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tv   Smerconish  CNN  November 10, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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was thrown into a crazy environment where i had no choice but to fight my way through it. i always had a cue ball and a sock in my pocket. >> "parts unknown" the final episode at 9:00. >> more news straight ahead. >> e ♪ >> i'm michael smerconish in philadelphia. president trump in paris today meeting with french president emmanuel macron just after criticizing nato. and the president repeald and replaced attorney general jeff sessions the day after the midterms, was it turnover as usual or a red flag off a potential constitutional crisis? and they're still counteding
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votes in florida. is it the usual dithering delay or a sign of fraud? reminds me ewhen tim rusert famouslyverted to basic technology. >> you couldn't have those problems with those computers. this is the answer. >> texan beto o'rourke suddenly looking like the best democratic kand dtd in twept 20. and what if your spouse criticized your boss? an examination of the confounding case of george conway, aka mr. kellyanne conway. and just when we think we're done with election madness, florida keeps dragging us right in. i remember when votes were being
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koupted in bush v gore 2000. remember this guy? our eldest son was five. every day he'd come home from his montessori school to see me watching coverage of the recount and he'd say dad, are they still counting votes in florida? i was afraid our son would think process goes on for weeks and it ends with a decision in the supreme court. well shs it's 18 years later. time flies. that son is now getting a degree at oxford and in florida they're still having trouble counting the votes. i think rick scott quaswas out line and should not have spoken of left wing activists coming up with ballots out of nowhere.
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it's not a partisan issue. we should all be demanding fair and accurate elections. just look at the margin in the senate race. scott leads incumbent president 59.9. and leads nelson by less than 15,000 votes. through last night broward was the only one of florida's 67 counties that had not yet reported a complete recount of early voting ballots and the most democratic leaning ballot in state. not partisan tia canary -- only 665,000 plus voted in the senate race. if those results hold it means
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more than the race for senator. that requires examination. we need to professionalize this process. it's outrageous that in georgia secretary off state did not recuse himself from all responsibility for the governor's race while he himself was a candidate. and no one in america should ever have to stand in line for hours to cast a ballot. that is absolutely third worldish. of course no one who voted using mail-in ballot in oregon, california and washington had to stand in line. no matter the outcome, the real problem is it undermines confidence in our system and it might discourage participation from people who think the whole thing is a fix and therefore
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their vote doesn't matter and that would be the complete opposite of the correct conclusion. every vote counts. i want to know what you think. go to my website and answer this surv survey question. the delay in the florida counts is the result of be9 human factors or indicative of fraud? results at the end oof the hour. i want to dribble down further on florida where a result is expected by noon today. and still up for grabs the governor's race between republican ronda desantis and andrew gillum. the president has threatened to involve the feds in finalizing the tally. how do we get here? joining me is the tallahassee bureau chief of the times.
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what is taking steve so long in broward county? >> michael, the explanation is a heck off a lot of people voted. they're still counting in broward. but she has until 12 noon today sign a final ounofficial ballot count to a guy named ken and he will then order the mushine recounts. >> is it conceivable that rick scott might lose his lead when those votes are tallied in broward? >> it's conceivable but it depends on how many votes there are still uncounted in broward which brenda snipes has not disclosed due to simple math. bill nelson got about 69% of the vote. there's no place rick scott would less rathver votes being
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counted than broward county, florida. that's an absolute fact. a 14,800 vote spread when i checked it about an hour ago. nelson could make that up depending on what's out there. >> leltsz rr look at what elts has wrong in broward. unlawfully destroying ballots. leaving an initiative off some absentee ballots and sending voters. consequently she ebecomes easy fodder for among others, the president of the united states. >> and the president has been calling this whole thing a fraud and accusing democrats of trying to buy a senate seat. one of my colleagues in florida wrote about how just a few years ago there was a ballot initiative on marijuana
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legalization, for some people their ballot didn't include that initiative there was another circumstance where debbie wauserman schultz was the chair of the dnc and she had a primary challenge and her challenger wanted to go through those ballots. so yeah i think that makes her an easy target and i think it gives fauder to the republicans who have a lot riding on the line now. sflrs when you look that agriculture race verses the senate race, i want to put on the screen the broward county ballot. under the instruction ozes on the left hadf hand side of the screen, there's the senate race. far more prominent is the gubernatorial race.
