for another six years. senator lee in minnesota, amy klobuchar reelected in minnesota. in new york state, gillibrand. in new mexico, heinrich is reelected in new mexico for another six years. too early to call in some states. in texas still too early to call between beto o'roarke and ted cruz. in arizona too early to call. similarly in north dakota,
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heitkamp facing kevin cramer. no projections right now in arizona, michigan, the special of minnesota senate election, texas, wisconsin, and wyoming. let's look at the balance of power, where things stand in the senate right now. right now take a look. 35 democrats in the senate. 42 republicans. 23 senate seats remain outstanding right now. democrats must pick up two republican seats and not lose any of their own in order to get the majority of 51 they need. dana, you're eyeing contests very closely right now because they are tight. >> extremely tight. a lot of very exciting races that we're looking at across the battle ground states in the u.s. senate starting, of course, with texas. we keep watching this, and it is getting tighter, but beto o'roarke, the democrat, is still ahead by a little less than 4,000 votes right now.
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florida, it is so tight. the republican challenger rick scott is still ahead beating right now the democratic incumbent bill nelson. very close. less than 60,000 votes between them. indiana. this could be a heart break for the democrats because the republican challenger mike braun is ahead and has been all night long. about two-thirds of the vote in. joe donnelly is down significantly there. west virginia, a very different story. same in that they're both states where they're trump country. joe manchin, the democrat has been ahead all night there in west virginia. also want to check in on missouri. another state where trump won by double digits. the republican is ahead there. josh hawley by a little more than 14,000 votes. 2 % of the vote in. >> that's right. we can make two projections at this point. we'll start in cnn. we project the winner of that
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race is andrew cuomo, the incumbent going for his third term defeating his opponent. we'll move onto another race in texas. closely watched race. we project the winner of that race is gregg abbott. again, he's the incumbent going for a second term defeating valdez in texas. let's go to other races we've been looking at and can't make any projections at this point. arizona, colorado, kansas, michigan, minnesota, nebraska, new mexico, south dakota, wisconsin, and wyoming. no projections at this point. it's just too early. we'll go now to these other races we've been watching all night long. florida, ron desantis in this governor's race hanging onto a pretty good lead at this point. 89,000 votes at this point. over andrew gillum who is trying to become the first african american governor in florida. 96% reporting. a lot of votes there separating those two.
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let's go to kansas. this was a race kelly at this point over chris kobach. k kobach, trump endorsed. he's behind. 34 % report right now. in ohio, another race we're watching closely in the midwest. ohio. mike dewine over richard cordray. this has flipped back and forth all night. in ohio, 45 % reporting. let's go back down south to georgia. brian kemp, 258,000 vote lead at this point. 61 %, and you have stacey abrams here. going through history here in georgia. 32 % reporting right now. and we're going to hand you over to wolf. wee have a projection in the
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house of representativities in kentucky. the sixth district. the winner andy barr. he's the republican. he was challenged by amy mcgrath. andy barr reelected in the lexington, kentucky area. in florida, spano is winner. this is along the i-4 corridor. spano gets elected in florida. right now in the house of representatives democrats must pick up 21 republican seats. it stays the same as a result of this. 21 republican seats and not lose any of their own. jake, let's talk about this. 21 seats they still have to pick up, the democrats. >> it's possible the democrats will regain control of the house. but when you look at what's going on here tonight, this is not a blue wave. this is not a wave that is knocking out all sorts of republican incumbents.
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you called the kentucky sixth district, there are all sorts of ways democrats can regain the house without mcgrath having defeated barr, but the fact is she did not. if she had, that would have been an indication of a big, powerful blue wave. the fact that she did not, and it is a district he won two years ago. congressman barr by more than 20 points. this was a target. democrats hoped to win kentucky sixth. you look at the competitive races in florida where republicans right now have the edge. you look at the indiana senate race right now. it does look as though republicans have been able to build something of a wall in certain parts of the country, especially in these states that president trump won. that said, democrats still have a decent chance of winning back the house. they still have a number of seats that are very competitive where democrats are in the lead, and that could still happen. >> they had high hopes of the districts where the republicans managed to pull out a win.
