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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  November 8, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PST

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protected. are they going to ring their hands and sit on their hands? >> gentlemen, thank you very much. we have to get to our breaking news. there has been another mass shooting in america. let's get to the new developments. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. good morning, everybody. welcome to your "new day." it's a dark day. the breaking news this morning, a deadly mass shooting. the deadliest mass shooting in this country in 12 days. 12 people murdered, including a sheriff's deputy when a gunman opened fire inside a southern california bar that was filled with college students. they were line dancing. more than a dozen others were injured. the suspected gunman, as of now, we have learned is dead. >> police say there were hundreds of people inside the bar which was hosting a weekly college country music night, so you can imagine the age of the
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witnesses in there. people were ordered to get down on the ground ones the gunshots rang out, and many were hiding and breaking out windows to escape. nick watt is live. >> reporter: as you say 11 people there confirmed dead from inside that bar. a number of the people who we have been speaking to outside here had black xs on their hands which means they were below drinking age. one young man i spoke to said he heard the gunshots ring out and he did not hear the gunman say anything before the fire or during the volley of shots, and then there was a pause and during that time this young man and others got out from under the pool tables and through barstools and through the windows and some people escaped through the windows and others through the kitchen and the loading dock and others into an attic area in the club.
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in terms of the gunman himself he is now confirmed dead and we do not have an identification on him so we do not have a motive. he was described as wearing dark clothing, perhaps some sort of hat and kpwhraglasses, and he w carrying a short barreled has not gun and they have found one firearm in the club. another victim was a sheriff's deputy that arrived on the scene within a minute or two of the call coming in, and he and a highway patrolman tried to enter the club and was met with a hail of gunfire. the sergeant was hit and died in the hospital nearly two hours ago. let's hear a little bit from eyewitnesses who saw what happened. >> i heard the gunshot and i turned around and i saw him shoot a couple more times.
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within a split second everybody yelled get down. i ran to the dance floor where the backdoor is and everybody pretty much dog piled on top of each other and then it was silent for a couple seconds and all of a sudden a couple guys closer to the bar, they got up and started running towards the backdoor and said get up, he's coming. it was huge panic, and everybody tried getting up and then i was trampled a couple times and some guy came behind me and lifted me up and said let's go. i got a barstool thrown at my head because they were trying to break a window to get out. >> i started yelling, john, john, let's go. we ran to the car and that's when we saw the sheriff pulling up. i believe that's the sheriff that lost his life.
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i want to say i'm so sorry for his family. he was a brave man to come into those shots, and it was a scary situation for everyone, it really was. the kids were just having a good time, enjoying themselves. none of them deserved this at all. >> authorities, the fbi is here and the atf is here and the sheriff's department, they are trying to identify this gunman so they can have some idea of the motive. they say in this day and age they are looking at the possibility this could be terror, and there's no indication it is terror. the scene inside that club described by the sheriff as a h horrific scene, blood everywhere. 12 people dead at college country music night at a bar in southern california. john, back to you. >> nick watt for us in
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california. and one man was killed was ron helus, he died at the hospital about an hour after that attack. and joining us is news editor for the pepperdine graphic. i understand you were going to go with them but you decided to stay in and do homework. are all of your friends okay? >> we haven't heard back from everyone. it was a group of girls that went and some of them we have not been able to reach still. some of them have gotten back to campus but we are still not sure about the status of at least one or two individuals. >> the borderline bar and grill, a country music bar, a large dancing venue. the mother of somebody inside told us this is the type of place students like you go to to feel place. this is a fun place. explain the venue.
