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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  November 8, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon. the polls closed two days ago. some key races still undecided tonight. house democrats have so far picked up 30 seats but that number could grow as more outstanding races are called. tonight some stunning news coming out of florida. governor rick scott who is running for the u.s. senate is calling for an investigation of his own race against incumbent democrat bill nelson. also tonight, more fallout over the president's firing of jeff sessions. sources telling cnn there is a growing sense of concern over
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the man who is now acting attorney general. many white house staffers were apparently unaware of matthew whitaker's multiple public statements questioning the mueller investigation and undermining its premise. he plainly stated he doesn't believe in the basis of the investigation that he is about to be in charge of. whitaker now has the authority to overturn anything mueller does if he deals it. "so inappropriate as he said or unwarranted under established departmental practices that it should not be pursued." well, protesters taking to the streets tonight, depending protection for the mueller investigation. so we have a lot to discuss. carl bernstein is here is, also max boot, the author of "the corrosion of conservatism, why i left the right," douglas brinkley joins us, as well. the famous and brilliant historian. we appreciate all of you. so first, max, what's going on down in florida? because the sitting governor,
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rick scott, ordering an investigation deploying law enforcement over an election that he is in charge of. does this sound okay to you? >> it doesn't. listening to rick scott, his primary evidence that there is fraud seems to be his voter margin is going down which would seem to be an indication he's not getting as many votes he would like. that's not indication there's fraud or a reason to declare a crisis. this is very suspicious is, especially when donald trump joins in and is tweeting about how there is some massive scandal going on in florida, that being a member of donald trump's party may be in danger of losing his election. >> read that tweet. this is what the president tweeted. law enforcement is looking into another big corruption scandal having to do with election fraud in broward and palm beach, florida. voted for rick scott, a scandal, corruption. does it sound like the president's getting ahead of the facts here? >> it does. we have a larger problem which is that it's become almost impossible with this be president toe have an
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administration of justice in this country that proceeds in a bipartisan and factual way. that the waters are so muddied by his misstatements and also by everything being so highly politicized, particularly by republican secretaries of state on this question of voter suppression. we need to find a mechanism that somehow the two parties and the people of this country can come together on in which people's votes count. and that every indication we have so far in all of these allegations going back for years is that voting fraud is a very, very minnesota paute part of vo. there's no reasonton believe donald trump on anything he's ever said about illegitimacy in elections. >> doug, talk about the margins
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here. they're getting tightner both the senator's and governor's race. we may see automatic recounts for both. florida, florida, florida. why is it always florida? >>. >> well, because everything that's loose in the country goes into in like a giant chute. and everybody there squabbles. and you know, it's a state that has extreme environmentalists. there's a red tide going on in florida now and the everglades are disappearing. it's also been ground zero in the civil rights movement. martin luther king had his famous fight in st. augustine. it's divided between right and left. a lot of money goes into the state. it's on the eastern time zone. donald trump lives in mar-a-lago. brought a lot of media attention there recently. most famously 2000 with gore and bush. and that is one of the defining moments of our time when al gore ended up losing in florida after it went to the supreme court.
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so dangling chads. >> don't remind, please. i still have -- nightmares about that. >> we've got memories. it is but the other story, don, florida yesterday's democrats are in control of pennsylvania and michigan now which means any 2020, the republicans at all cost have to have florida or there's no way they're going to be able to win and hence, this is important for republican party that rick scott is able to persevere over bill nelson right now. >> i want to get something else in. we're going to be talking about this whole thing that's happening in florida, georgia, as well if that goes to recount. max, talking about matthew whitaker, the acting attorney general because jeff sessions was fired, asked to resign which means he's fired. do you think he's now the acting ag because he is a frequent critic of the mueller investigation? >> it certainly looks like it. it's hard to see what other qualifications he has. there was that very compelling
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article that came out today from neil ca tell and george conway kellyanne's husband saying this is a violation of the constitution to appoint somebody who was not confirmed by the senate as the acting attorney general. it's pretty clear why he was appointed because he has this record of trashing the mueller investigation. he's denied that there was russian interference. he's denied there was obstruction of justice. he's denied there was collusion. i mean, he has prejudged the case before women becoming bob mueller's supervisor. this is so improper on its face. this is so worrisome what it means for the rule of law. >> one second. i think it's interesting what you say. why does george conway keep doing this against the white house position when his wife is -- i mean. >> i think he feels strongly about these things. he's a lawyer where tremendous -- he has tremendous conservative credentials but he's broke within his federalist society brethren. the question you should ask is