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>> it looks that way but i'm skeptical because the design oof the ballot in florida must be uniform in all 67 counties. every county ehad those instructions at the top. there may be some anomaenally with the font size in broward county. a political consultant who studies this stuff and is a data geek, he noted that the vast majority of the undervoteicize concentrate in one part off broward county, southeastern which i think is the congressional district of wilson, who did not have an ponent in this year's election so her race doesn't appear. the sachlal ballot or the typical ballot we see shows the nelson scott race and below it,
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debbie wa debbie wasserman schultz. >> it's hard to determine if it's the result of nefarious conduct or some level of ineptitude. >> there's no evidence yet that we ecan see so far that there is s some of fraud going on. i think we're going to have to wait and see. i think florida officials are go to tiej have to look at how they fix it in some way shape or form so we're not in this position again. year watching florida and arizona very closely and right now we have a foo-seat majority and might not seem like a lot out of 100. that is the difference between
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obamacare repeal passing and failing. the president just got rid of jeff sessions. he's been talking about cleaning houses and those two votes are critical in term oz of replacing hacandidate and getting people unfirms. >> how does this end? >> this ends very badly for someone and it's going to end badly for brenda snipes i think. it's going to end with the spread bieng even closer thaj it is now. if the numbers change, it's gering to give rise to more phoney conspiracy theories about things. i want to raise a couple points. number one, rick scott
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controls -- they asuned two observers shs they make sure there are no problems. we heard nothing before election day these governorers found going. trrs number two the governor has the pourer to spend from kbachs elected -- rick scott chose not to do that. brentdau snipes was appointed to her current position by jeb bush in 2003. she's been elected four times as the supervisor of election in broward county. so this is going to drag on. the courtherings trood. the palm beach county
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supervisors that have banned cameras. it undermines public confidence in voting. this state has worked very skaungs engssly of that have abate forry port. what are your thoughts? i will read some throughout the course of the program. what do we have? smerconish stop feeding this idiotic conspiracy. you should be better than that. i'm dispassionately looking at what's going on in florida and i'm asking people to weigh in on my survey question. the delay in the vote count
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benign human facers or indicative of fraud? can you put out that tweet frfrs i'll show you how he's tweeted on this matter already. it expose thefraeds. but i've not come to conclusion. it's the only one of the 67 counties and we're better than this and we should have learned our lesson after 2000. i'm an evdengsiary guy. i'll wait until all the data is un. up ahead why is one of the most focal critics, the intriguing case of
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the man mr. trump called mr. kelly ann conway. is brk eto o'rourke -- his concession speech felt like a rallying cry. >> nots a dime from single pack. all people all the time in every single part of texas. frf all of you showing the country how you do this. so [ bleep] proud oyou guys. a basketball costs $14. what's team spirit worth? (cheers) what's it worth to talk to your mom? what's the value of a walk in the woods? the value of capital is to create, not just wealth, but things that matter. morgan stanley
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you remember the controversy from inside the white house. well, another piece ran this week in the times that was also riveting for who wrote it shs only this time not anonymous. trump's appointment of the acting attorney general is unconstitutional was co written by george t. conway iii is a litigator in new york. but to the world he is better known as our president referred to him friday this way. >>. >> who?
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>> kelly ann's husband? >> you mean mr. can kellyanne conway? >> for many months george conway has been tweeting and tweeting a storm of antitrump. joining me now is ben terrace who wrote the tur iic piece she works for trump, he can't stand him. trrs this is life with kelly ann and george conway and sally quin. i'll begin with you. he wept kwh trump was elected in a good way but had a change of heart. >> i don't think the was just one breaking point. he was actually the person that introduced kelly ann to donald trump way back when.
