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tv   Early Start with Christine Romans and Dave Briggs  CNN  November 8, 2018 2:00am-2:59am PST

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pittsburgh synagogue shooting less than two weeks ago. the bar in thousand oaks, california. northwest of los angeles. that gives you a good sense of it off the 101 or ventura freeway there. information is still coming in at this hour. here is what we know. the attacker forced his way into the borderline bar & grill in thousand oaks. a huge country and western dance bar. popular with pepperdine students. we know more than 20 pepperdine students were in the bar at that hour. cal lutheran students. we can confirm were also in the bar at the time of the shooting. official on scene said there were at least 11 injured. including one deputy sheriff. their conditions are not yet known at this hour. >> let's bring in nick watts in thousand oaks. we have been listening to eyewitnesss and officials have preliminary information for reporters. nick, what are you gathering there? >> reporter: as you say, right now the number of injured or
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possibly dead is 11. we know of 11 victims. we don't know conditions. we are told that number could change. about a half hour ago, the number is six. it has been moved to 11. it could change. as for the shooter, we are told that they do not believe -- sorry. we do not feel that the shooter has left the building. that is the last we heard from the ventura county sheriff's office. i was just speaking to some people who were inside the bar when it happened. you mentioned pepperdine. i spoke to one young lady who was at cal state channel islands. she said she was in the bar. it was beginning to gill fill u. she said it wasn't packed. it was filling up when she heard gunshots. she hit the ground and hid under a table with a friend. that friend she has not managed to contact on the phone. she does not know his condition.
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many managed to escape and trying to contact their friends in the bar tonight. she described the shooter as a man of average build. she said he was wearing black. although she was very much in a state of shock and said she was very concerned about putting out false information. her memories were jumbled. she says she saw a smoem bke bo. she is not really sure. she said it was a surreal experience and it happened quickly. she said the gunshots were rapid. she said it didn't sound like an automatic weapon. more like a handgun. she said there were multiple shots. back to you guys. >> nick, it is really telling from your eye witness that she did not want to say things that were not true. it is something we see in a mass shooting. people are taken by surprise.
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they smell smoke. maybe think it is a smoke bomb. we don't have that detail yet. >> reporter: we do not have that information confirmed. as i say, this young woman was saying what she thought she saw and what she thought she heard. you know, in the immediate aftermath of an event like this, obviously people are in shock. we are getting information from convenient tour -- from ventura county officials. they say they do not believe there is any danger to the surrounding population. as i say they feel the shooter has not left the building. i'm not sure are what that means. they feel the scene is contained at this point. we do not have any information as to whether the shooter is down, in custody. we don't know right now. >> nick, we will let you get back to the scene and talk to law enforcement on the ground to
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see about the condition of the shoot error ter or the victims. thanks, nick. >> let's welcome in james galiano. james, unfortunately, has seen far too many shootings like this. your mind goes to the pulse nightclub shooting in 2016 in how you handle a situation like. this how would officers approach a situation in a packed nightclub in the dark? >> that is the biggest concern. a place with a large concentration of people. that makes this such an enticing target for somebody looking to ratchet up body counts. very difficult for police because i heard you describe it earlier are streaming out trying to get away. the police have to sort out the shooter in the midst. was it one person or are more involved? >> we are hearing a lot of
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descriptions. all of them of the shooter wearing a black coat and glasses and black beard. it doesn't sound -- you tell me if this analysis is correct -- it doesn't sound like a disgruntled employee. it sounds like somebody on a mission. >> the hardest part of tactical is is it domestic or workplace violence or religious zealot? are they looking to kill somebody because they are evil or emotionally disturbed? is this an active shooter in the traditional active shoot er or are they looking for hostages? you pointed this out. accuracy in reporting. you are trying to glean what you can from the witnesses. often they are at odds with the
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statements. how many people? i heard a big pistol. i heard smoke grenades. now, reading the tactical tea leaves, there are one or two things the shooter used. a number of witnesses said a smoke grenades. those are fragment devices used in combat. we don't use them in the law enforcement sense. it is not something that could easily be obtained by a civilian. this is probably what we call a diversion device. a flash bang when they are making entry or possibly a military-style smoke canister for screening and obscure. >> could people be confused? they hear the gun going off and they confused? >> absolutely. even a single action weapon, there is smoke there. you are in a nightclub. it is dark. you could have strobe lights. >> there is one witness who reported up to 30 shots fired
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adding up to potential smoke. again with the obvious caveat that these eyewitnesss were terrified and running out of the crowded bar at the moment. let's hear from the eyewitnesss. james will discuss what he is hearing. >> i was to the front door. i was talking to my step dad. i just started hearing these big pops. pop, pop, pop. there were probably three or fo four. i hit the ground. i look up. the security guard is dead. i don't want to say dead. he was shot and was down. the gunman was throwing smoke grenades all over the place. i saw him point to the back of the cash register and he just kept firing. i ran out the front door. i hear chairs thrown out the window. people were trying to get out the window. and the gunman went behind the cash register. there were probably 12 shots before i got out the front door.
