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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 8, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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officers and firefighters and people who just wanted to show their respect. passing under large american flags hanging over the road. i talked to one of his colleagues, sergeant julie novak. >> he was talking to his wife and said i love you, got to go, got a call. he was the sergeant that always responded to calls. he was always the guy that was first to the calls. it was kind a joke with the patrols officers that if a sergeant beats you to a call, maybe you aren't doing your job as well. ron was vord. he gets to the call in less than two and a half minutes. a great partnership we have with our california highway patrol brothers and sisters, they heard the call on the radio, they were second on scene with sergeant helus. as is our protocol, we go into the gunfire, we want to protect lives. ron took the lead with the
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second chp officer, got some rounds off. we're not sure if they got to the suspect or if the suspect killed himself. they were able to engage in gunfire. it was his last heroic act in doing what he needed to do and standing the ground and being brave. >> let's take you there to the scene. cnn correspondent nick watt is live in thousand oaks. first focusing on the victims and the survivors, tell me what you know. >> reporter: well, 11 people were killed in and outside of that club. first the security guard and then the gunman moved inside and shot members of staff and bar patrons. we spoke to a lot of people in the early hours of this morning, people who had been line dancing when the gunfire broke out. many of them fled the club. some were throwing bar stools through the window to escape, some got out through the kitchen, some through the loading bay. they were outside wrapped in
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blankets provided to them, calling their friends, frantically trying to find them. there are many small colleges around this area and this was college country music night. and of course you had mentioned that sheriff sergeant who very heroically charged into that club to try and save lives and paid for it with his own. now, there were also six off-duty law enforcement officers who were inside the club at the time and we're told by some parents around here that they stood in line and tried to protect some of the students. many of them when the shooting started, they dived under pool tables and then they panicked and tried to get out to save their lives. the gunman has been identified. he is a 28-year-old local man. he is a u.s. marine corps veteran who served one tour in iraq in 2010-2011. he came in, as eyewitnesses say, dressed in black and was armed with a glock 45 pistol, handgun
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with an extended magazine. we don't know how many rounds he had in that but he came in and killed 11 people. as for the motive, we have heard from law enforcement that he had a couple of brushes with the law, a couple of minor traffic issues. he was apparently the victim of a bar brawl back in 2015, but most interestingly, earlier in april deputies were called to his home after reports of a disturbance. he was described by the sheriff here as irate during that. and mental health specialists were brought to the scene to assess him but they decided he was not a danger to himself or others and he was not detained that the temperature and one of my colleagues, scott glover, has spoken to a neighbor. the sheriff mentioned that post traumatic stress disorder was a consideration at that time. one of my colleagues has spoken to a neighbor of the suspect who had been speaking to the suspect's mother who shared her
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concerns about her son. take a listen. >> you know, she lived in fear. >> she told you that? >> yeah. in case something happened, you know. >> reporter: was she worried about something worse happening? >> yeah. >> reporter: she told you that? >> yeah. >> reporter: the authorities are still trying to find out if there was a coherent motive behind the shooting. in the end, does that really matter. the facts on the ground are 11 people killed in that club and that sheriff sergeant, they are dead and gone. brooke? >> to hear his own mother lived in fear, it is so sad all the way around. nick, thank you, in california for us. those who managed to escape, they are talking about their own feelings of fear and devastation. that includes my next guest,
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john hedge. he and his stepfather were talking to the guard when he saw the secured at the door go down. john, thank you for taking a minute. how are you holding up today? >> it's been rough. i can't say i got a lot of sleep last night. you know, you're just still kind of shaken the next day. it's pretty surreal still. >> i'm sure. can you just take me back and tell me what you first saw, what you first heard? >> yeah. it happened so quick. i just remember sitting there. just like any other night, you play some pool and the laker game was on, we were just having a good time. i was getting ready to leave, my step dad and i, we're nearest to the front door, you know, outside of the bouncer and the two people behind the front desk, the cashiers that check
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your i.d.s. you just hear these loud pop, pop, pop. you just can't believe how loud it is. sounds like fireworks or something. you know, you think it's a joke and it takes a couple seconds to kick in. then i see my step dad on the ground and he's laying there saying "john, john, hit the ground, get some cover." you do what you can to try to get out of eyesight and try to get some cover. next thing you know i look up and i see the gunman and he's at the front desk. the security guard was already down, had been shot, and the gunman was just unloading on the poor girls behind the front desk. you know, you only imagine what's going on in their head. but that's kind of how it started. >> and what did you do next, you and your step dad? >> i went to go find cover.