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but things went off the rails pretty quickly and even though he was kin sidering joining and bieng a member of the department of justice, it quickly unravelled that comey firing and investigations and i think he saw somebody he couldn't fully put his support behind. >> i'd like sally to react. the conways, like the rest of the country have been jolted by the trump presidency. they love each other, exasperated by each other. there are a lot of american couples like that only one of them doesn't work for the president of the united states. >>. >> one of the things he you do is refer them to famous couple. she was a conservative working
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for the bushes and carvel was a very famous clinton supporter, worked for the clintons. and they wrote a book called "all's fair" as in love and war. but i think the difference between mary and james and what's going on with the conways is enormous. i think it's a totally different circumstance. i loved them both and they're both egi think incredibly honest, honorable. they have a rot integrity, decency. they happen to disagree on how things should play out in terms of their politics. it's a difference of ethics and values and morals and this is where i'm confounded by their relationship because i think
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that -- and kellyanne even said that what george was doing by criticizing the president was disrespectful and i think people sometimes think it's disloyal to her. but i would argue that kellyanne is basically being disloyal to what their relationship start odout being which is two people who cared about their country and had the same values and ethics and morals and i think there's no way you can support donald trump given what he's done in the last two years. separating children and parents at the boarder, charlottesville, the lying all of that kind of thing. those are serious moral issues and to be married to someone who defends those issues i think would be untenable. i find what george is doing basically is to speak out what he feel sz a totally -- everything against what he stands for. and that in a way kellyanne is
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the one being disloyal to him and the ethics and values and morals they set up for themselves and hopefully share for their family. >> i can't for example she was shocked when she opened up her copy off the new york times and saw the piece i'm holding in my hand. does he clear these things with her? >> i know that she's frustrated by it. she did tell me over the summer that she found it disrespectful to the marriage and compared it to the marriage vows. they have to be loyal to each other and this felt disloyal to her. he does not clear everything he tweets and writes. but i think he's frustrated as well. he's frustrated by the fact that
6:25 am
he loves his wife and thinks she's incredibly talented and think she's wushing for a man not worthy of her tal pt. >> i would like to pause at this for you. here's one thing i'm confident of it's going to make for one heck off a book one day. >> i think in the end either she's going to have to leave trump or i don't see how the marriage will survive. >> well shs we ehope it survives. we want everybody to get along. that was interesting. what do we have? it's disrespectful to call george conway mr. kelly ann conway. okay black texas mule.
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let me get this straight. weers rr cover thing president with his own words. i'm equally reprehensible. that would mean we don't cover the things he says that you find objectionable. when the president fired jeff sessions and replaced him with a loyalist, some were raising the spectrum of a constitutional crisis. is that correct? and even though he lost the senate race in texas this week might beto o'rourke be the best bet for 2020 and he seem toads have triumphed the insult dog. >> love that you are anybody but ted cruz. does it concern you that most of your people think they can
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is texas congressman beto o'rourke losing a stepping stone? after he lost to ted kroouds he gave a rousing concession speech. a political savvy friend off mine send me this election night. beto won tonight so long as he keeps going and runs for president right now. it's very simple. he's the only person to capture the imagination off democrats nationally since barack obama. he will run, it's been done. loses for the senate, runs for president. lincoln and george h.w. bush.
6:32 am
some thing he'll run for the other tex tks senate seat john cornyn. but will texas get that much bluer in two years. and editor of texas monthly magazine who wrote this piece the success -- most texans know that when you fall off a horses the best thing to do is get right back on again. i guess the question is what horse does he get back on? >> i know trump has proven anybody can run and anyone can run. it's a little more reasonable
6:33 am
and i think he's proven he can do it. if you compare this election to wendy davis ran against governor abbott and he just smeared her. i think he's proven he can make new voters in texas. he ehas also proven he can raise money nationally. i think it's a little premature if we're living in a rational universe. >> where on the continuum of democrats if biden is the more sentrist and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are further to the left where, do we know bernie is andian think we don't quite know. i thing cruz tried to paint him as this crazed leftist who was dpoeing to let cross the
6:34 am
boarder. he's got to tell us more about his policies. a friend of mine was joining he ran on the hopi changy self. we eceall divine what he means. >> a criticism i've ride repeatedly is he never made the usual tather back to thesenter for the election. >> i'm not sure. dprrs i thing it the pletical story crit size hichl and in his case i'm not sure kwr he could
6:35 am
have gotten more wem.. it was really a numbers game. the election was so close. trrs any particular group gd have gone ballot. harris county, in particular, is incredible. he heincredible ettails. i think people went in and pushed the lever for beto and just decimated the republican party knowing he's in ayres kunty. >> it was serious xm caller who said if you look at his asset liabilities. obama-like in the way he can as of now as a lilt. isn't he the perfect running
6:36 am
mate for someone more sooen seasoned with the same efbl george biden. what if you put the two of them together? >> i'm sure you can see my face falling. i would love to see him run as a viesz presidential candidate with someone a little nooi newer, fresher, younger. this election has shown there is a a democratic branch and there are other people we can chusz it it but i think maybe etle are some othcandidates -- >> i think he's got pretty interesting insight. rgs >> thankio. er >> let's check in on yoirt and
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facebook i think that's what my friend was getting at. frars i give credit to contvives who hatd emb level about this election. i think a lesson we've learned you've got to be able to energize a base and this guy can energize a base. i want to remind you to answer the survey question this hour. the delay in the florida vote count. is the result of benign human factors? or indicative of fraud? still to come. some have waurner warned of a a potential crisis. i'll ask the presidenter of the national kaungs tugsz center, jeffrey rosen.