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>> the republicans did -- look, democrats have done a good job in recruiting house candidates. republicans have not sat back and let this happen. they've been fighting for it. and what's going on in florida and georgia and indiana right now, republicans have managed to get their voters to the polls as well. >> let's go to john and take a closer look at the contests. the florida senate race right now is close. rick scott is still ahead. >> rick scott is still ahead. 96% of the vote. we went around the state earlier. i'll show you again to do this, to show. a smaller republican rural counties are mostly in. you'll find a couple maybe in the 90s. i just tapped four there. they're 100 %. most of the republican is in. now the question is if you're down 58, can you find them somewhere. i was just checking over here again to look. 91% still in hills burro county. this is at 100. as always, democrat in a close
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race in florida, what you need is the rest of the vote here. we're up to 87% now. the question is as this kicks up, is bill nelson picking up 5,000 votes or what he needs which is 30,000 votes. there's still enough there in miami dade and then more opportunity here. not as big. look at the size. look at the state population. miami dade 13 plus percent. broward county, a little over 9. here and here possible yes, but it's nail biting time right now in the nelson campaign. you're trying to figure out the turnout. palm beach, the other third, the most reliable democratic part of the state is 100% in. governor's race, desantis since the republicans took the lead has had a bigger lead. that's a significant jump from rick scott in the senate race in the race for governor. again, it's the same math. if you look up here, those votes
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are in. republicans winning as they have to. 90%. a little more for republicans to come in in the panhandle in the pensacola area. most of the others are in. you're looking down again. it's the same calculation. andrew gillum, 94%. he's winning big. not as populated. but an opportunity as you get close near the end for andrew gillum to pick up some. as we were talking about in the senate race, the big opportunity. i want to check on devalue. it's pretty much in. a few votes. the big basket is going to come down here again and the margins in the race are similar. 60 to 40 in the governor's race. 6 0 to 40 around them in the senate race. we're going to watch. we have to wait for miami dade and broward. i've said that sentence before. >> hold on a moment. a projection in the senate. >> that's right.
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a major projection. west virginia's cnn can project joe manchin will go on for another term. this was one of those very key battle ground senate seats and mostly because the president won there by such large margins. let's look now at what it means for the balance of power in the u.s. senate. right now 36 democrats. 42 republicans. we still have 22 senate seats that remain out, and, of course, 23 you look at the number in the upper right, 51 is the number of seats that democrats could need to have at the end of the night. the end of whenever we're counting in order to gain control of the u.s. senate. >> thanks very much. let's take a closer look. joe manchin in west virginia gets reelected. the president went there to try to defeat him. >> this is one of the races the president made personal. he's been to rallies. it had been more than any other
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state. he always says joe manchin says he's with me but never votes with me. went down there to help patrick morrissey, but manchin is the ultimate survivor. he was the democratic governor. michael dukakis carryed this state. it's become one of the red states in america where president trump is off the charts. president trump won this state two years ago by 42 points. that's a close race. closer than manchin likes it, but to win there is a big deal. >> that's a big win for joe manchin. >> texas, cruz has pulled ahead. >> we talked about earlier they're small, but there are 200 of them, meaning the smaller rural counties in the state of texas. that's what's starting to fill in to make it closer. we're not over. texas, a big state and diverse. only 55% of the vote. but beto o'roarke takes an early lead. ted cruz comes back as the republican counties start to come in. there's not a lot of votes
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there. there are 254 counties in texas. 200 plus of them are red like this. and that's what's going to happen as they come in. the question is assume these are all mostly going to be republican votes. if you're beto o'roarke, you don't like that. ted cruz has passed you. you're looking at the map. you're still giant. giant pocket of democratic votes here. harris county, houston, and the sprawling houston suburbs. again, one of the most diverse areas in america. one of the fastest growing areas in america. one of the increasingly democratic areas in america in what used to be a red state. 16 plus% of the statewide population, and we got nothing. if you're beto o'roarke, you're thinking okay, ted cruz pulled ahead. we're still in the game. this is where beto o'roarke is from. this is where his house seat is. if you're in the democratic head quarters, you'd rather be ahead than behind. if you're cruz, you see the smaller counties and know those are coming my way. the question for ted cruz is the
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margins. >> beto o'roarke just took back the lead. >> and what happened? i just said this is home. this was gray a minute ago. we had no votes. the first votes to come from el paso. one of the questions here for beto o'roarke, this is his congressional district. as you move out, this is a republican congressional district. just next to it. one of the things texas democrats were telling me in recent weeks is don't be surprised if beto o'roarke makes this closer than you think because of a point of pride down here. they never have candidates in statewide elections. this is will hurd's congressional district. can beto o'roarke keep this blue? this is part of the hurd district. beto o'roarke is running strong. the vote totals were low as we watch them come in. look at the map. beto o'roarke pulled ahead. texas looking like florida. back and forth. we haven't said that in a long time. that's something to be said in this environment that there was not a lack of money in this race.
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beto o'roarke became a national fund raisiing sensation for the party. people saying you can't win. send some of this money to other states. beto o'roarke said i think i can and i'm going to keep my money. we'll watch this play out. 11,762. look at the map. a long way to go. most of these smaller counties are not much of the state population. they're going to come in for cruz. when you at them all up, it matters. we don't have that many close statewide races in texas. it wasn't the last time. the governor's race maybe closer than republicans thought, but they're going to win that tonight. as you watch this fill in, here's the challenge. along the border. not only do the democrats win but by how much. is the immigration -- is this a place where the immigration debate helps republicans here but brings out voters who normally wouldn't vote here? that's a question we'll ask tonight. if you look at the map right now, this is a giant unknown. incredibly significant to any statewide election in texas.