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i went to go hide in the bathroom and, you know, next thing you know, i see my step dad managed to get out through the front door, which was right where the gunman was. i mean, the gunman had to have been within seven or eight feet of the front door. i didn't think that we'd be able to get out. next thing you know he's going around the front desk to go, you know, to go back there and i just -- i managed to escape. i ran over the security guard's body. those seven, eight steps to the front door, they couldn't have taken any longer, you know. you just -- you're just trying to get out of there as quick as possible. >> have you had ament menmen m minute to take all of this in
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yourself? >> no, not really. i've been so caught up in the story and just trying to find out who would do something like this and why something like this would happen? you just hear the stories. when i got out of the building i heard, you know, doors and tables flying through the window and i saw people trying to get out. i went back in to go try to find my step dad. i wasn't sure if he had gotten out. i wasn't -- to be honest with you, looking back i wasn't too sure whose body it was i ran over to get to the door. i looked back and i see smoke grenades and smoke covering the room and more gunshot were fired as he was making his way to the door. then i hear my step dad, "john, john, what are you doing, run, run." that's when we finally got away. >> my god. >> i mean, it's not something
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you process. >> so you were there with your step dad. did you know anyone else there? are all your friends accounted for? >> the friends that i had that were there were all accounted for. some people that i wasn't able to get ahold of i saw on tv later so i knew that they were okay. and my good friend actually who works behind the bar, she wasn't in that night so, you know, she's there every wednesday and she called in sick. yeah, but everybody i knew got out. >> good. here's my last question. i was just talking to a sergeant, i'm sure you've heard the story of sergeant ron helus, who happened to be around the corner, was on the phone with himself -- his wife, he said, honey, i have to go, i love you,
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i heard something's going on at the bar and he was just shy of retirement and he died. what would you like to say to his family? >> they're the real heroes. i have just so much respect for law enforcement and first responders. you only imagine how many people would have died if it wasn't for, you know, him giving his life and his partners getting in there and stopping the gunman. i just -- you just can't say enough and we're just all so thankful for them and what they do. >> i totally agree with you. john hedge, i am so glad that you and your step dad are okay and you and your friend are as well. take a minute. it's going to take more than that to process that. thanks for taking time to be me. coming up next, special counsel robert mueller is writing his final report in the
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investigation, just as president trump has fired his attorney general, a position that overseas mueller, with man who was once critical of the special counsel's probe.
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you could save $782. liberty mutual insurance. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin opini. just 24 hours after president trump fired jeff sessions, his replacement apparently has no plans to recuse himself from robert mueller's investigation and saying that whitaker would reject any potential subpoena of president trump.
