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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 11, 2018 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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welcoming our viewers here in the united states, good morning to you and to our viewers around the world, good day. you're watching cnn newsroom live from atlanta. i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you. our top story, the history of war and peace in the background. the french president emmanuel macron shared a warning to the world that nationalism will eat away at a country's moral values. his comments came during a speech that he gave during sunday's world war i scentennia
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ceremony. he said nationalism as touted by trump and others could send the world down a sinister course. >> translator: patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. i know there are all demons which are coming back to the surface. they are ready to wreak chaos and death. history sometimes threatens to take its sinister course once again. >> donald trump did not respond to mr. macron's comments on sunday at a ceremony at an american cemetery. he honored the americans who died in world war i. let's talk about it all with scott lucas. scott, a professor of international politics at the university of birmingham in england live this hour from birmingham. it's a pleasure to have you, scott. >> thank you, george. >> let's start with the french president's rebuke of nationalism with his u.s. counterpart looking on. how significant a moment was that for europe, for multi
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lateralism, and what are your thoughts about how the u.s. president may have received it? >> well, it was a very significant moment here in europe about the future of the continent, indeed the future of the global community. now, there are specific interests here. emmanuel macron, amidst various political questions across europe, wants to position himself as a leader of the continent alongside, for example, germany's angela merkel. both of them have very discomfited by donald trump because trump has rejected that u.s. message since world war ii that we are all in this together. that the u.s. is linked up with europe on all sorts of issues. whether it was challenging the soviet union, dealing with russia now, or questions from climate change to the economy. trump instead has said america has its interest, france has its interest, japan has its interest, and they don't necessarily meet. so, yes, i think it's a key moment where european leaders are trying to find a way forward, and not counting on
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american leadership. and to be honest with you, as donald trump was very uncomfortable yesterday, except when vladimir putin walked into the ceremony, trump really doesn't believe in that message. he wouldn't -- he didn't even want to be in france, george, except to try to have that marker where he at some point would step into a u.s. cemetery. >> the president is taking a great deal of criticism for not attending a military cemetery moment, memorial outside paris, in honor of the war dead due to bad weather. though he did attend another ceremony the next day, the white house chief of staff john kelly was there. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general joseph f. dunford also there at that first memorial in place of the president. but what do you make of what happened here, the sharp criticism that is coming president trump's way? >> well, it is what it is. trump having flown thousands of miles, not really to be there with other leaders -- i mean, he showed up late at saturday night's dinner.
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he came separately to the ceremony yesterday as they marched together along the champs-elysees. he was coming in in his car, the beast. trump was there to appear presidential, but on saturday, whether it's because the helicopter was grounded, whether it's because the white house truly feared a traffic jamb as an alternative to get to that cemetery, donald trump didn't show up. now, john kelly, his chief of staff, showed up. angela merkel, emmanuel macron, justin trudeau showed up at other cemeteries. but trump was absent. and again let's link that to what happened yesterday. emmanuel macron was saying, at this key moment in history, we can't trust america to be there. donald trump was there on sunday at the american cemetery, but he wasn't there the day before. >> and let's talk about the situation with the transatlantic relationship between europe and the united states, previous visits with this u.s. president have been rocky to say the least with these traditional allies.