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>> it is a bar but on wednesday's they open it up to anybody 18 and up and it's a fun spot for dancing, and it's line dancing so they teach you to do the different dances. people at my university we do have a lot of people that come from the south so they know the line dances and they bring their friends to learn. it's a really relaxed, fun atmosphere. >> you are reporting on this. i know you have been reaching out and trying to find out what you can. what have you heard from witnesses? >> right now, so a lot of my friends that were there, a large majority of them are our staff and they are ras and in charge of freshman, and their number one priority has been caring for the freshmen that are obviously shaken from it and trying to organize amidst the chaos. we have not heard full statements on what they saw or what they experienced. it has been a lot of scrambling at this point to reach people,
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so it's definitely been a hectic night/morning for us. >> any information you have picked up on the shooter? >> we haven't heard anything yet about the shooter. we are waiting to hear more. we -- the people we know have not told us what -- if they saw anything from him. it is a packed venue on these nights so i don't know if it would have been possible for everybody to have seen when it occurred. >> how does this feel for you this morning? one of the things -- again, we have heard this is the type of place you can go and feel safe but we heard the same thing about a synagogue in pittsburgh two weeks ago or a high school in parkland last year. how do you feel about that? >> it's definitely thrown -- it
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has thrown everybody off. at least pepperdine is a pretty small community, a pretty sheltered community living in the quiet city of malibu. it's one of these events that you just -- it's hard to rationalize it happening here. grant it, it's not in malibu but it's thousand oaks, and still thousand oaks is one of the cities that people go to for shopping and go to grab dinner because malibu is such a quiet city. it's crazy to think that the place you are going to have fun and the place you are going to destress after your week is now someplace that is a source of even more stress and even more, just, tragic memories. >> is there any process in place for you now to find out about your friends? >> there is a hotline. we did call it earlier and we will be calling again soon for people that are trying to reach
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other individuals. we called and obviously there's a lot of traffic going through that. they also do have a center where they are having people meet that you can go and try to physically meet up with people you are trying to find. i think some of the individuals that were at the shooting that made it out are right now trying to find their way there. some of those students did come back or did go home if they lived here locally, but there are processes they are putting in place and i think people right now are working to connect people with their loved ones. >> the scene we have heard witnesses describe, you know, barstools being thrown and windows broken so people could jump out and run away. again, you are reporting on this. what you have heard there? >> all that i really know is that it was quite chaotic. the friends that did make it out got out and ran and were picked up by family members that lived in the area that were able to
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pick them up and take them away. i think my friends that did make it out, it was a scramble. we actually did not hear from them until a good few minutes. there are ten girls that tried to find each other amidst the chaos was a challenge. >> any thoughts on sergeant ron helus who was the deputy that ran in to confront the shooter, and he lost his life a couple hours ago. >> our hearts go out to him and his family. i know everybody that has ties to this right now is in that state of worry, but i think it's -- you hear about these
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shootings and the people that are the first responders to help other people. i think it's remarkable what these other people do, and i can't say enough for individuals like him, so i think it's heartbreaking and i know that the community will definitely be rallying together for the sergeant and for other individuals, the 11 that have already been marked as deceased. >> madeline carr, we will let you go back to reporting. i really wish i could just let you go back to being a student and doing things that students are supposed to do, like going to a club to line dance. appreciate you being with us, madeline. >> thank you. we have much more breaking news coverage coming up next.
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if you are just waking up we are following horrible breaking
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news. 12 people have been killed in a mass shooting inside a bar in southern california. one of the victims is a 29-year sheriff's deputy. his name is ron helus. we understand dozens others are injured. police say the suspected gunman is dead. joining us now on the phone is taylor who was inside the borderline bar when the shots rang out. taylor, thank you very much. where are you right now? >> driving home right now. >> are you injured? >> no, i fell trying to run out. >> it sounds like chaos, obviously. it was described as a dog pile, people trying to get out of the
4:17 am
exits and people running over the top of other people and it sounds like that's what you experienced. tell us where you were in the bar and what you saw? >> i was -- i was on the dance floor just dancing. it's a country bar so we were line dancing. i was just dancing normally and i heard what i thought was a balloon pop and i was confused because we did not have any balloons at the time and then i heard it a couple more times and i turned around and i saw him and i saw him fire his weapon one more time. i ran to the nearest exit and tripped and fell on the way and people kept running on top of me. i kept trying to get up, but it took me a little while to get up and i finally got out and ran up the hill to an apartment and knocked on as many doors as i could to try and get somebody to answer me.