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i go out. i come back in to see if my step dad's okay. i hear him yelling. i ran. the gunman had a beard. he looked middle eastern or so. he was wearing a hat. black jacket. i think he had glasses on. prescription glasses. he had a big handgun. i mean, shots were firing. >> i was right next to the entrance. we were getting ready to leave. some smoke came in. i guess he rolled some smoke in. he fired the first shot. i knew it was live. i knew it was real. my son thought it was a joke. i pulled him down and got behind some coverage and lo and he was the right. he shot the front doorman
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bouncer. just a young man. then he shot the cashier. just a young girl. >> everyone was hanging out. all of a sudden we heard a bunch of shots obviously from a semiautomatic rifle. the police showed up. three went to the door. currently there's one officer down as they were breaching the front entrance. the other two pulled out. one, i think, is still in there and now i think about it, there's probably two officers down because only one came out. so he's still holed up inside. >> i heard from friends, one is in the hospital right now, it was college night at borderline bar & grill. they do it every wednesday. cal lutheran is right down the
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road. i'm student body president. we are making sure everyone is okay and helping out. >> is everyone okay that is you know was there tonight? >> one is in the hospital right now. i haven't heard back from several others. i heard back from seven or eight friends saying they are okay. we still didn't hear back from others. >> what is the scene? >> chaos. people jumping out of windows and hopping over gates to get out. from what i heard, the gunman started shooting at the front desk. from there, i'm not sure. friends i have in there reported that students are hiding in the attic and bathrooms and stuff like that. >> terrible. terrible night. >> eyewitnesss said they were using chairs to break windows to flee the building. thousand oaks mayor, andy fox, saying the shooter has been neutralized and the thousand oaks neighborhood is safe. >> that college student from cal
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lutheran. we mentioned earlier, more than 20 pepperdine students were in the bar and moorpark college students were there. back to james gagliano. our cnn analyst. how has police responded to mass shooti shootings at this bar which is similar to pulse nightclub? >> if you go back to august of 1966 and the famous texas clock tower shooting. that is the first mass shooting with three or more victims. very, very difficult. again, to your point, dave, about orlando, the police were criticized because after the initial shooting, the gunman holed himself up. he said he had explosive devices and wired the doors. police in abundance of caution did a surround and containment. in issues like this, it is
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difficult. if more people are going to be killed, police learned, especially after pulse, you cannot wait. you must move to the sound of the guns. >> we know this was a venue with hundreds of people in it. one of the eyewitnesss said it was just starting to fill up. the party from 9:00 to 2:00 in the morning. we heard from the news editor of the student newspaper in pepperdine, freshman dorms organized an outing. 20 kids from the freshman dorms were there. this is the place where young people feel safe. that is why they are terrible soft targets. >> it didn't look like an incident where somebody reacted with a grievance and reacted in the moment. this looked like a planned event. why? you target the place where you knew there was no armed security. you go in and you know a mass populous of people were there. it made it a rich environment for the shooter. and issues s for the shooter.
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and issuess with fire doors. we want that make sure there are exits for fire. now people need to get out of the places. >> it sounds like a lot of people got out of there. there were a lot of people milling around outside. some kids were injured and treated. we know there were at least 11 injured. that number could go higher. we know a deputy was shot in this event here. this is a mass shooting. the second in just a little over two weeks. >> what is difficult is we listen to the video montage of the witnesses is trying to d discern the truth from what happened. people are trying to get this information in real-time. stop the shooter. >> the country music community coming together. the route 91 country music
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festival in las vegas in october of 2017. the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. 57 were killed. witness reports say some students were in las vegas at the country music festival when that happened and at this bar last night. a far too common occurrence for students in elementary, high school and college in this situation. james, let's talk about the investigation and where it goes into the morning. where does it turn once have the shooter contained? >> these things happen. crisis resolution. stop the shooter. stop the people trying to hurt people. then consequence management. make sure there are no devices left to hurt people. then the investigation. that is keying in on did anyone help this person or provide material support and are there any other pending threats out there that law enforcemen inter.