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why are all these other conservative lawyers not speaking out when the rule of law is under assault from the president of the united states. >> you say you believe that this is all about a presidential coup? >> it is a presidential coup to undermine the administration of justice and the rule of law in the united states. such as we have never seen in watergate, what we had a secret conspiracy led by richard nixon to undermine free elections to obstruct justice. this is being done by a president of the united states in plain sight. he's not trying to hide anything. he is saying to his base, he is saying to republicans, go with me to shut down this be investigation by this new appointment that i have made. plain sight, obstruction, undermine. it is unprecedented. it is a slow motion saturday night massacre. >> you've been saying that for a long time ever since this all started. you were saying it was a slow
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motion saturday night. >> we wrote a piece in the west saying at some point this was going to come. now it has. the price is so high institutionally in terms of the constitution. and in terms of what it means to have a functioning democracy with three brachbls an of government that functions. the fact that republicans have gone along with this and continue to and watergate, the big difference is that when nixon fired archibald cox and you the resignations of the attorney general and deputy attorney general, the senate by a 77-0 vote unanimous voted to create the senate watergate committee because republicans joined with democrats to say, we cannot have this kind of obstruction. it's not -- we should not make light of this. >> no, i'm not. that's an honest question. >> no, of course, we're not going to have any such thing.
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and indeed, trump has had cover from the republican party in washington. he has been the president of his base, not the president of all the people of this country nor has he made any attempt to be the president of all the people of this country. >> it's surprising to me, douglas, as much as you know folks are concerned at the white house was cable television, right? there's a growing sense of concern there over the negative reaction to matthew bhit ker that they didn't know about his stance and so on. come on. did they think everything that he said about the russia probe wouldn't be on full display here? didn't they do, what do they call it, extreme vet okay him? >> well, they should have with matt whitaker, but trump kind of snuck him in under the wire here in many wires. this is somebody who absolutely cannot be overseeing the russia probe. he needs to recuse himself.
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the word recuse can't be said enough when it comes to whitaker. let's hope he does that. but the democrats sfloul won congress. they got over 30 seats. nancy at the pel is going to matter because if donald trump dares to fire mueller and dismiss the report, them you will have a new congress, 100% looking for his tax returns starting to doing subpoenas of trump and really looking into his financial transactions in a way that mueller may or may not have. so i think donald trump's got to take the hard medicined that mueller very well may accuse him of obstruction of justice and trump's going to say that's not obstruction, it's called the firing of james comey and others and going to become a big fight. i think january is the showdown month. >> go ahead. >> one thing i want to point out quickly on what doug said is that they don't have to fire mueller. this is the strategy that matt
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whitaker outlined before. he said that basically the acting attorney general or deputy attorney general can starve mueller of resources and prevent him fromming the money to go forward, can whittle down his mandate. that could we'll be the strategy. that will it be much harder for democrats to stop. that is why it's so incredibly important that whitaker not take this job, he has to recuse himself from the mueller investigation. >> i'm going to suggest it's too late because the damage has already been done in all likelihood. what has driven trump up the wall and i've talked to people he express this had too is the fact he does not know what is going on in the mueller investigation. now as a result, he now has in the fox guarding the hen house, he already has his person there who is now looking into what it is that mueller has and can report back to the president and the president can demand to see it with legitimate sill except it again is an obstruction at
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the same time. >> hold those thoughts. i'm going to have you guys stick around for another block here. would matthew whitaker approve a subpoena of president trump? what would that mean for the investigation? we'll be right back. delicious 100% real chocolate embracing the lightness of crispy rice. crunch. the chocolate bar all americans love.
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multiple sources at thing cnn that robert mueller's team has begun writing its final report. now the playing field has changed with rod rosenstein no longer in charge of the russia investigation. i'm backing with carl bernstein, max boot and douglas brinkley. let's talk about what's going on. cnn is reporting robert mueller's team has begun writing its final report. rod rosenstein -- it's going to be matthew whitaker. is that a problem? >> if whitaker tries to suppress or alter its findings, that's a huge problem. this is where the fact that the democrats have taken control of the house is incredibly important because they will be able to subpoena mueller's report. that will make it much more difficult to hide that.