4:18 am
yeah, finally somebody did and they let us in. >> that sounds terrifying, taylor. >> yeah. yeah, it was awful. >> taylor, what did the gunman look like? >> he had a black mask. what looked like a bandana on the bottom of his face, sunglasses, a back hoodie, dark jeans. yeah. he's kind of bigger. kind of more burly. yeah. scary. >> it sounds terrifying, taylor, i mean, just terrifying. did you see the sheriff's deputy come in? >> i actually -- we think he was the person we talked to. there was a police officer that was patrolling the apartments and we flagged him down and told him about what was going on and
4:19 am
he went down there. i am not sure if it was him, but somebody was there right away. i am not sure if i actually saw him or not. >> when you ran out you found a police officer and told him what was happening? >> yeah, we told him there was just a shooting at borderline and that he needed to go down there and help them as quick as he could. >> taylor, how old are you? >> i am 21. >> how often do you go to this bar? >> i am a promoter there so i go at least once a week. i have been going there for a couple years now. >> what does that mean? what is your relationship with the bar? tell us more about what that bar is like and what it means to the campus community. >> well, i mean, when i -- when we go it's college night, so it's all focused on the younger
4:20 am
crowd. there are a lot of participants that go to borderline. we are all a really close group of people. we go every week, because college country night is a weekly thing and we always go in and talk to them and hangout with everybody. it's just our normal routine. it's just something i do every wednesday. >> taylor, do you know where all of your friends are at this hour? >> i know where most are. >> but are some missing? >> sorry? >> are there still friends you are looking for? >> yeah. but i don't want to say who because i am not sure if it's true or not. >> i understand.
4:21 am
taylor, we are very, very sorry that you had to experience this. thank you very much for giving us your eyewitness act of what happened when you were line dancing with your friends last night. take care of yourself. >> thank you. have a good one. >> incredible poise, incredible poise she should not have to display at a moment like this. >> obviously they are in shock. this was their weekly routine. 21 years old and you could be underaged and they would put a black x on your hand so you couldn't drink. >> and joining us is cnn law enforcement contributor steven moore who is out in thousand oaks. i want to start with you. what we know is 11 people killed inside, and a sheriff's sergeant killed confronting, and we know a handgun has been found on the scene and nothing more than that at this point. what questions do you have at this stage? >> john, it's looking at the
4:22 am
modality of police responses and how they change. we talk about it all the time about the clock tower incident, forward 19 years ago to columbine and we mentioned the pulse nightclub shooting. we understand law enforcement now goes to the sound of the guns. there's no more -- we don't use the modality of contain and negotiate, of let's be patient and talk to these people because in most of the instances, there's somebody looking to kill and harm as many as possible and then die by suicide by cop or taking their own life. our responses are getting better but how are we going to prevent these in the future. i can tell you that law enforcement is looking at that this morning. >> you are a resident of thousand oaks and you have been to this bar yourself before this incident?
4:23 am
>> yes, i have. in fact, i dated my wife there years ago. this is a familiar place to me. my daughter went to dance school in the building. first call i made when i got the call from cnn was to call my daughter and find out where she was. this is a very familiar place for me. >> you thought your daughter might have been in there? >> my daughter goes there for line dancing, yeah. my first thought was to find exactly where she was when that -- when i got the call from cnn. >> on wednesday nights, that's the college -- we understood that was college night there. as you heard all of the witnesses, they say they were line dancing and they loved this night and felt safe there and they were there with their community of other college kids and friends. does your daughter go there for that? >> she goes there probably once, twice a month, i believe. yeah. it's where her friends go. it's a very popular place.
4:24 am
it's generally -- i know how ironic it sounds to say, but it's generally a safe place and not a bad crowd. that's where they go. >> that's one of the mothers of the kids inside said to you, alisyn, this is where my son goes because it's safe, and it's where you go to be near friends you know. we are hearing from witnesses there were xs on their hands because those were the kids too young to drink. we are talking people 18 to 26 years old. james, back to you, again, the handgun, if it is just a handgun that was recovered, what does that tell you about the shooter? >> again, we always talk about action verses reaction, even if somebody had been armed, if they are surprised by somebody who has a handgun and bent on doing harm there's not a lot you can do. it could have been a lot worse. we have seen in many instances,
4:25 am
an ar-style weapon and it could have been worse. but, again, police have to go to the sound of the guns and they can no longer sit back and wait and they have to distract the shooter and provide somebody to focus on so somebody could get away. we heard some of the witnesses talk about it. people were injured trying to escape, breaking glass. 1979, the who concert, 11 people were killed by being trampled. in a venue like this, people desperate to get out, it's remarkable there were not more casualties. >> thank god police run towards the gunfire, and that's what sergeant ron helus did and lost his life. he was the first responder and ran into try and save the kids. >> the sheriff says he died a hero. again, the deadliest mass shooting in the country in 11 days. we have much more to discuss, next. here we go.