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>> many parents are waking up to the west coast and realize their children were in arm's way. what do you -- in harm's way. what do you do? you are in a dark bar and tvs in the bar. what do you do when you see a gunman? >> in the fbi, we teach run, hide, fight, tell. run. guest o get out as quickly as you can. if you can't get out, move. don't be a stationary target. if you can't run, if you can't exit or egress the location, hide. there is something else there, christine. hide if you can barricade. hide under a table or behind drape is not cover. then fight. if that is the last option. importantly, when you leave there, find law enforcement. there will be an area where law
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enforcement will frtriage who needs medical attention. talk to a police officer. we watched the video. everybody sees things differently. when you pointed out, initial reports are inaccurate. law enforcement sorts that out. >> many cases, i heard multiple shooters or this or that. it can be chaotic in a breaking situation. >> so again, if you are just joining us, thousand oaks mayor andy fox says the situation has been neutralized. let's hear the latest from the sheriff's office in convenieven county. >> the deputy was shot. i don't know. >> which agency? >> ventura county. >> were they responding to the scene? >> yes. >> did he engage the suspect? >> i don't know that.
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>> we heard report of a security guard that got injured. >> i don't have information on those injured other than the deputy that was injured. that's all i know. >> you don't have any information on the victims? >> i don't have any conditions on the victims. >> 11 total? >> yes. >> are you expecting that number to grow? >> i would guess if anything, that number would grow up. these are preliminary numbers. i want to give you numbers as opposed to saying several. that number could change. when i said earlier six, that number has gone up to 11. that number could change. that's all i can say. >> is there anyone on scene who is deceased and not taken to the hospital? >> i don't know that information. i don't know anyone deceased or not transported. >> so far, 11 people are in the hospital? >> i don't know if they were transported or here or their condition. i don't know that answer. >> what do you say to the
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families? so many people worried about the status of their people. when will they know or get inside and see? >> that will take some time. it is not a scene that is safe where people can go in and out at this point. we have investigators that are looking to make sure that the scene inside the nightclub is safe. it will take some time. i don't have a time estimate for that. >> do you know how this call came in? was it someone in the bar who called? >> i don't know where the call came from. what i can tell you is the call was shots fired. that is with a ois what our dep responded to. >> did you check with security guards on arrival to confirm a belligerent paton or angry person coming back? >> it is rapidly unfolding. we are trying to give you the
2:19 am
information about the statistics of what has happened. i don't have that level of detail. i haven't been able to talk to investigators to that level. >> you say the shooter is quarantined somewhere? >> we don't feel the shooter has left the bar and grill. whatever it is, it was contained in the bar and grill. we don't feel there is a threat to the public. >> we heard there was personnel in the building and the shooter is in the building. >> i don't know if he has been captured or transported. we don't feel there is a threat to the residents outside the area. >> do you know if borderline bar & grill scans for weapons? >> i don't know that. >> we have new developments. we know there are 11 victims. we know there are fatalities among the victims. including, we are told, the shooter. that is the update here. we know that preliminary numbers
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from law enforcement were the original was six and now 11 and now fatalities. >> james gagliano, whether a nightclub or country music club or a synagogue two weeks in pittsburgh, the reaction is we need more armed guards. would that help? >> you are describing classic soft targets. what we know about the bad guys, they generally take the path of least resistance. there is an argument if you put somebody there that could be a deterrent. i'll give you statistics. the new york city police department did a study in 2000s. they determined officers under stress when they engage with the bad guy, hit their target one of five times. these are trained police officers and hit their target 17% to 18% of the at that time. the argument -- 18% of the time. the argument is how do you put trained people in the situation
2:21 am