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we know mr. trump had various conversations with those leaders there. was this a boon or bust for those delicate relationships? >> those relationships are gone while trump is in office, george. let's just be honest. look, we had rocky periods in the u.s./european relationship before. in the 1980s, ronald reagan unsettled a lot of people with his forthright stance against the soviet union. we had to deal with the run up to the war in 2003 with iraq where there was great opposition to that american-led operation. but compare john kennedy in the 1960s standing in germany saying, we are alongside you, compare that going back to the formation of nato in the 1940s, with the idea that the u.s. and europe having come out of the second world war could not afford a third, compare that with the fact that europe doesn't believe in america as a leader right now. it might happen again. we might be able to deal with
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economic, political, military issues together as a unit. but it cannot happen with donald trump directly because that's not the type of president donald trump is. it's not the type of america he wants in the world today. >> scott lucas with perspective live for us in birmingham. scott, thank you. >> thank you, george. >> emmanuel macron says his good relationship with donald trump is important to both countries, and he's proving his friendship supporting mr. trump over an issue that has proved thorny. here's what the french president told our fareed zakaria in this exclusive interview to cnn. >> were you disappointed that president trump chose not to go to the cemetery and memorial? >> i know it was his decision, but this is a place that french and american soldiers died together fighting for freedom, and is very important in the history of the u.s. marine corps. were you disappointed? >> no, i think it was just because of the weather and for security reasons, so i do
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respect that. i'm not part of the security team of president trump. he did want to go there, and we had a discussion, we had a very pleasant and friendly lunch. he wanted to go there, but he was not in a situation to go because the helicopter was blocked in paris due to the weather. but anyway, i appreciate that he had intention to go. if you remember, we together at the white house garden, precisely, we put an oak coming from waterloo together as a symbol of this alliance. so i'm sure that next time it will be in a situation to go there, that they still have a tree in a certain way representing this alliance and the presence of marines. these young american people came to france. they were 18, 19, 20, and they died there in a place they
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didn't know. unknown from families. i have in my office, normally i have the key that lafayette brought to washington. i mean, it's so strong that we are all together. >> viewers outside the united states can watch the rest of emmanuel macron's exclusive interview with fareed zakaria in a few hours from now. that's 10:00 a.m. in london, 6:00 p.m. in hong kong here on cnn. here in the united states, the devastation from the wildfires in california, it is much worse. at least 31 people have now died in these two massive fires across the state in both the north and south there. 29 of the deaths from northern california's campfire, that fire now tied for the deadliest fire in california history. it's also the state's most destructive. when the campfire sparked up on thursday, thousands of people tried to escape as the flames
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closed in on them. take a look at just how frightening it was for a mother and her daughter trying to get out of there. >> it's okay, mama. >> oh, god! >> it's okay, mama, please, please try, please drive. >> i am. i'm trying. oh, please god, please. let us get out safe. >> goodness, just not knowing what's around the corner. more fire, will they be able to get out? we do understand that they did make it out safely thankfully. let's talk more about what's happening in california with our meteorologist pedram javaheri in the international weather center. pedram, the winds are not helping here. >> has not been the case the last couple of days, george. you watch what's been happening
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here for a period of six, seven, eight months, we've seen this buildup from the dry situation and in fact going into monday now, we have an extreme risk that's across southern california to the north there, critical risk in place for the strong winds, the low humidity, would you believe it, down to 3 to 4% even into the early morning hours when you expect some recovery and plenty of fuel to go around. and, of course, if you lived across southern california, if you're tuned in across this region, you know very well when you get into the autumn months here, the santa anas begin picking up as the winds dive down the mountains. they warm by compression. they go right through the canyons and pick up tremendous speeds. and unfortunately, you factor that in with the dry fuel in place, it makes fire weather behavior erratic to say the least. look at this. los angeles, santa monica, sacramento, i looked at some of these numbers here. the last time these cities picked up more than half an inch of rainfall in a day was 7 to 8 months ago. and about two or three times respectively across this cities has it rained in that period so it really puts it in perspective what we're talking about here, with high pressure being firmly
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in control. we are getting that offshore component here, but again, warms by compression. and about 25 million of you across this region underneath red flag warnings as we go towards monday afternoon. look at these wind speeds. this is going in towards the afternoon hours as we get the winds picking up across the canyons, across the mountains. gusts up to 70 miles per hour. that's right tlup equivalent to a category 1 hurricane, how strong some of these winds can be when wildfires are raging out of this region, of course. and the firefighters are trying to keep up with them. notice in places like calabasas, temps, they actually want to warm up the next couple of days. the probability of rainfall sits right at 0%. i looked at the long-range models. it looks like the next best bet for rainfall is thanksgiving. we're talking ten days or more out. this is the air quality index. with all of that said, very easy to see what's happening here when you're pushing it up. it's 150 to 200 range. in fact, air quality in san francisco is comparable to what's happening right now in beijing in northeast china.