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the fate of robert mueller's russia investigation hangs in the balance.
4:30 am
why? president trump fired the attorney general, jeff sessions. sessions' chief of staff is now the acting attorney general. rosenstein is no longer overseeing the russia investigation. it's matt whitaker who has been openly hostile towards the mueller investigation on tv and social media. want to bring in jeffrey toobin, former federal prosecutor, and cnn legal analyst, david gregory. i want to give you a moment to reflect on what we are seeing this morning, 12 people killed in a mass shooting. i said it many times this morning. the deadliest mass shooting in 12 days in the united states and that's the part that should stick with us. >> as journalist i think we need to find some new way to cover these shootings as part of a national pathology. i don't know the answer but i do
4:31 am
believe that we need to dig deep into, as we have with racial questions in the past, perhaps we have had commissions, one thing and another, but what is this about that makes us somewhat unique that these events keep repeating themselves in the horrible fashion they do? again, i think there's a journalistic challenge but i don't know the answer to it. >> yeah, nobody does. we feel helpless. we just report on it over and over. >> i think there's a deeper story. i use the word national pathology. i don't know what that is. i think there is a journalistic task at hand as well as obviously a task for our leaders, both moral, political, business, everyone, to start looking at why this is the kind of part of our culture that is
4:32 am
it. >> jeffrey, i want to move to the mueller investigation if i can. the last 24 hours, it's not just another day. >> right. >> it's not just another day. the president fired the attorney general of the united states, demanded his resignation, but it's a firing and replaced the acting attorney general is a man by all accounts was chosen because he was hostile to the mueller investigation. >> and he's now in charge of the mueller investigation. the question is what will he do to manifest, to make real his hostility to the mueller investigation. obviously at one extreme he can fire mueller. it doesn't appear he will do that imminently. as he, himself, mr. whitaker has talked about, he could limit the budget and he could limit the jurisdiction. he could limit the kind of ve
4:33 am
investigative tools he can use. how whitaker implements his control of the mueller investigation is now the -- is now -- the big question for him, we know it's going to be different than rod rosenstein, because rod rosenstein has been supportive of mueller from day one. >> and david gregory, what we know is that whitaker does not believe that robert mueller has broad far-reaching powers. he believes it should be a more narrow parameter. he said as much in an op-ed and on television. now what? >> that's the important question. no doubt he got this job because he passed the most important test, which was supporting the president on television. the president said he wants an attorney general to protect him. this is so far down the line, this investigation. my initial thought was would the president really want the consequences that would come
4:34 am
with shutting down the probe? this is also a president that threatened to use his senate majority to resist any check and balance that would come from the house that is now controlled by
4:35 am
4:36 am
4:37 am
4:38 am
not to act on any of those impulses, are those now removed? the one question i had is he had the ability to fire rosenstein before. remember "the new york times" suggesting he joking said about people wearing a wire. we know he has wanted to fire sessions since the beginning. what gave him pause was it would have those terrible consequences politically, and he held off. is he not worried about the consequences for 2020? >> we did it seconds after the midterms. there were still results coming in. >> there still are results
4:39 am
coming in. >> 2020 is a long way away. >> but the political scenario has changed in a different way as well. democrats now control the house of representatives. he also has to be concerned about the judiciary committee subpoenaing robert mueller to testify about what's going on. >> two months from now. but it will happen if anything happens. of course, we're staying on top of the breaking news this morning. another deadly mass shooting in america. 12 people killed in a southern california bar. we have many more details next. our big idaho potato truck is out there somewhere and we're going to find it. awe man. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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call, click or visit a store today. this is cnn breaking news. >> we are following breaking news. 12 people killed in a mass shooting inside a bar in southern california. one of the victims is a 29-year sheriffs deputy, ron helus from ventura county. his boss said he died a hero. at least a dozen others are injured. the suspected gunman is dead. joining us now is jim hines of connecticut. thanks for being with us. you know there was a mass shooting in connecticut, so you have some connection, but everyone has a connection at this point because the number of mass shootings that have taken place in this country. what were your thoughts first
4:44 am