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16 plus percent of the statewide election. we have zero. that means if you're beto o'roarke, you're ahead and you think if you're beto o'roarke, you think you're going to do well there. let's go to jake. the house of representatives. let's show our viewers what's happen right now. put numbers on the screen. 33 democrats are leading in republican districts that are races that are too early to call. democrats must pick up 21 republican seats. five republicans by the way are leading in democratic districts that are too early to call. 21 the magic number for the democrats to reach 218. but you take a look at this and you see what's going on. cautionary note for the democrats, five republicans are leading in democratic districts. >> right. but in the same way that when john brings out texas and shows what beto o'roarke has done in texas, and it may be that ultimately that effort falls
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short, but what beto o'roarke will have done to help some of the democrats running for the house in texas may be quite significant in terms of getting out voters who were excited to vote for him and ultimately helping to defeat a couple if not more republican congressman while ultimately not able to win himself. and that in some ways is a picture of what is going on this evening. because republicans are winning some big races right now. and there's some we haven't called yelt, but it looks as though the republicans will be victorious in that state. and yet democrats in individual districts might be doing enough so they are able to win the 21 seats they have yet to turn over from republican to democrat. you see there are 31 democrats leading in republican places as of right now. if they win 21 of those, then ultimately they will win control of the house. and we still have a section of the country that has not even
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closed their polls yet in the west coast. >> a significant projection in the senate. >> we sure do. the state of tennessee. we project marsha blackburn, the republican candidate will keep this open republican seat in gop hands. not only that, blackburn will be the first female senator to represent the state of tennessee. this is a big win for republicans. and a big loss for democrats who knew that tennessee was a chance for them -- or the only chances for them if they could win, to take back the senate. let's look at the big picture. the balance of power. democrats right now have 36 seats. republicans have 43 seats. 21 seats remain to be called before the end of the evening or maybe early tomorrow morning. >> yeah. they had high hopes in tennessee. the democrats not -- didn't necessarily happen. >> they didn't. and so one of the things to look at here is first the big
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picture. what does this mean in terms of control of the senate now that cnn projected that joe manchin the democrat will keep his seat in west virginia. and blackburn will keep that seat in republican hands. let's look at the picture. here is the u.s. senate. 36 democrats, 43 republicans with 21 seats outstanding. of those we only think 10 are competitive. then let's look at them. all right. we've put west virginia in the democratic column and we've put tennessee in the republican column. what does that mean in terms of balance of power? let's for the sake of argument give texas to the republicans. we haven't called it yet. i'm not saying that's going to happen. let's give mississippi to republicans. then what happens? let's say that heidi heitkamp has a bad night. that's it. that's all they need to do,
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because the map really favors the republicans. so with the republicans grabbing tennessee or keeping tennessee in republican hands, even with joe manchin having a good night, ultimately let's say -- let's do it again. let's give indiana, we haven't called this yet. let's give indiana inn to the republicans and have ted kroocr win. and mississippi, see? the map favors the republicans and so ultimately tennessee, that's a big victory for the republicans. because then all they need to do is win two more, and then they have the control. >> yeah. looking good for the republicans in the senate. the house, democrats have a very strong chance of taking the majority. anderson, over to you. >> wolf, thank you. our reporters and analysts have been watching and checking sources. i want to run through first impressions. >> what jake was talking about there, tennessee was the senate race i was watching all night to sort of figure when does the senate go off the board here? that was critical. because if as expected down the
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road heidi heitkamp loses her north dakota seat, tennessee was a critical part of what the democrats needed to put in play to have a real shot at the majority barring the beto o'roarke miracle in texas. i do think that was hugely significant, because the battle for control of the senate, i think is going to become the second tier story now. it's not in play. which is what we thought coming in. the house side, anderson, democrats are doing what they need to do, but i don't think we're seeing some massive blue wave crashing ashore yet. i don't see signs of that, but they are on track to do what they need. >> do you see a blue wave? >> not at all. i think what you're seeing here even if democrats take control of the house is falling short of expectations on a lot of key races. some places where they thought they could send a message to president trump. they're not going to be able to do that in the way they would have liked to do it. and for president trump you're seeing the payoff for his investment in some of the races. >> sorry. i have show texas tied.
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beto o'roarke has 79 votes more than ted kroousz at this point. >> take a picture of that. >> 79 votes. >> that could be a moral victory for democrats if they pull that out. i think for president trump he's looking at florida, a place where he spent a lot of time. donald trump junior went into that kentucky sixth seat where barr just pulled it out. i think the republicans are feeling pretty good about their investment of time. >> i think it's early on the house side to draw too many conclusions. there are a lot of races in the east in virginia that are up for grabs right now. i think the house picture is unclear. i think some of the early senate results are disappointing for democrats. although, i don't think there was a realist expectation that democrats were going to take the senate. >> even some of the gubernatorial, florida, rick scott is in the lead in senate with 5 5,000 votes and gillum has been -- it's been -- >> florida is a disappointment.