who will not hurt the situation as oppose to help the situation. i see it from both ends. there sis a deterrent effect, bt action is faster than reaction. if you had an armed guard there, it would have been the first casualty. >> a responding officer injured. we heard in pittsburghs offi sps injured there. >> christine, let's give you statistics. between 2000 and 2017, we track mass shootings. generally three or four victims involv involved. 250 since the year 2000. 2,200 casualties and almost 900 deaths. this will add to the toll. >> it will be political in the hours ahead without question. to you, again, the biggest illusion of how police -- biggest evolution of how police
2:22 am
handle these in the minutes after the police are called. they no longer wait? is that the difference? >> 46 years ago this summer in 1972 there was a classic case in brooklyn that the nypd responded to and it was the impetus for "dog day afternoon" with al pacino. the new york city police department put together a hostage team. their motto was talk to me. it was a classic situation with a bank and bank robber and throw a phone and do a negotiation. the tactic is contain and negotiate. put a perimeter in that no one can get into or out of and talk to the person. in those cases, people were barricaded. they wanted a plane to antigua. they wanted nine pizzas and
2:23 am
prisoners released in the jamil across the country sglechlt it is not the same. >> -- country. >> it is not the same. >> in this case, did the gunman kill himself or suicide by cop? these are all things sorted out. >> it is awful. you were talking about mass shootings. the yoga studeio shooting. the kroger supermarket, the two shot there. the massive drum beat of people killed. i want to go to the phone and get to mayor andy fox. what can you tell us? >> i got notified about midnight about a mass shooting at one of our local restaurants. law enforcement responded quickly. it is my understanding they neutralized the shooter. they identified a number of casualties. i don't know the condition of
2:24 am
the victims. i understand some are critically wounded, including one of the sheriff's deputies. all of the wounded have been treated and transported to local area hospitals. the sheriff's department is handling the investigation. certainly it is a crime scene. at this point, we know that a number of people have been critically wounded and our thoughts and prayers have to be with their families at this time. >> i can only imagine the families. ventura county sheriff can confirm multiple fatalities, including the shooter at the borderline bar & grill. mr. mayor, if you can tell us about the community and the type of crowd you might expect to be at the borderline bar & grill on wednesday night. a college night. a very friendly night. the college students from all over the area flock to that establishment. >> sure.
2:25 am
thousand oaks is considered one of the safiest cities in the country. we are ranked one of the highest with the lowest crime rate per capita. we are proud of that. part of that is the diligence of our community and we have an outstanding sheriff's department and police force. tonight was quote college night at the local establishment. it was filled with a bunch of young adults. i'm not sure what the activities were. it is a western themed bar and grill. it is my understanding that the shooter went in and started shooting and there were a number of casualties. >> it is awful. we spoke to the editor of the pepperdine student newspaper. she told us the freshman dorms organized an outing there. popular among young people.
2:26 am
popular among young people who want to relax and have a good time. that is what, mr. mayor, makes places like this such soft targets for those who wanted to do harm. will you reconsider security at any of these places? >> as i mentioned earlier, the reality is that these type of incidents can happen really at any place and anytime. even in communities that are considered extremely safe like thousand oaks. that's why law enforcement across the country has always said if you see something, say something. remain vigilant. the fact of the matter is if someone has intent on going in and doing harm, there is very little to be done. >> andy fox, mayor of thousand oaks. we wish you well. this is still all rapidly developing. we are told the shooter is dead.
2:27 am
there are 11 victims so far. among those are fatalities. andy fox, thank you, mr. mayor. >> hundreds of college students at the borderline bar & grill at the time of the shooting. 20 from pepperdine and several from cal lutheran which is about four miles away. csu channel islands is a very nearby college. several hundred young college students. as young as 18 in the bar at the time of the shooting. let's hear from one of the eyewitnesss to tell us how they got out. >> i don't think anybody's okay. >> physically okay? >> physically okay, yes. i have a cut on my arm. clearly i didn't walk in the bar looking like this. it's just -- i don't know. i'm okay. i want my people to be okay. that's all i care about if my people are okay. >> did you see the suspect? >> no. >> did you hear the shots? >> we heard the shots.