off when you woke up to the news this morning? >> well, i'm embarrassed to say, john, as you eluded to, my first thought was, here we go again. it is this week's mass shooting. and, you know, that's a really hard way to think about this. i contrast where we are today with how we felt about sandy hook, which was obviously in magnitude and with what happened with young children being killed, completely appalling. this has become a weekly thing. nobody does anything, especially the congress where i work. 35,000 americans dead a year as a result of gun violence and congress can't find its way to studying the problem. i worry, as i said, we become desensitized to this. the kind of thing that should cause the country to rise up and say, we will change this tomorrow, is just this week's
4:45 am
mass shooting. >> in january, do you think the new majority should do something, launch some kind of a study? >> well, we should do more than launch a study. we know some things that will help here because we have done them here in the state of connecticut without impinging on anybody's second amendment rights. an assault weapon ban, universal background check. we should do things that we know are saving lives in various states. the house will do this. of course, the senate under republican control will promptly bury whatever effort is undertaken by the house. but we'll be better off in this realm than we were a year ago. >> as of now, only a handgun has been recovered at the scene. no evidence of an assault weapon. you mention the assault weapon ban in connecticut. two weeks ago in pittsburgh, there was an assault weapon.
4:46 am
congressman, you are on the intelligence committee, so i want to pivot if i can the news that the president fired robert mueller, replaced him. do you see this as a move by the president, if not to end it, to control the mueller investigation? >> oh, of course it is. i mean, we don't even need to debate that, right? we've got the record on twitter. the president of the united states for well over a year has hated his attorney general, not for any particular reason other than the fact that the attorney general recused himself from over seeing the investigation. and the president has gone off on rod rosenstein. there is no question that is what's happening here. it's not like the question disagreed with jeff sessions' legal philosophy or thought he was a bad manager of the department of justice. this is very clearly a way to put his guy, whittaker, in
4:47 am
charge of the investigation. that's a very, very scarey thing. the good news is, of course, we are a country of laws. there are all sorts of restrictions on what the attorney general, the new acting attorney general can do. and as you pointed out before with democratic control of congress, congress's article one, it is a very powerful entity and already letters have gone out demanding the preservation of documents. there will be of course an investigation here about whether the president deliberately did this to obstruct the investigation and, you know, so the world and history will be watching every move that the acting attorney general takes from here on out. >> the president at a news conference yesterday, a conference he held after he had ordered sessions to be fired, issued a threat to you, to democrats in the house. let's listen to what he said. >> they start investigating you, that two can play that game and
4:48 am
investigate them. >> they can play that game, but we can play it better because we have a thing called the united states senate. >> can you compartmentalize that and still continue to work with them for the benefit of the rest of the country. >> if they do that, then all it is is a war-like posture. >> so you investigate him, he's coming after you. >> yeah. well, you know, not a surprising point of view from this president, who doesn't understand how the government works. congress, again, art cicle one,e have the right and constitutional duty to provide a check and a balance on the president of the united states. no, this is not a hockey game where he gets to mobilize his a team against our a team. yes, he has an investigative apparatus. he has the fbi. they are constrained by law. despite what this president thinks, the fbi is not a group of political storm troopers that is designed to get nancy pelosi
4:49 am
back for launching an investigation. the other thing i would note here, john, even though the president describes a government, that is not how this works, we have seen the results of the endless republican political investigations. i go back to benghazi, the clinton e-mails, whatever the fantasy is of the moment of the republicans. their investigations, without exception, turn up nothing, absolutely nothing. years of benghazi investigation that turned up absolutely nothing. the mueller investigation, of course, has resulted in indictment after indictment, conviction, guilty pleas. even though we are not going to go for a tit for tat world, bring it on. it has proven to be complete political shams. >> all right. thank you for being with us this
4:50 am
morning. >> thanks, john. john, at that combative post-election news conference the president held yesterday, he also mocked republicans who he said did not embrace him. >> in the house, republicans dramatically outperformed historical precedence. i retired him. i'm very proud of it. i did the country a great service. you had some that decided to, let's stay away. let's stay away. they did very poorly. mia love gave me no love, and she lost. too bad. sorry about that, mia. >> joining us now is retiring republican congressman ryan costello of pennsylvania. what did you think of the president's language there? >> well, i think that there is a quote that talks about what it takes to be a good leader and a good leader shares credit when