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some democrats are demanding his recusal. he was a legal commentator for cnn where he argued ways the president could actually limb the t -- limit the special counsel's investigation. >> i could see where he doesn't fire bob mueller but he reduces his budget so low that the investigation grinds almost to an halt. >> laura jarrett, you tell me what you're hearing from your sources on whitaker's approaches to the mueller investigation going forward. >> reporter: well, brooke, many questions remain about how and if whitaker will actually take steps to curtail the probe, but what appears to be increasingly clear is he doesn't have any intention to recuse himself from the investigation, and the white house certainly doesn't think that he needs to recuse himself from the investigation, as sessions did, because he was a campaign surrogate on the 2016
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presidential campaign. if you think about it, it makes sense. why would the president install someone to oversee the russia probe who would then have to recuse from the russia probe, as he railed against sessions repeatedly, said it was a betrayal he had to recuse. democrats are calling for emergency hearings and saying the justice department has to preserve afrve any and all docu about this issue. >> what about the timing of this? is mueller expediting his conclusion because of possible roadblocks he foresees? >> reporter: so many good questions. we all anticipated at some point jeff session's last day at the justice department would become. i don't think any of us foresaw that it would come yesterday morning as the president was taking the stage for that press conference at the white house. he wanted to stay on longer to clean up logistical esh uissues
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some matters cleaned up but john kelly was firm saying he needed to go that day. but we don't yet know what mueller is doing behind the scenes to prepare for this. he, like all of us, have been watching this slow-moving train wreck. he's been paying attention to the tweets and seeing what the president is doing. we don't yet know enough about what he is doing behind the scenes to prepare for this eventu eventuality, brooke. >> laura, thank you very much. a number of democrats are pretty upset about whitaker's involvement in the probe. congressman, welcome. nice to have you back. >> thank you, brooke. nice to be with you. >> the headline at this moment on whitaker is he has nocusing . folks close to him believe he
12:19 pm
won't approve any subpoena of trump as part of this investigation. to that you say what? >> whitaker is obviously a hatchet man hired to destroy and strangle the mueller investigation. and he wasn't going to recuse himself. whether he should recuse himself or not is an opinion question, subjective question, that possibly could go to the courts and the courts could make a decision. but the administration and justice department will fight it with all they have and hope that justice kavanaugh is the fifth vote they need on executive power and privilege to thwart any questions of his objectivity. >> if you're calling him a hatchet man, you are the ranking member on house judiciary, soon to be the majority in the house. what are you going to do about it? >> i'm the ranking member on the subcommittee on the constitution. mr. nadler is the ranking member on judiciary. >> what do you plan to do about
12:20 pm
it as a democrat? >> we've written letters to mr. whitaker to preserve all records and correspondent and written letters to mr. goodlatte asking for hearings, which we might as well be writing to santa claus and asking him for a lexus or tesla or what have you, it's not going to happen. we're doing what you should do and what you'd expect reasonable officials and appointed officials to respond to. other than that, we can prepare for when we go into the majority in january 3. there are legal avenues that can be pursued where members of congress can take action to question his not making a recusal and also to question his appointment, whether or not it's a vacancy or not, whether it was a voluntary vacancy and whether he was fired and whether or not he had to be approved by the senate at some time or whether it was a recess appointment.
12:21 pm
beyond that i'm going to go to the protest today in memphis. there's one today and one on saturday i hope to be able to go to, too, and let people know that we're listening, we hear them and we share their concern our democracy is under attack and this is an open and notorious and brutal assault on our democracy and on transparency and on justice. >> forgive me, jared adler was reading a statement yesterday and feels as forceful as you do, congressman. we've heard from senator lindsey graham. it was last summer when he had warned there would be, quote, holy hell to pay if jeff sessions was fired. what's the hell from republicans right now? >> well, hell is having to be quiet when they see justice being trampled upon and injustice being encouraged. i don't see anybody rising up to do anything. i mean, i think i heard senator
12:22 pm
collins say something. the republicans are all -- well, there's a few of them, a handful that are pretty good on talk. there was a line in "chorus line," something like looks x and dance whatever. i think they're talk 10 and votes and action, 1. somebody over there needs to stand up. i doubt they can find enough votes to go with the democrats to do anything. we've got to be able to protect mr. mueller. i had that -- brought it up on the floor of the house and brought a motion to bring it to the floor and it got about 183 democrat votes but the only republican that would sign on, we only had one and that was a shame. >> what can you do with that? you're about to have the majority. >> if we can get a majority, we can force a vote on the floor, but you've got to get a majority to bring it out of committee and to the floor for a vote. we'd probably get every democrat
12:23 pm
when we come back, but that's still 193 and you probably wouldn't get many republicans. there's a chance we could get -- who knows what mia love and carbello and mike coffman and the others that president trump read off the other day like he was doing a speech of who died the previous year. it's like when i was in temple and they read off the names of the dead. he w it's still a lame duck. he still needs their votes on some bills. ryan costello showed his revulsion at it and sent out a tweet. he's a real good republican who retired rather than run for reelection because of redistricting and he didn't like what trump was doing.