2:28 am
i didn't see anybody. >> what did it sound like? rapid fire? >> yeah. it was rapid and really loud. just one after another. you can't -- there was no split time between that and tons of people who were down there and i want to make sure are okay. everyone has been through a lot this year. >> how did you get out? >> a guy i know, he was able to fl throw me out the window. they had chairs and threw them out the window. they took me and my girlfriend and got us out the window and carried us up here. we got picked up by a friend of ours to get to our cars. >> did you see injured people? >> i saw one person at the front who i heard might not have made it. >> we heard from other eyewitnesss about grabbing chairs and breaking windows and doors to get out. the fact the shooter came in right through the front door and shot the bouncer and the young woman behind the counter right
2:29 am
at the door and proceeded into the venue. >> so this, again, folks, some reports are out there. let's give a better sense of it. a country music dancing venue and live music venue. a large open dance floor. 2,500 square foot dance floor that probably according to eye witne witne witnesses was filled with college students. here is where the borderline bar & grill is located. the 101. ventura freeway. it is just off that in the thousand oaks area that the mayor reminds us is one of the safest communities in the united states. people from around the country move there for the safety. where have we heard that before? parkland, florida. one of the safest in the united states. people move because of how safe it was thought to be. >> james gagliano is here with
2:30 am
us. we heard from authorities that the shooter is dead. there are fatalities. we have a casualty number of 11. this could change. what's happening now? now we are getting the information, what is happening on the scene? >> most importantly, are there any more planned attacks? was the shooter who we know now is down. was there anyone who provided material support or aid? i guess security cameras will be reviewed. they want to determine how he got there. did he get there in a vehicle? does the vehicle have plans in it or manifesto or creed? does it have explosive devices or any other weapons? that's first and foremost. once they rule that out, they can move to the investigation and find out what caused this person, whatever grievance or trigger event which caused him to show up and take innocent
2:31 am
lives and determine how to get in front of the next one. there is nothing we can do right now to bring back innocent lost lives. how do we prevent the next? >> whether it is worshipping or the grocery store or going to yoga or listen to country music. this is the just the last two weeks. >> living. >> yeah. >> now the fbi joint terrorism task force has been dispatched to the scene. james has spent 25 years with the bureau. stay with us as we reset the breaking news. >> a mass shooting incident at the bar in thousand oaks, california northwest of los angeles. at 5:31 eastern time, information still coming in. here is what we know. the first call came in to police at 11:20 california time. attacker forced his way into the borderline bar & grill in thousand oaks. this is a huge country and western dance bar.
2:32 am
even live music venue. popular with young pepperdine students. more than 20 in the bar at the time of the shooting. also cal lutheran students were in the bar at the time of the shooting. official on scene saying at least 11 victims. we do know the shooter himself is among those killed. the full list of people's condition, the 11 shot, not yet known. >> one witness told kabc that a gunman walked up and shot a security guard and entered the bar and setoff a smoke bomb and started shooting. an eyewitness we spoke with earlier, holden harrah, described the gunman with a black beard and black trenchcoat. this is a bar of 2,500 square feet and pool tables and tvs. hundreds of people were in the bar when the gunman walked in
2:33 am
shooting. >> let's go to nick watt at the scene. nick, good morning. 2:32 in thousand oaks. what are you learning? >> reporter: as you say, the bar was pretty busy when this gunman walked in. it was college country night that started at 9:00. first calls came in at 11:20 of shots fired to police. we are told the bar wasn't packed. it was getting busier. i spoke to one eyewitness who said he heard shots and immediately hid under the pool table with other people. there was a break in the shooting. he thinks perhaps the gunman was reloadi reloading. in the moments, a number of students managed to throw bar stools through the windows and smashing the windows of the club and managed to escape. others we spoke to managed to get out through the kitchen and loading dock. as you say, 11 people were either injured or killed in the incident. we believe the shooter is among those fatalities. a fluid situation right now.
2:34 am
we are told by local officials they do not believe there is an ongoing throeat. the shooter is believed to be among those killed. an eyewitness described scene of panic. the description of average build or a hood or hat and another young man i spoke to described the gun and a handgun. short barrel handgun. that is what we know right here on the scene in thousand oaks. >> nick, some of the early accounts from witnesses can be contradictory. people are terrified getting out of the building. thanks so much for that. listen to holden harrah. he watched, saw, the young woman who worked inside the door being shot by the gunman. listen to holden harrah. >> heart wrenching tragic events
2:35 am
that happened in a long time. >> tell me what you saw? you were dancing? >> no, i was on the opposite side of the bar and i was just with a few friends. i good the there every week. i have been attending every six months. a place to hang out with my friends and have fun as young adults. unfortunately what happened tonight and what i saw with my own two eyes is a gentleman walk through the front door and shot the girl behind the counter. i see this girl every single time i'm there. i don't know her name. someone to make small contact with and say hi here and there. we were starting to get familiar with each other. and the first two gunshots hit her. i don't know if she's alive.