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you could imagine the president trying to claim executive privilege and you could imagine a court fight going all the way to the supreme court. but the playing field is a little bit fairer now with democrats in control of at least one house. >> the "post" is reporting, carl, that whitaker wouldn't approve a subpoena. >> that apparently is true. he won't approve a subpoena to the president of the united states. and it may end up there that the president will not be subject to questioning. >> let me ask you something because you mentioned, you said a low -- did you say this is all about a coup, a slow-moving coup. >> not a coup -- a coup to undermine the administration of justice. >> i get you. you also have been mentioning what you called a cold civil war. you think that has something to do with the president's reactions to be this election and? >> look, we are in the midst of a cold civil war in this country that trump has -- that precedes trump and he has brought to the point of ignition. and what we saw yesterday was a rageaholic president, almost as
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we've never seen him. and that he's in a rage among other things, the reason he's so enraged at the press is that the press is the reason in his mind that the democrats won the house. and the reason than mueller is still there doing his job. and he's not all together wrong about that, the president of the united states because the press indeed has held him accountable for his lying and lying and lying and lying. and that figures in the results that we saw coming from the polls across the country and enabled the house to be taken by the democrats. and it also has enabled mueller to stay with rosenstein there proceeding with his investigation. he has not been able to shut it down. now he is finally is in the process. >> even his reaction afterwards when it didn't look like democrats were winning by such a large margin. there are places now where democrats are still winning. so i'm sure that does not sit
8:20 pm
well for the president. i've got douglas, i want to ask you about something that "the washington post" is reporting tonight. this is from the former first lady's book. she talks about this president and the whole birther lie that he carried on for years and years and years. she said, this is from former first lady's book, michelle obama, the whole birther thing was crazy and mean spirited. it's underlying by gotry and xenophobia hardly conceal. it was deliberately meant to stir up the wing nuts and kooks. what if someone with an unstable mind loaded a gun and drove to washington, what if that person went looking for our girls? donald trump with his reckless innuendos was putting my family's safety at risk and for that, i never forgive him. what do you think of that? >> go on. >> i got to read the memoir. i signed a nondisclosure agreement and actually read
8:21 pm
becoming michelle obama's powerful book that comes out next tuesday. and that is in it. "the washington post" i can confirm has the correct quote there. and michelle obama is somebody who is very upset at donald trump's behavior particularly in a string of stories that talk about her children. and that how threatened she felt once the birther conspiracy theory kicked in and the fact that obama was a, her husband was a secret muslim. and actually grapples in this book with right wing extremism and what trump's spinning of ugly conspiracy theory meant for her as a mom and living in the white house and feeling threatened. remember the white house was shot at, people forget that at one point during the presidency when all these stories were coming out and the all the right media. >> again, i'm going to bring you in, max. she says that it's underlying
8:22 pm
bigotry and xenophobia hardly concealed. >> that bigotry and xenophobia is in plain sight right now. certainly you saw it in plain view during the midterm campaign to the point that mrs. obama was making about the conspiracimongering about birtherism. we've always had con spir nuts in this country. people who thought eisenhower was a russian agent or that the moon landing was fake. we've never had a conspiracimonger in the white house and donald trump continues to propound crazy conspiracy theories even as president. for example, suggestinging that george soros was behind the central american caravan. this is very core rosive. this is an assault on truth. this is an assault on sanity. emanating from the white house. >> carl? >> it's a war on truth. that has been why he has been strong to his base. >> before you do that, and i'll let you finish what, do you think of the first lady's remarks? >> i would like to read the
8:23 pm
whole book. i think the important thing she's talking about there and max is saying, as well, donald trump has done all of this in plain sight. he's made no attempt to hide the conspiracy. is he out there with the wild conspiracies. it helped carry him to the white house. and now it is the basis by which he governs. he governs through his words, through his conspiracies. through appealing to this base that goes along with this including the congress people who are in the republican party in a position to stop it and have done nothing whatsoever to say hey, we cannot have this. >> yeah. douglas i'm paraphrasing but she says she is put off by politics and seen nothing in the last ten years that would change that and that she's not going to run. i don't think she was. she stood by her husband. it is my understanding she wasn't a big fan of him running in the first place. she was never a big fan of
8:24 pm
politics. >> absolutely. >> you can understand why. >> well, you know the reasons why. she just wasn't wired that way but she fell in love with barack obama. she fell in love with his great grin and his warm heart and they became this storybook fairy tale couple. the memoir which will be this megahit. this thing's going to sell so many copies i can't even tell you because it's not a washington cookie cutter memoir. it's a beautiful piece of literature that she's done. a lot of it is uplifting about chicago and her childhood and her parents on and on. the trump parts and you've just quoted one part from the "post," but i think the trump parts are obviously going to garner a lot of media attention because we would think maybe she tried to avoid that clash but no, she goes right at the president of the united states for intimidating her family and for lie together american people and
8:25 pm
for being a misogynist. >> she says according to "the post"ing that her body buzzed with fury after hearing an the access hollywood tapes a lot of people can relate to that. >> i don't blame her. i think everybody with any sense of decency should be buzzing with outrage about the things donald trump says and does. what's alarming to me is the way it's been normalized and we accept it and move on. there's so many outrages piling up. he barred jim acosta from the white house because he fired jeff sessions and installed this henchman at the justice department. esthere's something every day. it's normalizing this kind of craziness. mrs. obama is to be commended. we can't lose that sense of outrage what he's doing. >> we're out of time. thank you all. i appreciate it. thank you. from nfl linebacker to frontlines of congress, congressman elect colin allred joins me on his historic win. next.