12:24 pm
ryan's a great guy. he's the kind of republican you need. he found it so abhorrent, him saying they lost because they didn't love him and talking about him like i don't care about you because you didn't love me. i mean, it was a strange show yesterday. it was a very bizarre show. the president needs a vacation. >> well, he's got a few more years and then maybe -- >> he's club med. >> well -- >> or club meds. >> maybe your party can send him off on a longer vacation. that's going to be up to america. in the meantime, congressman cohen a cohen, thanks so much for coming by. >> coming up, supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg has been hospitalized after falling in her office. and both the florida governor and senate races are both within
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we knew some of these midterm races would be close, but what is happening two days later in florida is just stunning. newly counted vote totals are now within the margins of a recount, which is what democrat bill nelson had been demanding in his senate race and
12:30 pm
gubernatorial candidate andrew gull -- gillum who is now hired an attorney. talk me through the numbers of the race for governor. >> reporter: right now the spread between andrew gillum and ron desantis, the republican candidate, is just a little more than 38,000 votes. that means the margin of victory for ron desantis is only .47%. in florida the laws here state if the margin is less than one half of 1%, that triggers an automatic recount. they are still counting ballots here in florida, and where they are counting those ballots is in some of the areas that are considered democratic vote rich, broward county in particular there are still absentee ballots that need to be counted, provisional ballots that need to be adjudicated. so this race is far from being
12:31 pm
over. i should say that i've been in contact with members of the gillum campaign since the election results. remember that election night he did call ron desantis and concede. you never know what could happen after all those votes do come in and the recount takes place. brooke? >> we think that race was close, how about the senate race. >> reporter: yeah, the senate race is even closer. that's where democrats are actually a lot more optimistic that they could flip what we thought was happening on election night. the margin of the difference between the two candidates, the incumbent bill nelson and challenger rick scott, who is the current governor, is now only .22%. now that's within an even more important margin, the .25%
12:32 pm
margin. that means if it holds when they finish on saturday, it will go to an automatic hand recount. and bill nelson has brought in a high powered democratic lawyer from washington, d.c. to oversee this recount. they believe there are enough votes out there where bill nelson could still win this race. brooke? >> thank you very much. we're watching florida very closely. >> let's move on to justice ruth bader ginsburg. the justice fell in her office last night, went home. at some time before sunrise this morning she went to the hospital where it was discovered she had fractured three ribs. with me dr. sanjay gupta. she's a tough cookie. i've watched that documentary on her two times. but fractured ribs, how serious is this? >> they're very painful, i can tell you. i'm in my 40s. every time you sneeze or cough,
12:33 pm
anything, it's like a volcano goes off in your body. it's painful, which is obviously a nuisance. more to the point, when you have a hard time breathing, taking breaths in, the real concern especially for someone in her 80s, what does that do to your lungs? does it increase your chance of getting a lung infection? is she going to need pain medications? these are commonly broken bones in the elderly. it takes a while for people to recover. she's had broken ribs before and recovered from that. apparently didn't miss a beat last time it happened. two ribs this time, three ribs this time. she's also, i saw her film, b t beaten cancer not once but twice. >> colon cancer and early pancreatic cancer. she had a heart stent put in. she may have been on blood
12:34 pm
thinners because of that heart problem, does that affect now these broken ribs on the left side. she's 85 years old, been through these health scares but overall on this end of things is doing pretty well all things considered. >> we wish her well. i never want to know what that feels like, a fractured rib. i take your word for it, sanjay gupta, not fun, especially at 85 years of age. as urgent questions rise about the fate of this mueller investigation, what is behind the president's behavior? clearly he's rattled. we're going to talk with pulitzer prize winning journalist carl bernstein next. ♪