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>> yeah. because it's so tight. and because they thought the top of the ticket would help down ticket. look, there was a dream tonight for democrats which was that early on they'd be able to say okay, we won a couple in virginia. we won in kentucky and this is going to show that this wave is starting and you can't stop it. now, they can still win the house. i think it's probably more likely they will win the house than not, but they can't have -- there's no tsunami. there's no tsunami coming. winning the house by one member is enough for them. there's a lot of disappointment i'm hearing from people. i'm also hearing talk about recounts in florida. can you believe it? and the lawyers going to florida. this has to really play out, but the excitement, i think is -- the cliche is the balloon is popping. >> lots of excitement. >> yeah. >> van? >> well, first of all there are
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still people standing in line in georgia. there's still people standing in line in florida. this is not over. people need to stay out there and continue the fight. this is heart breaking, though. it's heart breaking. the hope has been that the anti-bodies could kick in. that this infestation of hatred and division would drive response from the american people in both parties and say no more. that does not seem to be happening tonight. it's not a blue wave, but it's a blue war. we have to continue the fight forward. but i think that sense of helplessness, that has really fuelled a lot of this outrage and outpouring from democrats may still be there tomorrow even if we have the house. >> i think the outrage will still be there. the disappointment will be there certainly on the senate side. i'm not giving up on the governors yet, even the governor of florida. >> stay in line. >> right? georgia has not had atlanta come in yet. but in michigan and in some of
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these other races in ohio, i think there's still great hope out. obviously pennsylvania, the midwestern cluster of states. wisconsin, we'll see what happens. i'm still -- my nails are still clutching to hope that we can win at least on the governor's side and certainly -- >> more polls closing in 36 minutes. >> you can't have a wave election when both sides are energized. and both sides are. this was a huge turnout. all around the country people are saying we've never seen a midterm election like this, and it wasn't just democrats. you lose when one size energized and the other isn't. you have to give donald trump credit for energizing. the other thing that's remarkable is that republicans -- everybody i talked to said we were outspent two, three to one. the democrats had all the money and all the media, and they still couldn't win it. even with the divisive figure of the president on top of the ticket. that is a message of solace to a
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lot of conservatives who were worried about this being a disaster. >> and for all that talk about the future of the democratic party and -- >> the message was anti-trump. it never got across. >> i don't agree with that. >> that was the motivating factor. the message of -- >> look, so the question, did the caravan ads work? the answer is yes tonight. whether you like him or not. >> wait. let him finish. >> they worked. to echo what van said earlier, donald trump, you hit the guy, he absorbs it and gets stronger. you hit him, he absorbs it and gets stronger. this is going to be a big win for the president. >> van you said you disagreed. >> i don't agree. listen, yes, there's a lot of antitrump at the top of the conversation. but on the ground you had and still have domestic workers who are out there knocking on doors in georgia. they weren't fighting about
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trump. they were fighting about their ability to see a doctor. and on the ground you had a million doors knocked on in florida. those people were talking about health care and real issues with people. >> i agree, but people here on all the networks is trump negative trump. and what you said about the antibodies coming out against race and bigotry, people bristle because they support trump and they're not bigots and they don't like to be called that. >> i want to follow this race in texas. beto o'roarke with 107 vot,000 s ahead. unpredictability. there's a ways to go. we're at 70% in the state of texas. and the democrats, beto o'roarke, is leading the senate race. that will surprise a lot of people. one of the things that's happened recently since the last time we had the conversation is we got the first votes in from harris county. it's houston. and the sprawling houston suburbs. one of the fastest growing areas in the country, not just in the
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state of texas. 16 point plus of the state-wide population. beto o'roarke running it up strongly. 57 to 42. only 16% of the vote in. if you're a republican you're saying okay, this is texas. go back to the dna. maybe it will. but only 16 % of the vote reporting in one of the fastest growing counties in the state, and in the country and guess what, beto o'roarke running it up. you pull out the map and look and say what are they doing in ted cruz head quarters? where the votes? a lot of republican votes. don't discount them. in a close race every vote counts, even if your winning, you look at harris county and say that doesn't count. it does count when there are 200 plus of them. and there are. you count them all, that's why they cast them. there are opportunities for ted cruz here. but this is an interesting map. something we haven't looked at in a long time. a competitive state-wide race in the state of texas. you come in. i want to check and see if the
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numbers changed. no. harris county. houston and the suburbs. starting to get smaller. this is what i mean. this part of the state is growing. 2.5%. more competitive as you move away. right? urban areas, big democrat. close in suburbs, big democrat. start moving away, that's the challenge. can the democrats keep winning as you move away from the urban areas? beto o'roarke doing what he needs to there. dallas county, again, smaller than harris county. we're talking about the senate race. there's also a congressional district, the republicans think they're going to lose tonight in part because of the beto o'roarke effect. whether beto o'roarke wins or losing. come down here. austin, travis county, democrats have to win. it's not as big. if you look, 4.2% of the population. beto o'roarke doing what he needs to do, and saying he told people, you watch, i'm going to turn out more votes than you think i can. so far he's doing what he said. move down here again j san