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really shows you how significant of a threat this has become. and for the campfire there, george, when you take a look at the forecast, we do expect a little window here for temps to drop off just a bit come tuesday afternoon. the winds to die down potentially going into wednesday. but, again, it's going to be a long haul when it comes to finally seeing everything improved with containment numbers, just about 15, 20% across these areas, george. >> pedram, thank you so much. we'll stay in touch with you. we just heard a family that escaped. we've seen people risking their lives to get out of those dangerous areas. we've seen families thankful to have survived, though we know that many did not survive. the u.s. president responded to what's happening in california over the weekend in a series of tweets. one of them blaming the wildfires on mismanagement and threatened to cut federal aid. here's one of the tweets. quote, with proper forest management we can stop the devastation constantly going on in california. get smart exclamation point.
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california's governor responded saying, forest management is only part of the overall cause. listen. >> managing all the forests in every way we can does not stop climate change. and those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we're now witnessing and will continue to witness in the coming years. so, the chickens are coming home to roost. this is real here. and it's not a question of pointing this way or that way, but pulling together in these tragic circumstances, and thinking wisely and collaboratively. and that's the spirit in which i'm approaching all that we need to do in response to these fires. >> all right. switching now to the midterm elections, they have certainly passed, but the results of two key midterm races in the state of florida have yet to be determined. more than 8 million votes are being recounted right now. take a look at this live image. it's happening as you see it.
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2:43 in the morning there in florida, and they're still trying to figure out how many votes they have yet to count. officials in broward county working day and night to tally up those votes. in the meantime, the republican candidate for senate has filed lawsuits against election officials, and is crying foul on his democratic opponent with an unsubstantiated charge. several of them, in fact. listen. >> senator nelson is clearly trying to commit fraud to try to win this election. that's all this is. >> all right. cnn's ryan nobles has been following the story in florida and has this for you. >> reporter: the recount is well underway here in florida. 67 counties going through the methodical process of a machine recount of 8 1/2 million ballots. this won't be easy. it needs to be done by thursday, and already one key county says that they're not going to be able to complete the recount in time. palm beach county, a democratic strong hold, perhaps a spot
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where democrats could gain some ground in a recount, has said that they're not going to be able to complete the process in time. if they can't get it in time, that means the number that they will submit to the supervisor and the secretary of state will be the saturday count that we already have in place. now, another thing that happened over the weekend here, a trio of lawsuits filed by the republican candidate for senate, governor rick scott. it accuses the supervisor of elections in broward county of counting ballots after the deadline on saturday. rick squot's also asking that the sheriff's departments in both broward and palm beach county be responsible for the machines and the ballots in those counties, impounding them when the counting is not taking place and when the recount is over. as i said before, this is all supposed to be done on thursday. after that they'll take another look at the numbers. if any of these races are within a quarter of a percent, they'll start a hand recount. that needs to be finished up by the 18th. this election supposed to be certified by the 20th, but there is always the possibility that
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lawsuits could derail that process and make it go even longer. ryan nobles, cnn, tallahassee, florida. >> all right, ryan. we'll keep in touch with you there. ahead, a short period of relatively calm shattered. coming up, the latest eruption of violence at israel's border with gaza. also, 100 years ago, the fighting ended for world war i on the 11th day of the 11th month. just ahead, we'll remember one of the heroes of the great war. a once-in-five hundred year storm should happen every five hundred years, right? fact is, there have been twenty-six in the last decade. allstate is adapting. with drones to assess home damage sooner. and if a flying object damages your car, you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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another round of fighting between israel and hamas in gaza leaves seven palestinians and one israeli soldier dead. among the dead, a senior military leader for hamas. there had been a brief period of restraint over the past two weeks. this following months of border violence. our oren liebermann has details. >> reporter: in a sudden spike in violence between israeli forces and gaza, israeli soldier and hamas military commander were killed sunday evening during israeli special forces operation inside gaza. israeli military said its officer had been shot and killed during what it described simply as operational activity in gaza.