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jeff sessions is out, a new acting attorney general is in, the fate of the russia investigation is increatisininc uncertain as democrats fear the president is trying to stymie robert mueller. sources tell cnn matt whitaker will not recuse himself from the investigation and said if any subpoena is filed against the president, he will reject it. so just shy of firing mueller, is this the second best thing that the president could do to clamp down on this investigation? >> it might be even better from the president's point of view
12:40 pm
because it's within the scope of his legal authority, even though what it really represents is a coupe by the president of the united states and administration of justice and rule of law in the united states. it is a presidential coupe and he's done it in such a way that he has the authority to appoint anybody in the executive branch. the point is to undermine the special counsel's investigation, to bury it, to manipulate it, to make sure that he controls it, and that he does not have the authority to do under our constitutional system. >> the husband of one of the president's top aides has written this the "new york times" opinion piece where he calls of this unstus constituti george conway, who is married to
12:41 pm
kellyanne. "it means that prem's installation of matthew whitaker as acting attorney general of the united states after forcing the resignation of jeff sessions is unconstitutional. >> what we need to be concerned about is a rageaholic yesterday that we saw yesterday who has no understanding of the primacy and rule of law in our country. our system of government is undermined and obliterated. in watergate we had the precedent that no one in this country is above the rule of law, including the president. and when nixon tried something like this, the response of the congress of the united states was to have a unanimous vote by
12:42 pm
the senate, 77-0, to convene a bipartisan investigation by the senate watergate committee that of course led to the president's resignation because good republicans understood the violence done to the constitution and to our country by what nixon had done. and the fact that republicans have not gotten up in arms about this earlier and -- look, trump has made no secret whatsoever that he wants to bury the mueller investigation. if he is as innocent of all of these things as he maintains, no collusion, no obstruction, he should welcome this investigation. we are watching a president whose back is to the wall trying to earn himself a get out of jail pass, figuratively speaking, not literally, by manipulating the system of justice in the united states in a way that goes far farther than
12:43 pm
nixon did in watergate. and the complicit people are the republicans who will not say we join with the democrats to pass resolutions that guarantees the integrity of this investigation by mr. mueller. >> carl, thank you. thank you very much. carl bernstein. coming up next, a father talks about the loss of his 22-year-old son. you'll hear his emotional good-bye. to my sister's house. it's not like we're going to walk in with it. we'll bring it in as we need it. ...phase it in. phase it in? yeah, phase it in. phase it in? be right back. with moderate to severe crohn's disease, i was there, just not always where i needed to be. is she alright?
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12 more names, the victims
12:48 pm
of gun violence in america. we may not know all of who they are just yet, but we know they died far too soon. one of the victims has just been identified, elena hallsly. her aunt and uncle call her an incredible young woman with so much life ahead of her. and jason coffman, whose 22-year-old son, cody, was killed at the borderline bar & grill just broke down when he was sharing the moment he found out his son didn't walk out of there. >> you all know that i've been here fighting for him all morning long, and we did just get the news that he was one of the 11 that were killed last night. his name was cody coffman. my first-born son. only he and i know how much i
12:49 pm
love -- how much i miss him. oh, god, this is so hard. oh, son, i love you so much. oh, heavenly father, please. >> reporter: what would you like us to know about cody? >> cody was the big brother that i need. i have a daughter coming on the 29th of this month that he was so excited to have his first sister and not -- now she never know. organizati oh, cody, i love you, son. i just want to thank everybody that let me get out this morning just to put his face on the news that this is going to be an absolute heart-wrenching time for me and my family.