2:36 am
>> we are so sorry, holden. we know how difficult this must be. i can't imagine what it was like to be inside that bar at the time. did you see the shooter? did you make anything out? >> yes. i saw a gentleman wearing a black trench looking coat. he had a beard. >> that was young holden harrah at the borderline bar & grill at the time of the shooting. he is a student of nearby moorpark college. a very nearby college. several colleges in the area. including cal straight channel islands and cal lutheran students were in the bar at the time. more than 20 peoppperdine studes in the bar. a freshman dorm takes a bus to thousand oaks for this night on wednesdays. in part because students 18 and up are allowed in on that
2:37 am
country music night. >> so, james gagliano. where do we go from here? we know there are fatalities among the 11. what are they doing now? they are trying to identify? >> the law enforcement has a herculean task. maybe sure nobody else was involved. make sure it wasn't a conspiracy and nobody or nothing else follows. they want to establish that and then build the case against this person. this person is deceased. we are not taking him to trial. there is not an opportunity to speak to them. we live in an age, the 21st century, rigwhere there is a digital footfootprint. did he take his own vehicle? did he uber or lyft? did he take public transportation? they will take this back to
2:38 am
where he lived. what caused him to do this? was this somebody with emotional problems? was this somebody with a grievance against the particular club? somebody who was in the club or is that person having a certain ideology? were they directed to do it or inspired to do it? obviously he is deceased and we can't bring him to trial, but we need to find the cause. what made him snap and do the unthinkable? why is the motive important? to get in front of the next one. >> james gagliano, a retired agent with the fbi. he spent 25 years with the fbi. thank you for being here on another difficult morning in the country. james, thank you. we will take a quick break and come back with a live press conference. we will bring that to you in just a moment. t-mobile is offering the awesome iphone xr
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all right. back now with the latest on the breaking news from thousand oaks, california. a mass shooting inside the borderline bar & grill. a country music college country music night. multiple fatalities. 11 injured. among the fatalities is the shooter oo eer according to thea county sheriff's office. >> we are waiting for a live news conference for details on exactly what happened. we will bring them to you when it happens. >> if you are just joining us, an update. there were several colleges involved in the college country night. pepperdine had more than 20 students. cal lutheran had multiple students there as did moorpark college and perhaps csu channel islands which is nearby. we will update you with the news conference in a moment. turning to politics. a massive story as "the
2:44 am
washington post" puts it not surprising but shocking. it is aimed at the russia investigation. president trump abruptly firing attorney general jeff sessions less than 24 hours after the polls closed from the mid-term elections. the forced resignation ends a th tenure. >> sessions has been in the dog house since he recused himself from the russia investigation. both noting, the senate has to confirm a replacement for sessions. tr trump was asked if he wants to end the russia probe at the news conference. >> i could fire everybody right now. i don't want to stop it. politically i don't like stopping it. i could say that investigation is over right now. >> the president did not immediately name a permanent replacement for sessions, but
2:45 am
his choice for acting attorney general is raising eyebrows. matthew whitaker who is sessions' chief of staff. he criticized the mueller probe. he is there on the right. democrats are calling for whitaker to recuse himself. the idea of whitaker ending the russia probe is not an option for now. cnn's jessica schneider has more. >> reporter: christine and dave, it unfolded in trump fashion. despite "you're fired" trump had his chief of staff john kelly do the dirty. it was at the press conference on wednesday morning where john kelly told sessions he wanted his resignation. about two hours later, sessions sent that letter and it said, quote, mr. president, at your
2:46 am
request, i am submitting my resignation. later that night, jeff sessions departed the department to widespread applause. now matthew whitaker is acting attorney general. whitaker will oversee the special counsel russia probe. despite speaking out against it before becoming chief of staff last october. despite that, whitaker was encouraged to get the president's attention. he did that. whitaker is acting attorney general. if past comments are any indication, he could hamper mueller's probe by cutting off the cash. dave and christine. >> thank you. whitaker told cnn in 2017 he believed robert mueller's investigation to be neutralized without having to fire the special counsel. >> i could see a scenario where
2:47 am
jeff sessions is replaced with a recess appointment. that attorney general doesn't fire bob mueller, but reduces the budget so low that his investigation grinds to a halt. >> in a cnn op-ed, whitaker said mueller was crossing a red line by looking into the finances of trump. he vowed to run a fair department with high ethical standards. you may want to remember richard neal. he is expected to chair the house ways and means committee. he is the guy who would ask to see the president's tax returns. >> neal tells lauren fox, he hopes the president will release them voluntarily, but doesn't sound hopeful. >> if the request is made, i don't expect that afternoon we will see the tax forms. i think we will do what we have to do. then see where the road takes us and the path we travel.