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antonio, running it up. pretty good vote totals. you can try to go back in time and look. how does this match up historically? ted cruz didn't have a race last time. you see all this up here. remember, just look at the map. see all of the red. now you come here. there's more blue. there's more blue. there's still gray. we have votes to come in. there's more blue. this is beto o'roarke's home. el paso, only 3% of the state population. in a close race, it's nice to run it up 75-25. we'll watch. i talked about the unfilled in gray up here in small rural texas. we expect to come in red by significant margins. the question is what's happening in beto o'roarke country? next to el paso, no votes here. it's tiny here. tiny here. you have has you start moviing along the border, they talked about the caravan ads. this is texas race. it's tough tonight in the border
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areas. latino areas here and here. you could also see the reverse in texas. remarkably close. 51 to 49. a competitive race in the state of texas. >> very, very close. we've got some numbers to show the big picture of the house offivof representatives right now. 31 democrats right now are leading in republican districts in races that are too early to call. the democrats must pick up 21 republican seats. one cautionary note. 5 republicans are leading in democratic districts right now in races that are too early to call. but 31. they're leading in 31. where are they leading in those 31 districts? because for the democrats, they smell victory in the house of representatives. >> part of it, i'll get to it in a minute. we don't know if it will hold up, but it's in texas where the democrats are leading in six districts. six districts right now held by
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republicans. that would be beyond the democrat's dreams. will they get six? who knows? they want to pick up at least two in texas. that tells you the democrats in texas are on par for their math. let's go over to more results. one of the things we cannot compare and cannot emphasize enough for democrats trying to get to that magic number was total of 23. now 21. the new lines in the state of pennsylvania. court ordered said republicans went too far drawing the lines. newer, more competitive, better lines for the democrats. democrats right now are on path to pick up seats significant number of seats as you try to get now to 21 over all goal of 23. pennsylvania is an opportunity for the democrats right now. we still need to count the votes. it's early in the districts. it looks good. virginia has been back and forth all night. the democrats have picked up this district. the 10th. that was the first one. the first of the pickups in the evening and this is what the democrats needed to do. significant to remember 55-45. ten points in a previously
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republican district. democrats winning in the suburbs. now you come down. this race has gone back and forth all night long. abigail spanberger, i looked at this two minutes ago. she was losing. now 380 votes. welcome to the 2018 midterm elections. if you're the democrats, this is a race, again, richmond suburbs like the northern virginia suburbs. the president's a problem for republican candidates here. this is tea party and trump country. dave brat knocked off a republican incumbent. tea party votes in the rural areas. tough competitive district. democrats back in the lead. watch that. another one, democrats wanted at least one. they were hoping for two, maybe three in virginia. let's keep an eye over here on the coast. scott taylor, 91%. the republican incumbent losing. 4,000 votes with 91% right now. watch as that comes in. the democrats had a plan. we'll get to new york and new
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jersey. the polls close later. picked up a lot of new york, new jersey, pennsylvania. they needed at least one. you're looking at the map. they got one. the question is can they keep going? then you look at it. come down to florida, we've done the business down here. this was a flip. this one we already called. this one we're watching as we come through. we're up to 93 %. the democratic candidate running ahead of the republican incumbent here. this would be a big target for the democrats to get that one. pick up opportunity in florida. so they have won. they're looking at a second. i want to come back to the texas races and look. let me come up here for a minute. this is another one. i want to come back to johnny broken record, the suburbs. this is kansas. this is kansas city. the kansas city suburbs, democrats think can we get yoder again? the democrat pulls out to an early lead. in this district here, we'll see
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how it plays out. paul davis, one of the many democrats who said under no circumstances will i vote for pelosi. doesn't matter. won't happen. 32% of the vote coming in. paul davis winning over the republican. that's early in the count there. if you're looking at the map y. the democrats did leave some seats on the table over this way. it looks like the midwest is being nicer to the democrats than other parts in the country. again, we'll come down here. this to me, this is will hurts district. again, these are leading. they're not called. they're leading. this is a race, hillary clinton carried this district. hurd has been running scared from the beginning, running a smart campaign. the question is, number one, is there this a place where the president's immigration focus hurt? there were places it helped, but is this a place where it hurt? number one, and number two is will hurd going to get caught up in the beto o'roarke effect from