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[ sigh ] it's bring your own phone, not pony. so i could've taken the bus? yeah. bring your phone. switch your carrier. save hundreds a year with xfinity mobile. call, click or visit a store today. democrats have netted at least 30 seats in the house. there are a few key races still to be called. this blue wave is bringing in newcomers who could shape congress for years to come. one of those is colin allred, a former nfl player turned attorney, now turn congressman elect. we spoke to him the night before the election. and he joins me now. thank you so much. we appreciate you joining us. congratulations on your win. >> yeah, thank you so much, don. really happy to be with you. >> you beat a congressman who represented your district for over 15 years. how do you think you pulled that
8:31 pm
off? >> well, think that my opponent had lost touch with this district. and i will a story to tell who we were here in north texas. this is where i was born and raised and i think i had a story to tell what we do and what we can do when we invest in each other and give folks a chance. people responded to that. i'm so proud of everyone who spent their precious evenings and weekends talking to their neighbors. that was the differencemaker for us. >> you said folks gave you a chance. you were happy that folks gave you a chance. i guess they think you're going to be their voice. what are the issues? you spent a lot of time talking about issues. what are the issues important to them? >> yeah, well, as we talked about the other night, health care is definitely number one. and i think people were worried what was going to happen with health care. they were worried we were going to lose those plo protections for pre-existing conditions like
8:32 pm
breast cancer which my mom had. this is something that shouldn't be a political football but it had become one. we have things unique to our area, we're one of the most rapidly growing areas in the country. if you drive to our streets, you will feel that. we need to invest in infrastructure. we have jobs we can't fill because we haven't done enough in job training. > another issue that you have to deal with will be gun violence. mass shootings, sadly. another devastating it mass shooting last night. 12 people killed at a bar in california. give me your stance on gun violence. >> well, we clearly have to do something. this is a public health crisis in my opinion. and it begins with universal background collection on the sale of all guns. there are loopholes that are open right now that we must close and this is something that i think is consistent with the second amendment, consistent with the supreme court's rulings in this area and something that i think the majority of
8:33 pm
responsible gun owners here in texas agree with. we have a pretty rigorous are process here for getting a concealed handgun license. people understand this keeps people safe. >> so, people in d.c., lawmakers have been trying to tackle this issue forever. you know that. but with a republican senate passing gun legislation, i mean, that seems unlikely. is there a risk that you won't be able to deliver anything to your voters on this issue? >> well, don, as you know it, took decades to get the civil rights act. it took decades for us to get women's suffrage. sometimes fights are worth having even if you can't get them done immediately. certainly the people of my district expect to us try and get something done on this be to take common sense steps and if folks stand in the way of that, i think there's going to be political consequences for doing that. >> yeah. let's talk about another race in your state.