2:48 am
if there is a legal fight, which i suspect that may end up where it rests, then we need to get on to the other issues. i don't think that the opening position of the most prominent committee in congress ought to be weighed down by one dispute we have. >> the president's refusal to disclose his personal tax records is unprecedented in the modern presidency. >> it is about to get uglier if you look at that warning sign yesterday. an update on the breaking news from thousand oaks, california. multiple fatalities at the borderline bar & grill. gunman is among the fatalities. 11 wounded. we are awaiting, as you can see, a press conference from the ventura county sheriff's department. we will bring you that after a short break. at,
2:49 am
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so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. we are awaiting an update from the ventura county sheriff's department. it will begin in a moment. a mass shooting in thousand oaks, california. let's listen in. >> i want to introduce on my left sheriff jeff dean. excuse me. the sheriff of ventura county. g-e-o-f-f. last name d aets-e-a-n. on my right, ryan young, special agent in charge of the federal bureau of investigation. his name is r-y-a-n. last name is y-o-u-n-g.
2:54 am
also on my right is l.d. maples. chief of the coastal division of the california highway patrol. l-d. last name m-a-p-l-e-s. right now i'll hand it over to sheriff dean for the latest. >> good morning. you are all experienced reporters and you understand this is a dynamic of the ongoing investigation and tragic, tragic situation. i'll go through the details. i'll share with you everything i have and we'll answer all of the questions you may have. our partners in the fbi and highway patrol have any additional questions for you. tonight at 11:20 p.m., the sheriff's office received mullmemull many calls of -- multiple calls of shots fired.
2:55 am
the first responders arrived on scene. two minutes later, two patrol officers on scene on a local traffic stop and heard the traffic and responded right away. approximately three minutes later, a highway patrol officer and sheriff's sergeant made entry into the borderline because they heard shots being fired and felt there might be additional victims inside. upon going through the front door, the sheriff's sergeant was struck multiple times with gunfire. the highway patrol officer stepped back and secured the perimeter until additional units arrived and he rescued the sheriff's sergeant out of the line of gunfire. when additional units arrived,
2:56 am
including s.w.a.t. personnel from oxnard and simi valley and ventura police department and officers from the highway patrol, they made entry into the borderline bar & grill. they found 11 victims that had been killed. the suspect, who we believe was the only suspect, was dead inside. and there were multiple other victims of different levels of injury inside that were rescued from the scene and taken to local hospitals. in addition to the victims inside and the numbers are upwards of 10 to 12, additional victims with minor injuries fled the scene on their own and took themselves to local hospitals. we have not identified the suspect yet.
2:57 am
our partners from the fbi we wewer were on scene almost immediately to help with the identification process. we have no idea if there is a terrorism link to this or not. as you know these are ongoing investigations and that information will come out as soon as we are able to determine exactly who the suspect was and what motive he might have had for this horrific event. i'd be happy to answer questions you might have. well, the sergeant -- the sergeant passed away at the hospital about an hour ago. i only mention it might be terrorists because that's where with we go these days when we
2:58 am
have multiple deaths. nothing has led me to believe or the fbi there is a terrorism link here. we certainly will look at that option. >> were there other devices inside? >> what do you mean by devices? >> reports of people thought there were smoke bombs. >> there were some initial reports that a smoke bomb might have been used. we have not found anything yet. we have called in our bomb team. we have a couple of bomb dogs here to check the area. we have not found any explosive device or confirmation of a smoke device. >> what does that make you think it was? >> hindsight and speculation is easy. if you think somebody threw a smoke device, you think it is a planned attack and not spontaneous. the sergeant was on the force for 29 years.
2:59 am
was looking to retire in the next year or so. he was a moorpark resident and survived by his wife and his son. ron helus. h-e-l-u-s. >> what kind of weapon was it? >> well, you know, the question is thousand oaks is a safe community. what do i make of this? i make of it is a horrific incident. it is part of what is happening in the country everywhere. it is impossible to put logic or sense to the senseless. >> how did the suspect -- s >> take his own life? >> when the officers entered, the suspect was already deceased. there are 11 victims. i will not count the suspect as a victim. the suspect and sergeant helus. >> 11 victims? >> 11 victims. the


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