12:50 pm
my son was on his way to fulfilling his dream of serving the country, how old is he, sir? >> he just turned 22. >> he was getting ready to serve? >> he was talking to recruiters and doing what he could to become part of the military. >> what branch? >> the army. >> what was it that made him so wonderful to you. >> to me his outgoing love for everybody -- his outgoing love for his baseball team. he was a head umpire for the camera pony baseball league. there were so much people that he touched and now are going to be just as heartbroken as i am. >> he stayed behind. yeah, he stayed behind. we don't know anything. they just told that is he was
12:51 pm
benounsed dead on the scene. >> when did you last talk to your son? >> he just moved in with him and was living with him for the last -- >> one night a month. >> i talked to him last night before he headed out the door. first thing i said was please don't drink and drive. last thing i said was son, i love you. that was the last thing i said. >> what do you remember most about him? >> you know, his life was cut short at too young of an age, but we have a faith in our god, in our christ, and we have a hope of a resurrection. life is fragile.
12:52 pm
i pray every morning. drive to work because i know we had a plane crash on the 101. they drive that to work every day and people need to understand it. it's fragile. it's precious. you know, life is sacred, and we should cherish it. i can't comp henld. there we look for reasons, but there is no reason why evil things happen.
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left wing protesters are now targeting tucker carlson of fox news at his house. police were called to carlson's washington, d.c. home last night where members of an anti-fascist group were staging a loud protest. in videos uploaded to twitter the group can be heard chanting tucker carlson. we will fight. we know where you sleep tonight. let's go to brian stelter who is our chief media correspondent and host of reliable sources. what's the news from d.c. police? what are they now saying? >> we've just learned in the past few minutes there's an open criminal investigation and
12:58 pm
police are looking further and trying to talk with or arrest some of the protesters. but let's not get ahead of ourselves. what we know for sure is 20 people showed up at carlson's home in northwest d.c. last night. he was not at home but at work getting ready for his show on fox news. his wife was home alone and his wife heard this disturbance outside and heard them knocking on the door and screaming things. she was concerned about a home invasion. she called the police. the police showed up and the police report shows that there was vandalism at the home. here's the statement, the news statement from the police saying, look, these protesters, son-in-law of them broke the law by defacing private property. the metropolitan police department takes the violations seriously and will work to hold those accountable for their actions there. owes currently an open criminal investigation regarding this matter. so what starts as a left wing protest, one of these antifa-affiliated groups, they need to speak truth to power and hold carlson accountable. everybody has first amendment rights, but to show up at someone's house and knocking at
12:59 pm
the door and spray painting an anarchy symbol in the driveway, that has been denounced from the right and from the left today. everyone from folks over at fox to stephen colbert saying that crosses a line. you shouldn't be showing up at somebody's house like that. >> what is fox saying? >> fox news has come out and agreed with that assessment and says this was reprehensible behavior and the executives at fox says temperatures need to be taken down. we need a more civil respectful conversation and be tolerant of differences. an interesting tone coming from fox news. i think, look, brooke, talked about fox a lot, sean hannity promoting trump and all the rest. can you have a lot of criticisms of fox news and i do, but it crosses a line when you're showing up at somebody's home, whether you love tucker carlson or hate tucker carlson we can all agree protests on a driveway shouting, scaring the anchor's wife is just uncalled for. i'm glad his kids weren't home. his wife was home. obviously it was a disturbing situation and the d.c. police
1:00 pm
are taking it seriously. >> agreed. absolutely overstepping and absolutely outrageous. brian stelter, thanks so much for that, and thank you for being with me for the last two hours here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin here in new york. let's go to washington. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> 12 dead and yet another mass shooting. "the lead" starts right now. it happened again. families stunned and paralyzed after a college night at a bar turned to a night of terror and some of the survivors also escaped the vegas massacre. we'll have a live update from the sheriff in just minutes. and breaking today. a man who pubically blasted the russia probe has no intention of stepping aside now that he's president trump's acting attorney general. will the president's new man let mueller reach the finish line? and the new acting attorney general of the states shilling for shady people. his ties to scammers that allegedly cost americans