8:34 pm
and that was a race for senator because beta o'rourke, able to get much closer to unseating ted cruz than many people thought even possible. i think he did actually a little bit better than the polls showed. do you think some of the energy, money directed at o'rourke helped you, some of that attention? >> absolutely. absolutely. it was a very good thing for us. this was a great election for texas. and i'll tell you why. it's not just a great election for democrats here in texas because we just haven't had competitive statewide elections here in far too long. as you know, when you have that, sometimes you don't have the accountability that comes along with that. and i think that what congressman o'rourke was able to do was really i think of highlight some things that were important to texans that i hope ted cruz will listen to in the senate and he got so many people excited. it certainly helped our race, helped our state house races. it was good for our democracy. >> so democrats won back the
8:35 pm
house, right? house democrats will have to vote soon on leadership. that includes picking a speaker. ten democrats have told politico they don't support on nancy pelosi's bid. given the size of a democratic majority, she really can't afford to lose too many members. do you support leader pelosi's bid? >> well, what i've said from the beginning and this goes back over a year is that i want to see what my options are. i want to see who is running. i want to have conversations with them what their plans are for the caucus, for the country, and i think this position gives me some leverage. it gives me the ability to get some commitments for things for north texas. that's what's most important to me. here in my district, i'll be honest with you, we didn't talk a lot about nancy pelosi or about this. it's not i think on the top of the mind of most of the folks that i talked to. >> thank you congressman elect. i appreciate your time. >> thank you so much, don. >> 12 people killed in yet another mass shooting overnight. not even two weeks after the
8:36 pm
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it has happened yet again in america. a mass shooting. another scene of carnage and mass murder. this time at the borderline bar & grill in thousand oaks, california, northwest of los angeles. a gunman killing 12 people before apparently killing himself. >> we're making entry. >> we're making entry.
8:41 pm
>> we've got multiple people down. we need a lot of ambulances. >> there are multiple shots being fired. the back northwest area. >> witnesses say there was a stunned silence inside the bar as the gubman opened fire. >> it appears he walked up to the scene. he shot the security guard that was standing outside. he stepped inside. >> these big pops, pop, pop, pop. i saw him point to the back of the cash register and he just kept firing. >> the gunman is identified as 28-year-old ian david long, a marine veteran who served in afghanistan and was often seen at the bar. tonight authorities have identified a facebook post they believe he posted around the time of the attack. here's what it reads. "hope people call me insane. wouldn't that just be a big ball of irony? yeah, i'm insane, but the only
8:42 pm
thing you people do after these smooth shootings is hopes and prayers or keep you in my thoughts. every time. and wonder why these keep happening." over. >> why are these mass shootings still happening time after time after time? i want to replay for you, if you will, the very words ta we wrote on this show right after the murders at the while in parkland, florida. this was back in february. it broke our alerts. every single one of these shootings they always do break our hearts. that was nine months ago. and it says if we wrote the script tonight after this latest massacre. >> this is a sickness that has infected the country. unchecked and unfettered gun violence. today 17 lives are over. 17 families are torn apart. parents who sent their kids to school this morning imagine that, many people accepted their kids to school, just like they've done every other day for
8:43 pm
years. they trusted their kids would be safe. teachers went to work this morning trusted that they would be safe. n their space. in their work environment. the way we all should be safe in our work environments. every day, everywhere in our schools. our churches, our offices as the concerts, at nightclubs. do you feel safe tonight? there's another fact that we need to face. every single one of us is just playing the odds at this point. the odds that in a country of 325 million souls that we won't be the ones who get hit by the next bullets that start flying. we won't be the one that gets that phone call about someone you love who did. your son, your daughter, your brother, your sister. your spouse or your parent. even a friend. anyone you know. the phone call that changes your life but with every deadly shooting in this country, the
8:44 pm
odds get worse and worse and worse. are you really willing to keep playing those odds? your life is too precious for that. the lives of our loved ones are too precious, the lives of people in our cities and towns are too precious. have we forgotten that life is a gift? it's a disgrace that there is still happening after sandy hook columbine, virginia tech it, emanuel ame church, pulse nightclub shooting, las vegas, the list goes on and on and on. this is who we are right now. but is this really who we want to be, a country where anybody at any time could be shot to death and then when a bunch of people are killed and lives are slattered, we are sad and maybe angry and then we forget and we move on until the next time. with the tragedy remaining in the headlines for even a shorter time than it did before.
8:45 pm
so just forget politics here. this is about lives. the liveses of all americans. we need to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. everyone agrees with that. people oppose gun control will say today is not the day to talk about it. you know what? they are absolutely right. because the day to talk about it was weeks, months, years or decades ago. yes of course, we also need 0 make meant it will health a priority in this country but guess what, we can do both. we can do both of those things at the same time. if we don't, we have no one to blame but ourselves. this is america, people. don't forget that. i know that we are better than this. >> so what's happened since the parkland murders? since i said that? more shootings than we could possibly go through. so here are just a few of them. okay?
8:46 pm
the gunman fatally shot four people in a waffle house in tennessee in april. a gunman killed 10 at a texas high school, that was may. a shooter killed five in a maryland newsroom. june. in california, in september, a gunman went on a shooting spree killing five and then himself. and less than two weeks ago, a gunman kills 11 worshippers in a pittsburgh synagogue. mass shootings in america. a crisis and a sickness. a once-in-five hundred year storm should happen every five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth...