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el paso? democrats turns out. we'll watch it play out. i want to come to houston. this was another one we had no results a short time ago. harris county, surrounding areas coming in. this was a major democratic target in texas. another suburban republican. democrat ahead . that's a trouble sign for a incumbent. houston suburbs, let's move up a little bit. come over here. dallas suburbs. pete sessions, republican incumbent. chamber of commerce, others helping him out. 14,000 votes ahead in a congressional race here. again, you're beating the drum but suburban america democrats are not to the finish line yet. as they try to get closer to the magic number, they began the night at 23. suburban america is their base. >> dana has two more projections
6:36 pm
in the u.s. senate. dana. >> two big projections in the u.s. senate starting with indiana. this is big because this is a republican pickup. cnn is projecting mike braun is going to be the next senator from indiana beating joe donnelly. and in wisconsin the democrat is going to go on for another term. cnn is projecting that tammy baldwin has won her race in wisconsin. so two big projections, especially in indiana. let's look at what this means for the balance of power right now in the u.s. senate. 37 democrats. 44 republicans as you saw. the one pickup so far. 19 seats remaining for the evening. 51 at the top of the screen. that's very hard to -- for democrats to do right now. and that is the number that they would need to take control of the u.s. senate. wolf and jake. >> you know, the democrats have a very, very limited route to
6:37 pm
take the majority with the defeat of joe donnelly in indiana. >> limit second down a nice way to put it. it's jgenerous. it looks like not only will democrats not win back the senate but they'll lose seats in the senate this evening. we haven't called florida yet but nelson, the democrat is trailing in the vote there to governor rick scott who is running for that senate seat. we called indiana. we should point out indiana is a state president trump won. he won it by almost 18 or 19 percentage points. but, still, that's a big loss for the democrats. let's look at the board board here in terms of what the democrats need. 19 seats remain in terms of what there is. we think nine of them are competitive that have not been called. we put manchin in the democratic column. tennessee, that seat staying in the republican column. the governor, former governor
6:38 pm
did not beat the congresswoman blackburn. he's tennessee's first woman senator and that seat stays republican. we have called a democratic seat flipping to republican indiana. what else did republicans need to do in order to keep control of the senate? well, let's give them mississippi. it's mississippi, for god's sake. with a vote coming in, we could give them texas and nevada. let's give texas to the democrats for giggles and see what happens. what else do the republicans need to do? i don't know. there's five democrat seats, two republican seats. let's say heitkamp has a bad night. north dakota. there it is. republicans win the control of the senate because in a 50/50 senate mike pence breaks the tie. i think it's going to be worse than that for republicans. i think it's possible they're going to pick up seats. this is always going to be a tough map. but it's going in the wrong direction at the beginning it was democrats need to switch two seats. now they need to switch three. democrats need to start going in
6:39 pm
the other direction instead of losing incumbent democrats to republicans. >> not in the right direction in the senate. but if the house it's a different story right now. look at this as you can see 21 -- there are 32 democrats leading in republican districts right now in races that are too early to call. democrats must pick up 21 republican seats. republicans are leading in democratic districts in five democratic districts. let's go over -- let's talk a little bit about that, jake, as we take a look at the numbers. >> 32 democrats are leading in republican districts right now. 5 republicans are leading in democratic districts in fact let's assume all of those go the way they're going right now. it's not going to happen. just for argument's sake, that means the democrats would win 27 seats. we haven't gotten to the west coast of the united states. >> right. there are several potential democrats. >> right. but that's 27 when all they need to 21 because we called two
6:40 pm
republican seats that have flipped from republican to democratic control in northern virginia and in southern florida. that's one of the things going on right now. it still seems even though democrats aren't having a good night on the senate contests, it seems they're on track to win back the house. >> we have two significant projections right now. democrats pick up two seats, two important seats in pennsylvania. the scanlon picks up the district in the philadelphia suburbs. she's an attorney in pennsylvania. this is an important pickup for the democrats in pennsylvania. the fifth district. and connor lamb in western pennsylvania in the suburbs of pittsburgh. he's re-elected in that district. the democrats now that number has gone down. democrats must pick up 19 republican seats. not lose any of their own. the number has gone down from 23
6:41 pm
to 19. they're moving slowly but surely. that's what it looks like in the house of representatives. >> that's right. and these were seats we did expect the democrats would win. still, they're on track to do that. >> hold on one second. right now democrats are leading in 31 republican districts in races that are too close to call. democrats once again, they have to pick up 19 of those republican seats. six republicans are leading in democratic districts in races that are too early to call. the democrats are moving in the right direction from their perspective, but it's not a done deal yet. >> on a house to house level. but the statewide federal contest, the senate seats things are not working in their direction. actually, this is pretty much what we thought was going to happen. that republicans had a great map when it came to the senate and democrats had the advantage when it came to the house. and it's pretty much working out that way. democrats did hope for a big blue wave. that is not happening. will democrats win back the house?
6:42 pm
it is entirely possible, if not probable according to models right now, but the big blue wave is not there. key house seats that democrats thought wow, it would be great if we can win this seat, it didn't happen. >> the battle for the house is unfolding. democrats leading in 31 republican-held districts. more than the 19 pickups they need to maintain the majority. polls close in four more states soon. that could push the democrats closer to taking back the house. stay with us.