4:51 am
things go well and shoulders the blame when things don't. and the president has decided that he often takes credit for things that he didn't do and blames others when he should be taking the blame. those members lost because the president's unfavability in those districts was so sky high, it was impossible to differentiate yourself from him. so he's just not correct with what he says. i also think it is a little bit embarrassing to have a republican president attack republican members of congress who really have been the offensive line for a lot of legislative successes. i'm a republican, okay? i am mindful that many of the viewers this morning might be democrats and voted for democrats rather than republicans. but as a republican congressman who voted in favor and advanced an agenda which i think has largely been positive
4:52 am
legislatively, to have the president say that about some of my colleagues is, i think, very disrespectful. >> yeah. >> and it points to a larger issue, and that is how are you supposed to rely on the president for any element of support when the moment he has an opportunity to just, you know, be negative towards you, he does it? >> congressman, i hear you i think sort of measuring your words this morning in a way that you didn't on twitter. i'll just read what your first take was on the president's position. you wrote, to deal with harassment and filth spewed every day for two years because of the president, to bite your lip more times than you'd care to, to disagree and separate from the president on principal and civility in your campaign, to lose because of the president and to have him piss on you angers me to my core. so who did he --
4:53 am
>> and just to -- no, just to re-it r re-it rate, i standby everything i said there. i'm trying to be more elegant on your morning show, but i standby those words. >> we appreciate that. but i wanted to read your words because it sounded like you were really angry. what do you mean the filth. >> well, when you are a republican in a competitive seat, you have got a lot of incoming negative personal invective from people across this country, people in your district, people protesting, people calling you every name in the book because you are a republican and because their hatred and contempt isn't towards you, it is toward the president. so when you are in a tough suburban seat, as i have been, they may attack the president, but they focus a lot of their personal attacks on you. so you, as a member of congress,
4:54 am
are the one that bears the brunt of their contempt for this president. >> yeah. >> and so, then, you have a republican member of congress lose a race because of the president and then the president attacks you because you were trying to distinguish yourself as an independent member of congress. so you get it from both sides. and the president not only doesn't appreciate that, he attacks you from that and he is blind from the fact that it was him that made it so difficult for you to run a race. it is so mind-blowing and insulting to warrant the kind of tweet that i tweeted. >> yeah. well, congressman, you are retiring and getting out of this racket. but, you know, i just have to say on the other side for the most part, the people that who embraced president trump and who he campaigned with did win. i'm sorry we don't have more
4:55 am
time. but we have all sorts of breaking news this morning. thank you very much for sharing your words with us. >> good to be with you. thanks. >> breaking news this morning, a mass shooting overnight. 12 people killed in california. we're getting new details. that's next. valerie: but we worry if we have enough to last. ♪ cal: ellen, our certified financial planner™ professional, helps us manage our cash flow and plan for the unexpected. valerie: her experience and training gave us the courage to go for it. it's our "confident forever plan"... cal: ...and it's all possible with a cfp® professional. find your certified financial planner™ professional at the pressure cooker that crisps.
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call for a free quote today. you could save $782. liberty mutual insurance. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning, everyone. we do have some breaking news. welcome to your new day. it is 8:00 now in the east. we begin with horrible breaking news for you. there has been another mass shooting in america, the second in less than two weeks. a gunman opened fire inside a southern california bar that was filled with college kids. authorities say 12 people are dead, including a sheriffs deputy. he was a veteran sergeant of the sheriffs department. he was killed trying to save people inside that bar. the sheriff spoke about him. >> ron was a hardworking,
5:00 am
dedicated sheriff sergeant. he was totally committed. he gave his all, and tonight, as i told his wife, he died a hero because he went -- he went in to save lives, to save other people. >> he died a hero. more people are injured. the suspected gunman is dead. hundreds of college students were inside the bar, which was hosting a college country music night. people inside tell us they were line dancing. some say they had to breakthrough windows to get out alive. i want to get to nick who has been live on the scene. nick, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, john, the atf, the fbi and the county sheriff are here, all trying to identify this gunman, who was found dead inside the


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