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ginsburg fractured three ribs after a fall in her office. she's 85 years old and hospitalized for observation and treatment. she became the second woman to serve on the high court and is now a progressive and pop culture icon. so, joining me now is erin coe mar, the author of "notorious rbq." you literal ly wrote the book o ginsburg. tell me about the reaction from her latest health care. >> from the moment that i woke up, i started getting panicked messages from the many people out there who love justice ginsburg. they're of course, concerned, when they see a headline that says she's in the hospital. but that said, i am here to reassure all of justice ginsburg's fans, she has certainly been through worse. she is extremely resilient. i actually just this evening spoke to her trainer, brian johnson, author of "the rbg
8:52 pm
workout." and i can exclusively work that he is not worried. so, if her trainer is not worried, i am not worried. he calls her tough as nails and says he's pretty sure he's going to have to hold her back from doing more push-ups. >> oh, my god, okay. let's talk about, she's been through -- this is the first time she's had a major medical scare. can you tell us more about her health history? >> she has had some serious bouts with hospitalization in the past. in 1999, she had colorectal cancer. it was caught very early that she had a pancreatic tumor and it was removed in stage one. she has actually preview shrill been hospitalized for a bruised rib and she had a heart stent put in in 2014. but funny story about that 2014 heart stent, my coauthor, who start eed meme, had an appointmt to come see her in chambers
8:53 pm
right after that. she thought it was going to be canceled because, of course, justice ginsburg had just been in the hospital, but when she arrived and the meeting was still on, she asked justice ginsburg if she had any message for her fans, and, again, she's about ten days out of the hospital at this point, and justice ginsburg said, tell them i'll be back doing push-ups next week. >> she never missed a day on the bench, despite all that. >> correct. and i believe that is a record that she still holds, because i believe the court was not sitting today, so, we shall see how quick her recovery is. of course, she should take all the time she needs. but despite all the serious health issues she's faced in the past, despite the fact that she is the oldest justice on the supreme court and has served for 25 years, that is a record that she holds. she's never missed a day on the bench. she was on the bench shortly after the death of her beloved husband marty. that's how committed she is to getting the job done.
8:54 pm
>> she's become a folk hero on the left. many young people, young women absolutely love her. there's a lot of concern around the country about her, about her and her well being, and as you said, you know, you were extremely concerned this morning, many people were having panic attacks about it. talk to me about that. >> well, i've seen a lot of people who are offering to donate ribs, donating ribs, obviously, not being a thing. people who are asking to wrap her in bubble wrap, a bubble around the entire supreme court, if possible. i understand why people are concerned, it's not great to see that someone's in the hospital, especially someone who is one of nine lifetime appointments, definitely folks who are fans of justice ginsburg don't want to see donald trump or a republican senate replace her. but to the extent that a two-time cancer survivor, who is 85 years old, is robust and healthy in mind and body, she certainly is. >> 85, one of only four liberals
8:55 pm
left on the court. if she were to retire, it would flip a liberal spot to a conservative judge and make the balance 6-3, possibly for a generation. no one is probably more aware of that than she is. >> yes, of course. and she's made it really clear that she is going to stay on the bench as long as she can do the job at full steam. she's mentioned before that justice john paul stevens retired at age 90, he's still out there, he's still writing. i think she has every intention of staying put and seeing the work that she's committed her entire life to, which is the cause of equality and justice, seeing it all the way through for as long as she possibly can. >> we really appreciate it. thank you so much for an update on rbg. >> thank you, don. >> and thank you for watching. our coverage continues. ♪ spread a little love today ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ ♪ spread a little something to remember ♪ philadelphia cream cheese. made with fresh milk and real cream
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good evening. there's a lot going on tonight. we have breaking news on the fallout to the president firing attorney general jeff sessions, and there's a lot to tell you about, where the balance of power stands right now, two nights after the midterms. some changes, some possible recounts. but we begin tonight with another community that is heartbroken at of mass shooting in america. another gunman, another town. for some viewers tonight, it may be just like any other sickening story, but for the families and the friends of the 12 people killed in thousand oaks, california, this is not just another mass shooting. it is a nightmare and an outrage that has taken their loved ones and altered the path of their lives forever. we'll get to the latest on the investigation. a gunman opening fire at the borderline bar and grill in


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