6:43 pm
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save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. all right. let's go to dana. she's got a projection. >> a projection in the garden state, wolf. cnn can project that democratic senator bob menendez will go on for another term in the state of new jersey. it was unclear for a while because he had a lot of money going in for his republican opponent, but he is going to go on for another term. so what does this mean for the balance of power? 38 democrats right now. 44 republicans. remember, one pickup on the gop side. 18 senate seats remain to be called. i want to go to nia for a projection. >> that's right, dana. we can make some projections in
6:47 pm
the governor's races. in illinois cnn projects the winner of that race is j.b j.b. pritzker. this is a pickup for democrats. an expensive race. democrats ahead in the race. in oklahoma we project the winner of the race is kevin stitt. another projection cnn can make in alabama. cay ivey going for her first full term in alabama. in south carolina another cnn projection. henry mcmaster defeating james smith. and now let's check in on these races we've been looking at in wisconsin. tony evers in wisconsin ahead of scott walker at this point. the incumbent in the race, evers ahead. 23% reporting. we'll keep an eye on this really
6:48 pm
important contest in the midwest. we're going to go to wolf blitzer with a key race alert or projection in the house. >> we got a key race alert. let's look at where things stand in the house of representatives. impressive numbers for the democrats. 33 democrats leading in republican districts in races that are still too early to call. democrats must pick up now 19 republican seats. 19 republican seats, they started the night with 23. one note as i like to say, 7 republicans are leading in democratic districts right now. seven republicans are leading in democratic districts right now. let's go to john king. john, the 33 democrats leading in republican districts need 21. it's an impressive number for the democrats. very doable. >> they need 19 more. they need 19 more and there are your targets of opportunity. again, we still have a ways to go to the west coast. one quick note. seven republicans leading in districts now held by
6:49 pm
republicans. one of the things we're seeing tonight is the remaking of the american political map. in the houston suburbs in texas, democrats are leading in congressional races. republicans leading in rural minnesota. white, rural areas that used to be the backbone of the democratic labor party in minnesota, we're not saying these republicans are going to win, but they're leading. this is donald trump's republican party. it's a different republican party. it was happening before donald trump, it's accelerating under him. now the democrats, 19 more they need. as we start to get results in new york and new jersey this is where you see more targets of opportunity. three democrats leading right now. early votes coming in. here's one of them here. the republican incumbent, 52 to 48. again, low vote count. very early. strap in. this is one of the democrat's targets right here. this one, wolf, close to home. buffalo, can chris collins, he
6:50 pm
is under indictment for insider trading. they were trying to get him off the ballot. he decided to stay. the democrat 220 votes. that would be a huge pickup because it's such a republican district. this was not on let's move down here. again, the commonwealth of pennsylvania. a huge target of opportunity because the lines have been redrawn in the state here. five democrats currently leading, one republican. so if the democrats can get a net four or more out of pennsylvania when you're trying to get to 23, 19 is your target now. we've been talking throughout the night. are you picking up the seats you needed to pick up? are you leaving any targets on the table? this say republican retirement. two dozen republican retirements in the country gave the democrats hope. look how close these races are. the democrat is leading here, southern new jersey. this is one of the districts on the democratic list here. but, again, 929 votes.
6:51 pm
let's stay with it a while. i want to come back up here for you. this was a race. we're only 37%. maybe it will change. this was a race that was personal to national democrats in the sense that tom macarthur was the moderate who stepped forward. he was the key architect of the compromise to repeal and replace obamacare. in the house of representatives, democrats wanted to get tom macarthur. they thought kim was the right candidate. if you look at that right now, that was a target race for the democrats they might leave on the table. but the big picture is, again, we're still out here. the democrats have the opportunities to pick them up. one of the things i've been watching is illinois in the sense that there's one potential democratic pickup here, the republican incumbent. underwood running ahead right now. in a congressional race with 62% in, that's an okay lead. we've been watching some other races that have gone back and forth. roskam was losing earlier. he's inching ahead now.
6:52 pm
one of the things that the democrat think will help them in the midwest is they think they're running strong in these governors races. as we move west, number one, the democrats are still leading in two districts in kansas. this was the target race they did think they could get. we're at 23%. kansas city, missouri here. suburban area. trouble even in kansas for donald trump's republican party. we move out here. 49-41. again, if this holds up, if the democrats retake the house and this is one of the races they win, paul davis has said under no circumstances will i vote for nancy pelosi. >> in what states are the democrats getting the most potential pickups right now? >> right now you see pennsylvania by far. pennsylvania by far is their biggest pickup opportunity right now. then as you watch it, you've got two on the board in new york
6:53 pm
right now. very early in both of those new york districts. two in new york. four or five in the state of pennsylvania. you start coming down. if you look at virginia, they've already picked up one in virginia. the democrats are in play. 97% now. 1766 votes. this was a big target. democrats wanted this one. number one, some republicans privately wanted dave brat to lose to tell you the truth. back to you for another projection. >> we've got a couple of projections right now. 6th district in colorado, cnn now projects that jason crow will defeat mike kaufman. jason crow, a former u.s. army ranger. this is a pickup for the democrats in the state of colorado. in michigan, michigan 11, house district 11, hailey stephens, the democrat, she will defeat lena epstein. she used to work in the obama administration on the auto bailout. in michigan, haley stevens will become the democratic representative from michigan. that number has gone down from 19 to 17.