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6:43 am
least off which does having him unseated jeff sessions and placed whitaker. trrs friday a federal appellate court -- we can put the politico story up. -- said they want an explanation from mueller. do explain. >> so the federal court is considering whether mueller's apointment is unconstitutionpleon for article two, seksz two but inferior can be appoint fwhied senate. is he being properly supervisored by rod rosenstein. now that he's been replaced by whitaker. they want to know is he more or
6:44 am
less surprised and now people are saying whitake rsr's appointment is unconstitutional. and they say 1898 that the president can fill vacancies for a short period of time. so there's a central question about whether mueller and whita c -- whitaker's appointments are constitutional. i thought that was interesting. >> no, that was interesting. what is marbury verses madison? >> it's the central case in american jurisprudence which says the supreme court has the power to strike down unfounded laws and marbury verses madison may have been wrongly
6:45 am
deciddecided. i can say that is an out of the mainstream view. trrs almost all liberal and conservative scholars believe adams perceived they have the power. so for an atrturny general to - to strike at the very heart of the judicial system. >> is this not precisely the kind of an issue you would see senators questioning a nominee about if there were to be a hearing about said nominee but in the case of this particular individual shs he hasn't received senate conformation like jeff sessions did in the permanent role for the position? >> that's the very purpose of senate hearings. questioning marbury versus madison, threatening to defund the special counsel, threat
6:46 am
thing constitutionalali i tshs f off itself. >> and so dwoo all of these -- this and a myriad of other legal issues. does jeffrey rosen believe ultimately get resolved in recently having been delivered to brett kavanaugh? >> there are likely many issues to be resolved including what happens if mueller write as report but whitaker refuses to share it with congress shs what if congress issues subpoenas to have whitaker himself testify, does the president exercise privileges? and the supreme court is very likely to decide some of them.
6:47 am
>> and for health reasons, not partisan reasons we hope they're doing with ruth bader ginsburg. she had a fall this week. we wish her god speed in her recovery, right? >> we're coming out with book next year. i expect her to be back on the bench next week. she is a marvel and so glad shy is recovering so well. >> always a privilege to have you here. >> like wise. see you soon. >> coming up your best and worst tweets. the delay in the florida vote count. what's driving that? the result of benign human factors or indicative of fraud? go vote at
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this will be interesting, time to see how you respond to the question of the day. the delay in florida vote count due to what? survey says 9857 votes cast. the result of benign human factors, meaning stuff happens. 74%. indicative of fraud, 26%. very interesting. three-quarters say the stuff happens explanation. okay. how many tweets and facebook comments about my coughing fit in the "a" block.
6:53 am
none? okay. the audience is being very kind to me. that's never happened to me, in my radio studio, i have a bottle of scotch should that ever happen because it clears the pipes. i don't have anything like that here on tv. i have coffee. what came in during the course of the hour. smerconish, florida should join the 21st century and get rid of the paper. hanging chad won't mind. i go further, i say emulate oregon, washington, colorado. go mail in. what else came in. smerconish. did it ever occur that kellyanne conway feels the same about her husband and can't say it allowed because she works for trump and maybe kellyanne is anonymous. i thought maybe it raises states that she was the anonymous hee essay writer. their marriage is like many
6:54 am
marriages, we don't all agree lock step on every particular issue. opposites attract, i am a progressive, my wife is republican. not that strange. i find interesting the argument whether he should be keeping his powder dry in deference to her while she's in that role. i said to sally quinn, i am confident of one thing relative to the conways, that becomes a book. of all books written by the insiders, that's the one i think there will be great interest in. next. smerconish, yourself righteous self couldn't help but needlessly point out that beto dropped an f-bomb. yourself-righteous self couldn't help but needlessly point out -- hey holly, i don't know what that means, i drop the f bomb all the time. i feel like dropping it now in response to your tweet, but i
6:55 am
won't. i thought it was deliberate on his part, and i am not critical. i just noted it. how often do you see a senate candidate drop the bomb in the course of making in this case a concession speech? it was very unusual. i thought it was comment worthy. one other thing and i said this on radio, it got more applause when he told the audience he was so fing proud of him, got more applause than the concession statement. i don't find the word particularly offensive and i am not offended he used it either. but it was worthy of mentioning, don't you think? catch up with us on cnn go and on demand. i'll see you next week. your company is constantly evolving.
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good morning. grateful to have you with us on this saturday, november 10th. i am christi paul. >> and i am victor blackwell. you're in the cnn "newsroom." >> we begin with the latest pictures from california and wildfires that are burning there. we know at least nine people are dead now. there are three major wildfires we're talking about, all of them still out of control throughout the state, forcing thousands to evacuate. >> heavenly father, please help us. please help us