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seven palestinians were killed by israeli fire in the exchange. according to the palestinian ministry of health, among them 37-year-old a leader of the brigade, the military wing of hamas reports of the deaths were followed by sirens in israel warning of incoming rocket fire on the gaza periphery. the israeli military said the iron dome military defense system intercepted at least two rockets. so what happened here? according to a statement issued by the brigades, israeli special forces entered southern gaza in a car and assassinated baraka, the leader. when the israelis were discovered and engaged, israeli war planes carried out air strikes to provide cover while the special forces escaped. iz rile provided no further information about the special forces activity. only saying that it had concluded. the sharp escalation comes just days africa tar seen as close to hamas sent $15 million into gaza to relieve the humanitarian crisis and reduce tensions there. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who was criticized for
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allowing that transfer of money, defended the initiative saying it was the right decision, and that he was looking into every direction to restore calm to the gaza periphery. and to prevent a humanitarian crisis in gaza. netanyahu also said it was impossible to reach a long-term arrangement with hamas since they vow to destroy israel. netanyahu who was in paris has ended his trip early because of the escalation. meanwhile hamas and the jihad, the two palestinian factions are on high alert. oren liebermann, cnn, jerusalem. >> oren, thank you. in london, big ben told as part of the solemn remembrance at the end of 100 years of world war i. listen. the british royal family led the u.k. in remembering the millions of people killed and wounded in that war. prince charles laid a wreath to mark the occasion.
11:53 pm
he was joined by the german president in one of the many ceremonies around the world to commemorate the anniversary. among the heroes of the french resistance against the germans in world war i, the story of one young woman who paid the ultimate sacrifice for her bravery, our melissa bell tells us more. >> reporter: louise was just a young french girl from an upper class family until the outbreak of world war i, a war that would make her a hero. >> there was a sense that this is war was disaster for everyone and she needed to try to contribute and to use her personality and her experience in different countries and language and so forth, as a service against the german. >> reporter: at just 34, louise, posing as a peddler and using the name elise dubois, began
11:54 pm
working for the british and passing crucial knowledge on to the allies, sometimes in the form of messages hidden inside toys and chocolate bars. louise became known as the joan of arc of the north and it is in the northern french city that she is best remembered with street signs, plants, schools, and memorials like this one. it was after it fell that louise began running her network of spies, passing the messages on to the british. one of her very last communications just before her capture by the germans warned of a massive offensive that was being planned. the french military refused to believe it, and just 16 months after taking ill, the germans kicked off one of the bloody est battles of world war i. >> there was danger, and the willingness to risk her life. she knew she would be caught if she got into a situation and
11:55 pm
managed to escape. >> reporter: but louise was caught, according to her biographers, swallowing her final message before being locked away. louise died in a german prison just before the end of the war, although she was never forgotten. the supreme allied commander visited her memorial several years later to remember the heroism that had made such a difference. and more recently, veterans marking the sen tenery of the great war did the same. >> the family is proud and want children to remember if you are committed to a direction and you follow this, you can achieve great things. and it is thanks to people like her, which it did happen in the end and we had this armistice. >> reporter: an armistice now being remembered 100 years on, along with the sacrifices made by people like louise for the
11:56 pm
allied cause. and in the name of peace. melissa bell, cnn, paris. >> the lessons of history back on full display. thank you for being with us for this hour of newsroom. i'm george howell at the cnn center atlanta. remember to connect any time on twitter at george howell cnn. let's do it again. more news after the break. stay with us.
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i'm still waiting to wake up from this terrible dream. my daughter, she said, i know we hated our home and we wanted to move out, but it was our home and i'm sad that it's gone. >> whole neighborhoods burned to cinders and we're hearing heart breaking stories of people, families who lost everything in deadly wildfires, raging in california. plus, a day of unity with a sharp dig at the u.s. president, his french counterpart saying nationalism won't work in today's world. also ahead this hour, imagine


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