6:54 pm
democrats must pick up 17 republican seats right now in order to get the magic number, not lose any of their own. 17 is the magic number for the democrats right now. let's go over to john. it's gone down from 19 to 17. the democrats are smiling right now as the number continues to decline. >> they are smiling especially because you just called that race in colorado. that was a target of opportunity, a key pickup for the democrats to prove their point, again, in the denver suburbs, that they could pick up these previously republican seats in suburban areas where the president of the united states is toxic out there. plus the changing demographics of the district. that one's off the board now. that was here a minute ago. democrats see more opportunities in the states that haven't closed yet, including a number in the big state of california. so you're looking now the democrats need 17 more, and they're leading in 31. tells you the math is pretty good. eight republicans leading right now in democratic districts. if those republicans win, it affects the democratic math, so you're going to stay with us through the next couple hours as we go through this.
6:55 pm
it's interesting to see where are the republicans leading. these are obviously early results from here. this is a district drawn for the former mayor of kansas city. he's losing right now. there is a senate race out there. sometimes the dynamics of a race change. that would be a stunner. are these really pickup opportunities for the republicans? i would be skeptical there. the democrats in kansas, here's one. 53-42% there, so a ways to go. 56% there. the democrats have been holding the lead. not a huge lead, but the democrats been holding that lead for a while. think about the math. if the democrats were to leave some seats on the table in the east but pick up one or two in kansas, a pickup seat, you start looking here, an oklahoma staea we'll see if that holds up. steve russell, the republican incumbent, we're at 66% in. it's a close race. 1,700 there. we'll watch. then you come down here. again, down to texas, this is
6:56 pm
where four democrats leading at this moment. leading doesn't mean win, but leading at this moment in republican-held seats. number one, will hurd. hillary clinton carried this district. look how close that is. 256 votes. only 10% reporting. let's hold on and see how this one plays out. will hurd was confident in the end, maybe more nervous a few months ago. we'll get to the senate race in a moment. is there a beto effect down here because beto o'rourke is from here. let's come back up to the dallas suburbs. 8% of the vote in. pete sessions once ran the house congressional campaign committee, they think he may go down. that's only 8%. again, another suburban district, reliably republican district. it looks like it could flip blue tonight. that would be key for the democrats. another district down here. this was not on our list but we'll take a look. only 2%. you're going to see some races
6:57 pm
on this map where you have 1%, 2%, even 20% in. but that's worth watching, again, down here, this is also key in the senate race. this has stayed this way. lizzy fletcher beating republican incumbent right now john culberson, 53% to 47%. this would be a big pickup for the democrat and another suburban district in a once red state. so, again, you see it, democrats winning in the suburbs. republicans leading up here in more rural, blue-collar minnesota. a remaking of the american political map. let's take a look at these. minnesota's 8th congressional district up here, this is an opportunity for the democrats and republicans fighting this one out, an open seat. the democratic congressman who held that seat ran for other office. the democratic incumbent, peterson next door, only 6% of the vote in. let's watch it.
6:58 pm
republicans certainly more competitive out there in minnesota, wolf. >> we've got two more major projections in the house of representatives. right now more good news for the democrats right now. in new jersey, the democratic candidate, sherrill is the winner. she defeats weber. it's a pickup for the democrats in new jersey. similarly in florida, debbie mucarsel-powell defeats carlos curbelo in that district. she really went after carlos curbelo on obamacare and other issues. cnn now projects house 26 in florida, she is the winner. right now democrats must pick up 15 republican seats. that number is consistently going down, john. so those are two major pickups for the democrats in this race for the house majority. >> so you're going through to look for others. i'm just looking at 9:00 poll closing in new york. you're trying to look up there. there's donovan, republican incumbent. max rose, the democratic challenger. again, 86% of the vote in.
6:59 pm
52-48. not quite there. but here's another one in new york state. let's pull back out and look at new york. come back over here. move up here to the new york area is up here. john faso, republican incumbent. just 1%, but that's a target for the democrats. we'll see. another one here, claudia tenney, the republican incumbent losing with 3% in. that's early. the big picture, wolf, if you pull this all out, is the democrats well within striking distance of taking back the house. more than enough targets of opportunity. the question is can they close the deal here and as we move west? >> polls are about to close as we know in four more states right now as democrats get closer and closer to their goal of trying to retake the house of representatives. these are very, very close races right now. democrats have been consistently moving ahead in their race to become the majority in the house of representatives. they need 218 in the house of representatives to become the
7:00 pm
majority, and that would be such a significant development right now. about right now, the democrats are moving closer and closer and closer. we're watching all of this unfold. the senate, there's a different story right now, but we're going to update you right now because democrats are closer to retaking the house. we've got a projection right now in the u.s. senate. mitt romney will be the next united states senator from the state of utah. he beats jenny wilson. mitt romney, the former republican presidential nominee, the former governor of massachusetts. he will be the next u.s. senator from utah. in nevada, too early to call right now. a very competitive race between jacky rosen, the democrat, dean heller. in montana, similarly, too early to call. the incumbent democrat jon tester facing a very stiff challenge from the republican matt rosendale. too early to call in montana. let's take a look at the balance of power in the senate where things stand right now with these projec


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